Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 16, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
Page 7
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STERUHO. SATggtmT. MC. m Iftf. PAGE SEVEK, AMUSEMENTS j t«-W. VAUOITT6 Th* frvU"tv!rtif for il"> \tt!-* Wm. utar. l iff'ir K'JJ! >*ti»M child A!F»> »!i nn«1 iiS-^hf, Tnearlny M« HHcti Holntf « Tflnd A." n B!i? ftw, the an<1 n w««Hl<« THEATRE. !,(" '• TlftWrt Httrr in '.n *"*!,*>'** L'tf!*> ^••vi-hotfssj. " j lav«i a Jrsrfp t*ari \< <i M ,i\\ I-iX'u if •<. \ i /Hh MM* III vrrrftlM Tv* r sr! S?*!*\ K h lf-s t <n ».,»*> f.» K. .,1! *^%"C"i * r. "i^ - ^-t} *' R-^ )*? '- ** •>'! T' '1 T t ttr little tfc» Mf«« » fVT V'.r •tr i \r?K •-?< n! (l tl \ ' it! .itn hft f ( i «»i n« is itir.><" •'•i nu,in :»li!!«t, n l« "Ultlful "l!P«1 in i"f I !• H'Mh <'?f,u-<» h of r-ri<l, In R '« v * V, r ( : tf>«| tv.iy. show n. Hank K wni-'h in "Tb" Man,*i'i< i »,f :!;< UttflHna t:ii!ir.-\it .vt»ri ,towiii«: up of R nlfi-otdJ Tb»i«»»nl<bred." train sfinsf tbt" tftl) n jcti'tli'tn life HI tt'-r« unil ! \\ft.t--r. fiirt'im* tins* been tni<" track .by ">fi)»s TlmroTiKblirrd." It £ tor (no. \\ h" JM ) ;i '•€•« u nil ! brush frtllhiK «ll ox^f the nmhine., en- j iKiti ,<iti the Ifiirks Iii h'tift nt it! ftfiil thriltlns in Ihf evirfrne. prrifs. Mrtthief nrul nicht. VnTfdeville- bill. Three blj? aH*. Thc-i«e s-tmi' rrniilc^ ill*act* j»lay the t>*-«t tbeatrf-H In th»- ri»>oli«hm» s nt of in "The !lfef* lip old « i!li rt family ttirtrli- oo the N'inta. the a minlB- in fau*'- rft« injsr In the 1*' m ••> '-« i \ til Hi". no f.>»)'i'inahl- frlfn-ls. atnl ff'I ti* r fntf (•« V TIII.« ! *» •'h*' kniH', * <>r i;itl« AT THE ACAO6MY TONIGHT. "Hpitf-ri -i of Sitnnxbroiik Parrn." whirh 'v»mf« t<><1fiy iii th*» Acntluiny for « matirrcf 'tntl nfchf |totf(>rm:»jii-«. l.« n play thnt fis« bwrt Auction Sale Department Sterling Daily Gazette CLASSIFIED RATES FOR SALE—SEAL ONE CENT A WOE V CLOSING OUT SALE. TI.' \irtjj «»!! mv friftn J «•'' fnii.t|.- ,,.|' In-!! nn th<» prs r> i null" • <•• "1 i*'oHnrr<»n th. \\' CLOSING OUT PARTNERSHIP SALE I i >n «'.» \\'T t 1 '. !. ,• f • • '- miif | ...uit>i',<,i -1 - t '•'•*.. V riM - • ,., t}-< •»«.• WKMNKSMAV. m-X'KMBKR »<"< i!»1<!. 11 14 y«»nr», IS 1.,"*.! alw»nt } "i la « \rt\i> y a nfw VIM <**>r>n H. of Ihf !n win rton't mim "Thf* <!rti> Evil," *tiitri»iK Mtus Jnckl*» S"(«in»(l"t-R and Itoland iioitomcly. Also i»tU' tt^t vaudeville .-irn?.vman> Thursday hleh chins Some fine novelty plhfflne »Cl#. . AI no upw'iaf American ft'ftttit* "Tlio Key" unit "ftwl of f hf. Tlnrhrr In "Th* Thiirfrrtny n ilr." fitrirrlng for «h nwly with FViy MllJinpr" will Jack l'*H(lny hnw vninlf-vilit*. Tlirff Rtrnt ftct« from thn hfKt fjn-ults. Alw>. r»s- tt«, "TliP Yrllitw Mfrmee." Kvcryhwly «fty» lt« Krr*rtt. lion'! m!?s (I. • Hnliirttny. iMnUnrp nnd nlKht, vnuilf- vlltp nnd »pw'«' fpntitiv, rLmv of N.t- Aluo Hfn'Hnl i.'nb GRAND THEATRE, Orand Tlwatr* ha* wwuml a , veri* stood I'roKi'nm fur ibf w»*ek corn- Monday, "The Pliant Rnt- Wurren KrrriKan, Immense rocks, tiw» nntl Mrookw, making n M'ttlntr, In a driving xlorm the herWne kft Itiijth unit rftipwnd the apiieli'te for liquor thnt he hml rnarmgwl to subdue, also ftiipears a lu-nvy snow storm rain storm*. "Th** picture was Inlcrn nmonng- mountain i*>ftkH. Also Hurt on 4tolmeii Travel Pictures will be shown.' J.,, VrfiJfif the f urn mm stnr, Htt-rpt. In "The IHjke," which features ii wealthy younsr fellow, Mr. ltrga», in her husband, Just «n ordinary chp*rful •isually this c<>tn- !e r.f Now. a rwa*- nnd hapfiipr plctwp than Ss r-t % M on th« strttsp. Largely re- fur this l.« the fflfk that the story revnlve* around the ndventuren of the very delightful f»t>rlt(<f Reberra Rowena Randnll, Whose w Itch'r te<», and chnrm, t'«{*tur<* evpii th*» drairon- Hkr natures nf her tnaidfn nuntr. Miranda nnd Jane Sawyr-r, Into home she has been brought. venture* of Reberen makii up the pie story of the play. "THE MOVIE KIDS." "The Movie Kids." nn K. P. t'lmrchjll (Inc.) mtt*kal comedy production, to the Academy nf^ Music for night, Monday, Deo. 1R. Th*» book nnd lyrics were written by UavJd M. Wolff who has apveraf other Churchill (Inc.) production* to his credit, while the nuiftlr is by Don Uestor, A-ho i» known for bis ftcorc of "Dimple nnd l>oll,ir*.*" _. The utory I* of the ever interrfitlng undercurrent of pathos not often found ih a fnuftlfKt.comrdy. A most elaborate »eenlc Invpulltur^ In promlurd while the wardrobe IK nald to tw thi» mopt beaut If nl to b«> Ke*n In a tabloid production. The cam of funmakenf I* headed by Olivette Haj-nes «nd Henrietta Tetlro, who are surrounded by the following well known cast: Sonnln K«nk. WIl- llftm Hniiunn, Joe Cameron, Issac Chappie, Dftniel Uuififnrd. Kmlly Uuth about 1.200, i bay ami Clark «nd the beauty chorus. u«ual Churchill (Inc.) STERLING BOARD OF TRADE ins. In r'-li m tir*ivvu Kfcr mnr« ! j«.-»r*», 16 j !<« »I-:A» CATTLE—it ; Hniitt in COWK, )«*m*> fresh cows In ttti« lot; 2 heifer*! coming; ; 1 yearling. bull, three year* old in July. Very R«'<><1. 3 HKAD I1OOS-— Three Hnmnthire brood «ow», flne jrtftck; 11 head terrtber- piss. KAtt&l MA c>r; iJt'ere r<irt» ftlanter. n*w; l>ane mower'; <llj»c hnrrow; plnislt- row stalk cutler; S-rectlon draft; 2 surface cul- tlvrttftrs; f?up**rloi; broad cast seeder; A»|iinwalt potntn planter; tiny rake; Hoosier drill; JBtnrrson ernngpluw, 14- Inch; I4.|nrh walking plow; two one- horwe cultivators; hand com Rhfller; Sandwich hay lonrfer; (ireat %V*aiern manure ^premier; fannintc mill; twh- «led; two furm waRonn; milk triple w^jjon box. MISCKLLANI5OU8 — Qalvnnlged ftter tank; feed cooker; ensilage tntck; jm-en bone cutter; oil tank heater; two Ket double tenm harness; one slnsli- lmrnen«; Ifi-foot rack; one rnck WHKtm. wnd other articles too numerous to mention. Free lunch nt n<»on; sale to bejstln immediately after. TKHMrt OK 8ALK—A11 «um» of $10 and under, cash. Over thin amount 12 montbit will be given «m npprov<Hl rf"tt»"brarinK"fl% tnt*Tt*Rt fmm "ftjiti 5 If jwid when due. Olherwi*»e 7% frorii date of wile. No property removed until settled for, If. P. HUBBAUD. <A. I.. <*o<». Auctioneer; M. K. Wil(ff>r, Clerk, Dec. 8, 9. 14, 15. IS. 1S. k. !><••«> WKT>NRSIMV t'K'* Snlr r(.mni»'n<"< « nt ID fVrl lunch ftt nnorf sjrny msrr>. wHjrbt l..""'- 1 . ••t.ind. in f(»nl. btnck mare, 7 \fttts iM. wrichl l.ino, (n fnrtl The^e innrt* ifi- in foil to the Wrn, A'-k^r f'fr«e. IMv efl'lhie. '. 'i'rl. «•« ii»ht 1,4.V>, ttound; brown 11 >enr«ntil. witmrt. family drivff: S«T(•"••I m,'Ui% 12 \«-ar« old, Ijlind mar«, l f > vfiirs tilii, wish c«ilt; ji(>rinK f-olt. ArH- 4(5 3IKA1» np* "t'ATTLFJ— IS * milch rt-w». mojit <tf them fre»>b: R- exiintne 2 y^tr* old; h««ifer. e< j?eftr» old; 7 yearllna' fttrn>r«: 8 yf-«rlln»t heifers; 6 c;«lvcj<, bull c-fiming 3 years old. FARM ' At A< ; n7NKH t—V^WftKons;' Inicrcy; brc-tiklnpc caH; 2 h*jr racks'; Hay« corn planter with 1*50 wlr«; pnlveriwr; 2 Bani? p|owj«. <Jrnnr1 Detour ami Bmerwtn, twith «* p«uid as Ml • rn «r*» ' f i' 1 i- Y t/r •-t T - ,.j . s r pi,, - Mi.r i.. U- K rt.<>nn»A SMAI.I, fM»rsK J'!it:!«.? it; !.-, f «•! M'l t" f f.-.ft K ! s- . ' V. MISCELLANEOUS HELP WANTED—FEMALE - .TOP. i r:t> -sALKSi.AntKP AT ONCI-; Ajij>Iy ;it cfflce. F. W, Wooltrorth <"". 142if piv \Vrttr v«»r \VITM iuu rk T'><'i(*-tt>iN of WAXTKH Caff. i. f«r hit: ft*-*- ft. ttnlrh t«"U* tltlW (fl j^f-f Uopkiri*, Wajtbincton. IX .k DV 7K7. PORR1KT I V «»R RENT— IlOPfJR AN> BAIIX, IS ppr month. Mn*. M. A. Km>x, Rnund «5rnvf. 111. 142-144 AT . J§TI ,"'-U-'HnirE STOt'K Uni> UIVKR 141-1421 MMn«, Round White-, and Xinth^rn \Vi«et»n!«iH Rural New Y«trk'-r«. I'rtce* rifiht. Hufth R Mntt. 2"! Ffr^t Aw 141-148 r STATE WATER SURVEY ^DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRT. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Tfrbana, Blmois, Dec. 8,^1916, Labarntpo'No. 36071. , ; ^OROrt of tlio Sanitary- Analysis -of- Water Sent j^f l)r. W. H. McCnndless. !Po^j Sterling. ~\ Sottreroe.Wator, deep wells—1432 ft, 1COG ft./1630 ft., 1830h.; drilled.- U>^ati0By F .puinping station 2V£j miles away, kmoutits are Stated in Parts per Million. ; - ,, L Turbidity, 0} Color, 0; Odor, 0. Residue on evaporation ... .366 Bacteria per ce Chorine in chlorides i 17 Gelatine . 4 Oxygen consumed .•*..'.... 1.9 Agar .... 6 -Atiimoiiia Nitrogen 000 Qas-JP'onners < Albmnipoid Nitrogen . .Q40 10 ccin^ .. 1-j rite Nitrogen .000 1,0 com.. 2;rate Nitrogen .2Q 0.1 ccm ...2- f 1» * 1 f T\\ t 111 % * Maxwell llembora Op«n Wh..t 1.49 Slay *M>» July -1.38 Corn Dec.. May July Oats and Qulnlevan Hoard of Trade x 11!,, 10. High Lew Clot* 1.S 1.59 1.63 1.40 ' .91% .90% .80 July Pork May Jan. Unf May Dee. Jan, Rlba May Jon, .52 ,6ft 2fi.r.r, 3T.OO 16.20 16.75 18.20 13.82 ,49% •filtt 27.02 16.20 IS.75 16JO 14.24 13,83 .90% ,90 ,48 ,52 .49% 26.30 15,'JO 14,05 13.70 .92 .49% .53 2fl.f.5 36.90 16.06 Ifi.GO 10.00 14.07 13.70. AJ iHnity f .Phenolphthalein Orange .'271? Inddl water is perfectly safe for use for drinking purposes. Bacterial analysis snows that it is almost sterile* •t, Edward Bartow, , Director State Water Survev. F, W, Kohiirian, , . ,.. Chemist, Dr. W. H. MeCandless, ' • Health Officer, CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. ' Chicago, ill,, Dec. ,l<5. Hogs open steady. l*ft Ovpr .18,241 pood |10,00@10.25 Mixed '. t0.30QIO.15 Ught .,,...,. J8J6U10.00 '.Hough , |l».66®9.90 Cattle, HtMidy. She^p, Bteady. Hqga ,. 18,000 Cattle ,,.,.,,, eoo Shffop ,.,...,...,...,...,... 3,500 Hog* clo&s Kluido lower than opening. B»'timn»tetl, 61,000; next week, 280,-, 000. CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Chlwtgoptll., Doc. i8, Wh«at—*Jo imleB. * ^ Corti-~No. 8 white. 98^92 i-4; Na 4 mixed, 89!-!J$9J 1»2;'No. 8 yellow,'82 " 'OW, »03-4088; No, 4 yellow, 90 1»2«P91 J-7{ No. B yellow, S7 PUBLIC SALE. Having Ixnight a smaller plnw will -- nt public sale, eight mile» north* of Sterling, four miles north of eight mile* stouth of Mill, on the Frank Hammeiman fnnn, .. - THUnaiMY. DpC. ZS^WU, I the following tlencrlbed pmperty, to»j S HEAD 0V WORK HOKSBS- erum * to 11 yearn old, 25 HBAJ> OF CATTUS-lncludlnir 8 milch cows. «om«j to bo fr«««h by day of «aic; ? two.ydmr-oia.iitecrs; 4 two* ycnr-ohl ht>ift«rs; S^vycurHng «twrs, ana 4 yearling heifers. \ FARM MACHINKR>xp*ering blndv cr, 7-ft»ot cutT Deering Snnwi-rjMom cut; John Deer* low down manure spreader; new I)e«r« hay loader; two John Defre walking com plown. one Kmorson »nd one Deere sulky plow; two 16-inch Mtubble plow*;"1 SierllnK »Nsd- cr with Rrawd seed attachment; i Ster- Ing hay tedder; 1 hay rake; 2 Bu«long <J|HCH; l thre«f«ectlon harrow; 2 lumber wagon*; a top bunion; i u. S. ^reom Heparator; J^setii double work barneiw; .2 sinulu haianetw; fly net*. MlSCKLLfANKOl/P*-^ tnilk cana* »e«d corn dryer, cfejjiclty . 800 cars; some wetf corn;, «omTTimothy need; l tank -heaterr 1" scale; Home hay in barn and other article* too nutnerou* to mention, -Some hojinehold gooda, in- cludlng carpeU and. 1-room size IKvIS- lunch at 11 o'clock, served*„, .. ; sale comiuencea Immwliatuly. after. - . • Usual termH. One year time at 6% from date on approved notes. No property to be removed until settled fort , ONNO HEILKNER, , Auctioneer, H, L. Harrington; Clerk, J^terflnR seeder; MoTormlck eorn lilniler; i walking plows; 2 DtH>re 2(>tb Century manure ^premier; 4 ulow, 3. Uwre, f?»*ftn«l T>etour and Moline, pood n» new; i-omblnntlon plow; Hull tractor, Rood n* new; IVi hors* two eiiRinwi Hull trnclor, good an new; IH h o r « e p o w tr r .lohn rN»ere eligiiio, S-roll Mc- (.'ormlck shredder; N». 1& Lk>Laval neparntor; 2 drnK«. I wooden and 1 iron; 2 3-horse «»vpnerc; drag hose for pump; feed e<»oker; lank heater; elevator Rear Jitfrkt 4-horse hitch; Jmy fork, car nnd 160 feet of hay «a<iti!o; 2 Kft.s of wtiKon uprlneii; flVif*hiJiP"; tti?TT7K<*rfe i*t.ovt-, T?tn^ UIR- roora tnblw, 4ftO bunhelii of corn. TBHMS OF HAIJ?—All nuinn of $|0 and under, cni»h. Over thla amount, II months' time will bo fciven on approved note* bearing 6 per c««nt. Inter- ej>i frofri date of nalo If paid when due. Otherwise, 7 pt«r cent, interest from datf of sale. No property to be remov» ed until nettled for. KRNK8T R, SMITH. IIKNRY SMITH. Abbott and Knhrn«y, Auctloneern; Scholi and A mo* lloak, Clerkv. 141-142 UKNT—«-HO()M «'rn. esi-ept bnth. Ijiundrv in rm-nt. Inquire J. Thede. 5*>5 Ave. F 141-142 F(»H RKNT -KUUNIPHKO Min!f>rn r«»nvenlpn« - « % *«. Board op at. f>«S Avenue 11. 141 142 FOR RKN'T—HAVB Jff«T COMPt.KT «1 two huntraloww In Martin <»ff from Aventi<) O. Strictly T. K, RobiniMinl^ Bell SS3-H2. 140-142 FOR RKNT — TWO Ft'RKlSHKn rtwims, 110 Wool Third St. 140-14 Johr 139t Ftitt UKNT— MODERN n West Fifth St., 118.00 rncmth. I'liwrrs, "I4ell pKone. KIOHT-KOf)M Ilta'SK FUR 11KXT or milr^-TrnPHAritnln. Hurry IjiMlu Hell phono. \ 141-H WANTED h—HAVK A NUMBER OF buyer* fr«^ cott«ge« in both Hock Falls* n)i4^terllns. Whut have yon to Hut. CafP»i£> write W T. S^tone. Hock Falls. 141-142 CLOSING OUT SALE. VThe undernlRned'ek.Hiutrlx of the ca l«? of :Owen Graham, deceased, will at publlo naie at the farm 3 mile* h and I mtle east of Tamplco, 6 a northwent of New Bedford and 6 'lieu xouthweist of D«>er Orove, on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19. 1918, t 19 o'clock, the fwHowing property: 21 HEAD OF HORSES—Matched team of black gelding*, ages 8. weight 8,300; black gelding, ago «, weight, 1,« BOO; black gelding, age S. weight 1,800; bay gi-ldiag, a«« 9, weight 1,460; gray gelding, a^» », weight 1,400; bay geM- ing. age.8, weight 1,450; bay mare, ago t, weight 1,460; sorrel mare, age 8, weight 1,400. Extra good well matched tettm mule*, a«e» S and 4, weight 2,400; team bay gelding*, weight 8.800: matched team bay» coining 8, matched team of sorrels, age 3; four draft colts, coming 8. WANTED—MARRIED MAN" WANTS Job on farm. Jay 1'ouller, Prophet*town. „ 13T-I4S* W ANTED—I! IUKH, FURS AND ALL klmlf* of junk. ! also have a nl«> line of Fonl Urea nt reasonable prlrew. H would pay you to investigate before milling your Junk or buying Urea. D, Manifold. 136U WANTED—LEARN BARBER TRADE —'World'B moot profitable trade. Quickly learned.' Write for catalog. 201 16th Street, Moline, 1JU, Tri-Clty Barber College. 133-158 WANTED — SECOND-HAND AUT0- mobllett, will pay the. high'eitt price. Also sell all kind* of repairs, Hl«h- eiit prices paid for all kinds of fur and hide*. Mike, the 115 Tailor. Both phone*. • s«tf HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID FOR hiden- and furw. Mangan'» Hamenn Shop, 312 First Ave. I24tf POSITION WANTED AS HOIJ8E- keeper by widow with child Sty yean* old, for bachelor or widower with no .children. Call or write, 407 Second Ave, Sterling, , . J4S« Pl'RLtr SAljR-IIBNRV AND FUANfC Wi»lh«»r> |Mibllf i»rtt«>. 3 mllwn p?»»«t of C«>|ptft. 6 mll«*« wmtlifnwt " vill*». ? miii»s northwest of Thursday. D«»r. 2!«t. S hend of hor- «»h.« t 4t h«'««1 of c«ttl«>. Rn h»>rn1 of hofrti, farm mai'blnery. Free luwh «t It o'clock. Hnlo immrdiately after, Fmn*t Woitfer. 141-14** ft >KA«H<mSBHnKl NO at th* nl<l stnnd. txx-ti!«t St. Newr slip shiH'S, self «harppnlnK «b"fs nil kiods of ritblipr ("hoen, 413 St. , 141 -Hi, PAt'LKY'8 t?PH<»LSTERINn HO8* pftnl. I imjwmt'nt t'ortu-r l^K-uft- nftd Fourth Stu. 189-lM KXCKLLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR young women. New lartjp hospital t»pp» ini! in Chlcajfo fnrolln ft limited number of pupil mirsp*. Only tho*9 easerly ti^irniiK to l«*-onip, trained nurse nc^A apply. For writ* K'i|»o^SntriHlf v nt of Itoipltnl, 850 Irvln« Illvd,, fhica«f>. "fll. ' ^e. H. i«- "LOSJNil OttT SALE—HAVINf} DE« clilctl tn Quit fRrmliiK I will p*-II my fnrm and pernonftl property, located 6 mllc« north of Tnmpico. s mileti mm th went of Sterling 'and' * mlle»- northeant nf Pn»phi»tHtown on We'd- nejulay. I>*-i'. 20, 1916. *t II o'clock a, m. The farm cun«lwt« of 79 acrwi well Improved land,- t2»u«y tfrmn. S bend of horne«—team blHt*K Reldlngs coining 4 .wp|jr5il 1,200; Imy mare, t\Kf i«. WflKhl 1,200, 19 bend of rattle—11 good POWH; 4 yearllmt helferBJ 3 yearlinK nt«»« > rii: 1 bull. Farm machinery and 3<IO bunhelii corn. Free lunch »t noon. Ternw*—-See large K. <V-Rumley. H. KL Old«, Auc~ John O. Kndel, Clerk, Mr*. Frank Petemon.'—' Dec. 12. 18. 14, ID. ,OO A.V daten cull 461-1, BROS. OHCHKHTRA H. Ixngan, G. Rell -FOR 135-UO tKNt-OUR ILLUSTRATED CATA- logue explain* how we teaoh the bur- ber trade quickly, m.allft<t free. Moler IJ«»rlM»r Collese, ChlcaBO. . 129-IC1* FIRE AND THEFT INStlR- nnre. Life membership $8. Yearly dur« $1. AlHO Auto Liability. Fir* and Accident Inmirance. Will pay yo« tft »ee me. .lannn H. Raer. Lawj- 1 rence Bldg. I2T-15* LOST HEAD Of CATTLE—18 head of are IU«laU>r«<l short. HoraiL 2 M. E, Wilger. Dec. 15, 18, 21, 22, 23. 56. J l-Sfp!<3 No, 3 yeilo i-r MI No. Wtilte, 91 1-3; Ol white, ?23-4; whHe, 861- No, 4 PUBLIC SALE. .. decided to oiapose df my entire herd of dairy cattle I will «ell on my farm Jutit went of the Franklin Corners, 7% miles southwest of Chadwick, 6 miles went of Coleta. 2 milen south of Falrbaven and 0 miles north* west of MorriBon. on FRIDAY, PBCBJMBTa 22. )»18., SB HEAD OF CATTLB—ComilstlnR of IE heavy «pringer», some with calf by their Hide on day of sale; 19 yearling and two-year-old heifers; « yearling and two-year-old atuera; l two- year-old bull. fi HORSES—I blBck mare coming 10 yearn old, weight 1.7TIO; l brown mar« timing 10 years old. weight 1,200; 1 bay gelding coming i y<uar» Qld. weight J,*00; 1 black geldin* oosmJInK 8 yearti old, weight 1,800; l bay mare "tody Lou" coming. 3 yearn, weight 1,000. This mare i« unbroken, and' is one,of the best bred, and the boat proispect in this county.' Her flail? Is by "«IF Don CoH«ack" and her Hire "Kentucky There will b« nothing offered her clft*n this winter. 'ount SilHW...... , _ . Choice'Count ___ r Tmroploo, HU 8 re«tsten»d: Short Horn cowa, 6 Reg- iBturtHHShort Horn c»lv«a, one of which ia bull; 32 Grade cow^wextra, good, fell br«4, to above bulla; al^Orade calvoa. 10 of which are extra g»od grade bulls out of K ton bull. 33 HEAD OF HOGS—SI extra good Poland China brood *owa of Gutc.h«U'» brtwdlng; l full liloud Poland China boar,-. - , >,.-.-, .-— . ' --• FARM MACHINERY—2 diaca; *eed- er; 2 4-section dragH; 2 paraiyzem; com planter; S gang plows; drill; mower; binder, new; manure apruadw; 5 wagons; gasoline engine; corn cutter; corn shcller; corn elevator; fanning mill; 6 Tower plows and full liae har- neta, Studebaker six?cy Under auto Uea in good aliape, \st* corn. SO ton* Timothy Hay In bant, unch at 11; 00 o'clock, •AM num» of $10 and under, SALESMEN WANTED SALESMAN—CAPABLE S^KCIALTV man for TIMnolij. Staple line on new and exceptional term*. Vacancy now. Attractive, commission contract for balance year and 1917. $36 weekly for expense*. Mllea F. 15 Is lor Co., 6161 Carlln Hldg.. Clevelunrt. O. H2» NOS15 OLA8SM8 IN cane, Keturn t$J?ri»cilia Shop. ' CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHS 611-3; 8td,; 1 *, STATE WATER SURVEY PISI*AnTStT5NT OF ClUSMISTRV, UNIVERSlTy OF ILLINOIS Urlwna, Illinois, Deo, 8, 191G. '"' No. ^6072, Bojiort of tho Hanitarv Analy3is of Water byDr, \V. If, McCimdM, / Town, Sterling, », • , • of Wator, deep wolls^l432 ft., 1060 ft., J830 ft,, pumping Rtution 1 mile away, Amount H lire Htatod in Parts per Million^ Turbidity, 0; Color, 0; Odor, 0. Residue ou evaporation 343 — Bacteria per (*c in t'lilorides IT 3.5 .040 Oelatiue Agar .,'-.. 18 (ias Formers Nitrite •,«00 '»g • •!•*> 1.0 mil.. 2- Pheuolpimuill'ju is 8i very good water and perfectly safe for use for drinking purposes, Kd\tard Uartow, » Dirct'tor State Water Survey W. Muhlmati, 'tilth THE KEL1AR DONATIONS Mrs. John Wagner h|M» been very active in doing what -way jxwtilble for i he family of Mm, Herman Kellar, who J« almoat (Uwtitute, and her wppeaHi for have brought many For a year or two Mna. has interested heriMf in the family and ha# been of treat help to them. Mrs, Wagner- aolloitpil aid in caah for the family in The Qacette on Wednesday arid the flr»t one to reMjiond to the through tut columns wan Loo Hutton. l|e handed Mr. Wftgner ft live dollar bili for the family. . C. L. I'ajinmore, prenident of tho ('ounty Farmora' Invtitute, was m touched by the story of the mother, tuul her, hard »tru$gie for eubBi»t«ncf for her seven tittle ones, and the death of on» of her Woya^ that h* gave Mm. Wagner t*n dollara for her us«. At the t'lose of the ii(»Utut»s Friday aft : iTixipn Mm. Wagner w«» given the use of the platform for a few-minutes ana timdo » -pie* for Mr*, j^ the coJpctWn* at that time to IH.60 and ah« has now on n«iid for the mother who la still Mtruggiinv .Hlonir almost heart broken afi«r H«^ death of .tu«r youinf #011, the wura of 181-60, ' Mrs. Wagner a»)t« ihut tuher liotw Up in^Ue to lit- r. (lint it muy-.j{o ."Mrs. Kvllttr. Mh« w^he« it that the in»iit>)' 1 1* not given- to the iiv at one tiim- bui Mrn. \\*agn«r liand- U-« it and fcivt-H U' out itw it is iu'wUuJ. ThV sHpervlsOr furnishi's . ^tlu^ fainily •vvith foal ««U fowl i»ut Uiere ar0 m» many' things bettUlvx Uu'.itt ih u family of growing. vlaUfif.n, thuv aiv KAISER Hvrhn. <!vi t *ts bred to the Zillhart big-type boar«. Rhode Inland Red Roouten*. Some harness. » fewumaii article» «na lunk. Free lunch at nooh; sale immediately after. TERMS OF SALE—All auma of |10 and ,under, ca«h. . Over this amount 1| months will ,b« given t>n approved note bearing 6% intereat from date If ._ ,.. tftsit amount a credit of is »thB felll be given 'o« approved note to dmw f*p*r cent, from date. If wot paid when due to .draw 7 per cent. from date* No property to bo removed until «cttla*; fur, ~C, a*«W«y;m N, HHUw,%'riwk' Hew|0%/ Orville I £akle, Auctioiiccru; Oeorf| Schujiflmjin, Clerk. * FOB* SALE--MISCELLANEOUS FOH BALE—HORSE, BUGGY AND harnww, In good condition. Call Interstate .phone 41 Y, Coleta. 142-14S* FOR 8AJt#:—TWO MOKE WHIfK boar piga. Come quick if you want one., Aaron Fiuck. Kelson. Phone 8-1-200, Dixon, H2-M3* A TJOJSKK rtlOTOaRArH^-A s »OZ- en prenent*. HomcthlnK no one'can Kive but yourself, Special prleen •from now until Chrintmaa at the ; Weaver Studio, over Oberrollier*«. __^_____ . 1M-I47 TTPEWEITEBS FOR SALE— FEW AN'CONA ROOST- era at $1 each, John Q, Wet*ei. 142-145 paid wh,en due. Otherwise 7% from date of uaie. No propertjyjrembvBd un for. t,,, P, W, fcugsehwijrt, Clerk, A. M«CARTY, Auction wrs; Dec. 8, I 15, 18, 19, C1.08INQ OUT SALE. Having sold my farm, I will sell at public »ale, without reserve, on my t mtle east of Rock Falls on the • road, TUESDAY. DEO. 19, the following properly: PUBLIC Having decided to move on a small or farm. I will *ell at public auction «>n tho Hav*n'« faitw, 10 miiea south we«t of Itock FallM, i mil<>« northea of }*rophet«itown and fi mi lew north of Tampico,. on l'n>jthetiftown-HterUii«, road, 011 THURSOAY. 1>KCKMBISR «t, 1H«. Free lunch at- 11 o'clock; dale immediately after. The following described property: 82 HEAD OF CATTLE— 1 1 cows. 9 wteers coming 9 ycara: £ fat he{f«fr»; 3 heifers with o&lvew by .(tide by date of sale; 8 apriag calve*. ' FOR SALK—IMANO IN FINE CONDI- lion, 401 West Tenth St. Bell 5«4-l. _. ' _ ,_ _^ 142-148* FOR SAL10— HAUIJ WOOD, SPLIT ' " or chunks, foer. IJoll 306K4. . Fred Wol 142-145 FOR KALE — THOROITOHHRKIJ Barr«Hl Hock eocken«i«. l-Vank Alla- Frtf|K»rt road, Hell pbon*» ' 141 -148 FOR SALE—AN OAK MANTUs! Oil ftre place with large plate sltua mlr» n»e and full equipment John G, Wvtfcel. 142-143 ALL MAKE^ TYPEW1UTKR8 rent or ttale at «pecial prices. TeroM to »uit. Write, call or phoncf Bell 71- W. If you have, office furniture or typewriters to noil nee UM. Krelder'a Typewriter Kxcliange, 502 Luwrenco- Btdg. 181 .-149 11} HEAD'OF" I10R8KB—1 team of 4 yeara, weight »,600, in foul; 1 8-yimr- olia{ l team, S 4nfl-=* ye*r» old, weight 3,01)0, All of a»Mwe welt broke. 9 coltB. 3 years old; 8 mareu; 3 geidin«a; 3 yeArJlngu; 9 mickiinK oollii. 8. head fat nheep; 46 head of hoga; 1 hent«r Whit»> boar. HAY AN» ORAIN—TOO buslwlu corn; tons hay, , , Jr'ARJkl MACHmj3R¥-««arple«» «ep. . rftUiri I KHlvanixot) tank; S solm dou- \\t\t} work httrness; \ FOK SAU3—MODEUN HOMK <K\ West Third St.. Sterling. Near busi- nwss center. A bargain at 93,500, Stone & Cautlln, Rock Falls. 141-149 >^-^S^L9S™^^. CARD OP THANKS—Wo wl*h to thank all our ncfghbora and friends ... for their luwistanoe and kindne*s dur«"?v ing our hour of sorrow t ai«o for thft- floral offerJng« B . ?, Mtu, nerman Kellnr /> - and Cliildrcn.* FOH 8ALB — S13VBN LOTS IN Sterling, 100x198 ft each. These »«• A bargain and must bo (Unpaged of immediately. Stone & Canute, Rock Falls. 141-148 FOH BALK—A NUMBER OF GOOD small homca in Rock Kalis. Kaay paymontMl Priceu from $1.200 to , Stoned Cantlln, Rock Fall«, ' * 141-142 * W. K, DUNMOie Ey» and H.*lth 8 P »oi«liit ( .Hnu 9-12-2-8 Chlropttietle and onteopathic tieat- QLA$8CS menta CORRECTLY STERUNG, ILL. FITTED n. Third fet, E.U.TAYU)E FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE •nd. RENTING Notary Public Rook Fftll* til, FOR BA HEAD HORSEtf—1 mare, 8 years old, weight 1,150; 1 gelding 8 yearn old. weight 1.100; l lady's driver,- 10 vears old. • 3 heifers, $ years old. FARM MACHINKRV—t [Other too iiuHH-routt to nien- iaa Wttgou: top buggy; spring wajjun; ' binder, 6-fo«t cut, new ca«- »ulky M lo i) — i 'A;- t i.,i! it 1 *-i it. .> «ntrr :• U0\v i hi : Hilly .•a»e«; Fuller & Johnsois .»low; 1 walking, plijw, 14-Inch; two section drag; Waye* corn planter, 8 rods win*; Sterling «e«d>r; i» w walking plow;. hay rake; McCormick 8-foot """""" t>otftto-jptoy; All Hums of $10 and under. Ov«tr tni« amount IS. months tinfe will to Kivcu on approved note Inuvritig S par *eiit< Jntttr**t from date STERLINQ HOMBS AT A 6-rtK>m , houe»«i with city water, ga« and sewer cotmec^ tionu, full *l|!e4 lot, tl.700; a 7 •room hoiiwj, partly inodom, good barn, lars? lot. 12.600; a 7 -room modern house in gUod condition, |3,$00; an 8-rootn up-to-date, modern house with flno 148-143 O. WettelT ROBERT W. BESSE State Sank Bid*. Sterling, III. if paid when dun; otherwise 7 per cent from Uttte ot sale,' No property removed until »e?UiHl tor- » •••;••- —-" r-, n ' '"' ~ «- ' " 'T—- "-f' * ~<XS-" t '-- -J 1 "*^* W ' I'' hand corn shelter;-, l ««t double ~work harness; *«t double fly nets; 1 set double driving harne**; 3 single driving harness; ningle fly net; g tons h*y; 11 hela late jK>tatoe«; 3,000 berry box* 150 berry-crates made up; 50 in.Jlttt; berry box machine; lawn rnow- wt f eh«rn»;-fork*t hoi-»; fihovel*. etc. taWe; fhaii's: b«4; thr'w> commode*; mtcks wnd ininu>i-«uw other artlc-lfit. Fit'tf luuvh frt noon; s«U» Immediately UfH-1'. TKHMs? OF SAU3~rAU *ums wf *}u anil unuVh vn»\\. Over this amount is; uiuh« ttili l\i> givvii «.>» uppruvod iu»t*» beaniig « |>»»r c^nt intvront from if iifciil whfit dtti*. Otlu-rw.if-o 1 U) btTlrIHu\f4 K t( OBOHOB P, RIOLER, . . A, L, Coe. H. L. lurringtou, Auc- tlonftsru; Matt WU«*r, 18. 18. ISSUES CALL FOR HELP The FOR SA14S— 40 HKAD PURE BRED Inland China boar?, including twenty he»U fall y^arllnga." On Lin«-oln Way, 8^ mile* eaat of Morrison, inter*- >tate phone. Simoa Whistler. * FOR STARK piano, used one year, lit ditiwn. Prlc» |3SB, Bell «.«- 81t- FEW male pigs, CilOICK Ut'IUiC t'ait ur phony K.1 Both piu>ii«*. •*> ISStf cold «nap| bw» for elwthtng for the needy of the. city. In nearly *««r>' home ther«« are a lot of garm*a}ij».ouOtr«>'w'« by the children, or rast «ff tot new**r ar*- really Tb*«p. to ;' fh|ldrt*li t»f \\w ll,i* gar- ilvuinii-v, < ik "Au« f .inn«er: • J A " " tl I A. intuit*, and Uu< for uitd ie u if thtre is a funnily in mil u CM-lain amount'«,>( »«U1 4~-t would i>«* »;»«>«! t'tKMt«li tt< t}u> pooier f:* nut it*« outv ^" iu-io .\5«'iu!t,T» i.f tb« ju-e al»o a«k"ed for by th« U*«f ujiiou, Thei'e are «ia»y un«l «iri» shoe* which wiil A. 0. HUBBAED 8URVIEYOR HBV* purch*Md tht Jno, 0.. „„,, fitld nets* of ih* QrjaUi* 1 4lff * •lino ana nock Fall* B*lt Ph9n» 2nd St.. » $t«rilng, til, v*y of dttrlina lT bt» u«tt<d,agaiir. Why not hxifc them u\> ^" ^ u«o for them, Another thing net-dea Tht* beverv col.l out tiu> fni' S, W, Lehman, M, 0, f ptfiint offlAt eonau!tan& dice«*e« of wom«n and children. iit.,ii) lu-ij. Ss a |i.'it»i)i roi-«-i»s!t* »iyer thvin .-n h-uv >*-*»n Hhivetiug wMh- >ah. 7Ht RUSSIFIED ADS. TTTT. —rWiTT?" * ' I'hiU i.| •Jv'v-i l.yl' ii ; at rr?-^ huitu'B.umU'r ii!i»ui> t>t l» it (..»tl !or'ft!i\- -liumiU-H if in.tit jiiuuif »;aj-H- Su^k^jt tfi *,-i~\ t'. r ".i f. v» .1 )>.. I , itu., »v* 11 m -pr For Best Service and . Sqwipwent Call Fbrster &*$on8 ^ Funeral Directors 0«y C.lli Btll No 9 Night CaH» Bel! Ho 520'

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