Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 21, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1968
Page 10
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Igur•• On« off Ord«alt to Modern Living It T«Uph«n« NPt (MQ STII, PtlMff If fiRstf ByHAt BOYLE ,„.. YORK (AP) - one of ordeals of ffidern living is ie* telephones Uke many scientific marvels, Started as & mechanical serv* hnt of mart and now has man* lo master and enslave I him. It is letting more and iore difficult to feel grateful to Jexander Graham Bell, When your house is burning Ido-tfn, it Is a great advantage to hive a telephone in it so that you can summon* help from the fire depaf tment. Most of the time, however, your home isn't burning down, and then the telephone becomes more of a nuisance than a bless* ing. •^There was a time in the American past when business was conducted in the office, so* <jiai visits were arranged by mill, and the home was a sanctuary of real privacy. All that has been destroyed by a simple and repetitive sound— "rlng-a'Hng*a*llng." That sound has made man a prisoner in his own castle, It has turned his home into a market, an office, a political forum, a torture chamber where anyone In the world with sense enough to work a forefinger through a dialing system can grab him by the ear and pour a message Into It. Ring-a-ling-a-lingl "A mutual friend has informed us you have a child of school age. Naturally you don't want him to become a drop out, do you? Now this new 365-volume encyclopedia we are Issuing—you need buy only one volume a day for a year—at a special discount price of—." Ding-a-ling-a-llngl "Friends of the Draft Friendly Hobe Hurley for Dogcatcher Campaign would like to solicit your vote. On international issues, Hobe feels we should stand steady on of gold and make up oar mini right now either to stay In Vietnam or get out. OB domestic Issues, he stands four* square for-." Rlng-a-iing-a-lingl "Hi, Jack, honey. Mf hustend took the 8 o'clock plane for Chicago, and I was feeling lonesome and thought that-Hollo, hello. Why, you're not Jack. What are you doing on this phone?' Ding-a-ling-a-llngl "Udy, do you have dlshpan crinkles In your hands that make even your best friends pity you behind your back? We're Introducing .... Serammo, the new miracle soap bones." LlftLg HOCK (AP) « Sttte Rep. William & Metcham, 45, of BHnkley, Wed Wednesday ts i Democratic ettdl&fe tor reflection to a second term in the Arkansas House, to 25, which ts fit 4rkffifff, Somt Flooding ManstMi Wants M Bill Cut WASHlNGtOK (AP) « Deffl« ocratlc Leader Mike Mansfield says he'll urge the Senate to cut President Johnson's $2.92 billion forelgn4id request "to bafe powder, with the secret almond oil base which guarantees that a_ •• , Ring-a-ling^-llngl "Hi, there pardnerl Grace and I and a few friends are taking a night off from the suburbs to tour the town, Would it put you out too much if, after the theater, we dropped by your place for a couple of belts before heading back home? We have to catch a 1:59 a.m. train, so we won't keep you up very late." Brring-a-llng-a-lingl "I hate to bother you at home with something 1 know I should have brought up at the office but—. Oh, you were taking a bath? Sorr-ee. Well, go ahead and finish it. Take your time. HI hang up now and call you back in three minutes." Everybody hates to bother you at home, but everybody does. Brr-lngl Brrr-ingI Brrrr- ingl By day and by night the metallic clangor sounds. Many people today yearn to "get away from It all." If they ever do get away from It all, the last thing they'll get away from is the telephone. Even then, stridently calling to bring them back, will be the familiar echo of "Brr-ing, brrr- ing, brrrr-ingl" But Mansfield, a critic of Vietnam war escalation, said in an interview he would oppose any effort to suspend the program for the duration of the Asian conflict. "The trend in foreign aid is in the right direction—downward," he said. "1 believe that it should be cut to bare bones this year. But 1 do not think it can be cut off entirely. That would only be too abrupt," President Johnson's 1968-69 foreign-aid program Includes $420 million in military aid, Last year Congress lopped $1 billion off the President's request, voting only $2,2 billion, lowest in the program's 20-year history, Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, another Vietnam policy critic, has proposed suspension of all aid to help meet mounting war costs. There are clear Indications of strong opposition to the aid authorization in both houses, but administration leaders feel they can salvage a reduced appropriation. Mansfield said economic aid obviously must be continued In Vietnam, South Korea and friendly Southeast Asian countries, But he said even this must be reduced as a part of a general economy program. By THE ASSOttAtED the wet weather appears to be over for a few days In Arkansas after heavy rains Wednesday sent many small streams climbing out of their banks and causing some concern about the larger rivers due to rapidly rising waters, No major flooding Is expected although some damage is expected In the low-lying areas along the smaller streams, the White River Is two feel above fiotri stage at Calico Rock and still rising steadily as runoff continues to pour into the White River from the mountain streams. At Batesvltle, the White is five feet above flood stage and still rising with an additional rise of one to two feet expected today. The river is expected to overflow from three to five feet from Batesvllle downstream to Clarendon. The Black River is six feet above flood stage at Black Rock and is expected to crest at 22 to 23 feet by Friday or Saturday, On the Arkansas River, Van Buren and Dardanelle were both above flood stage this morning with Ozark and Morrilton near bankful. An overflow was expected at Morrllton later today and Friday. At Little Rockand Pine Bluff, for Race left LffftE ROCK (Af»>* Albert A, toMefs, 30, *ndC.D, Ne*l, 35, both of Little Rock, were arrested At different locations Tuesday by Little Rock police and charged with soliciting bets on horse wees. 336 Amarltans MM to Wor Last Wttk SAIGON (AP) - Allied head* quarters announced today that American, South Vietnamese and enemy casualties decreased markedly last week from the heavy loss figures of previous weeks. The official estimate of enemy troops In South Vietnam also was reduced by 16,000 to 26,000 men, U.S. command said enemy strength as of mid-February was between 207,000 and 222,000 men. ' ' The U.S. Command announced that 336 American troops were killed and 1,916 were wounded last week, a de- Slackened fighting. More than 500 U.S. fighting men ware killed in three out of four of the preceding weeks. In the week before last, 509 Americans were killed and 2,766 were wounded, South Vietnamese headquarters said 267 government sol* diers were killed, 926 were sapct MAMC7 DM 7-4W Bread fifiJL Bur- UUV LOAVEs Milk 6^100: MALATMA LONG GRAIN Rice 191 LB. ;i Crisco Jj 3-850 Drinks roRs 450 ALL FLAVORS CARTON PLUS DEPT. SEA STAR Fish Sticks 10 TO PACKAGE Tissue LIMIT -4 ROLLS PLEASE . ROLL PACKAGE ELBERTA FREESTONE Peaches 3 a. 95* IN HEAVY SYRUP MY T FINE INSTANT Pudding VANILLA - CHOCOLATE &. LEMON LG. BOXES DOLE PINEAPPLE NATURAL 4 PINK 46 OZ. LG. CANS FINE FOR BAKING Sweet Potatoes 19' GOOD & LEAN Ground Beef Bananas 10 SLAB SLICED NO I. GRAPE FOLGERS Coffee 79(J Purex 31-1.00 the Arkansas will continue to wounded and 181 were missing rise rapidly today and approach last week. The previous week's bankful by Friday and Satur- totals were 418 killed, 1,199 day. However, no overflow is wounded and 98 missing, indicated at either point* The U.S. Command said 3,070 Moderate rises will occur on Viet Cong and North Viet- the Ouachlta River in Southwest naroese troops were killed last Arkansas and Camden once week, compared with a revised again will approach bankful by total for the previous week of Saturday with an overflow of 5,168. two to three feet possible Sunday and Monday. Moderate ralnshowers lingered across Southeast and Southwest Arkansas this morning and snow was reported on a narrow line today from Morrllton to GIANT BOX Fab 690 PRIDE OF ILLINOIS YELLOW Qorn CANS THE A FAMILY LAWYER and Effect WEN On jons & Radishes FOR PINK SEED LESS Grapefruit TENDER Chuck Roast 49 RED NO. 1 Potatoes LB, GOOD HEAVY Sirloin Steak LB. FRESH SWCED Calf Liver ,49* Rib Steak Of the 1,916 Americans wounded last week, 853 were hospitalized. Headquarters said U,S. troop strength now stands at 509,000 men. The combined strength of the Hardy. 4 other allied foreign nations- Temperatures dropped to South Korea, the Philippines, near 30 degrees early today, Thlland, Australia, New Zea- causing some freezing rain in jland— remained unchanged at Northwest Arkansas and som* ^62,000. concern to motorists. Towever, * While the estimate of enemy conditions were expected to 1m- ^military strength showed a prove by midmorning. .large decrease, the U.S. Corn- Other than colder air, the pi and said the strength of the weather in the state is expected wiet Cong's political Infrastruo £o improve during*the next few Me \$ unchanged,M,T5,P<$ ta, days. A fair and mild weekend^oop, ? is forecast. : ~,£ Headquarters said that since High temperatures reported Jan. '1, 1961, Americans killed in the state Wednesday ranged "total 20,096, U.S. wounded total from 78 at El Dorado to 42 at ^22,017 and missing or captured Fayetteville. Overnight lows 1,103. Enemy killed since the ranged from 29 at Fayetteville start of 1961 now total 314,460, to 43 at El Dorado. headquarters reported. $3 BILLtON f (from page-one) what we've decided, 1 " Ful- brlght said. The Arkansas Democrat said he had not heard from the White House on the troop-increase re- ; ports. Gen. David M. Shoup, former Marine Corps commandant, appeared before Fulbrlght's committee to say a military victory * in South Vietnam Is Impossible. He submitted a peace plan proposing that: 1. The United States and South Vietnam ask Hanoi to schedule negotiations, with North Vietnam fixing the degree of participation by the National Liberation Front, political arm of the Viet Cong. 2. When the talks start, there would be a halt to U.S.-South Vietnamese offensive operations, with the right reserved to continue observation activities. 3. North Vietnam would not have to halt offensive operations as a condition for talks but refusal to do so would be Interpreted by the United States and South Vietnam as meaning Hanoi is not interested in a peaceful settlement. 4. If North Vietnam did halt its offensives, the talks could proceed with the goal of withdrawing U.S. and other outside combat forces from South Vietnam, Shoup said be submitted this plan last June to then-Secretary of Defense Robert S. Me- Namara who toW him U would be relayed to the White House, The retired general told news* men he hear! nothing further. to other war*related developments; « Edwin 0, Reischauer, former ambassador to Japan and a 3f1Uc of U.S. policy }n Vietnam, denied a White House statement that President Johnson consults &iin on matters dealing with Southeast Asia. w Qen, Earje G, Wheeler, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Stiff, told a newsman that Gen. William C, Westmoreland, U.S. commander is Vietnam, has re Was Mrs. O'Leary, whose cow kicked over the Innlcrn, Icgnlly liable for burning down the whole city of Chicago? After all, if she had not left that lantern in the .barn, the fire never would have gotten started in the first place. Obviously, in following the chain of cause and effect, it is only fair to cut off responsibility at some point. Even if you do something wrong, the law won't blame you for every single consequence, from here to eternity. But just where is the cutoff point? That is a crucial issue in a great many of the personal injury suits so common in our courtrooms today. To begin with, you are not liable at all if no causal connection can be shown. Suppose you arc driving with an expired driver's license, and a pedestrian steps in front of your car—too suddenly for you to stop. True, you did wrong by driving with an expired license. But that would not make you liable for hitting the pedestrian, since (here was: no causal connection between the two events. Even assuming a causal connection, you are still not liable if your action was not the "proximate" cause of the final harm. What is a proximate cause? Of course, no two cases are identical. But what the law looks for most often is foreseeability. That is, you are usually not held liable if harm was not reasonably foreseeable as a result of your action. On the other hand, if harm was indeed foreseeable, you may be responsible even if the exact form of the harm was not. Pulling away . someone's chair, making a minor bump likely, could lead to liability for a n.ajor injury as well. What if there is an "intervening" cause—some misconduct by a third party, following your own misconduct, and leading to the ucci- dent? Does that intervening cause let you "off the hook"? Often it does. Yet still be liable if that Nivljitlan on Arkansas by April I Utf IM ROCK (A*) * fftt first SO mile* of the Arkansas River navigation channel IS scheduled to be 0f»n to traffic the first week of April, Ihe Army Engineers annmifksed Wednesday, Col. Charles U Steel of Ultfo Rock said the gates on 0am Ho, 8 downstream from Arkan* sas Post wouk) be closed March 31 to provide water for navigation upstream to Loek and Dam Mo 3 near Orady, Steel said It would take about three days for the water to reach navlgatlonable levels, FIIB'sFate Hingis on Some Jt$t* By PEGGY SIMPSON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen, John Tower says the fate of the F111B— Navy Version of the controversial TFX warplane—will hinge on tests of the swing-wing Interceptor on aircraft carriers during April. The Texas Republican/ a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, disagreed with reports the panel has all but decided even before the carrier tests to deny the Navy's request for $350 million to construct 30 Fill Bs. Tower instead said he thinks Uie "committee position is fluid right now." The panel begins today considering the massive Navy procurement request, which includes the proposed F111B authorization, v ; i> Pentagon sources, in predicting earlier that the committee would ditch the plane, said the action could come even before Navy engineers report next month on four contractor proposals to replace the Fll IB. These sources said airborne maneuverability—rather than its ability to take off and land on carriers—is the main problem dogging the FlliB. It reportedly weighs about 80,000 pounds, or about 20,000 more than Navy officials would prefer. Two admirals testified atare- cent hearing that had funds not ifreadf %eM' srM" %n*%e Fll IB, they would recommend development of an entirely different plane. The development of the Fill has been enmeshed in a political hotbed ever since former Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara overruled the military and 'awarded the TFX contract to General Dynamics rather than to Boeing. The first Fill A fleet now is in Thailand, awaiting assignment in Vietnam, Air Force officials generally have praised the plane's performance. The 30 Fll IBs for the Navy would be built by Grumman Corp. at Long Island, N.Y., instead of by General Dynamics of Fort Worth, Texas. General Dynamics built the Air Force model. In the past the Armed Services Committee has attempted to get its bill in shape for floor action by summer, It could thus delay consideration of specific proposals affecting the future of the FlllB for several months. The April carrier tests are expected to take about three weeks, Helena School Official Quits HELENA, Ark. (AP) - J, F. Wahl, superintendent of the Helena School District since 1928, is resigning at the end of the current school year and will be succeeded by G, Harold Cborley, who has been assistant superintendent in charge of in* struction (or the past six years, it was announced here Wednes. day, MO Grant to Arkansas Tech WASHINGTON (AP)»A ?94,» 562 grant was approved Wednesday by the Office of Economic Opportunity to per« rait 75 youths from low income families to attend Arkansas Tech at RussellvUle under the OEO's Upward Bound project, quested afl addition to the 48,500 ?au« was something South Korean troops fighting un- fo^x have epected ' you might intervening you could »*rrkf f f »hirc by WiU Moore Bros 1 ;•""' i. 1 Scrvtaf Ydu Slnct n 74411 _ W« Dfllvtr Fresh Dressed Fryers 27! Full Shank Half -A VI LA \J 11** I I V% * §*\ LA .^MIlH^h^ _^^^^k. Cured Hams 3 9 Ib. Large White Eggs Big Fat Juicy Fresh Hens ' jBVtFLb Heavy Smoked - Sliced- Slab Bacon Large 2K Cans Pork & Beans "S c I oV Cana JB_ 00 18 oz, Jars Kraft Pure Jelly ^!^L Jars.B_ OO Large Loaves Bread Choice Chuck Steak IbJ Food Freshly Ground Hamburger *•*** Golden Yellow Bananas 10 Solid Pound \J \J 9> + •* » *•* T • »^» ^^^^^^^^^^m Oleo 1 by, stepped on the teeth of the rake, snapping the handle againM a woman's head, When »he sued the hardware man for damage*, he argued that hii original error wa* nullified b> the boy's later misconduct in running through (he aisle- However. the court held him liable in spile of i his intervening cause. Reason: he should have foreseen. when he left the rake there, that bpy» — especially small one* — will bf boyj- Pound Sack Potatoes 69 Pound Plastic Pail Pure Lard Pound Sack Flour

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