Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 5
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*«Uyii^iViMi^Ufc^i^i^i^fe -dHHi^iK ^K^^^^K ^^^^^^^^^^™ ^ irfrHjiMuixmunu. STERLING. ILLINOIS. FRIDAY; DEC. 15, 1016* FAG! ffvt. With t!*r of the *ChriFt inns In 1iHa>s t-fct 1 busy housewife with her limited time, sometimes finds it hard to Ilimk of v haf to j.»r< pare for the various meals. Many suggestion* will be found on this page which will save time and worry if she will just take the time to read them, This slorr news is proving a hig help to many housekeepers in this vicinity and will do the same for you if you will let it. Show these merchants you appreciate their ad- Vf?rtfremeii*s by trading with them, ' . ' ~~ . . Hot Bargains for Saturday and Monday § Pi. SUGAR f dry granulated, f10 ? oumls .,1.00 With a $1,50 order or more, not including flour or potatoes. flread, the most used article for food- should he selected with the utmost care. That in only one more reason why you should use * Bon Ton Bread IT yonr s?ro£er doesn't sell it—phone -113, We deliver anywhere. Bon Ton Bakery 110 West 2nd St., Rock Falls. Bell Phone 342-R POTATOES •y Stokers, per o'O lb. bushel $1.80 APPLES " Fancy enters or cookers per penk .40c ™" T '-MINCE MEAT :\ K)c pnckn^slor ^.25c. FLOUK M-civcil a rnr of Prairie Flour,' per JOHNATHAN APPLES IvMra fancy stock, per ' [> p'-'-lv 35c . A FEW SUGGESTIONS ugh th«! r rg . - HOMINY orackod Hominy. (J n for .......... 25c rSSiA-l BACON l," por ,.23o . ORANGBS ,('a!ifonna Xoi v o K , 4~n' , poif dozen .......35c PEANUT BUTTERr- Lnr ; uo :JO onnet'.jar. per ................ 25c PANCAKE FLOUR ."5 KV packages for... .25d CORN STARCH 2 l"c packages for.., ,15c ~RAISINS Fancy larjre Hnisins in bulk, per pound 15c PARSNIPS Home grown, washed, (! pounds for ..........100 SALTED PEANUTS, per pcunu! ---- 15c CROP NUtS lOnalihli Walnuts, lt»..20c Aluuuids, \h.^ 25c Filberts, 1b 20c Brazil Nuts, It. 22c istera t.cra weather you will forge! all about this if you come to ttiie store <md see the. splendid lay-out ttf f>e»h fruits arid vege- tables—ju»t the same a* though you were in the |pnr;y south. Wo nlso have'-a fine display of Xiriaa candy, all kinds of nuts and nut mcati. Select a nice tree while we have plenty to selqct from. Plenty of hotly and in bulk. Holly nnd magnolia wreaths. Don't fail to order -»ome of. tho« famous Dcrncll's potato chips in bulk. ' Plenty of or.ange* fru*n<25e a dozen to 40c n dozen. Grape fruit from 5o each to 2 for 25c. Libby's mince meat in bulk; just tho kind you like. CHASE & SAN-' BORN'S TEAS AND COF— —PEES SOAP HrharH (latvnnic for.. .25c Pecan Hutu, lb. ..... ,19c Mixed Kuls, lb .,20c None others quite so good Tr\ a pound of fancy Cha*o & Saiihorn ton put up in a Tiia Caddy. It would also make a niee Christmas present. Fresh Baltimore Sealshipt Oysters. Fruits and Vegetables. , i Fine table Raisins, etc. N, 6AULRAPP, JR, BUCKWHEAT L" Absolutely purtv 5 Ibs. v*j;;- >: ;:.:.• " 3Bc PRUSERVES 3 20 ounce jarn, as- RICE ,1 Ibs, fancy broken Kicu Cor ....' r 25/ 3PRTJNES r ' I go^ied, 'for .25c :> poundn for /, .25c BATES '. " .Jfrosh everv day, per Fancy fresh Date«, 2 largo , quart ..,,,; ,45i3 •p.'ickasjo'i for 25c YEAftS FINDS iw*»*. -YOUTHS TODAY TOO FASTI IHA, Uce. 15.—"Thi- jit'oiilci ut' toildj 1 urt«, l»»aiUnK twi - j» w " y * '.'•f<*7' I'*«*ntt **!« Lac, a llf«». If I lu»<! livtul »>J they do I _ IN , •;«*, vuwMv'l l»i» ht-nt l«du>-, xiltli iny «-n- |!-i|',-,,iBlo''« worKJriR wnniftltly ninl my j-«i- In in'im<» t'onilitluii. JUHI *>CH ile liow ssH'iuIj' it IB. (*ai >oii i»»>,u it tor u ln:J of i sjiohtt David Ktidin ,ifur <*m- t-r^inff from tlm thn ci>l<«liriitiun of hiii ,ti'i<t bSrOuliiy at litti lumit 1 In Uiis !'ii.ti«!i was |i/)i*ii In Now !.M>o)i, N. V, Sh'i: Jt», ISJ5, Ho IIMK IHH-H n wdiU-in >f Fotid du tluu »I'sty Car of Xmas Trees and Hotly just arrived Wo nro BUpjilyiu^ all tho growm, Hot* your grocor and plm-i* your order early nnd got ilrst pick. ^ ..... Twin Clly Produce Co. .' H. . W ->• ,/ Announcement To 8»t better acquainted with you readers wo are going to do a little different advertising than usual, W« have a full a»9ortment of Toilet Goods, «uch as Perfumes, Toilet Waters, Talcum Powder*, etc., which we are going \a make to you a* follow*: , • L ' *> Any article in this" to^fet tase at the retail-price plus 5 cent* | you two (2) article* of »amu prica instead of one. Thw»: A 5Qc ounce bottle of Perfume plus 5c, 5Sc get* you (2) punce bottle* of the same p.-ice. Now it i* absolutely understood that thi» ic fresh clock 'and the ^original prices of «*me are on each packaga so there -i> no catch whereby you , can low. ' . Come up »od tee for yourtelf and incidentally you will sec OXQ*t perfect flowers to match these ttcnte. Instead of paying higher price* for these good* at this time you will save on«A» Swattlay & Sons E. STH ST. AND 17TH AYE. ( SOCIAL AFFAIRS J Mf A OUIEfWEDDING GOLDEN WEDDING S Market Co.S ..,A 310 FIRST AVENtJE BOTH PHONES JL S Sterling's Original Cut-Rate Market C* General Offices: U. S. Yards, Chicago L^P wUni frftAi ir A*m DPTAII •• ' ^*ig^^ Specials for Saturday, Dec. 16 that, are worthy of notice to all economic and careful buyers and ^providers for ihe table: (Special prices are for the Store onlyK . Chuck "Steak, ^mul awl leader. v pound ,.. k A Tine lot of hntnc'Sugar Cured "I K*» Picnic Hams, pound .... Atlv. Sweet Pickled'Sparo Ribs, pound Sweet Pickled NVek 'Ribs, pound ,s,i,,-i,,i ,,,„„« x,,. J2'c,14c tnr fmtnh, whole, 12 6c foiling'and Soup 1 "1/» ' 19 ^ c I'ork Loin or Shoulder Hons-t, pound .,.,,,...,,. ....-... Fresh Liver, in the piet-e, pound ............. „ Fresh Pork Sau*age r pure pork, pound Sirloin. Round and Short Steak, "I Qtf* pound ,U.." • w and Hides for cash, ive Uoawt Beef, lb. iling am 'Meat, !b. We buy I/ive Stock mid Poult ry\ Mutt/r, (let our price* on 1k>t\f iiy the quarter. ..,--. We carry a full line of live poultry, and can d-ivss on short notice. THE MARKET OP QUALITY, PRICE AND SERVICE 18c 5c 15c Mies Li?na Rastcdo And George Ghringer Quifttly United IifMarriage. t awl I'. :hfhiKi.'r wen- tuarrUtt yi-«t<»r- y nt imon nt the l.onn* of the bridv'tt (•nreiits, Mr, Mr«. Henry lt;iatvcl«>, in Unuttii *;rcivt\ Ki-v, Jones of thi- <'(>nj4n'j:ail(>iiul > luuvh ccrfornn-il thif- VITMWM.V I'! Hit 1 iinwuw i of thirty i.'ji t>if, • Tl|i" .>"ii""; i v 'i!i[>I<' wen 1 unntt<'nil«'il. Mtw l.jdia \V'M):I HWtM-Uy |ilay« % (| ,\U;!ii|«':<H«iiu'n \V»''l(|i>;K Miiri'h antlul- KIJ KUHK u livHiuiftil' £ttiuj. Tho lutniv vv.m' lM.'iiiitlf,!i'v' ..klu-i>rntt-f| with jiiriU sit'si uiul *mHux, an^l'iUii w'tt'tnatiy ttrt» |t«»il(>riu»f«t tit-foio a hunk of frniH i'ho hrhU' wax iMviuilfully uwwiu'tl in a (vhito tffilin Uit-Hs with |«'HI-|» uiul tfininihiKH utid carried u bridal ii'>*it|U(>( of jiiuH rofit'S. 'Plus hrJrtf iius ht-i'ii otniiloyeU fur ut the ,t»d ' Ot'wiery eo»«iinny'H o W'»il«> inuny fi'ieiidi* by Th<* Kr»oin IM the proprietor of the 1'ui'lltture Slow lit (JeneHt'O. iiii I heir iionu* in wjjl ___ make The out-of-town giM,'Ht« were Mr. ' md Mr». Krefl ,Rat»t«dp, of - Xiuuneryfuui, of and Mrs, W. D. Morgaridao Aro Pleasantly Remembered. Mr, «rul Al,^. W. I). ".MorKsirUlRi*, of Cialt. rclelmitrtl thoir tlttU'th wwkUnj? ,uinivc-r«nry ycnt^Mlay. owJim «o thp ill ht>n|ili of MI-H. .MortmrliiKv llirii* WIIH uo Hiit-lal fuiutliin. {.hit tliclr ninny frk-ntlf* uiul r'-lutivos wnu-rti" I»T«H| thorn throuKhout tho »l«y .With tctCKrUIIIH. CHi'tlM J1H'! U'tttTX of «'0l)- i,ni(jihu!<'aM, Thry ttl«o rtH't-ixt-tl a lirufu^iim of «*ut (It'wi'fH, unil rows. Mr. und Mrs. 1^ us help you in yotir^ grocery -selection \Vfcc nuirrled fifty y«-nV« nj;<i Ui»o, J3. in StorliiiK. 'Killer Mumin (if tht« l-'I iiunty. t-hurch Mr. M«rKuriilK«' Is » if l In- cls'll war and lia.s Ihcii in (5.ill for « KOIM! miiny years!, where !><• vnta formerly iMmtnlnBtor. REFORMS ARE OFFERED • U, S. .Dry Amendment Arid One For Suffrage Are Introduced In The House, Dee. JIJK the rnkeil .Sinter ye«t<»r«hky iially laid before Congress, • ,- 1'\yn. ,of 'h new confront* for- « l 'i»f Jtidielary <i>mmiltt<t* by I vot«< of 1? tu " reeunUlH'Hded ti)i- * \>t the Wel»b rt»Holutitiii pro* for the MiiliinlKwiort of a prohibition roittttitutional "<itm>tiUiuetit, tc ; th«; t*t!iU'H. U voted, to lay tiefore th*. Un"u«t' without re<<munf Dilution' tilt Haker rewolutlon the uiil Mr». Wilbur Wood,*of Albany, Mr. imt Mis. N'icholaii Huiii|i< «•/ Albany, o( -UenoHeti, H. Anthony- Huffrutsi' |in\i'Uvlini",K. Oordovu, Mr I .Sujt|jori«'rs ,nt both pi'upup.-tltt w<'i'« Ur. ;uid II- ol Fresh Daily From the Kettle A pure, tasty, crisp mouthfwl of select potatoes made in sanitary btato •nnddeni Unit both ean be fnreed to- a vote during the iirenetil session, Taket Two-thifda Votn. \~ The s.i Inn it-'.-i inn of ihtt jtmeiuittieiitV to the stute« would re«|Uirc< n two- \i>tt> of butlj l.ltniwt' uii.i Heli'ite HU|i|>urtvr«« it the two^ dedAre tbul they While 1 tvforin e.»eh luve u Mitiwiit!!! uii House majority. lltey do nol elalin it l«- 1 \\tt-t I) il'il*> The ^i)i>u>iitUH> \'oie on i>rohitiirioy »hn'\v>'d itv> jmriy d4 vision and dr.v iiieiiilu'i'H of Hit- fiotiFe ijei- ilie \'<t\* will sidit all |.wny fhaiiritan U'ebb of the < (Uthui tif the btii, |)Vu(>uHeK l»i siH-iu'i n ^iKH-iai jule to fac-iliUiti* i-nimiileru- iioii'uf (he revolution tsooiLjjfter Ihc t'hri^uuas rei't***, . , * ILOfD GEORGE BETTER TRIUMPH BRAND-inaures the euccesa gf Vliv Uunliisyn. N^ucr jjrl ylJ, tnuiity or taste- to**, KitvJ guly in ' •0 ~'' "^7 V* They'ro Vegetable Thru »IK! Thru of tf i*«v« a ! He VVill B/t Abld To Deliver Hi« Ad dr*«i On Next Tuesday In Cowmonn, i Hy I'lilu-d t j r«'j-w.) l.ulSSU.ii, Hll^s , ll(«», KI UnvJtl l/h.jti (i«'4iris»> MUM ln»t(<-i' iotltty, lii.s illiu-s-i, ll;H itl« siri»?it|i>i! J(i», >ii l;sn imMi'.i! -d li(» »i|| In* alili' to ! iii tlH- i'^Misf (' <(I|l>ltUi-« lU'.M JUDGE QREIGHTQN DEAD I MgX'lCAfsfA COFFEE TYCOON TEA WHITE GRAPES " FIGS DATfS FRUIT8 NUTS CIDER Holmes & GracSy Avenue Q Grocery BOTH PHONES PUTS BAN ON LIQUOR The Quality Market SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY Veal Roast, shoulder, per lb, ........ 17c Veal Stew, per Sb.'".. .*. .12540 * Mutton Stew, per lb. 12»4o Boiling Beef, per lb, 12%c Home i'ured Baeou, hickory Hinokcd, per " |H)iind by .slab ... ,-y .„....,> 22c i-lbuie Cured I'ienie Mains, per !b. ...16c (tround (Jreeii Bono will uyiku your cliiekens lay/1 Order it here. : Phelps Bros. Rear Beien & Hutten^s Grocery Both Pho Extends The Prohibition Law To Tho Army H Is Announced. !»uriH, Die. jr,,—To<ul jifolitbitioii has )<-fi) dtTtilVd on iiy tin* • Thin j« t-liuw u by the te;it, in th tal Offjelui of I 'rentier Ih'biiul.'s de- 'int;«tlo»'( hffufe t Iu 7 -(,'ha tuber of 1H«- jntU-M un tht> wubjeet. ' L. I'renUer Ufiu.itd wan vigorously «n,when be '^iMiouiiV'<*tl Uj.'n tin 'nt ' would u«H for th«' au^ tif-Utv Ibjtior traff(« H>roMirli- i'L>"l!t" til*?' off! " 0 \ j)tirtifuiar|v e«n tie rebuilt lei Hit l''lUIii Sine, 'In. d|st> :U>I journal ;niv«< it:n*#tititt »i|ly in war timi 4 . the HoJution <>f wbicl tlu- life rtf tb«> rniiiiiry and it: , is ibe total H5ii»i»res!.ioH o Ueohui." - . - "' Army t* Included. The t'ri'tnfer'K feinarkn w«>re Suter tijtted by Di«|)ui>- Miiy<' ; ,ii>n whit'n.-u <l: "In the nrtiiv' at«u?" T ho l'ivmii-r. • Thi« dnv of (he 's'Mi/ ali'iiltoi iit H»i .'•Miiiwiiwu is uiitl<'c«i</i>d Jn !''i.»inf t« .vttleh «lrvady .viutilie^n. .Vint'** or i jy, in»t«-k-»», i,udti;eitlibl» tu»ti;. , • Circuit Judye m the State £d A^ay at Noon Today, ti: , i'liiH'ii )•(« - l the thay ~*.\ Y fc**^ fH>HfH t/l y Ankeuy Clynier. , liiiit u~ .(Mil H ln< h 1 ,{ i !l,.J.'l'! ti: .!!••" h- ('. j -lljil- I!., , .. .! i t it< •>, th> A ;••••!. IM i ti .ii 'h hi !<>i Are You Ready? you can ghi* will jtfivc as much nre tor an littlo inbiu i y HH KoituFof, tho imiiiorotufT arti«'U»s wo havo.on dinplay. AV« UivUct your in- HjHH'tion.of our oIlVringK, iiiiowiu^ tlmt .you t,'ftn tH\>«ilv ami (juk'kly «Uu*idu upon "hi8" or ' " ! "" LAI\!DIS BROS TOILET ARTICLES- The uuuierous toilet helps so doa^ to a 1; woman's heart are all to bo found here, Many arc net*, in ivory, etc., umljriatiy »ep- i pieces, 25c to $15,00. """ ~ ! - 4 STATIONERY^ r We invite your insjituitjoij of tho line of stationery w« have ever nhuwn, | ' Hyuiphouy Lawn in inany wi^ois and tints aiul^an -eiullcHs variety of otlun* gift pacJi- a«e.s, lOo to $3.00, PERFUMES AND TOILET WATERS- A Bottle- of perfume or toilet witoris aKvay« a<M*eptable. Our ntock JH briiuful 4>t' : exclusive- Uii*tiu«ti\ v «'pftok- a«cs and the tjuaMty is of the highest. 25c to $4.00. CANDY—./; I ""^Wiii It would- nut, be . Xmas lluyler'.s, Li^iiett'^Uuth's, Fuuway ar0~ the highest jfrade rantlies niado iu Aiiluy- ii-a. A beautiful ii.ssortiuent of pu<;ka#e.§ a witle variety of pieec.s. 30c to $5,00. Hendricks Drug Co. The <9a*xSL Store

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