Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 21, 1968 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1968
Page 3
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ftp ft* Television Schedule Budget Cuts W« (M»0 SI W, Nrtrt ^ Offset fKJDAV., HAftCH ..... g 81. 6s 30 (COLCR) 7s 00 (COLOR) 7s 30 (COLOR) <*! 00 (COLCR) 3(30 (COLOR) 9;00 (COLOR) 10:00 (COLOR) 10t30 (COLOR) 12:00 M FRflDAYj. MARCH SECOND HUNDRED YEARS THE FLY1M HW BEWITCHED THAT GIRL PEYTON PLACE COWBOY IN AFRICA THE 10 O'CLOCK REPORT THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF 32. 6:i,5 AM 7iOO (COLOR) 8:30 10:00 (COLCR) 11:00 11:30 (COLOR) 12:00 1:00 (COLOR) 1:30 (COLOR) 1:55 (COLOR) 2:00 (COLOR) 2:30 (COLOR) 3:00 (COLOR) 3:30 5:00 (COLOR) 5:30 (COLOR) 6:00 6:30 (COLOR) 7:30 (COLOR) 8:30 (COLOR) 9:00 (COLCR) 10:00 (COLOR) 10:30 7u."£ ...<,J , .; 12:00 (COLOR) 1:30 AK TEST PATTERN .; BOZO'S BIO TOP SHOW DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Her Jungle Love" Dorothy Lamour, Ray Milland THIS MORNINO . '/•'.' BEWITCHED TREASURE ISLE THE FUGITIVE THE NEWLYWED OAME THE BABY OAME , CHILDREN'S DOCTOR OENERAL.-HOSPITAL DARK SHADOWS DATING OAME DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "This Gun For Hire" Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd ABC NEWS : 5:30 REPORT RIFLEMAN OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD OPERATION ENTERTAINMENT THE GUNS OF .WILL SONNETT JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE TEN O'CLOCK REPORT THE BIG MOVIE •• -> • •= ...... ,, ll The, r WiOd 1 And tfiS.'Jjhribfc'Aht":': Audio Murphy, Sandra Dee THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF KAR 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 NBC Children's Theatre "The Reluctant DraRon" NNC Ironside N«C (C) Dragnet NBC (C) The Doan Martin Shov; NBC News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnio Gibbons Scores Show 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign Off Friday, March 22 6:45 RFD with Hob Buice (C) 6:55 Morning Devotions (C) 7:00 The Today Show N11C (C) 7:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 7:30 The Today Show NDC (C) 8:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas Nowo and Weather (C) 8:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9:25 Nancy Dickerson with the News 9:30 Concentration NBC (C) lOrOO Personality NBC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC (C) 11:00 Jeopardy NBC (C) 11:30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11;55 Edwin Newman with the News NBC 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Let's Make A Deal NBC (C) i;00 Days of Our Lives NBC (C) 1;30 The Doctors NDC (C) 2:00 Another Wqrld NF.C (C) 2; 30 You Don't Soy NBC (C) 3:00 The Mike DouRjas Show (C) 4; 30 X Love Lucy "Lucy's Swan Song 5; 00 F Troop "Iron Horse Gp Home" 5! 30 Huntloy Krinkley Report WC 6; 00 News and Weather Report (C) 6; 30 Tarzan NBC (C) 7! 30 Ring) ing Brothers and Barnym and Bailey Circus NRC 8:30 The Hollywood Sciuaros N'BC (C) 9-00 Bell Telephone Hour NBC (C) 10; 00 News and Weather (C) 1Q; 15 Lpnnip pi.bhons Sports Siipw (C) 10:30 Tne Tonisl't Show NRC (C) 12;QO Sign PEf 6125 6l4S 1 1 00 ?!25 7! 30 §125 8t30 9fOO $126 $130 10 i 00 10«30 11(00 11 1 30 12«00 12t30 It 00 Il30 2iOO 2i30 3 i 00 3 i 25 4«30 Si 00 5i30 6(00 6)20 6; 30 7 1 JO 8(30 9! 00 lOiOO 10(30 I2i00 AM HOftNlHd DEVOflCMAt fEXARKANA COLLE(S§ FARM Bte&SU * d fOCAY SH6M * C f65AY 1M TBXAftRAMA • T06AY SHOW * d fO&AY fM SMftgVfiPOftf * f05AY SHOW * C SMAP JUOiSMEN* - <J NBG MEWS « G <20>feeMTRAflOM - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYW005 SQUARES * d JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C M fV PARfYttNE * C bffl LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OP OUR LIVES « C fHE DOCfORS - C ANOTHER WORLD <• C YOU DON'T SAY - G THE MATCH GAME - d LAPPALOT CLUB - C WANTED! DEAN OR ALIVE MARSHAL DILLON - BiW HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY .- C NEWSCOPE WEATHER AL GORDON ON SPORTS JOURNEY TO ETERNITY - C THE CIRCUS - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C BELL TELEPHONE - C NEWSCOPE - (NEWS -WEATHER- SPORTS) - C THE TONIGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV THURSDAY. MARCH. 21: 6:30 Second Hundred Yeats - ABC (C) 7:00 The Flying Nun - ABC (C) 7l30 Bewitched - ABC (C) 8:00 That Girl - ABC vO 8:30 Peyton Place - ABC (C) 9:00 Rat Patrol - ABC (C) 9:30 Felony Squad - ABC (C) 10:00 Arkansas News and Waacher (C) 10:15 World News (C) 10:20 Bud Campbell Sports (C) 10:30 Arkansas Sportsman iC> 11:00 Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) FRIDAY. MARCH 22 7:30 Bozo's Big Top Comics (C) 8:30 The Fugitive - ABC 9:30 This Morning - ABC (C) Host: Dick Cavett 11:00 Bewitched - ABC \ 11:30 Treasure Isle - ABC (C) 12:00 The Noon Show - Live (C) It 00 Newlywed Game - ABC (C) 1:30 The Baby Game - ABC (C) 1:55 Children's Doctor - ABC (C) 2:00 General Hospital— ABC (C) 2:30 Dark Shadows - ABC (C) 3:00 Dating Game - ABC (C) M 3i30,,' ; , .,,.' ,,,,BozoJs .Big Top;, Comics-, Live-, (C) 5:00 ' Bob .Young. Evening Neva - ABC 00) f 5:30 Truth or Consequences (C) 6:00 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 6:15 World News (C) 6:20 Bud Campbell Sports (C) 6:30 Off To See The Wizard - ABC (C) 7:30 Operation. Entertainment - ABC (C) 8:30 Guns of Will Sonnett - ABC (C) 9:00 Judd For The Detense - ABC (C) 10:00 Arkansas News and Woather (C) 10:15 World News (C) 10:20 Bud Campbell Sports (C) 10:30 The Late Show: "HOME BEFORE DARK" Jean Simmons Rhonda Fleming Efrara Zimbalist, Jr, KSLA-TVQI2 THURSDAY MARCH 21 _ 6?30 Cimarron Strip 8:00 * CDS Thursday Night Movie "Goodbye Again," Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Perkini, Yves Montand 10:00 News/Erwin 10«25 Weather/Griffin 10j30 * The Late Movie "The Rise And Fall Of Leg* Diamond," Ray Dan ton, Karen Steele 12iOO Weather/Vespers FRIDAY MARCH 22 6 {25 6«25 6j55 7; 05 7:30 8 j 00 9tOO 9;30 lOjOO 10} 30 U;00 U;25 U;3Q Economics (Mon-ThurJ Across The Fence (Fri) Your Pastor CBS News/Bent i Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of Mayberry Die* Van Dyke Lpve Of Life CBS News/Bent i Search FOF Tomorrow Guiding Light News/Owen As The World Turn* . Love Js A Nany Spitndertd Thing Hpu.se Party To Tell The Truth CBS pews /Edv* Fiji Edge Of Night Secret sterro GUUgtn'i l*Und Rawhide HcHsie's Nivy CJS News/Owen 8; 30 9:00 10:00 iO:30 U;oo UsPP 12i3P liOO 1|3P 2sPP 2i25 Sh3P 3;PP 3; 30 4sPP SsPP 5|30 &fPP 6;3P Wild, Wi|d West 7?3P CC'.ar Pyle, USMg 8 5 PC * CBS Friday Night H9Yi«s "The Pestructpr§, H StphjFSl Egani -John Erigspn, Ansara IPspP Nevs/Eryin 10:|5 Weather/Griffin 10;3P The Late Mpyie "I'll See You In My Poris Day, Panny 12;PP Weather/Vespers V»ry High By EfcMONTJ .... Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House trial balloon of a$d billion budget cut never soared very high in the estimation of congressional leaders demand* ing deeper reductions as the price of a tax increase. And now it seems to hava fall* en flat, No specific reductions have been sent to Capitol Hill, formally or informally, and the Indications are that none will be ready for sometime. Congressional economizers are showing irritation. Some are suggesting that the $9 billion reduction talk last weekend by high administration sources was really intended more for the ears of the international monetary authorities meeting to stem the gold rush than for consider- atlon by Congress. A genuine fear that speculators against the dollar might win gave a strong Impetus last week to the lagging discussions between the executive and legislative branches of an economy- tax combination to reduce the prospective $20 billion deficit and bolster the U.S. International financial position, The momentum has slackened since then. key coftffessmsfi were talking of an eVefl steeper Increase lhaft .the 10 frBf cent income ta* sur* charge Johffeoft is asking, Sbmii suggested restoring the regular Income-fa* bracket rates, e** cept in the lowest brackets, as they were before the massive 1964 tax reduction instead of merely adding a surcharge. Such a rollback would yield frft estimated $14 billion Increase in" revenues instead of the $10 bliHon plus which the surcharge is supposed to bring in. Bui (he asking price was a budget reduction in the range of $1§ billion-* meaning an actual spending cut of about $6 billion -Instead of the $9 billion budget trim that would mean about $4 billion In actual spending, there was no meeting of minds on an economy move of these dimensions. It would require dropping, postponing indefinitely or at least drastically scaling down some whole domestic programs. This is exactly the course some economizers are advocating. They say the built-in expansion of these programs over the next five years or more will cost more than the present revenue structure can provide—oven If the economy maintains a healthy growth. As the dialogue between the executive and the legislative branches falters, conferences within Congress on the possibility of a legislatively dictated cutdown on domestic spending Students «f U A Protest Dow Recruiter There was a point at which continue. These now cross party Affc (Al» •"• About 15 ahllwrtr demonstrators protested recruitment , of University of Arkansas students by flow Chemical Cottttiany here Wednesday by staging a sit in at the UA Student Union. The Southern State Organizing Committee objected to Dow because It manufactures napnlm used in Vietnam. It had written Dow earlier It would picket Its recruiter* if they came to the Arkinsas campus. The SCX: demonstrates car- <MI* <fe» Wu lines, bringing in Republican leaders as well as the economy- minded Democratic chairmen of the taxing and spending com- mltlees. If. they agree, the administration may find itself fighting budget cuts it had no hand In preparing, t A development'* which can have given the administration no comfort was a speech by Rep. Charles A. Vanlk, D*0hio, one of the five Ways and Means Committeemen who tried In vain to keep the surcharge proposal alive last September when the committee shelved it. But Vardk told the House Wednesday he cannot support a tax increase to escalate the Vietnam war, nor approve further cutbacks In programs to cope with urban crises. earted slgifs siying "tJtw shift M Kill," "&fake Peace M Napalm" atrl "treat- DOW, {far* Voaf Forgotten Nnrembefg^ No Ofte W.is Guilty There, Either,*' Leaflets passed out at a rally held in the student union said, "We support Dow'S right to speak freely, but we do not support the manufacture of napalm." A Dow spokesman In the union said tltat the United States was involved in Vletnim ;tftf "as long as we are involved we believe in fulfilling our responsibility to (his national commitment of the democratic society." The spokesman said the schedule for interviews was about normal. British Cut Bonk Rate of Interest LONDON (AP>-The British government cut the Bank rate today from 8 per cent to 7'/a per cent in the wake of Britain's toughest peacetime budget since the 1930s. The move by Prime Minister Harold Wilson's labor government is designed to make money more available for export production and investment in new plants and machinery. The Bank rate governs interest rates throughout the sterling bloc* It has been 8 per cent since last Nov. 19, when it was f, twtn 21, Walfec* Cretin to Off ml •• PINfe BLOPF, Afk, (Af>-A spokesman fdf Jlffl Johnson, the 1966 &en»«fatte nominee for governor who is heading the Arkansas campaign for former Alabama Ooy, Gearg§ Wallace, said an organizational meeting- fof the Wallace tef President campaign in Jefferson County will be held here Friday, hoisted from 1 l /z per cent in a& increase associated with deval* uafldn of the pound, Announcing the reduction fa' the rate, the Bank of England cited the calming of the International monetary situation result* ing from the Washington agree* ment to allow both free and official markets for gold and the strengthening of the pound as ,a! result of the British budget' made public Tuesday. "In these circumstances," the bank said, "the reduction in the" rate to 7'/2 per cent is approprk ate both on international and domestic considerations," The cut In the rate gave the pound an immediate boost/Sellers on the London foreign exchange market turned buyers^' helping sterling up to $2,4035, It' had earlier dipped to $2.4025dol- lars from last night's closing at $2.4065. "' The rate change also affected ; the London stock market, with leading equities showing sharp 1 gains. Only at Ford Dealers fastbacks in 3 sizes! And the Ford and Torino fastbacks actually cost no more than hardtops, All in all, Ford Dealers give you a choice of $ fallbacks, Nobody else matches that! 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