Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 16, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
Page 6
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SIX, . DEC. 16,1916, Shirts For Christmas You'll see here a fine assortment of handsome shirts—in madras, fibre, -oxford-cloths, silks. Th$ plain.color goods' are particularly new and attractive. Bilk slijj'ts am most acceptable as #ifts—you'll .finikj/ft'< 1 l°t* of iu*w ,idens as to pattern in All Hliirts at $2.00 and better arc 1 n di v i d u a 1 ly boxed Excel lent «K.sortmcnts from $1.00 •to $(1.00 with particularly attrac- ' live patteniH and fabrics at $,'J.OO, iH.OO and $5,00 Bradley~Boynton cio. Co: Attentipr Farmers and Breeders IV , ! Whiteaide County We take pleasure to announce that after t: 1 jiving tne hearty endorsement and co* ^ration of prominent men in the county have opened headquarters at Sterling L a force of capable and reliable men _ are gathering data for our Farmers' id Breeders' Directory of Whiteside ^unty. -. ' • The directory will be compiled and com-' '?ted in about two months, and will give ;name of every farmer and livestock ler. Also the name of the wife and ^ the children in each family. ,_ie name of the farm, postoflfice, ru» route, township and section number, j number pi years resident of the coun- |a|t4 the number of acres owned or rent- 11 the breeders of pure bred livestock ultary will be classified under the dif- breeds. t'dir«ctory Will *lia contain fl«neral farm 4>t«, etitiitlci f«tferm«ti«n of. oreat^nlue to Whltesldo farm»r« «nd ' ljl. t ' •, • |*«>tlon«l map of the counjy In colors, «howinfl the i»pilon»» road», hiahwnyB, railroads, interurban line*, wr, »tre«m», towns, oitln, *«hoot«, churchee and «amt<> , wlW Jf» Included in th» directory, Alw n complete mnp giving •Mtomoblle ro«da in flddition to «U other inform*- , rc«jli»e JOviPenormou* labor and exp'enve required to §nd publish one 1 of thete dir«ctoric». When pur repr«««nU» kindly |piv«i him nil information «• accurate and complete BO that tkero will bo n> errors rogarding your family and ' ' . ITHANKINO THE PEOPLg OF WHITiSIDB COUNTY FOR f?QURTi«Y,ANO CO-OPERATION: FBAJBJB FARMER Illino!*' Oldwt «nd Most Reliable Form Pap«r 0HI04GO A. SA'CERISON, Field Manager " Highway Hotel - ie pest Xmas Prcs ent In the Two titles beautiful modern home. New, complete 'f: in every detail . Get the key at the office, Johnston Lumber Co. 88 \ ROCK, FALLS BOCK FALLS, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, BIG. .-16, 1918, MISSIONARY SOCIETY ( W. H. M, S. Held An InferettSng Meet- , ing At Home Of Mrs, Brown. j ;i'Af1 n tf-uti '.f thf> y S-"!'"nn'it. tb 1 "' rnri !-(' t ••?.!-<•" of rl tu I 1 ? >]> lit. M>-!h!"iist <-.'i!:rt h ni'! if Mt*. ('hn« !"rnv n Thf fur Oif* romlnp \f>nr wns t>!:i!infd fine mrt'l<- out n hi'-h will I'p \ r*ry hif«»rrsf. in^r f.rt't Itfifif-'!, Tlic IfKlf-s f'J.'tritifd to «-'('•!!'! ,'i ''iifif-!' HiiT n{- IV-^'k Horm*. tif:tr IVNr. Krtrf l;ulv tvifl dftriatf « uift '»f rf H»iH .«lif> il'-slri's t«> i'it! in tli^ "Afi«:T 11if 1>ttxln<"AS t\ sJi«iv!' I «:i? trlvrn. The ifii'i'' for (hf ! v\;i*t "ori("n!nl« and Alns»kinnB" which td !>*» vf-ry jntcrrptinK. Follow- I ho t(m«* wn» ,«t>i \vny ftml n Itmtntiful intr flu !n a CHRISTMAS PARTY The Endeavor Society And Th* Young Ladiet Clan Had Party. ('ItriBtlfin Kn«.lw*vor of the f'on- wMl church nnrt Mm Spnwn* rt ctajw, eoni|M>8<*»1 <tt yontiK ln»l- iwrty lai»t r^cnlnp n< Mr*. b's Imtno. Tfw nftnir was In Ihp nntnr*» nf a J'hrlfitmn*' party. Thry Imd n. gift box iitxl tn'nryotip prpRpiTr^rec-i&IVwl,..^ Rift. Thj» «-\rnlnK was nt'fiit In music ntirl ««in«*.c. Dainty rrfreshrnpntu were •ITVI'fl, Ahfiiit thirty yo ttn ir |i«-«tplr« wrro l>n-s»'n( ami all wvjoyt-tl a t)n«> liino. BASKET JA|L GAIJE^ High School And M«thodi«t T*am» Played Exciting Game. A j|'J"il fiswHl crowd wltnrfliw'tl an ex- of IsuHki't b»H liint fvi»- T!«" ih 1 !" HP A!*' t(.i,i!(.'--;s- - ; If-!' T,-,\i h :>;H FTiH?i «--chi«'l- ...... !.!>>• Vl|>prct n s- for- T^;wh ittitl yij Kmtnon", rrrifor; l*loyd BtonfT. for* iPmith nnr! T>r< v Pl- Friends Of John t^fitey Gave Him Surprfi* L««t .Ttihn b. Danroy wn« ;1)f>rnr> ,Tt f!>f firm', "flic hn::*'" iv th<- ROCK FALLS BRIEFS I*o ymir ' l!r.!«fttta«* Mhfipj'irrt; < u'lv n.t Thf" Knnny Stnrc- " Hrinry C'ordi^, nf < - M<'-.'!C«, nrrh'f-d hf-i'f last ^w-rHnfir fcr-n ff-v iirt?,-? v'i.«it :U fhfl homf (if Mr, ;tmi Mrs. llfrm,u>i PlJ»»M*. j T.^ i &tOf~ T)i'trnc rind ll«irr\' I*;*\'!^i'n ' Mpr-nf SVWny cvrnhiK with frf'-nd.* in; Vat) !*«tt'-n. • I Klnu-r iitrinlHii l-Mm'IDUAL 5ERVK TO FIT YOUR NEEDS r«r!w r) *• \-r hy his with f>f Hostorv. Ma*' will Hrrlvo hf-ic*> tliiw <>v a hlrihtlay .IUPIHIT gh'«»n hVti nt th»« | Whiini'y Hotel. The Uibffi fnr-M^ WHS In j>lnk nnrt beinj? a very rtrnato blrtlulny '•akfi nlth tfte prni»<?r of Mr* Mo «*•»!( tt* n H,iini»n of i>iiiK , bin which no was allowed .to count. An elabor- thrr-o f:<dirpp <>lnni»r wa« thp -iMnnpr Mr. Onnw-y with nitmc'rouH (rifts, fqr <svhirh he thnnkMl hla frimrts Jri an Thr> employes of th*» Wliltnpy jfnlp! K««ntly flnoifltiMl In making th<? nffitlr ThtwP j-r^^pnt wpro .lamps Buyers, Johti.-Mcyr-r. JE. J* Adams, J. J. Whit- nnrl A. R >A'nrtrc\«it. CHURCNTSERVICES llov, Hf>!|». prtjitwr. Riinrtay H<-hwi|. :-ir> rt.l m. Morninft worship, ll:<>0 n, fi:30 P. m. tTiornins? and nil! hunt- rn tlic tviiy hiitn*'. Gran! I.nnitiR «r tit tn fhti-niro this ITtornlntt for a f»»\v ii visit. f ( i«rr\ U-c 1 . 7:30 p. m. ' by thp. chulr Mr«. «>. !•; Ho\v<!(: ; Jfif ^ururn is IIPI vi<=itlnK nt th*' honir uf Mr. inul Mi; f'!»!«. Hff»wn. • , • • j Kr«-d .MozalScus, of FniHIeld. In., is j !n»ro Riifiidirti; a f«w days on l>ii«liir-a«i, J'tiinittifts' of .Mclviii, in lu-i't friends and BIG DAMAGEjRfJR FIRE Sbamokin Wat Only Savd From Destruction By Outtide Aid. Hhumokln, Pa., l>w. lfi.--l-'lrt' whlHt l a lfir«f> portion «•*• the lutnltip,«H .«f'«'i)on arid thr»v«t«'H* % il to d^slroy a P«rt of lh'« n-ffld^ntial MH'tUni, was finally i'niitndh'd I his in'inilitff lift* 1 !' a \iinn ut $3fn'."tM(. Krown nuHio'wIli b»> J)dlh tnurnlntc and wen luff. . !»!HM» uns not controlled unj/tl ' i <'i|iii{uiifnl nf llv«» other towns/an ivi-d, SMALL COUNTRY FIRE. ' — -.--^s \ pmnll llrt> In the- farm mtlilnn'c of! tTno The (inzctto Mr. mid Mr»». Mnrl Tyni». ivosi of this! tiilr-k ««»»*«, h*»1»» EFFICIENCY Everybody is talking- efficiency these days. Our universities and colleges are, more than ever, turning (hi^ men and Women trained for efficiency. ) i The well organized bt^jfiess house, and the factory are demanding it. A man is not 'a success in business without it. A woman is not a good home builder without it, : An account in this bank will help your efficiency in many ways. We Cordially Invite Your Business State Bank of Sterling S* A ** f4 * •***M «i_, . ._ . CT-' Ei N. O. VAN fiAKT. F. ». SAFETY • CGHJRTESY - SERVICE Ada. for PREMIER IS IMPROVING i" f P 1 "'™ 1 * 11 »>«*!«» uo>-«i a™ rK «. W | IO H« WM Permitted to Confer With HJ^VunUtHMjn favurnMr. UP W/M fiprmlt* Chief of Staff L«»t Niflht. ;t.>J to emifor with his chlrf uf ntnft I^-ndon, Kn»r.. !>«•<•. lfi.~-Tin* einidlUm) Insf iiHtht <• The Most Highly Valued .'Asset of this Store is the Good Wfll of It's Customers. PPING FROM WHEELOCK'S BIG HJRMT1JRIL Gifts for Every Sewing Cabinet Bug Booker Tea Wagon . Music Cabinet Sewing Booker MOTHJBR Dresser Mattress Davenport Sewing Machine Telephone Stand «itiie» Cabinet Pedes&i Bissell's Sweeper Medicine Cabinet Fernery •' _• , * Center fable Floor Oil Mop , Brass Bed BROTHER Smoking Stand Chiffonier Ko°^ r Magazine Sack S^^ , ' Footstool Book Racks T nwn m, tilr • » ijf*ni|J Ulobe-Wemicke Bookcase Wardrobe An Endless Variety Member of the Family. SWEETHEART , Cedar Chest < Writing Desk .Shirtwaist Box Reed Booker Sewing Cabinet Floor Lamp Table Lamp Desk > . Tea Table Dressing Table |Mcy Bedroom Chair Table Banner FATHER . Morris Chair Smoking Stand Easy Chair Gtobe-Wernieke Bookcase WQW/l ^ k ^ Footstool Wardrobe Costumer Tapestry Booker Desk * "Premier" Card Table * chine Our prices are low because we buy in large quantities and because our — *'—iy€tostmasi—- f . SISTER Candlesticks Lamp ^ Shirtwaist Box "* Table Desk Floor 'Lamp toilet Table Bug Mirror Cedar Chest, Waste Basket . Table Runner Brass'Bed Cedar Wardrobe * BABY Rocker -Baby Walker .High Chair Crib ; Baby Buggy You will be surprised at the ease of making your furniture*and rug selections at this store. We are never too busy to show yoji whether you purchase or .not, and invite you to call and look around at any time,, without any obligation to make a purchase. 5% Discount for Cash *"«««!, Make this your Furniture Store, Service Counts ^ lks,ilHft RUGB, FURNITURE, UNDERTAKING Make your gift a lasting one— GHe 'Furniture-

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