Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 16, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
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\ - - I MHR>4m>wUMOTW ' ' ':h tiHfat PWM>I* knew iMWrT KfHfcW to Ml). * " •• .--•>* ^jgpgg^.. J|t ' M|| «*• MgMM 4MJM ' ^tftNfti-ikA ^K - i|Jp*Mg||* 4-AMpM-Mit Jp»^4Mpi«Nfl| J)rv*«M*WHM «-Mtt««*M ' DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY SfAN0ABB SIXUMTHIRD YEAR—80.142. don't knew whit ha** en yeur •hel- ves to ted. STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, DEC. 16, 1916. PftfCE TWO CENTS. INSTITUTE ENDS Closing Session Was Held Friday Afternoon At The High School Building. Wfi ELECTED Prof. W. B. Nevans Explained [Value Of The Cow Testin§~ Associations. " Th* wnhuitl Whltpnidt' i'mmty fnt~ tjn»f«* lft*tltittP came to an end Prl- afternoon nhorUy after 4 tiYlocfc, [' SOCIAL AFFAIRS ] (HE ADJOURNS ( CHURCHES ] WEDDING_OCCURRED» ay Evtftinn Of Mt«* Bertha Willi«m« and Ray Frank, A x*i»ry quiet we«MInte occurred Thursday evfining which will be » *ar- to many Sterinljt and nock Full* Meetings Of The Household Science Club Proved Of Profit To The Women. FOURTH ST. METHOOI8T. W. t, «.'oHtn, r'W.^o^. F71m»»r H, TU< r. rni.*ir:il rtirf* t^r, Mi*s X'ireic n"»i- people. when th* J««s It WRII <it the mw«t xurcnwful far- mow mwtlttKS ever held In the county in polnt'of attendances and tw of th* 1 jj(v<-n by the bent speakers the state hn* to send out from Its experimental fnrmn. The exhibits have been larger in the ^ past, foul ntntildering the poor ex* p»rt*i>ced It wan wry creditable. The township high school building has proven to be an Ideal place, for * gathering, and In fact Hterllng enter- t»lned her vi»ltor« In n \ery cordial manner, Th* Election. VlMi «l«etlon of officert* was held the flrat thing In the- afternoon. John II. Mart In of t he Koml'nat Ing comml I tee •ft""t"*"fi Frank. which orcurmtTiFTlie nr/artwny Methodist pnrpftnage. Uev.-'Otln fearf the ceremony to just the lmm*Hll«te rel«» tlve« and a few close friends. Thf brldp wft« nttlred in n h«nd»om«> blue chiffon broadcloth miit «nrt wore n white hut. They were unattended. Tin- being very wimplp throiiRhoitt. After the ceremony they went to the WHHftms home whr-re n big dinner wn* nerved, The bride nnd sroom a trip but owini; to the IHne*» o^ Mr.. Krnnk'tt mother. Mrt*. ThefMlore Frank, the trip was po»p«inted until later. They will he nt home on the groom's farm when- hp has r judt built ft flnt- new bungalow. M|R« Williams IK the Inn ITI^ .-jiirn. K-fiWr of Mrs. body, >« follows: of that V|c« Pr»*.—Louis Abbott, of Union 'Orov*. qeo'iy.—-Prof. Harry B. Price, of llorrlton. , Treaa.—B. P. Hoover, of Lyndon. Wltlt the knowledge gained of what the farmer* need in .the way of an In* •«titttt* th» report of the nomination Ullle William*, of Sterling, and hn* lived heir nil of hi«r life. Him In B memhfr of the Hrondwny_.Mpthofllst church and l» nn nctlve worker In HP department?. She Is n ttrndu- nte from the {'nlon itchmil nn«l h«w many friends by her MORE RECIPES GIVEN Prize Winners Announced For Fancy Work, Cooking And < Canning Dept. Tli*> J/tSt session nf the Household 8<ifti((> Club «na held yesterdny nflrr- noi»» it) tin- V. M. C. A. roiun. It w«« nt tended ttv ,i |«fEr> r-rmvd The meeting WHS opened with 11 sold hy Ml*! 1 iViris Andre»«*. "In the Deep Cold Sen,'" she responding to HII" encore with "Kwcet Sonus of IXIVP." Both solos were very well rendrrwl nnd greatly plensed the nurtlenre. Mrs. Allen Headl lll!>!f -Jtttrty h<-'ir, !» Sft si m limit firtr*> ,!r«r rihf-d th«> h!!i!r* n* 1h<« pi',™* • nnr-httr nf h«mnn lih^iiv. PBtn- i!i,-uit\ with H.« fnith* r»ntiot f,itl t/» makf Me h^-ttr-r. «'orn<> and rrfrr^h >o'ir mfnir>ry *>f tlwc Jrihfp KfnHfsi In nw of «tir Hansr-s M/irnine fhi;r»-h sfrviff', "Thp Tjfittf 'Jok'^Ti," rtf«<'HJ«**>*J * hy »rtfl m ofhfr Xf> p. topli", "Cun You <J«>t ThlttKH by I'm? ins; for Them?" cinstn mp*-fing nt In nits**nkhly foorn. Rrenlng wnr- Its spfVlal fiwiiites !ip|i«»fi| to nil. Iff s»»ne«t will ««rm your 'hetirt and K:i sermon m'"t*AKPw Will turrit the way to tor. IJrv, ColHn, will prenrh nnd will deal utth n lopir that the whole world in talking nbout. His sub|f»rt" will IH* "Tft- NEWFRENCHPUSH Gen. Nivelle Wrests 12,000 Square Miles From Foe And Capture 7,500. GERMANS CHASE^JRITISH Greece Accepts Ultimatum Of Allies Andjf0pes The Blockade Will Cease. fltv 1'itH'd Vr «•«•«. i I'.-irK, I- V.i n«*e. I)(^t- tr, I'I.HI. wi-r in f!prmnn\'ft pf-nc" prfM" |< l{f*tinir of ninrf Hmit I2.»o'i cocnmltte« adopted, nnd the men named elected olflctfni for the coming ; j'ear. It ha* not <-yrt been decided Vfllfn the next Inntltute will be.held.. ' •'•" N» Iveninjj Meeting. It wail with considerable disappoint* > m*nt' the officers'of the Institute had ^tO forlHMir the pleasure and profit of ttt» tpwlon aChedtled for-Friday eve* nlnjf, tor it wan one of the beat planned, f&wifrer. the inifclHty of the speaker. ' f Prof. Nolan, to iet here made it Im- pdi*»lble In no nhort a time to have the «v«nlnjf (soBnlon addrewwd by a ffood I«ctur«r, and Mr. Pa»mpre, in wnnul- tatlon with other« of the orimnlsatioti, ^<mcJuded to otll it off. The forty lnn?tnt by pupil* of the ' ' called off, perwmallty. Mr. Hay Frank l» thr- son of Mr. nnd Mr«. Then, Frank, well Rjyiwn resident!" ttf-ltoch Falls nnd la ;t yinniK 1 man iTf KIMH!/ nnd Induatrlote rmiure, nnd the mnny frlenda In theTwo oltien will extend their be*rtle»ii coitRretulnttonit to the young'couple In their married life. ELECTJOFFICERS The Mason* H*ld Their IniUIUtion L*«t 'Evening In Club Room*. Miss .lolnphlne'Aiimiin of f>lx- fl'-cotnimnlfd oil the plnno. Demon»tra- J -on. ono of the Inlented rltucorx of thai tionn by Mm MrMttrrny followed. „ cltv. will uiv» n noprniui «>lo. The llrit wax flnln white bread, r«- qiilrlnjr 1 nip ftealded milk, a tensptwn fut nddcd while milk IH hot. 1 teaflpoon «nlt. 2 toflujMMtfin ntiitn.r, t-( rnk*» com- pretuied yfm»t, .1 eup.<« h'ird whent tlour. Knend n very little until It rnme* h»ek to orlpinnt wliiitw. When thr>)»)5h let rniM> to twice lt« bulk nnd hake. Next «ris» the "Mornngiiea" which r.nt br» lined nfi aftpriHHin it-n <«kf« nr pn-r- ly r«kp»: 4 whltr,« nt ettS*, tiny pinch (»£-fwtl. t-s teHMjxMin vnnila. 1 rup finely arniiillntfil HtiRnf. whip well, put through njhber ht«g or run be dropped on RIB*? jtle plwto In little form*. The frocen dessert wn»« noxt demon and In very nlc* fur n fro«en mu^lrnl numfwrs for the day «ill Include Mornlnx anthem, "Th<- !/<>rd tr Kxalted (Hiitlhar*) by chorua • hoir; ntui "ni»'H!«etl l« tttr> Man" < Porter* i-l»»>ir A henrly imitntion 1» given to nil the Kt*r\ ifi-.i fKirnraers itnd vii<lior« In imvn plna.Vff'lind nt fourth Ht. a cordial welcome•' <>Mf motto, "Not. freed but t'hrl.*t.'' « nnmbf-r of u*>r- Irenches iind t-«pf<ir<> ->f Hir vl! l;i«c»»« of Vnohetanvill** nnd l^iliveim-fit tb»> fnrin-* «r ••hnmbM-ftr-? and t!i • fort iflcn(|rif»«i of Hnrtt^moiit nnd blnux. The nt)s«r-r Is ,timtb<-r oitf fif UHHIe's «iidilrn at "'"""' •w rmmtnirnder of the In iiuifliftn tittd ni>tt} I'rem-h e!l«h, i«er,vlnK nny klndn of fruit or simple fruit tlavora: 1 <-tip rrenm, 1 of maranhlMo rherrlei. cut line, or at Ion of ofllcera lam evening In the Ma- •onlc Temple, following ofBt-em lUvcr IfMge Xo, 612, A. FV-«ndjnrij' kind of fruit prefcred, 1-2 cup «u- A. M., hehl their election and InatajMf* | gar to one pint cream, few drops of .-vnnUa and n plriVh of «alt, mix well nnd put in tin run, greasing CHH goml with f«t to make It air tight, place In. flre- h»M cooker or wooden bucket packr.d with linely flioppt-d Ico. To 3 part« crimhed Ice add on* part nail. To five parta of uno*' add, one part of salt. to bun* fa «"woi bad prepared if very enjoyabl* for th» oc« Prof. B, Ntvcnt. > from ih* Univer- nental atatlon, were elected W. M.—J. M. Penro»e. . ' 8. W.— F, W. Koth. J. W.— W>«. Buck Treas.— W. A. Marnli. See'ry.— B. K, Jenklnn. • 8. I).— C. M. Armstrong. J. D.— R H. Tlffltta. 8. 8.— K. D, Utl«y. J. 8.— Frank A. Ward. Mamhal— Fred Deem, Installing Officer— C. H, Tuttle. Chaplin— W. J. Burlelgh. After the election a public installation wa« held to which the Gaatern 8t»ra and their famlltea were Invited, about two hundred and fifty guests enjoying the affair. Aft*r the inattUlatlon.* light lap »up- dorln. of the V M. »'. A. of fMxon will Kiindiiy inorr.inB, nnd ,Mn». Jon- Aitmnn, of Uix*>n, will »f»ip evening. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL. f The Sunday wrvlrea will be nt the initial houra at the Mrnt Congregational church. Hunday Hrhool'at !»-45 n, m. Mmcp Uebhimll nnrt.. Herbert Saglc will give H report of the big convention nt GateAburg, to whfrch they went as nd In n J>-\\ houta swept from »lir> •'iif-niv trrrliofj it Imil tnM n (b'-ni inonthM of futntnunary fic-htitiK tit oti. tpin li wiut. niiothf>r Pirokc «uch «p Xlr\H|i» >-\rc!itfd when he i>uil<>i1 FOI'I nooiimotii out «>f iho < r ;..-nn.m.|ui. delegate*) two aRo. At the morn- anil coffee, followed by low crwiro and cake, after which danc- Utg waa enjoyed by all. ^«* E*» ;#bi*, *nd ga\>« much -valu* *6n. He la a firm believer Of th»' OOW tM«in» a tat ions, and advo- ' able M locality, 'pointing out way to nnd out which caled it fot- ' t ,,1tw«.tMJ ; r^, ; co*« wer» Rood and those which should utle4.' A full Sledged aasociatlon i to <^M%t*t pf twenty-six mem» OHO rennber per'da^ for a work- ihg month for the tenter. A tester's outfit. co»tin« About $44.00, IH aent out by th» state university. The twf ** "«P WiuatljT l^OfiVM about t&O.OO per >»onth *«o blf board and lodging from }|th* monubCNTff, M he ahould get to a tnemhar 1 * boljwj juat before milking -t Um» ^M?H nifht to «ecure milk from the n|fht »n4 Diornlng mllklngs and then PRE-NUPTIAL SHOWER Given Mia* Laura* Adams Lett Even* s- Ing at the* Pfunditein Home.. . . Mrai" Andy Pfundstoln entertained last evening at a pretty pro-nuptial shower for Miai Laura Adams, whota marriage to -Herbert Boll will occur In the near future, Mian Adams received many hundwome! gifta and the evening ,waa npontsocially, .tifter which dainty refrenhmenta were nerved. The color scheme being red and green, which waa very prettily carried out. Twelve young ladles enjoyed the affair, -_ HELD TO GRAND: JURY Pour over with col'd wnted enough to pnck It tls'itly when snow U uoed. Allow to utaiiil two hours. The next recepie given was for "<"heeno Souffle: 1 cup milk. 3 table- i«poon» butter. 3 tablespoon* Hour, me!t butter, add flour nnd otlr In hot milk, then ntlr over flrw until thick. Into thin white, snare add 1 cup grated cheene (chicken"or salmon finely cut can lip un«d also) 1 1-3 teaspoon «nlu yolks of 4 esjr». folded In rrtlsture. Qreami dish and bake in modcrato oven 20 or 3D minute*. , *!'0!| . The re«epie for nnafthettl which 'wan demonstrated by Mm. McMurray in an followa: cook opaRhetU until very ten- d«rlp, rapidly boiling water, drain and flash with cold water, set "to cool. Then tax* 4 slices of bacon and crl«p In pan, after crisp drain fat and add 1 cup tomatoes to the bacon, cut* bacon in small pieces, also add 1 sweet green IHpnper cut fine. Let «lmmer and add to spaghetti. Then cook until hot nnd serve.' TbM» makes n very good supper di»h. After the demonstrations were, completed Aln. Orren Rrent. of Morrison, president of the club, gave the reixirt of the Fenton Center Club, after .which a report ot tlm Morrison Household Club wa» read, The meeting concluded with a rising vote of thanks to Mr». .MeMurray, the state' demonstrator, who htm given such good and helpful demonstratloriH the lust few days and OUCH long to be remembered by tho people uf this vicinity. The meet Ings were nbout'the best ever held ing service nt 1«»;4&, Dr. Jones will •peak on the theme: "When Two R«nialn Ten." Thte will be the every member cunvatw day of the church,' und the i-nnvfiHuei-H wilt take their lunch in the nodal n>otti» after the cloHO of the morning service, nnd flnlRh the work between two and five o'clock in the afternoon. Uegulnr preaching *tervfce*» h* the evening at 7:30. The bible utttdy class will meet Monday nf- tvrnoon at three o'clock »t the jws- tor'n residence, 208 West Seventh Ht, The Sth and 9th' Pimlms will lie considered, after a preliminary dlscusulon of the Hubject, "Whut in Man*"** All are welcomed to the rlasn. "Our Denominational Contribution to I-Jduca- tlon".' will bn the topic for the midweek prayer meeting op Thursday at 7:30 p. m. -Tim annuaVChristtnas exercises of'the church aqa Sunday School will take j>tot>*'B<aiir-d«y evening, • Roo; 33, Ht ^»aff past seven o'clock. An Interesting program will be presented at that time. FIR8T BAPTIST. Iinlj.h V, Hlnklf, pajtan Sunday TBchool* at 9:30. Morning .wttrshlp at 10:45. Junior nermo», "The Dark Tunnel." Regular Bcrmop, "Loyalty." H. V. P. M. nt 6:30. Kvenlng twomhip at 7:3«, At tlK« ser\'lce W. C. Wallace, «n ex-convict from i'lintoh, will itpeak on the subject: "A flood Time. Vn\p IVys the Hill?" Thumlny evtw^ng at 7:30 the regular midweek devotional service. GERMANS ADMIT LOSSES. «Hy r»it*d I*ic«.Hf! ) Perlln. tlrf.. Hy \ViH-l<>KM To H.i>- \llb', I* !,. I)r<-. it; -Fri'itoh nun'PC* in (HiKbliig <li>rmnn tniojis frotn i«'itri« of tbrir tn<w^ ndvniii-ed po«Mions around Venliin /Nt\N niuioiiiii'cil lit t«d;i5*n odi- i bil ulrtWnirnt. TherTeiitoulr trwH'». It was Minted, bud gono Into piopnn^l Kerottd lltlt* defpiiKeH. 'ril** tut me xtntetiient rcporl'MhaK ,<<ur- trsKfttl n new thniwt bj- the UetnitutK GERMANY STANDS READY TOiGIVE THE ALLIES ITS FULL TERMS FOR PEACE Isi Also Heady to Discuss Disarmament, a League to Guarantee Permanent Peace, and Any OtherKindred Subjects. By Robert J. Bender, V (Staff Correspondent of United Press.) Washington* D. fj., Dec. 16.—Germany stands .ready to give the fillies a full statement of its terms in a peace conference. •** t This statement was made officially by Ambassador vott Bernstorff today following n b *ief visit to Secretary Lansing. Von Sornstorif said these terms would be j freely given the entente allies at any conference which Anight be held. .At the same time Qe/many Is also ready to discuss disarmament, the creation of a league to guarantee permanent peace and any kindred subjects that would arise from any peace negotiations, * the J<i!li*h around Vpres. Tho war olllcc located the seen" of the. French push ami the. new Herman aeeond line poidtlon'a «.M n«'nr Tnlon- rldsre and tln» )IC| K |HH north of Lnuve- mont and Chamhirltea and Kouth of IViitonhatrjc^ JTheno positiouM imrihweat of hew Oerntan thnmt-iit !hr> Itrli- iNh llnett wt-re HouttiriifH of Xillehcke, The Herlin atntement detailed advun- line*, the giirrisona to th«» of which Hod. GREECE HAS COMPLIED. (By United Pre«m.» Athens, Oreece, Dec. IB.— Thw <Jref«k reply accepting the demmnda of tb« entente nllU'K |H » complete ^compliance with their ultimatum and an expren> nion of the hope of a reaumptlon of the 1 traditional i-elation« with the entente iiiitJcuiw. twii^ed on re«'lpntcal conlidence. TPhw mov«mei»l c of troop* and material began twin y* arid will b* rapidly carried out. * The rep^y concludes with the exprea- that the entente jwwera win re- dcr their blockade of Orcece. flic German envoy's visit to the state department was very brief. He sought official word of the intention of the government not to supplement Germany's peace proposals at this time. While von Bernstorff refused to talk about the govern- mcnt's plans it is known the German authorities are not discouraged in any way by the fact that America will not now nrge any suggestions on the allies. On the contrary they bclievo President Wilson has left the way open to act later and henbe they arc apparently encouraged by this fact. EGO AND FOOD KINGS ARE FOUND BEYOND THE REACH OF GOVERNMENT (tiy l'nlit«»,| |fi,--Tlm. r. K I -,_ -. - —„ -, ^. BRITISH ARE CURK>U8, Hy William Phillip Hlmm*. (Htiirt* ('onefipondeut n»f United Pres«,> I'opyrlKht l»l«i by the I'nitml 1'retw With i he HHtl«b Army in the Field. Sninew hcrr In l-Viinco. .Deo. 1*5.— So faf' HS one can >iw> (torniany'M |»eacc pro- hud lilllo effect here. When th»-- , ., , ,-- . , M)Wl , H ,,„,, , iulv , , <ff , lp , , 1<<m When th» \\.-t*, .;I;K Kim. Mho boaalfnt h<- bad Oc , mmn wln .,, w , :!IV e the British army ',;• •''"." 'IP* •;""»'«•'«. «'"> ««tl»-r , hp ,„.„, !„„„„»„„„ <lf the nature of l«*l kuim nre beyond thf rrarh of , hw mwh ,,„„,,,,„,, r |, r | Ht maii preawt (By I'nited Prens.) HoHu, Hul(;:»rla, I>ec. 18. — Occupation of Tereati WUM announced in t*>dny'i» ofllclal statement, Tht« method make« it almoat tester to «p«nd the night ;*|th in* farmer whose roilk h* J« teatin*. Th* required amount of la iwcurod.from each cow and »ft toMinf, btr record la put down on p««e d*vot«d to ber alone, * V.«r. . The oxpvrltnont nbbuld extend over me, tot the end of which, thoro oawii Which have proven profitable can be. kept tujd the undetdrablea dl»|)om'd of. It wan pointed out that the COWN belonging to a member of auch nn us- apclatlon u*u«Hy »ell for about twenty feer Cf«t li»om j th«n the ordinary run. Ttt« proper number of cowa for an a»- •ociatlon fhould foe about tlv« hundred hef4, A duplicate record Is fe«pt of *»pn raw to be aent to the state, all for tho use of the tcat- appar«tu«. He Mit} tl«» cow testing association* It a oompareUvaJy new idea, the, Urm one b*)ng ttarifid In Sweden in 1896, there now btinir IIS amoclationa in ex- ft ia beticr to Iccep ten, gotfd than twenty poor on*, jind it to ftotlcumble that cows belonging to a cow t»*Un§ iMMoclation give •more b«tt«r fat than ltio«* outside, Mr, Nor VMM «*y§ the ftvqroge fanner makes .buf a trifle more than the hired man d**eu for lila own -Work after taking out tt\?e per cent for Wt*r«st on the money lnv»>i»t«J, and H was to his inuwttt tu Study N« «f to get more milk from bin 4n WITvicinity. The Preimumi Awarded, Mrs. .J. If. McMurrny, of Lincoln, uct«d »» Judge of the fancy work and the cooking and canning department* of the .Household Science exhibit. The awardn follow:. Bm»d~l«t. Mm. J. II. Huiiit'K; Ind, Mm, l'"r«iik Allttbuugli; 3rd, Mm. Com Buckingham. tiraham Bread— let, .Mra. Arthur Clturcb. , One-egg <'alce-~l»'l, Mrs. Arthur Church; g«d. Mra, Itov Ki-llor White Luyer f'uko with ..Cocoanut—• 101, Mm Lloyd Thnintt; Sn'd. Mr*. Peter 8. JOHN'S LUTHERAN. Iv c. HitrriH, pasior. Bible Kchocil. In Kora. Bervlcp. ii):30. of Ufp lu Junior C. K.. 2:30. '.Valk- Hcnior raining more bu«hel* of grain to the a»:r* by enrlyhing his soil. :, Owing to the^h^encfe of Prof. Nolan In Prof. Nevun» vva.s givon most of tins time and IT THURSDAY f wo Clinton Men Charged With: Holding Up And Bobbing Fulton. Doctor. Henry Dyer mid John Motlovorn, of Clinton, held In the county Jail at Morrison, UB the robbers who held up W. C. Tanner in Fulton on tho night »f Nov. IS, w*»re taken to Fulton Wednesday by Sheriff Berry ami given their pro- limlnury hearing Ucforo Justice »mith. The prisoners were represented. by u Clinton attorney. They plemled nul sullty «nd in rebuttal of the evidence __ produced againat them took the, atamd j Kohl. and aserted that they were not in Ful» I Hun»bln» Uuitf Cake—lsi, Air*. Uoyd ton on the night of tho robbery, butjThomo; 2nd. Mrs. J. H, llainwt. did not explain Just where they were, Down Fried Cakea-rlai, Mrs, J. li. Their evidence did nut prove ,con« Haliien; 2nd. Mrs. Will Hoover, of innocence, to Justice Smith JJow*n Bugar Cooklea—lst, 1 Mrs. Homer IStrock; and, Mr* 8. H. Uettrhearl. ttaien • MolasHt>8 Cookies—1st, Mr». Arthur Church; 2nd, Men- Homer Htrosk. Apple Jplly—Ut. Mm. Frank Itan dull; Bint, Mrs. Homer Htrock, Currant J«lly—l»t, Mrs. 'Fmnk Itnn dall. Strawberry Preserves—1st, Mr* CJiaa, Burl let t; '.'ml. Mrs. "Homer and 'they were bound -over to await the action of the January'grand Jury under bomUj of Jt.OOO each. .They did not furnish ball, «o will ha conllried on the hill until their cam;« are dl^iMiaed «?• Theae'are tho only prbonera now Jn the Jail waging for the grjiiid_Jury to ff tbi» CHy, (|tanl*y M l*« Jmalt *"l»O(l»r and Htanley Sur- V«r W«r« HMMH94 Thursday afternoon. Wa^ pf ti)#^Chri*tian churen. 4 |ttn Ceremony Just th«- neur Mr. ,ta them. Tfae aAnouuc«<nit»nt which Will be of lnt*r«#t to many people of thl» community if that of UK* ai>- Us-rb«srt of l*ro|ih*t»i»wii. Street iU't the Iti-v. NEARLY 90 YEARS OLD Falber Of F, P, Randall Of f his 6ity Waa type Of Pioneers Of Illinois. V, P. Hundall returned from Kirfcwuud, Warren county, 111.. where he vytta faili-d it week a«o by Uu- UlneHM t»f his' father, t Orlando The father puaned a'wrty ou_ Dec. 12, and the fum-ntl \v«n livid un Thurwiitty at Kirkwooil with H>c bur in I then*. .» ' ' Tho dectwued WHW ««n«'of the pjont-ern *>f the «tttte having cow*- from New York in 1894 arid haUjiYod ciniliiuuiuts- ly' ever sluce on tfie num0 section of- l«iul juxt i-at-i uf lie would haw bven 8« yt-ar* t»f ase had he 4iv- until Jainiiiry 28. Death was'raus- from a sreuwU breaking down du«,»' to his iulvuiu't'd ug»». Mr. Kuintuli ihva>.s b^en « very active man at»l»> to do hix own work, eti;I' to cutting lus* IJWH wouti up to i wo ago. Wince UiuMime tw,l(t»U been ually tailitiK. Mr iVtiulftll hud made iHli>i^i'iu« vl.-il>i with blM HUH Iri this »-ily uiid bei'iune ««CH*iuii^ed witli many Sterling people who wtil regret to Ivurn Itf l)i!~ I f. K., 6:30, "Big Jobs Awaiting UB." U-Hders: l«t J»lv,. Mr Samuel Wa|i-h. Preaching service. 7;30, "Ve-ar* not your own. for ye nre bought with a price," l Cor. 0:19,20. FIRST METHOPIST. - ' Sunday school tit 9:45. Morning wor- *liiy at 10:45. 'Short tnlk hy Harry TlioniHw to the Junior congregntlon. Sermon by the pastor, subject, "Why Was the King Born,?" r'pworth League. 7::oo, louder, Frank Thomw*,' Kv- ening wermon. 7:30, subject, "lireuklng the Monotony." CALVARY BAPTIST, i'onter Klftii street and Fifth avenue. f«:«Ml H. m., Bible Schmd. U:(»0'», in.. Wurchip, Nerinon by our inlitl8t*r».H»n*. , CALEB BURGESS DEAD Pai*«d Away At Tht Horn* Of Hi» Daughter, .Mrs, F. P. Stabler. Caleb llui-geaw Y wa« born «t Irn. i*«y- uga Cuunty. Now Vork, on tlje lirtcentb day of June, IH.14. After tin llln,f><w of thnx- .wwlyi he dii>«| tl-ls morniiiK at ti;45, agetl eighty-two yeuro, his innnlhs and one day, He was the oldest of n family of five children, of whom -'unTy two nurvive, they thr fe>l»tnl lawn, i* »!IP Kiihstance of the report nuMlo public by Ilinion (k C'lahnugb, wpcclttl inveHtlKntor, today, After two weeks delving into the records of tho commlKstloi! liouws and bourn nf ipK'stionliiK of Wet* and other txild utoratfe men, Clahaugli'ii opinion i» that they carefully refrained from any action that would lay them liable lo chaw* of -onspliwy under the federal IUMJ*. KJggn nnd pruduro »rc higher than laat w««ek, but cold weather i« glwn as.the explanation, ' EXPECT MANY ARRESTS Americans and Mexicans Suspected of) present the news was received-; mildly hy the curious Holdlera. "What,? Is his gftme?" WI»H the-frequent query' of odlcon* and men. This feeling per* mental th«> whole nrmy. Nobody takes the proposal* ly, not even the prlvnten. The ntn nr<t classed with the prevloWt^ "Btuntrt of the man who believe self m Icngue with the. Almighty and trtopplnff w«r*t at will." BOATS ARE STANDING LOST WllJiiitn .of Oarvln, la., and Mra. Huth Slildli-8 of C'oleta, 111. The Hurke>»H family t-attie wext In ih«> of IK51 mid jnUtled 'in Pr««i»rves— 1st, W. J 11.110; Miss Told Ilu-k Method «f tVumhig" ]«i MrsJI. J, Fls'k; 3ud, Mr*. l'Y«nk Huri- dalt. f'how Ch»w—fist. Mrs. 4.. L. i'eugh; Jnd, Mrs. i<*iank Ituiuiall Ji*r Wuttw -1*1, .Mrs, A, K. li.UO; 2nd. • Mrw. lOUui Hmivt* Jrd, Mm .Arthur Church, 75 GirU. Under Sixteen. Ueet Ixvar Wheat Jin-ad— 1st, ullvfl church, *I.W). _t«d]ff^Fftnojf Work. • Crochot YoKc Hltc'hln»oti. ' Pillow t'iju»e* with 4'roi-lKH —Ui-l'Tincl Snd, Mra. t'lum. titirtlett. Lunch Cloth with Cnichwt Trimtning —ittt, Mrs. AlU-rt Millirr: 2nd. Mr*. R«y Kellin. '•' ; ——^ T*n f*i<K'C» of Crochet"-l»t, Mrw> P*'t ( <r Kwbi; 2nd. Mr*. <'b»». I't'S Of Trout h: 'J»X- -S*i'»."" cjurn Wullwr. Ten —l*t. Mr*. l-'auvy \\mii ot -*\iiv Ada iVa*ler,r--;'wl. Mrt* Si»t**n. . I>uicn |iuuoiih"U'H 1st. t'huich. fl.OO. iitiv»t Time}- -Katheriut! Mr. (Jarn-tt. 7r3t» p. tn., P«»pjg> iiin. Hev. Mr. Bergp wijl Hpt-uk. H«» i« u ^Ironv,', eloouent arid thoughtful «P«'akpr, He will bring ft vital mea- iwge. The public la cordially Invited. CHRISTIAN, , School at 9: 46 Hunduy Kine, «uiH>rlut«»ndcni. Morn- li>K. i|i« services ut 10:45 ii'cloek; •' Pressing , |''orw»n|." ComiiiunloU ut 11:45 o'clock. Kvenink services at 7;30 o't-lotk; Biilijot-t. "Soul Winnlnjf." township, Tho journey wa» hy canul to Huffulo, tbencw vtu wteatner ttt ?>«• trolt. thence via ox tt«i*m to Michigun t'ity. Indiatui,. thenco via *if«mef l^tke Mic-hignu to t'liicMRo. via to AUroni, (the lerminiiH tind from A u rota by hm we ti-aju to licit- township. lu I8S3 'the sou «'aM> wjirked on u fwrm for 'Jin'.&i* i»er montir > 'uiid ilw same ycwr purchu.sed from the government HII eighty norr farm in (Jcneaee tciwnshtm pnyiiiK $1,25 per acrp for it. Thin dot'd he held at th»» lime of di« death fiu> tsanif tin the day Itf received It from tfncte Kam. anil BO far a« kjuiwn he wiu» the only wit lei- hulding a government 4w4' lor land in th« early hftiew, without u or "murtgage record Hgainat it. <»»» April 80. 1855. h* w«» nmrrird in lt«n»o Ann Coh-onl. to w Inch ..union four children were. born, they being OphHht * U.. 8. Transport Sumner i* Brcak'na Up On the Rock*. - ' . (By. I'lilftnl 1'reiin.) HelpinB Vills. t \vw York, Jf, V., I»«-c. 16.—Follow. By Webb Miller. — ing the .failure of the wireless oppar- (Staff rorri»t.poiident <jf I'nitcd IVcct*.) jntu« on the 17.'H. Trnnspqrt Humner 3 . Kl I'ttso, Tex., Df-c. Ifi.-.Wholpwib.'lit tin- middle of n inKtrngn, thw Iif» nrrextsof AiiH-rirans nnd Mexicann iuTcimivintt nt Sandy Hwik naid that r». ni other potuiH ttionjr the lK»rd*-r «|ui k .it» hud bei-u mttde for a life «av- U f«» ln*eakint; or . tho iH'iuritlity |itw« in Idlng revoliintionwry fac- llo«i» IK |ilannr,| |,y HiH-rcr ' MCrvtPe of the revolutionary juntn* an- undor «gett-ljt-4»»rt until tin American-Mexienn protocol. Positive evld»!iice ban bet n 'rerelved inn crew. ' The crew It in'Mtated will" probaly be linked to t*taitd by to ren* tier wny ne«f»H«iry In ' g«t» *j^ '* tinr tln« crew from the tdilp'which wont.,'*! Villa before the full j»f the northern t'tipitHl and the fedcntl HUthorlticm be)love they canio from the northern *ide »if th»« |>order. A InrKe body of Villltita*' Imve hW;unj? around Chihttabiin !•• the nouth c.uttinK the comuiiinicHtloiix notfh of (h<- Santa ll»M«Jia «4tiid the latter la'now In th« liaml.s of th<» bitiuUtu, PLANYWAS WRECKED Bis F"r« «« Thought to H«v0 Been Caused By Bomb Explosion. tl*y of tht'joti the rock« laxt Monday. jjjt. bvld The nhi|i in -rnt'tilly lirwtkliiK up ac- •nf tin' cordiiiK to HM* Imi'Mt word received™ IKMI- ,uid in in diuiger of going 'to plefi>n. H«»vi-rnl KtenniHhlpar arts in the rartri«U?»-H jii.nt vicinity reiuly to help In the reactl* The' »n « failed about. mid WIIH sent that V, aijcl I-VHH! K. now dcrwiwod, atid Mr«. F. »' Btwbler of this city »nd Mr. Wa H'H K, HlirKe»s yf HiU'liMUfllld, Cnllf. J in tJeneuee was their unlit- 1S"<4 when t|u< luliiily imiv.'d C.» ^terliitiir They rpb-uit-d Ht . i ..,.,.,, „,, unui, imaiin. .Tiuai<. uy UVCinm until (li(rt ili^atll of ill«. ijtmrteite' Sunday: U:3V), Sunday Hc.liool l<t;<r., "Heraldtt oi the King." Thursdiiy: 7:3«, plnut «»f «h*» IdewelLvn Iroii Woik« wrecked by an "xplotiion of »ri(iit,oiMi. Nn Hve« .buv fd lust , That I ho i<\p|iiKiou anil Ore was* of i»ii""iuceiidiary origin und pro- (Hllily from -4 .JRHS Inunb IH the theory of- (he p«>l|ce HWI»UK«> there w»w no labor tmuble. IhfOreason tot .Ibo ii]Lr hic«ndiuri«m i« "••»»i'"«- >• work. tiilfhl It WIIH "launching po — " Mtipposi»(t power t» ui IN. Cill'l \\'«'lnn and (it litemberfi i>f tlifl cr^w of tho Summer, aground nn* n»r» ne«ut, N J. abatuluu^d. lh» ubip. Part* of lhc* rn-w wnti taken aboard I lie rov- enu«« cutter HuiK't-a- and tho oth*r« u-pn» tukeu by )lm rw»Mt guard' crew ( t(j '|| WORK OF JLACK HAND Hundred Person* Driven Fr«jm Th»|p- Homes In Itslian Quarter Today. (Hy United PreaH.) .. Ill,, Deo. |6.-~<Jne liutidred .laititily clad, were driven'li to tlMv»jtreet «arly thl« morning by »'xpfo»ioii which wrecked four in the houtli Hide Italian li«><ipl« were carried from ,th« .btiildingit by the police an4?1 l-VWa>: 7:3«. nms. i'iiu-1 tuii)UH-nt. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN, SMmiuy School, i»;f»i»», ni. Preailt- Mi». ll'itu, Miibjrci, "The Ht'Hultx «tf a Hpirit Filled LuV." «', \\ f . Sot-ic.ty. «•30. i'tvarliui^, T:3M. sub>H-t, "The Par- i4bl«!-w(-4h^ Virgins." , BIRTHOAYJIWNER L;tst evfiiing • u pit>usant birthday Mirty wns givt-n HI Uie home of Mrs, Jrac-i* Cnrpeuter, in-Muiuir.o( her birt'h- Jwy, Thv evening wa> t>tH-nt,ii> i»lay- Jul> S*i. ug cards and. g)un<'«, after which u big dinner was • surviHl, The tubk- (ItH'uiatt'd in »'vd «in<l r«*c<»ivtHl jovtu> pr«-tl> birtlt- aiul the g-»»d wMieh, for *- hwppy birthdays. ' . niiict* wbl li tlmt* Mn lived with His daughter, Ml**. Stabler. Mr. HurKiwn united with the <'hri»* ti<m church lit H76 «nd- b.»« nUt>t>v> be«n' ult ilitei't-sted ninl >>up|-o|iiu» tnrmht i i'f tb;U vbuivlt, iliw lailli ,\as tilcaillii;,! and Mh Imp.- ulw«>x biigbt. Iff wa« u man of the ,Uigh«>:<t integrity. 1U«. waa H .strtms adn irmir hutur*-." an«l ue\pr H t»md"r, moil- un»eltUn tiWfi lived JHis warm Hiui gtMiial luitiiH' nu{<(») him ot' frientlK, •Be«lilf« it in br«»ihvr. HJbter, aud two children ho also leavci* six grutuicbiidren: IMlH. ICinniu, KariH'ot «it«l \VU- It ia -helievetl Ihe explosion .wa« tl»* • work of the bltti'k Iwjid. G»a Jetft j turned on iu'the home of Fred His Hone. Mayor Thompson Would Send Sunday Tim |ov« IP »>stnouttHi at $100.«<IO. 'Saloon Violators To Prison. /!*v t'nited Pf.i?. > ('hu<ii;ii. ill, IUM. Hi -Mavor Tti.<mi< *«»u iniiuiiuMx-il t'xlny tiwt he will ^.wk an lUm'niliiK at to (b» IJIinotH lytiuiii flot-ltlg |.»v. Uiti.iliK H ii- ci'tliliiutl »»!'• I««n8f for .» >;iliH)iil.M ( »|,cc to opt-it hl-^ . ,,. ,^. ,, pUiri n|' tui.sitM'Si. on Suuiluy. ||t> K»id jthr>>»- IHI.-I|IIVHH blorkn in the vtllHgt* of, ht> Mill .'U'lc lor ;»• peitiilly t>| fi«ui < lo livt' jiMr:, for vivlfiiion nf ihi> },» NEEDED OUTSIDH HELP tlyin Fire Oop«rtW*Ht Baved Ha Buildiryj in Tpwn ot M«ii)h«ttan. " tHy llttltwl Pr«sii.) Ill, Ot'O, I*.— Ktnp i Mntihatt^u, Will Tbt Pioneer of Sterling, Passed* Away thi> at Early Hour. Mrs, Ma»> Slolb df(.:»it<d thi^ tlii:t limriiii:,; at :>;!& o'vloi-Jv itt home 011 Filtrcnth iivrnu* 1 . ufi«T <v •itb WJ*H due to J1OHU M'lWUl j'^Uli' III*' -i jvolliiitm-i Ilic it-Jidltltieill w i tvuiliiiK and. HHI f > <ill ; wt>t«< l.lolirt Iff i t'tHtiity.' early ti |o,-« '•.-.! tin<iti<d tn->. a \V >tva»:li iir itiiiiteu an<| cifuit;: .i»f th.8 t) UU- ac'llt tu Ut'i' imin SiahliT, and Kdim -and Howeil WHS IttV maty A \i»ti>imTt, told u» j'su'filay irci'ertvd to w« go ur wli.t1a\vji to cvailiiijf tin- our HIM- IM S in l a«vrvi«-v» will }ic fo ert by Hi>v. J. \\. Uolibnis of the tion I'-litirt-h ut the iijfti<|ehi"< > tif IM«I;' Fourth WVCIUH-, .M at 1-:3*J, WOULD AIQ FAMILIES j rouble «»»tl from a u^iicrui Ij down. MUI.V Howers wu* Imrn in t'er- " March. !>li«' t-aint- tu lse v%a«. iiiniiit twenty ;«KI', and slsmtlj nfter >«iiv Wheu 4 .>ilf hut* Kpejit Wttll tin' »'.vocplio|| |>J' j*-^rsi «f iiiiu 1 to nil of ,t few ip Hock Kiiilw -HKUTU'd Jolill li of . Thw ajrivai prev* l tit*'il the « TEACHER DROPS DEAD <f{y I'liitwl PICKS' I Aluy»«l»'rb»«rK,- of Harvard noted (iriinan pH IS.- i'rof. lit Ut<delift*t> college toduy tt( TO RESTORE If «* An up Only 6 M^re li^i' m -Itht {UI K' : »-><IH> W* k Ahull tx* itu 1 tajviiiu's n( ilesisi'd' lu lju\f ytui I'jutl .lint ><«•*< our I HIM \ ti»g ui) tii^ bii»il*'j' \\,i l»ti'tHii«'i'i! < -IH f it tlif i-. nun-' rhil'lri'ii, four of tlu-tu |uv IUT t»i th>> t>thri thoiv, Tl«>t>*« |iuin»iii,iH'iit I«T -••Ai'c, Ali'h, Hciit* -I'ujjet. u»t*i' -\li*K.-A»i!iiv Walki-r. 1*. S>i«lit HIM! Sopluii >,iil Stotii Mv S^ttiil" liu'd mitt' > > <u t« <»K<' "' (| lajit Mrirch • Tl'«- fuiu-MH will »»»• iu-I MooJuy .itfi-i tiooii ui, i; <t't'l»r|k »>u th ll-'lllf I'M V ii,IJ(»t! i,f ifif C.iU.d v Mi'l sili tl<'*f| lJ<t't!-' ( I'Uuifh \\jy itjln i.iti- v' In -i '• ibf.tK''<! Hlu! ll'tlt i-l "-tlVt f JtK* ' .! F t. ;. l<'|"Ut Hi from itrtiiy ftfc, to ')«« I •iluy unit 'le^tori'il iu;<iiri" witli an J /;' b> r I bo »i ti,..n umsjj i"I lit Kl •*< t" tit*- I>uki- t,f tcilris tif tliy ufn'H|ilur«-'J will (,^ ; ir.',i ' tu . '•?.< i| Mtin*

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