Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on January 28, 1968 · 48
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 48

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 28, 1968
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AW ref 1----- T J ROMMF R I 1ii '0 '1111 FP Clar ifs P Brown -J1 Orn4-eTI Art MeIfi ("Aft - IV' 'A P -I' er ekA I 1 — I T TreotrThir CO 307 0 ct- S! I 1 AO YrA1:24 BROWN TYPEWr:TER EXCHANGE Ts op !ers ed riwtv nes i FEAT0o NC' AL HE NI IC I - -- ''' - - - - - --- --- I tiAlktA I-UNLKAL fl( Mt IA' Ame 0-II CHNECF I-0 n i 2600 Shamrock 1 Te Lye 41 Heo-tA Left 9I --I A CAI1AJN7 Tr) PANTES Irt Wo91 TA5 ED A 573111e' E RoiA e ED ?41AP --- 4 I —COCA COLA BOTTLING CO I MILLER'S Upholstering fly 1101Xl lit DUNCAN Twenty-year-old Doug Orebaugh — like ninny of Fort Worth's returning Vietnam veterans — is making a slow paced adjustment to civilian life "I just can't seem to get it through my head that its okay to drive more than 25 miles an hour" he chuckled "That's as fast as my tank would go and its hard to break the habit" Orehaugh N110 Was diS(harged I a t NOVCnther after serving 13 months with a tank division in A'ietnam said it also is taking some effort to overcome his reaction to sudden sounds 1"11HE OTHER DAY at the plant (t oneral Dynamics) s o Ifl ebody lit a welding torch" he said "When the thing popped it sounded just I ike a Viet Cong carbine I went straight to the floor "It was sort of embarrassing but tnost of the fellas un of Fort Worth and Tarrant County Business Institutions Each of Tarrant County's many business enterprises in con tributing materially to the continuing and impressive community progress Many of these concerns have been active through long periods of years in the successful struggles to promote at once their own and the Fort Worth area's economic advances The old the middle-aged the young enterprises listed on this page are directed by managements that are capable aggressive and optimistic These enterprises have won recognition in a busy city because of loyalty to the community and helpfulness to their individual customers Residents of the State of Texas will be interested in reading the list of leading firms and organizations Each firm or organization is placed according to the number of years it has been established 49 YEARS WATSON FOUNDATION & EQUIPMENT CO INC FOUNDATION DRILLING UnderreamPd—ca ISSOnS UnderPinnino -horirm 4)15 S E$PrPsSwaY -8486 ----- TANDY LEATHER COMPANY (Division Tandy Corporation) SINCE 1919 Leathercratt look & supplies 4919 Camp Bowie PE 24811 Gunn's Cleaners Mr A Mrs W C Dyer-Owners 325 S Henderson ED 2-21M Marion Herring BOAT WORKS EAGLE AMIuNTASN t AE ROUTE 9 BOX 960 CE 64141 FORT WORTH TEXAS FNA0113A Ft Worth Battery & Automotive Sound renter Mr 36 yeor Stereo tape & Players most compiete selection In southwest 4 LOCA IONS TO SERVE 401) 710 Texas-18 Camp Bowie 5(t2 Blue Bonnet Circ It 414 N Oak in Mineral Wells Rev B Rimes Bennett StIlrituallst—JE 5-0139 3021 east Lancaster J W Boggs Realty Boggs Insurance Agency Farms and Ranches Mortgage Loans mik & MRS O W BOGGS 702 151 NAT'L BANK BLDG ED S9439 Ci 1437 48 YEARS WHITEY DRUG STORE 3900 HEMPHILL WA 43233 Finegan's Beauty Snort ED 2-92t9 200 W T Waggoner Bldg 810 Houston 2ndFloor ANGELO'S QUICK LUNCH 110 Main ED 2-0118 Open 7 days a week —CLARK &HENRY REALTORS oc W Oth St ED S-1377 47 YEARS MORRiS & BALLARD GARAGE 2125 8th Ave WA 4-3373 KAY DRUG Co 413 W ith—Ohwntown ED 24234 North H Worth Tin Shop 7:45 N Main MA 4 8541 White Crusaders PEST CONTROL 116 Athena Lane PE 8-5565 Visa Your Fort thbrth PIG STAND TODAY F-trhous tor Barbecue randwqotes Luru :ei n no corn 47 'rears In Fbri Werth NO 11-643 N MAIN NO 13-2136 W ITH FIRESTONE STOKE Sorvho Fl Worth's Apohance Neds SINCE 1921 & HENDERSON k'L'ANO Pt ' A CORNER DOLT & PECAN STS ED 2-226 46 YEARS DICKIES F HONOR ROLL 46 YEARS N L COX PLUMBING & HARDWARE Day and night 809 N SYLVANiA IE 44661 LA CAVA'S INC 709 W MAGNOLIA WA 4-3201 6304 SUNSET DR PE 88311 46 Years of Dependable Service to Fort Worth and West Texas NEW AND USED CARS GENUINE CHEVROLET PARTS FACTORY AUTHORED SERVICE Ernest Allen Chevrotet 6TH 1 COMMERCE ED 2-4111 45 YEARS JAHNS SUPPLY CO 2532 CULLEN ED 61355 Buddy Thompson Real Estate For Good Government TE 82987 DAWSON HOLDEN Specializing In Farms And Ranches All Over Texas P 0 Box 351 Glen Rose Texas Phone Area Code 817 897-2537 J E Foster & Son INCORPORATED MORTGAGE BANKERS Offices FORT WORTH DALLAS HOUSTON ARLINGTON—LUBBOCK Ilei SUMMIT ED 5-5441 44 YEARS derstmid" There are minor it VMS however in the trauma of readjustment for Vietnam veterans h e coniplexity includes everything from psychological readjustment to proble in s with housing inflation anl job bunting Four years ago all was smooth sailing for Orebaugh Some 21000 persons matched him win the open division fly eight championship at the Star - Telegram's 211th annual regional Golden Gloves tournament A month later he 'as a finalist in the state boxing meet OREBAUGII GRADUATED from Brewer Iligh School Ile enrolled at Fort Worth Christian College in 1965 and dropped out of school during the fall semester to join the INIarine Corps When he returned to Fort Worth he found an apartment shortage Hugh Hardn Motors In the car businm since 1923 1000 W WEATHERFORD ED 25318 Top QUALITY HORSES Well broken for ell ourooses Shot) made saddles and fine equipment Fine tailor made weatheroroor blanket with taiinate Darrell Hirsch CC 118800 43 YEARS LEON HARRIS Tailoring plus noality personal service 108 E Rosedale ED 5-0663 SOUTHSIDE PLUMBING w R CHRiST1ANSEN OWNER Southse Westclit f-1 CU areas 1623 PARK PLACE AVE WA 4-3418 SEE CAP PHILLIPS at Kinnaird Brothers 900 W Weatherford ED 2-3241 Charlie Hillard FORD YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER THE FINEST FORD SERVICE IN THE CAR BUSINESS FOR 43 YEARS 1400 SUniversity ED 6-981 1 42 YEARS LAVES BROTHERS CREDIT JEWELERS sAroains In Unredeemed ammonds Watches Fine Jewelry Money loaned AA Anything of Value HOUSTON ED nett! DIAMOND FOOD MARKET rSTABIlSHET) 1928 1912 NE 28TH ST Ettec Service COMDAV COO EUiOt PPder Rd 7111-6S06 ---- — — — - — W WORTH NA I t - I 1011R I ICF11 y rsulv 1 O'Dell Moore Contractor VENOFRIts6 SEkviLE Usr0RAI I rG PUBLIC c 1 T Treotrrar CO 307 0 st- S! 49 YEARS Re Estme DeveTuer 6A STAURANT i t-Dj171 :!1 0t--1y CI 4133C 1?7 1 Gachman Metals Co BAKER FUNERAL - luzier Cosmetics TUC No("g AQNi-NTIC I I ME PANTHER SIGN amroc CHiNFSE f-0 n I 2600 Shk FINE COSMETICS — PERFUMES To Lye h Heats Lett 9I -(1 Sevir1 Dscrirmatro Aeoen EstAbished to? 'o Amer7ar F--oII FRINC T1 FARTES 1 r t Werth I a as ED A 5731110 E RoieT”o'e ED ?44A1 Port North Area Over 45 Years — ED 2-9'40 7t" OAAm‘ Chesnut Om iigvet siiirm ond i --COCACOLA BOTTLING CO 1' MILLE R'S Upholstering I The Worth Rlom l'4J W H! S L SinCe 1919 - BISHOPS USED CARS HARRISON FLOW W0OW 41 YEARS NORTH SIDE TAILORS Cleaning Altering Since 1927 2454 N Main MA 4-2261 SCHMIDT PLUMBING CO 612 E 2nd St ED 2-2066 TRUETT KIMZEY MR TELEVISION IN FT WORTH 3515 W Vickery PE 73123 Delta Van Lines 919 W Magnolia Ave WA 35272 LITTLE BEAUTY SHOP Bertha FrontroY Moved from 303-A Main to 2311 Vaughn Blvd JE 4-8604 The Brants Co Peat Estate Insurance Mortoane Loans 7307 Continetnal Life Side Brous Private School — "SINCE 1927" TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 1000IO20 COLLEGE ED S-1880 (River Oaks Branchi 18IB ROBERTS CUT-OFF RD MA 4-8185 Night number WA 7-8078 40 YEARS M O ANDREWS Co TOP GRADE INSURANCE Fire-auto-bonds-life 1305 Summit ED 6-7487 SCHUSTER ELECTRIC CO 3431 McCert St WA 4-7223 BIG STATE BOILER CO INC 3900 Hemphill WA 3-3565 BRUCE 1ERMINEX Termite & Pest Control Free Inspection—Easy terms 3455 W FREEWAY PE 2-1465 EX-CEL-CIS Beauty Shoo—Products Owner Bess L Scott 607 Throckmorton ED 51668 ANGUS BEAUTY SHOP 1510 5th Ave WA 4-0093 J L HAIGHT & CO MORTGAGE LOANS INSURANCE AND APPRAISALS 404 Sinclair Bldg ED 2-3467 ED 6-3120 ROCKYFELLER SYSTEM 40 Continuous Years in Fort Worth ASHBURN'S ICE CREAM CO 9 STORES TO SERVE YOU BALCH'S FLOWERS INC 2608 W Berry VVA 4-2291 FID AX 24291 39 YEARS DUNCAN & Co "30 Years Servind Automotive Trade" 1408 Throckmorton St ED 51925 Bob Isham Agency EXPERIENCE-EFFICIENCY COURTESY GENERAL INSURANCE FIRE—CASUALTY—AUTO Reai Estate-Loan-Bonds Res commercial farms ranches 1055 W Magnolia Fort Worth WA 60219 Res WA 4-6546 Bud Sellers Automobiles "Bounht and Sold" 111111-19 N MAIN ED 2349 Ashburn Ice Cream Co 3012 E ROSEDALE JE S-2133 39 Years McDONALD & Co Real Estate Insurance Mortorso Loans 1217 Lake Street ED 7-11O4 3426 Unlverstty Dr WA 3-8701 1701 W Lancaster ED 34581 Joy FLORAL :OWN-TYPEWr'TER C Fitted—ork lotfAs SMARTLY TAILORED CASUALS Bryan Gregory & Townsen 1 r16 Carno ED 2 388 EXCHANGE For Mt pod Boys MarAet Produce Co MADE BY E ve!ers Add mahnes EstAwahed Prt tynri itirkev-eagA s rrnFi WILLIAMSON-DICKtE I Gene-al Iorance—Rcal Ecta0 !Packers and distributorS of Sunco V191111 F n kSe9a mf :710 Texas Steet D S-4123 Ano iAl Welt and I RANDOL MILL ROAD EAST PANTHER SIGN CO AIM MTS SHOE REPAIR Fr Ank 8Cart Owne EVariished 1925 I 013 CAMP BOWIE PE 7053 G A Cnesnut Owner THE ORIGINAL 749 N ED 4-5491 Fort WOrtO's °ides Mexican Cafe My parents moved to Houston while I was in Vietnam" he said "so while I look for an apartment I'm living with a friend in White Settlement" iinding a decent job was a big problem too" he said ''But I was able to land a job as stock clerk at General Dynamics" Or ebaugh also returned from war to find a surprisingly high cost of living "I I 'S UNBELIEVABLE how high the prices have gone up since I left for Vietnam" he said "Clothes are higher gasoline is higher and even cigarettes have gone up more than 10 cents a pack" "I'm glad I joined the Marines and can honestly say I'm proud of my record in the corps" he reported "When I first went to Vietnam I wasn't too sure what I was fighting for But now I understand what we're trying to do over there" he said S 38 YEARS BOLTE ADVERTISING FORT WORTH INC Formerly North Texas AdvertisIne The Best n Uutt loor Adverl:slno 2lte W Freeway El) 2 3373 Sert-Us Feed Mills 1500 E POWELL JE 53936 ELLIS PECAN Co CleanerFresher Ask vour favorite grocer 1012 N Main MA 4-1216 AUGUST'S PIE COMPANY FORT WORTH—WICHITA FALLS— LUBBOCK Found at your favorite eating place or ask your grocer 1131 COLLEGE WA 43861 37 YEARS Ray Sellers Auto Mart New & Used Bought A Sold 648 N Main ED 5-0642 Diamond Reo Truck Sales 201 So Adams ED 23273 A B Blue Sharpening Serv 107 So Main ED 6-5618 NORTH SIDE PAINT & BODY SHOP 106 NE 13RD MA 4-2222 W M SHELTON Plumbing—Heating & Auction Co 37 Years Experience IS Your Guarantee of Getting the nest 4320 MANSFIELD HWY JE4-6811 EMPIRE ELECTRIC CO Electrical Contractors Industrial Commercial Residential OFFICE: 2804 BLEDSOE ED 2-3239 SKRASEK USED CARS 'Johnnie Joe and Willie 530 N Main ED 6-7757 KELL CLEANERS "The Name You Trust" WE GIVE 5814 GREEN STAMPS 6609 E LANCASTER GL 16740 101 N CENTER ARLINGTO CR 5-2110 6756 GRAPEVINE HWY AT 4-7061 223 MARTHA ST EULESS BU 3-5961 Our best wishes go with our prowino city to serve humanity In its utmost Harris Hospital Fort Worth Medical Center 1300 W Cannon ED 6-8341 36 YEARS Tunrage Firesco Inc Fire Extinguishers Recharge and Repair Service 2374 Higgins TE 4-5551 The Big Angle "Barbecue At Its Best" 706 Cliff MA 4-0056 ASBURY FURNITURE 1058 W Hosedale ED 6 056: ROGERS SHADE SHOP Custom Window Shades—All Sizes Carpet--Linoleum 118 Hemphill ED 2-1509 ED 2-1500 IDEAL PRINTERS Commercial afid Job Printing E D 2-5988 ACE BATTERY MFG CO OF TEXAS "Established 1931" 1408 Bessie ED 2-3000 CHAS MATTHEWS ANTIQUES INC 4136 E lancasler JE 52165 THE BIG APPLE "Barbecue at Its best" 706 Cliff MA 4-0056 35 YEARS Whlte Eleciric Plumbing end Heating ED 2-39793004 W Lancaster ED 55984 CIRCLE MOTORS 7208 Weatherford Hwy PE 7-6666 N E ARCHIE -- SON Landscape Contractors 6700 Camo Bowie Blvd PE 74615 Ray Baldwin Tile Co 2825 Bledsoe ED 2-1364 34 YEARS MIKE FRANKO'S GROCERY 2822 Azle Ave MA 6-4321 SALLY'S FLOWER SHOPPE "Pleasing You Is Our Pleasure" 4215 CirnP Bowie Blvd PE 8-1977 National Boiler & Welding 2320 C'enress E0 2-8532 R A Howeth—Owner L T BARTON INS 607 Beitey ED 2-1313 HALLMARK PHARMACY Prescrqmons carefully compounded li) Soleffie'd AX 12441 —REEVES GARAGE— s es rrn 1 A r 1 ILLIAPe13IN-LP-1VC it4e ED s 423 ty And aculrv turkey ma REEVES' GARAcit u A 1111 rown F n A S !Mf Phone Et g Co 5P0 01 Vickerv 31D0 RANOOL WU ROAD EAST Lharifs P B 6 72 2774311 114 S CALHOUN Frank Henry Aufo Works GUY SIMONS SERVICE: -4869 S 11 Co-ntractor Ea Devecoe 1ENnFRWG SENviLE to 1IE Cr le MOrORING PUBLIC ciNp 70 w 2o w ?s 38 YEARS ED 2 8700 C 4 133C 1?7 S 2 W E BLAKELEY VPD ri 1kMD Al 1-1( I Re luzier Cosmetics b A kITLICO cif- rri I ARL HIS SHOE REPAIR ecnak—erervtals 49 YEARS ote we 47mhlur1Cri Resn AUTO INSURANCE tA'to Attnettar F-i t ttt tt rtt-tttz Lttt trtt -tt nq 13 WI 11 tV1 W WW r CA tERiN7 PARTES Irt Worth:I- e-ttas-- - - - ED a 57311107 E RoietItt'e ED 44Ap Port North Area Over 45 years G Chesout Owner THE ORIGINAL Any Race An Ages trtgvet fittrrh ond --COCkCOLA BOTTLING CO MILLER'S Upholstering ED 2-940 749 N MA'n ED 4-5491 Fort Wortk's Odes Mexican Cate W HARR ISDN FLOWERS DI Council Ri T sk T Wert h B Om W S SinCe 1 919 BISHOPS USED CARS Orders to oo PO MAIN LD S-1544 ED 2 9161 7CtO Meadow Petit CI 61563! 711 Herookil ED 6-1214 1622 Park Place SSA 4-4206 4713 Carno Bowie Blvd PE 2-0046 12Se W Magnota 0 6-4320 Orebaugh said he is irritated by the past year's rash of anti -w a r demonstrations across the nation "Most of these draft card-burners would change their tune if they had to spend a while in Vietnam" he said "It doesn't take much nerve to tear up a draft card or carry a poster Besides talk is cheap" ANOTHER OF Fort Worths war veterans Ben Sandoval 24 son of Mr and Mrs Bernardo Sandoval of 7308 Ewing was inducted into the Army on Valentine's Day in 1966 He was 13 months at Cam Ranh Bay in South Vietnam When inducted he was an assemblyman at General Motors and his job was waiting for him when he returned Sandoval said his biggest problem in readjusting to civilian life is realizing he is no longer surrounded by the strict regimentation of the Army ''The service has it's own 1 33 YEARS California Corporation Formerly Boyles lumber Roofing Painting new old construction L all materials 924 Churchill MA 0281 Lioe Green Flowers 1300 flth Avenue Cat Magnolia) WA 6-1171 32 YEARS HARRELL'S FOOD STORE 1109 Fabons ED 2-0405 GUTHRIE RUBBER MATS 2740 Ave G JE 5-2383' THE J P BOWLIN CO SCALES—For evsrv purpose Saes—Service—Rentals 2910 W LANCASTER ED 24116 STITH'S JEWELRY and Loan Co Inc loo W Exchange MA 4-9225 NORTH SIDE FLORIST 1535 N Main MA 6-5464 BAZ1"3 GROC 1201 E HATTIE "We Redeem Gov't Food Coupons" HOSTETTER SERVICE INC 4800 E Lancaster JE 65685 JOE GARCIA'S MEXICAN DISHES Enchiladas—Tacos Tamales—Tortillas Established 1935 Mrs Joe T Garcia Prob 2201 N COMMERCE MA 6-4356 W E FULOHAM STONE CO Retail-Wholesale-Building Stone We Sell end Install 1355 E Lancaster ED 6-1242 Ray Crowder Funeral Home 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE "We Stayed With You" NEW LOCATION-2200 HEmPHILL ED 5-1213 MOSELEY VACUUM CLEANERS 4608 E LANCASTER JE 6-6186 ROLLING HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH Home of Rolling Hills Christian School Dr J H Ramsey Pastor 48O01 So Riverside Or JE 5-5623 AUSTIN'S JEWELERS 4812 Camp Bowie PE 7-7480 FINE JEWELRY CHARMS HAND ENGRAVING HALLMARK CARDS WATCH REPAIR ANTIQUE CLOCK REPAIR TERSCOi INC Fort Worth-DRIhis-Waco Itene—t ubbock—Odessa 3216 W VICKERY ED 24091 31 YEARS TEX NEON TRANSFORMER CO 2913 Bryan WA 3-3467 ISBELL'S UNIVERSITY OF BEAUTY CULTURE 50712 Lamar St ED 2-5921 TEXAS CONTRACTORS SUPPLY CO 2037 E LANCASTER FORT WORTH E 0 2-4117 Wicker Frozen Foods Ocean fresh seafoods Slrtmo 09sters 328 Hemphill ED 6-7288 Chadwick Realtor For Efficient Courteous Service In Real Estate ED 5-941! LUKE PONTIAC-RAMBLER in Arlington Sales and Service 400 E Division CR 5-3371 DICKERSON BEAUTY SCHOOL ONLY PRIVATE COLORED SCHOOL IN FORT WORTH 1015 E Rosedale ED 5-9971 Stafford Engravers 204 E 1ST ST ED 67259 LUCIEN WRIGHT INSURANCE AGENCY 1202 TAP PASSENGER SLOG ED 2-6284 BUNKER PRINTING AND LITHO COMPANY Celebratino Our Sist Anniversary 2736 White Settlement ED 2-4359 TOP O'THE HILL CAFE Specializing in Chicken Fried Steak Owner Billy Akins 5905 Jacksboro Hwy MA 4-0165 MEXICAN INN CAFES No 1 516 Commerce ED 5-0270 No 2 612 N Henderson ED 6-2164 No 4 2700 E Lancaster JE 4-2512 30 YEARS C L PAYNE FOUNDATION CO 3012 Montgomery PE 2-M11 B AND B BLIND AND DRAPERY INC 1001 Avers — JE 4-1773 Harvest Seed Co 2816 W 7th St ED 71141 L O ATKINS REAL ESTATE 30 Years — farms lands ranches 716 West Kellis WA f-aolt SPURGEON'S GARAGE 3221 N Main MA 6-2556 H E Zucker Grain Co Feeds oarden seeds riding and garden eauirrnemt 2538 MANSFIELD HWY JE 4-2621 DUTCH McAM IS Guaranteed New Roots — Sid Ing — MI types root repairs 30 years exoerience Days—WA 61069—Nloht McMiiin Nursery Since 193 9 WI E Seminar WA1-8276 29 YEARS HINES ELECTRIC CO r216 White Settlement Cl 61S11 way of running things" he said "For instance my job in Vietnam was to supply parts for trucks — Army trucks Believe me we did things only according to the way we were instructed" "I really hated the Army" he said "and I hated Vietnam even more But when you come to think about it W h 0 doesn't hate war? "The biggest change I found was in the price of things" Sandoval said "I can't believe how much more things Cost now than when I left especially groceries and rent" SANDOVAL AND his wife Anna are living with his par ents because of Fort Worths shortage of apartment space "We finally found an apartment" the ex-GI said "but before we could get moved in the big storm came and all the water pipes froze Now were waiting for them to get things fixed up so we can get settled in a place of our own" 68 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 29 YEARS Modern Drugs No1 1300 Hemphill WA 4-324 No 2m4r248Mc0 attik A HaWmAra3-1919 Fort Worth Sewing Machine AND SUPPLY Co Your One Stop Sewing Shop 2622 E Rosedale JE 4-1721 In County Electric Cooperative "OWNED BY THOSE WE SERVE" AZLE CE 7-3151 KELLER 4e7-1230 LANDERS MACHINE CO Manufacturers of Hydraulic Presses and Special Machinery 207 E Broadway ED 65653 28 YEARS STONE COMPANY GE Builtin Appliances 3501 Locke PE 81911 Prince Jewelers & Loan 501 Main ED 2-3937 1 ABE MARTIN COMPANY Airmotor Windmills Sales & Serv 715 W Belknap ED 5-9900 ! McCauley Tire Co 1205 N Main MA 4-0195 Fort Worth Frosted Foods Peggy Walter Harold Jim Klein i "Foods for Home Freezers" 1 1400 HENDERSON i ED 24158 on Electrical SDS Call Soss Sossamon Electric 100 Currie ED 5-5802 27 YEARS BROWN RE:ITAL EQUIPMENT CO Breco Quality Tool 115 E HattleFor All Jobs ED 2-4191 ANDERSON'S COURTHOUSE MKT IC E Belknap ED 2-13063 ALLRED LUMBER CO 811 E Belknap ED 6-8870 WALLY WILLIAM-S FABULOUS FEMININE FASHIONS 216 W 7th St ED 54374 B G Horton Real Estate 3464 BLUE BONNET WA 14584 Craig Pharmacy Servinci Rol lino Forest Hi II-SE Fort Worth "Free Delivery" 5124 Wichita JE 65618 MAE ANDERSON REALTOR MLS 'ervino You is My Pleasure" )25 Coventry Pince ED 2-3446 HOERNER WALDORF CORP J V WILSON VICE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER MANUFACTURERS QUALITY CORRUGATED SHIPPING CONTAINERS FOR 27 YEARS Solve your packaging shipping and corrugated display problems by calling for a HOERNER PACKAGING ENGINEER 1900 Windsor Place WA 4-4214 26 YEARS BYRD AUTO GLASS Co lualitied to serve you better 2808 West lth ED 2-9109 HERB NAIL'S Glass & Trim Co ED 2-1866 915 Unlversity Dr Roy Pope GROC & MKT "Arlington Heights" Hot Barbecue Daily Pork Ribs—Beef—Chicken Custom Barbecuino 2300 Merrick PE 2-21a3 Reagan Day Nursery Urrnsed—collrge trained teachers 3810 SPRINGDALE TE 8-3929 GREEN THUMB GARDENS & NURSERY 824 W Gambrell WA 4-3777 SMALL FRY NURSERY SCHOOL ED 2-5485 501 Univnrsity Dr PAT McCOY PLUMBING AND HEATING 3402 Mansfield Hwy JE 4-2243 NEW BUILDING Home Cooked Mexican Food Rooms for Private Parties HENRY OYERVIDES—OWNER 1308 ST LOUIS WA 7-903 R D Ryno Motor Sales Selected new and us4d cars VOLKSWAGENS Sates-Darts end seevke 1001 W Weatherford ED 6-5554 Harrell Bros Floor Co 1701 S Rivers 1de Dr JE 3-2110 I MA C S By Of cheap ! and t when Grai when oid a ly on ()ma far Ur tivity merit stretel Eve ! may menst little and 1 wondc So - Jed tt for 1114 ily tured 20th 'Valk all of CLAS Lem COLLYV Fc Subt PO Oa: HERS Wrecker end E as AC No 1 8 282' 1101 We —ITON 1318 E HILL! Parts ri3'1 E -GUN A SAL 2243 Jac - Jor Full 913 Con' AI! Bill 3762 HE Priv& Balance actIvitle 3601 CR Pll(s 662' 5216 Piv EMP COAS1 ml Certit R( 4373 E 451 3 VV MA 4-2' -- 4430 F J F GE! 8Pec 15 6-2f Li 8732 2 - Priv Btitarti artivit 3601 SEF 2 40 1 gm I 1401 3109 i ouLti 1226 -- 1 urn Corn 426 ok ‘ 1 r rd —00 A ab OP" r 't '"trtg —"'"'"""0':'1711''!6' ° -pk' ''''r I I lit-— - ' A 1 II i p 7 ' il t t' ' ' 1 k 4 0 1 I411 ' ” t ' ' 1 ' I 6 6-S'' r 3-" - - 4- -1-1010''""" - ' 4) ' '''4 rf' 44 rF----r A ' A t 4 k 4: 4 IN "6 o'"k' -L -' tr''V4471'r717::l'ZI:r Ilo ' t f '" 0i r74 iloo- i 4- ' -r ' - ''' ''' i 'I -I tsxtro : pc r41:11 ' I 1 '': ' - iii ' - :t'''144 4-1-0 i'TrF&17TVrili ' ' 1 ' ' ' '' '' -'1'41"'1''' '''7:15 g - ‘ 4" I - v ' ' ' - " it ' I Z 4- 4 $ 0 1' - ' ? o - - t - ---w 49nry ' -4 ' s - N--t ""-rp‘14!3s4-11rmtlmm14r1 - —! opNwo ' ''' ' "44 '''' - - : ' -' ' - I 1 Lem COLLYV Fc Subt PO 80: 1 j HERS t Wrecker 1D1 We AON end E as - APq No 1 8 Js JNAa:: I - Jor Full 913 Cool Bill 3762 HE Priva' BatarCe actIvitle 3601 CR 11(s 662' 5216 Riv EMP ! COAS1 Cerrti L --- T R( 4323 E 4513 VV MA4-2 ----- : 4430 F J F GE! Soic Li 8732 — Priv Btilarti artmt 3601 SEF 2401 goo 1 1401 3009 Tho 1 PVI R 901 S ' 226 Corn 429 A A 44 I t I madhkoababoanalma‘ohm41111AManla14L'IL" :11 ) :111: F4 t P

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