Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 7
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STERLING. ILLINOIS. FRIDAY. DEC, 15. 1916. •RUNG BOARD OF Members Bft.ird .<f Open t 1 tv'i t fi" to. Low ! "t\ 1*5• ftay 1B.15 PM. Rib. SO 18.3 / 14.45 H.OT Auction Sale Department Sterling Daily Gazette AUCTION SALES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD FOR 'H CLOSING OUT RALE. -4.tHj.uii:- 4. iin.l. tMt ii-.t \-t i'h In quit Lil '-M •>' j'i:t.!' .tm*.i -I f'tr"! !'•»!(-•, '>!n"v.' t of H >n CLOSING OUT SALE, !'( th" f«tl 11 Hf-iAU •V in.-iiV, lW<'\vn !•, 1 , wirthl l,3t PI VI-TI, wrfNrttt ffir, wr-iuht flvr. one 1,5 1,30ft )« n Ifi.iTt 11 .1 1 l.f' CHICAGO STOCK '-.ARKET. ' rhlc«Rt». Ill, Dt>c. I.",. open (K over ... Jo utrong, 35,000 Hog* cl««* sinms f 10.23. to CHICAGO CHAIN MARKET. J.SflO; nntl i.70", bruwn wrltrht I.I""; c«»rrH di'lvrr »K»-<i ft. vn'iuht tjfi'i; hny driver K Ihtr. !it;o 9. w«-i«hl ?n<>, iJ.1 IIKAU rATThR Hix mllrh <">«w». >ti>titf» i'rcHh ,''tiil »<nnf> will In- fronh by »• I-1 • in ftllCtl 5 mil'-ijt f>,nlf mil* • <ne Stn- the ft HKAH ina. i« >•«-••«, « rell' . i I ?*'•'•• > • brown rntp, l f > >••> grj*.' tnfir>-. 12 y«»:it«t niar* 1 , 16 \ < :n «, IS HKAD 'f! !!rji- * ,!• '-iTi!>- H»ittSf>'- 'i? -t "!!fin <>r- 1 i d;iy 'of «s:il ."> ywnlinj; ««l»rlM« r.'itv - 7't iU ! ;,M •»l!h fiiR's !>y ion FAR.%1 Tin n*« H ft'rn, sum" t-tmn Dtuhnm linll. 1 ptork * hay lond«'r; I hdr side; . 11 «. in hog, Olflmt MeOormlck Champion 4 ml. I1.3K; No. 4 No. 3 r«'d, wontrrn. No, 3 mixed, No, 2 m'lwd. i' No. 4 *ftl-2; No. 8 whltP. M I-4fr«9S-4; Ham- 2 mixed. 60; No. 3 whlto, N*i; 4 whins 49 i-3.. Hid.. CITY MARKETS (Corroctcd Dillon Company.) ^ No. 3 yellow <-orn ...... ...... Sic Wo, 4 yclttw corn ' Mollno kntig plow; Sulky l»low: tlob drnK wlih tlrnff AttAchijnent; hny Btirwiw inftmtr« upreadpr: corn planter; II ft. HpfcOfcr with grni»» nt» Inehtni-nt; di>«''lp row Toww s>l"w; 2 rnw Towrr plows; 6 phnvfl <*MHIv»!or; «rt of r«ni!fp clnws; 2 Imnlx'i* wrti;ittt»*: Irln-K wniroti nml hny tiK-k; top IntKKf." w-t IM* wlc-dn; v'tetft-r; DrtJivrl <T«'(im nrpiirutor; nVI .it dump >nmrdH: two scoop *«rr«p«*rn; p";itvitiil7.>Ml InriiliatiT anil ohli-kvn fiu>p,«; ntinii»; 4 hninl c' hny fork nnd Hip« nilrr an*/JurO prww4~41n- «f I'roph'- tnhlt*; cfc*ptKwr^"^wa»hlnfr ^nmplco. nd wrtniMuv-tJiher nrtlck-n* rfiitd, on "3 lieat $i,4r, »6e i........ LIVE STOCK. 1>w , »9.00«l'10.20 '• -»•*,,,»..........,,.. • $ fl.OOCf 7,00 fs.ooiuft.oo BP -. f r..oo«ffl,oo ,.. S7.OOW9.00 LOCAL RETAIL MARKET, ',Ca.»h BftakPt "OroecryO |<ft • 0«lry~R«tall. "" "M-d-creamery butter ......,...42e butter .....,..,; .40o 4l'c butter .;...., ......... ...... RSc *«»* Mew V«0*t*bl««. lettuce, per bond ..... jmb«r*», each ,.... ,.8c .ISO ,.,. ,(56c potatoes, pk. > . . . . ..... . oefc bu ......... . .'I ...... rj&*t putatoeii, Jersey. 6 Ibs, 3 Ibs, ....... bcrrtes. fancy, qt ..... . , .*. ..... 13c bunch ............... 5c 12*40 .. .12.00 .25c 10c, UI'MiiTi-l'. tmik; tnnk heater; 2<) rods chicken of breec.hen har- newa; wet of ll^ht harncwij double Net burncKH; 2 i^etn ninulf* driving wtddle. 12 bush-'l Hllver Mini corn; 200 biudi«>ta Hllvt-r Mini' nattt; t Ion* Timothy h.ny iti burn, «ome t?n<" corn In crib. HOUHKHOU* fiOODg—2 beds; 2 commode*; dre*ser; divan; couchi • 6 dining iWm chair*; range cook istove; kitchen cabinet: round ottk heating move; oil HOatllitf grinder room machine nnd h numerous to mention. , Free lunch at 11 o'clock; «t»le immediately after, i - TJ5RMS OF SALB—A1I sums of $10 and under, ca«h.t Over thin amount 12'tnontbn will be given on npproved ni>tc hearing 6'3. Interest from data If paid when due. otherwise 1% from date of unle. No property removed until nettled. ' JOHN THOMPSON. F, «o, Rumley, A, I* Coe and Jack Helller, auctioneers; L-. T. McMillan, Clerk. t will aluo t**»ll five horsew and ten two-yvar-old heifer*-, nt the name place, mime time nnd on the w»m« terms aa tho above 'wile. Mlku Oreman.* Dec. 7, 8, 11. 12. 14, 16. in thM Uif; 2 lif- «,>nr« old' t >»• tt iltii HoixtHn '"ill. thi-te ; Vety >.'ood 3 HKAD HOOH Three brood wow,-, fine Mock; 11 f, hf»>uf n\n<ni l.J 1.100. «" '; -1-1 )n-td Crnilr fr-' -h ,':r<1 «ft>tn" HH51H 1 f\tr:i »rood i-t*tnlnu thTf" <»!>'• ci-Kijitered M {.!<1 in July. head ln<*h; lutt- cHtH-r;' 3-*-eetl"n drae: 'i miffm-i' cul- tlvnton*; Superior broad «-a«l "•"•ed' i r; Aftldnwall potato ' phint»-r, tiny rake; If milder dilll; Kni'-rcon unntplow, 14- H'lnrh walking plow. tw«i one(•uttivnfotw: hand corn .«hell«r; Sandwich bay loader; Urea* Western tnaitnr*' npnnder; fanning mill; ln»b« ; two f«rn» WBRonst Jnilk \v«K«»n; triple wagon box.« RL1,A N K< >t*8 — *! n I v n n I* e d Water tfink; fe<>»! oonkpf; eiiKlIrtjsi 1 trui-k; pro'-n lmne cutter; oil tnnk heftier: two ?wt double team harne*»: ow nlmtle Imriie**; Ifi-foot rnek; one ruck Tvitnon, nnd oilier nrtli|e« t«x» niiniprmiM («> mention. * Fre«« lunch .-st noon; wile to begin .>' H.M.I-: , AH ftltH:! "f II". .-n\'!;:-'i>.v v. •jt r'i? ;i-(>f v- .,; |i) ,, -,1't-i'i, il, H f"i! \Vm A> . lit. wi i! vf.-ii-» "5 rin '>',«.r- nwi'- ?ti'' In F')'! '" 'i-i >'. ).-t5i>, "nTfftrt, liti'ttri mnf«-. S(f. pound, family drlvr; ."«ir- T.' v* urn "Id; Mind mare, in with r»lt, uprliit; cult. A'-H< r'.^ "t,i<k; :i fwro-yenr-*«ld r'"lj«. 4fi HKAD Of. CATTLK H rnih h r«w«, inuft i'f th*ni fr*'Kh: R -t«*r-r*, \t-nr~> "Iti; T \cmllitK steer**: fi y*!lT!injS iif-lftf,; fi ffiivFs, bull c"tii!riK 3 vears • ild. , I'.l h'Ftd Dili-be .Ier^<*y IIo*z«—<(*)•• hoar. FA KM MACHIN'KRT- ?. wngojis; bitusv: brenklriK curl: 2 hay rnrk*»; Hit.v« »'Ui pl"«nt»>r with }R<» rt«l« of wife; pulvrlster; 2 t;nriK pl«wa, <J.rnnd Detour and Kmirson. i»oth «.i pood «« new; Kt«*rllnK fenler. Me<*ormlek ctirn blnd«-r:, 3 wr«lkln» |d«w»; '2 Deere «1l»ic«t; • Vninry manure' upreadei ; 4 corn pluw**. I* !»«•• re. fifjind Detour find Mo!in*', piiitil rtx new; rombltmtlon plow; Hull tractor, K«n»d nn new; 1'4 horse eni;in<'rt Unit tfnctor, ,.Tr|i finfm t'ti m. :it!.h ''•.•••'. i ~HELP WANTED fh" >!', <,r Tit,!<>,', Ii, uf Ttn'. •in W. i n I, 1!-- VTK!) h- it • Thmnro' 'If HI »' month* <n«h, OV«T will \>f Klv»-n ^ «','. inlf'ic'Nt Miniiiiiit on approved Tfntn «!.ile If frt<m d(iU« uf fab-. No property removed until nettled for. II. F. Ht'lUJAHD. ('<>e, 'AucUone«-r; M. K. Wllser, Dec. K. P, 14, If.. 16. IS. A, I Clerk. PUBLIC SALE. Having decided to move on R ttniMlt- er farm. 1 will i«el!-iit public unction on the I!.ivcu'« furm. 10 mllefj, wnitb- went of ftook Foil*. 0 ml|et» norlhenxi «l«)Wii nnd 0 mllfj« north of on l'rophet«town«Bier!lnfc, CLOSING OUT SALE. The vimiVrwlKiH'd exooutrlx of tho ex- tat* -of Owen Graham, de^enawl, will sell at public xa'le at the farm 3 mllea miuth and 1 Tnllr- cnM of Tutnplco, 6 mlleti northweat of New Bedford and 6, IfiW iery cabba«e 13c i... So ,10c 116 melons .. ; lettuce, «a»o ,S5c ,30c 300 wppers, J for ....... ...... ..Be EBIE YSTIC VyORKERS ELECT .>t. -f~i • , *- <-— Smith Wm ClecUd Pr«f«ct of •= -..7 th* J?^»r,, r0uulttr mncUnjr of th" w»» hejd Tuwduy night 4»» teWm f«r tliw tnilpx twuthwt'si of lieer Or^vt?, on TUESDAX, DECKMBER 19, 1816, nt 10 o'clock, thf following property: 21 HKAD OF HORSE»—Malcb,ed, twun of black kclcUnun, ageH 8, weight 8.300; black g«ldinK, IKO 6, wMgbt, 1.500; black gi-ldlntr. «K« 3. weight 1,600; liny K^ldlUK, «ge 9. weight 1,460; (fray JIKW C. weight 1,400; bay gcld- 3, weight 't.450; bay tnarc, age I, weight. 1,460; sorrel mart*, age 8, welKht .1,400. .dxtra. eood well matched tfnm muli'ik, A«Mt;t and 4, weiKht 2,400j v team buy geldings, weight 2,300; matched team bays coming 3, matched team of Horrcls, age 3; four draft co!t«, W 72 "HEAD OF CATTLIS—IB head or which «r«' Registered Bhort Horn*. 2 •RvKHttered Bhort Horn , Bulln—Dalc'B Count S31090 bred by I. M. Forbcut & Son, Henry. HI. Other CholP« Count 458175 bftnl by Itele Bros. Tamplco, III., K ireglfltorfc'd Bhort Horn cow*, fi Reg- iaierwl Short Horn calves, one of which In bull; 33 Grade cowa, extra, good, all bred lo above bulls; 24 Orado eaivps, 10 of which tire »xtm guod grade bulls out of H ton bull, 38 HKAD OF IIOOH—31 extra good Poland China broad HUWH of Outchell'M breediiiK; 1 full Wood 1'olaocj Chinit bonr, ------- -. _ FARM MAC1MNKRY—2 dl*C8} er; 2 4-t««clio» dragu; 2 . corn planter; 2 gnusr plow*; drill; mower; binder, new;- manuro Bprcnder; fi WUKUIIM; KiiMwilno ciixlne; corn nhellerj corn elevator; mills 6 Tower plows nnd foil-lino hiir- «>«•«»,- Hindi-linker ulx-cyllndor- aulo run 8.000 miles in. gqod Hhapc. 2,000 hutrtielH iioi'ii, 30 tuna Timothy ami C-luY«if'JI»y In. barn. Fre« lunch nt li:lKJ'«*eJoek, TKRMH-rAli mm» nt HO and under, rush, over I hut nmount a credit of' 18 months will be f;lvwn on approved nole TIIURHDAV. 1»KCK.MJ1KR 21, 1SIG. Free lum>h at 11 o'clock; Bale immediately after.. The followlni? de»cHb«Hl property; 33 HKAD OP CATTLK—11 cow«. 9 m«n«r» comins,' 2 yenrn;'2 fnt heifet^; 2 helfern with calven by side by dote of wile; » '^pririK onlve*. 16 -HKAD OF HORHKH— 1 team of 4 yeaTiCw.'tgln 2.«00, In foul; I 3-year- old; 1 teuin, 3 and 4 year* old, weight 3,000. All of above well bmke. 6 colts. 3 yrnrn old; 3 mare»; 3 Keldlngx; 3 earllnteHi 2 aurkllnK rollH* "3 heiid frtt nheep; 46 bend <•" hops; 1 Cheater White boar. HA V AND tntAIN— 700 biudieUi corn; 7 fonn hay. - ' • FARM AlA<'HINKHY-K»UU"ple«s «ep- arator; 1 jtwlvanlwd tnnk; 3 «et» double work harne««; 1 shtRk' litirnnu*. Othor anlflea too numerous lo mention.' TKK&IH— All Bum* of |10 and -«nd«ft eaah. over ililu nmount 12 monthn tlmo will !»f given on approved not« Oearlnp *1 per cent, interest from date If paid when due; otherwise 7 p«r rent. from date of wile. No property 'rumov- «-d until nettled for, QKOHQK P. RKJLER. Anetloneer A. U Cm' II. U Harrington, Auc- tloneera; .Mrftt Wilgfr, (^ierk. Poe. P. 14. 15. 1C. 18. 19. : u h «• r » o power pttKltie, 6-roll 6 Mc- formlck ihn-dder; No. IS Delitivrtl cterttn m-patiitor; 2 drn*zi>, 1 womlen nnd 1 Iron.' - 3-horBe evenern; dmg rnrt; Htevvni l hnrw cllp|ier; f.O foot tuis«» for pump; f"rd etioker; tank heater; elevator prnr jnck; '4-horw bitch; buy fork, cnr nnd IM feet of Imy rope; middle; " «elJ» t'f wauon i*prine«(j wn<thinK mwhlnn; keto^cnp clove; illn- IIIK room tnlile, 4f»n httVh<>lB of corn. TKRMH oF HAl-K—All sums of |10 nnd under, roxh. Over thH Amount, )2 monttm* tlm" will ln< ulvt»n on np- pro-vfd iio(»-« benrftiff B per cetil< Inter- Otber«riv«-. T per cent. Interest ttf>tn rinti- uf -tai". N't property to be remov- cd until flpitl«l for. KHNKHT H. KMITII. HKNRY H.M1TH. - V_-> Altbott and Fahrney, Adt'tlotieeif*; Knd Ht'hitll nud Amo« Hoak, Clt-rka. CLOSING OUT SALE. The undeiisjgned InlPtiditut to move to liiwa will have a rlu«lns out Kiile at the Payne farm 3Vi mile/ northwest «>f Krie. 6 n«»rthea*f of Hl»l««lal«, » miles ttoiit beaut of Albany, 8 mtle» west of Uennu'k, on IlnvinK PUBLIC SALE. decided to al»pon« entire herd of dttlry cattl* I of will my Bell to oent, from dut*. , If not paid 'when duo to draw 1 i>pr da,te. No until Bottled for, to Up removed (IRAJfAM, C. C. t'lumley, It. N. Ilellipr, l-*i?ink , Orvllle Kuhle, Hc)utnfem«n< Clerki PUBLIC i 8ALf, oiiMht u Mmalle offer ttt pUbtii' MUto,' i^lll U»Hf¥ wtij north of of MHI» four mile* »oMib . on. tl«< Frank fa.rm. THUJiHUAV, W'JC, tha fallowing dewrllMtd property, wit: , 6 HEAD OF WORK From 7 to U y«i*rM old. 25 mlk'h toWH. Bo«m» to be fresli by day 1 two-y»4U''old »l««V«»; 4 two* tu'tfora; 8 yfrftrthiit st«*er», and on my farm jUHt west of thi* Franklin Corners.'?^ mllejn 8outhw«Kt, of Chadwick, 6 nines west of Colcta. 2 mlk-s Bouth of-lfAlrhaveii and 0 milea northwest of Mordwm. on FRIDAY. 'IJ1CCKMB7R, 22, PJ16. 3f. HKAD OF CATTLI5— ConnintlnB of l& lu-a.vy «pritiKer», somw with calf by their »ide on «lay of Male; 13 ywir- UHK and two-year-old heifers; 0 yearling and two-year-old uteere; 1 two- year-old bull. .5 HORSES— 1 black tnaro coming 10 old, wcteht 1,700; 1 brown mar* 10 yeara old. weight 1,200; 1 buy Rttldtiur comlnur K years old, wolRhl 1,300; 1 black (celdlnt; conUntf 8 y«»r» old. weight I,3tt0j 1 bay inaro "I^sidy JXJH" romiiuj 3 yearn, -weijtht 1,000. T1U* mara.iH- unbruki-n. nnd la oa«i T of the bent bml, and tlm best pragjwiut in this county, H«r dam Is by "Hir Don CiiH»«ek" and her «lr« "Kentucky Lou." Thor«» will be nothing offer**! for »alo in her claHH.thlM wlntnr, J}0 CHI-J/STKR WJHTB fiOWB, bred. Theno W»WM ntv th« blK typo and are bred u» tho HHUuirt big typo bourn. Rhode* Inland Hod Rootttertt, Home harncHfl. a few HmaU urtli-li^ nnd Junk. Freo lunch at noon; «ult> imnnxllHte- ly nft^r. TKItJMH fJF. SAldS- All ««um8 of $10 arid utidor. cu«h. Over thin nmnunt will be t$iv«n on approved MONDAY, DF.C. n, me, •»f the folluwintr propprtjSiv Male at 10 <», m., with free luneh at noon, 1ft HKAD OF HORHU8 AND MULES CompriHltig team «if srray «eldlng», * yean* old. weight 3,200; black mare, 8 yearn old, weight 1,600; black mare. It yean* old. weight 1,600; i?ray nmro. 4 ,vcar» old. wi.-lght 1.600; sorrel mare, I year*, old. bred, wdieht -1,600; black draft ir;«re, 1 year old; Kfay draft mure, I yeonold; team mare mulca, 4 years old. weight 2.800; U«m mare mulfri, 7 yearn old, weight 2,400; tea«i hot's*' mulex, 7 and s year* old, weight 2.300; black mare mul<», S months old. la HKAD OF CATTt,M— ComprlnlttK 0 milch cow*, one fresh now. 4 nthc-ru «oon. K eprintt oulvcH, tihorthorn bull, 1 micklng rnlf. 60 HMAI) OF ItOd«— Cholera Im- h»un» and ' brood KOWK. 20 ,;(Mid :u tun* tame *>arly of 10 brood yearling BOWB, 80 hay in corn barn, ni»o 10 farm implements. -.-U«ual termn. ... F h HKAGOS. C. O. Hu'riw and C. G. Plumloy, Auc Harry Wood. Clerk. 141 AUCTION SALES Mr*, Annie C. Mellmoyl*. Mm. Atmlo <'. Mcllmoylo will havo a public tmle on her farm on tho Dlxoa ud eaut of Itot-k l-'alla one milo IS, O, Il»ni««n, for Three Year* hun'lu,'on and dancing followed. »RI|F8. Allon Prutt.. of Mr, *nd ,M»u C. c, left Tu«nday for of the iMACillNJSRV John I-Hwe uw owi» «o»nur« new Jieere huy Ifttdw; two |>|PW», one and on* i|eere t»ulky plow; .two Mr«. John,Ht'«{| left Monday tht-y will at th«ir old of &il«*« Ki-rn Hunter of K«»l Kind- inch i?tul,|)!t' pl<i\vn; «wtl attachment: 1 Unit >»av,-4vrt»I?i*} I )My rttk«^ 2 Jiud- i .tbrce-wjction harruw; Jl *s«-i« double ; Ay 'rf.6 "milk, caumf earn; Timothy *»iH«d.; 1 h*; tunm- .hu- »>«»ru Uryei «<>ntv fc lu-ati-r; I barn UK mien, from her ac(,:«tuut M/irttu, HUH Mi nottt boarliiK 6% intertwt from date If iwild when dui». . Otherwise 7% from ditto of Male. No property removed un- tilp wattled for.' M. A. MoCAUTY. n»«J Rumley, Auctit>nc»»r«j IB. F, \V. SiuKSOhwert, Clurk. 8, ilay. Dee, lt>th. Tim «»l« includes three head of luirsoB and a great deal of the (arm machinery, including all that used on UH> fruit furm of her deceased hus» hand. There will also be liouuehold jroiHlf. I'ii'i> lunch at noon and sale to vommeiice immediately after. F.' (J. Rumley auctioneer HtHl John A. Kadel fU-rk. Having Hold the farm Mm, will move to the city, Mr», Frank P«t»r«on, .Mrs. Frank P«-4er«ion will noil at He wile Wedneaduy, Uwc. 20th, t-Ight miles doutltwvMt of Sterling, IUK nt 11 o'cloek, tl»e f«rn> 4it ?U ticr-jM, atuck, farm toulH, hay nnd corn, K o. Htimloy imd JI. 15. .Olda uiiftionnorR and Johtt Kade-1 nlerK, I'etctiKoii Intend* .Hi i|V'lt farming. CLOSING OUT SALE. ttol.l my farm, 1 will well at without . reserve, OH my public" M»|«», l*lut«« 1 milo btxon rund, . . . TUKHIMY, t5.rtc' following uroii 3 1IKAU It old, w«'i«IK 1,160; tild, w«'l«fht i.ioo-; yearn 'bid: 8 of Rock l'*alla on tho tyi s 10 indy'8 'i ycuru old'. MACHINERY— t new ColUtn- butt wttgon; top buKKV: «IH-I^IK wtigutti Chutnpbni binder. 6«foat out, n»w c«n- Fuller ^ Johnatm lo-liu'h Bulky J w<i Ik I'ucr plow, I4«tnch; twa- «vc.iU>» drHtr; Huyoa corn Planter, 8<J wl.rt>; ^tcrlins »eedor; new w«lk- itig plow; hay. ruko; McCarmtck. 6-fout Common til*'n«e i»otata plow; band WHU. »h«»Uer! i ttet double. wwrb «H doublu fty ncta; 1 »»t ilaU' K hArn»«B; SS '«lngle dt'lvltig »T«i«b> fly not; .8 Uni* bay; IS. . bU8bf(» la Us potato*; 8,000 berry i>i»; 160 bvrry cr«te» umdo up; 60 crates in flat; berry box m»cli.!ne; lawn inow- ; 'i clntrns; forks; hoe*; . Hhuv»>l«, Me'. fhuir.s; b*?d; three and »umt»rou« other arttel*?i*. . lunch u'l :iiio)i; Kalit iiiuut'tliuit'ly after, ' . . TKHWa t>l' HAJLK—AU «uiu* of $10 and uiultT. vaob Over this* «>»tiuut ]|{S moutti* wilt be, given <iu auprovetl note iH'tuliu; t» (»«•»'• I't-iH liitctvst (ro.m d'»l»-' if p.tiU M'tn-it doe. ' Otlu»i'*.vi.Hf 1 p*n' rent i'ruin >l:ilt> of KsiU'. Nu prttpi't'iy tfiiioV,-..! until f» ttli-d fni AXXIi: f Mi ll.MoVI. i>, ltitiiiN>. Atu'lioiK't t ', J. A. ftertr- . '. D«-C. n. 12. 13. 11- ir>. iii» K.Klt'I. Worth While Quotation. ma, '(•,» llun« if if I. -ill t.u \ ; MORE GOOD SALES ; n.-iiii--- j-i.imn' * i Bin Crowd* Deipite Th*. Pact That Weather Was V«ry Col(l, iH-Hpito the fact below xero was bx- pcricnVvd ThurBduy Hom» good mile« vM-ro rcporiod. T!i t o crowds were ex.- it?|lont and bidding was spirited and gaum record wiloa luive bc*n reported in tho pant .two dayw, With the* ex* twtwivc advertising 1$ The Oa«etto a lurtfo territory in coverofl am} fwraers go iniiny miles in their (UUon. The Shu lor 9»|f. Jului I- 1 . Klujler had 4 big wile Timrn- Uny on the Warreo Powers f«n*l». west of HUTlinB cljjlu inileB, tli« total wait* rntollr,*- Trumble (wife of Tli'-mri" V>*. Tnirnhi"*,' An'i!!«!in Smith (if llvfii-j>, the n-nirn'-.-nn Smitll (if lif T>». deniH. HSTaTi It Smith (wife of Atteii.-tln Smith), A»tfti*!ltte HniHb (If Hvin»s>. fhc Ai'tni*tine Kn.lth <tf he b" (?«-:ui», H.irah is. HnsIUs (Aviff of Aupin*- tnu- Pinitii). Archllmld Adnnis {If liV-lnit). th*- linknown lifir* and dfvlH*e.<t of Archllmld Adnma Of he be dend), Mary Adnms iwlf« of Archibald Adnms), CieorKft (!. De.nnl* <lf HyitiK), the «nkni>wn iM'Irx'Mrui dtnlMirs of Of-fJi-se <}. Dr-nnls (If he be deaiD, Adtlm* D» r.l'H (Wife (tf <!»OIKI- (J, Dentils*. I' 1 try !«, Jeffern (If Hvlng), thf iiilknown heirs and devi»e«»»f IVi-ry L. Jeff era (If h<» be dead), I'htlena L. Jrfferi» (wife" »if Terry 1^. JefTern), Idft M. ffctldwin. Maltwon H. Maldwlri, (..'lara J. llaldwin, the unknown owitf'ta of hit twelve in the ennt half «f the northwest riiittrter of wectloti twenty-one, In townnhlp twenty, north rnnpe five, east of the Fourth Principal Merldan in Whlte.«idt« County. Illinois, as p«>r plat r«n-ofd«>d l» the Itecord- er'ii offlco in VVhitenlde County,' In lk»«k 4 of 1'lats on 12, * Defendant*. In C'hatwry BUI U» Quiet Title. To Thnntflti W, Trumbull (if the unknown hoirw nnd devisees of Tlu'llWH XV- Ti'tiinbull Uf he be rtr Caroline Tjumbull, wife of ThomaM W. TrumbulD, ThomiiB W. Trumble (if IH'lM/r), the unknown Imlrs and tie- vift<H>* of Thomiw W. Trutnble (If b« be dend),. Caroline Trumble <wlfe of Thomn* W. - Trtimble), Aiifturitln Hfnlth (If living), the unknown heir« nnd dcvlfieen of AutfUKttn Smith (If h« be <lend), Bnrah R Mm.ltIt <wlfe of AuKiiKtin Hrnlth), AuKUMtiiio Hmlth (if IlvltiR). UM* unknt»wti h«lr» and »f AuitUKtlne 8mnh (If he be dead), Hni-nh li. Bmlth (wife of AuRUHtlne Smith),, Arcnlb«Ud Adams (If living), the' unknown heira and devt^ecti of Arcultmld Adam* (tf ho be dead), Mary Adam* (wifw of Archibald Adams), George (i. Dcnnl« (It living), the un- knowh heir* and devlKeen of OeorKi- a. DentilH (If lie b« dend>, Adeline D0nnln (wife of (Jeorse Q. DennU), Perry 1* Jeffcr* (if living), the unknown heir* and devUees of Perry L. Jeffern (If hij be dead), I'hllona L. Jefferi' (wife of Terry I* Jeffera), an«3 tho unknown uwncrn of lot twelve in the «nttl half of rtlu» northweut quarter of wectknt twenty-one, Iti townnhip twenty, north rnngw flvo, Kaisl of the Kourth I'rtnclpal Meridian In White- aide .County, lllini'ln, <i» per plat rec- «>rd*?d in the Ri'corder** office In White- fhl(» County, Illinois in Book 4 of Tluts on I'age 12. Affidavit* of non-rwUU'titB having be*n Illwl In the tifflco of tha clerk of the Circuit, court of nald Whiteidde County an by law required, notice in hereby given to you and each of you that tht* above nnim-d complainant heretofore filed hi» bill of complain In mtld court on the chancery, «ido thereof making all of the above mimed defendanlH partleji defendant thereto and that a summonn thereupon iKtt«?d but of HHld court agiilnMt all of tin above named defendant's returnable a the court, house in Alurrlson In nald County «f Whitcsldo on th» first Mon day in January. A. D, 1017, an by law required which said ciAiso is now pend inj? and undetermined in <wild court, Duted at Moriaon, llllnola, Deccmbc 1, 191«. * C. W. M«Call. Clork. jr. C. Ward, J. A. Ward, Bolicitore r .-l WA,VTKI> Applv nt (<rsrr. Mr«», FOR em, • ment nl. frorst: TC« l>t bath. Laundry In h.i*-'*'- l!H|«lre .f. Tlc-de. 6'».1 Avi 4 . V. 141-14?* RKNT— p 4 fRNlS!H-:i» ROOMS. Tn rnnvrntfnrr-«, Itotrd "ptlnn- ."tftfi Aventie n. 141 -142* KOR ItKNT—IIAVB Jl<KT ("OMI'J.KT- »-d twn bunfralowit In Martin addition. nfT fr^ni Avenu" C3. Ptrlctlv modern. T. K. Rnblnwn. HH-N2 • \V. rft fifp-J Htone c'ri!''i-. A iV OirttHtt, M«>i»r;t:N iifiMi': H»,. ><lrrllr':. N.-nr 1 (.ire.* in nt K'ffk fall". 'f)J{ SALK-SKVICN Hti-rlhnr. l«"f«xl!»<t f«, en ri hitrenin Hind muwt l r.OTS «»N IN . p di«pomd of Cantlln. !t«x:le K« >!t « K NT — TWO Kl' 11XIH JI f :i) nwiniH, 110 WPKI Third Hf. lto-142 FOll W.-sd i IK NT Fifth MODF.R.V St., $18.00 phone. month. John taotf KOR nBKT—«-noOM HOfaR WITH l»ath »nd *l«K;trlc llchtf. fin 18th Ave and 6th Bt. InriUlre nt TVrry & Hnovw'* Drug Store or J!U>2 Kant Fifth St. _^_ 132tf K1OHT-TIOOM ^OUSK FOft KENT or rale at n hamrtUt. Harry n*a!dl<r, Phone. . 141-142 !*r»U HAI,K--A Nl'MHKK OK f»«K)D wrnnll homen In Hoek FalM,' K pa>ment««. • Vires from $1,200 $l.70«. to Foil BAU->-40 rlKAM 1THK Poland China bonrn. Inelitdinir hr«rul f.-il! yearllnir*. On Lincoln W*y, 3 '4 ml!''» east of Morrifon. Interphone. Simon Wh!stl«r. Frl. & Sat tf A. A LK — MA.! BHTIf ' rook ^t.ove In sood order. Will Call UP 1S4H nejl phow*. f40>143 WANTED WAN'TF.D-HAVK A NUMIJBR OF buvern for 5 and 6-rootn eottaf*** In Whjll hav* yon to list, fall, or write W. T, Stone, Rock FaUs. 141-142 WAN'Tt-IIV—WORK AH <}OOD PRAC- t!c-»l n»irne. Ititpjlre 204 Seventh Ave. nnd Hecotid Ht,, SterlliiB. ^141* WANTED—MARRIED MAN WANTH • job on farm. Jay Pmdter, Prophet*.town. • . 18T-I43* \VANTI5D—Hf»ES. FUH« AND AU, ' k)II<|H of Junk. ! nlwi have a nice line of Ford tlrws at\ reasonable prlc««. It would pay you to inventlRinte before Helllnit your Junk or buying tlr«?». 0. Mnnfleld. ISCtf K<»1 SAI.E-H03HK OF THT-3 }l(impshlr«> fall nnd n|>t Ins Ixiars Kilts, that I ever rnl»«'d. Al*8 extrw wood Ilnft" Wyandotte eoelcer el.M. F.irm one mile north of twy, J. JL SCIftlor, SterllnK. III. «tand. nmrble-toppfd h-ninlmgnny inblf. three table, Kt'iti<!.*i.whalrii, UatnwK, elot-k, Janlin-. lere.". hf»mm_fi{'J<;, two wheel Rartlon plnwu... \v1\eelhnrrovv, two eords oak wooil, Mtwed nnd HpH'r ti»l large fifty Knllon copper- k"ttle. FTJijuIre Hell phone IGfiH or U"»a We»t 3rd utroet, RterlitiR. 1S8»141 FOIt 8ALK—$760 HTAUK I'LAYKR ,pWrno, tiwed one year. In perfert con» ' 'illilon. Wl. 1'rico I32&. Bell phornj 312' WAS'TKJ>—LEARN BARBRR TRADE —world** moRt urnfltahln' trade. Quickly learned. Write for catalog. 201 16th Strwet. Mottne, 111., Trl-Clty Karbnr Co)l*Ke. 133-168 WANTED.— 8KCOND-HAND AUTO- mobile*, will pay the hlghent prlc*. Also Mel) all kind* of repnlrn. tflph e«t prices paid for all- kind* of fur and hides. Mike, the flC Tailor. Both phonen. , 86tf FOR SALE — FEW CHOICK Jerney main plB". Call or phono Mitchell, Morrliion. Both phonoii. 122tf FOR SALB—ON13 H. FLAT JIOLTON cornet, high and low pitch, flne condition, 135. J. J. HiUelberger. isetf WANTED — OLD PAt-BF. TKBTH, Don't matter If broken. I pay $ to $5.00 per sent Mall to Mazer. 8007 8. Fifth St; Philadelphia, Pa. Will »end eaHh by return mall. 116-141* I1OHK8T CASH PRICES 1'AIO FOR hidea and furs. Mancan'a Hut-noun Shop, 31t First Ave, l«4tf for Complainant. -Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22 LEGAL NOTICE. State of Illinohf, linoitf, 1 County,/ ^n tho Circuit Court,' January Term, A.' D. 1917, Frant T. Wormell; Complainant va tb« unknown next of kin and legal heirs -iif England- of Thomna Wormell. De- •ceascd, Will. Bill to Construe Affidavit that upon du« and diligent Inquiry the unknown next of kin UIK legal lieir» In Kngland of. Thomas Wormoll, dw«a«(.'<l. dpfendatit**. in the abov<i entitled CHU«!«, oannot b? found. ar}d tlm{ uj>o» diligent inquiry Ihoir placew of ro»ide"nco cauimt bo BKIXT- tttlnod, nn the prorenH cannot he. HIT v- od tipon thum, ItavinK heen (lied In iht> offlcoof.the (TircuM Clerk of tho County wf Whin-side and Htate uf Il||. «ol» public notion in hereby given to Bald cb-fendantH Uiat thw co |ior«» loforn Hied his bill of amount Ing to over four lam, being more than expected. Each i»f n Kp.iH tif iiorscs m>ld for $169, oth- *>r»'l» pixipprtlon. Aj cow ami calf by n«r Hide t!rmns«t--*9ffr Itpga.Rt $83.|P for on entire pen, liny from ten to eievt«n dollar* per "tun In mow, 1m- Ii!<-nu v ntf< U|MO brought gitod in'ii.-ew. A. I* Coc, An Fb-tcht-r and !k 'I* ilar- rinnton wcro aut'tionecers wnd M. B, \\'Jllt*r c,U>rk, Wf. Shtllur lutvnils to move lo town. The Brogan Broth«r«. The Uroa., living in Hume. intend u> nmvo to thl» city and held a very largo uml «uce«j«»ful ««le Tlturv Ja>> exerythiag brltiplns ostrcraely 'jrood prlcea It w«a. nut a largo sale, u» much li«M bt«en prpvlously dleposed uf a private uaje*. Cuw0 brought us ivlijh UN JSft.U'i. 6iu; brood aow sold for $&u.t»o. Eight wfeelT old pjgs were tliv/ujj'lit oluiip ut J1M.60 i«acli' Huinloy and Coe-weiw uuctianwrs MnJ Juhu A. clerk. Dixon and Flock.' The .public s«lo pf Dlxon ttiul In tnc in*Jd'Circuit CiHirt, uforemiid on ihe chancery Hide tlM«rw»f, and thpmu oil a miiniiiniirf iBwucd uut uf «uid Court I tuiid (U'fcndiviUti and oach o^ reUiniftblw : «m tin> Hmt Won'ibiy of tun Januwry Term, A. ft 1917, of saltl Circuit Court UH in r«xiutrcd by Is-W ttnd that said muaw Is «tiil pend Ing am) uiiUotermitiod. •t ' Churle« w, McCftJl. 01ei»k of th* Circuit Court ol White ttf County, JHiiidls. A- A. Wulfersncrser. BoUcltor for the Complainant, . pec. 1, 8, 15, S ; LEGAL NOTICE. Htttto of Illinois, A. Is County, r tile Circuit Court, January tona, 1»17. * rry»t«!p« ,<>f the 8 tor U UK No. 5CO df the lndfji»MitU'iit 3irUU Abrahiuli. a i-cligiouH Cuiuplainanl VH. Wright C. Hall, if living.and if tin* unknown teir* or de- of Wright C, Hall, de- I, WriKhr'Chamb0rliii,' • iivlntr (tad if tlwul, the u»- Knuwu heirs or Wright ChamberliH, of Col. . In Affidavit M 1H i up>»n J uo and diligent inquiry Wright C. Hall, if-living and if dead, llto unknown heirs or devinwa of Wrlglit o. Hail, deceased lad Col. Wright ChamberUii, if IJvtntf and jtf dtmd, tht* unknown liters or dovluwS of f?ol. Wright ('ImmberUu, <Jeces8»a4, in lialtnunuui w«iij vpj'y mid Kvefe. i-U- f^Ti 'tutd k. Real Estate uuctioiuvi x aud 4</r- <'u\\« bt'o'ugtil n* Jiigh ui*' in $ltfioo, ^ U ul In th«t «bov*i entitled cause, vtuinm- ho fuuttd, .haviior been 0|«d In the ottitjo wf the Circuit Clerk af the Circuit C*»urt of the C«u»»ty of \^«U*» sitii' .uud HttUf of iilinoiii. public notice 1« bei'«by *slw». tu m.iA deffiuluut*. tlwt tin' compkiiiiunt, JitM-ffufui'*, flled his bill ttf ctuiipluUit ie thu.w»ld Circuit oijirt tu tw« i'ouniy of Whii«M«l« aula cm tUi- rlumcvry siilt? thvrwif lti"U' ui'on u Hiiininoitti lwt.u»'d out f Biljtl l.-<".lt itKttlllNt WlM cl»'I"«.'!l,l!ir»ts uul «•«<•>. t-f tbt'lu t>-iui liable *'!i4ii.' t}l>t TYPBWEITEES AKfiS T/rPKWntTKRS rent or Mile at >pcclal prlcea Term* to suit. Write, call or phono B«U 7J- W. If you bav« office furniture 'or tj-pewrltera to well ae*,ut«. KreWer** Typewriter Exchange. COS Lawrence Bid*. 12J-14S LOST LOST cane. 1'AIR IN NOKK fSLASSKJf Return to PrluclHa Hh<n». ... . 141-148* eh preHeiUH, ; Hotrtething; no one e&a Klvc but yourself. Special —prlew from now until Chrlntmns at th» Weaver Studio, over Obermlllor'A 132-141 MISCELLANEOUS and $5 monthly; no intor««t or taxes; hiKhly productive land: eloae to 3 bltf marketB.l Write for photograph* and* full Information. Munsr&r A-172 N. Y., Life Bldg., Kansau City, Mo, s -181-15C* NOTICE [WANT :>'. Vss. i. 1 BIOS WANTED. State of Illinois, Wltftenido County Town of Jordan The conimisniorie'rH of highway-* of tha Town of Jordan in euid county will Deceive sealed tlda for tho construction in accordance with th« inapt*, plans and HpoclfleatlonH therefor* -pre* iwred by the Bounty Buperintendent «>f hislJway«-of nald Whlt^wUU' County, uf gravel roadt) arid culvertw In *uld Town «f Jordan rtHiuirintr a« «mtimaieti lt;,l'38 ctibto yurds of gravel and 102,2 cubit! ytirdu of re.enforced cone Kneh bid Bhall be enclosed In H envelope addre-med t«j the Town C}erH of tuiirt Town uf Jordan and b.o accom- punicd by • a-*usrUfled cheek or ten per cent of tho bid, payable* to tlu< tr<'HMiiri»r of th*; road and bridtfo fund uf wild Town of Jordan. All bida must bo submitted on the regular form which can be obtalui-d-ut the law office of Frank J. Bowman, wher« a dupllcato eopy of the plttnu and specification** -may be aewi, llhln will bo recelvwl at th«« law of- flc« of 1'Vank J. Bowman, Sterling, III., until 2 o'clock 1'. M, of January 5. 1U1?. The coramlwxionerw rcwcfve the ri^ht * reject any find all bids. - . Dated, O«3cei»ber'J5. 1818. Charlea O. liort. Oeorge Charlea J. Wolf, Commissioners of Highwnyu. i6. ssa, a, CHOICB 8T0CK RKO RIVESR QhloH, Round Whiten and No4rt4»e«i^' Wlaconain Rural New Yorker*. v ' 2 Price* right. .Hueh P. Platt, 201 Flint Avp. t41-t4i, POSITION WANTED AS HOUS8- keeper by widow with child 8H year* old, for bachelor or widower with no children. Call or writ*?, 407 Ave. ' . ^ PUBLIC SALK—HENKY A^D FRANK Wolber'n public *ul«, 8 mne» cast o£ Colcta. 5 m(|e« «ouiheast of Mllledtre- . vllle, 9 mlleJJ northwest of Sterllnr* Thursday, Dec. 21st. i* h»ad of nor* K<'«, 40 head of cattle, 50 ht>ad of hoffB. farm machinery. J-'ree lunch at 11 o'clock. Hale immedfrttely ft/tor. Wolber. - ~ 1 IvlRIJY & DEAN,' HORSESHOKINO at the old Maml, IxKHiat til/ Never wllp Mlioon. self sharpening shoew and all kinds of rubber ahoek. 419 Locuat Bt. 141-148 , DOWN OQE9 THK HIOH COST OV LI\'iN«—Hoef ciuartcrji, lOo per 16, Come early or call Kuhn & 80(5 ICiiMt Fifth Bt. Both pttoneo. ' LEAVE YOyil ORDKR FOR A BAtt- r«i (if fuucy York Imperial apples, ubiu ottmr . varletlew, Located in - buKemunt under IJt*.Hil'H Ciindy Htor«, corner First Ave. and Fourth &t, Will SliorftJUoll 888R8. . ^^ff "~~* ""'UPHOI^TKIUJJO HOS- and 3Sa-164 i J tul, .F ourth 8t». tntlo» TAMPICO NEWS J C, M, Tuirgle w<m a, Munduy evening utsengei- for Cimdwlck and other }f!ab«a t^ttlmt Vicinity wherw tie expwt* to ipwul & few dayn transactJiiK buoineua. Mr. and Mr». Maurice jtUHaeil, of 'IfMiklngton, Houth Dakota, announce he rocent arrival at their horn* of u nn« little Nuby boy. c, W. Ro«k o| Robtnson. III., was » iinnk-o vlnitur Tuj»«»dtty 'hitvinK »wn ailed hero by the dw»th uf till* broth- r, tlu; late K, J). Uo»s. t V. 1;. Glttssburn,- D, S. KllUon wfro UOHB 'tho Tamplbo people to ^.tti-ud a unction, of the I-^lkt» In Stcrlins Jlon- p»«p Vyiwry of Amtrtcnn f?otlti««. ' A young woman taking M civil re »>xtttniimtiou ,weat, OUT SALE—HAVING elded to null fanning 1 will «nl| toy farm and permmal property, 0 mil«M north of Tamplco, .« wouthwcMt of HtorlliiK »i«d 8 nortlicaat wf PrMplmtHiown <»n n<.)«day, Dec. SO, 11)19, Ht U o'clock a. m. The farm contslntx .of 73 »cn»s, ,woll tmiirovod land, Ku»y t*rm«- 8 head of hor*e8^team black geldlngi* " iluff 4, weight l.JJ'tyf" bay mu.t*, 'itrrw'eiffbt 1,200, 19. l»c*Ad «»f.cut*' good cows; 4 yc-urHnis holfera; • 8 yearUoK-steerK; 1 bull. Furm ma- chinsry and 800 buuh^lu porn, W$* lunch at noon, TerpiM—Hoe targg tionwiMi* Jciiin a. Kadui. Clerk,' Mrs, Frank Veteraon, ' ' , Dec. 18. A8, 14, 16, t«, 18, LOGAN BROS, date** call (3. H. B«H plioye - 1M-W explain* how we twach tha ber quickly, milled free. Moler AUTO FJRB ANI> unc«. Life membership 16. Yearly duen ti. Alao Auto Uabillty, Flw mid AccJdtmt Jaaurano*. Will pay • you to BIW me. . Jonas H. Bacr, ymw BUTCHKHINO us after Dee. iSth. Interstate JT«l. IS; M. Tlilniftn & Son,, -1M-U1 v«ro .Ilia ttrst five iiystepioj ,7*1? RiAO WANTS I l-i»id\x»«n main lit (In t I-.; if LUiK-S i' ov l» ith ^, I'f-ti- I H. ! t •r wiahinu tu IV- If ] J..T .IH(1 I'l 'll I, \\ • : Uli ' the ,. ( 'M, tliul.l - i .t». i ft'tt'u. tlu* by \Vhiti' Champion Shoe Repairing- Shop Has ju»t acided a rto.k uf NEOLIN soles.. f or N nytn's shoo». It wears longer and batter than leather, Come jn anjl Set t'S slioy/ y^u a p_air. • W* conduct a first class *hc#, parlor f«r l,'il'*a Christ Both Pnon«» 2Q3 Or. WiHin|ton Swlphur BldgA «nd 8TERLINO, ILt. MasHh

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