Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 22, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1968
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Obituaries & IVAN WILLIAMS V Ivtfi WlIHaffis, (SS, formerly Of tt.lt ... j .*.£ B UWSO. * « * . ^ 11. a I 3: i, died Tfttif sday at Houston, was S Methodist, ;; H§ is survived b? his widow; four sofls, Jerfy of Memphis, .Glendon of Houston, Monete of (San Mateo, Calif,, Frank Wil* ,ltafns of North Hollywood, Calif, .two daughters, Mrs, A, j» Mile* r&ell Jr, of Norwalk, Calif,, Mrs, Richard Houston of Houston, -» The body will be returned to •Hope for services and burial, Ar« •fftftgemenls will be In charge of •Merndon Funeral Home, 1! DEATHS .I!, WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) ~ . Jtarl C, von Lackuni, 68, prest- ,-dent of the W,H, Hartmaji Co,, •publisher of the Waterloo Dally i-Courier and Cedar Falls Daily -iReeord, was found dead of a '-•heart seizure Wednesday night at his home. Von Lackum was a .grandson of the founder of the Courier, William H.Hartman* »-'•-:.-, WASHINGTON (AP) - John >f B, Adams, 58, publisher of U.S. Lady, a monthly magazine for military service wives and fain* illes, died of a heart attack ^Wednesday, His wife Is editor of the magazine, Adams formerly rfwas a correspondent for the Co- 'lumbia Broadcasting System In de Janeiro and Washington. To Ask Davis to Tell Home of Informer ¥ LITTLE ROCK (AP) - John u. Purtle, an attorney for four '4>f the 12 persons arrested In •jjambllng raids In Pulaski Coun- {ty In September, said Thursday 4ie would ask former State Po- 'dice Director Lynn A, Davis to »hame the confidential informant \tyhose Information led to the •raids. ,t Purtle said he had Issued [subpoenas for Davis and Maj. JW. C. Struebing, head of the iCriminal Investigation Division iof the State Police, to appear •Monday in Circuit Court. • Davis refused to name his in- jformant when questioned by the j Pulaski County Grand Jury JDec. 5 and spent 24 hours In Ithe county Jail. • Prosecutor Richard B. Adkis;son said Thursday he would ob- iject to the anticipated question jon the grounds that "the/ tfendants are not entitled 5to /name unless they can show'that lit is material to their defense." i The defense contends that the ;arrest warrants were defective {because they didn't name the •informant and that the defend| ants had a right to cross•examine the informant. ! "In my opinion, these defend- iants are entitled to know the •name of the alleged confidential ; informant if there was one be•cause he is in effect the ac• cuser in this matter," Purtle j said. "If the, alleged accuser Is jnot confronted and examined on ithe basis of his knowledge about i the case it would serve as a .'shield to allow anyone to make ja charge through a third party j and thereby escape cross-exam- •inatlon or facing the one he ac- icuses." PLANES (from page one) Chinese border, The debut of the Commtmlsfs' 37mm antiaircraft gun around Khe Sanh was termed serious by one U.S. officer who said: "It's a very good weapon. We want to get them out as soon as we spot them." Field reports say seVefi of the 37mm guns around Khe Sanh are believed to have been de» stroyed, and no planes have been lost to the new antiaircraft weapon yet. But the reports say the guns have opened fire ofl C130 cargo planes making sup' ply drops and on jet fighter* bombers escorting the cargo carriers. U.S. sources said the 37mm guns have an effective range of 8,000 to 10,000 feet add pack "a lot more punch" than the 50-eal< iber machine guns the North Vietnamese have been using against Khe Sanh's only supply route. With an effective range of about 4,500 feel, the machine guns and other automatic weapons have knocked down three Marine jet bombers, two cargo planes and several helicopters. One of the cargo planes carried 49 person.?; all were killed, The 37mm guns also are a threat to U.S. fighter-bombers that have been flying an average of 200 strikes a day against the estimated 20,000 North Vietnamese troops besieging Khe Sanh. ' ".•:< North Vietnamese forces broke the back of the French resistance at Dlen Bien Phu in 1954 after 37mm guns shot down plane after plane trying to parachute .supplies to that beleaguered fortress or bombing in support of the French garrison. The dally shelling of Khe Sanh continued on a reduced scale Thursday, with North Vietnamese gunners landing 110 rounds of artillery, rockets and mortars on the Marine base. But of possibly more significance was a 100-round barrage poured Into two U.S. artillery strongpoints that support Khe Sanh from the east, the Rock Pile and Camp Carroll. AP correspondent Edwin Q. White reported from Da Nang that the shelling was the heaviest at Camp Carroll in some time and could be the beginning of a harassment campaign against the tWo ; bases. U.S. com' before the (MR) STMr PuNHf If ffflKM Hospital Purchaf•• N«w Machln* seriOus attempt to overrun Khe Sanh, they must silence the big 175mm howitzers which back up Khe Sanh from the two posts to the east. A new offensive thrust by the U.S. 9th Infantry division to secure the main food line from the Mekong Delta to Saigon was announced by the U.S. Command, the sixth allied operation disclosed In the last twodays, Named "Operation Peoples Road", and centered 40 miles southwest of Saigon, its goal is to secure the frequently cut National Route 4, The operation was launched March 1, but the U.S. Command said there has been only light contact so far, with 19 Viet Cong killed and one U. S, Soldier wounded. Resolution for Mills Irks Some Grove-(figging Probe Data to Governor LITTLE ROCK (AP) _ State Police , Director Ralph Scott says, he has given Gov. Winthorp Rockefeller and Jefferson County Prosecutor Joe Holmes copies of the State Police report: on an investigation of the unearthing it ot three ', human skeletons at" Cumrnitis'Prison Farm. The grave-diggings on Jan. 29 touched off international publicity about the state's prison system with some persons charging the skeletons were those of murdered inmates. A pathological report, however, Indicated that the three had not died violently. Maj. Bill Struebing of the Criminal Investigation Division led the investigation and at its start said he believed the skeletons had been removed from a pauper graveyard at the prison. Scott, who became director late last month, said he wrote the report himself because he "wanted to be personally informed of the scope and thoroughness of it." Scott said he had no intention of making the details In the report public and that if it was done, it would have to come from either the governor or Holmes. — Hope Star photo Left to right: Mrs. Ann Johnson, Mrs. Diane Johnson, Mrs. Linda Johnson and Mrs. Janice Rowe, all labaratory ray technicians. x Bill Cross, Administrator of Hempstead County Memorial Hospital, informed us recently that the hospital has purchased more new equipment in their continued effort to up-grade the hospital in all departments, thereby increasing patient care. Seen in the picture are Mrs. Ann John- Director (^Laboratory and" w ' Mrs.-iDi»ne'Jo'hnson,Mrs.; FREE! 10-PIECE WEEKEND WOODCUTTER'S KIT With purchase of MAC 10-10A Ten accessories! Extra chain, fuel can, bar guard, flat file, round file, depth gauge, wedge, engine oil, fuel additive and filing guide. I35MUU VALUE! weight weighs only KJ'/jIbs.dess bar and chain) Easy to use, perfectly balanced factory^ installed bar and Chain LEO'S GARAGE 413 S, Walnut Hope, Arkansas TAKING 4 towel, stress wfei vis High Water Won't Slow River Work LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The Army Engineers said Thursday that the Arkansas River should be navigable upstream to Pine Bluff and Little Rock In December despite the current high water on the river. W. W. Ralphe, chief of the construction division of the Little Rock District of the Engineers, said the cofferdams' downstream from Little Roct are all high enough and strong* enough to withstand the high water that is expected to crest in the area over the weekend. It had teen feared that it might be necessary to Good cofferdam-protected work areas at the locks and.dams downstream from Little Rock to relieve the pressure from high water on the outside. Officials said Thursday, however, that this would not have to be done. The construction of Lock and Dam No, 4, two miles downstream from Pine Bluff, and Lock and Dam No. 5, north of the Pine Bluff arsenal, is crucial to the navigation timetable. No, 4 is not scheduled for completion until December and No, 5 Is to be completed In late November or early December, Prolonged inundation of the work area could delay completion past the target dates, Tourism in Arkansas Increasing LITTLE ROCK (AP)- Tow ism In Arkansas increased, 15 per cent during 1967 as com' pared to 1965, according to g report released Thursday by the state Publicity and. Parks Commission, Dr. Lewis C. Copeland, dean of the department of statistics it the University of Tennessee, prepared the report, The report sa|d that tourism was $ l§45 million Industry in the state last year. Copeland said, tourists were served by 9,1.30 Arkansas firms and that the firms employ more than 43,000 workers with an annual payroll of about $181 million: " __ w " ' are? w||| beli§i,c|4 wi'h the funds. Linda Johnson and Mrs. Janis Rowe, Laboratory and .X-ray Technicians. The equipment shown is an Eastman Kodak automatic processor known as the X-Omat. With this piece of equipment the radiologist or physician will be able to have a completely processed film within five minutes. Previously, to completely process a fllnV'U took. : approximately fifty-five minutes.' 'What does this mean to the patient, radiologist and hospital? It means that in terms of the patient, he benefits in the virtually immediate delivery of dry, ready-to-read films resulting in better care in that there is no more shuffling patients in and out of examining rooms, or waiting for film adequacy checks; and, because of immediate adequacy checks, there are no mo re patient call-backs. There is reduced time under anesthesia, no hall waiting and less time away from the patient's bed. This increased comfort to patients is particularly evident in serial examinations. The radiologist benefits since he has a completely processed film In less than five minutes. A correct diagnosis is much easier to make on a dry film than on a wet reading. This cuts down his and the physician's time In standing around waiting for the films to be processed. This means that more time can be used for the patient and more effective utilization of the X-ray facilities. He will have better control over the X-rays being done under his supervision. He will be able to give the physician his opinion of an X-ray within a matter of minutes whereas It was previously sometime a matter of days before the physician re. celved an opinion from the radiologist. In terms of the hospital, it means greater economy through greater staff efficiency, It also means the examining faculties that seem to shrink day by day under Increasing case loads, can do the job without further ex. pinslon, to some cases hospitals have reported that faster patient service through rapid film access has actually shortened, the patient's stay in the hospital, There is less chance for losingor mlsfttjnf JURIS, gfld (he x.ray room occupancy may be de» greased by as mw<?h as 25 per cent, which means fester and. pett te r service to the patient, The Beard, ol Governors mtborteed Mr f Cross to pu,r« Shase this piece of, equipment from Wnii Tt stover Company, Rock, Arkansas, The list Of the &0jna.t IRd the new of shadow free lights was gppro*iroiiely. $7,?QQ,oo f Two Killed In Car-Train Crash HEBER SPRING^, Ark. (4P) «fA earrtruck collision north of bjre w Arkansas §5 claimed Jh.e Uves Thursday of Lee gujp, 79, iuj b|S 7g-year-;0jd Wife, Little Rock Mayor William La* man afri the Central Arkansas Labor Council notified fiep. Wll* bur .Mite, D'Afk., Thursday that they did not agree with a resolution adopted earlier in the week by about 80 businessmen. The resolutlefi called for cuts in programs except defense spending and projects under contract, Laman said the resolution does not reflect the opinions of the other residents of Pulaski County, "The majority of us are well pleased with your able and cab- able leadership and in North Little Rock we would not presume to question your ability to know what's the right thing to do nor your courage to do it/' Laman told Mills in a telegram. Laman said the curtailment of federal assisted programs would be "disastrous to our cities in Arkansas." Lloyd Rlnggold, president of the Labor Council, said the group had adopted a resolution urging Mills to support "essential domestic programs." "We believe top priority should be given to the programs that meet the needs of those who are less fortunate/' the council said in its resolution. "This is not the time to retreat, but this is the time to move forward with progressive programs. "Congressman Mills represents not just the Cadillac crowd but also is responsible to the majority of people in his district who are in the low and moderate Income brackets/' the resolution said. Escaped Killer Caught After Raping Woman Associated Press Writer BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) Winston Moseley, convicted murderer of Catherine "Kitty" Genovese, was recaptured Thursday, three days after his escape from a prison guard set off a wave of fear In the Buffalo area. ; ,,/ •/.„ ,:<_ ,li~\.^ j'./- Moseley was sentenced to life imprisonment for the fatal stabbing of Miss Genovese, a Queens barmaid, in 1964. Police said 38 persons saw that attack or heard her screams but refused to help her or call police. The 33-year-old Moseley surrendered quietly Thursday after a 58-minute armed confrontation with an FBI agent In the suburban Grand Island apartment where Moseley held a woman and her Infant daughter hostage. The capture of the slightly built fugitive climaxed a day in which he also surprised a couple in the vacant house here he was using as a hideout. Police said he raped the wife and bound her husband, then stole the man's clothing and automobile and a loaded pistol he found, Moseley made his way to Grand Island, five miles north of Buffalo In the Niagara River, and entered the garden apartment of Mrs, E, James Patmos, who was alone with her 5- month-old daughter, Amy, A neighbor, Mrs, Frank G. Costanzo, arrived at the home minutes later and also was taken captive. Moseley permitted Mrs, Costanzo to go to a nearby church, where, she and Mrs. Patmos were scheduled to work In a nursery, He warned her to return with a car within 20 minutes, Mrs, Costanzo went to the church and. telephoned her husband, who then called the FBI About 100 federal, state, county and Buffalo police rushed to the scene and surrounded the apartment complex, Nell J, Welch, special agent in charge of the Buffalo FBI of' f}ce, telephoned Maseley, who let him in the apartment, As. the agent ancj the fugitive carried, on their hourHonf eon* versation in the living room, Mrs, Patmos and the infant were rescued by police through i window in a rear bedroom, "j sat there pri talked with him with his gun. on me," Welch later told reporters, "I had a pn on him, too, b«t in roy over* coat pocket. "The conversation centered on allaying his feajs/ 1 the agent 84ded- "We tftlke4 about MS We |n prison and discyssed tjbe ad- visibility of surrendering instead Pf doing inyUjing foogsh," Hid the police decided to Storm the apgriment, Mpse|ey would have sM it oijt with tjiem 4 We|clj sjiid fee was Tftg §nspeft§efuj cj&t Wtathtr £jtperfm§nt Sea. tlon report far 24* Hours ending at 7 a,m. Frlefay. High 30, Low 33, trace of fleet, snow, rain, Forecast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ARKANSAS - Cloudy and cold tonight with accumulation of touf IflChes Of more of sflow east portion by tonight. Saturday cloudy east to partly cloudy west and continued Cold ovef the state* Low tonight mid 20s northwest to low 30s southeast, Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Albany, cloudy 50 43 Albuquerque, clear 39 24 Atlanta, cloudy 77 55 Bismarck, clear 22 -2 Boise, cloudy 61 36 Boston, cloudy 54 40 Buffalo, snow 43 33 Chicago, cloudy 37 28 Cincinnati, snow 52 35 Cleveland, snow 42 30 Denver, snow 42 22 Des Molnes, clear 36 16 Detroit, snow 41 33 Fairbanks, snow 44 13 Fort Worth, clear 48 30 Helena, clear 53 24 Honolulu, cloudy 79 70 Indianapolis, snow 40 29 Jacksonville, cloudy 88 62 Juneau, rain 43 35 Kansas City, clear 43 23 Los Angeles, cloudy 80 59 Louisville, snow 50 34 Memphis, snow 45 32 Miami, cloudy 73 70 Milwaukee, cloudy 34 27 Mpls.-St.P., snow 27 18 New Orleans, rain 72 42 New York, fog 58 43 Okla. City, cloudy 39 25 Omaha, clear 38 12 Philadelphia, cloudy64 45 Phoenix, clear 72 41 Pittsburgh, rain 66 33 Ptlnd, Me., rain 54 34 Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy 65 42 Rapid City, clear 33 8 Richmond, clear 90 60 St. Louis, cloudy 32 28 Salt Lk. City, clear 52 31 San Diego, cloudy 76 56 San Fran., cloudy 69 58 Seattle, cloudy 68 49 Tampa, cloudy 78 64 Washington, clear 75 50 Winnipeg, clear 18 -2 closed that Moseley was a fan of the FBI, at least in one respect, Welch related. ff Until 2*t ISfiS Eastern Arkansas Hit by Snow By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A snowstorm lashed Eastern Arkansas today, severing long- distance telephone edmmunlca- tiofts in some afets, creating hazardous driving conditions and forcing many schools to dismiss classes. By nUdmorning, up to 14 inches of snow was reported in the Memphis-West Memphis area and snow was falling at the rate of aft inch ah hour. The major snowfall appeared to be east of a line from Blytheville to Brinkley to Dumas to Warren to Arkansas City to Monroe, La. The U, S, Weather Bureau said, however, the heavy snow was likely to spread northwestward into portions of Central Arkansas and additional portions of Northeast Arkansas later today, The snow is a wet-packing snow and accumulations ranged upward from five to 12 Inches. Additional accumulations of four inches or more were expected today. Dumas was one of the hardest hit by the snow. The city reported 12 Inches on the ground, and the weight of the snow felled small trees and power lines. At least two carports and many aluminum awnings collapsed. Osceola reported 10 inches and minor damage to power lines was reported. Gould and Winchester (Drew County) had 10 inches on the ground this morning. Warren has eight, Blytheville four, Forrest City eight, Helena eight, DeWitt 5 and Arkansas C i t : y seven. State Police advised that hazardous driving conditions exist from West Memphis to Carruthersville, Mo., and all highways east of Memphis to Nashville, Tenn., are closed. '• Highways in and a r o u n ; d Helena are iced over and the airport at Memphis is closed. Scores of cars and trucks slid into ditches throughout eastern sections. The Memphis-Arkansas bridge was closed this morning by several minor traffic accidents. A strong trough of low pressure is the main cause of the ^J.-L* ,ii'';> f ,*,n.-vwr*^. r.»^'f >M Jjnge,r}jjg snow:" In ? Arkansas. This trough was still to the west of Arkansas this morning. Starts THURS. MARCH 28 2 forth* price of I-PLUS A PCNNY! Jt> ready for you now at our Rexall Drug Store. You'll find:It convenient to look over the list, check the items you want, and leave it with any salesperson. We'll have your order ready for you to pick up on the . first day of the Sale. Village Rexall Pharmacy Hops Village ihgpping c§nt@r SEE OUR BIGl SAIE CUR

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