Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 3
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sfEtili(i<». FRIDAY. DEC 15. i9ie. PAGE thrisUiias Silverware rnrrvc nitriff j*y- CREEKS BATTLEf v The grift supreme \|| • * * * »•« 1 1 -i" I 1 v^*^* A bpfliif'fu) ami i»ntPtu-Hl \^ gift ftiiy lady \rmtW npprc* "rioter - — — - - Wo iiav p!nV .tliis* front --"fit intorost you. nn iimistinl that will o H r sqvenvnr.o ) /v Pierce French Line Southwest i And Capture Katernia. DRASTIC Withdrawal Of The AHitd Armi tes is Demanded tn Note Of The Qretks, Berlin. H^f t.V— FlRhtln* i* Sn pro- j?rt>s« hejww»n OrM^k r^ROlnr troopn and th** French, th<> fiver^eaji Xfw* A(?rnoy hen*. Paid W. Buzzard Witlt Mueller's Clothing Store Yvf/ FOUND ELK'S TOOTH ion Pound The Owner Through Ad In Wisconsin Paper. classified advertising w? i* the quest ton that n grrat many &V*,f»«c« tt»kjnjt. In the part we have concrete ex»mt»lei» growing that iflfed a«ls in Tho fltt««»tte do bring lilt*. Today w» «« *howlngr that in other cltl«* «» well A» Ster- , nf thw Pity received a from hi* parent*, who reside City, V,'l#., nboiit TlHUikssrh'- A» he w»*t opening the pack- , ing, mounted tooth dropped out the floor from ~t he folds of the How. It came there ho wa« .'10M to know. He wrote hi* -para letter about tba discovery and they were jrrwilly m»t*r**t»'<Nl nothinw t<i mtha the tn.vpiery. . r.ljijH)U1 <nkt»a hl«t town pa|*r, tho Culm <!lty News-Her» aid, nnd in gtanrinjt ovi»r theJUwt and Fountl column ho noticed thi» follow*In: "Lwt— Mniintwi Klkn Tou6i. rtnd- fr rrturn to ri.' II. Flfldir, Po»tmii»ter^ I'lty, Wl»," Ho wnt Ih* Elks' Tuoth by return mail and you rain tmnElno how the will l«? to m-elvn the tm>th, which wa* n wry vjiluabli* »nf. \Ve will venture Jo say that h* fully b^liev*'* thnt vlaml* tied ndverdxini); ttnys, when the Bn4*r i» an lion* 1 *! tn-rntin. No doubt in IwndHnR the pactcago the tooth iM'camp fa^t in th* fold* of the paprf and lupkily' arrived at* the iteatlnatlon «f th« package without dropping out. Hiul It drop|>ed out of tho imokagp in tho mack of mall with other |ittckn#f H thfr^ In )itttf> chnnc*- that the owner' wouTd"Twv«T«ver able to get it. HonoO the c!iiM»l(5ed ad would not hav«» a «'hanc«>, but «lve one of them a ghoHt of a show and you get what yo'u advertise for, In. iakinjr pia<^ nwth of Katerlna, about wisely fn!l*»ii couth west of Bnlo- niki, and that the OreeHu hart a fprce of 41,900 men. The town of KitleHnii h«n tBr^><! l»y the t3rw»h*, the news any*, the FVetich line of positions hav- been pletsped. The t»rpek* are raid to hure-takeH up ftjlfne between K&t- erina and Dorpot*i!», King Qaint Mer« Trcopt. -"' Demand* naitl to 'have been -made by th* Clrwh Bovemfnt-nt in ncjfo tint ions with the entente jHrwpr* are cont&ined In reports received from Athenn byway of Bofta, BccQrtilng to the Over- ncy. Thw»* reportu state that th« number t>f «}rwk r»wrvi»t* enlii»tln« in the" service King CotintatUine hfl* increased now attnlne*! n r«Ji»lrtrr«btp total. SummiiiK m» the reports, the rs*m-i» agency ««>•»:' "In th«» nc-Rdtlnlliinn of the entente power* with flrer^e, nppnrently Kne- tuLJnod er «ie__vin W5,_wh He_ Tor m«»l ' reckless -V _„._... ures, O»m«ntl Atlit* Withdraw. "dreer* demt^ilK unhampered action by the Ore*»k government In old GrwK'e,, the return of all railroad lines to Lrtrlnsa, that all telegraph and tele- phune fitatlona nhall be placed in Greek hand*, the withdrawal of the entente dlfitrlcl nouht of tion of ronflicate<i the mutora (Ireek merchant fthttm end the abolition -of the. blncfc- »<le ngalnNt the Importation of food. *"tlre«c* on her part offer* to give an obligation that *he will undertake no honUHtte* asulntt the entente. The Greek government In Bald to have Informed the entente power*, in o firm tone, that it ha* derided to make no other concession* and to defend the honor and dignity of «reec« STATE WATER SURVEY .UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Urbaaft, Illinois» Dec. 8,1916. of the Sanitary Analysis of Water jyllivV* H. McCandless. -... Town, Sterling. " , I; Source of,Water, deep wells—1432 ft, 1606 ft., 1630 ft., | > 1830 tt, drilled: •~ Location, pumping station 2% miles away. lunounts aro Stated in Parts per Million. g4-^- T - Turoidity, Oj Color, 0; Odor, 0. ^ Eeaidua on evaporaJlon ... .366 Bacteria per ce 2 OJiloriuo in chlorides ...... 17 Gelatine . 4 S C^yi?en consumed . —... 1.9 Agar .... 6 ** ; Ammonia Nitrogen ,. —. .000 Gas Formers f 41bumfnoid Nitrogen 040 lOccm .. 1-j- C" Nitrite Nitrogen >,. .000 3.0 cem.. 2• ;"r jfitrata Nitrogen , ,20 0.1 eem .. 2- Phenolphtnalein r;-vi . __„ walctr is perfectly safe for°use for drinking purposes. Bacterial analysis IXiQws that It is almost sterile. qreular, - , . Edward Bartowi ? . Director State Water Survey, ' F. W. MoMman,: , Chemist, Dr. W. II, MeCandlesu, Healtlj Officer, SUSPEGlUSELF Davenport Man Leaves .Note Implicating Two Others Accused Of Bribery. Davenport, Iowa, Xteo. IS.—Owar \+. Su»emih!. a real c*tat^ man who ~a jwmAh.MO Jt.^)l*S«lPJto- have offered 1250 bribeB to, two T member* of the Davenport . city council committed suicide by' shooting himself through the heart In hi* office tote y*Bterdny. '„ HP left a note ImpllcnttuK Aldermen Jf. Ci.Proeatler. and William Mo*t« ler, naying they wore to receive a A oommUtdo appointed by Mayor Berwaid to inveattgatp th* scandal wa» In Rcaijlon during the day. SiUMfflihl appeared before the^ committee twice yeatenlay, He purchased^ the revolver on hl« way from the city hall to hte office. • BuBemlhi Is «atd to have offered the aldermen ttw money If they would swinif a deal whereby the city would ac(iuli« u vinegar work* building on which he held ) an option from the Iowa Bring Her Along I f any young woman has a special trirWfMaf tn liQW yOU drCSS, lirinct interest in her with you when you buy your overcoat. Special Purchase of 60 high grade pinch backs, Box & Chesterfield overcoats. Bought at "clean up" prices of Hart, Shaffner & Marx and placed on sale this i-. morning. Complete range and pattern; TTiatiy^Hk lined^— Some coats • 1 in this lot that are worth SpeciaJ for one week $21, 1 . r '• • Bradley - Boynion CJo. Co. •1 ;l J CHANGE DEATH THEORY Detroit Physician, However, f« Still [ \»isb ^tVnt «»»« i«f an? State Itank of lo have b«N>n it mi«li*d only tho IVtrolt, In . th^ connnection with tl>0 ile«th t«f Mr*,! , Madeline Krnmrr. the Rirl wife «»f Am- f , aw tbf r »n Jr brois* Kramer, deepened when an au- j main «tn s et. ~ ' Jos|H«r Martin. Snip all the cur* viilxens -, h< , y rtf< j down the topay tha.t.she had not bwn victim of an Illegal omtnulun, ch«rgcii fiy the |»«Hce« Thj> i ' rl t m pxam i nBllon - h«»*w*.j the fart that Mr*. Kramer « would in .a few months have 'become | the mother -uf..a boy: .baby. Ths»r» WHS not the . . GOES HdME INiJNION SUIT — _— » Sherman. T**a». T>n\ 15. — Howard is just tli* »*«? t«^ lnt«fi»rct «v» ia«n»i!y. H,» rwtntly heard ft . tlwt the woman, whose body wiu* found'*'*i>(tnon on th« tt'Si: "It b« more ble««ed frnven in Kt> in a ditrh on th» outskirts National Hank, deal. Dtr«H'lom blocked the WATER SUEVEY ; "' wi»AHTMl?K*i' OF QlUBMlSTRf, UNIVEHSiTV OF IU4NOJS •'", :.;„ ,y . Urbana, Illinois, Bee. 8, Import of the Sanitary Analysis o by Or, W. II MeCaBdless, * Htorliug. %j«we of Water, cl&p wells— 1432 ft,, J000 ft, J830 ft., J, i(jao n.» drilled, - ..,";.: ,fcWtit>n, pitwpiiur station I mile away. ^nounts ai-e Htat^d in Parts per Million, f *' Turbidity, Oj Color, 0; Qilor, 0, «n evaporation. ,. .343 eUIorides ....... IT ...... .. *k5 Nitrogen ..... ;, ,040 4)buininoiU Nlttogeii ...... 048 |rito Nitrogen ...... ..... .000 -.--. ---- .28 ^ Bacteria -per ee flejatine ,-3 Agaf ,...18 ttw Formers lOccm,,, l-\~ .1,0 com, . !>0.1 - Mwtlsyl tlrango .208. , JiHlot f hii Is a very good water and ptrf«ctJy »afe for use for drinking purposes, Bavtow, Uim-fbr I- 1 . W. Mohlmuit, Dr. W,. II.. ' Water MANY VESSELS SUNK Among Th*m Wail French 8taam*r With Low Of Uf«. PariA, l<*rance, Dec. IB,'-— The French ateamer Baint Phllilinw. 9,419 tons. ha» been Hunk, aot-onHwiif to a diapatch to the. Hitvas Hgenc^'from Havre. The diifpatffh add* thai .two of the c«rew were kiilwl. while tittt \'«i»ei V^aa being ahulled. The captain and five member* of the crow have arrived at Havre. LONQ London. SHng» P«c, 14,-^Tha Uritlsh sterner Strathalbyn, <»331 ton*, had been mink by ajnlnc. All on board were ustved. • ' , Other marine dUAltcrw r*por»«d b/ LUiydtt ttr»; . Greek me«mer Urlgorio? Aimbelatoa, 3,635 ton* groift*. torpedoed. KoftvegiAM »teairi*r« Modura and Fa IK, torpedoed, ci-*W» landed- The Dttiiieh Bteamor Acm, mlotd, aet on fire and nun!," 3fta«; o^ ere jv landed. hut fowr m*n BiU*in», . Three mewb^rs of ^r«w of I be |*W ateawer llrSt\«nlft erf i,*H a.nd captain of ste*mtr Vevaoi tarpcdoed. Httfampi- Nora. 772 tons, be* iieved sunk, FURNESS UINBR OVERDUE, 8t, John, N, B., l>fc. J5.— The Fur- n'esw jUtne ateaitter Me«»ina, bound here from I^iulon, -wa« ten clays overdue today. . . t( tl«» city, had bwn When tho p«ilh'i> and u|H»n. to gh *> than receive." The worda ti> il»» torney karnetl this they chb lifted th*-irj th<i>ry u> otu* that would rtt tn withj «t- ) tniinl. <«n your bacK"* stuck in hit the nt»th«r was -horrified Jlwwur«l r*«turw«! fnun school tn ihut. MFS. KrnintV died um.^r | hts unit/ft Mut-minuji »n &n«P»thetic whije trouierti,, }ir.n>ar.'d He hn<l m**t « little \M>y in rajr* and ftir.nn oiterution. l<,i.t«J, )«« ,c»|t)aiii««l. »nd had |Mit the • Annuunceinem came from the pros- ) «»«nnt>n (ntu i>ractl«"«». wutor'* office that th* iharge of murder lodged against J3r. H. A. I^iunsbtiry < not be chan««d "f«>r the pwont." [ MANY WERE INJURED nnn ,UUU Yinila, Okla,, Dec. 1^.— In IP>«» than three minuted two tn*»n roblwti the State Hank «f Vlnlta of H|J- {uni} Alinora* 9t«*»ini»r Powhatan. bound *" * " "" " ° R. L. re« prostmattly (17,900 an l automobile with »«ch a' pursuers that sis ' not njbbenj »nrt tlielr liooty. Two men who n HH atl «ver their afu>r 'a lon« In eight of the on art heen injured thf lM<yt v>jus in ct^liaion with tinUlt'ntUifit vewwl off 'ihlmble ls*. i.lif^«|^ak0 Ha>% and that the hftrt ht^ii tMUieherf' to precent It ir win sinking. wireless me«*itgei« of bcjnir conn«*t«Kl tun's tliat the Old Domlnton toner ltil arrived and tatvu on the injiuod and ail the ^.., r .« f . NEW YORK BUCK WHEAT FLOUR ••* ' The best buckwheat flour in town. White and yellow com meal. Rye flour and jrye graham. ^ KING CHARLES FLOUR * No better flour milled. If_you are not ji user, let us have your order fo,r a sack. Good Eating Potatoes $1,90 per bu. Here For Grinding W.F. FLOCK- The Hour, Feed and Seed Man vv I .at.V T 1 These Glasses Usually sell for about 15.— A tic swindle \va» j't>vi?Ml«tl when I'nited >nj»jJwUjr« made tt raid that faulted in (he iwnianca or war* rants for the ttriwt of men WHO had »UHK! .well in One of e auth<>r|tit« i>f ( it the money Injector , wlin i-auditc-ied Hie gutiuu that !u*te<l u year, thc« <;<»» «ii4l . lilwtrir Tin 1 la-, t« iuv«!v<»«l Snutli tlnv« tin- «>l usrtig la 'J'Ji«-y uiul 1*^ ^ Including Examination, Th« moufitbiff ^ the well known GENUINE SHUE-ON. The B0 WENSM:irf fhf cle^p^iiry^ Jetties which not only give you a tot of real comfort, mt vastly imytijii&youf' $&mml api^ajrwiee. This is your opportunity to secure a ' of high gra^te Ji»ss^s at j* vety lowr^iit Open every First Aye, and ®mt Third Si,» Steriiiig, III Over QherniUlejrs Store, Bel! Phone 101-W

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