Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 16, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
Page 2
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ro, , PEC, ft 3-F For Christmas Eve Window Lighting Dsdnty little Electric Candlesticks of duU gray silver finish—designed espe' daily for Christmas Eve window lighting — but that arc also very practical as well as beautiful boudoir lamps throughout the entire year—are a feature of the Christmas displays at ELECTRIC SHOP. Th»omcll**t!ck*ai» wired i n pain end com* «ompl«e, «harfccs colU'Ct, ELECTRIC SHOP, CHICAGO 72 West Adams Street and and Jack*on Blvd*. W«. fORRISON DAILY GAZETTE HOREISON, W-LINOIS, SATUEDAY, DEO. 18, 1916. VISITS RELATIVES I. Roblnion VUU«d At Hem« Of ' Si»t«r, Mf*» P. H. Simpson, j • , » i' 11, -Itoblnnon. «f I'ofatolla, Idaho, ha* b«n upending a frnv days at of hta jwirMitu, l>r. «nd Mrn. In Allmny, wn» In MurriHon vlflttlng nt the home «-if hlK ula- P; H, 8lnH>«"». -Mr. n«bln- att^hdlnsr « mwiing of at t»mn?in. N't-b.. and Albany from thprt», Ht> left morning for Kin ESSENTIAL i;."f?' f '" ' m - BETTER HEALTH »d Digestion ich Bitlers ^JAKES UPJIEW'WORK Mit* Prune** MoLnoflhlin I* Visiting Houi*keep*r Of Chicago Society, Another former Morrison Rlrl %vho In becoming known through her adoption of o : new profpnulon Is Ml»s Prances Mclaughlin, the daughter of,Mr. and Mr* Wm. MctAUffhlln of this pity. She IH one* of three visiting hou«ekeeper« employed by tho Formlngrton Society of rhloigo to help the* poorer classes solvo the question of price* nntl The Chlcftgo Dally News of D«HT, 9th linn tin- following 1 to Buy of Mlns Mc- I jui(slilln'» worH: "Thn vlsttlng housekeeper, who l« Mis* I-Yancoa JfclJiusrhlin. takes In haiul th^f supen-inlon of «omc twenty or twenty- flvo houwlioldv. "8hu tf-aches the fundamentalu of sanitary housekeeping mid slio Innti- tuteH a healthy »ytrtem of feeding. She tcache* f«x>d vntues and gives the womnn of. the family & courac of in- *t ruction In marketing. She 'preaches the vnluo of fresh air and personal t hy- gierie. "Bin miiklngr the small Income Jit tho hotiHehold need* is not th« vlaitinsr houBckeeu»p'# only problem, "@h« attacks, tho - moral <mc*Uon. Slip HW>S th«t famlliP* are moved Into proper environmcntD If nccesnary. W« :,_ tlnd alma thftt her work for Impro^'ed OUCH! ACHING JOINTS, RUB RHEUMATIC FAIN Rub Pain Right Out With Small Trial tfottle of Old "St. Jacob's T'.':i nm it!-rrt N '•^»ai}^' only. N«t i'i!«- r-a----' in hftj' r<-n»»lrf-«> >t'i! trf-fttrti'-ni. Strip (In iff a-!. -IK! -<n)thfrip. )>f!)<-'ttnt!nEC "HI. J.'tm rSeht Into 5»nir *nrn, Stiff, n-int-. ruiil rH!«f r*tm*>s Initnntiy fill" "St, lintin«-i!t whh-h new disappoints and can rust burn tis*> shin. l,!m!>f r up' tj-uit-wrnplalnlns! O«*t n. pmnll tri'il boit!«« r>f old, hunf*t "St. .Isirnds oil" n! nny drug wtorf. nntl (n jnst n mnrnfnt you'll b«* ffp* 1 from rheumatte pain, sorfnen* and stSffn« < !'4. Don't mtffpr! Hfllof awaits you. "St. Jftcotm f)ll" In Just n» gr«»l for »''!- atioa, neuralgia, lumbago, tmt'knrhe, WERE MARRIED HERE '-'frt ,> f-'swl- And Mr*. CMhejrinp H,-rderson Married Thursday. .irrii"-t J. H:<vvk, t,f Knit or. r>n<! .Mr*. flif* .'Ry .fii-Mt-f H'iir-1 .•-rfifif!h, TM«' y Grippy weather this. Better ge.t a box of— MORRISON BRIEFS '. t *'> *.'•» Xmas Announcement Ta Qrt better accju^intcd with yen r«»rtrr» we «(•« goirvi to do ,1 little different advertising than imust. ' We h.ivp * 'ft/H ^s^rtn-ent of Tni'#t Roffd«i, such as Perfumes, Toilet W^t* 1 "*. Tafium P^wt!fr«i, f«e, w'-nch \,w« «rp going to rrsk» to you as r Mi Hn-t Mt." '!•.) I.f f.p.-'miirw: :-f>Ui-" ;!in«- 1*1 (if.'!'*:" K 1.1.1 \i.-U''«. Jnlw <iiMl< -. tiff- !••.•- , !lfi»m'»ifl i*i.n»<in "f "il frit-iul"! In t> ii» i tu Kriilnv. Mr.« U'amn P"Hi-r v tri.ui! !' ft Prl- "H, !,-< , nft- r UM« < itv. H«!in«t«'fi nnd « s» ^i«i».,>r3 in ' Allnny. visit- Thmo'lay nsnl in* n visitor in w Is n fnrtor in raisins the mwatJ tone of t-VpqOfntly w<* Iind that n husband l» dellnnufnt bf-ratipf of th*> i»pkf« > iii»}r of his wife. !.*•»» f<«»il means lemi rtrnnken- children come in for (tnx,nlU-n- tlon of (Mtr*hou*f>kep!>t'r, to». Bhe forma th«m lnt»i club*,' i'einng Rirls ,who would bo on the. Ktr«?p{« aftt-r srh(x>l nre bmu«ht Into groups to ntudy the [irlnc'lnlrH of Rood hcHinekr'CT'iort «"«^ right living. The fnct th^t tlm girls mePt In Ihn homes bring* about nnxlety on tho part of thp pwple to keep their In order for thP mating*. The of tho viMting ttinnlfold." Rev, Phillip* Rfeiign* A* Pditor Of St. ,,.,.- Ann'« Church. Hev. ritllllpH. who him b<*n pnotor of Kalnt Atin'n Kplscopal chtu*ch In thl* city since last Slay, hns rrslsmod tltfi lKi*iornto In thjn city. Thn rexlgnatlon, which will takb t effect January 3, wn» read during Ifiat Hunday'n service*, and ha« liw-J) accepted by Ulnhop Andorson of the C'hlcago "tltocwie. Tht far*WeJI Bcrtnon will bn prcnc-hed I>«j*mb<;r 81 at the morning nnrvlce. liev, Plillll^a will- leftv* Immwllately for Choboygftn, Mlcb., wht-rt'. he has accepted the li»h of 'Hi. Jmni>H KpUcopHl churuh. t,JhelM>ygftii In a progree*lv« .city of about oight thousand ln)iabltaiH»'nnd tho St, Jnmc.i pariah hnit recently rx- pendeil nevorftl thousand dollars In rebuilding t!in church, and expect to build a JH-W inu-lfili house and fO'niniiHltun in the Hprlntf. Hev, PhllHii* will tnko up (ximmunlty work In that city ttlao. Re\v Phillips ea«m« |«» thin rlty nn pnstor of Ht. Ann'* church Inut May and during hi* stay In tliln city baa tic- compllKhed much id church work mid Th* old family R>»edy-!n tsMet for»-«nfe, sore* *«T to fake. No | ophites-no onptenMttit Kffer effect*. I Curt* colds IB 24 hotsre-Crfg* fc if day*. Mem*? back If it faU*. OtJ Uw «e*al»«! box With Red Top and, Mr. Hifl'8 ektttrt <* tt-25 <Jentfc. Dr*c Stem Set case at the retail pric* phis 5 of same price instead of one, Ary Artie's in thi^ 9»t* you two i2> art,i Tht>»: A SOc ounce bottlf? of Perfume plu« 8e, 5-5c gets you two f2> twinee fcottles of the ssm* price. Now it «• absolwtely understood that this is fresh stock and the original pTJe#» <»f »»me ar« on *aeh pscksge so tfier* is no catch whereby you can Io*e. • ••» ' ft In thi in»f Mrs. J. H. .M;n Vy St' ( ' nt Friday with llurii'i! Hi^wi'V r»*tHuiril Thtircilny frnjii Sprlnw r<iii!r»-, Alhi'itn. I'an.i'l.-t. hat) b. <•» f.»r pump tlmt- louk- his i.untinK lntd*rn«t(« o. \\'t.r.(!.o \i^it'*<l frJMsds in I'llnttiu l-*rl«li»>. Mrp. Art n«>ti brr n»»cl rhiMr^n, Prls- rlll.i and John, vlfitj-d irlcniH in 'Mln- j ton FYld.'*/. * Mtiitin Kruis, of Strrnnw, ^<i.«> a vi* itor nt KTH.K ;ind wh»'iP tnry \ I; !'<•.! H !l;i- liumf -<f hl«<'^r dunt'litfj. \!i- i;«>!ii, l-:\\f»r>*. W. II Krnnion**, fi tlu- Stru«- 11 ish- way «Nimin! lt *l"n. In-* tr-ltnn«'d to <*hi- j-ntro nft'-r imiKit .r n slvtft l»u«it!(prf vi.f- it in-tlilH i home »>f hln t>rr»thrr, WIH, ™ , , --V--. J^ I FLOUR PRICES DROP \ (Hv I'nitrtl J"r«-.-s.) innrnj'tilip, Minn,. !»<->. !•>.- -n«>in '« dn>pp«''t •">" •'< "* M !l hnrri'l t«ii«j a d<»cli»!" of f! for Hi" v.cck. Mlltfi? lite in>w fiiiHtlnr, tlinir m $M PIT bin • Come ,iip «nd *es for ytttirself and ineiderilatly you will *»« *t perfect flower* to rn«ttir"Th«s« *cent*. Instead of paying Higher prices for these 0oods at'lhi* tim« you will »ava one- half. » v J. A. Swartley & Sons E. 5TH ST, AND 17TH AVE. ^ ^ MEETING. LAWYERS HOLD »!«y I'nltf-d I Mttnmniith. 1M, !>«>c. li* dred liuvyprs of tho Pi.«fH«-t arrived In Monmouth today tit nttfn«l ti nwt'tinur lidntr h*>Id by tin* Fourth -ritip hun- Cmmty Hnr asworlatltin «I»T HIP direction of the Fii-tc' principal fople tm-rtlrn, \vris whlrh t!io I utr* Tlit« discussion at ih? prt-sent of the dono. it deal towm^lHJie bulWIng Tng National »?.- ^ up of the church. TKe parish of this city excft»dlngly.r«grct hlii lettvtnK, «l- though they wish him nuccens jn his. new HfHl, J ELECTjjmCERS. ; R«b«k«h» M«et And (Hold Election On Thurid«y Evening. Kmlllno Itobokah lodge No. 8 l»'1d Its TPffultir ploctlon of oltlccmit th«*lr mpotlnjc on Thursday evontng. They \vt»re clionen as followB; . , ' NubU? Owind—Mls» Mary Wftr^ ' % r lco Grand~X!n». Kmtna Eimchdorf. 8*o'ry,—&trii. Theodosla. HolllnaheHd. Financial Soc'rsv ~ Mrs. Collecting the Waste Taking care of <ho waste is a univciml problem among, won, Tho plan we offer Our^deponitoi-H will collect tho wunto and make it a working power for you. It will you well to investigate, u -.---- -- . , Mr», Margaret We*k* The report from the bazaar which wa« h««U1 recently by the order wan rend nt this meeting, stalinf,' that $665 wan tho total amount taken in on tho two evenings, and lift* amount cleared at the affair wan $471. They feel am-, ply repaid for th,eir labor, ' XMAS ACOOMQDATION Train* To Curry Mall On Sunday B*for* Chrittm**. NJ>. 90 and. 100, arriving in r ai lt7 lliia v.lty »nd 8:30 p. in. \>n Sundfiyn will carry mall on Deoorubor 34th, «llhough,Uioy''dii not ordinarily dn BO. AH an accommodtUiun for- tlia {'hrlKtnsua t-tuJILa -ttrese tmtn» will dollv0r niul tnke^on mail h«ro on that dny, Postmaster llurlduii )m« ur- to ui'fii the olllco in* thia city tlio Jio«r« of 4:80 and. 5:80 on that day aluo, iuut parkug(»n will be nv c0Jved and dellverud u« an tloii to tho &|orrl«o» pubjic. ^ MARRIAQiTlCENSES Sterling An Automobile Robe Useful the year around RAPIATOB COTEES STORAGE PATTEEIES SPOT LAMPS BUMPED TIRE CHAINS DENATURED ALCOHOL HIGH TEST GASOLINE HIGH* GRADE OIL "' DRY CELLS SPARK PLUGS ( • -PYRENE Coe Brothers ' >STERLlNG t POUR W*r« iMumi By County Cl«rk Thuredny Afternoon. Four mairingo llcen«ea ut*ro la^ued ,by llio count}? ,c|«rk Thursday afternoon, Tho contracting, parties wnro as follows: i&lvrard Piurder of i'HiUon nnd Ml»« Olndya Coon of Oxford Junction, lit.; Blanlpy Hurbep and M(H» Josalo Sender, ,butU of -Sterling; yanuii'l J, of Fuiton and Mm. l 'at ho cine of t'JijUtin, In,; Hay Hugh Frank of Afontmo'reiwy »Wl Alina Uer- tlm R»thor- \VHIIftnw of -Sterling. « THE CARD' qua Pooplo M*t Thursday Evening At Bimpton Hem*, y utuig Married FolKn Card Club w«i« pleaaiuitly entertained on TtturwjUiy ovenmfc nl tho hotno of Dr. | ami Mi» P. H. Shnp«on ou'K'UMt Muin Mrct't, Thet'o \vf«r« sik.f^n present and pr«»Sr<NM*K'w &IH» lui'iil*ht'4l ttiB' enter- u»i»MHt'ut for tiw evening. The'ncjit ing will l>c> Heltl'at the twmt> of Ajr. Alls, t'rvd Trlpp. Entort«Jn«d At T«ach«r'* Horn*'- On Tlu* uu'Bibt'rs of thtt Apropo club vvi>r« plrtutuntly i>iiti»rtalnt«d o» Thur*« Lliu'tJUi iVtty K»lit. A tWI<'ioim pk-nlo sup{>t*r wast i'iikjoyi<4 at itjlv o'lfluok, af« ti'i- wbls-h tlu» i^t'iiiitg WH« tU'll^hifully THfe q.'FTT, CLUB * Met Thiirttday At. Home Of Mrs. Ed Jjnvrin. il'iK' •' !•' '!'.- f. 'lull i«( t'lyik' WiUl vjt-. t«>f(ul<u J'».,( T.biiixtu.v nt^Uu* H'lUlU of Mi--, l-,M ,Jit!!V<in ^*in-n'. w«n*' («•» itiftiii" »H n/ tl» ! i Icih |>rf»K'-'iti uiul ttii*- liiMiirt i\'if I'll .'IH iitfH , k >i't (it i^fUlm; f>. ill,- i ••-( - \ .!• !i. hue iil'iitOi' VN t i. v . _ ,f^, _ t _— _ - - - ~~ - - , _—.—/-'•^g • r* ——• - T-- • £~~ •u- J —i .—-—:———. ,' . f We chose to sell the because \ ~f-J~ We KNOW tliat the Maxwell Motor Company is t|ie kind of a' concern .whicti .will manufacture a product exactly, as it claims, an'd ,will stand back of its product botli morally, and financially. u ' Our investigation of tKe Maxwell Company before signing Ian agency contract sliowcd that: Jt represents an investment of $38,000,000. v • There are four rnaiaimoth factories employing 12,000 men. . (There are 57, acres of floor space. TKcre is an actual production for. the season of 1917, o( .125^000 cars. V . ' **• The Maxwell Company is one of th'e three largest manu* facturers of automobiles. * ' • * We are satisfied that the Maxwell .is a remarkably high' quality car—and an unequalled value. The facts that we have just stated regarding the Maxwell Company insure that Maxwell Car, .will give you complete satisfaction* r s> *. East End . Smith Completely Equipped u5 .:

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