The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on November 17, 1997 · 28
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 28

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1997
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r'w w rr “'' e'w n-tr-r' 1 9 r'" " vir fif! MONDAY NOVEMBER 17 1997 WU THE HERALD TELEVISION A&E AMC BET BRV C36 C37 CNBC CNN COM COURT CSPAN DIS DSC E! ENC ESPN ESPN2 FAM FNC fX H&C HB0 KB02 HB03 HIST LIFE MAX MDT MTV NICK NOS ODSY RQ1 R04 SC SCIFI SH0 SN02 STARZ SUN TBS TCM TEL TLC TMC TNN TNT USA VH1 WGN Here arc the plot developments in last week’s soap operas: AO My Children: Jamie told Amanda that Janet is known as "the crowbar killer" because she killed Will by hitting him with a crowbar After Janet told Amanda about her checkered past Trevor and Janet promised her that they wouldn’t keep secrets from her again After another confrontation with Tim Janet Is worried that she will never be rid of her past Dimitri whisked Gloria and the baby to his family estate In Budapest Another World: Alex hid Rachel in a clock tower after rescuing her from the church explosion Alex created a blackout then secretly returned Rachel to her home after she regained consciousness but appears to have amnesia Lila agreed to keep quiet after Shane con- 7:00 7:30 Nightly Business Report Open All Hours QWP8T Hard Copy Paula Jones' sister Entertainment Tonight QWFOR EJwptv EXTRA Jeopardy! Access Hollywood EXTRA OWTVJ Inside Edition Deco Drive QWSVN OWWFD Music City Wrestling Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! G3WPLG 03 WPEC Inside Edition Entertain Tonight E0WLRN Bill Nye Sci Guy 6$ wax Noticiero Cine 00WLTV Mi Querida Isabel SSwpbf Wheel of Fortune Real TV SDWFLX Frasier Seinfeld Martin No Justice No Peace Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 0D WBFS earrvx Highway Patrol Highway Patrol EDWCTD Paid Program Paid Program Home Improvement At Sea Seinfeld The Nazi Soup 60WDZL QDWJAN Noticiero CNN Ricos y Famosos ffiWXEl Grilling Burt Wolf Q3tbn Lifestyle Mag Bishop Jakes SDWSCV Edicion Especial ©WEYS Polos Opuestos CBSTeleNoticias GBwysh Simply Silver Law & Order Cradle to Grave Reap the Wild Wind (’42) Ray Miliand A lawyer nvats a sea captain for a sat-vage-ship heiress among Key West shipwreekers and a giant squid Planet Groove Diana Ross Sings Jazz and Blues: Stolen Moments Concert Life Choices J'rnal World News Crossroads Cafe WorldChildhood Business Center Great Stuff Moneyline Crossfire The Daily Show Ben Stein Money Legal Cafe Supreme Court Public Affairs Escape to Witch Mountain ’95 Erik twins run from an evil tycoon Gimme Shelter The Gossip Show Coming Attraction The Prisoner of Second Avenue 75 Jack Lemmon (PG) ' SportsCenter NFL Prime Monday College Basketball Purdue at Valparaiso The Waltons The Firestorm John-Boy will publish articles on “Mein Kampf” Fox News Report Miami Vice Death and the Lady House Doctor Yankee Workshop The Undercover Kid (PG) Jim Henson’s Storyteller The Used People (S2) Shirtey MacLalne Kathy Bates(PG-f3) Getting Away With Murder ’96 Dan Aykroyd Jack Lemmon (R) The Century of Warfare Iron Curtain Intimate Portrait Bette Midler Singer actress and mother Bette Midler Mission Impossible ('96) Tom Cruise JonVoight (PG-13) TBA Downtown Dade My So-Called Life Doug Rugrats Jimmy Durante Father Murphy Anaconda (PG 13) Selena (‘97) Jennifer Lopez Edward James Ofmos (PG) Wuiicyc Dflonetuaii tnjoitoMr uinvcriouy ai Time Trax Split Image Twins repay their debt to Sahmbi with thievery College Basketball Boston University Twmsitters (PG-13) Starship Troopers (7:35) California Dreaming (715) (79) Dennis Christopher Glynms O’Connor A Chicago teen tries to fit in with beach girls and surfers in Southern California (R) Hero ('92) Dustin Hoffman Geena Davis (PG-13) Tennis Chase WTA Championships Golf (7:05) Mastercard PGA Grand The Horn Blows at Midnight f45) Jack Benny Alexis Smith Ladrones Van Loca Peluquena Vila's Home Again Vila's Home Again Family Business (7:05) f89) Sean Connery A crook plans a caper with hrs ivy League grandson with hi$ son In the middle Directed by Sidney Lumet (R) Dukes of Hazzard One Armed Bandits Lois & Clark: Superman Highlander Saving Grace Obsessed Carlo frames immortal Grace for murder Hard Rock Live INXS The Verve Pipe Family Matter Coach fessed he has a potentially deadly disease As the World Turns: Hal rescued Jack and Carty before Vic could harm them Jack suspected Carly stole one of the diamonds recovered from Vic then was even more suspicious when the missing diamond reappeared Hal comforted Carty who pretended to be upset that Jack (rightfully) suspected she stole the diamond Hal and Carly kissed John and Barbara said their "I do's” Lew told Sara Ruth that he slept with Camille As Lew planned Jessica told Ben that Camille slept with Lew The Bold and the Beautiful: Stephanie told the family that Eric's plane had reportedly crashed during a snowstorm When Lauren regained consciousness she panicked to see mystery man Rush who had taken her and Eric to a makeshift bunker When Eric came too Rush pretended he couldn’t contact rescuers because his CB radio didn't work Macy threw a drink in Grant's lap when he made a business proposal not a marriage proposal Days of Our Lives: After learning the BBHEH 8:00 8:30 Full Circle With Michael Palin Peru Columbia Peru oil seance Cosby Lucas Raymondicus Everybody Loves Raymond Suddenly Susan Fired Up Suddenly Susan Fired Up In Your Dreams Melrose Place Attack of the Scalpel Woman Eric’s plans bear fruit Paid Program The Sportsguys Sports Jam Live Cosby Raymond Krafts' Creatures Anyplace Wild NatureScene El Alma NoTiene Color I Survived a Disaster 3 Plane crash Melrose Place In the House Malcolm & Eddie In the House Malcolm & Eddie Shapiro’s Hair Cristo Rompe 7th Heaven I Hate You Simon asks a Holocaust survivor to speak at school Santos Inocentes Full Circle With Michael Palin Avanzini (815) BJ Robinson Las Mujeres de Jeremias Jewelry Innovations Biography Edward R Murrow BonjourTristesse ('58) Deborah Kerr A French teen recaiis her father his mistress and another woman on the Riviera Medi-Cali Living Literature Equal Time WBay Chris Matthews Prime News Burden of Proof Clifford C94) Marlin Short Charles Grodm (PG) Prime Time Justice Dick Thornburgh Primetime Public Affairs von Detten Psychic Wild Discovery Shark! Shark! Love Hollywood Style Ftatllners 90) Kiefer Sutherland JuLa by stopping their vital signs tor minutes Rescue 911 Man on snowboard loses control couple tries to save dying teen The Crier Report The X-Files 731 At the Auction Collectible Treas The Cherokee Kid (96) Smbad Avenging his parents’ deaths matures Old West farm boy (PG-13) Tales From the Crypt Chris Rock Show Arsenio Hall Mr Mom ('83 Michael Keaton Auto he stays home (PG) In Search of History Pyramids of Giza Unsolved Mysteries Grease (78) John Travolta Olivia Newton-John Nice Sandy and greaser Danny fry to be like each other to their 1950$ high school PG Metromagazine JMH Monitor Beavis Butt-head Beavis Butt-head Hey Arnold! Happy Days Love Boat Our House The Saint (97) Va! Kilmer Elisabeth Shoe Master-of-disguises Simon Templar fells for a US scientist whese cold-fusion formula he must steal (PG-13) Selena ('97 Jennner Lopez Edward James Olmos A beautiful Mextcan-Amencan singer’s skyrocketing International career ends abruptly (PG) at Connecticut The Lawn mower Man ‘92) Jeff Fahey Pierce Brosnan A scientist uses a retarded simulation of the real Director’s cut features additional footage Stargate SG-1 The Enemy Within Alien parasites pose risks for SG-1 The Long Kiss Goodnight ( 96) Geena las government assassin (R) Early - Rounds Slam First Round From Kauai Hawaii Tiger Katharine Hepburn: All About Me: A makes an autobiographical film Descubriendo Espana (R) Extreme Machines Today's Country Sylvia WCW Monday Nitro Giant Lex Luger Walker Texas Ranger The Brotherhood Freed crooks begin turning up dead Amer Bandstand (Pop Up Video 7th Heaven I Hale You password to the warden's computer was “lockdown” Jack got into the computer and learned that Travis Is Trent Jack panicked to learn Jennifer disappeared and that Trent delivered a message saying she was safe Trent who knocked out Jennifer with ether held her hostage in a seedy motel Stefano provided the drugs to save Roman's life when he took a turn for the worse Susan who thinks Elvis Presley is her baby's father was excited when Celeste predicted the baby’s father is coming to get him General Hospital: Armed with copies of the papers about Katherine’s faked parentage Luke taunted a puzzled Alexis Before he died George the former Cassadlne caretaker told Stefan the truth about Natasha and what Alexis had done Al9xls was weary when Stefan was overly nice AJ forced Carly to admit that he could be the father of her baby but she insisted Tony is the daddy Guiding Light Ben confronted Ross with the fact they're half-brothers Ross told Ben that he never knew the identity of Ben's father Ben is angry that Ross never told their mother he had found 9:00 9:30 and The Living Edens Manu: Peru's Hidden Rain Forest Peru’s rain forest Cybill Grandbaby George & Leo The Witness CarolineCity The Naked Truth Caroline in the City The Naked Truth Ally McBeal The Dirty Joke Guest Sandra Bernhard Paid Program Paid Program NFL Football Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Cybill Grandbaby George & Leo Piano Concerto Piano Concerto Magaly Variety Documental Alguna Vez Tendremos Alas NFL Football Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Ally McBeal The Dirty Joke Good News There's an Old Flame Sparks Roots III Good News Sparks Roots III En Contacto Faith Deliverance Buffy the Vampire Slayer What's My Line? Spike wants to capture Angel Modelos Stephen Hawking's Universe Charisma Now Jesse Duplantis CBSTeleNoticias Monday Nite Fashions Poirot The Underdog Never Say Goodbye (9 15) (’56) Rock Hudson Cornell Botchers A California doctor with an 8-year-old daughter reunites at last with his long-lost wife Hit List FMC Today Bloomberg TV World Chemistry Earth Revealed Rivera Live Larry King Live Anne Richards Cochran & Company Rikki Klieman Family Fteunlon: A Relative Nightmare (835) (‘35 Norman Fell Relatives gather for cutthroat competition Three Minutes to Impact News Daily Steve Kmetko Roberts Medical students explore death then coming back to Me (R) - Gymnastics Battle of the Sexes Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Diagnosis Murder My Four Husbands Actress accused of killing ex-husband Hannity & Colmes NYPD Blue Head Case Bartholomew Homewise Alien Resurrection: First Look :The Brothers McMullen ‘6$) Jack Muteahy They live and love on Long Island (R) engineer’s wife gels job jNight of the Running Man (’96) Scott Glenn Cabbie with - (stolen mob money flees hit man The History of the Gun Rate Against Time The Search for Sarah '96) Patty Duke Couple seek daughter kidnapped during a carjacking Metropolis Communities Matt rock Wonder Years Bewitched Rockford Files New Life Old Dragons Casey's Gift: For Love of a Child fSO) (Anaconda f9?) Jennifer Lopez Snake hunter and (8m crew (battle monster boa (PG-13) Sports News Barb Wire f96) Pamela Anderson Lee panacea during civil war in 2017 (R) Convict Cowboy C95) Jon Votghl Cowboy and rodeo cham- (The Birdcage pmn in prison (R) 1(10:45) (R) Davis Mom gradually remembers past ABL Basketball Colorado Xplosion at Woods Ernie Els Justin Leonard and Davis Self Portrait Actress Cine The Great Egyptians Groundhog Day ('93) Bill Murray TV weatherman's day (Kiil Me Again keeps repeating (PG) (10:45) (R) Prime Time Country Johnny Paycheck Sieve McMichael WWF RAW Bret Hart Story Legends Elton John Elton John Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ben then (anonymously) put him through law school Ross warned Dinah to stay clear of Ben Ben propositioned a stunned Blake who knows he's Ross' half brother Defending Roy Ben forced Rick to admit on the witness stand that he saw Jesse standing over Abby after she was attacked (by Roy) Jesse's father was in a rage after Ben forced Jesse to admit on the stand he has Maureen’s heart One Life to Live: Dorian did her best to keep Kelly from spending much time alone with Melinda Kelly was frightened when she saw Melinda walking down the stairs holding a candle and calling out Dorian’s name Kelly was unaware that just before Melinda's sleepwalking incident Dorian had tampered with Melinda’s medication causing her to act paranoid After the Incident Dorian tampered with the medication again Joey warned Kelly that Ian Is dangerous Ian refused when Kelly wanted him to make love to her Vikl had a sex therapy session with Dr Maude (Mary) Port Charles: Frank and Chris rescued Julie from Cooper Chris was jeal- 10:00 10:30 The Adventurers Richard Byrd: Alone in Antarctica Antarctic exploration Brooklyn South Wild Irish Woes Santoro offers Patrick a job Dateline NBC Women's sex drive Dateline NBC Women's sex drive News McHale’s Navy Paid Program Brooklyn South Wild Irish Woes Remembering Patsy Cline Noticiero Retratos Cristina Edicion Especial News Mad About You With This Ring Grace Under Fire Star Trek: The Next Generation Fasting and Prayer '97 News Living Single Sin Condena La Profesora Leslucina The Adventurers Praise the Lord Noticiero Noticiero En Directo con Jaime Bayly Miss Marple Murder at the Vicarage Comicview Summertime ('55) Katharine Hepburn Rossano Brazzi Hello Amigos Barry University Taking the Lead Sociological The News With Brian Williams The World Today Best Comic Relief Make Me Laugh Trial Story Road Rage Somewhere in Time (10:10 '90 jChristopher Reeve Jane Seymour (PG Talk Soup Night Stand Pyrates (91) Kevin Bacon Where urban lovers go fire follows (R Soccer Hawaii Five-0 And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon Drug smuggler slam The Cavuto Business Report In Living Color In Living Color Grow It! Gardener's Diary Autopsy 4: The Dead Speak Forensic pathologists The Blue Lagoon (10:45) (R) Trains Unlimited Tango & Cash (’89) Sylvester Stallone Kurt RusseB (R) Econews Hot Topics Road Rules Daria I Love Lucy Odd Couple Streets of San Francisco Michael Tucker Kevin Dobson Selena (PG) Sports News man to test virtual reality the computer Bounty hunter seeks Lap Dancing j(10:40) (R) II Postino (The Postman) ’94 Massimo Troisi Philippe Noiret (PG) Portland Power (R) Love III compete in the 36-hole event Christopher Strong (33) Katharine Hepburn Famed BrSish aviator fells for married man Trauma: The ER Trauma: The ER Company's Cornin’: Porter Wagoner WCW Monday Nitro Giant (R) WWF War Zone Vader vs Goldust Top 10 Countdown News ous when he saw how close Frank and Julie are Hoping to make Julie Jealous Chris brought Eve to a party Julie gave for her rescuers Nicole was upset that Eve attended the party Joe and Karen considered the party their first date and later they got romantic Matt was nervous about his first day of surgery and about using a stand-up wheelchair for the first time while operating Sunset Beach: With Bette's help Sean switched places In Jail with Cole so he could search for Caltlin Sean who had been knocked unconscious was furious to learn Gregory had to save him from a hit man hired to kill Cole in his jail cell Gregory and Cole donated blood In case Olivia's baby was bom prematurely but it wasn't needed Olivia nixed Bette's suggestion that the blood be used for a paternity test on the baby The Young and the Restless: Chris nixed a fun day with Paul for a pre-trial ' meeting with Danny Phyllis again threatened to show Brian’s wife the video of them making love if he testifies against her at the custody hearing Phyllis learned Tim plans to testify against TODAYISI TALK SHOWS 7 AM O O Today Charles Schulz ("Peanuts”) skater Oksana Baiul (2:00) ID Good Morning America Robin Williams Paul Simon's Broadway musical “The Capeman" (Part 1 of 4) Brian Boitano (2:00) 8 AM Q This Morning Toy test (Part 1 of 8): toddlers (1 :00) 9 AM 0 Leeza Pet psychic (1:00) O ID Regis & Kathie Lee Monica Seles Brian Boitano music group Sister Hazel James Earl Jones (1:00) CD Sally Jessy Raphael Teen-guest updates (1:00) 9:30 AM Q Gayle King Ellie Nesler 10 AM O CD Jenny Jones Sexually active girls (1:00) O Home Team With Terry Bradshaw Connie Stevens '60s TV clips (1:00) 11 AM QD Maury Povich Jack Hanna (1:00) 3 PM O Montel Williams Teen murderer (1:00) 4 PM o Geraldo Rivera Vengeful mothers of molested children (1:00) O CD Oprah Winfrey Rapper L'll Penny model Tyra Banks (1:00) o Rosie O’Donnell Robin Williams Marcia Gay Harden Jamiroquai (1:00) 7 PM O Hard Copy Paula Jones’ sister 0 Access Hollywood Robin Williams SOAPS Noon 0 Another World 17017 1 2:30 PM O ID The Young and the Restless 413562 699920 ID 03 Port Charles 35036 39494 1 PM 0 0 Days of Our Lives 28123 26765 CD 60 All My Children 23291 34949 1 :30 PM O © The Bold and the Beautiful 77475 29475 2 PM O CD As the World Turns 87949 63307 0 Sunset Beach 23765 CD 60 One Life to Live 38611 31949 3 PM o CB Guiding Light 9017 66833 CD 60 General Hospital 71765 68833 PRIME TIME’S BEST 8 PM O C0 Full Circle With Michael Palin "Peru and Columbia” Peru oil seance shaman Colombia Andes emerald mine coffee plantation (1:00) O CD Cosby Hilton wants to set a 42-year-old basketball record straight 0 0 Suddenly Susan Susan dates a handsome and untalent-ed actor quest Tony Bennett OSD Melrose Place Eric's plans bear fruit Megan follows Coop around and discovers who’s trying to kill Michael (1:00) 0D (HZ) (MS) 7th Heaven Simon asks a Holocaust survivor to speak at school (1:00) (MAS MOVIE Crease (’78 Musical romance) John Travolta 1950s good girl and greaser try to be like each other (PG 2:00) dH® Stargate SG-1 Alien parasites pose risks for the SG-1 team (1:00) I RAD101 HIGHUGHTS1 6 AM First Team WQAM AM 560) 7 AM Grego (WIOD AM 610) 9 AM Radio Reading Service (WLRN FM913) 10 AM AI Rantel (WFTL AM 1400) Noon Midday Guys (WQAM AM 560) Midday Guys (WQAM AM 560) Noon Brooke Daniels (WIOD AM 610) 1 PM Rush Limbaugh (WINZ AM 940) ABOUT THESE LISTINGS Program listings are supplied by the networks and are based on the information available at presstimeStar ratings of movies are provided by Tnbune Media Services Listings include the original content rating given each film by the Motion Picture Association of America The duration of each movie appears at the end of the plot description It is the block of time reserved for that film not necessarily the movie’s running time which may vary from its original release For the latest information on sports events see The Herald's daily Sports section For complete daytime or late-night listings see Sunday’s TV Week NBC6 WTVJ-Channel 6 programming can be picked up on UHF Channels 19 27 and 58 in North Dade and Broward County Key to the prime-time chart: Show in progress Shaded areas indicate movies her For the benefit of a social worker Phyllis played the doting mom to the hilt The social worker was not Impressed with Danny’s rock star lifestyle Vicky quizzed Ryan about his relationship with Tricia while Jill warned Tricia to go slowly when she said she may move in with Ryan — NANCY M REICHARDT Tune to WCMQ on new frequency There’s a change on the AM radio dial: Spanish-lan-guage station WCMQ has moved to a new frequency 1700 AM Set to take its place this morning on WCMQ’s old frequency 1210 AM is WNMA The station will air 24-hour English-language sports-talk programming from the One-on-One Sports Radio Network HIGHLIGHTS ‘Cosby’ 8PM 8:30 PM 0 CD Everybody Loves Raymond Frank seems depressed by the aquarium Ray bought him 00 Fired Up Gwen becomes jealous when Guy gets a new girlfriend guest Don Cornelius 9 PM 0 The Living Edens The Manu River and rain forest of Peru (1:00) O CD Cybill Rachel goes into labor just as Maryann has an appendicitis attack QQ Caroline in the City Richard can’t find his cursed fami ly wedding ring B 0D Ally McBeal Elaine’s lawsuit changes direction but the delivery woman decides to file suit against the firm guest Sandra Bernhard (1:00) CD 60 NFL Football "Buffalo at Miami” Plus a salute to the 1972 17-0 Dolphins at halftime (Live 3:00) CB S3 Good News A woman from Randolph's past comes back into his life to try and claim him (Part 1 of 2) 60 (EH) (E® Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike and his new recruits want to capture Angel and cure Drusilla (Part 1 of 2 1:00) 9:30 PM O CD George & Leo George's first date in six years has a mysterious past guest Angie Dickinson 0 0 The Naked Truth Nora keeps it a secret when she befriends a television star (HBO) Alien Resurrection: HBO First Look Sigourney Weaver fights extraterrestrials again 10 PM B CD The Adventurers Richard Byrd survives the Antarctic and flys over the north and south pole (Part 5 of 5 1 :00) O CD Brooklyn South Santoro offers a precinct job to paralyzed Officer Patrick six people are found murdered in an apartment complex (1:00) 00 Dateline NBC Women's sex drive (1:00) O 60 63 (P3D (15® News LATE NIGHT 11 PM B movie The Secret Land (’48 Documentary) Shows Adm Richard Byrd’s 1946-47 antarctic expedition (1:00) S0OCD News Vibe A 1970s show (1:00) 11:35 PM O CD Late Show With David Letterman Richard Simmons tennis player Venus Williams Wynonna (1:00) 0 0 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno David Spade magician Lance Burton (1:00) B (11:45) Keenen Ivory Wayans Gena Lee Nolin Mark Curry Ice Cube Snoop Doggy Dogg and Mack 10 (1:00) 12:35 AM O ID The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder Bonnie Hunt author Carl Hiassen (1:00) 0 Q Late Night With Conan O’Brien (R) Garth Brooks Richard Kind Trace Worthington (1:00) b km umeio uantanoo (WWFE AM 670) 7 PM Jbti Mandch (WQAM AM 560) 7 PM Tom Leykis (WJNO AM 1040) 8 PM Cover to Cover (WLRN FM 91 J 3 PM Rick and Suds (WIOD AM 610) 5 PM Dtmeb Cantando (WWFE AM - - ) 8 PM Cover to Cover (WLRN FM 913) 11 PM Wolf & Monty ‘Entertainment Overnight" (WSRF AM 1580) mix fc a i m e m

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