Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 15, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
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If ItHfttf p**pl* Nww *$* dftft't fcnew whM yew h»v* en yewr «Hel- VM t* **tt« kH 1 J^Jt%.JUli\l vjr J\./L/jLj JL JL O/ SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. AND_ BAILY STAN3»ABD STERtlNG', ILLINOIS. FRt&AY, DEC, 15, r 191& I* Ifrtfiftg j»*«pf« trim* whe dsn't fecww v»h*l yea frave on yeur »*i»l* vet to •«!!. PRICE TWO CENTS, RECORD BREAKING CROWDS ATTENDING THE INSTITUTE" WOMEN ELECTED . Flint Discussed Ways To Bugs—Soil Subject Of W.!. Mann. ; PROGRAM PLEASED Urs. J, H» .McMurray Told The Parents To Tell Children About Sex Questions. Whllwililt* County F«rm««ris' In- stlttite h'mi bui'n »H«»ndrd t',v n !ftrp<fr niimlM«r of a(!iunl fnrim>r* tlmn nny I««W and HIP crowd «»f «ft«rn»on wns» thp larit^st of all thus f»r. The inirtionf of thp tnMitlH« I* »o better t<»ach the farmer* whprehr illpy may raise more lo lha act-*, more ««t» «>r more of nr«»d«ic«t tin the farm, by In nil Jlnwi of f»rming. frof. W, I*. Flint, R«ve n good tnJk afternoon on the eneml*«« of PREMIUMS AWARDED Winners In The Agricul- Announced. Tli<> tigilciiliural exhibits at the f«r- nifi.«s' Inntitute «e,re Judged Thurmtay .••nil award* mude. John H. Martin, of I'ntoit Orove. w«« -corn judge, itnd Bd VV. Mitchell, of Ftomiii Urovf, ww judge on sill of the other exhibit*- hi this department. The following I* the list of prernlumn.i awarded and the M rs, Orren Bent, Of Morrison, Again Heads Household Science Club./ MANY WERE IIJATTENDANCE Mrs. J, H. McMurray, The State Speaker, Gave Some Very Good Demonstrations. u, s, MARINES SAVED THE STATE WARDS ALLIES BACK UP PEACE Two Officers And 26 Men Escaped Only Through The Bravery Of a Sutfman. Will Enjoy a Rousing Xmas In Spite Of The Present High Cost Of Living.. Telluw Coin -lut, *.V()0 (ft!*o <'.' L, Pnwmftre. fjwial. ilit.ftfi) total IIR.oo, t*hlH|» Kiolt; 2nd, $3,00, Ed t>pp. Ati> <»thor Variety ('o ills Abbott; '^pd,, ur rhti III* orchard and other fruit. Mr. Flint ha* niade a *tudy of ltiaec(* from ev. Ird. JS.iHi. Arthur Best Kar of <*orn— 1*1, ficotl. IjongeiM Kar of Cnrn—1 1st. S1.00. . tialnea; »c. Philip r.oc, .ins At tli«' Ho«e Jif InM evt»nin» n sc-«- «tim» tiH-mheVit of the Whlteald*> county Household Hci^rit'f <'hih met Hi the as- aembly tomn of the High !«(ho«l to elect offler-i*) for tht> roniinR year, re- follow i«.|j Prej« —Mr*. «»nen Hent. of Morrison. Jnt.or Ixniiohy, of thwn from the nrchardn of the ntate, lit the l«ost exncnao, A few years apo .%b«B Jnflfl w«* cheat*, nod the fnrmer *«• dolftff W<*lt onouRh, «iK-h things n.» bugs and Innectp hurting corn nnd oih- *!• fruits ot hl» l*l«or would have laughod At. But now it la a fur dlf- farent matter, and la no Intighinit af- Kur of i'orn-l*it, 5iu% J. Wheat ~l»f, 1 1. Oft, S^ttniel Seotl. 2nd. ".")»*, t,', S. KIIOK. . Applet* — tat, |2,:.0» Wnmiiel 2nd, tl.fn'. Wm. Hlwre. i. Ptimpkln — l«t, 60o. J, J,. *IM1 Mr, enough «4nfprma t|on OR thf eradication of them pent* r •*» tt»*t Will lo«» »M»^r<»memlM>red by S xtho«e KThO were foruinftte enouRh to him. It IK likely more of thin Will t>« brought before the people ' „ Th« 9«il Man, W. I, Mann, of c*nln«l lltlnols, o- prtnclpi) »p««|ile*r of the afternotm, i Mw>n,l* known th> state over as; ii *the ni6iit'»««jei«iiful farmer whoi do»« not ml*? «tock in nny quantity., IB ft grain mauAnd htm 4-A all 'kind* of money by thin method*. HiThiia made tha nubject of Motln bin hob'by.and it la because of thin notoriety that h* bt Kept busy fall and win- gW* going about the atate telling peo- !jHe pbout what he ban dl»covered about not. «o widely Hilit SO w*IJ">'orii«i III -he tf '«pffik*r* .4nff I* Under the con- of the (Hat* durlnjf the 4 itea«on0 of Regarding the vn of limeetone he •"- - ----- "v»ny time of the believer in alfalfa, the mid Be«t Bxluhlt — 1*t, $5.00, J, 1*. reiiRh; 2nd. $3.00. Philip Hcott, « Mover Heed — l«t, $1.00, Hamuel Hwtt; ,»nd, *Sr, «'. 8. Knox. Timothy 8i«ed— tut, $1.00, (,', H. Knox. *l^ale 1'otntoen— Itit, $1.00; ind, 75r, Frank AllnhaiiRh nnd Hon. Early Potntoea— 1st, Frank Alln- baugh. Onlonn— l«t» 75c, J. Border. Heeta— l*t. 7,'ic, Mrn, Peter Kohl. Turnip*— 1*\, 76c, Plilllp Hcotl. t'tirrotH— Int. 75p. PhlUp* Scott. Parnnlpi*— 1*(, 7Bo, J, Forder, Cabbage— t*>t, 7f.c, Philip Scott. _ Ht|»Bj»h— lat, 76< , < '., M ___ Kjiox. Pop Corn— l«t, ".*«', C. B. KnoX; 2nd. 2nd, Haine«. Oat»~1»t. ll.oo, Samuel Scott; 7Sc, P. H. KnoJ^ Bent Model. Fternv Oa l«, 18 In. long, by boy nnder 16 y |3.0t',"l«Van* clu Eckel. . Hi'Bt Model Extenj-lon I^uddt-r, not longer than 3 ft., by boy under Id year*— lut, f 3.00, Frtutcl* Whltt bottr^2nd 18,00, A. X.. Abbott, .16-00, Score Ab* Snl, >! u«ntlr h* had tt* phosphate* nn lor y«ftr», but nitrogen nhort time. Cons«to ral»* uomethlnst |whlch would «tt«k« nitrogen and thin fey alfttif». By raining ilffttfa he Mild he »«t» big returns per 'and fell jhlti nitrogen for nothing. d the. beat part of the manure ...... pWtOt tbe organic matter which d not bten.dlgetitcd by the anlm&lft. 0 upeaking of hlit • recent vinlt to i. extreme cauthefn part of the mat* ,. Mann Mid tlmt owing to the fac ii* are «o Htapy auton, no few horses $ have aw much liay there they do know What to/do with their, crop 1 they are baling It and sending It Chicago Hnd are «ot getting very INTERESTING SIDELIGHTS ON THE FARMERS' INSTITUTE In the QflicfTof the superintendent of Mec'ry.—Mii». .1. T. ,1'eiiKh. of Treti*,'- Mr* 1 , ••'rnnlt Hntntiill. of Ster- tins. » The fcenelirti \Vednesdny nfternooh of the Hou»«ehoiil Selence Club WBT nt- h'hdi'd bv -i liirftc .'Hid .ipurerlntive- nu- • Ifance. The t"'»«t>ini w;i!> very Inti'r- entlng (ind wn* introduced with n prny- er bv llev. Mnrrli*, t»»^li«»r of Ht. John'«! JLntheinn chnii-h. which-Hits followed by H coii(HC tif KOOI] DelectUnw by the fJIrln' tlle«' C|ub, iiccompiinled by Mr*. Allen Jtend. Mrc. ICtnnin Brown of Coletii KIO e n very tine FO'O, nnd re- *!>onded with "I Wont To.tJo ttack to Allchlgan" HH nil eiH-iiw, jirewtly plea«- InR'Tlie atidlenre. s" 1 •• After the munlcnl i>ro«uim the r«- «t» of la»t yenr'n cminty meeting, which iKt'iirivd nt Morrison, were read by the secretary. Mm. Peugh. Som« Mere Defnon*tr«tion«. Mm. Orreti Brent, prfHldenf of tfie Club, next introduced Mis. j. H. Mo Murray, 'of Lincoln, 111., who IB the Ktoie demiin'stniKir of the Hounehoid Hclence Club. Mr*. McMurray grave dome very Interesting donuinntrntlonn «* well as nmklnff Home, very toothsome diwheis which wcr ( e ptmsed amonK tbe audience to cample. The flrnt dem- onittratldii wui» «lven on baked Iwrnn loof, -which is n very nutritious dliih. containing all the food values ner«i« stary for the hotly. Thif receipt Is an follow*: Two cupi< cold led over bean*, put through a eelve; I-S cup united cheese; t cup bretul criimbn; 1 1-2 teanpo<infulH unit; l-S cup tint mealu chopped. Bake In gUuui bakmR difth SO to 30 minutes, Serve, with tomhlo sauce, The next demonstration was "Eio-jit- n-Roll»t." which icmilro equal, parts- of beef And imuiuiRe ground together. Next tttkw a cabbage leaf und put in hot Witer and cover with lid to. «team. (Hy I.'niied Kureka. Calif.. fH-c. IS. — Plan's fn dr.-iK the t'nited rttntes *u{»mf»rirte H-3 out of the anon* fircwkerM, where It hg» been roIUnB for 3-1, hours, were rasfied to compMlon to*Wy by Ltfut. Commander Wm, Howe following the rencue of the 2* members of th« irew through the medium of the breeches buoy. .. -".. Depplte the dlv*r*» r>erlloun ponltion. Howe declared he t*elleve<i -the vesnej^ could be inken off with Hit!* If a storm doe» not blow. Th« two officers and 26 men, who were taken off shortly before nightfall yeaterday. were suffering from ,l»rul«ea and nume broken hand* but none will require more thwn temporary aid. After their rescue, mem»>er« of the crew auk! they lost their way In a heavy fosr An* drifted onto the breakers* following tnxtne trouble. Until rescued m«nibtr» of the crew iwUd they had no Iden of the location of the vessel until |R moment later It scraped on the *»nd putting- the en- Klnen out of commission, Then the •ubmaHne wa* ;it the mercy of the FOOTS THE BILL Over $1,265 Has Been Spent In Candy And $546 Worth Of Cigars Purchased. illy Knifed PI-MO- > Hi>iln«flHd. IH.. U^c. 1,*. —In th«> hi«h COH! of Jiving, Father Is mitkitiM irt-cjtarailfinH to «1vp fhf 2*.- REJECTION WITH ARMIES wave* nnd *ev*rul tlmen the conning tower waa wholly _^m»mersed,. WIIH the ntiRle »t which the reeled. Water Fo^m»d GM. Tlie t-rew nulTered no, nerlouu dl«comfort until water entered the but- terlea and chlorine' iras wa« released. This deadly KHSI forced the commander to fthui- th« t-rew off in n tiny room In the connliiR tower. There the 2S men wit huddled together. They he- came 80 exlw tinted that when the life lines were nhot to them they did not have KtreiiKth enough to make them faat. They never . Would l«ve IMVII rescued but for the' bravery of Surf* maji Werner Swelling. He leaped from the surf boat to the dllppery deck of OW» Inmate* of his Mate institutions a running Christmas. Already riuw'tititles «>f delicacies, diesfifs, doll*, handkerchief*, cigar*, hair rHihonff nnd other Chri«tmas pre«*-' em* have been piirchaMed by the state board of administration and sent to the' respective institution*. Th<> ciindy nnd clirar bill of the )<t«t< > board ha* been matei-inlly lh<-renJ*ed thin year bpt'au«t» of the high prices. Over $1.2*16 worth of cnndy. D |i°nMSnr A 55 E . S JSl !winter flaS CflUSed *° ^ U P ON CHARGE OF ARSON In Russian Offpnsive in The AND CATTLE STEALING; ln KUS an unensi * e ™ Ine cHv TnltPil I'rejts.) " j 4 l! -"»n^nn*;,;"*iar 'L»u£|A NEW GERMAN ASSAULT be "burned to d^.ith" laM month. The' >lf with Morswn. th«- officers wiy.'«.. <%» « •> *. that he did not.aW dead. ! Flower Of German Troops At* I**- mimmer »n.l ^g, Tne fr^ L j w Nearest Paris. look out $7.3iwi life Insimmcp In two' companion. On the night* ot Nov. fith I his ranch house burned ftnd It w««s < reported Morgan WHS killed by an ex-1 plo«Hnn "f a can of gasoline which he • wns trying to «mve. A iiuantlty of! bon<<* were found In the ruin«. ; "Morjrnn" wa* buried hv hi* lodge' wlttch made up n purse of $.100 for bin j widow and the Insurance companies came across with the roin. H«> nnd promptly arrested. A tardy inve«ttgalion revealed the illy fulled London, ling., pec. 16,—-The allies HP made jt known In «cmi-official icnti their rejection of i mule pence nt Ibis sfaKC and their tirtnlen In the fleld are up that refunnl with the force of arm*, Ktntement* from the cant Indicated of oirnnir-ln. peanut brittle, bonbonn made fast, the the Htibmeraible line after be had' twice been, wanbed off nnd twice fought hl« way CHARGES CONSPIRACY Government Trtiat Buster 'Receives Charges. That Paper Is Boosted. .hut miunreH has been puTcha!»ed. These delicucfr'n nre for 'the buy*, jjlrln «nd women. For the men the «tate bonrd IHIH purchaxed $540 worth of gund cl!?- niK, over 15,500 cistmi wre bought at the wholesale 'price of thr«»e gnd one-half I'entH ench," f: , While of tin* patient* nnd in- mntett of tbe Institutions will receive tflft*. *ueh n« dre.»r«e«. handkerchief*. etc., the*e are purchnncd from *t>me fund of the lijMtltutlon at which they reside nnd not Uj- the otnte. In addition to the delicnrle*. however, KM ther Jlinoi* doe* fumi*h. hi* ivardn with a Chri*tmn* dinner rtt for a king. The menu lead* off with turkey and cran- berrle* and goe* throug^lhe Miibxtan- tlul.s to « ftnlsh of Ice rreatn and cake. hod been buried were thoteithut of n calf. It WHS identified a* belong, 'th<» in« to a neighbor, Xow Moreno l« not only charged wlih arnon and fraud but with rattle PREMIER QUITS winter ha* mused no let up Itt Ian offensive In the Carpa- Nor hn»« there been arty dim* in tbe fighting in Koumnnlu. The Herman advance la alowly lo*« mii'ila'H utroftg rear guard refdatettceif made a* they retreat to tb& strategic ItuKite river. long there will be a oomptota ifonHtilidiition of the Hueue river line _. _ , ^ , - .. >. "' lloumujiliiii .defense with the Ru*» The Roumanian Cabinet At Newj*i<»t> c-«ipathin.i ime of cm>n««. RU«* Inla I.* likely to Hrnn#!y reinforce thta Capital h Latest To Step Down And Out. GREECE AGAIN GIVES IN *,By t'nltfd D. t!,, Dec. 1C, -Attorney General Orogory today turned over to AjwlMant Attorney Opneral . Tbdd. (n hot water until tender, then roll rnWtt In cabbtt«e leaf nnd pin with toothpick, Put In pan and pour over beef broth or wnter, Juiit enough to nlmmer. nml coolk 1-2 hour. school* infty be *ome of the'work %iu«h per ttjp for U. He also »«id clov- " would grow uny where, and he found bint tq «Q«f Mi« «eed thick, the thtck- the better, and any one of the clov- familj' w«« good, although "Ifuin t (JpfVU until it found water and And U would go down While he tulked jmildembte about noli yet he wa» no rmfw baliever In alfalfa that he came ^ ^MuniJ 4w ,tliiH nubpeiJt may tlmea in |||i^ t*|k* *hi termem of Whlteaide s - r *'iMC« muol» butjjer Jntorroed »ince tho talk r :|0 o'clock )««t night, nut a. ; «eut chairman d»U«d In the large au township high school. large number of chil . ttmito* .Wncolrt »nd Central the audience for for< the flrnl prlmary*cla»» »t|«a WJlwHiJ, 4re*»sed In IV« ,y pretty *«'>»' Tl18 ^'''s "«t lullaby, two »l»ter» from nans u duct, exhibited by eleven .little dijtns. They »»»!. "Hop H«P Hop." They were f the LilHUiln lh» l^jy »cout* from under the direction/ their ithi* efliiMtlii. nave nu pxhibl- ft jtuit dW{l }o anjfurtn. It w»» on« She bent |iUmbei:»» on th»» progrnm. by tfhiifiny. "Tviitlnif To- i w«» WHrnily applauded.: HirlM.f.rMui tlu* Ccn- grmlM very cutely uanif, whi«t|lng by the byyu. ^ it w«« un t n umbel 1 , «.«Mmb*|Lul-ct>upU'« from the ' the._"" and They w<B"» very well dtllk-d. of (heir Uafuu*« wert> to tlu> a pbunu of the pupil* of Prof. C. Wetzcl in line of pottery. A fair slxed furnace ban been ' in«tnllc4P In the .basement wher» the finished articles ar*» burnt und glaxed, Mr. \\>t7;el bun far too nmall a room for hl« pottery classew and It l» crowded tu the door nnd arc turn"d away. The student* pudding wa« nerved next [flh WIIH very dHlcloun, The re>i(te folknvg; Three cup* milk, renvrve 1 In pottery, are from the senior and many a young man and young wo* man who hitve been, «tudent» here, have lui.iinued with the cour*e after rea-'h- Ing higher places of. education. The making of article* for the homu ou.t of clay ID Ihtereating to those who are attending the institute, . Cartoon* Are Shewn* The visitor* ,tmve also been Interested In the ctirtoonH <>n the W,U|K ot the corridor. They are the work of the «lf«t ye«r. etudentu of Prof, Wetsel and Dhow considerable ability. Borne of ahem are exceedingly good'cftrleft- turea. The Vliltort. Among the number who received the Kkid hand yevtcrdity at the aceaiona was ex ••County Superintendent of Schoolsr Ji F*. Hondrtclts, now of~.Ful» ton. »He lx onfe of the men who were pioneer* of the county inistitiitf stuck liy U until It had -grown " mlxinjr dry Incredlent*; put 2 cujia of milk on -vtove to heat. For every etip of miik'tBko 2 level midcxpoonfuU BU- gitr; t tiny pinch wilt; 1 1-2 tnble- •poonfut corn march; 3-4 tnblewpoon- fill cbt'oa. If H lulled wtronjrer use 1 ta- bleapoonful cocoa. Mix dry ingredient* together and mix with cold milk, add hot milk an put back on nre to cook 16 minute*. After U baa become firm wi*ve with whipped cream. The mm weip» la an American dish rtiid known a» "American Hlce," Too 8. cupu cooked rice add^ cup cut boiled hum. i cup tomatoes, targe green pepper or 3 small red ones; add all together and heat until hot. When pimento In used cook at( together; when pepper Is uttcd cook a while in »'iUutomutoe,K before, adding It to.deo. Then followed H good recelj* for uulck -c«k*« which, requires 'no butter, m|]k or eg»».^ One cup brown ttnuar: 2 oup« r«*tr>' "the government tru»rb"u«ter,'"8«?rloui* chnrgeH pr«ferrt by H. U, Varner, North Carolina publisher, tending to nhow an "understanding" between. pome manufacturer* of news print paper to maintain "rulnou* prices," Varner told the attorney* general Individual publittherx ore afraid to testify against the paper manufacturer* for fear of having their supply .of paper summarily out off. . "Tht- manufacturer, In an effort to concUnto the publisher*, urged thein to incrcn»o th««U' mibwrlptibn and atlver- tiHing latcf, throwing the btirdeq^on the public," nu'ld Vrttner. Senator Hlminonx declared; "There la a combination of (tuper manufactur- Appropriate ChrlatmaH service* will be held ChriHtmo* day In" the inotltu- (lonn. The . entertainments are 4n |ht* haiulrt of the respective 'nuperlntend- t>iiU( and thwy ntakf them «H attractive nw. poMNlble, All of the. lunUuitli.n». puriiunlnrly tln««e in which there «re fhildwn, have htrge ChtTnthian tr*'ei». In several of .the InMtitiitlonn there IK JH Chrintmu* tree for eu<-h ward. The Mtiite boa dl adopted u rule wv- t»ral yenr» ago absolutely prohlbiun^ the *uperint«>ndent8 from wending out lettern IH-BKIMK for nid for ChrtMnuii. London Once More —Accepted The Ultimatum German Attack. j fSreat interest l« manifeated hers Ittj jdlapatcheH from Paria In connection, with the <i»mums' violent attack on, (the French line neaeat to Paris. Tt» ! !iiKKault, It l/« declared, wa* carried oUt^ It Hac.i by (lu * lower of the Oerman it ndaj,!,,, f orcp p r I Tilt*, nttat'k iii)t specif Of The Allies, •nn«ntloned*Tn" the official tttatemcnta. Appartntly bitter lighting l« ,l» Macedonia, wh«r« the allle* under , command of <!t-n. Herrall are cottttn* ,UlnK their satinfactory progreiw. ! lnnd looks to nee a UlvernUon ot man f orC( ,« lo th », nk1 nf UeolKnatifin of tht- Houmnnlnn at Jrt«ay. the new cjipltnl of that mon- [j n 7re" v"«"ty nhortly. with » w ,, ar-j.y WIIH unnonnr.Hl in dlnpatchr-i re- '|,, CPIWJW ft, th* intetiHlty of the i celvcd hen- today. A new cabinet hn« - _.., ,. AH ft re«ult. Father lltnolu ti» wlnndlng of thw a alone. a few kin. children 1 are dbitributrd araons the InNtltutloiiN an follow: ^oldierx' Orptmna' Homts formal, ST2 boys, SOS St. Charles School fof boy*, 700; Geneva School for (31rl«, SSli; Lincoln, boys, 1,078. glrlB, f»W>; School for De»if. Jacksonville, . boys, 195. girl*, 178: Bchool for Blind,' Jacksonville, boy.x 100. not y»>t been formed. GREECE AGAIN GIVES IN. (My t'nlted Prejs.) Londuii; Knit-. Dec. .15.- Greece llllB accepted the nlljes ultimatum R Central N>Hs .llHi'i»'n-li from Athmia an- The term* «f itHoiilll^i' ultimatum! have not been inatli- public, Thu ort-. ginal demnndi* were for the. surrender nnd t^ntrol of 'the telegraph and nynieins by n|lle«| otncla)* ROLL OVER BOUNDARY era. f believe U an International Uour, i» 1-2 iable*i>oonful , considerable prrfportlotm, " Only thr will ever know the hard worl< It wn« to Intercut the se)f-«atinfled lui'« mem Kdgar 1 Sharer, R. F. D, No. 9 »tk of Albany, w»« Hl»o.pie*«nt, pro- bubly coming the lotigent distance to attend the insUtute, The j>roH*>nce of some of the Iwukcrji of the city hey aic Interested, for when the fur* mor grown bigger crops proaperlty atiit; mix ull tosri'ilu-r; roNerve n cup of .mixture for fronting; mid to b«1- ttiice a 1nblcH|)itoiiK cocoa; I tablespQiuj. cinnamon; -1-2 ^iibleapooa cloven; 3 t«b}Q4tpoona baking TJowdor; cut datea into mixture ,1-8 gla«« tHtv1n>rh.n»e mrirniRladc; add 'i-i oup water: 1»J tablespoon vanlla. Put in pan and B with cup of reserved ingrcdl* t»nkw 2« minutt'H. Berve with maiie of 1-? cup butter* ami consequently mure money h, the biittka. Oth«r Incident!. F«r »ome, reason a aumcipnt number of young men from ' tjie count t-y have jot been Interested to the extent of 1 de*iring to ttiudy thwart of corn judg* ng, and J. H, Martin hat)* been unable {Continued on Jr"*gn A SHIPMENTTO PANAMA Br»«lor A'. Son Wlfl Ship Over 899 lf Te Canal Zene. U, o. Ha i tun, dlret'lor of the Univer ult.y of UliiuilM, syuH l<> thli* city by tile r. H. government yt>*terU»«y inspect furiy-two n-oups of 'Bhude lo lo tliV ; Canamn which 4rc* to be t;.hi{|ttHil in the near * Soil have made « fowl* aiid"U they will i.»*> use! for hrBt<i*li»r j In t'litt country, Kverv fuv.'l u foreign country mux! be by tbt« gotprimiciit, und fur thl« Mf, (rittrlou «uiri heli'Ctt'll, Ht* with 1 cti|) brown sugar, 4 tablespoons .1. H. Pi»ke. Home excellent «nd fruit were im e*hlbl* corn 'you should put com in u boiler thut na» hot water"circulating in th<* bolto;n of it, and Mtiiud jarn on hoards* pine?'! croMHWlsc In bottom. Let It *te*-.»n SO mlnutc«. After taHln*JL tint do not let It MtuJid, but tli*l wiffi hot w4ter, and in one quart' of hot ,l«g teaspoon vanlla *_wbl|> well,The meeting WIIH continued at the high school wliore w dumnnetraUon wins utlvfcii of the cold tmck connlner nicthod by »r«, VPK< turn: GEN. COOK IS JOYING He WM ,0nc« Mayor of Le«dvlll« and Commander of the G. A. R. (By L'nltinl Preaa.) Denver. Coin,, lice. IS.*—Gen. Ocornv vy. Cook, formerly commander-in-ohlef of the U. A. It, i!) dying in the utate at Pueblo, according ,to word received here toduy. He la not expected to live through the day. Cook came to Colorado In 1881 and made Leadville bis hca'U|UHrU>irt, Belgian Citizens Get Into Barrels And Roll Into Holland To Escape. (By United Pren«,) Minneapolis, Minn., Dec, IS.—Mlnnetf. poll* Hour barrelrt are on« of the chief worrk'M of the German «entrlen along the Holland-Belgian frontier to prevent the Belgian civil population from leaving, declared Mm. H, C, Hemenway <>f i'urlei. who iia.s brought n collection of Dutch picture* to exhibit in Mlnnetipolin the rirot of next .week,, She chilmu. the Belgiami take dry flour ImrrelM to sloping ground on the border and then roll ihemnelveti to freedom in them on Holland noil, The'elec* trltltjd "cable*, whiph threaten death to tho roller If lht*y cum« in contact with Mid a guarantee of rireece's neutrality. Tli« (irlginal demtindfi for diitarma- ni*ni .were mude Oy Admiral du l-\imr- net. , A lon{| ueriyd of. ncgotiationa followed und Admiral du Kournet finally »et a time limit fur complinnre. (Jrewe made a cartial arciulenrence but further ('(imi'llratlnnn intervened aixK.Mn- ally the nlllew lunde'd troops at Plraeun uhlch 2 mart-bed to Athen,«. There was HKhtlng in The outakirtn of the -rity " DEBATED NQ11 Wilson And: LpnsingiSpent 3$# Hours Oispussing .Peace SOSe^ttoris. ".;* NO DECISION REACHED between j"oric» and Urc.eU reser- Allies Begin To Fee! Should Make Known Their Own Terms Of Peace.--— Hy Itobert J. Bender. Cor«-p«|)ondent of Unltetl D. C., De^ 16. — H«? wad elected mayor of the "Cloud . them. tuiVft proven no drawback. The City" in 1885, when the mining boom barrel'* K » UH der the wire* With H few ' it» height and I^udVllIe was the to wpure. ' Once on Holland soil wlde»t open town in the weift. u»«y « r « free u» Holland will not *tand He -made and roSt Ktm>ra| fortunes to nHV6 oermwn authorUlew twke them through hi» mining Investments. back,.»he dwHure*. ^ — ,..„..,„.,(«„,. - „ Yhe deportation of liclglans hiw MEXICAN WILL APPEAL l uiiuml 8l "* lHt «"digwition m HOH«»UI, vl»tK, Tho allies alleged treachery and ordered it blockade of (Jreece. The ae* e««ptance of the ultimatum l« presumably because Oreore fors«aw being starved out, There IHJI been n. number of indications that King C6m*tiuuine IIIIH endeavored to throw his lof, with the cen- trnl power* and to try to effect n Junction of hlv fon-eu with those of Ger' r -in the linlk^iuH, GERMANS TAKE BUZEU. <By t'nlted Pros*,) « «Jer..vBy WircH-ss To Say- vlllo, I* I., nee. 16,—HUJWHI IIHH been vaptured by German forces, today'a bf- t>lul Htuicnir'tit declared, Tho HUH- i '" >-iBn tioopti i-0^-eating through Rou-1 P I »I***"«. nearly two'hour* today Prenhlent .WH- con und Htn'M-mry Lantitn^ tho qiUHflou H ipplemenring the warded <lei tniin peace proposals to thft UlllcJ capltnlH with dome «URKCStlo« (from thin, Kovrrnnteitt. . "' At the conclusion of the conference, iH'ither the president ^gir Hecretary would titrow im^ lltjht 6ti B if any. dechtion had been" reached. "I have nothing to esy now, Xo iituioiint piiH-iu can he made at , present. Them in no conclusion (o i)i«' • IMISX." Thiit Hummed up Lanxlng** re*fly to im|i|irie«, of the newtinapermen. it watt indicated After the confer* enve the «tm» department hua UtM»*J idea orthe'pubUc sentiment on which.! except.H« vojeed by the mure*. In the t»i8t the Bt«t« depart* mania left burning villages throughout! lnCMI h " N been Hooded with Ramon P*>*n« Qiven 15 Yearn Per Connection With Border Raid. (By United PreS«,) , Drownsvllle, Tex,. Uec, 15,-!~ilumon who WHH w^ntenci'cf to »ervo Mra. Ilemenwiiy Htate«, "America's Jutnvs of war condition^ of tho depur« . tatlun of |{t*Igiunti and liiiro|i.euu thiusfe in general, appear to be accurate," she declared, "The Belgians huve'been di»' ported «» stated. £U>me of the deport- to dh gteut Three vain by French forue» on the we«t bank «.f thft. Mouse were indlvidutil view* of what ought to tie. done, f n" thle ln«tance_ nothing ban come. alio reported. The tiK^nulta wera made . """''' " Hjsaltmt tScrnmn trencher aoutheuat oft 8HOUUO QIVH OWN TERMS. Mulencourl, cuptured by the. (Jerman ' By-JW I* Keen. fore-en time time- ago, (Hlnff Cormspondent of United On the east bank of tho Mi'iiw the< U>nd"n, J'Jng^ Dec, 10.*pThere ' also launched repeated attack*) ''wMly Increnn* In Hentitnent today Then *»»«!' down tightly, The twn should ha builfd Uirw hmu'M Ucl'oi'o it iy «teu?iietl. Do not u«e- i-urn too wld u* it will t|n^K<\ mid ull fruits an>l v t'jft»tubic« should -4»» cooktHl According t«j thti melhod rctiuli'^d* for cmutnoiV ing thin oitu'im, < of fold i«»cU ciinniHK b.«vn from tin- fourth unU «f lM CVnirn then ««»«. ch04e for'her ty fllfl." , 15 ,y«ii-« in prison lute ywterday fur for u ', e ClP«wa»-»»«>hUer» and ' participation in the In thi# Meslcwn laat with the uf liintriu-tti>ii '»» m«>' l)f to page 9.) HOW "TO PtEA9£ MOTHER FATHER. A pair uf perfect HIIUIK slrtiisi 1 * nior^ *toili| .couVori to tlms-i' who them Chun ttiiytiilnu uiut>>i iliv can vanity rxpfuln •liww ilu* mn OR rxpected to wppwil toduy, Quinine tluujiirilo, in discharged evidence.' " LINERS WiRE DEUYED Traffic On The Atlantic If Clogged By The l-u-ft Rt»l Snow Storm. t !»\ I'utiml Xc.w VorK • N. linctH Wf'M' «i in tin- ilrjitmil today. , bttmlU «««'«1'«> 'U'clarc in «pite ,«jf J>af1 lu work ln with im who. denials Mra. Hwmcnway mnde her home for «lx yearn Ih Km we but wav nnablc to I'l'turn then* and «pnnt Home time tit Tlw Hague. She will rcmulti in the HCitoti until the ter V., Dec, JS.-uccan .iiul tuulic i-liij4gi>U '' • atoriii «f trte win- ADRIFTll SIX DAYS Two Americans And Three Mex- niratlc, « but only «t* it ing delayed by dm* :u twJuy the othei» IH-- fhn MUIOI. tiouldinis . t»m.|ci:ui l Kurnt Thito ^iu-..'!. NOTICE. f 'tin- Kii-i'mu ,\t,ii- itl^ioil U til llC liflli > on i/t lock , \V. K Miti hell Pit"- ol'ii \V. t"lati, SIH * ANGORA CAP A.NO SCARF SETS fl. I low, <*upt>n i»iHl"wlimi; others |1.^5 »intl $1, &<*,» icans Were Without Food And Wftter. prot'eded by wtrong, artillery 'prcpfur- Abe wlllew in refusing Germany's p««e»;, 3 ^ Htlona which extended far Into ptmi- I'laiiM Hhould HOI forth their own terms lions behind the line. Further attacks "'' l^/ 1 ' 1 '- ^otwUhnfftndfng the fulled on Pepper ildge. . t!nu. : 4 Hitler of Premier.JUoyYl ; ... D»'velo|im»tu>««'('HttHcks on the south! rh «* w/llll ' H '"reign oil Ices have wlready ' begun thw exchange of vlewii on tHwm* / t;p||or von Helirmnnti-JHollwi's'8 i<l«H>e mout Fort f the hill wer* made lm|w inun'H drtitruciivo tirc». u*»8 i'»e«r Parnlosa and both ->i|i|f» of Hii* eantt-rn Hurdu- by 1he Partial ud- iVrtui «jy< *lire«» view* entertained aa ,| to th« % I'ouiHt* ili^*Hille» should adopt'In ~~' tlly I'lit ted ljroiiw«>viU«<, . 'IVx,. l>e< % . Ifi. -Two Amo»'lc,un« of thi 1 Hve survivor* of tho itub which tinuiulered -in the Uulf to- of Mexico durins u ntorin « week were iutiTiu'd in AiutuiiKH'MH. Mex, il.'i>. iietuliiiK' I'l'i'iiitf^inu fnuii tin- Utp Hin (4ruiale Co this cUv. Thf> ,Ctt|»t. JOM ph Kodfimunu and Ch 141 lu (Au\td only UMMM* to tliii enemy, «nid Announcing rejection of th«. tin* nlltciul HtHti'iiH'iH iloHling v\ith the-) I'Tinn. ba^vtl on-the r«nHa*tlon the en- MiictHloniaii tiKtuliij!, tone |(4i;ver» in tint avoid the Ucrinun "tin ono height tlxc. enumy SUIHWI)- • pHl'alla They are; - : • ul in Rettiiife n toothold." aahl th«> ot- , '• ^ 'U llnt r*J«cH«Jtt of. the im»»* tu ml «taioTm>m m fk*hcriblnst the Hun- ' 'I'lw* ndvwnte* oJT this plan it it* tun? .nliui oHcnxUi. in ihe f ';ir|i!tilii.tti^, "Th<> { *iu'v*l It i* the only way lu ptf>vent atturkx <>n the Tiannylv<iniu front; 'be MiiuaMon from being nuuteuveret} rtilcii rfri on 'iti HiM-i'.s i'ith »f the ni»)-l»» and br u'tfhi " by . <»f tbi» i>lo,u hold, on tUe<>?fei&r,_" af MRS. SANTA- CLAUS • Arnold. j Tile nun icaciicU meet 'she I»*UH>* rttlwd by von lU''g, n. Thut. UcitnuHy iiaroe-her terms «HI tiu» lituiumption tbi'tif tfrtnt* may tm n-.-i)Iy worth considering, and might »M» hiact To Postpone Hfr Trip H6m«, t-o«H|d«rod- without dttm«gf to the *dj_ On account of tho imtwrHval of HII.<W i lip* prt^Mtlge. ' ^ ~~" ' Z— tunncrv for hoi- at»io(.laiu' s-l-e will bej. :!, That tli« uUleB <\n not a'fck tier-- »t t'heHt«T'i« Hutntduy nrtt>r:iuon <tml ' nvin> H terms, but detail their •'U'ttin* Slu« advixvM si'l chiMren Vhojtnm* (ur pwict*. Iheir 'terms and hiit't' not nii<>!im»l her <>f their. w.iut»- ' dttlonn --_.._>.,-. lu >!<> MI .it Man •«• n.s. timurday is !'"*(•, Tin 1 .aU,4jjfj»Uuw# ttu>4<' in ihi^ ^ !lM'i> the .. ility" »lu« will lit- bi-iv ' <»f .iii'iuiiil luitluiiy and tyHxwially Tii»> " I K cht-Mi'i>" Co, Tin* -««r«-.u ('e^ol-ifunj-uin of such un uiui In th«s' t»lHM ' 3u- mil-, - t « SHI- j'intt'<S »-f . .oi i, IMS aided hi thr do the itcutimetit t«iiiittng 1U The iv.. Alllcl ttMII** tilld till*' M*'AICiltl >.f !hl- i H'W V*fl«' t.t\«-ll IHtdi CHHISTMAS, UMBRftt-AS. *, I'.tttll-K lU'W '•llU'l. (Hi-'tT'-t'l l\f.i .N-.M' Only 7 More Days PAL.MOtiV.JE SOAP FREE. i'lt.-.'ii' vn'ii I'.ittiioiivc i oiit>on> tlut i tv'fii tii^t'ijlii ted tin oiiKlirtin town, ,il Ii:i?i .Mu!«' Inn- o»n i.iUi- i.f l'.,f,t!l- .ii.'ist \V> iH'-lij .n'-4- \\\\ (imxi*. t*u » TOWFl.-SiTS 98c. t V Hit- 'o> 'A;-' ti"iii <Ji isiii r,\pc.-i iitvoruhlt 1 action mi its 'fcr KiiifSdinl legitrdd tl'c Jts.iHi lu-i- i.l' \>-\\ |!( .'lintdii'M- li'illwcl,' v I'll—« ticoiial* iitu! tt*t • if! (llali- In BLANK.E»T ROBE.

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