Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 16, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
Page 5
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.*-*._( f- •L. "•. i> STERLliO, ILUNOISiSATilffPAY,JjCTjlC 19J& §tm, st assorted stocks of candy in *> le made and manufactured. ** idy. for one or a 'thousand, & Far go's Holiday Candies THE HODGES STORE Is .the Place to Find Just What You Are looking That are Pure and Wholesome to ^ JP!H ' . ' • •- * to We have just received a fine frosh stock of candies for the holi- ^ day season. Our candies are all strictly pure and will not only ^ delight young- and old, but prove healthful as well. in a 5 pound assorted box of to None better. to , ~ , , / , to Iw^yiTatihe Service of ghifdron. I 1 sherbet for party orders. to BOTH PHONES S. ^ HOLIDAY BOX CANDY ,/~) Morse's' Elk ) Samosst r .£ chtefi of them all. Sh* will be well pleat »d with a box of tli**« 'avertte brands ' f Light lunches and hot drinks of a}! kinds for the shoppers. HOME MADK CANDIES Wonderful" dis-play of pure high grade mixed etrt- * dies. Alto Fargo'* celebrated home '.made lines. None better. There MIT* j>nl!« \\ltli pretty f;u-f<: t? iisli < *}i,hs, ('hrisf nsa.s Tn v <- Ornami-nt-, ors. Tinker Toys, T^islnv. T;>Mf»s, Tint •toys ami gnnios of <>vi>ry dt-scripUnrt. ,\ "Ml {'nrK hum 1 and -mail: ftcrdj.fTHil fOng- .'(»>! riu'sts. TMJI,-;. l.lalfs. Pii!n<i}tt«-S«'<M, nyt'f't't- uf Cars, [5(ttik-. <iani!'^ and Pin no-; in fact you of FARGO'S your 10 West Third St. Bell Phone 339-W ** ns tii t 1 Inluo GIRLS WHAT THEY MOST DESIRE FOR CHRISTMAS ,sli>f boys apd Firls tiave^calied there with their Christmas letters or personally told the good tests were made that it .is imppssible to print the letters in full and so they have been con- Ifor Christmas. Other"letters will follow in later issues. ^ FOR THE OLDER You will find many 'useful mid wM"<«s<<-iry jirticli-s, Pit)-M, ia'KOts and HcpnnUo jtiorcs; ('oats, Dn-sscs, Hhuisos, Sweaters, Ifnnti Hliuikcta, Sport SC}B, lla.ndkordiit'fs, Faiit-y Cliina, Knit Hctn for (ho t'tiildron, itinl 1 " a' ' •-".•.. inniiy other siitallcr item* tluit'mnkc line Chrisfnias prcsi'iitK. p^^^^^/^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/^ Relieve your Christinas Worries by giving a •"'flerc-' arfe a few titles. tl>", K\l>'*«'k f -t'o!l. dull tiUKKV. <'«ui- cli brnVtilol. r rrfnlln- Hri'ilnr, mildlor not. t Th'iri-c -.\i'«lfl«-U(\ l'-««iliU«*it, ("onklln— Klwlrlc i«iigliit', *-un- <lv. niiiH. Kmmu Aunn'iit-»Htti iloll.' Mlltlred Hoffm«n—<..lini. tjihtwr, uml llfininii *»IUUnn —WHR«»II. I'all, niitf doll bed. Alvln Wiiikry - Trajn on tra«-k. Joys, tinker toyi». , M«rli« \VlnU«>y--1lnlr rdtlmn, coat. Alfce llttrHhmnn — KJtfchM.C"rahliu't. ' wet of dlfilics, tiibl^.'tlolf,' 1 doll Ihirutliy >\VnH»»Hil— Doll. «ol Of dish»•»« Htio Kndcl— \\rltlriK ilc«k, dull dlnli- t'8, JfifW Kmmnlltin rji»y*r- doll tntdo. not t'loDi, I'lmlrH. nult CIIHC. rlhhon* f«r dolly, dn-«». nmdy, n«w drtwi fur l)tT»i?lf, rllilioiw, doll drcwm-r. jUiwrprif* l«"lnk--Hp< v -8tt«*, gun tlmt HliooiH rulilx-r Ijiillf*. t-nndy. Janet Vlltilnln-WrltlnK dosk, doll litigBV. candy, lUitR. linrothy \Vflnt— <«Bine. «wwit«r, " John Wt'JKt" Stwklng of randy, tin- f>oll. handkrrchlpf. and KIT toyi«, I.ulu roall money bank. — : ....... - - . -. ~ Martha Tbmniwon-— Dolly, handkerchief, violin, bnby buggy, Alice J*€»t«'ri««n— <?radlp, dfjll. Riibt.. Johnson — Bicycle, " OF THE HOUR fcwell—tVuiU'i'a, iM'tulH, ring. itliy NttWi*!!--tNtll IHIKK.V, rtintlj-, i v iVtckitibook „with .money, .JiMlbiy—-iJull, <lt»U HH«»V, ItmuJtB—U«jl, tlull- |HIHK'>', «l'«-Hle(l, Urw'lJr, ciiiidy. Ut'nj. lUH'inhuri,- l>riini, horn, canily illXi lilltN. . . • Imur Hroyk»-UM>i»ii,'ilcily, (iind.v initf. , . Nollm \VIUiIcy—I>o|I buggy, candy, Id-color. Ji'nnifl U'HUk.y—i^ill 'buggy, doll, rand), doll cmillc. Ho.ta \Vyll«»— Hlg 1 doll, doll IJURKV, 2 little drc-H«i>K, hnlr ribbon, doll writing dc*«k. Kolit. (iiitcbiH— <iun; auto, ctindy. Wllllii Hpyer— Afr K«n. skates, candy, 'nut*. • Mabel Whwloek— ni«f doll, net,; tif tllcJifK,''. cnndy. 'WriM* aiiirrtty™ vvjiite top whocH, BUI furn. «l<*<t, K'inics, licokw, candy, nutw. Knell IP riirlHtm-nson — Set of white fiirH. lioolm, doll, ciindy. Hllllo HoofHtltlor—Mitttt. Mildred Ilpllor—Hkutes. rubber bull, bo<df N. • .'. " t Cifnn H«iUebo\vef~-li k p «kat««», de«ik. 1,'lnra Hiagi-r -(iiimi'M, tennfti w;(. Alary H,tnger-- Tennis Met, fur*. Otto Hoide—^illoviwi. JutK.jtMuidy, , jtnil drum. ,. /""" KVB nu»b-^I>ol|, doll tiUKKy.. skd. lUtlpli llimli -KIc.S, l>lot-k«; —SuBUJi -Wiiud^f-Bttby- dull, .doll Jtterty --. 8-ruiini|, fundj, ,rioll w>ver< fhowter IlitK««rin<tn — NU|IH, , c«ind,v. •M.^lel bu4|d«r Na U. ' Amu* llagtuv "J_)oll, buggy, «katen. Irono Hchlkan wt, Imby MJUion Hlvltii— Onn. candy, »lp»l. Harold Aldorffr— Pootlmll, Sopl In I'nrn - «*nndy, doll, nei'klft'e. Mnber Uood —Doll, erndle. utory book. I,U>MII<. mils— Doll rlothen, c«ndy. do|| mil. doll tint. 1.1-oln Ki\ HB — Doll I>UBK.V. bureati. ' Mnrj?nre« • Heeler— Big doll, wet of turn, cnndy. tieorno Aln'loy Uoblnnon-— Hweitler. rllle. Jeh«l»« SivltH— Di»be». doll, t;il-le. .lor Ifiiltmi — (Sun. engine, nuts, candy. , - ~ Mabel UniUdey— I.Hdl. dolly olotbea. Vincent I in t ton — Bull . of le.itK. fliws. nutn and enndy. Doj-othy Hrown— IToll dreiweB, nnd windy. Jdiward liaiulH — Oulding nlod, wind- mil), candy, nutM. , Henrietta Hague — Doll buggy, euxe. Xuru SIvliB— Table, dolly, «.-nndy. • Btlltb Andei-non — Colors, ntelgh, randy, go-cart, • • | , .' Kllsabntb Anderson— Craywn«,' go-cart, doll. , .-; ~ . rharlea I^fturl, Hterllng— C.'jock, cl»\ homo, street, ear,. train, aiprty, nut§, iipploH. iiriinotH, a box ot.>ttaoetn*ie*,>~ Alb«rl MeCnslIn — Bnglne, t»uit of clothe*, co*boy ouiflt, -farnllv -,-ot guackey Doodles, 19IS caa«ud«n ibVJ bath tub. im-chanlcnl nuto, tinker toy trunk, i»r«!tly village, boy** ct>ut,Kearf, little fur cap. , ' . Peter Butlor, 569 Went 8th '8t.—»led. bljc drum, ten pin«. •"- , Charles McAndrew». 't~- f'1a»lill*ht. Kreirtor No. 4, Bled, pair' tnittena. • , r.lonn Snow— Jjot« of cnndy and nutii. Lucpllo I lesser- -Hto'ry book,, piano, lotn of candy and nuts. Bicycle " When a Man's a Man"•By Harold Boll Wright "Jttit David"-By Porter "Penrod and Sam"—By Booth Tarkington "Bain,Bow End "—By Rex-Bondi "The Border Legion"— ,By,Zrt«o Grey "From the House Tops"By (Jco. Hnrr McCut- "The Heart of Kachael"- by Norm For the Kiddies "Quacky Doodles and Danny Doodles" "Billy Whiskers and His Chums" Paper Doll Books and , Cut Outs Volland's 'Mother Goose* —Its a ueauty "When a Fellow Needs a Friend" The wonderful "0«" Books belt, fnr-glovt», " Joseph I<urd and l^uwrenco and cnr«. , Dorothy Hegtiiy— Doll go-cart, er, . Delia John, age 3 yettrti, Sterling— Ali'th« thlngB, wngon, onglne. • . Mildred Clurdner— Doll, cuuboard. dislirw, cupw, go-cart for baby dollri, candy, and nutB, Hall McAndrews — Overcoat, pair of mltten», Riirne«. horn, candy and nutB. " HOMO McAndrcw« ™ Manicuring ttel, Janutte Laurjo— Bed, dolly, _ choir, ranrty, "-t"iil»l«. —'-•-- •• Ida Laurie— Baby doll, bed; bureau, candy and miln, now drfi«8. coat. ' Chrlntmnti candy and nuts. Kruneia Dugnn —.Train cars, drum. born. • '« tklwatd Dugan — Horn, drum, tire truck, utory- book, ' . .. Mas Uifgun — Rublier ball. \V||Ua.m MelU-tU — Drum »nd horn, coster Hbd, tricycle. Paint Books and Linen Books that do not tear. Don't forget the Game Boards, Tinker Toys and Structo for the boys. "•*•.'.'S BOOK STORE Foot Shoe Satisfaction F ^„._.,.^ \tifa at the Right Price HOUBO Slip- pW'H* 1 nitike very appropriate* giftH fur mother, father, Hi8- tt»r tri 4 brother, A%1ce •VI- to (so 1 cc t frotn. Boots for _t||0_Hjttl'All_ girls and b o y » in BOOTERY Third St. , of Your Christmas-^ Business ^ th$ oplyl store handling tfoys ^ High Top. Shoes for boys; all sizes. These a r -e the sh oes the boys want now. Buy y o u r* nibburn and o vershot'H now. You- 9 will sa ve ' money. Thouwttudw of Ctuxlit, Treu (ifiiutnenttf, TlMHi'l. Holly and White. Wr«l»jtUnr I* u p i« r, Xintid <-it n (I H-H it u d Utildi-iK, Uatiif*, Hioii MookM, t^«ill«. Cul «lu»a, Hand fainted Chi mi. Urc*'dt'ii China, •Tinker T o y », Afiiinuium Wai*- for (able, Xm.-iw IJtdls and Doll KurilUuiv, at find it very Easy to Select an appropriate Gift i or anyone The Funny store, to from our complete and well selected «teek» We have many «» W v»v» Na . ch«». s. John.** g O f artistic designs that while rich in quality and appearance are "2 ~" J ~" "•*" in c»stt . ', .'" .' , " We Can Save You Money on uplicate Lenses .00 GLASSES $3 ' ^ - ' " Eye Glasses or Spectacles INOWOINO SXAftHITATIOIf tt to to A FINE LINE OF KODAKS AND STATIONERY -Wire : News County News ^ *y ,«fjp . Ttf^\ "W*"^ ° • ""I $* JL JL0-_JL • JL~*r d*«^ SiL %*' %>> l^% ^ Anyone A s k ? 'g «*y« Block , ' - . . %* " . THE REXALL STORE ,'. to Rock Falls, III to to' , the Ky<» (iiasst's have the very latent ou »»<i off with one hand.. The_Frames or Mounlin^ aiv of extra quality 6Johl Fillotl (iuarantfiHl. ^ ' ' i ' , ^f i .* lOyts is lixainiuoti .separMtfly by an Expert ajul. ( tho U-HHO.S g^nuui to ortlt-r. ^youru|)|H>rtuuity.tok'i'm%a pairof high grade Uluw-w at a very low eoKt, DR. GOULDING, Optician Ov«r Ob#r(m?ltr'9 Store m»n«gtr of §«i8«l. Ca«p«f A Co. 1 * option! d»p»rinient irt Chje«ao FIRST AVENUE JkW *A8T J HIRO 8T. Bell Phorve 101^-W STERLING, ILL.

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