Greensboro Daily News from Greensboro, North Carolina on December 8, 1907 · Page 11
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Greensboro Daily News from Greensboro, North Carolina · Page 11

Greensboro, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 8, 1907
Page 11
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11 t - JAPAN WILL BESiaiCT Fashions in Concealed TIT E Weapons Vary Widely DAILY INDUSTRIAL NEWS, SUNDAY, DEOEMBEB 8, 1907 Despite Strngent Ordinances in Force in Most American FOREIGN IQinSTES ANNOUNCES ( ZHE POLICY FIRMLY TO ' Cities There Is Still Too Much Carrying of ' Revolvers, Stilettos, Razors, Etc OBJECTORS. U I migrant race. Trie, arm la thA a ! dapper, stiletto, nr lrnifo anA it ta M. Tokio, Deo. 7. A committee fidm the emigration agencies here has held a conference with Foreign Minister 'Hayashi, who announced that the plan of the Japanese government was to limit closely all emigration to the United tSatcs and Canada. Some members of the committee jried not for ornament or the pride of Chicago, 111, Dec. 7. The danger which arises frpm the habit of carrying concealed weapons has long been recognized in this country, and there is hardly an American municipality which has not enacted strenuous ordinances to discourage the practice. Some of these local 'wis. tttwarf lATTRESft i angrily announced their opposition to this course, but Minister uayasni remained firm. Kiki Yiro IshiL chief of the Japanese laws nave been rigidly enforced, but nowhere has the custom yielded much o legal restraits. 'It is decreasing through m bureau of commerce, who has returned the pressure of an enlightened public opinion rather than through the penal-tics which the law has inflicted. There m Delightful as the are many parts of tho country where it still retains something of the wild, possession, in nmuieen cases out of a hundred the weapon is U9ed upon another man of the same race. Regular duels between Italians are by no means unknown. In New York's little Italy not long ago two Italians who had quar-; reled selected seconds (not to see fair ' play, for all is fair in a stabbing duel, ! but to prevent interruption by the police), and went in to Bght by the flick-; ering light of a lamp post. When it was over one of the men had crawled into a basement to die, and the police had no difficulty in tracking the other by the trail of blood he left. The knives most favored by the Italians are curi-. ously formed, with a terminal twist to the handle, designed to set against the outside muscle of the hand and insure a firm grip,-for the true Italian knife fighter lunges as with a foil, holding the palm of his hand up and guarding with j nee, untamed spirit which was charac tcristic of America forty years aeo. esne chilly of the western border; it is no 9K Play of Children is the rest and comfort of RED CROSS SANITARY FELT MATTRESS. It has a smooth, even surface, conforming to the body's form, insuring comfortable rest. The workmanship is skilled and from a visit to the united States and Canada, where he was sent to investigate the" immigration problem, said today that it was against Jap laborers that certain parts of the United States object. Ishii said that between the trusts and the labor unions the middle' class of Americans and foreign laborers Buffered, declaring that union labor was largely controlled 'by unreasoning persons, their attitude being almost that of tyrants, and they were liable to destroy anything standing in their way.. "Japanese engaged in agricultural pursuits as landowners or leasers," said Baron Ishii, "require a few of the best class of. their countrymen as laborers, but the government of Japan has been limiting the emigration of this class." The Pioneer Building and Loan Association is still doing a safe and profitable business for its members. Oyer $20,000 invested in real estate loans in Greensboro. Five year's successful . business. No losses. Eleventh series begins Saturday, December 7, 1907. Admission fee, 60c. per share. Weekly dues, 25c. per share. Do not spend all of your money, but save something each week for profitable' investment. Begin today by sub-oriMng for a share. JAS. B. DUDLEY, Secretary and Treasurer. longer the typical quality of the bulk of the people,' even in those regions which fermerly constituted the "frontier." In many, If not all, of these cities where civilization has gained this victory over lawlessness any person in whose possession is found a dagger, dirk, dangerous knife, slungshot, billy, sandclub, loaded cane or metal knuckles is liable tovarrcst. A revolver may be carried, but only by special permit, unless the owner is a city, state or federal official of certain classes. Permits are issued with great care, and mostly to night watchmen and bank or express messengers. Notwithstanding these restrictions, the carrying of concealed weapons in the large cities, east and west, is a constantly spreading evil. The police of New York estimate that eiofitean nis otner arm new across tne chest. Favorites With Women. Much in vogue among the Italian rag picking women is a very thin stiletto, sharpened to a razor keenness on boht edges. So small is the mark left by this terible weapon that there is a record of one case where a doctor issued a certificate of death by heart disease and issued it in god faith, for a man whose thorough. Over a thousand stitches around the border guarantees it against wear, and prevent stretching and losing shape. Built to Stand -- t The RED CROSS is made of eight layers of Sanitized Staple Cotton Felt. It contains no animal matter, and is vermin proof. Sleep on it Sixty Nig'hts " heart had been split by the thrust from one of those slender blades. Further investigation folowing an accusation against the woman who had struck the I blow showed that the flesh had closed! '3-3.-V ' ck to and if they were not the most comfortable nights you ever spent, send thousand private citizens habitually go armed. In Boston and Philadelphia the percentage is somewhat smaller. In Chicago, Cincinnati, San Francisco and St. Louis it is much larger. In Buffalo, Cleveland, Rochester and other cities )f tho second class in magnitude the percentage is about the same as in New York. More weapons are carried in the south than in the north, and in the west than in the east, generally speaking. There are no reliable statistics for New your dealer. He will return the purchase price. Above all things, do not allow any dealer to sell you a substitute. Substitutes are always inferior and cheapened. Orleans, but it is probable that it does not. exceed the proportions noted for New York, Buffalo and Rochester. PRICE SOUTHERN 'SO' ;'i Gamblers Go Armed. Among the "sporting" classes the nrac- If roof cealr ei 'a SPRING BED not show yot A RED tice of carrying firearms and other weapons seems to be largely relegated CROSS SANITARY FELT MATTRESS writ to a. COMPANY, LOOK FOR THE LABEL. to the lower classes. The truly high grade professional "sporting" man does not betray the same propensity to the same degree. , Most . professional gamblers of the small fry class go armed. Every raid on a low class gambling hell around the wound, leaving a barely perceptible gash. .That familiar comic paper joke about the negro "spoht" and his "razzah" is not a baseless fiction. If the tough negro of the cities carries any weapon at all it is a razor. In use it is held with the blade doubled back across the knuckles, and the approved method is a long drawing sweep with the hand held palm downward. Fatalities are few, but the mutilations are frightful,the point of attack being almost always, the neck and face. A razor is one of the deadly weapons that can be carried practically with impunity, as the man who is arrested with one in his pocket can always plead that he was taking it to a barber shop to be sharpened! The only other class besides the negroes which carries tho razor is the hobo or professional tramp. It is the recognized arm of ho-b'tdom, and no tramp regards himself as fully equipped for the road until he possesses a razor. Josinh Flynt, himself a tramp of many years' standing, in his bcok on tramp life instances a duel with razors between two hobos at a tramps' resort in New Jersey, in which one of the contestants was killed. John Chinaman rarely goes armed. If he wants to "do up" an enemy he does not sally forth to look for him, but, with characteristic racial patience, sits in his own window and waits for the victim to pass. When he passes John drops n brick on him, or perchance a flower pot, and legal prosecution is unavailing, because John js always ready to swear that Tie- happened to be leaning out of his window at that particular moment and by ill luck chanced to dislodge the ATLANTA, GA. Piles Quickly Cured at Home Instant Relief, Permanent Cure Trial Package Mailed Free to All; in Plain Wrapper. Piles is a fearful disease, but 'easy to cure if you go at it right. An operation with the knife is dangerous, cruel, humiliating and unnecessary. There is just one other sure way to be cured painless, safe and in the privacy , f yew own home it is Pyramid Pile Cure.. We mail a trial package free to all who write. ' It will give you instant relief, show you the harmless, painless nature of this great remedy and start you well on the way toward a perfect cure. Then you can get a full-sized box from anyi druggist for 60 cents, and often one box. cures. Insist on having what you call for. , If the druggist tries to sell you something just as good, it is because he makes more money on the substitute. 3V1 SaTs-J" The cure begins at once and continues-! UNITARY mis up the police station desk with revolvers, for your cheap 'sport Commonly "wears a gun." Some few carry blackjacks, "life preservers," or metal knuckles, but they are, from the very fact, suspected of being more thieves than gamblers, or of being "snide" men, such as thimble riggers, . three card monte throwers and swindlers of that ilk who make the rounds of country fairs, seeking the "wads" of the innocent. The straight out buckers of the faro bank and the roulette wheel apparently carry their revolvers very largely as a sort of badge of their high profession. Time was when shooting affrays in gambling places in the" cities wertf crtmmon, and in the small western towns they are not rare. But in the big, prosperous, well-conducted gambling dens of the cities such affairs are about as infrequent as similar fracases in church. The proprietors discourage them as being productive of undesirable notoriety. So the gamblers, while perhaps the most numerous, are probably the least dangerous class among those whom we would naturally expect to figures as wearers and users of weapons. A classification of tne carriers of concealed weapons, according to nationality, reveals some curious results. In proportion to their numbers the Italians carry more weapons than any other im- MATTRESS brick or flower pot resting on the sill. In For Sale in Greensboro by C. O. FORBIS rapidly until it is complete and permanent. - You can go right ahead with your work and be easy end comfortable all the time. s It is well worth trying. Just send your name and address to Pyramid Drug Co., 92 Pyramid Building, Marshall, Mich., and receive free by return mail the trial 1 package in a , plain wrapper. Thousands have been cured in this easy, painless and inexpensive way, in the privacy of the home. No knife and its torture. No doctor and his bills. All druggists, 60 cents. Write today for a free package. ways be some people who will carry concealed weapons, no matter whether there is any real use for them or not. Special Offer! ' Hollisfor's Rocky llountain Tea purifies the blood, regulates the bowels, aids the kidneys,, cures stomach troubles, builds up the nervous force; makes you well and happy. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets. Galloway Drug Co. ; aT- rs) se so that it fitted the grasp of the hand. He chanced to press a very small spring at the side of the boxj and there darted from the top of the box two slender and extremely sharp daggers, which snapped into place by another spring. At the same time a little curved blade slipped out and fitted over the knuckles in such a manner as to not only shield them, but to present a slashing edge for auxiliary use to the daggers. So ingeni-usly was the contrivance put together that in spito of these' unexpected occupants of the interior there was still room for half a dozen cigars. 'Within a few years a larje department store in Ciicugo sold in its fcnrnpss department the most effective leather "life preserver" ever known to the criminal element. E want you to deal with us, therefore, we are naming you especially low prices on the highest grade of liquors. Look over this list and make your selection. DR. F, S. CHARTER Veterinary ifjye" sena us remittance ror wnat you want by either Postal or Express Money-Order or Registered Letter, and goods will be All goods guaranteed under Surg ion tli Pare Food Law and Drag Act Ostensibly the implement was for an-. Office and Hospital, 210 W. fi'arket a ORE NSBORO, N. C ifin ii ii sent you promptly by express the same day order is received, in a plain neat package Ah Express Charges Prepaid. C Remember we guarantee our goods under the Pure Food Law, and if they are not satisfactory, return them to us at our expense and your money will be refunded. Do not spend your money far compounded or rectified erood. when for the sm money you c&a get the straight article. Look fox the furo Food Guarantee which rod will find on all our roods, itmaans much to yea. Ton bay direct when you order from as. Wears wholesale distributors to the customer, and guarantee satisfaction, or money refunded. Goods shipped In nest plain packages, express charges prepaid at prices named. Write for special whole, sale prices in balk lots. Booklet, complete list and foil information mailed on request. On list named below, we make good losses and breakage. (ALL FULL QUARTS) Whiskies, Brandy and Gin. I- ' TMKJ10U3ETHA T I WlATS VOVjj6NT tne contracted quarter of Chinatown in any large American city opportunities to take advantage of the law of gravity are common. Persons experienced in the ways of theChinese assert that the habit of wearing the pigtail coiled upon the top of the head is not so much a fashion as a method of self preservation. ; Deadly Sword Canes. Deadly canes, such as sword, dagger, pistol and loaded canes, are characteristic of the French, buanish and Cuban residents in our cities, but these weapons are seldom used, and it is rarely that one of them comes into the hands of the police. Those who carry them invariably plead ignorance of the law, explaining that they carry the cane as a mark of caste. . Other nationalities do not characteristically carry arms. The Irishman fights with the hands God gave him, unless it happens to be his wife that he is fighting, in which case ne takes the household furniture. The Swede seldom fights, but when drunk be will use as a weapon anything that is within his reach, from his pocket knife to an axe, if he can lay his hands on one, and he fights to the death. The Germans and the Jews are peaceful. The Greeks are cowardly, and some of them carry knives. The Aremniana and Turks prefer arbitration by their priests or by the law to open for;ce. What few Japanese there are hereabouts will go far to avoid trouble, but once having gone into the encounter they fight like whirlwinds and often with disaster to their opponents, as they are expert with any kind of stick or blade and also masters o? strange wrestling tricks that wrench and dislocate joints. The native born American, on " the average, minds his own business and keeps out of trouble. If he gets into it his hands are generally his only available implement of defence. No list of weapons could be complete without mention of the hatpin. Every Soliceraan knows the dangers of this agger and Is on the lookout for it when he arrests or arraigns a woman of the streets. ' It is the weapon par excel, lence of the demi-monde. While the prick with a pin sounds inconsiderable, it must be remembered that the pin is six inches long, and that the wielder of it aims for the eye. If it goes true' it may pierce the brain and kill. , What tho police call freak weapons oe-casionaly turn up in the pawnshops. One of these is an ingenious combination of brass knuckles,dagger and pistol, to compact that it ca easily be concealed in a pocket.'.; Strange Engines of Death. Another strange and formidable weapon for use at close quarters, consists of , two short, eimeterlike blades, connected by a wooden handle. The grip it between the blades, so that the wielder In Jugs. fir Oil. Mill, other purpose. At that time unicago was infested with highwaymen, and so many of these "life preservers" with the mark of the firm were found in the possession of suspects arrested for holding up citizens that tho police finally put a stop to their sale. Few metal knuckles, blackjacks, sand clubs or "life preservers" are now carried, however, even by professional cnmmais, as they are of little actual us, and it is probable that the carrying of them formerly was inspired more by bravado than from nny practical consideration. In fact, there are styles in weapons as in everything else. The invention' of gunpowder relegated armor to the junk pile. The increasing efficiency of the modern military rifle makes the doom of the sword inevitable. The revolver is already obsolescent. But mankind has always loved to load itself wifh deadly implements, and there will no doubt al N. C. Corn, very old... 3 50 10 00 45 8 70 To Th se Who Are Addicted to the Drug Ubit: I take pleasure in referring you to Dr. Melton s treatment. I had been addicted to the morphine habit thirty-five years and was entirely cured after three weeks' trentment. The method employed by Dr. Melton at his sanatorium in Asheville, N. C, is entirely safe and painless. I am now seventy-three years old and have , gained wonderfully in health and strength since I was cured. Respectfully, M. M. IANDRUM, M. D., Sunshine, N. C. In Jugs. fir Oil. 3 Bill. Eureka Rye ,.S2 00 5 75 Dan River Rye 2 25 ( 45 Grey Goose Rye 2 50 7 20 Inspection Rye ....... 3 50 10 00 Hiehspire Pure Rye ... 5 CO 14 00 I. Bumgardner Ml. Rye 4 50 13 00 N C- Corn Whiskey . . 2 00 5 75 Va. Cora Whiskey, old 3 00 8 70 12 ate. ate. Swan Gin Z 25 Holland Gin 3 00 Va. Apple Brandy 3 00 Va. Appl; Brandy, old. 3 50 Ve. Apple Brandy.oldest 4 50 N.C, Apple Brandy... 3 00 Peach Brandy. Virginia 3 50 Yd .95 H 9-00 8 70 10 00 13 00 8 70 10 00 7.50 9.00 11.60 4.95 6.25 7.50 , 4qts. Westover (best the world over)...... ....$3.10 (Fie.piMEukOWApplelKk,wuhoaViWeovn) El Maize (old corn whiskey) 2.60 Donald Kenny Malt Whiskey (medicinal) 3.25 Blue Ridge (Va. Mountain) ...... .i ...... 4.00 Huron River Rye, extra fine (bottled In bond) ... !. ..... . ....... .....: 3.95 Dr. LeBarron's Buchu Gin (medicinal).. 8.40 Kelly'e Royal Corn (the finest) 3.85 Kelly' Copper Distilled (bottled in bond) 3.20 Kelly'e Medioinar Malt (bottled in bond) 3.90 , Miss Tempting (finest Maryland rye)..,. 4.50 Bottled Whiskies. Brandy and Gin, Eureka Rye ..... 7.65 6.55 7.45 6.30 7.65 8.60 11.50 10.00 11.25 9.40 11.60 .12.50 4 Full Qts. ,....$2 20 ..... 2 60 ..... 2 80 ....4 00 S 00 ..... 0 00 .... 3 20 ....3 20 ..... s 00 2 60 oets. 14 25 5 CO 5 35 7 75 75 It 50 6 IS ( 15 9 75 5 00 a 9 75 12 Qts. tt 10 7 30 7 90 11.50 1425 17 00 9 10 10 14 25 7 30 9 25 14 25 Dan River Rye Grey Goose Rye Inspection Rye Monticello Maryland Rye Highspire Pure Rye N.C. Corn, very old.. Apple Brandy, old and mellow.... Peach Brandy, old and mellow,... Swan Gin. ALL CHARGES $2.50 PREPAID 1 gal. 6-year-old Ky. Rye 1 gal. &-year-old'N. C. Corn 1 gal. Holland Gin 1 gal. Extra Fine Sherry ) 1 gal. Porto Rico Rum 1 gal. Extra Good Port Win 3 40 Holland Gin... nutiunu um 2 McCarty Whiskey, BottM is Boss, 8-yr- old S 00 Brandy.. 2.85 1 oal. 4-vear-old Maryland Peach PUT UP IN STONE JUGS, SAFELY PACKED IN PLAIN CASE, ALL CHARGES PREPAID 1 gal. 4-year-old Va. Apple or Peach Brandy 23 , 8PECIAL OFFER. 3 Gallons Old N. C. Corn 6.00 3 Gallons Old Kentuoky Rye..... ........... 6.00 3 Gallons Fine Gin 6.00 3 Gallons Apple or Peaoh Brandy, 6.00 4ft Gallon of either above 9.60 , Guaranteed Pore Old Kentucky, Pennsyl-vania and North Carolina Whiskies AH h Wood 6 te 1$ Tears Old Shipped direct to too from barrels In which it is sired snd nutared. Mo Adulterations. ALL Our Whiskies an MELLOW, HEALTH! Drinlca.Resrular customers for TWENTY TEARS, There's a reason We sell high-grade roods The best lor you. We prepay express, Shipped plain packages. Send to-day trial order. Money refunded ii not satisfactory. Bemit Express or Money Order. A Few oa Oar List pergsL' .' OLD JAS. E. PEPPER Ky. Bourbon $3.90 10 years old Atherton Sour Mash Ky. liye . . . . 8.60 8 rears old O. R. Sharps Special Ky. Rye . . . . 2.40 6 years old Pocetaa Rye Our Favorite Rye ' 2.90 6 years old Powahootss Our Favorite Cora 2.90 (rear old Neweomb'sClub 3.20 Old M-O. Cora ......... 150 Writs for booklet, t. nWCOiO, rater. Va. Money refunded If not attafaeteny C In addition to goods shown on above list we will be pleased to quote you prices on all kinds of Wines, Liquors and Cordials. IT PAYS TO BUY THE BEST. Therefore send your orders to The Coosins Supply Company, The Old Reliable Kan-Order House, RICHMOND, VA. All order west of Mississippi, add SO cents additional for each -4 Quarts, except Kelly Copper Distilled (bottled in bond) on which for order outside of Virginia, the Carolina,. Maryland. and District of Columbia, add 60 cents for 4 quarts, $1.06 for 8 quarts and $1.80 for II quarts. Carrying charge oa freight orders 18 less than above extra . coarges. Ik Pll G. Kelly Col, lac: tna Fine liquors baa play for hi weapon en both sides of MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. bis hand, tne curvea ana taarpenea eagci of the blade being, ef course, turned Lend ami lm Pw Plus IJJJ HtStlMa V . - -v i.-.j. . werenoe ear nutu nteitni i NEWS ;vAWf-Xu cWa&u, (wuf aTliuuUeiuttn." picked up a suvui f oaae, ouriqusly depressed at the center

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