Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 2
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SfERLIN0. , FRIDAY. DEC. 15, 1916. Motlier's Advice Wonld Cough Until Alin th* Extern*! Application, Chas. ^ J^ulftete Si, Rockford, 111,, i jlWtwestlng to mothers with All !MOlh*r« know treat iUtt* haM^s' l-1i *ljn6*t Itfttt08*ibl<5 to gfet Internal medicine, Kten, these strong internal ftpe injnrtons, Mrs. Jfohn- thte problem by the uso treatment—Vlek's 1Salv«. She writes: "My baby We colds v*ry easily, <9o«s not uenm to have s end chokes until he k In the f»c&' But as rub him thoroughly with Vap-Q-Ruh ho In elrlKht ia And sleeps the rest of the nlgM. Mo?« thaft 0!5« Jitelfl fhfs ! havp hart to get. up and rah him with It, and ft Is certainly fln*».'.' For cranft of colds toil jnat ftpptj" Vlek'B Yap O-FUib well over throat nnd chfst and cover. with ft warm ftannpl cloth. Leave the elothfng loose around the n«*eM, t*s the body heat In th* fern of medicated vapors sr« inhaled ti trrestft,^ ligiifn'tnir it® cM*wi opening th6 air passages. Ifi a«lr dltlolt, Vap-Q-Rttb f« absorbed through and stimulates tfre skin, taking out the tightness slid BorefiesB. This penetrative effect makes It an excellent Application also tor surface Inflammations, piles, I", -<^,, u ;• •• 1, 1 |S , ! J .„ , - . .... s _ . '.t.'ni- n' • '•- ' I',-.-.! «',«, -1 ;,t, ; a- ' ,' • r -1. .1 i KIII- :* fvur n'li} i Voiron Women Sufferers ,. Need $wamp-Rc T'--, ;i«;,j K .!•(-. -, •' •(-•*•• ?- ft if. ' 'I hfU*' k!il"t ; , ; !.' ; '•;• f ts- If t*'f- KMi-r^H -»*- n-,i HI i >•! ;» rendition, tt.-y irsnv i v >••<•» ;!.«-• t> You mtv ?-.«ffrr .'- i.\t »l ^ pain !fi Tht t«ncV.. fie 4-1's •<!*-. !fi««i 3'._ i __ l^!5"L '-'1'^i ^J^'j »R Fw.twrp-Roi't. tM r.? with «»f it. Pr l>hy.*!rtan'K as bums, bruise*, stings*, I fellings, eezemA or muscular 25c, 60c, or t&RISON DAILY GAZETTE UOEBISON, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DEC. 16, 1910. M<rt« (U«i<! tiSy 2*, ISIS, and Xov. I'.'lff, tti«t>r<>rf>t! ami fltwhan?? or- SALE InduttfUl Society Of Pres- rl»n Church Thurtday. ehurch n! ho 1 Yen- add Rftlfi io church n. Many ill ftrtlclf-n wJiirh had lnfn were *>..!,). miilthp < itnanctally. jtiNTRYcLU8 MEETS At Horn* Of Mrt. Ir- A(t«rnoon. * of the Country Club '«n(«>rtalnfd nt 'the rlnn, nouthwoat on Thiirmlny artprnwm. i?OM wnf I'lpuwfntly spent work and dc'HoJou« rorreuh- H. IJDLASS MET Chur«h Cla»i Wan Nicely En- .tortainad. RE^ELECOFFICERS Whit««lde County Medical Association Holds Bu*ln«t* Mooting. Th»* annual btislneafi meeting of the Whttenrde County Medical A«*<?el«llon ncndny afternoon. The elwlfoH «f <»fll* •f-t-t'H u*Stn ht'ld, the rmwiit-offlctn'is IIB~ re-elected to «ervo another year. 18 follows: —Dr. Durkw,- F^ilton. l*ton.—l)r. Dinmond, Albany. -. and Tr«wj, — Dr, h'muolliiK. Fulton. «l*oi}fm'lnff'the~4>uulnes8 nieetingr "In- f.antllrt Paralysis" waa the mibject for tllKCUMlon for the afternoon, all t/orn who have bad recent wllh *uch cases taking part. SOCIALlEETiNG v Enjoytd After R««.ular Settion Of Knighto Of Pythle*. Anchor Lodge No. 120. Knlglitu of. Mrs, Owsrep -Ttt-omhly and Mrs, John Hustle visited friends in fterlln? Thursday. Ml»a Filjth Norrish spent Thursday with rrii»ndi« In Sterling,. Kerne Weaver returned Wwl- »-\pnlng from Slout C*lty, la., she had l»ern for the pant two m«nthi viNltlpg nt the home of her aunt, Mra, Nina Ward, Mrs, A. T. Crandal! and Mrs. C. & Ituber were gnrnt» of Sterling friends on Thursday. Mm. i*. B. Rerco and Mrs. Anna Rnkcr visited friends In rilnton Thtir«- day. - ~ A innrriase llcen«« -'"»a» ' l8«wd Tliurndny to r*rank It, «!<»hn«»n and Helen Helde, both of , went to rroplwtstown and fs corttt- «t;<:h Oft a fiftj-. r*nt of cinis d<«)jar fu any di-asf xtore. rot to wttd t« Dr. KUteer & ro., Itinghamtnn, N. V., for 8 ftfl*»p!<» bufttte. When writ- inff b* mjre and mention The this jrrwst HEADACHE FROM A COLD? LISTEN: 3. of tho Baptlat Stint>| held & nwH^tltm on Thurs- jheme of Mr* Ralph KaJw Street. Th«» fflria gathered er hdtne at six o'clock whw jJpllClOUB KttpttpK Af- the wgulnr reading for HtuOlcd, after whlnh of llw Juivnlng was nw»dl#w6rk. PytlUjyi, confc'retf tlw rank of Knl^ltt on a i-lasa «,xf canilldntex at tho rofruli^r inM'HiiK on Wpdnpsday evening. F<hl- lowliiK 'ho liiiHlncsi pension and Itiitl- atlon a soi'liil hour with a »tnokcr and cnjoynd, CHURCrsRVICES Jen^io Mcl^nnan wont to Sterling Thursday for » few tiny* vlstt. Mr«, f-k-nnut Wwtwr visits reJatlvca In H<»und tJrm-e Thunrtay. <'toroncp Honnn on«l ^ired Robert«on Wfnt to HfcrHnK on bueincsa Thura- day, , . Mru, John Hoirarth v wan a Clinton. vIMtor ThuriMlay. Henry . Hurch left Thursday for a few ilaya vMt with frlendu In JJharon, U'lB, Mr* l«ona iBalcer vlsltpd friends In Sterling Thursday. II, 11. Price wan a humnww visitor In Thurjidaf 8«vcrt Ftw Hour*. Toar co»4 will, break iiml nit Kr^ntf »d Aftwf taking a "(l«t« of "'ftpp'a Cold Cnmponnd" t-%-rr> t\\o hour* Wfttll thre« -Oosc* are taken, It promptly op«n« cl«>sjr»«d-ui» n«>«- trils and air {tewmgrn in the hrnil stop* natty dlseharcc or n»« he*dachp. dullm-sn, throat, A Man's Christmas Gilt Will Be Most Appreciated When It Is Something He Can Put to Everyday Use Ask hirn what he wants for Christmas and nine times out of ten he will answer: "Something to wear." If you really want to Rive him the thing: he will appreciate most, here where men would buy for themselves. Don't«t«y«tuaCed'U>:, Quit and »mi*Ola» J&we yt>»t Jl_,. „ head—nothing »1»* in the world given auch prompt relief a* "Pan*"'* Cold Compound/* wjUch emi* only 25 cent« at nay dra«Katore. . it acts without tt*«J»Ui»ee, umfas nice, and r«unes no inconvenience. Accept no Thursday. Mr». John Honkp« WITH .OH-tlda In ClintOfl. r PROPHETSTOWN NEWS BAPTIST, T. U. Mnrlln, imator. Hrhool nt, lo-ofl a, m. M »h|p nt 11:00 a,'in. Mornln Guidance." n. Y. P, Our Hlble U.7 !H UPSET? p. m. ."Dig John Awnlt- tin," - Kvening worship, at P. ; Rdedi Dr. Olive TaBlets ' I thousands of stomach doing now. Instead of tlfot, or trying to patch up a StJon, they arc ajttackmg the |?tbc fttuneni— clogged liver m, Hubject, "WQliut Ver»u» Certainty," .Kvcrybody, te .welcomo to all our PRESBYTERIAN, \V, II. Cremeaus, paator. Sunday Sclwit at 10:00 a. m. Men'* Bible chut* in the rending room of thfe Mor- VlHon Club. Morning wornhlp, IVtOO a. m. Topic: "Mj^ Brother And I?" Christian Endeavor, «>:00. p, m. HELD ANNUAL MEETING Praphttttown Mutual T»l»phon« Co. Hit Balance On Hand. The Prophetatown Mutual Telephone annual *nd relative*, returned hotne to Pulton Thursday martiing. She reportit an enjoyable time. . , fioht, to Mr, and A!r«. Joseph Jllnk, mm,. Wed«>e»aay mornto«. if5. and Mrp. Kink live tsriuth of Prophet*town This list will make choosing easy and you can be sure your gift will be especially acceptable. Snspehders Jewelry Mufflers Umbrellas Dress Gloves Bath Robes Dress Shirts 'Handkerchiefs Combination Sets Mittens Fancy Caps Collar Bap Holeproof Hosiery Sweater Obats Night Robes Underwear Neckwear Belts , . -* Fur Gloves *Joal Caps Suit Cases Traveling Sets Phoenix Silk Hose Traveling Bap All holiday goods appropriately boied Chas. A. Clark . r«- Haberdasher Sterling, III. several mil«'» are ttrostperoux far Mrs, C, K. JVary arid Mra. E. L. and Tuesday with a good who Sasr"ODve Tablets arouse in n noothinff, \hcalinff way. "" "-;*r. a«d bow«l* arc pet, >ja*,Mral functions, away ;llca and stomach (troubles. D, bad tajtc ia your c coated, appetite poor, t *.-«.— no jjnbition or jdiRCJtcd foods, _ .. Tablets, the sub« itomcl. r<Jg' OJtvc .Tablets are a klijc compound mixed with ' wfll know tliein by their ey do the work without . or pain. two at bedliittt?, for quicji can eat what you like. per box,'-All. nlng and Alammon." O p. m._ Ail are welcome, to the re. port of the paat year an mid by th<* clerk, f. D. Dttdt«y, whtfch waa^ very lnK In that U ahowiid tnucli now accontptiahed and n nlcn" balance p the treauury, there bplnsr cfua« to 12,226. Not only haa the company ac- I'umulatcd this amount of. money but It ha» added to the revenue by adding many new phones on rental of twelve dollar* per phone. There has been much new equipment .added to the com* pany'» tuuieta. / '• On Tuesday the elecWon of the officer* and the dlnposlng of other bust- was on the program, the meeting to Chicago Thiirwlay taornlng for tho day In the city, r«"tHrn!n& home In the evening. lienry OeUtel, who Mv^S in the mate of (JJilo, and'whp- s han been/fr. suest-ln the home of his *lst£iv./Slr*. J. K, Schwlttora and othw membera of tho family, started on hl« return tri|j home Wedneaday mortilng. It had been fourteen CONGREGATIONAL BAZAAR. If The I>ndh-f4' 'AW n"f" the 'ConRrr-ira- f tlonnl church held «-b«rzaar and chick,- i preparing Chrintmns *-.\«'iTi.*<>K tci en pie dinner at M. \V. A. hall Rat-;held at »whoyt on Friday afternoon be- urday nfterndon. The ladles exhibit-,fore Xma.i, CHRISTMAS AT SCHOOL. «cho<»l children and I h'."r iwircntK. , berry. | Mr, nnd Mr, and Mm J, C, Ma- the last time and he notes- many changes In the place for the better since hia last vbdt,. He'reporU n pleas- m 3l!ei«r . an arrival in PROBATE COURT RECORDS Entute Mary M, Wllklnsbn, Bond waived In will and"letters ordered. ., conservator l-o-ulaa Jarox. Henry C*. Allen appointed conscr\ % ntor and bond Used nt $7.000. K»mito Kdward Coffee, deceased. Will admitted to; probate, liJed and recorded. . Hond llxed et |SOO, Oled ana approved. Katato Margaret Green,' , deceajied. Fiiuil report 1 filed. Hearing set for Dec, 23, 1916, 4 ICntj'.te Havid 8yer», d9ceaw4. ' Cur» rent report filed and approve^, Peti- There wan much new buainewi »d and.much disposed of at this Ingr; The election of direetortt resulted in the name ua last year, Oua Oberle and 15rne»t TopperU each Houthern districts, representing C. J. • Warner wa»j»lected treasurer and F. L. Pudloy chosen town Tuesday morning after upending several weeks i« the vicinity «f Fargo, He «ay« the weather bM been fine Uwrv for Wi& pa*t~»everai^*eeK», ------The family ot. Grnndmother, *81eben u» gathered in & family reunion Sunday when the *evwal childreiroTMra, Bieben were 'present to enjoy a reunion, The occasion wan the «ath*-rlns of all because of the presence of ,jho oldest eon from th». state of Kanstaa who i» 1ierejt)tt a vinlt. Klmur Anderson was a passenger to Oownern Grove Tueutlay where he went to attend the dosing out sate of C, K, tx)firren t whp_jrecentlyj sold hiu^larm near that city at ,an advance ot $38 per acre jover thfe purchase price a few years aiso. Mr. Lofgreu will move to Wlnconsin from thin «tate aa he baa land y> the northern slate that is one of the greatest of dairy countries Mr. Liofgren'and faoitly were citizens of Illinois for a number of years. a joplcndld display of fan<*y work, qulltn, rtiKR. etc., nearly all of whifh were wold at Kood tirict-R,. Mrn. C. "O. Webb, president of the society and the church inemberit hnvi- worked Induti- trloirtly towanl making the sales BUC- ceo.«ful and the result is a neat *urn to bank in . their treasury fund, j, THE MASONS, Saturday night the Lyndon lodge A. F. and A, M. held their annual tlon. the following belftg ~~ the elect: . ~\ O. J, ehamberlaln—S, W. W. B. Fox—J. W. -^'reajiufer—R * Oerdea. 8ecret«ry—A, F, Rlley, NEWSPAPER MAN LEAVES. Hurry P, Allison, editor and publlsh- 111, ® Jof a n«Tw TofiPloir at Mr, FIIIaon'« friend* and leaven a«noclatt>« hla are clerk, the director* for three ye«r»» and the treanurer ft'nd clerk for ono year each. Following the election of the officers which' waa by ft unanimous vote there waa a motion to plnc«* in a Hinking fund 12,000 of the Murjilus «sarnl»«» of the company at four per cent which wua don« by slmoat a- unanl- uiaua voto of tho company. ' Thtjsre was* much diacuiwion « Hous uia tiers but nothimt do coroplinhed. It IR pretty well < under- «ito<id that the compam/ will dw-tjulte a ooDHiderahle rtibulldliw of lines for another year 1 * work, but nothing 1 definite ha* been decided ujKtn. One thins in the minds of the company member* nhip l« that the telephone pole* will f LYNDON NEWS tt» come off the MMn Ktret*t And much mor* of th« country line hav« to he rebuilt. One matter that we havo fulled to mention wan the Incrt'juse of pay df the dlreoturu to fg.60 and for each meeting. TANE HEATER Stock Tank H»«t«r,thft j* 9u«C*nt»ed to product th« r*~»uli Wiji. M*d* In w ^»-pi*c« M otiUrcn. No joint* ar iHvJl*.- ^iw» h»v» it you Art supplied fer«v«r, • r^aton of tht circulation «f w*t«r produced by th» M flu»t" il |h» w«ter about the same temperature any where in th» hf i»*«t wood, cob%> toal. th*. cheapest crude oil ?r any other fu«l. far feurni«s ^^«de oil ijr kerosene. W*i9h«.iW lei, *in Minnesota «nd th* Q«kota«. Albert,; Lea Grader Mfg. Co. Bold exclusively by W, Hambrceht 405 Locust St, Sterling, Ifl; f *U », Wi»hJnfs macli.fte* and pump ' fJRlt-LlNG and piping. g«tioline en'^ VV€ ALSO MAKE A OBLIGED TO QUIT THE FARM, Gua/ajierle, wh<» uae4 tt>4l«e in town with Ul« family- mid fron» Here went to n-kwt), Minn., where ho boutrht a farm, baa bean obliged to give up farming and rent his farm and has moved to the .town of. Triumph, , the line utate and will do nu forming for year at le«*l on account of W» wife 1 * health. Khe ban been ill fv»r the past year and lAf, Oberle Iwniea t|wt work and iv chaiiKO >v ill .be the cine that will cure .ihg trouble. JUr. und MfH. />berle have the sympathy of their }*rophvt»town friends in their LODGE ELECTIONS Royal Neighbor*, Myctic* and Mason Chose Officer*. The. Royal Nelj?hbor» held their an- qual election at|M, W. A, nail, tho re. suit heiriK ak followH; > , • • Omcl«~Mr«. l<«»la Austin, — .Pa«t Oracle—Mrpt. Myrtle »«vey. Vlc« Oraclo—Mra. Marcla Chumb@r» lain. ' " Itworder—Mns, l^»l« Kharpe, H»evlv»?r—Mr«, Wude Wllklna, Muri»hnn--Mrt(. Harriet" Olson. . Inner 8e,nm«el—Jlnt, tteatdo Olson. Outer i3te«tlne|-~>Mr*. Maude Mitchell. MannK«r Tlwee Years — Mrs, O. J, «>rry .thnt , ( he could not^make the paper a paying proptiation. Mr, KIHnon la a wood newspaper man, but tho territory. 1* not larjjw enough, THE, E. H. Q, CIRLCLE. Mm. W.' H. Slmw waa huntroei to the' ladles of the E. H. «, Kfadlns Clnrle Tu>sdax evening." "Urave Little JI«>1- Jand." was the «t|«dy ".subject, whjfle *nuale and llsht 'refreshments hmujfhl the. Rociitl half hour to a pleasant end- Ing. LYNDON BRIEFS. Mr, and Mrs, Joseph GHmf."* moved to t<t< i rllnf: this wt-ek where Air. tlriinvn has employment. W. \V. De Wwrd arid W/U Odborne made a buHlness trip to .Clinton, lowo, Monday*. William Ward Is nerlouidy ill at hi* home Jit lown. Mis* Kfttle B. H»!t wn« nhopplnf; in CHRISTMAS AT THE CHURCHES.Smiay. The Methodi»t ; and Congr*>saiional Sunday iichool pupils will lu>Ut else* at the churches at Chrl»tina» and the children wrebelnK drilled for cn- It. <". Allen attonded n of »up«»ni««r!« at] Morriton _i»n "~ ..... " """ Mr. and Mr«. Ralph A!*-n enteYtaln- wl Mr. and Mrs.'C. O, Webb and Mr. uifd Mrs. R, I. Hardy at tht'lr hontp Tuesday i-vt-nlnR', I Mr*. W, P, Itennon, of Storing, came to attend th« bajutur Saturday aft*r- 1100 n. Mr, ajjd Mr«. A^.-. ji, Amanda Allen's hui»M.» in l'«yn- Tho family has been living' near Muj-rlwin, Oflrls Ma«un, of Morrixoht was end visitor at the hom« -of Mr*. T. K. Hamilton. Theodore Hlriut? has moved from , Nettle Cndy's house to the Sweatt in th«> c«ntml part of town. rYank -M1H«T, of C!nle»rhirK. and W, Kromnn, of this place, made a busl- x strip ^tu SterllRK- Mi«» I^eonora MoKt-rK was an over Sunday visitor ut the homo of Mrs. C. if. ilarcy.. at yteringt. Uert Vaiigh, of Moline, n*er<? airlvaJii here Turmtay. • FaDsJor Coras! HotWno; ^ Xarth. Wai It. ForCionu and CallawM. v "Whenever you jret *orna anfl <sat» Hitn* ...... . ie*t and »lmp|«-Ht thlnsr I Know to uro — Ju»t on ia u low •co- K, and Oliver Omborne visitors at Dlxon Sat- ond Tho . old way 1» to bundle up your toed in ty Came Warden IMn liorry, of St<*rUiyr, was a biminw viflUir In Tu«««day Mrs, Emery Lariphere, of I*roph«tn- town, vtaUcd Tuwsday at the home of that malto toon raw. ccition rini;ti that, makayour coma pop-cynl, KfiiVvB ana "ilKs*n* that toar your h«?art ,otit and leave the corn In. No,. wonder they inaJcQ you liinp and winc-\ j'Vrtr«-t alt these—UBo •'OBTtiS-JT," thw *iini»U»rt corn remedy in ttm world. ranU'Dt to u»o, nowr fail«or«Uek«, j corn locaona, then you can wear tttnaileraboet.' corn looiona, then you £St tt off... You i can wear tttnailervboet.' . ~~ j ^jlETfiHT-.lBeolfl and reromrnf nd- by%druRirliBt» everywhere. '.'Sc d. ttle, or aent on r*c«lpl of pr(ce< by Co., Chjctigo, JU. ; The Ideal Xmas W 111, BE MORE AC(3BPT>ABIJB PRACTICAL THAN A Power or Electric Washing Machine 20 SHOWERED MISS HILDA JOHNSON . WlUioim thirty Hilda Johnson was tlv«n •. » *Kowi»r Saturilay by Uw*< {>t>ii\K ent tu «njuy the etltutfd .the ufu»rn»on'H and all had the 'l»«»il kind of a tjroe. MttUt refrt'^hmeittu wt->re^terve4 during T«e/r>swU of the annual M, W. W. election folowa: PrM^c^— Myrtle Pavey. ' MoaJtor-rliih* Austin. • * Secr^taty— C, F, rowel!, Bwikfir-uD. J, Churaberluin, Marshall— Munde "Warder— Marcia C Davoy, W, II. fur Thr»s# Years— John and Orrin Urt'w« i> the twenty years tho afu>nnMiti. "iVSJss Juhn«on of many beaxtttfui prtweftts jn «lu> wuy of cut {,'lusm, litusn, wilw^i war« am! chinu. MiBw John^un in noon to be . to Elmer fe*;t i'k'ct. Mm. I>av«V Mrai. Uav^y Is ti»tui'««teti in and ah« will make «m i?f- TO ..WALNUT 70 SEE GRANDSON. H.« JU* 4^fown Wsun @t i^tt^senMvr to Walnut, wii«re lie went'to JMK' u K MMnr*wno wft* recently uperate fur thv cure <jf appettdicttli KT(i;n!wuii waa taken to i'i't>.ria In- was put, und**r 'Hhe- knife ««<i mv«ti. fU- !«„..... tiu« ordfal. .Mi>, Brown, tln» ttrttftdtmitlu'r. i>- with her ... _ ujij rfmliin fjirVome tiuu* U» CMUU IHT iniinl. Ik'lent FOR MR, ANolRS. ENOUANO. On- Tuesday evening ««v«»r»l ne|«|i. t»or« an^i friends pf ftlar. and Mrs. \VH- llutu KiiKli'iid fe-avt- a }turty fur the s who t««vtr .Immedialely for weeks' vt«it to Mr, uld \\on\v In ijiiiciisttT county, BUYS THEjlRVlDlA MARKET... "("•' Hull, :i/f:i!m»r. »ku llvt-." s»ulb, |:r;.aii lu.ukrs nail vvtil it,.' 'j'U.Ii.: sit ,Sr'»:i «d«;i'H,ii< fcnilutti. !, v, 'i ,i- -:.,<-st lit Hi-* Ji funtU Mi. * * , i M«i4r';--H< 4 4 S'h.iliHJl. W'lu' U in f' ifri. 'L^^^fllBHP^PP^WW^^^^^^^'^R * LETTER CARRIERS • B flWP W.WHP^^F other workers who motf enduring strength, take STERLING ELECTRIC up and,keep up their itV*IH«« tes SEE OHM SPECIAL HOLIDAY DISPLAY IN KOOM NEX r SOUTH OF GEAND THEATER, We will give away absolutely free a Superior Washing Machine Sattarday, December 23 9 at Call at the store for particulars SUPERIOR MACHINE COMPANY, Sterling, Ills,

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