Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 6
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srx | f* - ' '•- F ° R •'- iflappy Footwear women We are proud of our unusual Women's Winter Footwear > Our utmost endeavors to p r o t e c t you against the abnormal conditions of excessive prices atfd scarcity of good shoe leathers. We feel quite sure that we have done all this, as you will undoubtedly attest after seeing 1 our line of snappy shoes, They are shoes that are dif-' ferent in style, fit and quality. Shoes that have a distinctiveness their own. For dress and wear, they lire incomparable, at 93.50 to- *&50 THOMPSON'S STERUNG;iaiNO|S, FRIDAY, OEC.,:15. 1916: went to Aurora Mi?;. \Vi!!:nni Mr. arni Mi- < 'V'-°"?r>r .LnShnH" Wfri PLAYER MECTtNG SERVICE, r 'rf.,- j.-t'jsvi-r rn'-'niR- .«i.-r '.''•*•• nf tl^r .rtir»*!|.->n rhnrrli ''0(1 n ', fry -«rn;t!l --tt- RECORD BREAKING CROWDS fMm y/fOC ^HflRT ftTTFfun TMP iMontiiTF yflwro flufC omJni ATTEND THE INSTITUTE !«> '»*' hrld nfK'f thf ,<w-r- cinvil tirstit :iftf-T !h'"' Snn- inar v.htclt ••^ vji-r «•».« ptis CHRfSTlAN SERVICES. !U>v. K. Tlmri^. t>!»*ior, «flMi-,)l. ?:iri'«. m. MoTTiinji F !f»;i",. jsiihjfri. "Thf «!rcn» r'hrMlnn Knd'«>n\ or, ti'.'EO f. rrt, . m. !•- t! i."! 1 . • tr<-< «.•>;' = •>' 1?--iv ,iv,1i hoi « .-,r^ nvirk- ( .? !li>-,vp." f.iHn-d l,y th'- 1'iurh <->f th" fiti^'d th»-ro, T''-n hid from' hf-r wh--u yiMsr TO'M>!«'T'i t-n-hrU'ly Md !'r»rn yi.rr. K»-j»f th»"»m <r«'ifrt kf't'Wintr mir <»wn Ma 4 ***'!''.* rfvififri. firopt'>i:it(i»u f»f the hiimftn fitfttily. !<* it riot h*'Hff (*» r**- f-r'ive filch hrt'^wlwdpc from the' purr TijtS uf lh>"rhoUirr find 'father,' fh'afi to siolji It from the vile language' **f the life, . W*» nre too busy. The say: <J"d ran wl t><- every tvhH-c Total Production Far Below The Averngc For Various Grains And Potatoes. •*-, fH <•• y*-;ir .tv.'. p f ;!}f, [!-.••• ( ". S. l^i t n.>n «••«!! ft j.-itcs !•>•! tirtc 1 't.otjjiy. Tlif U'tr'i i>ri.»di!rti»)i <>i" n {his Important- Avenue Rock Falls to fiif-nj a clfiMJ* In tmim h »»f • farmltur. ^ The fancy work dcpnrlment hns been fihlv pr**sid**d over by Mrs. Jesse T'ort* ichy and Mrs, Hfckinshnm While th" year 1916 ha* not been noted for Its abundant ierop* of fruit, yet then» were over twenty varieties of lappli's. shown. Neither has thin been R good Keaaon for .corn, yet there wet* I twenty-two .'different exhibit* of most excellent wed corn. Philip Scott, of Montmorency. captured the ten dollar c«*h prlxe offered by C. I* Pnsunwre for having tho nest*ten «*r* of yellow corn. Thin added to .his Hollar awarded him, fowled fifteen dollars In prlWH. on his ten ears of corn. Many Merchant* Attend. During; Thursday afternoon a nitm- h*>r of the merchant* of HlerlitiK came to look ove'r I he c-xhihlt of Impure JuartB shown J>y Pn>f. Allen, They wanted to nimlllnrlw* themnelves with The 1 mothf-ra. The ttr*t duty 5>f « mnrricd mnn I* i«> l«» a father in fart. I htn»w it costs morp now fr* ral«r> Ixiys thnn !t »i«»«3 to. but it; f«r nfl rlicht if wf hnvo l.'ctt^r l«»y.*." Thp s[i<«nkf'r lifll«-vr-« In hfrtpdfty and 1'iUI of a cr-rtnln twd wnman w|t'» hnd rivfr S.OT d*'ff«-r«V,tn!» Hnd fv^ry ivn* 1 of thpin ttinrf-d out had. Rhf t«>uk another rnsf of n. Bond man nwri every oho of Itlff ),S«fl dwwndimt*. Stinted out Rootl, nnd many notfd tn«>n and women were nmonK HIP number. "A child hns the- riaht t« b«» woli'ltorn, and nr> baby should b* trottml (o nl(*pp. You do not dn this to nny otlu-r animal. DP careful not to ..wrap up a baby too wurtn whPn Inside th<» bouse. A child fthoiild \\vfi i(s own lifo tin It. wants to fo'lons an It KW« rltrljt. An- <»w»*r the many qtipjutlortM tho boys nnd «Hh, »5r«-nt trouble* Hturt« b«- parent and. rhlld wht-n th<» par- tvn<? 4S1.7-I l.f wheat - i-ro'lu for lfl!«. The* total t l«! fnr--1f'J.V Tlpd 2;- fhi- vf,ir ftyrJ2iK"* v -~ «!ifat (irrtdncti«»n -hf'ls :unl (!!<•• pprilii? !*.*!. H'.'. ri »'i )»iifihf!« m of oats f>>r t.- T|H> tol.ll I'l I9lt) M.-S5 l'S 3r>9,72l.'Hi(i In tho 11vf» yc'tr ruiiMl ! it;l| i-f ) i.!;\|i,i.;l f-if ,. »:i7,(i< -n tmshf Is acainxl iju", ''/ifu! 3fi(i,V7.',(i(iO for av'cratcf. 5 VILLA IS PREPARING He Is Expected To Attack Torreon And Chihuahua Within Some Christmas Specials Per the rtftrt few ri.iyi I shfllj offer, vvHiie the ttock lAsts. scmo $2.50 artd $3,00 fpunlain pens for flQO. Some $15.00 (arjies* gold filled watches for $10.50. * Some $1S.GO Isd-'us' gc!d filiccl watches for $13.00./ Some 75^f1.00 antl $1.25 brooches for f0pr"}«5ur choice. Mesh bags at half price. Storo iitl(>»l with iiMial, yift^. .!>o yoiir t»nr!y ami »voi«l tiu» rush. W* T. Jennings JCW6LER OPTICiAN The Hallmark Store a Short Time. he. fnn not s*i I««H««, us th«>ir rrpjjp« t ent' th«* many wp a l.ii'k of conrtdent'c, Ti-11 yoiir. boy and ulrl nil the B^XI»«. Katht'i ''liJ-Tl ^ , Kl I." hna t (if t'llllcd , T*'\ , I^r. r. — -Tbnt Villa another ntl.'ifk <in*<*hiliiin- iU that tin "bandit iliji'f i» nl- riiiih.'ntr I'l'-i-.-tfuti'in'--. i\{>«< HH* FALLS DAILY GAZETTE whleii wer«* Impure, "atiil to what the Impurttlea eonslnted of. BOOK PALLS, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DEO. 16, 1916. EATH OFJfOUNG MAN Dlod Thurtday Morn* Aftof Long Illnew. - 3Umd<jul«t pABHcd away nt the Jt hl» father, John 4xmdi|ulB». 1UO A Thursday mornlns at I«: J ,«ock after a llnjwrlng Illnew* of f month*. Bejride* hl« father, bro- i he leaves »coreH of pp •Wlio/will mount hi* JOB*. i-Sftlncral 'service!* wilt bo held )r 'ftftcrttoon at 2:flfi o'clock at ,^'oia nnd'. S:3« o'clock at the jjiui church, K«v. Miller, of Me IL, a brolher-ln-law i>f the de- wjll oOiClftfc. »u»lat,will In 1 the Hi«?H Fall" MISSIONARY SOCIETY Ladies Held Interesting Meeting Yesterday With Mrs. O'Hure. /J. A. D*xt«r L«tt Evening tWtr last party waa given at hor home Her manv frk'nd-s atirpriawl her in honor of _„„_ spent In ffameo «nd ^'Painty, refrenlnnontii were luring fjie evenin«r-„ Mrs, l>ex* >ntetl with many beatulftil friends. ift They'll Appreciate gift list ?tf box of statibiiory y Thin year vo ting Hfutioncry a y, Jn opnnoetion other 'Modern iktost idott in •-,:c<>..:. i . * * j . .- 'fwgf 1 Th« MlsMlonary HrH-IHy ortho Chrl*- tin it i-tuiroli- .hold a Una mwtftig svnmy aflprnoon at tho h<ntu» Of John O'llam An pxeoUont WBS given whloli proved very Interest- Ing. After tth«« itrogrnm %va* completed tho time WOM nftpnt fn a noclftl way. Dainty refwiUimentM werpi^Herved by tin* hostess. ^" METHODlsFcHURCH __________ V Men's Choirut-WUl.-, Render Special Mi; .sic At The Eveninfl Service. t Hov. A..J-5. Hlmester, pwstor. Sonday School. "9 .15 a. m. Morning wor- »liln,.10;4S n, m. Bvenlng wrvlw, 7:30 p. m. At thlij service the mon'n rh'orun \\lll render apecini music, Tho* puh- .Hc la Cordially Invited. GERMAI\fTUTHERAN Services At The. Regular Hours — Preaching At H«ft Genese*. liev. Krehs, j>nator, Sundaj 1 Hohool, 0:30 n. m. Morning morvlca, l«:3n'a, m. Ivvenlns xcrvlce,. Engllwh, 7:^0 p. m. Fwrvlco* »i.t J^uit Oeneseo at, 2:.o(» I*, in. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS WhHe the particular briinds i'fl nre thoHD from tho eaut, and not here, yet 'tho principle l» the «afne for they contitih the sam* inRre- ,dlantH which pon'ie ifoods have In thl* section./ Mm HftRfttw. In chiirne -of the, e^JTiblt, has had ^a IrtrRe crowd :»ix»ui(d her a great deal of the tlm«, It i« Aatd b» many to bo,the mo«t Important part of tho institute. Offieo Doeoratiom. In the «IHe*-of the, «upwlntendent of the Nubnol «i«y bo m^n a, larite a year or two too ,f>nrly thnn nn bom too h«te, Mtikf t\ child wnttt to do your bidding nnd not make, him feel ho IK dolnjr It hecatipe IIP 1» cxnnninndtd l<> do It. Correct ft child without hurting Its ffdiiiKK. and never *ay nnytliint har«hly ii««the child l« down to tlon of drawtnjtH from pupils of thi> hl«H, school which nre very attractive. They are ntudent* under the drawing Inniruetor, Prof, «". K. Wetisel. Amonst the work of tho ilfth grado p"P»» *T tho Union nohoola Is «omethln«r new Mr. Wetzel has lately Introduced, It heiiiR rteHigns of a homo of »«veral rocm« mntlA entirely out of pnpcr colored to, milt the .fancy of. the pupIL ICiich one <if the pupils of tho clasit has mnflv one. no two alike. The Men's intvelinR bass'at U, (5. Whalon. Hwltchmnn"ln thi^s C. I!, & ij. yards here. IB confined to hl« homo i>n aerotmt of sldtn«»s». ontury Kditloii of Mu«lc at The Funny Store.* M. W. A. tuid R. N. A. dance Friday, De«\'- 15th. I*OS«H HroH. orchestra. Smokurj JackctH nnil hath robea at Thompson's-* • T. CoflVts of Oenevu, »ncnt Friday hero on biiitlitet>8. l4»rK»»Ht Jlno of Xmn»4julk candy IB town. l)nri|p!a' 8* o Thorn piion for* neckwear.* , -K, i'. It. Campholl ;md iUiii«;)iie.iv .-uul MisiH Mildred IJ«Hr«»i! wont, in (juU-jduirs this ntoritiri~K< tyr tt v '**' t with r» i lailvf% ' colqr Bchemo cf tho one on exhibition la very good. The of the kitchen I* made Into a pretty tllft devlgn. The range and other things pertaining to tho. kitchen are placed. In proper slt- uationa, ' (Continued from Page One,) obtained by writtlng^ to O. .H. Benson of Washington, D. C., which wilt be gladly *ent- free- on request. The Mcrnlrtfl Session. This morninff.the Hotischold Science Club held n. very good meeting l« the Y, M. C, A. room*. A irooA,o.ttendancc, op- waj« pre«fttit and ened with prayer *»' Kev. A. of tho Hroadway Methodist church. which wae followed with a couple very nlco HOlectloiw l»y thij 1-yhdon Ilotiae- hotd aolenct« club, after which a very interesting and instructive demonstration of bread wan given by Mr», J. H, McMurray, .The following recipes were jjiv« ; n, Ralaln bread. Tho .following 1 " recipe makes one loaf of hrwul- 1 cu«i scalded milk, l-4\cup fnt. 1 teaspoon a«H, .1-4 cup HUK'rtr; whnu cool add yolkn of 2 for CtirlfitmaM mufflera,* John U.rHfi, -who J.HUS l-nen vurv **lck, la iwvf Iniproi'tny. tjnitit.v bedroom "vltppere fur i'blUh<-it, for Cut- »t Thompson 1 !*.*' Henry <*c4Mfux Kill »uvo you money OH* Hhonti and rubl>i>r*a ^for the whole , itiitl &1rs. !'*|(.iyd licttfi wnd nun, Uobt>rl, of l{juck lalund, «rrlv<»<i hero htxt ovcnlntf to ntuy until after the Pity your Christmas gUls «,t Henry haa accepted a. tluu UH tnviti'hinan in tho local ton yards. Bttftutfrr routs at Thoini>»on'8.* A|Htllo', J^owney and Holly brand chocolate*, llnnlels' l,*otifcctlonory.* Buy wiutt'i' uud^rwfttr a| Thump»ou'«.* r riniHito left • Tlmrmluy , for Ilnyrti, Kan to ho with Hl« mother. &HH. Thfodore I-'mnk, w.lm l« very Kick fil, AiUhony'n hcspltiii there. ' £ gloves fur Xmaa ut Tliomp- t'KK*. 1-2 cuke compn-suctl yeaat, 81-? cup« flour. 1 cup raUlim or 1-2 cup of raisins and t-3 cup ottuige Prop into mlSture and mix Immediately. Then let fine In n rw» covered with .% tin cover to ijoublo Its hulk and bako. The following .iv^ipe -/or Mrs, Me Murray*** »pe«'|fti orange inarmnla<le l» slven:-2 medluni sistnd .urabg£8, 1 Je.m- t»n, remove onljvtlrw Heetln, If .iny, WHH»I fruit thoroiiBhly and wllce very thin, put fruit in crock nnd cover with 10 <;upv of <'<ild water, let «tand 34 hoiirf, put on etove and after it luu* conje to boll let it c-ontintie to holl one hour rapidly. Take froirt? tUovc a«rt put in eight «up*Mtf »ug»r» let ntuiid 24 hour*, then dtvhlu in two qfuantitieii and c*ok each ucj.vimttily until it JeHs. put In t mntt, seal. tightly. ^ reaslpe given was'for tniffee a meal. Make that nn hour of pleasure Do not miff at the child all of the time for you are atiirtlnjr Jhlm lit n wrorje dlr»«ctlon If you are not careful. NPK- atlve* never mnde R child hettt-r. Hug- other thlnB* for them to do. An- thliif,', a woman can not be a Kood houHC keeper and a'jtood home mnkrr at the, name time with children In the home. Teach the child to think for hlmaelf. Explain why tho child ban decided wrong and he will soon see for hfmmelf why he Is wrong. Olve hoys and girlif nn allowance and they will quickly Jenrn to be careful of money. Teach your child to eolve their own moral 'qucNtiona. The speaker does not hellvvc in tlt*< Mt>ur«'Batlon of the nt'xeu. Tench your KlrJ that friendship does not mean the laying op of hand«.. Tho name standard 'for girln xhould, bo dernnnded of tho hoyx. , Mrs, .McMurrny nald many other good thitiRa which parent* of BterlinK'- In larger numbers outrh to have, heard, , —"•* ,, • •' Friday Mornmo Sotfion. • The cold weather Ipiwened tho attendance to the Farmer** County Institute thin mornin?, J/y one-luUf of tho number of Thursday (tnd the ab- »e.nt ones missed stoine very Important taikn, Some of the matters discussed at length today hail not been touched on by any of the previous Bpcukt-rs. jwt • Prof. Nolan. Abitnt. Thursday evenltigr the*T»fflcial» of the Institute received a long dl«tanc» phone Belief < i< «;j>r<-^fn'il I \ r H, M»Jl<-|:tlM t<>- •lav following H-p.irt^ nuiiic liv dcpnrt- nx-m ;m»'tits. r.iif t)!!irinl ttt.iled ltt> xpcctid Villa t«. KRrUn attack Chihuahua within thn>o weekit. However, the movement of ib«> heavy bnily nf \ 'llllntaa Kotithward h-d lo tlio 'trlif'f In 'conte. o,ijpHfr>« Villa's r.exl »IK»VO nill he npaltiHt Torrent). A' Inr^'/iiinntlty of nupnllcN In potir- !nc into Chihuahua for the iwe of Of n, nt tronps. (>b!»erv »!f»8i.-tfv> t»y mall nnd Over The rtcmains Of Wilbur Kellar At? The Residence. THo fiinoml Kfi'Vlrcs »>vrr tho rn- rnttlnn of "Wilbur lyctlnr wnv held thln rtftcl-noon at 'two o'rl»irl< I'roni tho r?*l- donee. li> !| 3 Third nvrnuo, Kf-v, Col- lln c»f tin' 1-\>«rth Htrp«>t Methodist l-^tlln only la«t« until .IauiM»ry J«t. hero believe 'Vll'la t>](ui« in strike a doelHlve blnw at AJtirgiau army whk-h m wiw the Mtronirext lu north- ••rn Mexico and plans to capture more stij»|ilieH from him. Prof^-A. W. Nolan fmm cago. Hliylng he wou|3 ue unable to be In Sterling today on account i of the Ulncs* of -his wife. Prof, Nolan wan to talk on "The Sen-ice of Science" and It waw Intended to be an Important topic. He WHH alno down for a talk this- afternoon on tho subject of "The Modern Pioneer." Taking AVuy -Exhibit.. It Is the deidre of the affteials of the to have the exhibit** as far n« tu he taken away from the .building thin ei'eniiiR. It IK their wiHli to have them loft for es<" hlhltlon purpose* thin afternoon and Beaoliiu! Set Rings for Christinas and when the leave after the evening service, to take them ulontr with. them. The Bchool -'house will then bo ready 'for work Monday morn 1 nj», Free institute Book*. 'A largo number of the report H of the yt«ir*H tUato Farmer^ JriBtitute cake, oallefl "Quick Coffee cup scalded ihtlk, 1-3 .cup fat, 1 tea- HjHH»n wilt, J-4 cup sutur, 1-8 ,tea0pot>b cinnamon, yolk* of 3 c««e, 1-2 or eako of compr*»»»«a yeast Qttn be uwd as floslr«(l, enough Hour to make n, atlff th^tt will not ntk-k to the hands. P«t In covered may omli ami let ~ r bake, ,, Tho meeting udjourne«l la double • H» bulk and 1 .'80, at have been rec«iivet]-and they havo been gratlluiotiHly distributed' among those for them. -The report of thn la»t" year 1 * Htate Houn^hold Science meet- arc. also Jierc a'n«l they too' havo They A Few More Christmas Suggestions i?u liutli Towa^l (litest Towol, 1 Wash-Clot!i> >y l»ox, culorctl lumlorB, $li2§ Set. II-Dffiuty {^nuiKuleH in «ilk, with law ami ribbon, in inti \vhito-~ftOO, 65c »ad 00c. i' ^$5.00 a~na $3.50. ' , . .. a |UUH|M>UU* rt>»tswrlnu*iit i»i" ('ullavs in Uu chilis, Viirlo and Our jvblch Unie Mrs. .McMurray will $lv« on some new and novel ' THE DECISION Court Safuies To view Its P§ci8i.on.Qn I*aw. I By III.. Dec. 15,.— Tile nMwt)i» court today refitsea W review jt» , rt- t'«nt doclsioh on tho high tMihool act of lOil. the case in which it held gome 2 'to high school district* of the st*to were Itlejgally organised. The T8H«5 i fttiiiH to »Hw court in un appc-al from L4vinxiituiio «)«»viy. Ttid»j'« order loaves the dtvtriist* or- iUK^d under thp/act of 1911 in a tnr» moll. ThM orgiinSwi's uro-.wtMHlerinir tlm tMM»d l»*u«*» umU-r the 18U law uri' itlstu ii!K'on«i!tutloiiul. It $*• i iii- ctuirt .will 'pri»vliU» some ti> b» inuit't- . tuhu-ti unhJ iiu>oM l.iw run be c Not a Qr«*t been given away free of are. of .much. ,vt»lo» to every one, Th» Ailtn ExKibit. Too much can not Be «ttid of the Prof. Alien pure food ejchlblt In the cooklo«: room under the charge of Alt «, H»gan«. Several merchantH and ei'al of the leading doctors have 'to 868 U and all declare it tu be one of the bent features of the institute for they aay the people ought to know -what poisonous Ingredients are put in their and other food* coming to tho early it before thi? luclurc, . Goodly Pittance. ,Mr, and Mrs. Arthur .Ohurch, tors of Oak Woods ITann/Uvthfe tri-mo north part of UHtick, and ,twe»i» ty-tive miles from Sterling havo Y o u can in a k e lior liuppy with ono of tlieso beautiful rings. „ Cameos Reconstructed Rubies Signet Rings In a. won? derful (Iis- f piny. Wy arc proud Of'Oifr rings this year und she will he just as- pro.ud if y o u p u r- table. -v The people should tonlsjU and througli the iuHtituUi with their daughter and they aay U- tm» . h«*n worth tWt i'onihi». U la tluiu«ht none havo come to the convention hi the county farther than they. Dairying. * Prof. W, ». N'eveiut, of the state es- college of the Illinois Uni- wa» U>«> »i»0aker of th« fore^ noon. Wla topic was "Walryirig" and he; (jtavo niwch valuable interniatlon. rb'*^ gurding hl« 8ubj«v^not hitherto. known uy many of the fartnws. Hi> ulao dls- "The PruJilema of Herd ^lan- ' ' fir. Mumper's Olothjftg Store several iw»lcetlon«. Tho worn momht'r* of tho Sunday Schnol i !UKH of whlrh tho di'^fnscd bclotiif, n« fiillowfj: • Moroy Wilklris, I'Yedorlck WftSnci',. Mort'MiV'urlwm, Itiwacll Wl»»% KltTH'r strong, AiiKUst l^»rHon, AUBUKI rriiborR find Arnold Ik-xtor. Inlcr- rn<*nt was made in tho nivtrsldo i-e-me* ttT.y. , Wilbur Kcllnr wn« born In 1901 anil 1m d lx>fii an ln\'»lhl nto««t «f hiw tii*<", -bill Sioro his *Hff<>ringH jmtlcntly and lived a Inin ("hristinn H!V, H«> Itnvipff to mourn hls-di>»tli bin mother nnd piH'i 1 !) ulsftfrn and brothers, to whom tho |t«'o}ilo of HUB ('oiiiiniinity will ox- <i«nd llH-lr 4ic»»j)« > »«l sympathy*" In thi-ir hour of sorrow. WILL PREACH SUNDAY. Rev, It. <">. Klnsr, of Ih-sstoii. Kan., church l 'Siind»y ninvnlns at ten o'clock. it«?v. KHIB JM b»'tt> In' (he Interest of tho Hi>Hsti»n AcAdemy aud Hible School, Tho public is Invited to Ada. for Uso Th« Oaxetto notrk «iil«»n" h*»lji wanted. itching skins When you kmiw jiJtystcians have prescribed Rciinol for 2y yciu» in tho treatment of itching, burning, unsightly skin t-ru|itkms, and have written tlumsandi 'of jrcpcsrts mich as: "It b my regular prescriiKlon for ItchyjUr" "llcsiiiol hr-.i produced brilHan't results," ond '"Ds.* result it gave was marvelous In one of t!i 3 worst cases oK cotetna," dwsn't it roaU-j you s.ty to yourself, v Uiat'a the right- kind of treatment for my 8ltin«trouWc?" JKainul is-xoii ty alldru£gi$k. I The new Ford prices have brought the pleasures and profit of motoring within, the reftch 'of added thou- ganda, while the new features:' large radiator and enclosed fan, hood with streamline effect! crown fender* both front and rear; entire black 'finish and nickel trimmings, place the Ford in appearance right in the front rank of smart looking cars. It is a mighty handsome car with ail tho built-in merits, which keep more than 1,500,000 Ford eara in active daily 'service, accentuated in tho car today. The same unequalled Ford qualities for work or pleasure. Bettor buy your Ford nt once. Touring Car $360, Runabout $345, Coupelet $505, Town Car $595, Sedan $645~f. o. b. Detroit. On talo at. -—i. - « * Samuel Frank ' - .. :. Koqk Falls ,.< ^ } , ••'kA " - '" ! A A to Pieces!! ,. The program f»mr this evening ha* called off lipcauttfe ?4r. Kolan'd. th» hew*. of Jhe cv«fiiJn|j, c-.uuld wot get BASKET BALL GAME* Mt. Morris And Sterling Will • Exciting Game Tonight, The first 'basket bull #amt» of Pt*y thijt i>vfiii>>(t l» Uvu Vkrinory tiu" Ml. i}.>Hi* lUjih si'hi»d BARGAINS GALORE/ GOES FOR A FRACTION €HP KB WORTH ladles f High Top, Two-.. •: tone, $6 Lace dl A Sptci«i '3liiJl' ; frt Tomorrow the I.HU! Hi^h. A ll.lul. SSilHy »* «*S[» cid.i '.y ?U«> Sii rliiij; l»<,vx_ as" .Ms ?a «il! next week. 1 lu Ih^l ; "Of u few pi«*«'»ur*«s loft t» m an P.ust th«* JiurntHUs; » ¥ >uitiuou M-U life, . lltu " :\ ,'-•!, us t. in out.' U .»'(<- ' j'iit'-'f,»{ i Hls • h-fiu, ;iin S5 !'V< is • Tilt- V ' " ' t s' r.,,,'! (!>' '<'U ' Til (!i il!" !.n i)!'. ( ' ! ' '•-'''' !••>!••* Id-', f Boys* and Girls' Shoes 110 EAST THIRD STREET $5.00 Men's and LafHe.v>*~ Bbo • $3.98 i ^ i'' V .. ^

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