Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 31, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS MONDAY, JULY 31, 1944 Bitter Fight In Republican Convention Looms Hnrtforrt. July 31—fU P)—The Republican dtute nominating convention, which opens in I [art ford a week from tonight, may be rtn- hrolled In a hitter light over tlw resignation of Slate Chairman .'. Kenneth .Bradley. Bradley—who iilso is national commKtccman--ha.s submitted his rn.iiKnn.tlon after- four seal's us chairman. Flrndloy says ifrat while he had agreed .Home time ago to give up one of the posts sifter the national election, Governor .I'-ulil- win Insisted that he immediately f|tilt the chairrnnnshlii, A so-callud "draft" movement, however, has developed which probably will drag the residual ion onto the convention floor next week. Representative Clar-e Both 'Luce of Greenwich has critic-teed the situation, declaring that it seemed unlikely the organization would accept hi* resignation on the even uf n niiLiona! election. And there wurc reports fi'Oin Fail-field county -wholly unconfirmed that Mrs. I-uce may nut seek reelection if P.i-adli-y is nut continued in tru- chairmanship. Mrs. fjiice liflir-vpn that acceptance of f'.radli.-y's resignation would be Interpreted hy the opposition as n sign of disunity among the l'{e- publicans and would increase the difficulties of thr- Republican olllce- HCOkcrs, 1 Governor Paid win has made no comment on Mrs. f.uce'H ii.ssertiiins. nor on the reported "draft" movement. Democratic Contests Hartford, July 3.1—(U P)—Connecticut Democrats appear tar from agreement on the makeup of the state and national tickets— wilh the statonominating convention only live days away. For the gubernatorial nomination, former Governor Robert T. Hurley and Leo V. GalTney of New Hrita'.'n both claim a majority of the dele-gates. And far the nomination as United States senator-, .El-ion McMahon of .Norfolk claims controlling suport. I'.lowevu-r, this is chul- lengud by the forces of United States Senator Francis Maloney and former State Chairman J. Francis Smith—who an: backing Gail'ney and who ar« casting about for a senatorial candidate. Tlio Malonuy-Smith support jnay KO to former- ilurtford Mayor Tliornas J. S pel lacy or to former Secretary of State Mrs. Chase Going \Vooclhuusu. Student Flyer Lands Plane After Five Attempts Kri'ifn!, Coftn., July .'il — (TJ I' 1 A Bridgeport student flyer fin gol hi- piano landed at Bristol port sifter fiv.: attempts. The fl — -Allan Levy, cut his motor 20 f above the ground and allowed rii;mr to pan<:M:-\ The limdirg g was wrecked, but Levy escapee! hi'rr. es said Levy's pi Ten Conn. Men Missing; One Is Killed In Action y-r eel. the e.-tr un- Two-year-old Frank 1'ollejistro who toppled nut of window of ills sixth floor apartment at L<»IK Island City, N. V., received only (.-•ills and bruises, l-'ranl; is being f«iU by nurse Catour Mitchell at St. John's hospital. The child's fall was broken by limiiKiiiig on window ledgi-x on way down. (International) touched the around on sill a-l-lompls U> land, but that he evidently became confused or wiis unable to chock his speed. Families of the U. S. spent .-in average of SI.-30 in r-etail establi'Ji- rncnts in l'J-10, wilih food lukirg J310 and ;hc family automobile and its m.-iinLc.-t.-tnec ,52-10, Washington, July 31—(UP)—The names of ten Connecticut men missing in aciioivund one man killed in action are. announced by the War and Navy .departments. The .Navy department reports, (.hat Sciinuin. Second .Class Robert. Patrick McUiughlln 'ol' Washington, Conn.,-isidpad.,-..'•.' Army men-•reported' missing- include. ';;.'', Second Lieutenant" Richard M. Bassett of Candlowobd Vista, Dan- Ijury, in the Central. Pacific area. Five missing in the-'- European urea are: Private Michael J. Canavan, Jr., of 23 IJndbcrg 'street,' East Haven. • Second Lieut. 'Charles C. Davis, Jr.. of River-view street, E.4scx. Sergeant William B. Dooling, Jr.. of 20 Ellis street, Ansnnia, Technician FiClh ...-Grade John Hnichck of Route Three, Stafford Springs. And sergeant John T. Holt of !>8- West Morningskle street, Hartford. And four men unaccounted for in the Mediterranean area arc: • Private Charles W. Bennis of 121> Prince street, Er-idepoi-t. Corpora! Anthony Eilotto of 332 I Co ram avenue. Shell.on. j Private Paul A. Fimlclla of 155 i Bristol street, Southington, I Anil Cni-pornl Daniel J2. Folcy, ! Jr.. of 118 Asylum street, Norwich. There are more than 8 million ."P.I-C-; of privately-owned forests in the u: s. Seven Violent Deaths Reported In Maine And Mass. •Boston, July 31—(U. P)—Seven violent deaths arc reported over Sunday In Massachusetts . a n d Maine—three ;is rcnult of IlKhlninpr. . -A-,.sailor— jfy Hcndriltson of MuntliiKton, Indiana—and a cuddy '—Joseph Quinn.of Jamaica Plain .—wore struck by lighlninj,' in'yes- terday's frotik storm- as.-' they, walked on the Fivinklin Park golt course. A GC-y ear-old North Hadley man—Daniel-A. Anablc—also was killed by a liKhl.ninfr bolt as he .stood near'a tree in his backyard. Three other persons drowned yesterday. Charles Mori-ill <if York, Maino, drowned in York river while attempting to swim to a boat. Felix Ncdweckas, Junior, 21-ycar-oUl of' Cliiirlton,. drowned accidentally when he fainted and slid into » pond, While a DO-year-old Washington resident on vacation In Falmouth—Alfred E. Hanson—drowned while swim- in inp, An Augusta. Maine, -Man—Allic James, about 00-year-old—was electrocuted when he stepped on a broken hij?h-tension wire. :'.'JJIlbrS BOMBS BY HAND •Newport, R. I.—(UP)—When bis bomb bay jammed during a recent raid on 'Berlin, Sgt. Manuel J. Vivciros oT Newport, picked up the bombs by hand and tossed them one by one on the Reich capital-. BUY W.Att BONDS AJS'Il STAIR'S BOROUGH DAILY DIARY JULY »9*« W T j J S S 6 7 8 9 10 11 II 11 >« " 16 » IS 19 » 21 » JJ 24 IS 26 27 28 29 JO jr Coming Events -o of f ell TONIGHT Mi-cllnc and picnic Wciileyim Service IMina ".Mowrcy'H. M avenue. oOo • TUESDAY youn* Pcople'H Society, im- mannel Lutheran church meet* at 7:30. -O <*rs in a n nil- baU '• •"*" '& f .:-f^ it*. ..;•-• ^4 ^ "-W >"fi .: - J/ W ft &&?"••"•'"- This portrait of Marine Sergeant B.isilone. donated by Collier's Weekly to the Finance Committee, brought a record lilflh bid of $1,400,000 in war bonds when auctioned during the Fifth War Loan Drive. Officials of the New York brokerage firm-of Eastman, Dillon & Co., who entered the successful bid, arc shown congratulating artist C. C. 3call (right) for his excellent painting which is being given to the Congressional Medal of Honor winner's mother, Mrs. Angelina Bnsilonc of Raritan^_ N^ SHIPYARD FIREWORKS—Port New ark, N. J.—Hell's heat for the Axis is poured on in U. S. Steel's Federal Shipyards. The goggled trio are "burners"—men who "saw" steel with flame in building destroyers, destroyer escorts and landing »hip«. CLEAN SWEEP!—Los Angeles—Rear Admiral Howard L. Vickcy, vice chairman of the U. S. Maritime Commission, prcue'ntG the traditional broom railed to signify a clean sweep of ship trials, to A. O. Peog technicalT advisor to the Operating Comm, tee. .«.? an inspection of new Victory sh.p production. "IT'S THE McCOY! dens, Fla.—Frances. McCoy was chosen from a field of 18'entries as "Hawaiian Hibiscus Queen" by B-17 crews back from service In Hawaii, You're rlflht, -that's a hibiscus in her :.:~L *$&**.' ^^, ^ 488** \Tu^ooC^;;^ R/Pf PfACH JAM — 4 cups prepared fruit, 71/5 cupa sugar, 1 bottle fruit pectin. TO PREPARE FRUIT, peel and pit or core about 3 pounds fully ripe fruit. Grind -or chop very fine. If desired. 1 to 3 teaspoons • pice may be added. MEASURE SUGAR AND PREPARED FRUIT, solidly packed, nto large kettle, and mix well. BRING TO A FULL ROLLING BOIL over hottest fire. Stir constantly before and while boiling. Boil hard 1 minute, REMOVE FROM FIRE and stir in bottled fruit pectin. Tlien stir ind sk'im by turns for just 5 minutes to cool slightly, to prevent floating fruit. Pour uickly. Paraffin hot jam at once. Makes bout 11 glasses (6 fluid ounces each). i?t v*»- GROWING FAMILY—New Orleans—Willing, even tan*!" to have their picture taken were the six additions to the family of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Coati- Mundi (of the Raccoon family) at Audubon Park Zoo here. ^^^_^^__^____^^_— SPANKING MACHINE TEACHES SHOOTING—Fort Cutter, Mich This novel contraption Is used by Military Police in train- Ing to teach correct trigger squeeze. If the eoldier pulls instead of squeezing, the trig. ger releases a skate-wheel, tripping a hammer. This pulls a wheel which drops a weight Into a box, releasing a spring, causing the crude but effective paddle in right foreground to make a thudding contact with the seat of the erring soldier's pants. Shades of Rube Goldb -rg. ?!! |p marlne-mlnded at Beating time, HOBBYIST—Holding the mirror in one hand and a bruah in the no small feat, but painting a self-portrait in oils' is Just pnstime to comedian Cliff Arqucttc between broadcasts of his new half- hour "Glamour Manor" show—heard every Monday through Friday morninc, over the Blue Network. SHE SINGS TOO—Marilyn Maxwell, who Is being called "the dynamite blonde" for her Hollywood screen work, has won the coveted singing role opposite Bing- Crosby | or> his Thursday evening radio show, Marilyn . will sing duets with the "Groaner" at nine ] o'clock over NBCl every week. I COMFORTABLE AND GROOMED for summer wear !( this' June coiffure-of-the-month first made soft and manageable with a liquid lustre shampoo with hair conditioner. The back hair,- arranged first, It brushed to the side and caught under the pompadour rolls. Note the fash, ionable center part set off by a pert and youthful bow. I Weather Report o-. •—• — Massachusetts. Rlhodo Island and Connecticut—Fair weather .tonight and tomorrow. Quite hot tomorrow except along the coa-s-t. Eastport to Block Island — r-o small craft or storm warnings. Boston and. vicinity — Fair and considerably lers humid weathcr •onig-hl and tomorrow. Sligntiy cooler tonight wiUh the lowest temperature 'near 63 degrees. Tomorrow moderate temperatures alony !.hc shore but quite warm in t«e interior suburbs. Gentle winds. Temperature Report Ah me! Red Hermans !s on vacation and it is for me to pinch- hit for that weather prophet extraordinary. There's no doubt about it though, he will have a nice trip if every day Is like today. Somebody pullod n fast one on me last night at about 3:30 n. m. Lightning was at its worst bringing huge claps of thunder and sheets of rain. Whoever controls that stuff must have been as tired as I wa.-=, though, 'cause it let up within fifteen minutes. I really want my sleep at that • hour ar.d I'm getting ready to write a song cntitltcd -Sandman, Keep That Thunder Quiet." We haven't much of a temperature report but here's what's left: 9 a. m. . 80 10 a. m £•' 11 n. m. ' 8 7 The lowest recording during the night was only 69. This is an indication of a. steady increase in temperature. We can also feel an the humidity. Yours,-4i-uly could do with a swim rightabout now. Be sccin' ya. Hedgerow-Breaking Device Invented By Men In The Army An advanced Post, Allied Supreme Headquarters, July 31— (UP) —For a Jong- time now Hctlpc- .rows—with thcii- steep banks and heavily-entwined vcRctation—have boon ihc toughest Allied problem in Normandy. But n secret device that a lieutenant and two G-I's invented has solved it. The best pan of it is that the original weapon was made from parts of smashed Nazi Equipment. Larffc orders for the manufacture of the Hedp'orc-w-brcakinir invention have been jlaced in Great Britain. Allied Commander Dwipht Eiscn- Jiowcr is said to be so dcliRhted with the invention which is speeding the Allied drive that he has as~l\cd for a full report so he can decorate the inventors. Boy, Lost In Canyon For Two Days And Nights, Is Safe Big Bonr. Cnl.. July 31—(UP) — A hungry and wearyi-Sn.n Fernando youth is safe after wandering two dnys and nights In a. remote canyon. Thirteen-year-old Ronald .Johnson wos one of 20 tccn-ngr youths who got lost on nn overnight hike. Searching parties finally found the other, lads. But Ronald struck out on his own and couldn't find his way out until 2-1 hours later. Now he admits his .short cut wasn't such a good idea after all. Farmers Advised To Refuse To Sell Their Cotton .T.nspcr, Ala., July 33.— (L'P) — Democratic Senator Bankhoad of Alabama, advises farmers to refuse to sell their cotton until they can pet a price equaling; parity. Bankhcad claims recent legislation to brinfi the price .up to parity has failed to work. He believes it's partly because of disagreement between the OPA and cotton mills on the cost of raw cotton :\l the mills. YOU CA3V BE AS HAPPY AND CON-> TENTED AS A SOUTHERN COLONEL* WITH HIS SEERSUCKER SUIT ON HIS:i BACK ^ AND MINT JULEP IN HAND. There may be a picture of contentment to equal this on a hot summer's day—but—we don't happen to think of any—seersucker suits I from old New Orleans—while they can deliver them—$15. A Palm Beach suit isn't to be sneezed at —.sixteen hundred open hearted ventilating windows to the square inch keeps cool air circulating around your torso — $19.50. Records 1 Couucous Service — FKKDICO. — HO AT AND CANOE REPAIR MATERIALS SEAM.SKAL CANVAS CEMENT ANIJ FII-1-KIl AVIATION LIQUID MARINE' GT.VE etc. TEMPLETON'S XJEMPI-ETON'S CORNER WATERBURY DIAF, 4080 (No Toll Charge) I.OV1NE ELECTRIC CO. 8 Church Slrect SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! •— • Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock "n" HI* Rock and Bye Boyn Folium, and Sweot Music Bill Luhack Polk:i Orchestra -5 to 'J Sunday* White Eagle Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut : Restaurant AwioclaUon HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. ^^ " W " UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant JBICVCLES BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER LAWN FERTILIZER HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO Cleans Your OH Tank Conditions Your Cur Motor CHIMNEY SWEEP Clean* Furniicc OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT Transparent Filler and 4 Colon The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 5236 87 Church St.

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