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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, March 22, 1968
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, forth 22,1968 SOC I ETY Announced 7-3431 Between 8 o.m. 4 p.m. •'Calendar of Events It .FRiBAY, MARCH 22 •y Bfookwood PtA is sponsoring .-A Chickerl Spaghetti of HambUf cger Supper at the Sehool Cafe. teriau Anyofie desiring tickets •Call Mfs, Danny Joyce at 1* •>6229«,The price will be $1,00 - adults and SOc students, The •i date is March 22nd from 5t30- .BiOOpttn. "; SATURDAY, MARCH 23 '•». The Hope Country Club will ,.shave an Informal spring dance for members Saturday, March 23 ;«.starting at 8:30 p 4 m, Hosts eou- ,,-pies are Mr, and Mrs. Vincent ;Foster, Ralph Emerson, and i< Mitch LaGrone, 3 ; : TUESDAY, MARCH 26 The Jett B. Graves Sunday :School Class of the First Metho•dist Church will have a Potluck Party Tuesday, March 26, at 1 tp.m. The hostesses are Mrs. Er- vln Burke, Mrs. Jewell Burke, Mrs. Herbert Griffin, Mrs. W, E. Wilson and Mrs. Helga Ames. .I. MONDAY, MARCH 25 Guild No. 2 of the First Meth- •odist Church will meet Monday, March 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the 'home of Mrs. H. 0. Kyler, Sr., 502 South Hamilton. All mem- •bers are urged to be present. ' : WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 . The Hope Junior Auxiliary will -present the Nicolo Marionettes In .."Hansel and Gretel" Wednesday, .March 27 with performances at .Hope High School at 9 a.m. and •;10:30 a.m. and at Hopewell at 2 p.m. Admission is 25 cents. : FRIDAY, MARCH 29 ,"• The Friday Music Club will -meet at 3:45 p.m. Friday, March C 29 in the home of Mrs. Sam W. ^Strong, Jr. with Mrs. Charles r.Reynerson and Mrs. James Me_Larty, co-hostesses. Please note •the change of date for the meet- ' : ,DE ANN LILAC CLUB MEETS ,!• A Daffodil Tea by the DeAnn Lilac Garden Club was held Tuesday, March 19 in the home of "Mrs. 'J...C. Burke with Mrs. Jewel ' by telling something Interesting about birds. Mrs. Hollls Samuel gave an enjoyable program and concluded It with a quls oft birds* Mrs. Richard Arnold won the prize for her correct answers. HERITAGE BRIDGE CLUB Mrs* Roy Wilson was hostess for a meeting of the Heritage Bridge Club on Thursday, March 21 at the Heritage House, to addition to the club members, Mrs. Mildred Rogers was also a guest for the luncheon and bridge* Among the three tablesof players, Mrs. K. G. Hamilton was high and Mrs. C. t>, Tolls son was second. The consolation prize went to Mrs. Wilson, and the game prize to Mrs, W, E. White, LATRELL BATEMAN CIRCLE MEETS The Latreil Bateman Circle of the Unity Baptist Church met in the home of Virginia Frazler Tuesday, March 1 9 with ten ladies and four children present. Virginia White voiced the opening prayer and Patsy Kennedy brought the devotional, "Abundant Life", James 4:2-3, Matthew 16:24-26, and Luke 6-28. Pauline Smith read a poem entitled "Wrecker or Builder". Lucille McCorkle dismissed the group with prayer. Refreshments were then served. Coming, Going Mr. and Mrs. Gary Castle, North Little Rock, spent last weekend here with Miss Ora Mae Moody and Mrs. Hazel Castle. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hughes, West port, Conn., were business visitors here on Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Newt Pentecost has been with Mr. and Mrs. "Buddy" Sutton in Little Rock a few days this week while he was recuperating from an appendectomy. Mrs. William H. Cox and Mrs. Bertha Hebbeln, both of Columbia, Tenn., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Larry Patterson. Actor's Wife Wins a Dlvorc* Buff Me Cains Partial Custody Rights Expert Bidding Jecomes Weird Mr. and Mrs. Btiford Hendrlx of Antolne announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Peggy Sue, to Donald Ray Stanley, son of Mr. and Mrs. JamesE, Stanley of Pat- PEGGY SUE HENDRDC V LET SLEEPING FAMILY SKELETONS LIE Dear Helen: My daughter believes; she is my sister. I want to set the record straight but our mother — correction, my mother, her grandmother— says "Nol" The need Is great. LOB ANGELES (Ai») - Actress Dyan Cannon has won an tfftcontested divorce from Ctry Grant btU the suave 64-yeftf-oM film star has been given partial custody of their only child, 2* year-old Jennifer, Superior Court Judge Robert A. Wenke dissolved the 32- month marriage Thursday while Grant was in St, John's Hospital in New York Clly recovering from injuries suffered in a March 12 auto accident. Miss Cannon, 30, the actor's fourth wife, had sought in the two-day trial to prevent Grant from being able to see his daughter except during daylight hours, She asked $5,470 a month alimony and child support. Judge Wenke gave Grant custody of Jennifer 60 days a year and every other holiday and birthday. He ordered Grant to pay $1,500 monthly plus "extraordinary medical and dental bills" and $500 a month to a governess or nurse if one is hired by Miss Cannon, Miss Cannon had testified Grant was a weekly user of the hallucinatory drug LSD for ten years. She said he had frequent "yelling and screaming fits" , and had beaten her, On one IUB< night, Miss Cannon testified, Miss Hendrlx is a graduate of Gra n l "threw me down over his Harding College and teaches I** 1 ? and Wl me on al « P 3 " 8 of commercial subjects in the Mai- my body. vern Sehool system, Mr. Stan- ^ time, Miss Cannon said, ley Is a Southern State graduate. Grant laughed as he beat her. A summer wedding is planned A "lend of Miss Cannon's, Mary Cries, wife of film director Tom Gries, testified that Grant once told her: "This girl Dyan is heading for a nervous breakdown and I hope she has H. "That's the only way I can make her into the wife I want," She said Grant commented mos. HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel thai he planttcd to use "psychotherapy arid LSB" fo transform Ms wife into a new image. Adallne Gould, a former agent for Miss Cannon, said that Oranl bwsarnn enraged and refused to allow his wife to leave (heir home to attend a dinner party. Mrs, Gould astkl he heard Grant scream into the telephones "AtMle, slay out of my divorce, I'm going to break this girl, I'm going to break her like a pony." Two psychiatrists who examined Grant last fall testtfi(xl that there was no evidence of erratic behavior in the film star and that there was no evidence of damage from the use of LSD. "The evidence Shows that Mr. Grant Is no longer using LSD," the judge said, "and he appears to be ft loving and devoted father, Ho should be entitled to adequate visitation rights, If his conduct Is not what It should be then the plaintiff may return to court,' 1 Grant made no statement on the decision from the hospital where he Is under treatment for two fractured ribs and face cuts, No Comfort to Mrs. Comfort CANOOA PARK, Calif. (AP) — In a half-hour, Patricia Comfort's telephone rang 15 times. "Sorry, you have the wrong number," Mrs. Comfort said 15 times Tuesday, Then she found she could get 2,985 more wrong calls—that many recreation bulletins carrying her phone number by mistake have been mailed In Canoga Park, "I'm thinking of changing my em A.T07 * A K f K 2 WF.St A Q 10 a fro • j ft«a 4 A K .» 1 S * 74 * AQIOPS 43 North-South vulnerable Wr«t North Emit Sooth DhUv (4 Pass 34 lesd—4 trumps just f? !rwmp» had Eolith wcntw havfc Ittfdi na fuf* itef pwbtem Wit west shewed «it on the seeoftd teatf, Soirtn pfased a third! retrod sttywa? tifld.wffs careful fd wtn W ra* httM . '; « South counted Mi tffcfcs, fdw trump frteki : ' eoutd make his last tnimj) and dummy's last tnimp ftp* arately for two* tnote, TWB ncc of spades would be JH seventh trick and ftvs difl* mond tricks wef« needed to bring home the alam, If dw- moflds would break nicely he could just run the five tffCK* off but the bidding indicated that diamond* were noiffotfig to behave properly, TMft« tore. South decided to play West for the Jack of diamonds. He led hit 10 spot and let It ride. Then he took dummy's king, picked up the suit and made his slam. Expert bidding frequently resembles a nightmare With every player trying to guess what his opponents arc up to. This hnml went along tamely enough until East's jump to three spades. South had a sound opening heart bid. West had some sort of a takeout double ami North had a book redoublo. East's jump to three spades wns based on a stout heart and the fact that his opponents were vulnerable and he wasn't. This crowded South into four diamonds. West entered Into the spirit of the matter and went to four spades whereupon North jumped to six hearts. North had no Idea whether the contrnct would be a cinch or Impossible. He really sort of hoped that East or West would sacrifice at six spades but East had bid more than enough nml West decided to hope for two club tricks. Q- The bidding has been: West North East South IV 34 Pn*» 3 f f»«»s 2N.T. Paw 34 Pass 3N.T. Paw ? You, South, hold: 4AQS1 932 •KJdfl 4Q S 3 Whnt tto you do now? A—!•«.«•, Your partner h*« bid no-trump twice and yap ihoult! ptftft a nine trick to »n II trick tame, •TODAY'S QUESTION tnstetul o( bidding two no- trump your partner blda three clubs over your two h««rU, What do you ffo now? Amw«r Tomorrow My wife pinned your answer on my pillow —about getting the "big baby" husband to walk the floor with the squawler. I'm not about to lose my sleep over a baby! If my wife can't train him to sleep, that's her hard luck. I am also not a West did open with two name to discomfort." aaid Mrs. rounds of clubs. South ruffed Comfort, thc second ana proceeded '- Permanent* Here's the story. At 13,1 got diaper changer. The big father pregnant. The boy never knew. b i t ls a put-on. No man can like his kid that well, not when the kw is too young to rec0 gnize >-ers were "seen* in 'abuh'dMhee ' throughout the home, and members brought arrangements of •^-daffodils for judging. Mrs. Dora ~Burke took first prize. 2 An orchid and yellow arrange- -ment centered the serving table, Hwhere Mrs. Jewel Burke presided Sover the tea service. Assorted Stidbits, Russian tea and coffee £were enjoyed by 12 members. r A club meeting followed the tea ~fwith Mrs. J. C. Burke presid- j|lng. Mrs. Jewel Burke gave the Sdevotion from the book of John, Hand Mrs. J. C. Burke offered Sprayer. During a session of bus- Hiness, Mrs. Jewel Burke gave the ^treasurer's report. H Carrying out the program Etheme, "Birds Are Singing," ^members answered the roll call Packaged Ttiem Well Please stop encouraging these" COLD WATER, Mich. (AP) The science project at Legg Junior High School was how to package an egg so that it could survive intact a drop of 1,000 feet. Lynn Bondurant, the school's planetarium director, wanted to demonstrate the difficulties of landing men and fragile equipment in space ventures. The pupils devised such pack- 'ages as a coffee can filled with foam and a shoe box jammed with springs, A plane dropped 100 of the packaged eggs in a cornfield behind the school. Most of the youngsters had figured : the bounce. Only five eggs were broken. I was whisked out of town, supposedly to attend private school. The strange coincidence was that my mother expected her third ,l»&?j^*j e *;^ She p amied it so that she was tQ ^^ »M nursemaids.;-Are 1 *'»»li^iHnrr V»rt-i* frtl \f t?' * Mtrton 'nAt* ; '• t ' .',- A»fif' you trying to emasculate us?^ext you'll be suggesting we rriake bedsl-REAL MAN s : Dear Real: What's wrong with making beds? You learned ho win Saenger THEATRE Tonite - Saturday Mat. Sat. 1:15 Adm. .50-.90 KISS-HUNGRY GIRL GHOSTS LOOKING FOR ALIVE LOVER IN A HAUNTED HOUSE Of MAYHEM, "visiting her folks" when'-fier child arrived. My baby, only a few days older, became the other "twin." There was a legal adoption, quietly done. No one ever suspected. I am now 30, married, with two children. My husband knows part of the story, though he thinks the baby was "adopted out." My 16-year-old daughter-sister has always listened to me as her "older sister." But now she has met a man I despise. I can't get through to her that he's no good and will only bring her trouble. Perhaps if I tell her that I am her mother, I can warn her. My experience might shock her Into some sense. — MOTHER WITHOUT NAME Dear Mother: Have you considered that the truth might shock your sister-daughter into running off with the first man who offers escape? You can help her far more as an understanding older sister than as a foolish, frightened child-mother, which is how you might appear to her. Let sleeping family skeletons lie and don't feel guilty when you say "our" mother. Legally, she is. Moreover, this is the way you've wanted it for 16 years, — H. Dear Helen: Butt our, baby! PLUS I THE WR1SCH CORPORATION p.r..-u i JMftSBAftNlfUHSflNROeMIIS'MKRTRyHN i. THE: JOHN STURGES PRODUCTION * the Army ... Kepp talkin'chum, and you'll be booted out of yours. -H . Dear Helen: Maybe I can help "Exasperated" who must get up with a colicky baby while her hus« band fumes. When my baby was two and one- half months old she got colic every night. Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, I cured her. If "Ex" will give her baby a teaspoon of ice cold water when he gets those crampy pains, he will soon be fast asleep. After the water, be sure to give the baby plenty of time to burp. I have confidence in old wives' tales. They workl — M.C.T. Dear M: I don't share your confidence In old wives' tales, but a teaspoon of cold water can't hurt the baby —and the added burping MIGHT help. Biggest helps of all for a colicky baby are loving patience, and time. He usually outgrows true colic before* he Is four months old, but the mother should always check with her doctor to determine the real cause of pain, -H DIXIE Drive-In Theatre Tonite Saturday-Sunday Showtime 7:15 Adm, 1.00 LATE SHOW SAT.-SUNDAY* MONDAY He had but one life to give for his (country and 103 takers. Including I his girl friend.i J • ** ...... - -.'.j& ««j JANIH is HOT JUST AW AH mm <"**'commot* .^\ «($£>* ^rm We're springing ahead with a Carrier Model 51TU2033 ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS 18,500 Btu's only $269.95 Thoroughbred Features t Touch Control Center • Two-Speed Cooling t Temperature Selection • Automatic Thermostat • Flexible Air Flow t All-Weather Casing It's the now time to buy the brand of room air conditioner. When prices are gentle to the pocketbook. When our corral of cooling values is full of famous Carrier thoroughbreds. When our crews are ready for immediate installation. Give yourself a break before the weather ^ breaks. Don't get saddled with summer "* prices. Now is the time to hit the trail to pre-season savings. Make it soon! p§op/e put their Ggnfidenge in Cafftef than in any Garrtef UGrone Williams Hardware 118 S, flm St. Hope, Arkansas Phone

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