Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 7, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 2
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PAOK 3—NAUGATUCK MEW!) (CONN,). FRIDAY, FED. 7, 1D41 DREW PEARSON ON e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Navy Brass Hats Sell Cars In Shanghai; Enlisted Men Jailed For Selling Cigarettes; Knutson Rebuffed By Joint Budget Committee 'Washington—While the Nnvy is bunding- out. prison t.ciTiis t.u eiilistod mon who sell cigarettes on tlio Shanghai Mack market, and while the enlisted men's barracks, in. Slmn&'liiii—an nbiituloned wiirnlioiisf—tiro, almost unfit for human habitation, the high-rankiujLT admirals- continue to ,n-et away witli murder. An adrninil can sell bis car on the Shanghai market ;it an exorbitant price—$8,200—can ship it to Shanghai at (ioverninoiit expense on an LST boat, can use Government radio communications at priority rates to arrange for the deal—and nothing happens. But iT an enlisted man sells a carton of cigarettes in Shanghai—lie's out of luck. To illustrate, hero Is the almost unbelievable series of radiograms exchanged between Adm. C. M. Cnuke, Jr., Commander of U, S. Is'aavl Forces in the Western Pacific, and hie friends regarding the nale of an automobile, presumably hin. Admiral Cooke, now at sea. was not available for comment, but thi! radiograms tell their own story. Hero thoy are: "I'Voin Admiral Cooke to J.t. ('<miin:imler Cornell, probably at .Suite B, Cathay Hotel, 'Car being transhipped from Okinawa on LST 3141 departing 5 October and probably due Shanghai 7 October. You are authorized to remain In Shanghai or to return here for further return to Shanghai probably i; October. " 'Your suggestion of putting binder on car for seven hundred dollars approved.'" Admirals, of course, believe in helping admirals. So, later, Rear Adm, Apollo Soucek, now Com- rnuncler of Fleet Air Wing 1, radioed Admiral Cooke regarding the shipment of the automobile from Okinawa: "Captain Connelly assumed per- Honal charge and udvmucl that shipment would be made LST 3141 ubou't r> October. I am not sure actual sailing date. First Information addressee requested notify Adrnlrul Cooke estlmutpd time of arrival of LST 11-11 in Shanghai." SH.liOO lor tin Auto Following this, Li, Com. Wallace Cornell was suppoufd to handle the Shanghai er.d of the motor deal but momentarily was without orders to ho in Shanghai. Therefore, he sent thi; following message from Tslngtao to Com. Donald PIERPONT'S i ,|4Mv<>j<<rH, /tmrrh'iin mu'h-f.v Mil HANK STKKKT STILL AVAILABLE! ! A llniftotl number of Catholic and J'rotcNtjint religion.* culvn- Unrx. rii'iinc telephone If you BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 1-AltK VI,ACK Shaul, in charge of Shanghai port facilities: "Please contact Mr. Paul Meyer at Mark L. Moody. Instruct him to make contact on basis he and I dlscuHHed. Advise earliest." Lt, Com. Shaul was right on the job. Paul Meyer, referred to above, was ihe agent for the Mark L. Moody Company, one of Shanghai'* 1'irest auto-trading companies, anrt after contacting Meyer, Shaul sent the following message : back to Lt. Com. Cornell: "Eight thousand 200 dollars net bed! bid. Meyer requests instructions." But the $8,200 offer by Meyer wcis not sufficient, even though most automobile* In the United States sell for only a fraction of this price. So. Lt. Com. Cornell wired back to Lt. Com. Shaul, again at priority rates and again at Government expense: "Inform Meyer we will accept S700 net. We will pay customs. Advise Cornell USN Port Facility Tslngtao," Shaul, however, was not able to get the higher price of J8.700. Fur- themvore, the original offer of $8,200 also :'lzzled, for he radioed back to Lt. Com. Cornell In Tsingtao: "First deal fell through. Meyer working on another. Where la Joe. All of us worried. Shaul." And that is the story of how the admirals permit Government transport nnd Government radio facilities to be'used to sell automobiles on the Shanghai market—while en-j Il.-Ued men ar» jailed for selling) r«l frt rr^f ftu ' ' What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar ot events foi today, tomorrow and every day Tonight Senior House League basketball games ut Y. M, C. A. Women's auxiliary of Marino Corps meeting. I>. A. R. meeting. Pond Hill Community club meet- ng. Feb. 8 Ojcda Council Valentine dance. Ladies' auxiliary of • Montanuri- Radp post Valentine dance. West Side Community-Club Valentine dance. Ladies' auxiliary of Montanari- rtado post Volentlne dance. Feb. it Local 45, URLC P Workers of America meeting. St. Hedwig's Sodality Valentine fiance. • Basketball, Purple Knlghte vs. New York Brooklyn Colored Giants at Y. M. C. A. Feb. 10 St. Michael's- Guild meeting. .Boy Scouters round table discussion. • Garden department of Nnuga- uck Woman's club meeting. Feb. 11 Local 218, URCL & P Workers of America meeting. Feb. 12 Salem Lutheran church anniversary celebration. Feb. 14 Poncl Hill Community club Valentine da nut;. TOMMIES ON ALERT IN PALESTINE ?r~ :; FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fur All Occasions F1OWKHS TKI.KGKAF1LED KVKRYWllKUK MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M IHTBBEK AVENUB Tttopbou 0220 CIO-AFI. Kcononilsts Former War Production Board economist Bob Nathan was disturbed the other day to read an'at- tack upon his analysis of corporation profits released by AFL presi-j dent Kill Green. Nathan, therefore, Hod Margaret Scattergood, one o-f the AFL's top economists, to ask .her about it. ' "Who wroto that analysis of my report, Margaret?" he asked, "I wrote it," replied Miss Sent- tcrgood, "Well. I just want to ask you ono ciuc.stlon," Nathan said. "Did you read my report before you wrote It'"' 'No," replied the AFL economist Kinitson's Ik-buff Congressional leaders hushed It up, but one of the oldest traditions of Capitol history was broken when the Senate-House joint Budget Committee rejected babbling, tax- cutting" Congressman .Knutson of Minnesota as its Chairman and elected New York's John Taber n.ilcad, Always In the past the man chosen to head up joint committees that deal with budget and tax problem* has been the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee —In this case, Knuts^n, This is because the Ways and Means Is the Ilrai: and th« oldest Houce committee, as well as the creator of all other House committees. It initia- utc.M all tax legislation for both the House and Senate, However, when the joint Budifpt Committee was organized, chatterbox Knutson, Chairman of Ways and Means, was deliberately pas.snd over by his own Republican nol- leagues In favor of Taber. To -make the buff all the more humiliating. Knut.ion wa.s actually presiding at the time It happened. The Minnesotan expected to re- j main in the chair arter his per- j unctory nominAtion tor permanent chairman, but alert GOPRep. 2verett Dirksen of Detroit roue in the closed session and moved the lomlnution of Taber Instead. Ae if by a prearranged signal, Clarence Cannon of Missouri, the retiring Democratic Appropriations Chairman, was on his feet with a seconding speech. Other members responded with a resounding, unanimous vote of approval. For once the usually pompous Knutson was speechless. He turned ashen white but said nothing. Murahairs 100 Per Cont Backing Few men in history have ever assumed the post of Secretary of Stale with as much White House backing as General Marshall. President ^Truman simply can't get nvnr what a "wonderful man Marshall Is," brags about him to almost every White House oallcr. After Marshall was sworn in, Truman received a group of prominent women civic leaders, .and onq of his first remarks was what an "outstanding man the General is." Next morning, Truman received Democratic Senator Warren Mog- nuson and Congressman Henry "Scoop" Jackson, the lone Democrats from Washington state. | "Well," Truman said, "I've got: a mighty great man working for me now. General Marshall is one of the best men who ever lived. ,' "Why, do you know," continued j the President, "hi> h«:s an absolutely phenomenal memory. He can remember a meeting that he had with the President two years after It happened. He can even tell you the day and hour, exactly what was talked about, without any notes. I certainly am expecting big thrngs from 'him," Both legislators agreed that Mar- shull was an excellent choice. fCopyrlght, 3947, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) A GROUP OF YOUNGSTERS keep their eyes on a couple of British soldiers patrolling a street In Jerusalem, Palestine, during tha recent search for two British subjects who had been held as hostages by Jewish terrorists. As a preliminary to drastic military action to stamp out terrorism, the government ordered compulsory evacuation ot all British women and children from the strife-ridden Holy Land. (International) Your American Red Cross By Amy "Red" Grosser "WILL THE RED CROSS HOME NURSING COURSE TEACH ME ABOUT FOOD AND NUTRITION?" YOU ASK. Strangely enough, 'that is what happens in lesson two of this course and they really shine on this one. After a good explanation of why food is important to keep the human machine moving, working and playing every day, they go into detuil on 'the kind of foods to eat. What to eat and when to eat it. For instance, if you are responsible for selecting- food for a child, do you know which foods will help hi.Ti grow and develop strong muscles, straight bones, and sound tee-Lli? Do you know which foods will ho.lp protact him or you from illness? Do you find yourself feeling tired and lifeless? Well, maybe you just aren't getting enough energy- producing foo'ds. This course tells you how to choose them. Vitamins are a popular subject nowadays on the air nnd in your daily papers. Here is a good lesson on vitamins A, B, C, and Die rest of them, with the proper amounts of food needed to gel them all, and thus protect yourself from certain diseases known as deficiency diseases, and thus have better health. If you think you are overweight or underweight, here is the course that will set you right on the proper steps -to take in reaching your proper weight. Good oniing habits as we:i as good elimination habits and how to ar-.quii'c thorn are carefully discussed, everything working to the original aim of the course, to keep you and your family healthy. But careful as we arc, or try to be, disease and sickness manage to sneak into our homes. So during this second lesson also comes a discussion of ways, in which it {spreads, and thus a good instruc- i tion in keeping it confined. How | germs travel, carriers of diseases, land how the body defends itself ! against these germs, all this is cov- ! ered in your second class. Did you know that more than half of all the absences from work and school are 'caused by colds? Well they are. And since everyone of us has had one at one time or another, here is a good chance to find out the many things thai, help a cold get started, and when it does how to combat it before it. leads to anything more serious. The course is not a substitute for a "doctor. It doesn't claim ; to be. 1 In fact those taking the course leui'n the dangers involved in self- treatm'ont in certain cases, and they also learn that every fam- .ily should hnvn a family doctor to go to for advice and treatment, for no muttor how careful we arc, sickness will con-,c. Rumania's oil basins, located at •th>; foot of the Carpathian mountains, arc said to be among the most extensive in the world. Legal Notice S^RCTAT. FREEMEN'S MEETINO \ TO THE LEGAL VOTERS OF THE TOWN AND BOROUGH OF NAUGATUCK The Freemen of the Borough of Niiugntuck, a municipal corporation In the County of New Haven, Stnte of Connecticut, are hereby warned and notified that in compliance with the vote passed at the Special Freemen's Meeting: March 1C, 19'I5, and by direction of the Board of Warden and Burgesses of the Borough of Naugatuck, there .will be a Special Freemen's Meet- Ing hold in the Tuttle Music Shed, so called, rear of 380 Church Street In said Borough, on the 14th day of February 1947. at 8:00 o'clock In the afternoon, to consider the amendment to the Borough Charter. "An Act Creating A Board Of Finance In Naugatuck." Dated nt Naugatuck, Connecticut, this 6th day of February, 1947. Signed: Attest: LEO J. BROPHY, Warden, Charles F. Daly., Borough Clerk, SPECIAL!! 2—Vel-Tone Cabinet Size Portraits Beautifully Mounted in Garnet and Grey Folders Only tf-j AA • , ^A.UU - Regularly $4.00 PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO Neary Building Naugatuck, Conn. — TELEPHONE 2342 FOR APPOINTMENT — M c Ma ho n Seeks Army Boots For Displaced Poles In Germany Washington, Fob. 7—An appeal for nr.n thousand pair of Army hoots for Polish displaced persons In Germany wa's made by U. S. Senator B r i o n McMahon (D., Conn.) in a broadcast over the Connecticut State Network lost night. Senator McMVihon read a portion of a letter which he had received from a former associate In the Department of Justice w.ho Is now IP charge of an UNRRA Camp In thfi British Zone of Germany at' which 15)0(1 Polish Displaced Persons arc .'odgocJ.. ,' • The letter jfitad '.th'at the Polish DP's, who are non-riipatriableN, must, be put to work and that ;i lob clearing- rubble in a nearby lown has been found for.them. "The dllHculty," Senator Mo.- Mahnn declared, "is In finding shoes tor ihem. They simply 'are not obtainable and the camp officials do not have sufficient' repairable shoes to offer these men ax a reward for going to work. "To have to use such means tr/ eet men to work is shocking, but that. Is (.he system which is in effect, I appeal'to Individuals, charlt- Jt)Je organizations, to anybody to .•und shoes and boots :o mo so that wo can help restore these unfortunate persons to tbe dignity of man," Senator McMu-hati requested that those boots and shoes be sent to him at the .Senate Office Building, whi-rc- his strtff will repack then: for shipment to the UNRRA camp in Germany. Copprr Situation Senator MJcMnhon also revealed Lhat copper fabricating plants in Connecticut were faced with hav- incr to close down because of a shortage oT copper, Ke read a letter which he -had received from Charles Oppe, Treasurer of the G. and O. Manufacturing Company, of New Haven, .asking help in- getting the tariff on raw copper lowered. "Thc-re is today an imminent shortage in copper," Senator Mc- Maii'on s.aid, "due to the fact that a tariff of four cents a pound prevents our importing it. This tariff duty must be lowered if we are going to be able to get copper to keep our fabricating plants open. I am endeavoring to do everything possible to insure the maintenance of our supply of copper." Mum on Brooklyn Vets Urged To File Discharge Papers Veterans of World War n disabled votcrons -of WorJd w ore exempt from paying the Age AsBlctance t.-uc providing discharge papers arc filed I B office or Town Clerk Ravmo St. John, according to T« lector Patrick F. McKcon. VeU who have not filed discharge > l ° d ° S0 f O Jd h,u ""' The ahovo date 1., the dc «dii n . for payment of the $3 tax »nd „ tftr that date a penalty of ti .,,; he ado>d to unpaid bills." 21 TITHES AROUND "WORT h Fergus Kails, Minn. _ ( Lewis F. Tomhave, a rural carrier for the past 40 ye rellrcri afleV traveling a equal to 21 trip, a ,, ound u, •RITISH ACTOR and playwright NoeJ Coward is shown as he was interviewed on his arrival in New York from England on the Queen Elizabeth, On his first visit to the U.S. since 1943. Coward declined to comment on his war-time reference to Brooklyn's soldiers os "mournful little men," which aroused borough's ire considerably at that time. -(International) Java is the most densely populated island on earth. RUG CLEANING and DYEING Al»o Sppcliillxlnir In Dyeing Kx-Servlccmcn'H Uniform* THOMAS DYE WORKS 64 PEARL ST. Watcrbury 5-71»5 OPEN 8 A. M. TO 9 P. M. — TI1UKS. * FRI. — TO fi. P. M. SAT REJECTS WRESTLING' Concord N. H., Feb. 7—(U P> — The New Hampshire Athletic commission says wrestling has got to the point where it wants nothing- to do with it. The commission asked Governor Charles Dale that wrestling be exempted from the commission's jurisdiction. ..: The fresh water area of Canada constitutes more than 6 pel- cent of the country's u>tal area. PATSY'S Fri. & Sat. Meat Market 1589 SO. MAIN ST., WATERBURY PHONE 3-8158 (Near Diamond Ginger Ale Co.) WE ARE NOW IN OUR NEW AND LARGER LOCATION — Next Door to Our Old Store — A Few of Our Terrific Spcclulx for Milx Grand Openlnr Ready To Eat All Sizes HAMS»53 FANCY TURKEYS MILK FED LEGS OF VEAL Roasting Large Size CHICKENS 33 GRADE A LARGE SIZE EGGS«« 49 FANCY FOWL i» 29 RADIO EXPERTS Since 1925 AND A BOW $9950 Governor Winthrop Desk in mahogany. Serpentine front, ball and claw feet. Authentic brass hardware. Boo in y drawers, "secret" compart- . 'ments. Stately Fan Back Chairs, lovely in pairs before the fireplace or at a window. Also for host and hostess at <ho cHnin!*- fa hie. Big bold florals. Mahocranv franio*. When yon choose furniture with basicly simple, good lines, such as yon will find' here, you are making- a wise investment in satisfaction, comfort and beauty for all your tomorrows. The passing of the years has a. mellowing effect. . . .'The finish of the fine wood J-TOWS more beautiful and each piece adapts itself to the habits of its owners . . . becoming- a part of the spirit of home. Yon can buy with confidence at Carlson's. FURNITURE 175 CHURCH ST., NAUOATUCK 1760 WATEETOWN AVE., OAKTILLB Wayside/Stares Open Thurs., Fri. and Sat. Eves. Until 9 P. M.>

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