Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 8
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f*W* BIGHT. STERLING DAILY -GAZETTE FRIDAY, DEC. 15, AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. GRAND-Today Pauline Frederick in "The World 4 s Great Snare" Also Bray Cartoons SATURDAY Edmund Breese in "The Weakness of Strength* 1 MM* Special Guaranteed Attraction "It's Good Just to fct Alive" AMUSEMENTS. * , Home of the Pipe Organ Vaudeffe TONICfeT-VATOSVILLE Three great acts. Don't fail to bear the Cosmopolitan Trio, srng-ers. Great. tKit tsrrit-t thrilHoe ptrturr. "The Ti"'!»««rrtiw mornlnc. *| "flat rbll* «t«-n> nhow, 9:30 tn 11!:<W a. m, Mntl- itf-o ?:«<} t«i 5,00 ji ra. NijBht. thr**e }<U flhotirf. 7;*»0 tw lT: Monday* F«*s. .Inn* 1 _ t!f Mtfjf Happiness." Tur-jMlay, Heten »»tm«-* In "Thf MRC-r "f the ^ * A"; wditl f«-sttirf» m».*l« WE MADE A Remarkable Purchase of the Entire in _"Mt_- thriller. flay. i ^ MAC ViTtYX5i)LEN6n) PRODUCTION- AN-f;'!:.>?n.NT >vrvM Kl. AW J5f ["HLANorsi A DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HATJ. Every Monday Even! OB F">m 8 to 10 P. M. Pur prh'»t« Jwisons call H. H. KEI.LEY. Bell phono 430R Remaining ^Stock of f f Plush and Velour { Bi'-KATE .t T>10Mi>SON With 2SILDE2D JEEOBffiB Aglow with the SunshSne andjloyjuf Life Ho Play in this Generation haa'Made & More Direct Appeal to Uie Better Side of Human Nature n N«W Yorfc City, 6 monthii in • monts in tondon ^ NOT A IIOVINQ ftlCTUjBB_ » _____________ .......... • • Seats on sale now at the Sterling Pharmacy Pries* 25c,-^0c, 7Sc, and $1.00— Rfatinee 256 and 50c Mail OVd«r« Aee*mpani»d by Money Order* Now R«w»tved cademy of MONDAY, DEC ISlii - Don't Miss This W 5. P. CHURCHILL (Inc.) i» N*¥f Musical Comtdy of Youth . S with OUV6TT1 HAYNCS and &$ KIDS . A Fountain «f Youth 23» Kids-A Bevy of Pretty Girls —Kids 25 a l.»l.' ' , .*«jf 8 - 8)9 Sc*n««. 8—18 - Song Number* -18 A Carload of Scenery uutl. Kflftx'ts AND BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES Com*, Let U« Carry You Back for a Sp*c« to' fchildhood't Happy |JMy» and Ihi "Llttlo Red Schwf Houie of Yor» and Then Via « Draam to th* Year 193S. ' Scats tiow Miiing at the St*Hin 9 Pharmacy. f NEWSmfcBlEF 1 *)•__,-- I I II LTl"-''-.T- -1 ' ~f FIRE IN POLO STORE. Fire ortRintntlnR It Is though_ cross*-*! fl«>elrir wfrp. in thf brtjfl'mpnt of the Strnwn buliclInK In i'olo, t\t- tir&yed a portion of tin* interior of thf *tructur*. inclntllng t\»* Mock of thf j»olo Candy t'o.. «»wn«1 by O. 1*. I'nulrw. at 3 o'clock y«rt«»rdny morttliifr. Thr buihliii? \sAilctt is ttn> |it\i)H>rty of Thomn* Htrawn in not Imrtly dnmnRvd th»> pxtrrioft but the fir* wrought, TOTTf? iiilt-HiiTJlxiim's RTTiT through th<» flwdf in nevrrat Th«> dHmtttrw to tho building will amount U» wwwl hundml dollars. Thf> principal Ions I* th«» «t«wk of cnn- rtfr«' and fixture* of tl«» I'olo Candy Kitchen, 'which was ruined. Tho ex«ft amount of tho 16w» »» unknown, but it mny total U.OOO or more. DIED ON HOSPITAL STEPS. 1*, F, Wieiit-kP, Sr., for many yeniw a rrnldciH of Itocholta was found dead on th*» Lincoln honpllHl stops nt Roch- *4lo about 4 o'clock- W«Hlnej«day nft^' mum Mr. and Mr*. Wlerwhe moved tu ChlcHRo live monthN ago. He natlr* tnl from nctivn buidne* months kso oil nrcQtiitt of III htwUH. H« vm» fii>rt with th«» I*. Hohcimd«»l. Jr., »l««tit <»f ttorhvtlit. HP fUtemlPd the l*n«t MiiKtcr'M dc«^r«*p work in the Miw- onic; naij^rucndny night and bin »udd«n ' " OH a i?rcat shock "la -*-'many GARMENT ^OATS at 66% cents on the Dollar • You Get the Benefit Sale Starts Tomorrow Morning at 9:30 EVERY ONE A MASTERPIECE IN STYLE, MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP Don't Fail to See the Window Display^^ Tonight 111 WE EXPECT TO SHATTER ALL RECORDS -FOR CO At SALES TOMORROW— WE oug-ht to sell everyone of these coats that comprise this special purchase, , WE BOUGHT TIJEM AT 66 2-3 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR BY TAKING THE ENTIRE lot—and we are going: to give them to you on the same basis. Without the least doubt, / these are the greatest bargains in coats you'll find this season. WE WANT YOU TO SEE THEM-YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO RESIST BUYING WHEN YOU DO i ' * . , This special purchase comprises the latest- and snappi§st models, with alPthe newest style touches—and the smartest fur trimmings. They come in handsome plush and velour -fabrics. Some are plain models with fur trimming, others are belted and full flare models. PASTOR'S Ilev. C. I*. Plandeh imatw of aptiMt church at Rochetle wan <e<6 tn ledra from hi* nixtoen*y«ar»ob) Oauf{ht«n "MJ»8 Helen Flamler » f«|f dayn ago that M!IP had Htolen a way' and been united in marriage to* Fay H«r* tort, manager of th* Western Union Co. office in Bochelle. Tho wan 'a pupil in th« "TniWIc Kohool at noohplle, and is mid to nave kept thp newt w*-ll. t*hc wppearlng in the school room several times after the '< wedding. ,"" _ In a »ote to The OnVtt*, W. W. Davi» calU atteo^^n to & sketch ip Sunday School Time* of Dec; % of Mat* thew B, Riddle, profeanor tn Wentern Thwtloglcnl Seminary at Plttuburgh. His daughter was marflt?d to Bev, M«ad« C. .William*, |>a8tor of Preaby- terlan church from lP§5 to 187J,-and about 1870, *<he theologrtah m««e a vlait to SterllnK, and on Sunday, baptised one of their children. His loud voice and peculiar manner made a profound on aa audience now almost disappeared, In every detail they are beautiful coats—remarkable values at the low prices--come and sefothem and try them on. ^ ..^ • * .. ' " f This Special Purchase Includes $75.00 S a V hichg0011 $40.50 • e w<»»C on $55,00 $50, $3785 $40. .$35tta££* $30. »•-* go on •>•.,,, on $26.48 on $22.85 TODAY IN lUUNO.Ijl HISTORY. On DM?; IB, 1778, Oeor«e Roger* Clsafy, given » <H'!»»i»V* tsownM«»loii W i%tri«?k Henry of^Virglniag? V ,- LE. Van Epps, M.D. " " 10 wid U» *'. Jewaby Slore MARTHA FRY, ^ Th* Stariina Chiropoditt, , MRS. EMMA GRAY, First t'taiw C'hlro|H)rtist with *!is» Pry, 1!0,W. 4th St, Bolt Phon* j83?-« 0ANTUN ROCK FAUtS. ILL. B, T; FERGUSON INVC8TMINT BONDS Net 4 to 6 LOANS INSURANCe 310 Lawrence Bldg, Storting, til. g^? jFf^"^'?^^"_ A — '.:•!:• "•'-—_—r-"- T-. ~ / ^_ J. Palmer " Attorney at X«w- ' State Bank Buildijog MONEY BY TRADING AT THESE STORES 1916 600D ODAI^ »pelte comfort On days like today. Our KENTUCKY 8 INCH BLOCK Is one good brand. SOFT COALS from $4J5 j*er ^n up - ~- y .„ ^OMPT BEWVBRY * jf X*"**^ • Moses Dillon Conipany i i^^ t ^^ JKtm! Coal Yulc-an Coke THE SUNDAY FORUM. W. R Horse has been doliver a ta"kk before fhe <?«)vcry Baptist .«hur0it commencing at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. hail been KjiendlnK most of bin time in the uaat Jew year* in ovange- work and he will have aJKip vital l Httttl«tlcs ta* tali 'at tluw aervlce fit hut talk. The Forum -Is fr«« to cv- one «nd every one J» o«rdiatiy in« vltcd tu uimruj, Mr, pprse l» Haid 'to bo an ii)tc>re»Unjf speaker and b<* will doubtle«« pxtead iii« remarks to many l|Ul>B8 OUt Of lllO JS08JK)M{|0«Kl>t. BELOW ZERO AGAIN ofltcial * ihwrnoratiler Mf C'. " ref Ittored 8 below n.lghl, the same , 8a Wodnoaday Might ' which >*•«» thje coldest ot th» wintff. During -.the' night, however, wetrmiMi ui» feuftletantiy for a tittle more SHOW to fall and at f o'ciiwU this mo.rn- Jpg the mercury ti^d,ajimb*d M> 4 above aasro. Th.o t.'hlcago weather, bureau for t(»J»y wa« an follnwa: CH i n- lair tonight and Snturriuy; cold- fir (oultfJit* In tin' northern iMiition; rial lift' leinitemMro Huturduy. ROPER FURNITWRp; CO. A i wirgiuiisitHoji J»i»« OPc it ia I'lniumJ, by which tho oftkUals of th't> Kour-r Furniture C»u, which went Into tho huuiU uf a r«ceiv* l r ^otnt- tiim- is«n. ar«> ? t« f<i*um* th* man- u{ furniture for the* trade at It in ei&inifed -that incur* couwrn applied lor NORTH AMP^ICAN UNION. At a ousting of thp ta«mbji*r» of' CfiV ; H. A. l\i<M<'V lust night, Uu> vf o'dk^r# 'wus ^wiw ' v* ith. : iiu* .' MTS. Annio. IH'liu Kw?ft«; umi i-vtl.t>i*ior, M»'i». -Kdiu LITTLE LOCALS, Woodruff'* Studio for Xnum |»hotoa.» Ml«a Myrtle Smith U confined to her homo on account of «lckiu<HM. A Victor record w»ke» a lino I'hrisl" .maw protwmt. Murdon'a.* K. M: 3t|oh left Thumdtty'morning for New York after ttpcndintr ncveral w«tikH hero ut • the homo of Dri and Win. Wllklns. 1 am prepared to nerve lunches At ail »al««. Call at \Hiti D« Mark's restaurant.* ' . Dr, and Mra, Wlndstitt. of i'rophftH- town, upcnt Thursday hers with friend 8. A Victor record makea a tine t'hrlst* man pr«s»nt. IJjjrdun'M.* ' ftlra, Ituy (Jreene ]}»• oonnneii tu iier homo on Hccttunt Alt the late»t ut Killcii & P«_^__^ Walter Oiffrow w«?nl! to Aurora Thursday morning wheru l.u> will vMt frlenda. "Oet on tl»o bund wugoii.*' 4oin'"(ha &!o«w«. f)j)cn chartpr fur a short tlmw. WoodrufTs Studio for.Xmaa photot. Itei-ltul in aiurtlo J. W, Johnxton ]Hi«u>oiictl until Friday evt», Dec, 2!!.* ' Mis* Forbes went to Chicago thU morning for a, wefk mid vlntt. Mr. and &lr«. M. It,-Thucknberry went to Chlcafio thin morning for a tihort viait. Mr, Htiij Wr«. v Frank Uuiulnlt; who have be«»n much Intcirested-^n tho county -^farmfrs' institute for yt^r», were itoats for the \vet-k fur «umo of the workers at thn institute thia week. Including Mr- and Mrs, J..I* Pvugh-uf t*olett>, Wi.s. Orren lleiu of Morrison. ;»ntj Mrs. J. H. ateMurray of Remember the cant «ale t»u »t Uu.v amv und cave money.* Frances t'hriKtinn. teacher of )f» Klllw Poritvfdt keyhojird Imrmony, at Clui«o t^onsorvatory pf tl. W. Whit«» w«-nl to Ciuunpnlgu Fri> day for a f?w daya' **• c ' w * rtl VrW»y in Morrison mi J'earl Thompson left Thitrmlay inura- lu«- for Moliile, Ala., whrV*' ,i»P will th» winter. Huwkc't Imll, Ml. Murild High v«. j mllng Hlgit, Friiiay nljjiH, vy. f;t>fl'p. m, '"&f,* very With bronchitln is now iuljM'ovinft;. IA»r «Hli v — HvuuKhuId - BOO«}», rugs, Htijvt'fe, dinliiK roDitr fisrniturc, furiuture, kitchen outiti. 1'rh'jUB . until Mtiltl. £lv f!. Af Ovwr suvut tiu« day J» Slunison on Imsini'sn. Mr.-*. I.tiuiHitl Stalfui'tl loft thia (norn- ing for iH-nver whvre Khu wil an 'uxtt-uded vit>U. HiiiiH .i-otiking nwlo Xitturrtttji*. h'twv i{^f.*tc|jall«. Jtoy»' MI'Htary t'lub.* \Vwrrfn- BUI-JJOHS arrived how today from f^lifiifiUM, being call«U ii«%> by thf Mt-rious llliii'.-iw »»f iiiK fathw, Mr*. John 1'fatt w<:i)t to Ctiic-a>;o Ihia for u wd'irt' busuit'«» visit. ',' in A W. if. ()|i]tolt| returned hom« W nttjftluy <iv«'iiiuB after »»pendJng «w'v« dnya in. Chicago on bualnems. I>arRfst. and * b«»t avyortmtnt Ciir»«tma» slipper* at K«len*'4b l»»tertf;«j " Chan, Hopkitison wpnt to Ami morning wn huaineas, " miui'H. Buy now and nave money,* A V'itXor record m«kc« ft Jine Christ* Harden'** . .. '.. ^i BIRTHS Mr. und Mrs. C'h»«t»r Cw<Jtj day morniutf at th Qoed EXOM* for My little daughter^ iv** «p»talr« flf ^ Inking (she might N iu rolsrWet, *" quietly ent«r«d ihe r«pie ^;her§ *^ was nlaylnjf, «ud liiscoyei-etl »ha wt«^- throwlng water on the psMemby, After being naked wi}«t «he wag doinf that fur, nlw M)d; "Oh, I'm fooHBg 3 juamnja; they all ttuk fribttas. i?# tial), •'Air, .VIorris High vs. .Vu.Hoiy, ,j!i.'jii FARM LOANS '*' • S, 7 or 10 yf*r4» Mil t»,|J06 p*r ««r« if 8*9ufUy wy«rrant« MORTCAQE§ FOR SALE JOHN m STAGER Law offie* 8t«g«r i'h'i> * MI8PRINTEQ. t ''fruit htiiad" L*!lt«'U' it Mhotlld il i x in Wuotlutuii' Iiull, Friday iiiUK, life'. K.. 1 l_ulit'ii atluittttHl iiwnitifltt« ori-iu'Kim ot iJistLit!' 'i'tif iittiiut (iitutt)itt>r of Mr. t«,iui Airs. %•«•! j ill vvnh ,IH atftiK "f »'i"np -uul l(>ltrtiitt!>. ^situt'Jay, F-twuy ii<i\ »' Mill', l! \* Olilh ilu AUuuiM ttriiVfU h*»s'iif M»u« y frmo K(itf,ili-ll, Mniu-ui, 1 * i<> i-j«-mi' MONEY TO LOAN On Farm Lands." i h«vt> far uniirtfljt^si amownt* of Money fpr F*rni-, Loa na. Laweit rat«t of fnUr- e»t. prcf.4yr»«nt priyil«e»», and quick gonfid«ntial W. A. BtOOCJEtT, Morrlsoa. Ill, •>,,4 ,» ,-c^-v

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