Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 1, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1944 Man In Furnace Was Found Just in Time To Save Life Greenwich, Aug. 1 —(UD—Pollee found William J. MlcTa-y of Stamford hiding in » furnace, and the /•hnncc discovery snvctl I-llckcy's life. The of'lccra hn<l been culled to tho home of Stiinrt Moud when a holghbor noticed a !iK>'t In the hou.Ho when the funnily WHS away. After searching the place for moro than an hour, one of the olll- cers happened to open the furnace door. There wns Hickcy, wedged In »o light he couldn't move. He had to be pried out. Tollco Chief John M. Glcnson said thnt if Hickcy had remained In the furnace much longer, an automatic hot water heater would have turned on and he would imve burned to donth. He was sent to jail for three months on burglary charges. Funerals of Mrs. lOldon Ituhs frunernl services for Mrs. Martha (Larson) Rohw. 33. wife of KUlon V. noh.t. former Nnugutuek resi- dentji will be held tomorrow nfter- non nt 2:30 o'clock at the Salem Lutheran church with .Rov. \\'\\- Iliini R. Frondbei-g olilciiiting. Interment will be in Grove cemetery. Mrs. Kohs died suddenly eiirly Saturday morning at her home in DCS Molnes. .Iowa. FrlJind.i mny cull nt the Alrterson funornl homo, 201 MiMidow street, frorn 7 to 0 this evonlni;. '• Rallrondti moved 7,3. r iO,()on cur.-! of j bituminous coul in 10-10, .1!' these I cars were strung together in one } train. U would enclrcl" the globe three timer?-- Part Of The Harvest Of Jap Dead On;Ouam v^pr.^^p,, ~^,^,^.^ ^ ., »^-^----~^- AIBn ~,-~^,~. 1 < w ^™. r r***! »SaB*^<-5», '.' .."<;• *' ? w*tkVSKi '^^t^t^m v \^*--<Zt$ ^ ^M^^n^j.^itfs^^r'M,,.^^ , Torn iintl slinUorrd liodii-M that n.scd <o lx> invading ,J.ip soldiers until our artillery fire oaiiglit them uro pictured in i\ llttlu de-pression on Guam just a* U. S. Marines found tluini and lufl tin-in for liurlal .squads. Tli<"ii; wore- among tltn first riit-niy troops ti> full wlien our forces .seized, tin: initinl l>c;:icliln;ails and MVcpt inland. Tlic campaign continues, but It is past tin: decisive stages and. we a-ris using the airfield on Or«t<> jirnliiMiila mid the naval anchorage In April liarliur. U. S, Marine Corps photo. (Intcr- natlunal Sormdplioto) Chinese Woman Was Made Priest Of Church Of England Ch;- . . »r»* >v« i thr hand nt Ihr i t'luolTrlr In Wiid PIERPONT'S -I ittll IHM< London. Aug. 1—(UP)—A nose woman has broken ba that have sioru! for ceniut-ies against women entering the priesthood Of tho Church of England. A tup editorial in the church newspaper demands that the woman priest—Miss Lei Tim Oi be ousted. Tho editorial also severely criUeixos Bishop R. O. Hall of Hongkong f^r disregarding tradition antl confirming her ns a priest and empowering her to givi: communion, Lei Tim Oi serves n congregation Kt Kovvloon, where she formerly was u dcaconnys. When Japanese occupation prevented Church of England clergymen from reaching Kowloon to administer communion, Bishop Hall turned "to Lei Tim, Oi. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 House And Lot Here Are Sold According to a warranty deed filed in the olllce of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John this morning. Clarence Noble sold a solcl and lot on Shirley avenue to Anthony !£. Rcbcllo. U. S. Rubber Co. Wins 4 To 1 In Softball Tilt .tn I.O'IO there wore ST.C'.ST.OSO persons living in tho 02 cltiev. In the U. S. with population's of 100,000 or more. The United States Rubber Co. Softball team defeated the Eastern Malleable Iron Co. unit last night at Recreation field, •) to 1 in a Xaugatucl; Industrial league contest. Celello held the Iron men to a single run and only two hits,'while his teammates put the game 01 ice with four runs on seven hits Rowley caught for the "U. S." tean with Frank Klonoski calling tin. balls and strikes. The Naugatuck Chemical defeat ut! tho Risdon Mfg. Co, club by the count of -I to 0. Urasbka and Booth wore the battery for the Cnomicn, with the former having a no-hii game until the sixth, giving ; up 2 hits in the last two innings. 'The third contest of tho night brought the Lewis Engineering Co in a 7 to 3 victor over the Bristo' company. J. Woocllleld and R Tiskus were the 1 Lewis battery with the lutter getting «t triple with three men on base. Tho three- winning teams arc still in n. three-way tie • for tho eado.t-.ship in tho second half of he league, each having won four games while losing but or.e. U. S, Army Air Force Observes 37th Birthday TOWN circuit miss Colchester, Aug. 1—(UP)—Town Clerk John Condi-en i.s d-;;ul after a short illness, Condren had been town i-lerk of Colchester for the past 3H years. He leaves hi.-s widow- and two daughters. Wishing Won't Make It So! Vi'S, you linvf (.n act. .But when you ;icf, thrniiyh n Xt;\vs \V;mt Ad you can gel •\vluiL you wmt. U'lit'l JUT it.'s ;i tyold (ool.h pick or ;i pink .-'tide Ifiiic 1 you can almnsl, ;i!\v;iys [ocuiu it liinu.igli a U'.;mli.-cl-t(i-Kuy ,A<!. ' A\'heii you exilic down to it, it is al- uiosi like ;i wish comu true. All you have to do is to pick up your rucL'ivL-r and call 'J2'J8, \V"h(;ov'er iiiiswiM's tlm pliouc: will l>o tililt'.to lake your Ad au'd yi\ - c- you I lie exact .sur\'ice you Try a NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WANT AD TODAY Washington, lA-ug. 1—(UP)—The United Sta-ten Army Air force is ) reccivfng congratulations today on j-its 37th birthday. A Sifin-il Corps order in 1907 created what it called-an aeronautical division. Its assignment was to s-tudy tlic flying machine and the possibility of adapting it to military purposes. In ",7 yon'r.s that aeronautical division has grown from a staff of throe men and no pki-c^ to a f toUil personnel of some 2,000,200 and more than 75.000 planes. An A-A-F a-n.nivers.-ny announcement rfveaJs ill at the 3-1,000 combat nircrnft of the force make • it the largest and' most potent air army in the world. Tomorrow is another anr.ivcr- fary for the Army Air force. the Aeronautical division acccptci its first military plane. It was two-passenger ship designed u:u built by the Wright brothers. Tuday'.s E-29 Superfortress 'has enough power to propel nearly 30i plfines fue'li as that first one. And thu Superforl's scvora.l hundrec motors and instruments arc quite a.n improvement over the equipment of the original army flying machine. The first plane's only instrument was a piece of cotton twine between tho skids to serve as "U turn." and bank indicator. One of tho first do/.cn or so youths ;isi'ig-ncd for .army flight .raining was a. young man named Hnni-y Arnold. He was one of the iivt three officers to c.arn wings. Today, the ''Ulii.'f of the world's r.ightiest air force is thnt same man—General H. H. Arnold. July Report Of Local Red Cross s Submitted Jttss Mary C. Claffcy, It. N.. of Nsiugaluck chapter, American Red Cross, has issued Ihc following-report for the month of July: Now patients, (58: patients dismissed, 3!t; total nursing calls, 31.2; number ,'ttlonclin^ woll-baby conference, 20. PrimariesAre Being Held In Four States Today (By l/nitcd Promt) .Voters in four stales—Missouri Virginia, Kansas, and New York— go to. tho polls in primary .elections today. , ,-. •• . ^ . „,, f -.,.; ',,. ' Major' Interest centers' on. -New York, state, where .Representative Hamilton;.Fish'.is fighting- for-.rc- nominution on; ;thc . Jlepublican ticket..- Fish- "has" boon denounced by- both Governor Dewey nnd Wendell' 1 . -Willkie•-for. allegedly, bringing religious-and racial issues into his campaign, • . ..-•.Fish, a vcternn of 23 ycara in congi;eas,.-is opposed in New York's 29th, district by Augustus Bennett, a .lawyer.-,'-Bennett also is the un- opposod'ycandidalc of both the Democratic and American-Labor parties. His name will be on the fall election ballot whether 1 or not he .wins, the Kcpublican nomina. tion. ; '• . .'• . Second in importance to tho New York contest is Democratic^ Senator, Bennett Champ Clark's light for ronominatlon in. Missouri. Attorney-General Roy McKittrlck has waged .a strong campaign against what he calls Clark's pro- war isolationist record. Elsewhere on the political scene— Representative Clare Luce, of Connecticut says she plans to seek Another-term .in the. coming, congressional election. The Republican congrcsswoman is said, to scoff .it reports-that she fears a'purge by the CIO Political Action committee. Previously, friends .said Rep. Luce might not seek rcnomination because.of the resignation of her political adviser, J. Kenneth Bradley,, us chairman of the Stale Rc- pubJic.-in Centra.! committee. In Washington—Congress formally ends its live-week cess today. House and senate members arc under pressure from both Republican and Democratic leaders to yet down to work on recon- version legislation. Meanwhile, 'Governor Dowoy carries his Republican campaign for thu presidency into the middlc- wust today. Dewey is due to arrive j in Springllcld, Illinois, this morn- I ing to confer with business, labor and agricultural leaders. It is the second stop of his 'first campaign .swing. Yesterday, in Pittsburgh, Dewey charged that the Roosevelt administration was unable to cope wild the pro-war depression and luis no plans to prevent post-war unemployment and economic disorder. The next stop- for Dcwcy will bo St. Louis, for'a conference with 23 other Republican governors. On the Inbor .scene; The War Labor Board takes action today on another labor dispute in'vol'ving Montgomery' Ward and Company. Over two-thousand Wiird employes have struck .to protes alleged company violations of tho wage ;ind flour Inw. The walkout has closed three Ward stores In Detroit and threatens to close 'mother. Democrats Win In Election Held At Stonington Stonington, Aug. I — (UP)—Democrats have taken every town oillco in the biennial election at Stonington—breaking a Republican rule of four years. The voting was light— only about one-third of the eligible vote. The now warden is John Lopes— a machinist at the electric lioat company in Groton. He defeated .Republican Charles B. Palmer, 2G-1 .o 221. ecause of uniform, drainage, nsuN .h,'is_no natural .hikes. ." One Case Today In Borough Court Lynn E. Chapman of Abbott avenue, Watorbiiry, forfeited a $30.00 bond this inorning in borough court. He was arrested by Oflicor Carl Carlson of tho stale police n.nd chnrged with operating a motor vehicle without a di-ivers' license. BJJY..WAB BP>'J)S W ANU STAMPS AH Aboard -For "Conference Kn routo to the ooi'iforcnco of 20 Republican'coycrriors In St. Governor Tlioimis 'K. .Dewcy, G. O. P. presidential nominee,'-and Mrs. Dewey sire shown on the platform of their special car just., before leaving .New ,1'orls wUh.-stopovers-l-at severul' cltles..^(lnternftUon»l). War : .A Year Ago August 1,1943 o- (By United More than 175 U. S. Liberators from the Middle. East devastate oil"fields in Ploestl region of Romania; drop delayed explosive and .Incendiary 'ml«»lles ifrom heights of. loss ,than- B50. feet. Seventh, U... S./ Army, captures ;nlne, key. : towns In,,. Sicily, i and 'threatens to • ,f)ank tho northern end. of. Etna ..line; . CriliBh First Army, .breaches, German, defenses : in front, of Catania. In .KtiBsia, the Bed nrmy .tightens iU;. grip, on".,the German-held bnso, at. Orel, advancing, up, to seven,.-miles; captures more than 100.: populated, areas. • Dr.-..Joseph Gocbbels, 'Gauleiter of Berlin, orders evacuation of- all persons from that city not obliged to remain for military reasons. New Britain Man Held On Charge Of Embezzlement . Hartford, AUK. I—fU P)~The head bookkeeper of the Park Street Trust company—Francis • W. Mc- Lauffhlin of New Britain — Js charged with embezzling .more than ?0,000 Ti-pm" the' bank. . , McLaughlln is 'bcinK held on n Superior court bench warrant and will be arraigned in September, He .was employed at the bank for 35 years, and was arrested . after IL complaint made II) the slate's attorney by the state bank commission,. Albania, is Smaller than West Virginia, having 37,37'J square miles, while West Virginia has 21,170 square miles. Swore at PILES But Now H« . ..t. T>« tlHon' . -. lnllBfli Mt ni(<^l rllnft. n pntn, Hi'li, mrff}"n ft°l «u tffl II.00 lul»» Tltrtrnlen _ (>Inim*nl if*1nj.~ Or ir*l th* *«» tm^ - T"(ji>rnttin fc Minor H*rt*l Hnimo«Iti»u«^fi*'l aw cent* cor.. Tn POCTCmr wi/ftjgR Ladles' Buxton . . ..« • . ., ; <T«r. Included) >",>.•„. SCHNEER *& CRIOIT Jl^" GKKATKR SKRVrCK , ,-. from .your clolhen when UM|i arc: cleaned regularly by o%| expert workmen. 1'rompt wr *D. LIEBERMAN 20 CHURCH STREET i five minutes are up. Now / have to buy some bonds." ''•• : ~~- •'•: ' > '.. ....-• : ,. ; • -. .• -•. . i : ,- -•'• : : f ^Please limit your call to 5 minutes" i s -« g0 od sugge^ tiori for these days uheii Hie lines are crowded with calls to distant oul-otV^late points. ItV a friendly, thoughtful act that helps the other fellow-^aiid then some day turns right around and helps you. « NtW TELEPHONE COMPANY

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