Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 8, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1896
Page 8
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Last Call on Shirt Waists. i 1 •. • THE GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO IS : V ~ '.V , L ' Never Carry Any Goods Over Until Next Season, , Therefore we will put the Knife in our Shirt Waist Department *nd will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor.. LOT NO 1 All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and Dimities and in fact any of the finest Shirt Waists in the store worth $1.50 to $3.00. You Choice oi lot ----- -- - »8c LOT NO 2 Many Waists made in best material slightly scuffed from handling, many worth up to $2.00. Your choice - - 69c LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, B8c and 66c, all go at 25c THE GOLDEN RULE. 5PRINQ NECKWEAR,' SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS(Q. GRACE WlLl^SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT;JODAY FOR L P THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. ' f LINE COnPLE|E, Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit dan't forget my line of tne Celebrated Stein Block '•••.. Wanted— Liuly and gcutMman agents. : Call 9 a. m. at 510 Broadway. •'•. ' Isaac Hiiumielberger is sick. He had '"just •returned -froth a trip to 'the -West. Tam oxfords $1.25, former price $2.00. ' — Aavoin, &reon«f«lder, Tl»d nad Marlet streets.- > : • • • ' : The raniliaiidlc 'road bed near Anoka .was sllglrtly damaged by the Ueavyi-ain toll Tlvumday cvcmLtvg. . . . The Janklmes bratlicw, who live north <nr«lie city, Juivf Ixxught ii'blacksni'lth: 'linop ait^V.liKimac and will soon rei'novc to that place to locate. Milss Eva Mac-key of Wabnsli, who Is •the jfuwt ot'.Mw, J. T. McXary, "was; ' the ilionoM'd guost Thumlay nlplut at'a.- party at "The Porches.-" •'-.''' e., picnics at Spoucev iinrlc- 'Thursday tlwit .woi-.e .spoiled 'by flic; storm wnsi tliat of Mfes Alice 'BrlnkerA IfOtt and 'her Sunday school class. ' Tlie ladlos of the Bi-oailway Presby-, •terian church will meot'tliJs afternoba", 111 tlio parlois or tine elmrcli for a biisi-' ness nosslou. All latlto arc urged to be-' Tht body of Mllss Nora Lutcy w'as • lajd to rest y.tolcirday lit the cemetery. ait Mt. Hope; Tine funeral was held. at 'Klic WUoa'tlaind atraet cluiroh and was «mduqted by the Rev.. M. A. Hnrlan. .. My little, boy, when two years of age',. • 'was taken Tory 111 with bloody flui.' ; "l- : ' was artylaed i'd^sc-Chnni.berialn'e 'Colic,; ' Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, .and- ntcfclly' proeureci part of a bottle, ; ;.l 1 :chrerully.'.retttV | 'llVe., directions and giive; it accordingly. .He -was, very low,;but'' slowly and surely- he began to improyeii ~Vrattu'iilly 'recov'e'red,"h'nil'i« 'now n'sstobtij ';• and' strong as ever, I feel sure It.savcJ' 1 •'Ks life, I never can praise the Remedy^ .,. naif, Its worth, .1 am sorry every one ifr tho world does not know how: goodjlt; '•'. :« Is n» I do.— Mrs. Llna S. Hlnton, Ora- NO MORE AN EDITOR. Pern Journal: Dr.H, V. Passage who haiS l>een the author of the Miami County Record editorials for a year or more, has severed his connection. wlt.Ii that piiper. He was, seen by a press representative last -evening and he «aJd that since the Record is on its I'.eet and needs a man to write'editorials who can devote his whole time to It he considered It best to quit and return to his profession. The doctor notifies the pcopie of JiLs -resignation in today's issue of the Record. Ho is to be succeeded by a writer who will cling-to free silver until lils^ party is defeated or wins. ' ' BASKET PICNIC. . .' There will be a btmkct picnic, tomorrow, one-fourth mile cast oC t.he Plonsant Valley church in Deer Creole township. The Jlcv. D. A, Patrick oC the'•U.uivciisnllst church- wJll make'the Vrtodpal address. Music will be fur- ;'bished by. thle orchestra from Galvcston. All (ire cordially Invited to, aHtend. THE WIRES DOWN. . ...JTlnuwhiy evontafi duii!u«, Uia slotra !,th'o 'wire on the ma,ta circuit of the.elcc- "tric- liglit was broken, and for n.-fcw uilnutus all was shrouded In darkness. •.'Jjjiff!' E«iatend circuit was also broken aliouit 10:30 o'clock and the street lights" .were out..diuilm? the .remainder of the •stoa-in.- " . . '• •••'•• | ' _. A fllvwce complaiinlt alleging.' ' crueJ ifi'hd iniiumaia treatment was filed', yes- 'jordai}- "by Attorneys Newer. &.Reder '•Tin tire ease of Eleanor -St. Clair against '.Tames 'St. -Clailr. 1 -• The couple, has been' '.worried for twonity-eslgbit. years. ', ^' ' - .' ' ''" . — .. k ' Slctoner,. the rider who' made 1 . tlie 213. mite circuit Tihursday, .weighed 133 pounds when he left his bed yester- THEY'RE FOR SOUND HONEY. Line Ullcry Tells How the rierch- ants in His Territory ^tariid. A day or two since'.t.he Pliaros stated .that Lhic UleiT after .a ..trip, over Ills route hud found, tUe.^cnUincnt, for, free silver ovOTwlielmtog.; Tliat.is.aft.a-.par with' tho' 'general., rqpubittbo.. of ;'ilie PJiai-os- for vcraftiifiv. ami it was takun -for wtaittt was wou-th, which is not sixteen to one. Mr. ..UlIeiT returned last •n-lglit fi-oin a.'tajlftjOTer lite territory i'.i Indiftna, amd said, ,,'to.,a Journal ninn: "The report thu.M anni,a;free sllvcr-con- vert la false. I ami ; for. soimd money and I don't know^wJiere .I'd go to'.get sooind money DhlB-3!ear,,iC.I didn't vote tire Repu-bllean,tycUet. • I flnd in making my calls oa,rncrclian.|:s In.'.niy.terri- tory .'that tuoy aift now almost to.a man- for sound mioney,.-'Republicans :nnd Demociate altke t - There te not a Repiib-- llcau' merdkttt ;>vi*h -w.hpm I do business but-who iSj.redtot ifor.McKinley, and I can namo'B..d<w'en or more Demo- cratsiinSn whq. ; hayp beoa, Democrats nil t-tttto lives iiflitiii.tMs-year,'-who.ha,ve repudilated the .Deraoppp ; platforjn, and say tiuit they-wJU^ote.for Mclvtolcy •and Hobar.t, wtilia \ttoe ' nre.a great many others wtobi. declare they will oat vofce for Brymivbiutdo.not say they.will vote for Meklnley, Oh,.no!...If anyone tolls'-you I'm foi'-frqe' rfjv s er,:.-yp«; loll them-t.nm-noit.goliBg.to do'.somethiBg 1 know Is affjUnst.m.y-besit iiniterest3.!'irmi far sound money,.'V ,-' : ,. _.-.. '. .• I - -Hawy 1 'Frank: Iva*'less -.thani... .thirty. 'days to dispose' -of 'his; stock..', He' jean iiioyc .money easier .than clpthling.,: He"' willgladdenLtbe,Uearte:of itioae needing anythinJS':ta.*to'.Une.ji:i; V;' i; -''•;.'. )'.:'.- FIVE HUNDRED , •'. ; -.,i.' flembership in McKinley Club riore Than That Number. RED HOT GATHERING Rink Full of People Defy the Heat and Hear Addresses. Hon. John O'Hara of Peru, and Hon. Jajries A. Mount the > '•; : .Attractions, . There W:LS a big Republican £i.mu last iwjjrht at. liw^fak":' The weafhor was lior, but tho people who went to hear Rupublfi'LM-n Npo.eeh.es. and aid In the or- sa.ui/.atfaii of ai.McIvhiley clul), wore p'iiitlou,t, and all stayed 10 the last. The; organization oC the club was elteeied, a-nd the "organization shirts out with a ineii'.be»lil'[l. of more Mian live hundred. ''It lis- l ''tJi<». intention to swell these figures to a tiliousnml ru a short time. Xlie list iiia.Yjj.e. signed a fho Auditor'*; ollice.' Atrornoy George W. Walters was chosen president of elm club, Harry 'Rogers. secretary, Rudolph Berndl. vice president, and Charles F. Ranch, treasurer. The. first uu-ptiug of the 'ciub will lie held at the,' rink. at fix; call of I lie pri* idem, ami will be announced probably. for next week. County Organizer George Gam We ]irO- sided over -tlra, meeting and Introduced. John 0'ila.ra. of Peril, aftur th'e ple« cinb had 'given two good mwiber.s. Hon. 'J.oh.n;.: ; 0'Hara, said In part: '•This is .one of the .most, important. campaigns we have over suwv. I didn't. como here to abuse Democrats. Many of them 'arc our. friend*. I voted the Democratic tickat when I thought thai party's principles were ' flight. I changed becaus-e I. thought the Republican party principles were right ami Democracy's wrong. I admire a man who vote's -for pri'.iicliples. I don'r Uke a man who is-rulud by prejudice. "Parlies rise and live for a day. M<?n are made 'hi a day and are forgotten. A phrase may make a man famous, but he soon.' disappears.. The Deniotra'tlc- pa.r.ty Is a great party, when it ks .out of power. When the Democrats olected a Congress and a President the results were fcH at once. They blamed the pnreha,*ijiR clause. ot Hue Sherman law. Tlie'co'uiiitry wa,5 said to be buying too much silver. Then Congress, in; regular session, lii bored and brought forth the Wilson bill, aiiuf the framers »£ the bill wor.'.rt not liave-'lcnown it when It wont to Cleveland, who railed it a bIJl f>C •perfidy mid dishonor.' . "Witeon wcia-t to EuglaiKl and was Wvinort ,a ; iicl"3'!iied. He made a speech aiid :ta!d S'-.flcd'.s trinh. Ho sakl ihe Protection wall had- been torn down, ami England might trade in the Unitei! States. 'The Republican party believes that the job Of the American Is to be looked after. Let the man, across Mie water look after- lite own interests. . "Ninety, days asp there was not a Democrat .SflieOejulors of. that iwvrty coiieedod tho viortory of the Republican party -hands down. Then they .tool; . up a cra"zef'a» 'uncertainty. Tliey began to talk abouit the money causing nil the' trouble: "Thc.circultitiiTts mod'lum Ifi best.cLrcu- lated thirou'g.h the work'ingimeu. A man •employed liore-Hi the shops sj>ends a pan-t,of ,'liis wages • Saturday night wtth 'the uiercliJMii ; t'"The inerclia-nt'sends n. dmift Monlday morning to Chicago to. pay for the-'gowls He soM to the worl;- j,uffmn.n. "T'he" ; moncy is in tuim sent to r;he factories 'of the' East, where (he poods were 'lande.' The manufacturer, in- turn.' pajre-'tMs out- -to -luLs. •vTOrkinp- mori. 'The Intter spends part ot his wa-ges' for groccrtos'. Tills- money, iu iturn b'sent .West.'aBaiin to pay for these products 'of^the farm-. The railroads carry the products; The movement o£ cars means 'work ' in the stops, -'for 'sk-llled labor.V The farmer is bt-neflteJ by tho-sale'oC^toia produce. Employed 'labor' can- nftord to buy. 'The monoy question' wJM bo -settled In short 'order when the Repuiblicnn policy of Pr'otec-. tilon' is'ajrnlni res'toreO. "If It'-hadra't-'bcBn- for She 'crime of '73' the P.opullsite would have no questions to asK.us: The Democrats would have nothing to : thllc about. "Suppose-yoV-had $1,000 to'thei bank, \"ou can geit'imy ; kind of money out. Bryan, Sewall B»«J Watson are elected. and .free silver Is- on us. Yotf go to the bank' ana say y'ou : . want yonir money In gold. The banker refuses gold.. He says he has«no more gold on lm»«l thart he needs for ! ' buying: silver bullion abroad, to be coined Into American- silver dollars. •• '"'•' : .. ,'.'.!- "EyDry--ninmi whpf 1ms gold,, is-emfirt' eiKMigh'to uold'otibo It, or buy,ailver bullion witu It Gold -wtHl thus go out of elroulfltlom : Th'lis moons the- Wlth- '.Ori'i.walioif "^.012,006,000 In .gold. 'How long --would It, take .for tie intots of. tlve .-United ' States'" to . . coin- this amount • In '''' ' ., .,.. vXUere ''ai-e- todies in, the . They/may not 'have a, -vote, but tliey rote by ' proiyr •"Ereryone shouM: ; use. every ;: 1 '>tl* ro'- The Event of the Day. : THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. We Quote a few of the many articles. Our •? 7.50 CiiSolmcr Suits, now Our 10.50 Cheviot Suits, now 5.50 Our 13.50 Black Clay Suits, uow G.9S Our 12.00 Irish- Freize Ulsters, uow .'.. 5.08 Our S.50 All Wool Beaver Overcoat, now 3.98 Our 2.50 All Wool Cassimer Paula, now l.ls Our 1.00 Working Pants, uow 5S Our 1.00 Fine Laundered Shirts, now 63 Our - .50 Unlaundered Shirts, now 25 Our .50 White Shirts and Drawers, now 29 Our .50 Gray Shirts and Drawees, now 20 Our .25 Buy Shirts and Drawers, now .' 10 Our .23 Suspenders, uow ' OS Our .10 Socks, now •' '• • • -0* Our .20 Coon Collars, now - -.•• -12 Our ' .15 All Linen Collars, now ..... — ........ .10 Choice of any ?G.50 and S7.50 Children's suits go a-t ?3.£J. Children's Paats HALF PRICE. .Boys' Suits Half Price. Hats Half Price. Gloves Half Price. It will pay anybody to come 25 miles to atteud this sale, as you'll never see such a chants again. Respectfully. J HARRY FRANK, '3H FOURTH STREET. i-ly, and for giving the. American work- iiiginsiu a chance to honestly earn tonest money. Every patriotic citizen should work for t,he victory ot sound mouey and Protection. When I hear from Guss county next full I wUl be plcsised -to leju-u of the victory of Republicanism." - - - . The glee club again sang and IIou. James A.^Mouut was Uttooduwd. He said" In-part:' "There 1 * ire! -times when.speech Ls silver .and., silence ta golden. Thto IB one of those occasiou?. ThLs is a campaign of object lessons. The works of the Republican parly, contrasted with tl>e times stoce It went out of power. Tho Republican party points with pride.'to' the laws It bos placed on the statutes. We pokit with' pride to our leaders. To IJneolj), who led the party to victory'; to Graut, Txi- .piu, Garlleld, SUcrmaa; to .such leoclei-s as Blaiue, Harrison and McKliUoy. We .*ay maitelv thejn if you cam AVe point •with pride to our record. In the thirty .veal's following fhe ; war the wealth of iilie Ui>ited.States iucrease'tl more thaai the .combined wealth.of Ruasiii, Turkey, South Africa and Australia, with 177,000.000 of ixxpiitatloD, wWi thoir diamond mines, tihciv fiirtns, thdr sold and silver raities, Uioir flocks and herds, thek-kingdoms, amd-gneai cLUes. their crowns and sceptxws. ' • "Th-e Republican party 'is not done. It will go oil making''labor for honest: tollers. .• . •.. • "The Republican party novel' h:is sought to arnty one section- against another. The party wii'l'continue to multiply induslirtes', and f give.protection to' all''pcopie' alike. -'Xlie'" factory Is the InuwJuitild of the farm. All industries aa-e iuter-depemlciiit one unon -Hie other. "We wBi return to the party of Lincoln and. liberty, of Grant and victory; of Garneld and glory; of.Elaine, Harrison and McKinley. TJic return of the Rcpiibiican party. wttl'uieaii a return ot confldonee, aiwVWiait will mean a settle: ment of the financial questton. The del>- tor would be flrst of all ground under by free sUver.! . • . "The fcirrnerB of Indliinn. are not the kind of men who want to pay fifty-cent, 'dollars whepe they.'; received' '100-ceii-t dollare. Tihey.do not waut to draw out 50-cent dollars \\*ere : tlwy paid In 1W : cenit dollare Jn ; bulldln«'and loan associations. Tlie people do'mot want-a party chat cannot, keep In a straight line for foiin years nt<a time. The r.e; publican party lias been'for tlilrty'yeaw- with 'face to'tiie front I have no', fear for tUe-result."... ... . ,;..., . , .After ,i8ons: by the glee dub and three cheersfor James A.-Mount, which \vere Biven'with vijgw, the crowd was ' ''' ' , H^'M. Sliarman of Sprloglo^yu is car- rylug'.liis liiind; lu'; X:-. sling,;'.jliavlbs It. seyerely^wliUe. manJpuIat : -- - -- Republican Speakings. Republican speakings will be held at the following places in Cass county: Saturday night, August 8th, Hon. W. D. Owen at YFalton. Hon. D. C. Justice will speak at Metea, Saturday evening; August Sth. Q. A. Myers wfll speak Tuesday niglit August 13th, at Shady Xoot school house in Clay towship. Q. A. Myers will speak'at the Bed school house in Noble township, Thursday evening, August 13th. TO USE MACHINES. Kewanna Herald: Indications are now that farmers In Pulton county will cut their com this fall with, machines, Instead of the old way. This machine has been perfected and the price Is so low that they will sell, and no.doub* work, a revolution In the corn, cutting business .They work on the same principle as a wheat binder, cutting the com anil binding it, but instead of dropping the bundles flat on the groud they are left standing up;. ...'.-• The foed store of TV. G. Hanna ou Linden avonuc. was entered Thursday, night by thieves ami the fact of tiic robbery was not known until yesterday morn- Ing. There is a stock of 1 cigaiw and tobacco lii the room and' the robbers made an attack on that, but several bales of hay and straw, and feed of all kinds were und-iBturbc-d. The 'board ot trustees of ^Trinity church- :.a±;..Roy»l: Center has-'been swelled by the addition ot Ross Beckley, John, Stoat and DaBiel Vanna- mau, Jr. . - ' . ' .. , ' ..... •; PEOPLE WE HAA;E HEARD.OF. The girl who burst into tears haa been put together, and now wears Filling's shoos. TJie young man who was taken by »ur- prise at the wearing qualities of PU1- ing's shoes, has returned, and says .he intends to wear no others in tbe future. It Is rumored that distance lentenchant- mont to tine view, and now the view refuse to return it, without an equlva- lent in the shape of PUling's 'shoe*. The man who painttd the. "sign* of times" is now out of a Job,' and, when last heand of, was trying to get a .position painting.PiillDg's Signs. ;' The man who jumped-' upon the spur ' .of the momeat, was Klad-to^it-down, and has done his Jumping with Pill- Ing's shoes since. The gentleman' who wentrtoo'far In tne argument-ngalnst-PJlUug'e shoes was brought back on :a shutter; .->: '.: The man wiio was moved to teais; complains of-the dainpneBe of'tlie premlBe, •..• and^wlshes'to be moTed baci ajfnlri; a« the only dry part of'him wM;iTS'teet,

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