Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on August 13, 1969 · 2
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 2

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1969
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i 4 2A Fort Worth STAR-TELL:GRAM BELVEDERE blest Amitstaa hr (Related Story on Pg HD) By DON SLOAN Star-Teloaram Write DALLAS — A long-haired bewhiskered labor lawyer told a section meeting of the American B a r Association yesterday he believes college turmoil is "beautiful" ' "I think there ought to be more of it" said Jack Kron er a faculty member at New York University and a member of the Labor Law section he and two of his colleagues addressed "I also think faculties in America's universities died a long time ago Great changes are needed in them (faculties)" Kroner declared "And not only that but they're going to have to get rid of most (of the professors) ' who are incapable and halfwitted — and that's most of them" KRONER MADE his remarks during a panel discussion of the student unrest problem Other panel members included Professor Merton C Bernstein Ohio State University Law School and the Rev Dexter L Hanley director Institute of Social Relations Georgetown University Kroner went on: "This is the first of the generation who grew up under the shadow of the hydrogen bomb They're very worried about just being alive tomorrow "It's true — they don't trust Nixon any more than they trusted Johnson they don't trust you or me they don't trust anyone — not even themselves" Father Hanley said the faculties of today's universities are a factor in student unrest "THERE CAN be no trouble in universities if there is no trouble in the faculties" he said ' Faculties need to come to grips with their own problems he added and they must have a unified effort dedicated to overcoming their own differences "I feel we ought to create some sort of Ombudsman committee to which both students and faculty can bring problems" Father Hawley said Detroit Student Freezing Shoots Self DETROIT (AP) — Police said a 23-year-old senior at the University of Detroit stood up in class Monday night said "It's cold outside and it caused me to freeze" and shot himself in the head with a gold-plated 22-caliber revolver Police said the victim was Conall C O'Connell whose father is an assistant professor at the university - Twelve other students were attending the philosophy of education class 'Deer Tongue' Is CANNIBAL Plentiful This Year HOMERVILLE Ga (AP) —Deer tongue a plant that's used for tobacco and medicinal drugs and which grows wild in swampy areas here in Clinch County is In plentiful supply this year C W Blitch who's been buying and selling it for more than 12 years says he'll handle about 350000 pounds Deer tongue also known as Indian tobacco was smoked by Indians long before any other type of tobacco was known Bay Bridge Strong The two cables supporting the roadway of the San Francisco Bay Bridge are so strong that a one-foot length of the cable weighs 2000 pounds 7 t Lawyer Supports College Turmoil Bernstein suggested "we try not to treat students as 'the eremy' "There are still a lot of terribly smart awfully promising kids around these days" He said students hate the feeling some administrators and farulty members give them that they are "just wards of the university and thot they are just passing through 'THEY FEEL the university is there to serve them— not the other way aroim not the other way around" Bernstein also said students need to be given a real share of power in running the university "both in administration and in the choice of curriculum" Before the panel discussion a luncheon meeting of the section was addressed by Dr John T Dunlop professor of political economy at Harvard University Dr Dunlop viewed his field of labor-management negotiations as one which might be applied to the field of student - administration negotiations OF COURSE the university is much more fragile than the factory" he said "and two differences between the two fields evident right away to me is that college bargainers are infinitely more polite than union members and also infinitely more gabby" He said the unrest being seen in American colleges and universities "results from a good many pressures without and within "And if this challenge can be met it will result in better relationship with both the university and the community" Wednesday Evening August 13 1969 Library Funds Are Requested construction and $70000 for site acquisition It was recently pointed out to the board by Jones that there already is a branch library in the far-southwest section (Wedgwood) but the branch is unable to handle the demand of readers in the area The library director said Wedgwood area residents older than 25 have the highest education level — 144 years average formal education — than any census tract of the city In another action today the board accepted a bid of $531745 from Moore Business Firms Inc for 1465000 library transaction slips The low bid was more than $4000 lower than the next lower bid Lone Star Gas Hike Approved Ocm (x41-1-1z1D-n) that a fair rate of return on Lone Star's investment would be 715 per cent Lone Star had asked for 8 per cent Current rate is 625 per cent Lone Star asked the commission to set its investment figure at $1479 million but the commission found that the fair value of the company's plant and properties used in supplying natural gas was $1383 million DALLAS CITY Atty Alex Bickley Fort Worth City Atty S G Johndroe Jr and representatives of Waco Garland Richardson Farmers Br anc h Commerce Sherman Lake Worth and Quitman appeared before the COMIlliSSiOn in opposition Lone Star would have to get the approval of the city council in each city to put the increase into effect If a city council refused Lone Star then would appeal to the courts THE LONE STAR decision was the second gaS rate increase approved by the commission in two weeks On July 31 the commission announced it has granted Houston Pipeline Co a nickel increase in its rate per thousand cubic feet authorizing a new rate of 337 cents The city of Houston opposed that increase Some 115 other cities along the Gulf Coast are affected bsr the boost FASHION FAVORS GLEAMING PIERCED EARRINGS BY CORO 300 Jewelry makes the costume be it sporty or the casual variety so choose your fashion accents from our gleaming array of Coro pierced ear rings All are gold filled with 14 kt gold wires and posts Collection in cludes cultured pearls genuine stones gold and silver drops hoops and studs So many styles to choose from you'll be tempted to choose mare than one set 300 COSTUME JEWELRY MONNIG'S SUBURBANS AND STREET FLOOR DOWNTOWN 4 FAMILY CIRCUS 'I want to cancel Dolly's ballet lessons for the next three weeks" $614 Million Budget Slated for Schools cfmtasil) 6--iseven Years' $77 up THE DIFFERENCE in salaries for teachers with bachelor degrees would be: —No experience $6200 in 1969-70 an increase of $471 --One year 46200 up $400 —Two years $6450 up $501 —Three years $6450 an increase of $400 --Four years $6650 up $466 —Five years $6750 up $441 —Six years $6850 up $416 —Seven years $7000 an increase of $441 —Eight years $7200 up $518 —Nine years $7400 up $591 —10 years $7600 up $651 —11 years 17800 up $711 —12 years $8000 up $771 —13 years $8200 up $831 —14 years $8400 up $891 —15 years 88600 up $931 FOR TEACHERS with master's degrees the new SAMries would be: —No experience $6500 up $531 - —One year experience' $6500 up $421 —Two years $6700 up $511 - —Three years $6700 up $401 —Four years $6900 up $468 —Five years $7100 up $531 —Six years $7300 up $596 amount and beginning teachers would receive less The number of years necessary to reach the maximum salary would be reduced to 4 to 14 1 0 SS t —Seven years $7500 up —Eight years $7700 up PM —Nine years $7900 up 4791 —10 years $8100 up $841 —11 years $8300 up $891 —12 years $8500 up $941 —13 years $8750 up $1041 —14 years $9050 up $1191 —15 years $9350 up $1281 THE FIRST year of the new salary schedule would still require teachers to have 15 years experience before reaching the maximum salary in their 16th year The year scale would go into effect in 1970-71 Officials explained that the transition schedule calls for teachers with no experience and one-year experience to receive the same salary this year as would teachers with two and three years experience The salary schedule was determined by a committee of classroom teachers and school administrators THE BUDGET also calls for salary increases for most other school personnel Principals would receive from $11046 to $16290 depending on the size of the school and the number of years of administrative experience School board member s probably will vote on the proposed budget at their Aug 27 meeting Egypt Supplied Corn Egypt supplied corn for Rome' s far-flung empire for several hundred years Shooting I Sóviets Chinese Of Youth 'Senseless' Clash at Border around to my side of the car and told me not to make a' sound or I would be dead too "Then the guy who shot Rodney started trying to pull him out of the car and asked me 'Can you drive?' "I SAID I could and as I started to get out the car on the driver's side I slammed the door against the guy who shot Rodney and ran inside (The Berry Bowl)" Detective L V LeFils said today the shooting of Bonham a student at Tarrant County Junior College was a "senseless killing" "That's about all you can say" said Le II& "There was no reason for it whatsoever" THE FRIEND said there had never been any trouble before and described Bonham as "real easy going" with no enemies Bonham also is survived by two sisters Sandra Bonham and Donna Bonham of Fort Worth and by his grandfather Clarence G Bonham of Harper Kan Funeral services will be held at 3:30 pm tomorrow in Owens & Brumley Chapel with burial in Laurel Land Loans for Students In Limbo WASHINGTON (AP) — With the start of college classes only weeks away Congress has left the guaranteed student loan program hanging in limbo The Senate voted 92-1 yesterday to revive the student loans but the House couldn't resolve a squabble over student rioting and will delay action until after Sept 3 when the congressional vacation ends Sponsors of the la argued that passage this month was essential so college-bound students could get the money necessary for many of them toconfinue their education Swiss Support Papers Switzerland's E million people roughly the population of greater Chicago — support 400 newspapers including more than 100 dailies TOKYO (AP) — Fighting broke out between Soviet and Chinese troops today on the frontier of Sinkiang Province home of Peking's nuclear arsenal and missile testing grounds Red China charged that several hundred Soviet troops tinder cover of two helicopters invaded Sinkiang and there were many Chinese casualties The Soviet government a little later charged that Chinese troops penetrated Russian territory and there were casualties The nationality of these was not stated t THE OFFICIAL Soviet news agency Tass reported that the Chinese were thrown back into their own territory and two of their officers were detained It said the clash occurred near Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan across from Sinkiang A Chinese-language broadcast by Radio Peking said more than 10 tanks and armired cars were among the forces that penetrated more than a mile into Sinkiang site of Red China's nuclear testing grounds Chinese border troops went into action and in the following skirmish several Chinese border patrolmen were killed or injured and several Chinese troops were encircled the broadcast claimed j The the Russians sent in: more troaps the broadcast continued and further clashes: were expected THE FIGHTING centered In the Tieliekoti area of Yu nun County on Sinkiang' northwestern border with tho Soviet Union Radio Peking said - The Foreign Ministry in Pe: king lodged a protest with th4 Soviet Embassy denouncing the "intrusion" and demand-- ing the immediate withdrawal of the Russian troops Otherwise the Soviet Union must: face the consequences of the action the note said - SINKIANG Province in the: northwest corner of China' long has been a trouble spot: The Russians have accused: the Chinese of initiating bor- der incidents there The Red' Chinese have leveled similar: charges and accused the Rus:P sians of kidnaping residents: in the province Sinkiang has long been of: interest to the Russians The practically took over the province to exploit its vast: uranium resources early hi- the days of Communist rule in: China but later relinquished: exploitation rights there : - Sinkiang is the site of Lot5 - Nor the Chinese nuclear test : ing ground and missile Cell-ter No The Southwest's Most Trusted and Distinguished Furriers August Fur Sale A not to be missed fashion and savings event! 0 0 " y - 'ti 7! 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