Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 1, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1944
Page 1
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WITH WAR BONDS A Progressive Newspaper For'a Progressive Community" WEATHER • • . Considerable Cloudiness Full Report On F**c • Vol. LXVIII, No. 178 ESTABLISHED 1885" TUESDAY, AlKJUST ;lv Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents Nazis May Be Preparing To Leave Warsaw Pall Of Black Smoke Indicates They Are Setting Fire To City (Hy Unlled rn-jMO Thf Oi'iiuins ftpiwirenlty arc prc- parini; to evacuate Wai-saw. The Soviet Kovcmm.TiU news- Flame Thrower Burns Out A Jap Pillbox On Guam paper fw iti '-" t report."* the Polish cnpltnl I-" clouded hy ;i blnck pall of smoki— an indication* the Nazis arc setting Clre to the city, • Earlier reports reiifhlnK Moscow told of ti'c evacuation of Nial official* ':m<l German civilians from the bcm-ing out nlpnst that Hitler had (riven up nil hop*; of lioidinir the city. U'hllo :hc "^ i us IM reportedly put the torch to Warsaw, powerful Red nrniy force are b'ltllitiK through the city's eastern suburbs. One front illspiiu'h said a Ru^tun van- jjU'U'd could -ieo clearly the spires* of the e.-i^tjrn districts of Wat-jaw proper. Sovli-t artillery and tan-ks tire taking lending roles in the brcmk- throiiijli. And c-ivMry is sin -hi.-.,' nt the enemy flunks nnd chopping up flceinir .VnKi iinlls. Polish troops 'are reported flght- in£ side by side with the Russians in fc'tie suburbs. Civilians arc said to b • throwing frit-lards of flower." (icro.'s giant P.UAsian tonUs crushing through German dcfcns- CS, As tin* climax nctirs In the battle for Warsaw — greatest prl-/.-: i-o fiir on the eastern front — the Grr- miiris sny Eiussiun troop.-; have stormed across the Vistula rlvsr 05 miles to the southeast. United Press Corrcpondent Honry Shapiro re-ports from Moscow tunt Uux '-m confirmation of tti.- : river ei-owing can be expected tiny tltno. According to the German report, n Russian bridgehead has been established in the nroji of Dcblin, on the Vistula's west bank. The Vistula wns considered the most formidable natural defense line between the Russians anil Germany, The Nazis also 1 -report lighting .northeast ot Warsaw. -Sim .another German broadcast said Soviet nuisance raiders flew over East Prussia last night, but gave no details. On 'the diplomatic front. Premier Mlkolajzcyk of the Polish government in exile, may have to doal . S." Outing Committees Selected Harry Ingram Lists Groups Event To Take Place On Sunday August 13th At Linden Park United States Rubber Co. Reports Net Income For First Six Months Of $5,852,827 destroying a nittli'snuke dun, U. S. Marines close In around n Jup pillbox on Guam tt» 11 flamr thriwu'rs (loft) aims his shaft of deadly fire down through an opening. Slow and dangeroiiH n-ork liki 1 this was Imt u |>;irt of the daily routine as. our I-t'.ithrrnecks advanced steadily • on' the l.sltiiul, driving the cm-my before them, ejipturlng so lie and oxtflrriilmiting nil who would not Hiirrundur or fin;. \j. S. Marine Corps photx {(nturniitlontil Soiimlphoto) . . . LATE. . QUEZON DIES CContiniicd on Page 8) Cold Watch Is Taken In New Haven Road House Break A jrroiip. ;i[>pnrently boys, broke Inlo thr r«.xltlcncp of Mr. »nf.l Mrs, P"lcr Mopckcl nt R32 South M/iln street, rui-ly S(.m.d/ty evefiing when' thn family «-fuM out for n .short timD. and nftor tvinsneklng the house, wont off, hiking wkh them i woman's golf wntch, The Ncwu learned t<v|;iy. Mrs. Mocclcol l.s understood to value the watfth very highly as -v k(>ef.f«ikc, and it Is hoped tilmt it will hn returned to her intaot. H \ii understood that entry to the house was gained by the re- rooviii of <i scroen from n. klu-'hcn window, The intruders catered I'iKht on top oC-;i porcelain sink, Indlwaiiw; thnt whoever the persons were, tluit their weight was ri(H v'M-y great. group |.< understood to hfivo tM rough practically (Continued on Pnge 8) ' Washington, Aug. 1—CUP) — President Manuel Quexon of the Philippine commonwealth died today at StiraniiR Lake, N. Y. Quc'/.on had boon in ill health for a Imig time. Hu went to Sai'iinac Lake early in the summer after spending the winte-" and spring in Florida and North Carolina. —oOo UNDKRGROUND RKfOKT InG. O.P. Here Involved Repot That---Attorney'.C 1 . I. Telles May Be Senatorial Choice Stiichlinlin. Aug. 7—(lil'l—Nor- wrfilim underground sourci's say the Ocrmaii battleship Tirplt/. has lirt'ii repaired and han brt-n SITU on trial runs in Altonfjorcl. The l.ondnn .Otiily .Mail quotes Sran- diiiiivian sources as SJiying t'uat Allied plum-* .liuvo made further s on Mir Tlrpitli. oOo FIGHTING IN J'ERCV 'London,' Aug. I—(UP)—Allied headquarters ruportcd today that street CiglUing is point; on in Percy and that the Americana had advanced pnnu rally in (.he area southwest nf Tcssy-sur-Viru. ——oOo—- CON*'KKT5NCi:S TKANNICO THRILLING % MYSTERIES '* THRILLING, BUT NO MYSTERY Ad results aren't any . but it sure is thrlli- iftr Jo get all that extra money hy j ust investing n fnw cc »t-i. It only costs $.63 to run n three li nc ad for three days. , '••"£ host of all It will only CMC an additional $.45 to run ttic same three line acl for «lx days, Cull 2228 todny and Slvc us «n Acl thnt. will .MO!! "Kl --irtlclos that you no longer wnnt or need. Try a NAUCATUCK DAILY NEWS CLASSIFIED AD Today There's nothing mysterious "bout them. Well authenticated reports in political circles here ttjday indicate that Atty. Clarcmont .1- Tolles, m;ty be the Naugatuck G, O. P. choice for senator from the 1-ith district. The two most prominently mentioned candidates for the nomination here for the past some weeks have been Representative William Painter and Judge-Thomas Neary.. Now it is understood that the choice will rest with Atty. Tolles, providing he desires to again be a candidate for the. o/llce that 'he. held some years •' ago. He is regarded as a strong campaigner by- veteran politicians ..who still remember the excellent .job he did when running for the'Office previously, 'Strong blocks in the Naugatuck. Kcpubliciin party arc understood to have definite ideas 113 to who should bo the candidate Cor state senator it' the choice is a Naugatuck man, and Atty. Tolles is in- Girl, Unwittingly Touched Off An Alarm In Bank Boston, Aug. I—(CP>—It'K-u \yonimi's privilege, ' siiy the men—but'they're Ktlil mighty migry. . ,. A • now girl emploj-o of the Firnt National, .bank In. Jamaica Plain preened a button under u- teller's window to-ut- tr;»ot hit. nutrition; Iti.-no.-tinic. ;at all, bunk • »vatchmcn ;; -.und police rushed Into the room . with drawn revolvers. The girl unwittingly, hud touched off the hiirglur iilurm. But, said Khe: "I ro»lly didn't ring for quite so miiny men." Japanese Beetles Are Reported In Local Gardens •\VitshlnKtnn, AUK. -1—<U1')—It In announced that rcprr.senUitivcs of the Ullltrd Stiitrx, Circa t JJHt- :>ln and the :?iivi<:t Union "III he- gin their Washington conversations on un international organization for pence and security o" August J'<. Naugatuck Soldier Is Graduated From Mechanics School .(Special to The News) .Keesler,Field, Biloxi,-Miss., Aug. 1—Sgt. John S. Waskowicz today was granted his" graduation diploma . from the . AAF Training Command's B-24 Liberator bomb- cr mechanics school in appropriate 'ceremonies held at Keesler Field's technical school. He' is the son of Mrs. Anna Waskowicz; ;206 Derby avenue. Derby, Corin.- The training ho received, 'at riicatcd us u choice, who can weld i Keeslor will be augmented at an- New Inhalator Purchased For Community Use together, effectively, factions. the various Borough Board Meeting To Be Held Tonight The August meeting .of the board of warden and burgesses will bo held tonight in the borough court room, with the probability that nothing more than routine matters will be brought up. The most important matter for The -borough- police department. hux acquired a new inhalator'for use In-emergency CHSCS here, the , . purchase being made with money ; «ction w.ll be the replacement of from- the community ambulance fund,- Police Chief John J. Gormley has announced. As'a result oC the purchase of other Army Air Forces station before his assignment to a combat air crew. The 17-week course has skilled him in Liberator 'aircraft maintenance and crations in flight. As final plans for the U. S. Rubber Co. family outing, which is to take place on August 13th at Linden park, arc being completed, cncral Chairman Harry Ingram has announced the following committees in charge of this annual event: Assistant chairman, Frank Weaving. Children's committee: Chairman. Mary Wither; assistant chairman, Barbara Stone; John Smith, Cliff Jacobs, Frank Wylong, William Dickinson, Geneviovc Pajcslti,, Thomas Connolly, Steve Knapik, Dino Sbrocca, Mary Gro.t\t, Bertha Rycwski, Agnes Blomberg, Conrad Rohs, Earl Douty, .John Banno, Barbara Rimbach, Sophie Lantieri, Nellie LoRuaso. • Adult entertainment: Chairman, Frank Wood: John Karaban, John Deegan, Bernard Sullivan, John Fitzgerald, Zjg Kozon. Pensioners' corhmittee: CLiair- man,'• Elizabeth Rooney; Wilfred Swan, Elizabeth Wilson. j'ohn Lauer, Edward Reilly. Helen Zehn- dcr, George Bell, Rocco Mariano. Publicity', committee: Chairman, Gcncvicve Smith; William Buckley, John Trunick,. Rose Riley, Ceil Sanders; Ca'th'orfri'e Brosiiahan, C. N Moore. -'Steve ' Moran, T.' P. .Sfiun- ders, Veronica Cook, Helen Wurm, Amusements 'committee: Chairman, ,Jim Mcnnillo. Matt Jnunus, Matt Phclnn, John Helm, Joseph Ges.scck,' Ray Carnaroli, Lloyd, Nolan, Mike Wcis. Athletic committee: Chairman, John Celcllo, William Rado, Tom Palrriicri, ' Jim Mennillo, Louis Ruggeri,'Francis Driscoll, R. Wont- worth, H. J. Seiberling, Ed Walker, Tom Rowley, Marian McCann, John 1 Farrar, Fred Errico, John Quinn, .Prize committee: Chairman. Tom Nellig'an, Lucille Deo, Janice Reilly. Catherine Cxfir, Ann Tuz, Marjo- f-Je Howard. Libby Chcrhoniak, V. N. Peterson, Sara Trcstrail. .Dance and Vaudeville Committee: Chairman, Mary Donovan; i Llll'ian Carlson. Mary Furs. Ruth | crs>, the list of Naugaluck rcsi- Reynard, Ma.rsh.iUl Griffith, Mary k Is lx:lng attacked hy a small plitguc ol Japanese heetlr.N, residents here reported to The News today, and in sonic canes much tlani- «BC has lx;cn done particularly to rose biiHhCH, hut vepe- tahlCN to dntc seem to have escaped. One local resident displayed a jar with more than SO of the hluck-hronzc hqii:vt bcctlex, that he collected In his yard. When foliage on rose hiixhc* nnd other vegetation of this nature i» entirely eaten, the beetles as » rule Hhift to anything clue Uuit IH eatable .close by, «nd In yciini .past huvc been known to even Infect la»-n«. Local residents .should examine carefully foliage about their yards, that Nhow.s signs of bclnj; eaten l>y Insects, and the hectics can be knocked off Into u jar In the Name manner as one takes care of potato bUB». JapaniTse bcttles c.'»n fly and the best time-to collect them Is early evening when they become drowsy and stick to the leaves. Received By Town Clerk 27 Naugatuck Residents 'Are Named By Commissioners Of County Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John has received word from the New 71 Haven County Jury Commission- Mcllnski, Ann Lawlor, Marpc Henley, Marge Bai-to, Al Miai-sh. Frances Gniazdowski, Virginia Claffcy, Frank Hroch, Mary I^ambcrt. Ticket Comm'ittce:. Chairman. Ab- bic Jctirt Quick. Dorothy MacFarland, Irene Shcplcy, Stella Mc- 3ann, Vivian Bott, Josephine Jank Constance Linskey. Mai-y Furs, Mildred Ma-ng-inc, Miiry Mclinski, Matilda. Chm.iclcwsk.1. Ann Lawlor, tlarjorie Hcaley. Mary Heffcrnan. rio Pesanclli, Wanda emergency op- I Mary Cobbol, Ruth Schildgcn. The latter was j Safety Committee: Chairman, ach'ieVcd during" "actual flights ex-.'Earl-Shed d, Walter Pcmso, Everett' Lending over several hours'during | Armstrong, Martha ^Ict-monat, Jim which he rticcivcd actual pT-actice ~ ^" ' ""-- ^ -- »^ — in .the pLM-formancc of the aerial engineer's duties, Sergeant Wnskowicz was very svell known in Naugntuclt where he made his home betorc entering the service about three years ago. He is a brother of C.-J. "Chuck" Waskowic/, former sports editor o£ The News, and was associated in the gasoline station .busi.noss here brother and was: a former' Naugatuck semi-pro'bage- ball player and basketball star. the inhalutor, the one which hns been in use in the police department will be returned to the fire department to which it was orlg- 'inally given. Chief Gormley said. The chief explained that the three trustees of the ambulance fund, Norman Wood of the Naugatuck Savings bfink, Ward en .Lcn J. Ero- phy and himself, recently decided to pui-c''iJ.'o the new inhalator. It cost npproxiitKitely $360, Mr, Gorm- iley snicl. Roc-co Kudo, borough treasurer by hi.s brother William who" held the ofllce .before entering .the "U, S, Navy some months ago. The bor- 'oiifrh treasurer is not interested in holding the ofllcc now that his brother hns figuin returned to civil life, it is Indicated. Borough Engineer Charles Curtis will report on several contemplated sewer projects,-. or.c for Sheffield Lane, and ''another for Cherry street extension may be further discussed tonight in addition to Japs Say Yanks Are Trying To Invade Rota Island (By United Two former bastions of the Jap- ancse in the central and- southwest Puttit, Mike Sun AnRelo. .Rcfreshmen'K Committc::: Clin.ii- nrmn, John Estcs, Frank Klonoski, Howard MatchoU, Jcri-y Stopper, Amadeo DaSilva, Rutan -Stablcy, Donald Meyers, Harry Parks, Or- villc Gilroy, Bertram Oryder, William DeCarlo. Jim Ma-rfnollo, Josoph Nardello, Joseph Celcllo, Edward Blondiis, R. Shaffer, Fred- Errico, Chri? Owe-ns. Frank Carlson, David Peterson, Mosc Richards, Robert Cook, Anthony Monjjillo. Louis Freyormuth, Max Bloom,. . Jdh.n Murphy, Raymond Aderhold, R. T, F*arkinson, Ehliip' Jenserv, Ray Adlc-r, Raymond Rijid,. Edward Rostowsky, J!Francis Curtin, Louis Kcchkes, Ekl- ward .Klonosk.i, Marvin La.npseth, iChestef. Karbowlcz, Tony Eachir- utaky, Stanley Jahik. Maintenance Commiittce: Cha!r- .ma'n, Harold Peterson, Ray Currier, Hugh McShcrry, Edwnrd Bor- askl, ' William Edmondson, David Peterson, Roy Hubbcll, Arnold Wu'rm, Donald Myers, Henry Lcf- ley. dent's chosen to make up Ul)c panel for selection for sen-ice in New Haven or Wiatcrbury, both superior and common picas courts, Sept. 1, 3914, to Sept. 1, 1945. The o'fficlal list 'has the names of 27 local residents and includes the following: William Ayers, 71 -A-atma street: Rose Borvtompo, 21 Hotchkis^ St.; John Broadrick, 167 Hiph'St.; Emily S. Brown, 202 Hillside Avc.; Jcremi«.h Caliahnn, Sr., 219. Rubber Ave.; Jennie G. Clark, Hopkins St.; Jolin J. Collins, 1 Fairview Ave,; Joseph Doran. Sr., 11-1 Grove St.; Anna P. Erk, New Haven- road; Ednu, 174-1 1 Cliff St.; Joseph Hanley. -170 Rub- 1 ber Ave,; Harold Hcaley, 41 Gorman St.; Manuel Henry. 363 Hicrb. St.; Hazel LaChancc, 80 Lewis St. Patrick Lannon, 677 Rubber Avc.; Matthew Maher, 115 Oak St.; Emmaline Matson, 285 Cherry St.; Frederick Myers, 21 Hillside Avc.; John M. .OBrien., R. F. D. No. 1; Frank O'Shea. 20 Hotchki-ss St.; Lillian Quackenbush, 334 Aetna St.; Jacob Schwartz, 37 Melbourne Ct.;, Mary Shcppard-, 268 Scott St.: Guy Sloan. 172 Ma-ple St.; Carl Thompson., G'l New St.; MaudcTripp, R. F. D. No. 2. New Haven Rd.; Daniel J. Walsh, 14 Olive St. The United States. Rubber Company for the first six months of 1944 reported' net income of $5,852,827, after all charges, including provision for federal and foreign income taxes and reneKotio- lion of war contracts. This is equal, after provision for £4.00 in dividends on the eiglit per cent preferred stock, to S1.85 a share on the 1,759.092 shares of common stock. This compared with J)et income of $6,912,466 or $2.44 a share on the common stock after all charges and after provision for $4.00 in dividends on the eight p.-:r cent preferred stock in the first Malf of 1943. Consolidated net sales, exclusive of the volume of business done for the government on a cost plus fixed fee basis, amounted to $219,373.621 before negotiation. Sales and net income before income taxes for the first six months of 1U44 are not comparabc with dose reported for the same period of 1943. This year the provision for renegotiation of war contracts was iucluded with the provision for income taxes, while in 1943 the provision was deducted from sales. Compensation from the separate war activities is included in "other operating revenue" in the consolidated income statement. Sales and income before taxes and ranogtiation on regular operations were greater than for the corresponding- period of 1943. Provision -for federal and foreign income taxes and renegotiation of war contracts amounted- to $28,492,214. In commenting on the report, F. B. Davis, Jr., chairman of the board, pointed out that United States Rubber company's $25,000.000 program to increase tire facilities for military requirements and for essential civilian needs is nearly completed. "The enlarged Fisk plant at Chicopce Falls. Mass.." Mr. Davis continued, "has just been placed in operation, and the reconversion and expansion of the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, plant will be finished soon. - "The changing »over of the Eau Claire plant from the manufacture Their Tanks Roll On Wide Open Stretch British Artillery Opens "Drumfire" Barrage In Deadlocked Caen Area (By United PI-CHH)" American tank forces a^e rolling virtually unchecked toward the heart of France—and- with a wide open stretch ahead of them. The speeding American armor has clattered four and a half miles from captured Avranchcs at the base of Cherbourg peninsula to gain the plains of Brittany. Here arc the latest details of the lighting American push: The last Germans in Avrances were killed or captured at sundown last night after a 12-hour battle. That's the first prolonged resistance the enemy has put since the fall of Coutanccs, 24 miles to the north. The reason the Nazis were able to make the comparatively protracted stand is that the Avranches garrison was reinforced by a. German panzer division which escaped from Granvillc 14. miles to the northwest. The GranviJle troops broke through the American lines and dug into the streets .of Avrancbcs. But their stand proved futile against the swilt rush of American armor. .And : with.." hardly a pause, Lieu- " '(Continued- on -Page S) " :' More Names Are Being Added To Honor Roll Here ] Another group of metal name plates is now being affixed V> Oie of small arms to the building of tires at the request of the government is one of the first major re- conversions of the war." With its increased tire production, the Fisk plant will produce approximately 15.000,000 pounds of tire materials a month which is nearly double its previous capacity, it was announced. The consolidated balance sheet as of June 30. 19-14, shows current assets of $1-12,705.346, including cash of $22,232,709, compared with current assets of $154.250,077, including- cash of $34,803,321, on Dc- (Continucd on Page 8) several matters pertaining to the | Pacific, apparently are ^being new Glcnridge development Park.avenue.- Various - other routine matters off I brought under complete Allied-con- 1 tr'ol. MAKING KKI-'UNDSi Washington, Aug. 1—(UP)—The Bu'rciiu of Interncil Revenue is making refunds to persons who overpaid their 19-13 income t'ix at the rate or about $250,000 a week. More thiin WOO.OflO.OOO will br> refunded to about 18,000,000 taxpayers, who overestimated their debt to -Un'.'lc Snm, will be taken up and Indications are that the meeting itself will not be too long drown out-unless unforeseen matters shape up at the last minute.. —When you think of Vacation un<l Holiday Clothes, it's Raphael's NmiRntuck's Fashion Center, where Stylo and Low 1'rlcc go hand In hand-—Adv. . . Just one day after ^announcement ot General MacArthui'.'s leapfrog move up to the northwest corner of New Guinea — a Japanese communique indicates- Ameri- (Continued on Page 8) ' —Wur workers find that Jeff's lleilauranl offers dollcloiM, healthful foods to keep one In tip' top shape, these hot, sticky days.—Adv. Grounds Committee: Chairman, Carlos 'Gamlarillas. .Close 'to 7,000 pe-rsone arc expected to a-ttend, Chairman Ingram indicated today, .- • • . CHAPLINS HAVE DAUGHTEK Hollywood, Aug. 1—(UP)—A | daughter was born to 19-year-old Doha O'Neill Chaplin, fourth wife o£ comedian Charles Chaplin, at St. John's hospital.In Santa Monica last nig-ht. Hospital attendants gay both Mrs. Chaplin and tlic baby are doing well, Gov. Baldwin On Way To St. Louis To Attend Meeting Hartford, Aug. 1—(UP)— Governor Baldwin is on his way to St. Louis to attend Governor Dewey's national conference of Republican governors. . .Baldwin believes it was a wiro move,.on Dewoy's part to call such n. conference, so .the state executives can confer with the top party candidates and prepare for the campaign. • ... Governor Baldwin says he himself advocated auch a. conference •while at Chicago, and. that he felt it would 'be .productive ot results in the November elections. Injured Man May Be Auto Victim Here Xaugatuck Honor Krampftz, ^indicating to the public that 60 more Naugatuck residents arc taking part in this^great war for freedom. The latest group of plates,, is a part of an order of 102 placed by Treasurer Charles F. Daly of the Honor Roll committee and T.!ic remainder of the total wil! be placed on the tablet just "as soon as received here. Names now b'cing placed on the Honor Roll include the followip? who are now in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, etc: Henry A. Andrcwjeski, Charles T. Ardary, Joh'n W. Butkus, .Sn- thony J. Brazicki. Albert F. Butkus! Francis L. Burns, Francis L. Bradley. Walter A. Borp-, Vincent W. Burke, Bennett B. Booth, Frf nk A. Castagna,, Chester M. Czaplicki, George N. Camp, Jr., Frank T. Clark, James W. Clark, William E. (Continued on Page 8) Naugatuck police arc understood to be investigating- the possibility that William Kelly, 58, of 196 South Main street, who suffered n. fracture of the skull at his home on Sunday, may have been hit by an automobile. First reports in the matter indicated that Mr. Kelly fell down a flight of outside stairs at his home and struck on "a sidewajk. Now it is understood a report has been received -thnt the man was struck by an automobile, and that the autoist stopped nnd placed the injured man where he was later discovered in an unconscious condition. Police Chief John Gormlsy indicated Umt ,1 rep'ort, on the matter as stated above had been received and that his department „was conducting: aw investigation. Mr.'-, Kelly, who-is still .unconscious .and on -thcc danger list nearly..-l8..,hours after .the accident. ha.!j been transferred f• r o m St. Mary's hoc,pifeil in Watcrbury to the New- Haven General nbspitaJ for it is indicated he may have to undergo- an operation to relieve pressure on liis brain. Evacuation Of Pisa By Nazis Is Reported London, Aug,-l — (UP) — The Gorman DNB news apcncy now says all of .Pisa has been evacuated. (By United From) 'American units on the south bank of the Arho river apparently are still moving into position for an assault on the town. Farther inland, British and man tank and infantry forces are locked in a swaying battle almost on the outskirts. ot Florence. Oflicial reports say that British 8th army veterans are advancing, yard by yard, against 50,000 to 75,000 crack Nazi-, troops defending the last 'hills before Florence. London dispatches intiniate the fall of the city' i« imminent. The dispatches i-eport that General' Alexander, the -Allied.' commander' in Italy, has • asked patriots in Florence to prevent the Germans from wrecking: bridges and communications. ,-.'.. There is important news from" the eastern •Mediterranean. Hun-' dreds of German nationals .a re fleeing- from Turkey today. And the —Cash puld for musical ln»trii- nicnta, pianos, radio*, phonograph*. ist.ifT of the German' embassy'in Metro Mimic Mart, 88 Church St. Ankara is packing in preparation Tel. 8287.—Adv.' ' to-lcave.

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