Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 16, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
Page 3
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ST.E«L>M6.'|LU|i|QIS, SATURDAY, DEC. 16,1916. Ji4gyi^' ni "" > ' r '' urf "" > ; r -5Sr'C^£" rr-rrfi-y! ,-,, t v1i!i..! MR. MERCHANT— Wanted to buy all the SHOW WINDOW SPACE that you are wasting on account of frosted windows, which cannot be cleared off with an ELECTRIC : FAN - lUioois Northern UtUifles Co. THIRD STREET '< Itii ?. -'t «.» .-i't *. '• rr,!•!-.'• •• i' < n:( .-I* 1 (••••• rn."<n n }':« i f • r riff < 'f !•, >>ir< •*!•>:, • •::.; i-.« ,-T !f..' | !!„,.;,-. nl ; ,, , : .| 5 '!-l:. } •>!!•'••->. Tti' % h.-U • j r"tT!» in;: ''<!••-.• !•;> j nviy , •.•'lurt ;f : n i mt-ll ' c -> ! i! U t !" ; d liny !r,«;», t-f'turriinc shf !! i* !(!<•>. 'man ;\ h,< i,-M « -Ii*. «•»]] both !"•> Srv., F, THREE, \Vi»ii m.-in « thf pTt<- -*•>>!; fit T v (.•r MfT •. "iiii.'.ii*. f<-f:'!rn of ncirrun! fan- «,f STERLING DAILY GAZETTE i linlf " f "»• ""«• «««"« '»tin* country And Daily Standard i , ! ' n ' h; "; !y n t*»p°rtion n t« »um m **u« Asutijr utnuuaiu {rnoM.tif tho • rottntrteft ihnt fr»n*ii!pr 'D.*W.'<;rnmlon A 8011*. K,1tt«.r,« " ! " m? " hM worl<t l-nwor* wmiltt l.r- V |«.-.l. N,, , h;mef> rcm]<1 IIP nia.lp that" COMMENDABLE ACTION. Owinsr to t!;r- pr**!'f>nt liijrh n> jnm-iiiaHy fvfi \ fhfnst tiif-rf tvill )K> tnvr'' f;»»niii»'S nrftlinc hr-lp ihis win- Irr than PVCT Iwf^rp. \\ lji|p *,vnrk ty*: lift-n jil'-nffffi! tlif- c'wt nf wsffrinl nnd siip! 1 '!*"'? tons. !»fon co g(.f»t thnt It iia^ tx*? 1 ?! ifnf 4 O?**S!b!f v to IfH'Tr-?!? 3 !^ WHjK 1 ^ BS Inp >'P. The> notion of JSK-rtinK Elk-? in rhisiiiff n fsnbst.-ititiil fund fcr til*" pur- ()ow nf mnhinjr <'hrlstrnns n hnr-jiy dav for many tifftly In the city ia to he eorntm>nc!^<! O!h»>r <'t>:iriinlilp w ill 'Jiti'Iimtotftlly i]o nhlo woik nhnt.? tlilw 1inr> rmr] with n. nt Itrist. Ifri-aujip UIP jirps- <'«t-/>rni fnvpsilpntlnn of nil npfd* ihprr infthfi<).« (if R(>ttiiner national tlis- ' wi " llfv I1!t tl»|.'llr.atjoti nnd it. Is to be if t!ii- vor.<( thn* t'tntlil tw >!(>.. j ln»l'«*«l Uicr»» wilt 1)«>>"hs,iHg;h thnt nt>_ojjo , Publish**!* -D.'tllv »»xrfj>t HHftilrty- Hl*- ty-ihlwl vw»r — Knti»r»Hl nt T ^ **! - .DilARMAMlNT PAVOftED. Many of, J1»n»4<» who fa\ur pert** 1 JU-rp fhnt ('ft«v \viiy in«<nr<> its |»pr- tvlll IH« for nn' upon |t|*n of tiiw»riT5fitt»f>nt for fill the nn- tlons. Th« I'nliwJ St,<m« is now nt jwaee utut y«>t ovr-r Imlf tlif> hntlonn! to flip n»'x« yr«ir -will IK- Tltn rxtipnsp anil nnstc In war nnA I'lpprirotion for war l« so Hint u woulil smn the right HIP Kiiroi-f-nn oittmtlon would bf on a m-utrnt court at ulrlih ilificrf-ru-rs slionld bp ,Thlf» fonn should \>? bnt-krd up by rt !M)flici,'nt jti.w^r tirnwn from nnd jmbj for by tlif> v.irioiifi natlmis |o maintain Tho ilUlinl'ity hfri* t * '>-,' :*s> 5' •ej_ *: have 'of tlio nrriiy and »i:n'y ntitl Hie uf ppn>«lons fnr th»> wnrn tltat gorip. .'othrr tint Ions nrf« In lh« cfltxTttlnfi, With n whtdion of the Bl«n<ltiijr nrmirs, with a r Of the building of wnfi<Ut|m, nrnrly o» In ninny other nt-irtr-al or m>tt|">rtiN- un propositions. Il v.ill \>t> hard to"establish n court with Itilfirnfttlonnt power that would not In Homo w«y he par- tinan. Tho plan Is world punhlnx n'mf Iiartl In tliPW* day» of I>«»CP Would r««t bo fur the bcti'-r, NORMAL PRICES BEST. The uanblf. in prlrw nt the who should bo rrtttf-rnbfTesJ^tvTn tlon o( pence will bo gooiS fur avcry- l»ody. It «ill l«> K'»od for tb^ man who nnd for- the inn n "who j»olli». lilgh '!.«* didlfntlt t!i eft sun- r , a | f+' gf^-'mftt- ^p** ""V**! W'-liT U.CC E STIO N FOR CHRISTMAS You ran ninkfl no iiilntaUo In Rlv hrttwl»»ui« Jt'Wfflry for Ami you slon't havo to «o one ponny tx*ynn«t Hit' HmiUitionij of ybnr purne in on)i>r to Ki't nomothlnir thnt you will !M» nilnhty protui to Imvc st«rv« I* a» A j?lft to any lovwl one—Mend or roinUvf. For Her— -Antbrr IwadH, K«'l'l bcails, houniit't pint*, rnfoty fotintultt ]>en>«, I^aVtOller«'»*, tiiaoplrtu, wri«t wntfheit, Vanity onws, fnnt-y nold bnjiH-lu'H, bar plus, 0t,c. ^r Him—I.ft \ut aiiKki'Ht tlif fol.lowlnR: bruHlH'S, sterlinK ailvcr match bo\t»a, clgurcttf' C'^isea, shaving outflta, • »llvpr iM-ncils, nmoklnK setB, cuff Hjik», mltl«H,ry nnd tnivclliiK .««t», tie pina, fountain jums, key rings, watt-lion, *?u-, * The ilmitiitlons of Hpiiee enttbie us "to'Klvti herewith, only a fi»w auRgPs- - tloni) from tlm ihouanudii of acei^itu- blo KlftM for clths-r "Him" or "Her" 'to tt« found In'this store. It will pay 'you to conic here to do your Christ- .ma* shopping. , • W.T.JENNINGS, Jew«l«r ^ Optician • THE HALLMARK STORE I FT SP- istmas is Near Are YOH Ready? Notliuig'you can give will #ive as much pleasures for us litilo money us soiuw of the numerous - flrtick's wo liuvo on display, Wo invite your inspection of our ollft»ri»gs, knowing that you can ousily and quu'kly decide upon "liis" or "her" Kifthore, v . Tho nunierouH toil(»t heljJ&^o dour to a woiiuin-'s ht»nrt «re all to ho found hero, Many niv soM, in ivory, ot'tr., and many sop- arati* (iipcun. 25c to'$15,00. * -_ STATIONERYr- \V<' iuvitu your Inspection, of tho finest line of stationery we havo ever shown. Symphony Lawn in many sizes and-tints* and an eiidh^s vari.ety of other ^ii't paek- lOc to $3.00. PERFUMES AND TOILET WATERS- A Hot)If of purfume or toilet water is nhvjtys, m-cfptahit'. (hir stock is brimful % (if exclusive dx'jsi^ns hr distinctive 1 packages and the .«jualitv is of %o Jiighe»t.' 25c to $4.00. -CANDY— - '^- ' ' It would not he Xmas without candy, lluyli-r's, Utfgett's, (hith's,^Fenway, ai-o the lusjhe.-l ju-rade candies made tii Amor. •--• icii. A heaiitituLii^soriliient oi* jiackag'es -. a unlc variety ^pieces.. 30c to $5,00. Hendricks Drug Co. The ^a^M. Store With hlith buy TAFT GIVES ADDRESS Save Moneyjiow I>y giving' footwear for 1 Xmas. Shoes and slippers are practical Drifts and the prices are sure to go hiRlier Inter on.. Our stock of Xmas slippers is larger than ever and the prices remain the Fame as always. Just received large lot of new colored boots for latlies in all the "^test color combinations. Two-tones still lead in favor, especially among- women who set the pace for smartness in dress. SHOBMART 19 East Third Street \ Third door from corner *-% t ii. X^I J lion," Willlftm Ilownrd Taft. nnd jH'«'»Hbient of tho Must H.v.S.,». * * M tlo» can PuHtan In «very nrbitrn- h«ve the wme crew! nn our I'ur- I'o be d.'iinned or you cnn't bo pav«'<J. MISSING MAN RETURNS^ Arrives Just in Time to Prevent at Bur• 1*1 in Hit Nam«. <I*y tJnltwl PrfHst,) K:in*nw Oily, Mo.. Dee. 16.—Ctmrten 1, \Vi-hV», who «lUm>ift>-flirc"<l from bin home.liw, n-turnwl jiisf In time InAnv >Si tu |i«'Vfiit th«» liurlnl of riH»th«?r bflh'vrU to '>'» VVfI»!>, fniiler his name. r?r>f>; wf« nfr< rmnlnry istJat} wo don't >1 bHontf to tlif- tv«r>r Vm.siiort »1ii vs. ey.f m •'-xr P'fZH?" * •nslf&'rf: *s i^?i ;1 • V, .- M '"^f - • • : •»*! *>«» 1 2 AfiEA .^ ?;] * ay ^1 J5«? •^ !i ^ x^ •»* >V>*! •^>i^> n •"••A «v! »#"• f' / •vr ^:. is i® ,* *w....i *S • •)».'.' ?•;- *b; w- ,!/ c l^ 5 * .to ^"»Jf1» •»«••• W.TT.W IT 880, •*«»«.»/• '-;: «««^ r ^ // © ^-"^-_5; ft- '!* f '%* i %-.* -$ all Join Hands And Have A BIGGER A MERRIER Enroll in Class 8 $nd Keceive $63.75 Knrollin Class 5A and Receive 63.75 Bnrollin Olm 2>nd Eeoeive $25,50 Enroll in CUss 2 A and Receive 25.50 OUR CHRISTMAS SAVING CLUB SOLVES the PROBLEM "... ,.Every member is.SUEE to have MONEY to buy presents arid for other expenses incidental to Christmas, There will be no ^lips— no_dis appointments. Members know months in advance how much they win receive' wh£n the distribution of funds is made and can arrange expenses accordingly. 4 Enroll in Class 25 and Receive 12.50 v~*~n *~ m KA ^ » * « Bft « Baro11 in Class 5 ° ^ ,««*^ 25,00 . - / , -. Enroll in Class 100 and Receive $50.00 *$ * ' * * All these amounts increased by our adding: interest f Enroll in one ormore glasses, the first deposit makes you a member. No fees. No fines. No red tafe A deposit of a few cents every week keeps up the payments. You can eail^ spare iie small Amounts. - , . * - ^ There ara no restrictions. Everybody, old and young, IB welcome to become a member YOUR FRIENDS ARE feNROtWNa, JOIN THE HAPPY CROWD. PECOME A MEMBER AT ONCE. AN0 FIRST TRUST & SAVINGS BANK h< ^uT'^xx^lW^^fSF i&j.... W •eS.HtJgg*' f»>« .TJ $%:Li^::>^> IF KTT7* ^T J -#""'l /*'„** 5w>**a«rMi^ . /

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