Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 4
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•tern OAliY GAZETTE] And Daily Standard \ 1 ' 1 ' r nini t of ""^T i* Wfl! i~r- ,] ',, , ILLINOIS, FWOAY, DEC. 15. 1916. W, , 111 , !{nt« <• |:» i • >, ' or i!'>i"k I" ill 1 - «•• ti. n f3t«rifn« "i" K'«rk !'<"- p. •..<" year, $2 V> ^ <>r ' J ttMhW tWoSltli* <•! ! '•!,(' I rt to the fa i ii't » > • i \ s >t i' By malt i ti'^-'it' st- "a • », "|2 fin "i v» u J) ** f-t i «KH»thi», or 25 rr-n»« !>»-r !•»•••.<•». 'ttP v " f.T? RS n"i ( nl;-t .:i<tni'<1 i!."!ri fit !t?sj ! • i t v <»i • • t*«* i «r i<» n •• - 'i t!i it !iti k« t,i \ u ' " .H t'lir.'n vtVirtsio'v 11* f'nllJf >| .^. ?, lsa-1 o f.,irt AMsiTi.i).* nn ,i ; \'\t~ * '. l .\ ^- '.! * * * 'a •I ?ll-«H!"f, -it'i- '* T t' t' U 1 Mil f*t*CE first GAINING. ««--r-' ''MI the firoi>o.«.it? vui.ii.l ii»f re- Wlth tsorru The all Its believe ans wanlftft n noly w nr Tor jw rt <*p milTfnTisFfT~Tii tne fntfirX believe they have been to fight for their ftllars nnd their ># ttft well as their future pscprtn- Oft* nnd the attitude of the other r«fy unjuat. ilrte bellev** the other Is bluff- each Ride fclll bluff more or !• I '• '<•->!.' » '-it Tii (It i> tn it !> ! t ni«> (jii t ,i t. t" ' ' 311 I tu |l>. nr v j f Kf< j tn i>n«.|il»-ird. i' ,t of >d"«'>»t i f ( o!if)>l* ; ''i £ n •• 1' u 11 ^ i M '!.-•!'!• ? d« ' in 11,1' if 1 tnu tf* !M' .[ft inge »- !!>*> Itit"tf<'t i>f '"t'f-fii e on f-:iTtb, e»r»J will to m«"i " >t,iy the wav otx-u jKiine- hriw for a «?'ttl'-mfnt of tlu 1 most dist i.n«tirtn* ;tr>«i de^ttneliv* 1 ^\dP thai ^.'i^' ever wapi-ii in »hr« ntuwtlp of ell history. CAUGHT ON THE FLY The Hot).-l a bio Winalcli .5*1 1 Minrchlll auks .for a "*hi>rt « ui to vlc- ftny real i«'neo dlst-uft«l«n l« ' tory." « nir nimwer If, flop tifsbtlntr. But botft Hides want j<pftfe, I nnd It «!!! be n victory of Mfe for mil- UK* World wants penre. Any iden Hint! ]!on« ,1\r f d«nUi. Ami Jlmfn conitlder- cftn defent <Jprmnny In yenrs^ • HP O f n \ !< lory. be abandoned. JuilK-iDwr by th&: . i&ty *>f th» pout two years of \vnr- j 7"ln-.v wiy tbnt si mfniber irt the 8he baa conquered tenltory thnt Hu!?h*-H fiimlly ret-cntly announced the th« rlrhesl Iron, eoal. «-rJpfK?r j ntriral yf twins, but Afr. Hui?he,« ro- Itt. Wyne~Deaver Dry Goods Company Give Boudoir Caps Noteworthy in the Big Busy Store is a wonderful display of boudoir caps, charming in their make up and fascinating in tlic'ir colors. Delicnto shades to-the wore docjx'r ones. Exceptionally attractive ones 9 iti'pretty (lirislmus boxes. "\Viiy not otie for mother, sister or wife? / ^ Boudoir caps o funusual worth specially appropriate for thoughtful.-gift giving. A tempting display to greet the . Xroos shopper. Prices 50c to $1,50. Boudoir Caps specially priced ..., .37c A splendid showing of bdudoir caps wo are anx- "ioHsTto have you sec. V-alues far from 4Ue ordi- .ntiry.. Regular 5()e values, your choice --,-.. w...;;" i ,N»- If >•>•! "IT ! 1 1 nn I he wrrmfr tit a r«i-f« /t.'i'k yon know nbmtt hnw KV'fi; t~i % :V!m;<i'3' uf Ttonmijnitt •)ti(;:it tr-ii^nt df*Vf'1«' tits. H <". n, T,. ha* m pound like the ro.«M of Uf-iriK In Jhf wronsr j»ew nft'T yoti're dent). The rrtnnrkniilp thinir .ib«nit <J<'»irEe Hnr\r-# Is that he doesn't lufte hK- rrimtnlbm after tvlmt h« did, Mr. -K«rfi»evelt wro»*> ft book. "The Winning or*, the *Vc.»f." Mr. .\VHson { urn teil the sc-'inel. hnVe »tartrrt~~ir new c-sim- i', "on pnlgn for IncretiS^d freight f«ee«»mu of the wnr," In e\|ilnlnlnK th« hluh copt of cna! the roal hnronn n.t .len«t <-an't blame H on the hens thut won't Iny. FROM OUR READER New Way Of 8t«rt ; np A Lnwn, to ft-v l'*dltor Dally TrfcUin in nil frHfi«*s, or Mnrfdmll lf<* would the »»•»•«» J'lot^ bi»f«ire <nir tn th«- mil Ih. >oii sow tlu- Hover rind rflh<« U In, \wrt> yon boy Kt. nra.«», «nd plant It In row.? ;i foot iiptirt. It r>*»!tnp« In lonK rootp. tnjt«»th<*r. and you lay them In shallow trt»nclu'/i.^.''Thi»y iniiHt bi> kept well watered, n7id In limp form n thick, Hoft, course turf, A bimhel unek cost OONTBE.BLUE OVER PIMP Stx,arfs C-!i'um W - 1 -•• Put t'-c St.'»'-•« o' P Vo^- C'-cr' ;. t V, ! -tv "Believe Me, I Am 6?acl Those Pimples Ar* Gene." Tin y <*>)t)taiiT no pi<i';iitin!i,« <!nt«; <«f •<ln be Itiken with iibj»i>lut'» ft-f nnd tiny v.i«rl< nlfno:?t liki> mn«ie. i 1 ,.!- •finn Snlphidt. th»ir i>rfn<*it>'il <i1«nvn to srifiu'e. don't be t'tuf. d<m'( <ii ^lutir i .•;().!•»>!,t !io\ of }<tus»rt'« Cnieium Wsif- toil'iy at any driijr n«or<> in the I'nl««-d and «wm yon wilt have i* beautiful H eoni|t|txl»n H* you ever wi«ij»Hl for. Kill owt t)i«» ftitin'on fur n tiiat \\«> :»rr- to have plenty of ne«M>ii. To «lv« you nil i-llp the following from the dally The i-rowd of {iiiinst.*! that hast i'«>m«» Into Hi I'etvrsbtuu on a tmln thli* mtson. wrrived thin morning on the Atlantic Coiiht I»lne, ThTC* two dny ', ibe roaelilnjc 192 "Free Trial Coupon F, A. Stuart Co., 345 Stuart Blcfg., Marshall, Mich, St-ml in> at by return m;»!l, ft, free triril ,tpe of j-UuurfH raKlNm \Vnf.-rs. Nit me •Street , .,..,.., , City../. Ktnte f ! !< % I'luy'ji ji;>[>ular!t .' nml HI ( '<*<-SS are -ul-M'-tl to the fuel of Itn Hire" month*' run 'n Hof*fon and its vetit'M cluy at the H»inittiii< TlUM'ro H New Yotl:, "THE MOVIE KIDS." N "The Moytp KM}*," an K, P. < 'hut-, hi!! (ln<-.) mtmi<'jil i< i»rndni.'iton, riiin»>« lo "ih«» Aendemy of Muxlc for one night, Mondny, U-r, ISth, "Tin- Movie Kids" !.« not of. the oU1 jH-boul ffireo comedy but rather 'of the latter »!«> fm» nlum'.Hith nil Hit bora te \%«TI« «jai solid rnnel«"« lHl«-d to thqlr of Thf IMnellas Specliil H|»O br tnrpio rrowd lust •night, there IH-IIIH r. |iH<<«ieiig«>rK who had tlck«>i» for the •I" 1 ji/f EN like gifts from a *man f s , 5 lyA store,* practical, useful things they can put on and ivW,ear and get the benefit of, -Here are useful gifts that may Ke had in wide assortments for Hunxblne «'lty. The bnKRnKe'm**!! were *w ampin! today cl"llverlt)K trunk*" to tho dlffer««ni botela and boarding hooreji. The biiKgUKe c«r wftj» psiokt'd this miiniliiB »nil many more trnnlA will nni\'«' lonlftht. OufhiiiK over brlrtKen, l>u<x!n« thrft the vale.' • * • HlepK me, this ulfununl, rl«ting on the • rail. \Vhen fleorsn Perry cornea <lo»vn, be mult «iur( a hew line of research, In- «(eiul,of ''ijuirt Hlrds J.'wJ't of the JCoi-k- le«," be obRerv«» our wlnsert. friends of the witter. Ht, IMt* la on Tiunna bay with Inleti. on nil wlileB, «nit gtillw, iK'lleaiiR. oroncw, briwlo«, nro miu»- ter« of the nitunticn. Five ktlhl^cr be- £uci£.tlio'tlt>{>r one jiiornlnir,, - A jjretty- blrrt with two blnvk- bAmta nemVu the Hut some of »,HU« northern fi»- nrd u round. Every "day i benf iHv-'WdnK id' i-(,ntumim? hint Hi'i-m-j-y. A ini.eefnl diinein.v. spirited unit i harm- iHtf ("hot'llft of (JfiHHl to-iking j,'ilN IlllVe tit.* bi;< ensembles ui-ll in hand nnd the setieral nwjnj; of the |ir>riorimim'e iw delightfully new ni»t dilfen nt. ThH ini'tt* I'iuitt'hill Une,» attraction hns bi-"n written with the wile object of innl.intf people <aii-:h. Thf Ht>»ry<!«i of th«« «-viy IH« I O^ thi" Uiml, . A t(M.'?l ciabWflto t» .promised, whir th<« IK wdd to b*> tlu- most i'u! u> bi« wf n « tKiabl I,»nvitt M, \Vu\R jy'ilw author of tin- book urwl ilyrlcSl Dem Ht-^tor \vr«»tt» th«> proUiictloii ai cw. ( a'rianRed the ilan- Wear a New Overcoat for - ~* ~f.~~~ — Holidays The Overcoat is the garment that faces the • / world, Of all times 10 get the value of an Overcoat surelythe holiday sea* THIEVES AT ERIE KNEW : VALUE OF THINGS AND STOLE SOME HARD COAL thn iKtwee and mt>ad»w lurk, occasionally A «|imil, "Hob White." «M»r little garden looks promising. r>>ttuee u tut null«h<'S. PI--UH and beans, iucumbe'rfl and carrotH. nit growing finely. Today w«> jilunt imtntoen, junl n Hmall i»ateb. but they tire dear, threo n buAbel. . our nelshb«r« bavo a foot high,/ must furnish our own uible, «nd redue« tin* hlsh wint_of living 1 . <»rangea ivro i!h<Niii, W centK n iloxen. A mes« of. nuicUe.rel for (linnet 1 for a uwirter. Plenty of (tinned I, i-eaH ami "eorn, ten centu iv eun. Milk ennllnucy nt fourteen cents a quart. No wonder the simple H«U)H .tn .Hiinnii Wornhlp Iho mu'red cow. Hero- alter no UOK or cat or cnnary wlmll to a jMit- fur me, but a Je»s«?y with her Uqufit « v ye. When they jtluy Hbuke- «l«>nro In Florida^ HlVli.ifit does not ex- cluim ^* A borne, a hoi>i», my kingdom for a . Itoroo} cast's «f (hlt'vln« have bwt «. J^'lf J'»<1 vlrltMov In «"iu- iniiattr", u i-witlont of the villagt- r«j. a .qunntity uf luu-it ctwil a time. If you kave for the holidays jor if you stay at homqyou will have plenty^of use for a nice Overcoat. We have just added to our stock SQ new overcoats that we were fortunate in buying at a very liberal reduction. These wonderful coats are here at a liberal saving to you. "^ . ft«»tn }U« bin, A farmer ivttliUnje jiw J-Jliu, had fifty fowl** of »» ehotcV VH- rh;ty *to|(>n. ju««t before* a nulc of farm stock Which In- hold, otlu-r CAMPM wht^re it' Mmnilor 1 iiumbpr w«rw taUen Smoking Jacket Silk Bhirta — Pleasing patterns in fine tub House Coats Pon't worry about utai-s" Heavy Sweaters Travelling Bags Suit Oases Trunks •! Mackinawa wv. K»«w them; If j th(i tuerrhundiu'u i-au ulwuys be llitt-d tit't<>rwurd». If. t}ff}a /oy bought, iivj-i' wrj dutilicatvd, wv'll -bv glad tu '¥, Br&d1ey~Boyn ton CJo.Co, ~ but Mhrlt'Us Instead, A cow, u eoHviny'khutdum for a cow! Be sure : to «lve your fultliful milkman 11 KfiH'i^niH ChrlHliniiM «tft, one of the luxisrlc^ hero in tiweet- iiotMto life. . It tn»ten like a, S'ina^l) cuVtard, Whut Oiey call HWe^t p«ta< to«>«, ai'« really ytimH, us thej' at* largsn long, und'wutety, uiueli nweeter than HIM JenH»y »«. )*, with you, Huule I u I'ie thin morning UM n 'len for our jjuu'ke.rel fry. A rain liiat utBhl, but the Florliid mm thin" morning uud thu blue to a iiroinei)Htlti. W, W, ---CJW-ASSOCIATION- Will Bo Presided Ov«r fay the Pres.i- dcnt'« Daughter, \VHnirtnston, D. e,, i>ee, JS.—Witb tulks by Miss MaiSfiiet Wilson, thu nreslvlent'rf dauiUUet'; I'urt'y -Muckuye, i>oet xrtw—Iilayxvrlisht, wm j u r . jfenry £. Jui'ksaii,"of the I'nHwl Htutes Burt-RU oT IWiu'dtinii, the' tVelfth annual convention of the Anu'rbvun Civic A«- tineiutlon O(Mjneri here tod»y. Mlfs Wilson presided itt. th« afternoon wbu'h was dev-oied to n "lisi'Us- of the use of the* sotioult* us a rtimtituulty «'enier. Khe inndi* no as- tended talk, bowuver. t)r, .Itu-kskai, of, UiP'Durvau of JSdurutfon, disetisml thy Kiuno tojib: ui length 'and ilr, Mac-kayu stuike on the growth of the community drama. Tho-delwmtes'of the eonyenUon will be the KU*»*t« of the Washington t 3 - ~ " ' We are .showing an,eleventh hour creation in a Hirsh Wickwire garment called the Trench coat; inverted pleats in back, belt'all around a practical as well as a beautiful coat. ; See tWs Coat " ( AMUSEMENTS J TWO PERFORMANCES TOMORROW fur their central theim* tli.»itreH«ed heroine*! or nuii'iK-'sse-i>ei«et'uled ol>J futlt- « rn; so it IH with relief' one turn* to* tfu« new *>"M'' <«<' ; K*t-w Kujfliind i>l»*y w» j-»:l»ivHenU>d in UuKi«»!H A M«eVlity*s l>radiU'tion of "Ili'bwejt <if Hunnybrook which will be been 'it the A**a« of atu«ie Sjuurduy, lJe»-, l*i, Mut- ,-»t ^':30; night. S;"«, \v*> U nil for a heroine a i;im|.l<>, of hnirt nitij fh.tim o( nature ltiv;ik down the !M'iru k t4* of » - oiit;entlt»Ji and. Ni»w -KnvihiiKt tr.idttioii "in ih«» !t'.;!Uti« i*f her tfUuriUiUi**. ivm «>l»i timid i*UlitiT~'Vk llu b.'is it taken 111*' 1 K'fl !" {"' ih'\'i' MH-II' istairrV tamilv of Hir ni-n-K* Blty uf feeding uii0 bejjliljiy hinu»ut be. f«>l«-i' of i>eVM>ii:i)itj>. and v\b(U- lii'i' bat! tie IMU baid otu' tur t)H' IH-.O t iif,l':e K«ta!« Hoard tojUj?bt nt wbii-h tlnie of, the War M«JHirtm«ut are to 'outllfu* the Jilwiis wf the Federal KoverntncJit for the- imi«o\e». •mant of t'otomae m I'urk, of Columbia's future CHRISTMAS Mince Pie Our Showing of Fur ] • ' • +J ' • and Fur Lined Coats ' is particularly :gopd this season. A4j»kratliqed|Keirtey shell - $60 Pony lined Melton shell $30 Plush afrd pleated linings $25-$27.5a Pleated silk lining Kersey shell. $35 A large showing of fur coats including Wajloby, Russian ,calf, Siberian Iamb, cooix and / dpgskin at $20 to $45. KTl, il»*<' \ trie! y vu-<rtur Iur h At Grocers NONESUCH MINCE the' i.ifi i«r th* f.n't<iin in HI*- mind'-^of il>t* ,•••(•••• latins. Ih it bim^-. (i.ii-t.'it 'j,.\ iii tu« ! "V<-'» hd'iiTU'! !!;• I'M •<•!!- as good »t.<alf the of bulk mutco COMPANY. nt. N. 1. PUBLISHERS WILL ACT >!,« i c»iiu>r.-< in.vv in tt« t.. at I >»n-i !:«:„ t.« !>,• I-r'M i Piul.t'j u. < .>nM«i.-i sh. .r ibt-ntj i.'l.ui f\.i relief by distribution of I«»l»wr' .4». (,*»-.•.«. u u - of tho coiu- in u iargu nn-asuri un Will Mes^i. With The Federal s-' Gominission To Con- • ' ; • aider Rebel. •,. Uf • M "' ! '" , i %• NEW MUNICIPAL BUII.DING. ' ut n,u><rT'M's.!«i ' ••'"•— MI. u*. u • mi,.,,,,- ( ,f- ' '•'•"•"« 11 «'">^ 'l«'di".t<"i llesi |i.-W ••'•""" I'Ul... .(-.I bllll.| V K »IH.JI W.M •tuj-l. i>,( I.-..- !,!!>,. Tin- UM* ->4 .- J.IM." ,n, vv -^ ,uKi|("^,-«'H l»> iht liM; 1 "* '.|t(»r IUM..f ,.| M).< MM- \',!ui Hr. " h* *

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