Bisbee Daily Review from Bisbee, Arizona on August 4, 1921 · Page 3
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Bisbee Daily Review from Bisbee, Arizona · Page 3

Bisbee, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1921
Page 3
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Thursday Morning, August 4,1 1921 THE BISBEE DAILY REVIEW Page Thre PREDICTS CLEAN BASEBALL FOR YEARS TO COME Flavor is sealed io by toasting Coast League Head Says Accused Ball Plavers Are Barred SAX FRAN'CISCO. Aug. 3. None of the former White Sox players acquitted in Chicaeo last night ever will be permitted to play in the Pat-irk? Coast Baseball League, William E. McCarthy, San Francisco, president, announced here today. "The acquittal of the accused was a technical verdict only, for at all times there was a question of whether the 'throwing' of a baneball game constituted a crime in Illinois," he said. Amerian Association At Indianapolis 7; St. Paul 2. At Toledo 11; Milwaukee 3. At Louisville 9; Minneapolis 5. At Columbus-Kansas City, rain. Southern Association At Atlanta 2; Memphis 3. At New Orleans 6; Birmingham 0. At Mobile 7; Nashville 6. At Little Rock 9; Chattanooga 2. Western League Wichita 2; at Oklahoma City 3 (11 innings.) Tulsa 4; at Joplin 11. St. Joseph 3; at Sioux City C. Omaha 11; at Des Moines 2. The , Finest On Earth, She Says Too Weak To Even Do a Little Sewing Before Taking Tanlac Gains 15 Pounds "Anyone who has been beneficed as I have by Tanlac will agree with me that it is the finest ' medicine on earth," said Mrs. Mollie Rogers, of 378 West 40th Place. Los Angeles, Cal. "Up to two years ago I had ood health, but about that time I starierr to have Indigestion, and It got so bad at last that I couldn't eat a thing hard ly without suffering the worst kind of distress afterwards. I frequently had a pain in my side, said to be canseu by appendicitis, and an operation was advised, but I would not consent to it. I lost all desire for food, fell off terribly in weight and became so weak I could not even do my sewing, much less the housework, and hart to gve up entirely. "A neighbor persuaded me to try Tanlac. The first bottle gave me an appetite and made me fee better, so I kept right on with it until now after taking five bottles I am absolutely well again. It certainly Is fine to be free of all my ailments and troubles and able to do my housework without any difficulty. My stomach is so much stronger I can eat anvthing I want and am never troubled with sourness or gas. The pain has disappeared from mv .side. I have gained fifteen pounds in weight and can honestly say that I haven't felt better in twenty years." ' Great Danger From Defective Electrical Wiring f Statistics from the National Board of Fire Underwriters shows that a large amount of the property destruction by fire Is due to defective electrical wiring. How about the wiring in your home? Do you know that it Is safe? Better have us call at your home and insoect your electrical wiring. This will entail no obligation or expense on your part, and we will be glad to give you suggestions that may save you much. Lyman Electric Co. Hughes' Bldg. 'Phone 32 "Electrical Service and Supplies" o5 CHICAGO JUDGE DECLARES TRIAL US GOOD THING Jurist Who Started Probe of 1920 Series is Certain Sport Now Purged CHICAGO. Aug. 3. Despite the verdict of not guilty returned last nieht in the trial of the seven former White Sox players tried in connection with the alleged throwing of the 1919 world series. Judge Charles A McDonald, chief justice of the crim- inal court, believes that the great American sport has been purged for a generation to come and has been restored to the place it held before the mark of scandal fell on it. Judge McDonald, who in Septem ber, 1920, charged the" grand jury !' with looking into report swhich had ! come to his attention concerning fix-1 ed games, tonight issued the follow- ins statement "inasmuch as I was instrumental in starting the ori iginal investigation j se to the end and I followed the case am now moved to say that the result of the trial is disappointing in view of the confessions of guilt. But the grand jury investigation and prosecution that followed after, put the fear of God and the law in the hearts of crooked gamblers and shady, players, pnd hi3 purged baseball for a generation to come. "While the club owners may have sustained some monetary loss while the trial was ia progress, nevertheless. I believe our national sport would have gone the way of horse racing pnd boxing due to the same baneful influence, had not the strong arm of the law been extended to save it. "I am pleased to note that the mer 'n control of baseball and club owners interested have decided for all time to keep ehadv players from the ennie. I rm sure the voung men and boys of the country will weleoms the mirpinG- and will again have confidence in the great American sport." Kilo Watts Wins $5000 Elks' Stake On Toledo Track TOLEDO, O., Aug. 3. Over a track; Batteries: Hubbell, Winters and made heavy by rain, Grand Circuit Bruggy; Cooper and Schmidt, Brot-horses today ran three races, a fourth , tern. going over until tomorrow. Today's! Summary: Two base hits, Konet-laces consisted of Tuesday's card. chy, J. Smith, Whined. Throe base The feature event today, th Elks: hits, Konetchy, Grimm. Stolen bases $o,uuu matte ior z:u trotters, went to Kilo Watts, driven by Childs, in straight heats. Brookworthy, a, Murphy entry and a favorite in the betting, finished sec ond. Kokomo George, handled by Palin, was victor in the first two heats of the 2:11 pace for a purse of $1200. Palin finished third in the final heat, Prenniorer nosing him in at the wire) wun Dai spencer. ST. t oths, Ag. 3. Home runs bv Only five horses started in the Jack Smith and McIIenry gave St. 2:15 pace for $1200. Carter June won , Louis a 3 to 2 victory over New York the first heat but Vic Fleming, who j today. The defeat puts the Giants finished a close second, captured the J two and one-half ga'nies behind Pitts-event by taking the next two heats.; burg. Doak pitched well. Score: Carter June finished fifth in the sec-i R H E ond neat due to a break and uidn t have the steam to beat Fleming home in the fin?!. Millions Of Horses Are Eaten In Russia NEW YORK. Aug. 3. Russian horses, which numbered 36.000,000 before the war, have practically disappeared, having been eaten by the famished population, it was revealed today in Russian newspapers published ih Moscow and received by the American Relief Administration. Classes in Moscow University were dismissed because the students were too weak from hunger to continue their work,- the papers said. TO DISCUSS ALBANIA PARIS, Aug. 3. (By the Associated Press.) The future of Albania, succor for Russia, and troubles in the Near "East probablv will be added to the work of the allied supreme council when it meets Monday to consider the-Upper Silesian problam. and other questions concerning Germany TO OPPOSE TAMMANY NEW 'YORK. Aug. 3. Opponents I of Tammany Hull, represented by the I coalition-Republican movement, after j weeks- of deliberr tion, today formally I named Major H. H. Curran. president of t he Borongh of Manhattan, as their candidate for mayor at the primaries, September 3. 'IMiiiiimttVvMSSS 1 KNIGHTS COLUMBUS READY TO PUT ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP INTO BATTLE AGAINST PROPAGANDA SAN FRANCISCO, Aue. 3. If necessary. Hie Knights of Columhus will "put its whole force or S00.000 members into the movement to end foreign proiajranda in America, be it European or Asiatic," Supreme Master John H. Reddin, Denver, told the ..!th annual international supreme convention of the Kniphts today. "If need be, we will flood every I town in the country with pamphlets ! that tell the true tale of America's great origin and America's greatness stripped of all manner of European or Asiatic coloring," Reddin said. Edward F. McSweenev of Boston. chairman of the national American1 history commission of the order, in ' bis '' st report s?-l that Japan was equally guilty wh European nations in operating propaganda agencies in the United States. . ' "The Knights of Columbus," he National League Pittsburg 9; Phillies 5 PITTSBURG, Aug. 3. Pittsburg fame from behind and defeated Phila-j delphia. Hubbell and Winters were hit hard and timely and the one Phil adelphia error also let in a run. Cooper was wild and ineffective In the first three innings, but settled down. Schmidt gave way to Brottein in the fourth when his finger was split by a foul tip from Hubbell's bat. Philadelphia AB R H PO A Rapp 3b 3 0 10 2 J. Smith, 2b 5 0 115 Lee rf ...5 0 15 1 Walker If 3 10 10 Konetchy lb 4 2 3 14 0 Williams cf 3 110 0 Parkinson ss . 4 112 4 I.'ruggy c .....4 0 3 1 3 Hubbell p 2 0 0 0 1- Winters p l 0 0 0 0 Totals Pittsburg 35 5 11 24 16 AB RHPOA Figbee If 3 Carey cf 4 Maranville ss 5 Wh'tter! rf 5 3 . 3 1 5 1 0 13 1 0 0 Barnhart 3b Tierney 2b Gn'mm lb .. Schmidt c Brotteni c Cooper p a 5 4 1 3 3 Totals . 38 9 14 27 14 1 It H E Philadelphia .... 023 000 0005 11 1 Pittsburg 001 0123 03x 9 14 1 MananvHle. Grimm. Sacrifice hits, Rapp. Bigbee, Carey. Double plays,' Barnhart, Maranville and Grimm. Left on bases. Philadelphia 7; Pittsburg 9. Innings pitched, Hubbell 5, none out in 6th; Winters 3. Struck out. by Cooper 2. Wild pitch, Win-ts. Balk, i Hubbell. Passed ball, Brottem. st. Louis' 3; New York 2 xew York 010 000 100 2 7 2 St. Louis 101 001 00x 3 7 0 Batteries: Douglas. Sallee and E. Sni'.th. Snyder.... Doak pnd demons. Qoston 5-5; Chicago 3-7 CHICAGO, Aug. 3. Boston and Chicago divided a double header, the visitors winning the first game. Boston won by hitting' Alexander opportunely, while Oegchger pitched well in the pinches. Scott had two bad innings in the second contest. Chicago bunching hits and driving him out of the box. Scores: First game: R II E Boston n?0 01Q 0025 13 0 Chicago 110 010 0003 7 0 Batteries: Oeschger and O'Neill; AWsnder and Killifer. Second game: R H F Pnston noi 010 3005 8 0 Chicago 000 003 04x 7 11 1 Batteries: McQuillan and Gibson; Mart n, Freeman and O'Farrell. Cincinnati-Brooklyn, wet grounds. PETROL SHIPMENTS DROP WASHINGTON. Aug. 3. A marked decrease in the petroleum cargoes uhlnned out of the Tampico. Mexico district in May was reported to -the commerce department today by Vice Consul Hickerson, During May, he said, shipments totaled 13,766,537 barrels, a drop of 2.076,212 barrels from the April export?!. '..-- Pincers with short handles have been invented for crushing crab and lobster shells. said, "can do no greater service to the United States, their country, than to expose and correct the innum erable and insidious attempts of so-called Americanization societies to poison the wells of historical truth." Archbishop Tdward J. Hanna of the Catholic archdiocese of San Francisco, in an address on divorce, said that the "laxness of certain American divorce laws is a national shame. The tendencv is to treat divorce as a national idiosyncracy when in reality it is a national menace." He urged the knights to "fieht the divorce 'vii as tliey would , all other social evils." . The g'and officers were entertained at a luncheon by the county council of the American Legion. A cablegram was sent to the pope by tb"e convention, tJ1'ng of its readiness' to undertake welfare work in Italy requested by the Pontiff. American League Boston 3: Chicago 2 "BOSTON, Aug. 3. Boston defeated Chicago by hitting Faber hard in the early innings. Not a single putout was made by a. Chicago outfielder. A sensational catch by Menosky who stood on the top of the ieft field bank and reached his gloved hand high up along the fence ' for Sheely's drive prevented a tie score in the eighth. Chicago AB R H PO 0 0 2 Johnson ss Mulligan 3b ....'...5 E. Collins 2b 4 Strunk cf 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 3 4 0 !0 n o 4 0 Falk If Shelv lb McClellan Schalk c Faber p 3 ; 4 rf -....4 4 2 Totals ... Boston Liebold cf Foster 3b ... Menosky If . Pratt 2b ... Mclnriis lb J. Collins rf Scott ss Ruel c Myers p 35 2 10 24 10 AB R H PO A 4 12 0 0 2 4 3 :....4 3 3 l 3 1 13 2 O J 3 1 .............. J : 3 Totals i..29 3 8 27 16 0 R H E Chicago 010 100 0002 10 0 Boston 102 000 OOx 3 8 0 l atteries: Faber and Schalk; Myers and Ruel. i Summary: Two base hits, Menosky. -Three base hits, T Collins. Sac- fire hits. Pratt. Faber 2, Foster. Double plays, Johnson to E. Collins n Sl'pely. Bases on balls oTf Faber 1; Myers 1. Struck out by Faber 2: Myers 2. At, New York-Detrott, wet grounds. At' Philadelphia-St. Louis, rain. At Washington-Cleveland, rain. Postpone Opening Of School So.Boys Can Act As Caddies RYE, N. Y., Aug. 3,. To give local boys a chance to earn $1500 caddy fees at the Apawamis seniors' annual golf tournament, in which President Harding, Chief Justice Taft and several hundred others are expected to take part, the board of education today voted to defer the opening ofj school from September 12 to Septem- j ber 19. When you have a want that another person in Cochise j county can fill just send an ad to the Review. B Jt I ' Cent Innril Froio Prerrdjr i OPPORTUNITIES to PROFIT fcj FT Bead-and use the Want Ads. g fe!E?SV yuiw. all mr. rent rcn. fonv., pilultw, KuUo.J f LET Jar oiu E.' 21t Bcautiiui W. SoTH.'lti-; :i rnTj f .Ivt''fr aTJkJFi? . J ir fWr., nilultv M 1 jJf'' IffPin'rHfc 1. WMTl !hirhiB mum iav n ROSPECT. 3aV-!kJUlli VV '"'n'- I RrL. V - J FX h. and c. wiitrr: al-X-fyyJL VT'- lft'''H J14"-1! f Pt'Jx pa Bv a mmm KOSPECT. Nu.Tsr JpT-aii ft halli anil j.ii.v rn I OvK C. I hfcta. ime- ni) : iirivWi mW jfA V., 1UOTH-ST. j; .JTli ' 8H-JV mmm a -y L Jrv voVy ileirsbie ciA ff"pT' r I: ,: r '': ron'i 'i'i e . JS I ff nUMneK oim-n. W jf PfHUKCaClBattBBVDflaVHBtttttfEH l:i-N f:Y. I - .r. lvuLZTata W. 104TH. jifUajT iJi 1 m . i i' : i B- Im-ht huu-rkecpimroomii. . Ff C'PKIUOR-AV .'t'i ; 1 r. GLAIR. i ; Ni.tly (ur ft" r jnnv . real home '" wirl- -,yf lJb I ADEAV. Vi0'. '1 '" lOt'Ul- 7 itf ...... d W " ilh rr ml I -HITMAN. 4212-STlunii . ,,,,v H.Uc i-jr to 44t'X,'v A -AlM t HITE AV. MillH-iyV "51 A II ronv. PTivatrP I Q room with I ay luin tiKin.- tin, . iH warjTTT 1777... ' h ' H Hi V DRV TnW'HC !i !. Dul iLNmQ; AVER MEETS FUST DEFEAT Richards and Voshell Lose to Kmsey Brothers, of California, Yesterday . NEWPORT, R. I. Aug. 3. The defeat of "Vincent Richards and S. II. ir i it cr x- vr.l. i Ti ,1. . - ,7 Howard Kinsov, brothers, of Calif or- nia. marked the first day's play in doubles in the invitation lawn tennis tournament. It was Richards' first defeat of the year. The scores were 2-C. C-3, 6-1. The Californians played a game which made them the favorites In the doubles tonight. Richards' service was not up to his usual form and Vo-s-'hell cracked in the second set. In the second round, the Kinsey brothers disposed of their fellow Californians, Philip Xeer and James Da-vies, in three hard sets. ,W. M. Johnston, former national champion, and W. E. Davis, had difficulty in coming through the first two rounds, minor players forcing them to the limit. Johnston made several double faults and frequently netted the ball. In the third round of the singles, the only surprise was the defeat of W. F. Johnson by Zenzo Shimidzu in straight sets. Southwest Tennis Championship Will Be Decided Fridav DALLAS, Tex., Aug. 3. The singles championship of the ninth annual southwestern tennis tournament will be decided at the Dallas Lawn Tennis Club Friday afternoon. Par- ticipants will be decided tomorrow! wuen Bradley Hogue, present southwestern singles champion, will meet Evan Reese, both of Dallas, and Henry Burns, New Orleans, and Jack Norton of Fort Worth, clash. The first locomotive ever run in America made its trial trip in 1829. New York state limits hunters to one buck season. ' SPORT SPOILERS ' " joe Vou Co ool5?. wi5rt To GIVE YOO VOUK VWEEKLV SILU HELP ANTED li.W L.IS. .tl .tUIUTin. m tr tty li Six rmiru. nurtlrr-i. 'oj" X VIUEKK t:.M . Siuie I Stiam host.-. tm. hath. PruK. WJtL. Ctut. 2j-;iiW. DVVAY. ."vt All nnxl . irtu. auitu. .rXVK. Yf4'jil;n"i'uCs ;.rni Ale , li.n j.initur. Call Crest ClK VM'Ti. I.'i.'rl 'aiii"v S iiJi'l 4-rni. I il. A V , i V L.ti " r -.iu f''vl X tt III: nnxlern. li-onl porch. SS.iiLf ,1 Mi.ianltir U AV I'TnM t-4 ::i.l i rni anarlrnT-f mZ rri I-. it inl Imt w.ilcr. See lanlttir V- , lir'n'i I rouui ttuite. no bath lui j:. ID. Ill t CKIiAit.AV. T-'ll a run mid lth : I101 walrr ilM.I-he.i. Il.g. 4.Jl E. )ltll Or rail Cent ::ivm V 0 J tit1 . - ' IHiOA f I;tvx When you employ a Review Want Ad, very soon your wants are at an end. FRED McMULLIN, sox utility HARD LUCK i v. ri ioauw, rtus. 6. rreu .mc.mui-1 1 in, former White Sox utility infield er, who was not on trial, was the vic-tinie of more ill luck of any of the other defendants in the baseball trial, it became Jcnown today. - ' MeSIulli.n. after his indictment in J the first .Investigation, came from Cal ifornia at hiS own expense to' stand trial. After two weeks the case was j dropped and McMullin borrowed mon- i ey to return to California to take a job as a sign painter.-, j Indicted in the second .. invest Iga-i tion, McMullin sent word he could no? ffrd f,he ftr."J tn( Chicago but would j ' e for trial . the state paid his f3!0"- He received no ans- !er' an,l f together enough money for the trip. . - McMullin arrived the day after the trial began a fact not generally known until tddav. He was.too late Coast League At Los Angeles: R H E San Francisco 18 1 eTon 4 7 1! Batteries: Couch, Lewis and Yelle; Dell and Hansah. At San Francisco: I.os Angeles r Oakland Batteries: Crandall R n E! 6 6 1 4 7 3 and Stanage, Baldwin: Kramer, Arlett and Koehler At Portland: R H E Salt Lake 5 9 0 Portland 2 8 2 Batteries: Leverenz and Byler; Plummer, Coleman and Fisher. At Seattle: R H E Sacramento . 3 8 1 Seattle 11 12 2 Batteries: Kunz. Shea, Canfield and Elliott; Schorr, Demaree and Adams. TWO ARE HANGED TORONTO, Aug. 3. Roy Holrum nnrl William ATnTnrlrlfiT wota Tioncari i todav for the murd-r of Leonard C. Sabine last March, when they tried to j rob his drug store. Neither uttered ' a word as thev were led to the scaf-j fold. Durins the trial, each accused the other of being the murderer. 1 Fish when they swim make a noise j that can be detected by a telephone. I Five per cent of the population of the United States lives in New York. 1 6799 DIED m New York City alone from kld- i ney trouble last year. Don't allow j yourself to become a victim by i neglecting pains and aches. Guard against this trouble by taking I GOLD MEDAL The world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles. Holland's national remedy since 1696. Ad druggists, three sizes. Guaranteed. Look for the nmo Gold Medal on ww and accept no imitation An Ad in the Review will find buyers, tenants, and help and restore lost articles 'to their owners. W J a POSITIONS WANTED H 1 L.-V c v- "1 theur owners. jr ANi:LTtD. liiS-ftVw filler.", rms . Iv lil'l' ,n ti - hfmmw' J . A hi? 1 . u-ji. iu,i. :i.h r . .......... , ... j FORMER WHITE infielder, is a VICTIM OF TRIAL to go on trial and returned to California. His former team mates believe this one day's delay prevented McMullin from sharing in the verdict of not guilty, although it is not believed that, the state will press the indictment agn'st him. Kentuckian Leads In Western Golf Championship Play NASHVILLE, Aug. 3. Alex Bush, of Louisville, was low medalist with ! 74 in the aualifvine round of the iun- j ior western golf tournament today. i Hieh scores marked the mialif vine round, only six entries breaking 90. A cold, driving rain served to handicap the players. So few were the entries that it was necessary to abandon the third flight while the second flight is crowded with byes. All of the 27 entries qualified. 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