Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 16, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
Page 4
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>*™^^^ "" u P^ i V^ ' ipw • 9** ~ "-^"% - -r^ •* -w* - v*^ • T-* rf-i- 1 1 1 oy land Holiday Sweets The biggest stock of toys in the history of this store is now on display here. Parents bring your children, children bring your parents. Select your wants while the assortment is complete. Hundreds of articles to select from to gladden the hearts of the little folks as well as the larger ones* -*....-- v ^ • ' ^~^&*&t&*^ N. B.—REMEMBER YOU CAN BUY A COAT AT A BIG SAV* ING DURING THIS SALE j We have one of the lar'ivsl the city. The line in eom;>i"'e i We can fill your order fo r *w>x€ from 10 cents to $10.00 per !K>| HECKMAN'S 1 Illinois Candy J» Best pure sugar broken mixed candy, 15c pound. ^ Cleaj cut mixed candy, 20c pound. ' ^ Hfcme made mixed candy, 15c pound. J| Apollo chocolates, none finer made; rich, cfeamy, mellow centers, & C*S* 'TIIJV IT* ^ bitter or milk chocolate coating— 1, 2 and 5 pound dust proof JJJ V^dliwjr *-* ^ boxes. f^ We have an extraordinary & We also carry a complete line of Lowncy's and Morse's. *| chocolates for $2.50. We gua ^ Candy canes—we sell them. *f Make our place your 1 S Our Ladies' Kent Roo •. 1 ^ women *^ii ** ^ e socialize m i ce crea *** *> 108 B. THIRD ST. ^ •':.'-' Mfcfcfcfcfcfcfcfc$fcfc$$ J &'fc'$$li J & Special Christmas *™ ^^^ ^^^ •jcesat our Location. .In appreciation of past patronage and because of the inconvenience caused our customers during our removal, we gladly offer for the balance of the Christmas buyin^season . SPECIAL PRICE REDUCTIONS On Stiits, Coats, Furs and our entire line of Christmas Novelties, , , u We have had many compliments, upon our new store and wish to assure the public we are better prepared than ever; before to meet your requirements in Ladies' Wearing Apparel. The G. L. Abbott Co. New Location opposite Woolworth's 5e and IDc Store SPECIAI, SALE ON FLASH LIGHTS ALL NEXT WEEK WE OFFER I 90q size ,., .600 $1.50 »wo :.$1.25 $2.00 ufee ,.. *.". $1.65 |1.26 size $£00 $1.75 sivse $1.40 sjt'^O size .$1.85 » $3.00 size $2.40 • We guarantee all of our Flashlight Batteries to give satisfaction. / S COMPLETE LINE OF GAS AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Useful Presents for the Man or Boy v 1^ Safety Bassor Pocket Knife Toy KJebtrio Engines - Toy KIet«triu Moiora • Sporting Goods of all kinds and description, ,- * ' . * |v' Skates, shears, knives, raaora sharpened and work guaranteed;* Gun and loek- * smith work. • r ^ "•''.• \ ^ " Mangan's Variety Shop -'•-'. • • 312- MRS. SANTA GLAUS IS BY THE LITTLE BOYS t «„ „ u ,. ,1- *------ —.-—-.- -"—: •- ;-«*r;»>-•** forth at the J. K. Chester store -ami hi lady whAt they want her w her better known husband to bring them for Christmas. So ma densed, only the names ot the little applicants being given followed by the gifts they most Hrhlkj.n. H|.-rlltt« W.^hlnj: baby Ittitli xlotl. tfelen Mwelcer, Mtorllnu - Poll baby doll, some ftamen, bnu rift, lot candy and nuts. j Doroiby Ankeny, Sterllim-- Dinln-H, i ivml nroderiVk—get of fo X furs I Itrownle enniern ntnt jtomc story lumliM i]>nhdkerehief* rlbbony |ll V,"! "'l!?' 1 *"^ i. „,,,,* J^wrence Tboma»-na«lilI K |,t. In: Helen Huff, yierllng- f!old chain and "~ Mticy owrnw. Kierlmc —Doll, blitek . *. , ». i . . . « board, iloll buuirv. iJrodn lr**ne Ilrookw, 1 ropli'*ijito\vn — Hot of ft| "' •• "*•****' ,*,i»7»,»« iWett. HHIe iovs!"\ln«b.\"ory book.!. Is1l>tl |' t| , H , r „ ' Htf>rl j r 'KIMI,,(«, candy. or,,,,*,.*. I^V" *' Jtrolhi-r— a wniton. . . ™ A 1 ' ' * l " r * tin?, cajll auto, ftull •WnlMin—Am. Model builder. Wolf— poll, erecrtor. Ford j f , fox. wfttqh. I f-aA" », • '. *& " Marii* Hay, MorriMm — Toyriri*', (c,l- ity lM»nr. Tots of candy anil .iint*. nnd a J«inf!» Finn, KtcrUnu - Toy imny. burwi', drum, h'oru, wiwn. piilr of rubber b«¥>tK, f*«t(ball, cnruly ami niitn, «lr«l, n>lliT »<knii-y, tiatik. ' . Kthf! itratTutlithxi. ^ti>rU«iT -Tinker toy, wt of j;«ck», rubhor ball, little tnl Hat. <,*«'b-«tp \Voo,l, Hii-rlinn -Pair of , doll, waist HI wHn( watch, Jane El>erbnrt, Htt-riliiK — N«-\v iln'««, coat, candy, nutn and ft till. Hotiry Ifiliwhart,' Ht«>rlhiK — <*-iw boy MUM, nlor|f book, naincx, ' candy, fruit and •- r.'cw dn>s*,-ti0lt,;e&iuly mnl JHUH, , Murgarel"if, 1'IHIllpn. HterllnK—-Nexv dr«tut. Hfn tH%w) tlol]. doll IIUKKX, penril box, wrist ,w»trh, pair of bend:<, bos '.of-jiencll nnd box of iwwder. «al|»h Uriffln. Kterllnii— Hu-yele, foot bull, mittens', inM-kct book, new overcoat, sweater, drum, candy, v ll. H. KuKrne Smager Uonld, Hicyrle, engine. Aribur -pcutsebe, .Mlerliini—Htcam engine, Lyle Dloterle, Hterllni,'—Wlitit ever Huntu tlilnkt) Ix-Nt, William ralmci;—Drum, Harry ralmw—Bverytl>i»K i«n:i«ina- ble, Harry C. Hittner—Drum. Donald Htunley—Drum. Mlkarl 1-azio—Drum. Ktwnrt <,'oronlHler—Sled, red. Kaymond Cramer— American Model builder., Lit'ster Pramfx—l'erlncope, Hfvbbli' Fninkiln Smith. HlerlinK —Story book, ivrior j«'l and tool <rtie*t. Johnnie Ll«ht. Sterling— Horn, .drum, M tu»l Carl Hntlth—Drjim. priniiriR- j>re«>i. n, horn, nemplann. f Clifford Hennln«er—Football, roller Mhn-rvn M^TnltlMter— Dnlt, »>ks. Hynm macblnt'. bicycle. Ameri- Allen Haberle—Drmn, horn, ten can builder, motion jdelnrti nuu'blne, football, pocket knife, .tdictland pony, Marion elwirle tCiiin, 5 Mtory - book, enndy and Vernon fnllt - <51en HotcbklnH—Ton, Tbeodore Ca«.senx. KtcrlinK—Football. Hi-adford Chambers — Tinker ! >a !r," f 2 1 ""'"' fllr I"""""' 4 ' Arncrlcnn train, Fonl aut«. tfwgon., Oha*. Henry Palmer—Bknt«*s, Xman , nerottlane, auto. H«itric« Bittorf—Doll, little telephone. , |qr mi i ti'i»', candy and nutn. 'HiMnv, HterllDB — Ilnll, top, \v;iK' in. dotrto telephone and a #un. Klwln Heller, SterllnK— Top, ball, tel- ephont'. fruU and candy. lialph ArrnKtronK—Torpetlo, motor William J'itrify—Krector No. Hi. $60 bk-ycle boat, eandy. oran^en and nutH. ltuz'»l 1'eternon—Di««Her, blj; doll, jiwtn, Ulit • .' .:: , candy and nntH, MK blaek iior« ( '. Kloroncc "Klwrbart—lioH. Frank liberbart —Few sanies, i>vpr- OOHI. ^tbfy book. Kenneth Kln;»8Hev~Hor«e, \vagon. train. m!Uen», KrnnccH Wwiern—Ilorwe, wii^on, automobile, HHIIIH ChiUH randy. 'Fern^ <!eok«»r—(,'hrlHtinaM tr<u», retl I'halr. nVarf and ra|>, iron, eandy, Madallne \Vtilt»r«—Dre«n. 'Hoy J*ten»7 -Hboi KUH, bulletM. 25 dollnrn. ' 1: Mildred KlHHHupr—Drenx. necklace. Veni Hlnm—Dre«8, Helen Verlns—Doll, doll bilKJtJ', board. ' J Howard Hboemaker—Sled, candy, mitn. Alice i"'ook--l)oll, nled, wlato bourd. drma i "ook —- DIVHH, tt^t «jf dlHhe«. Melva JolniHOh—llfindkercblfM, candy. Mary Hanolt— Doll, coat, Dorothy Ankeny—Hot of illtdwd, two bookx about rubbittx. Marian McKenna—Doll, table, chairn, William JohiiHoii —Krector .Ko. ^ 1 candy and orange*. i-an«1y, Alcrll Modler-^'iJ. wled, tegKliiH, gun. — Flofj 1 '—ICrwtor HPI, II. Lejrter Juhn«um—Hulncunt. bout. Heieh HwdKerl—Doll •loll, writing d«>Mk., baby MlldrtHl CoitraUr-Htft fur*, didl, blaek top, lioard. Walter Snow, KterlltiK — wiiKon, gun and loin of~candy, ' DonaKl Ankeny, frUer'nnu-~Toy •erector set unil u toy engine, Jatncit {'onnley, Sterllnjj — Football, wliot gun and air rille. Vera KnHsht -Doll, table, candy, Marie l$nriKht-~Doll. table, set 'of H, chalrn. cnndy. -Bicycle, ^tm, can dy. Jlelen Fry—UlK doll, husgy, manicure fci, fnr«. clothes for doll. Pauline May .Stt'ven«— poll, big and mile cart. Barbara- Lontxe Ueckwlth— JJuby doll/ Tinker loy», doll «heetw, l-'rancln llnlty.— Drew**, doll. Helen 1 lulu— Doll' dri'HH, doll, com forlor. ' . lirfi \"M*n laiellle - Tricycle, doll with pink wiui whlto waist, naroHal. j r I lacked — Svt (tiri'-y new , rain Enhlpninn. f>th n venue— Blm-k*. ' ' doll FtartoL— J^irn, ,*M(c Ooll Uutli' IJarnlnnan—Fur^Jrtpjl buggy, new dt-^HH, shops, . "» Hoy Mradley—Footbull hult, gun. John i"onde — School wult, nnolher suit, |».iir htRh top tihoCK, caiuly. John Heckmnn ~ Krwtori football null, «hot jmn. Dorothy Juiiuet^-Itoekcr, trunk, bed and range, candy and nutH, ,\rllmr Charier—Khot ,gun, Psler. Giennari—Dolly, chair, l>l»cK- board. Until lUfltarditon—lUiiK. Helen WllllamH—'.W^Wi, liijui-lfl, Kmily I.neiHo U'eb«r-^finldiiiK Hied, Knr! Thou, Wfber—OultllnR nled, ow bov wult, wdifjy. Haxcl Handr-Doll, niiTK, uindy. Uutb. K.-lser-poll, watch bviu-flt-t, laveller. Kara Keefer— Football, cap, Hiock- Kurl Kvltier — .Sled. name, outfly, i, Krector. JtiiK.soll LlndKten — Uocking clmlr ami •an-ly. Doroihy" stoner — Het furs, mildintr d«-il, en inly, niilK. Mabel .Murray- UaincH. do.ll dretisen, J , nuts, candy. Allen -Cuinuru, niniill MI-W- Ifobi, i: -Tiain, met h;u;I« al ing machine. Mun.iy IjhidHl) 't'l.iin. iiu iiaal ret, v u m<*t..j, mil'. i-)iiiil>. All«'(t Alfi'ti Doll, citiiih. nut;'.. Helen l«i\\ib>~Doll.Ni.i*t of <U baby doll, candy, I»UIM, \loM Iwt/, i i; (( bi l.iuOrien - iMc-d.'tikati .., $$$^$^$$^^$'$'&$'§$$$'&'fe$$$ 1>^'^^^ ; ^^^^'^^^^^^^^'&^'^1»^^^^^ fyW -^- ;'?• '«! • Boys' $0 Ilgi» watqhes .... $5 li a»4 Cents' $15 U^n ^adies 1 oraeelets ^ , ..•••»•••. -HO. ggif.fliiii^ fountain pens .. •$! Ues,! and gents' $18 Blfioi - ^ gi^'water se t 8 ... .$2.50 watches^r...,, %...$14 f * * «a Blue-white perfect % carat Cut glass sherbets -w diamonds, reg, $40 value.$25 leather collar hags H $1 souvenir spoons ...^.,.750 sterling silver photo frames •E.legant mantle clocks.$5 &J6 \, for. ......... •—** HARRY G. THOMAS Dunmore, ™*A st ^ we]er Ekctrical Gift* FOR CHRISTMAS All kinds of homo made can* diet and iat cream macto daily «t Illinois Sugar Bov UEO BASfL, Prop., 323 1»t Av», 0 BAST THIRD __ chatmir iTt gleaner, ^ Nothing, you could buy -would be more appropriate, __ N^_ „ ._ „ ,^. ,. • ' -'|a^^M>i^"^ NOW IN NEW LOCATION f> THE I E§| United Press Latesi^Locah Ch 13 West Third Street Sterling, Illinois What MOTC

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