Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 31, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1944
Page 7
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—-"MONDAY, JULY 31, 1944 NAUGATtICK DAILY NEWS Page Seven Prices Are On The Rise. Password Of The Wise DID YOU KXOW thai, I'ur'ciily 63 you line tlllT-L 1 thrw ,1,-iv.--,' Tli:U. .irivfs you t'ifltrn \vunls. (no. Announcements Employment chine s only. ' r i-' '— :'.<\>r uutonuiliv ip, Stabilization Wiitbv. -1-0127. lli>!|> Wiuilt'il—1 fur Mimll wfinti-d. Call 0-12-1 Thom- QII lli'lji WHMtod—Mali- i>r 1'AIU' TI.MK — SI1.K GARMENT I'fJKJ'Sl-JR, 1> R Y CLKANK.!'., UOUTK r>RIVlOR. APPLY rur.iTAX cr.,!-:Axi^ks AN 1 ") r>YKUt>, "'.' UNION ST. 3-,-«»;, WAT!-: r; BURY. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application Tills is to jrivc notice that' 7, Linils .1. Co-niUkey, o!' 1M WaahiiiR. ton street. NauCTtuck, have Hied mi upiuiuiiiion (luted July 20, 19-M wlrh the Liquor Control Commission for a club permit for (.he sale of alcoholic liquor on the premise.*, -03 Church street. Naupatuck '.riio biu-iiiics.-', is owned by B, P.'O Kills .LodKo Mo, OUT, of 203 Church ftrect, iS'wiifKtturk. iuu! will be conducted by Louis J. Comisikey, of. ^Washington, street, IVau;;utiick, as permittee. LOUIS J. COMISKKY, Dated: July 25, 19-1-1. 7-3.1; 8- Automotive AntiiH 1'or Sulo — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Silica Service Parts, Acccssorlc Mulculm AV. Starr Carp. •ISS WiUcrtowu Avc. Dial 5-11-H MONUMENTS Special prices on All Moinorlala fJ. RICHARDS 260 So. Main St. Nnugatuck Got ;he -benefit of our staffs ex- iM-ieiK-e when you need a New* Wiuu Ail: phone H'J^S and let an ad-U'iker help you. PACKARD IMC Willys Sedan 1938 Ford Tudor "PRICED BELOW CEILING" .Piickard-AVatorbury, Inc. •182 Watcrtown, Avenue Diul -1-0109 l(m OLDSMODILl': for siilo. Go<nl comli'tiph. Inquire 130 Prospect street, .Union City,, after 5:30 p m. Mi. CAMP THAII.KK—Kudo-toil, si:p- ai-ate compartments for food, clothes. Two smail windows, $SO Tel. 1S3-3 Woodbur'y. IB Auloji Wanted OLD CARS'WANTED JUNKING! Coll 3-808-1 from 7 n. m. to 7 p. ,m. 3-1S1G—7 p. m. to 10 p. m. Merchandise IJoiits And AccoNsorlvK DODGlfi Spi-oil Boat—Cape Coil motor bout aiftl 10-foot cloi-y with • electric motor. Tel, \Vtby. 3-9SGU to 0 p.- m.' Watortown -11-11 after 0 p. m. . . ' . . . _ Merchandise Articles 2(1 MuterlttlN •K MIXERS —Our, JO-S, one 7-S Jnctjer make,' trailer type, pneumatic lire?;;, .-power loader. Also '10,000 feet plywood concrete forms. Can he seen at'noi'lh end of J-Ioacllcy St. 200 -house project, Liberty Contra.cLir.g- Co. lil alarm clocks, sewing " 1;| .chine, 1 . ru^rs,. 1'urriitiire, food •writing desk utc. fur tmle, Tel. 31 !M. Contractors 'Al'Kll HANGING W. P. Cota, 17 Tel. 5.ISIJ. niul riilntlnj-. Cedar Street. Merchandise Household Articles 1AKK oak dliiini; tahli- anil four chairs, ?10. Call 5477 after 0 p. m. COMlTJSTKf homo fiiriilsliiii^.s bought for cash. l-Ji^ncst prices paid for.- -electric refrigerators:, washers; -.and \etoves, regardless of condition. F-nui ois''.Fii-ni i(;irrc Co. no 'MOUTH 'MAIN STRKET Telojjhone 3000 Merchandise JJny HANK safe <Ti:p«sit I)» wuiitud. l-lifhest cu.sJj priccpi paid. -Wire collect, write or phone what you have to offer. J. E. iturphey, He- public UOa-l, 810 Yeatoian Avc., Webster Groves 19, .Mo. BAlJV—Cur McutH, a'hiy puns, lialhl- JiettM, crib's, liigh chairs, Kantv/et mattresses, tovs. THE EADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Watci'bury L'JSIIING Kfiuipitieiit. prJcos paid for j-oda and Tel. 5-I7S botwcon' 3 M. m. p. m. reels. ;j.nd 2 n n cims CK1I5S — C»rri:>»rcs, 1'lay Tons, I-jti'yc selection of toya. Lowc.'jt jiriccK In town. HE AGON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. Education Services Anil Private I.IIK(ruulorx I SCHOOL OF MUSIC STUDIOS ~ 4-0028 TO3 South Main^n. Wilson Street' Piunq - Voice - Mandolin Chlldi'cn, AdiiltM, AdvunCcO, BcK'n- ner.s. Rapid Piuno Coursi! for Adults Service* Animals Catt!<; And .Swim; GOOD -TEU.S12V COW for Call at 32 Ho.'icllcy street, > tuck. To C A S'H - '-' 01 ' y ° llr W HMSTHUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. 203 Ban It -i-M22 VICTKOLA IN I:;XC K T, L K N T CONDITION WANTED. PHO'NE •M2a NAUOATU'Clv. 15UY \VAIl ItO.NUS AND STAMI'S 'NIC while uiiamrl kilclirn ruiiKi;, oil. T. J. Montrxmbault. Union City. Tel. JOS.-?. siior Ve buy, S(. k ||, ,,-xc!i:Lii^e, anil repair nil hinds of instrument. Lowest prices in the city. 3SO-3B2 So. Alain St., W.itby,. Conn. 1'uiillry Ami KX « »UCKS- quantilios Tel. 28CO. •live wciKlit, .'fCte II). In over 10'. p City Hill St. Services IlliUJ'IlOI-STIill- ING and alfp covers. Amaxinsly Jow prices. Allon's 'UpbolslcrinR Studio. Ma-slorci-aft arl.isls. I Grand St. Watcrbury. Dial <t-QfH5 Wanted To Kcndcr ScrviccH KMIC-rillCAI. ItcpntrlKK Scrvica Appliances' a .specially. R.-iy Decker, -102 N. Main St. Tel. -100O. ODD .I01J 1'AINTING A. J. after Kvdzma, p .m. Call -I2G6 ATTENTION Kluctrurux Owncra •—Repairs, genuine partH and ecrvice. By bonded Eject rolui Man. I. Nlsscn, 3 T»rca« Av«. Telephone «S22. Cleaning And I'rofi.-ssional S<;rvic«'s CKAIJOWSKI'S Iladin He pair Shc;j — Radios expertly repaired with the !ate;-,t olcctronio -testinf; ctiuip.Tjent. Quick courteou.s service, moderate prices. Pick-up and delivery. Phone OC17. tli-y KIEVMAX'S lt'H Great Dry Firm, offers it-s first class c!oa.ninfj not only In family mcnus, but bla;ikcts, ru^s and other specialties in Ihis field. KI}SVMAN'S Church Street For Sale llonso l-'nr Sale FOIt .-Al.l'^—Two family luiu.ii>, H ronnis. - car ;.'iirai;e and barn. All Imi'i-uvcineti!.-;. Lot S-l X ll'ifl. Ainsaci-iflce. Tel.' 3-. r --i(;o, Urid^o- jiort. ; O.VK-I-'AMM.Y luiusi.'s of -I riiiiin.i ench. n'.l rniuU-rn itiiprovcnients, >il-i'-w;ir (milt, R yi'.'ir.i old. Jica.Mnn for soiling, o-.vner in service j.-L.-'llO. 6 roiiin. 1 family housn, all un prownionts also 3 yrnr:'. old. situ !il!-(l on 3-1 nctv land. Price SN.fini ]f you want to buy or noil so Patsy l.'ihrioln. 172 I!ij;h Mtreet Thoni^ S-l.'s or 5S3-I. On The Air Today Nursery Opener JillJMT room, i-fani Miif nrs. in K ini: In IHPIIHI.', All condition. HKi 1 -'"iil liti'A'c !«:. Price Also i:-nioin -'-fainily ^'ara^i- and extra l>uU<!- 1'i'iet ?i',300. A. Sheplov. FOl.'Il HOOM 1/inrl, Wonjitr Sun; M-ronni lo: 7:.' x --17, IKHIM-, i>tn- acn r stivi-r. Price him -r-. Scott str .?-l.sfx); o'-iv of S3.- l-.'~.niily luiu>;e. U'artl rit. J. lloaly. tclepiumo 0031. John TKN-roiun, ^-Tumll, of town, Prici-, Lntiriii];i, realtor. NaiiKiiuick Curia ' house. All 1m- 10x130. West side :?H.r>!in. Patsy 17J HU'h street. Phone SitS'l or Uind l''or Sa(i> Jiulldlnj; Inf. l-jii liy I (Ml fi-i-t on Shirliry .strnot, two miles from .N'mi(.-fiu;ck olT Xew Haven i-oad ri-ii-c Sl.'f). Call Wati-rlnirv -l--iriGl. For Rent •1,-IKI p. in. \VAIJC—Broiulwuy Miitineu W ATI'.—Ethel and Albert \VHAI' % -\VT1C—Bnckstiijje Wife \\'OU—News; GatnbliiiH; •I :l 5 p. in, WOK—Rambling with Gambling vVATR-WJJi—Foctiin; iN'orrnstn Show \VI£Al-'-WTrc-Stall!i Dallas •I.'SO I>, ill. \Vl-:At-''-VVT:C--l-ore[ixo Jones WATiC—Off Che Kecoi-d; yinRiiif,- NeiKlibor WOK--Bwl) Stanley Orcli. W AT.K- \VJZ-N 0 \v.s 'l:4."> p. MI. VVKA-F--VV7TC—Youiip VVidder ' Brown \VAWVR-\VJZ— Corre ; poncleiHs Abroad "WA't'JC—HayriioncI Scott Sliow "i.-iwi p. in. Wl£AFAVTlC..-\Vnieu a Girl .Marries WAI-'-C—fun with Dunn VVOR—Uncle Don WATK— Terry and Pirates ,"):!") p, ni. WABC—Mother arid Dud \\"l'[C -Love Kiul Jjcani \V AT R —Melody Kevue VVOR—Chicle Carter 5:oi) p. in. WOU—Tom Mix Show iv'ABC—Three Slaters WEAF-VVTIC-- Just Plain Bill WATK-VVJ/C -Jack Armstrong WA'I'R—News 5:-l.-> p. ni WJZ!—Captain Midnight /ACJC — v»'i|i.iC!Tll?.-.S Jioail 'VO I'v-—h>ti permit n VTIC—Front PaKo Farrull VVATK—Sea Hound fi:l>i) p. in. WO I'; —Headlines; .[''raver WT1C-WEAF-WJX--N'ijws; -Talk Ii:l5 p. in. WAEC—Murray Orel), nst! Chorus Kn TUHI-:K nlci-ly furnlsln-d ronms for liKht ii'iiisoUcppini.'. All cunv li-ncc.-i, c'lOfl :/ication. Suif.-ihli- Co; - tnUilts. Addn-ss Box W in cure of the Xcws. O<;K lfOO>!s _ Wi.iilrJ like 2 «'!till..i. In.uiirf Ki.-J Li.cutit .stix- "r If, Shi'ffiPld r,ano AI-AKTMKNTS, I !in ,| a n. riii'iu.ihi!d. Tim Ilnen ten Co.. M r,,.,u- ( .nworth St. IVatrrhury 3-lli.j. lllu ent . 1X1 .Mi-adiw St ri-;,.r r;;,lph S. i- ils hfi. ,:,-, n - of 'Inr.-iti-i- or Walter A. Nur- care of Shoe- Joseph Hoffman • •" * TONIGHT AT 9 WTIC WEAF THE TELEPHONE HOUR' GREAT ARTIST SERIES I WE-AF—Serciradt; to America | \VATR—Music for Dininj; i WT,tC—Prof. Scheuker ! WJZ—Hop Hurrigan VVOR—Nuwsreel 11:30 p. in. WOR—News VVliAF—Tha Mood Ls Music WABC—Jei'i Sullavim \VJZ-Wliose War? WT1C—Strictly Spurts WATR—News; SOUR- Program 6:-l,j p. m. WO'R—Stan Lomax WABC—World Today WJZ-—Hetiry Taylor, News WT1C-WJ3AF—Lowell Thomas. W-A'TR— Pleasure, Profit; Interlude 7:00 p. in. W1SAF-WTIC—Muiie Shop WABC—I Lovo a Mystery WATR-WJZ--Horace He let I Oroli WOR—Fulton Lewis 7:15 p. in. WEAF-WTtC-News of the World WOR—Answer Man WABC—Dati-lino 7:31) p. m. WOR—-Lou Sobol Show WEAF—Al Roth Orch.; Revue WATR—Phono Your Answer WTIC—Dance Orch, WvVBC—Thanks to -Tanks JJi—Lone Ranker 7:lu p. in. WEAF—News WATA—For the Girls \\"l'IC~Sttulio Program SlIKI p. 111. .VATS-WJZ— Watch the World Go By A'KAK- \VTTC- Cavalcade WABC—Vox Po]> V ATK-WOR—N u ws .S:15 p. in. \VATR-.Lum and Abnor WOR—Nick Carter M:3n p, m. WTJC—Voice of Firestone WABC—Gas- Nineties Revue HM5 l>. in. WHN—Dodders vs. Cartis WATR-VVJX—Blind Date WOR—Sherlo'ek Holmes WTIC-WEAF—Symphonic Orch. WABC—Mayo:- of Ullo Town WOR—Gabriel Hcatter; Test WJZ-WATR— Counterspy !»::fl) p. 111. WATR-WJ5S—Spolliffht on Wcenis WABC—"The Man Called X" WOR—Music of Worship WTIC—Pcltetier's Orch. WliAF^Inforniation Pleaiiu 10:01) p. in. i WOR—News WJZ-WATR—Raymond Gram A-nurso places IJahy Craij; in(.o u crlli ;it tlie iipiMii'd In the :i'eniisylv:inl;i Hailrond tor- inliiiil in .Vow ^'urU for (lie e«it- vi.'liii.'iir.-/.- i>f serviei-iiu-n's wives travi-llnj; Avilh snuill cliildri-li. A ( .'tnd tnatrt^i] 'an- always on hiind to talic can.- of the tots. Charge For Cup Of Coffee 5 Cents W.-isliiiiKtoii, July 31—(UP)—Thu ten-con!, cup of coi'feo is K-v to the live-cent cup. A neu- Ollloc- of Price Adniinis- tmtior. regulation saya that nn res- tiiurant m:iy ehfirjje more tli.-in nickel for .'L cup o:" c-ot'fee—with. and sugar—unless it charged more during Iho week of October •llh to ]0th, 19-12. The- ruling \i-ont into cfi'ect today. BATHING BEAUTY" TOPS BILL NOW AT LOEWS THEATER PRIVATE BUCK WEAF-WTIC—Contented Program WABC— Scruon Guild 10:15 p. in. WATR-WJZ—Ted Ma lone J0::il> p, in. WABC—Johnny Morgan Show VVEAK-WTTC—''Dr. L Q." WOR—Symphonette ' WJZ—Academy Award; Theater W-ATR—News; Good Olc Days 11:0(1 p. in. ALL Stations—News 1l:lf> p. 111. WAT R-WTDAF-WTIC—News WABC—Louis Prima Orch. WJZ—Jon Cart Trio WOR—News 11:31) p. in. WTIC-WEAF—Stories of Escape WABC—Johnny Lonj,' Orch. WJZ-WATR—Saludos Arnijros WOR—Guy Lombardo Ordli. 11:45 p. in. WEAF—Denny Becknec Orch. ' 12:<HI Midnight WATR—SiRn Off WABC—News; Warrinf,"ton Orcli. WJ'Z—News; Sherwood Orch. WTIC-WEAF—News; Serenade WOR—.Fields, Martc-l Orch. "GOLD MINE" IN SIOWKIl Toledo. O.—(UP)—Three street division workers "struck It rich" the other dny when they were cleaning a Toledo sewer. They found ,.$-195 in postnl savings and S12I3 In war bonds. The "tfold mlnc"j'was turned over to the police. ' YOUTHS VACATION smok* cigars. Whenever anybody gives me one, I slip. it_ in ;the_ Colonel'i _ SKKK JOBS Cleveland—(UP)—Nearly -10,000 boys iincl jrirls under 18, all 'seeking • hiKh-payinp jobs clurinfr the summer vacation period between .ichool terms, have been pranted work permits by the Cleveland School Board Bureau of Attendance. For r.hucr entertaiimen t, you hnv» to £'o a lo.'ii^ way to tup "Bnthini? Eciiuty," ;.hc brand now Technicolor musical slurrhur Skclton wi-f'h 32 s t h e r Williams which the Loew Poli theater proudly presents, and ]>roudly acclaims that you wi'.l this: by nil means. Here is a fiim chockful- of fu'n color, inusii!, beautiful twirls sine cverylhinj; else that addr. up to the- most delectable kind of Movi Ffiix 1 . Skelton as the only man enrolled in a co-cd college is ,-ii -lii« comedy best,' nr.J Misj \Villiamt i-,- 1 . bc:i'utiful and talented and certainly is licaclccl for stardom 1 in-her own rig-hl. The production is one of the most handsome to hit town fn m,'.tny a season arid to Jack Cummings • mur'.t y'o much of the credit -for tho tasteful, Itunefi:! jiic- turc, which George Sidney ilia's brilliantly directed. Basil Rathbo.-ic ' deserts his villainous rolei? to play n. 'Broadway producer and shows hi'»- uncloubt: ed versatility in his handling of comedy lines and situations. The imposing' cast includes also Kthel Smith, "the Hit Parade orpranlsl w'l'.o-m'akes'her film debut. -Carlo.'i Ramirez who slng-s- with-the best of the' baritones, and Bill Goodwin of radio fame. Top Hie's-c' with Har- ry'James and Xavicr Cug-at 1 ' nnd their bands and'you- have 3iitc-r- tainmcn't par excellence,' which la what "Bathing Beauty" -'adds up to. Skelton fuills in lov-i wi'JU ll-ne Brooks played by Miss Williams while 'lie is writing' a series, of song's for'-Rat'libonc's next riiusl- cjil-show/ ' • The co-l:it on this bcgautlful pro- Kram is "Port of <10 Thieves," with Stephanie Bachlor and Lynn Rob-, crt's. • ' ' ' •It required. 12.7' acres of land to feed nn American in 1SOT. In thn 1940 census it was determined it look only eight aci'es, '''','• ROY CRAXE AND NOW, CO/ftMANPER SMITH, i TAKE BAYONET FROM FIRE. WE HAVE WOT TME. HA, HA GOOD JOKE, YISS ? HE MIOTED) THROW C0» WATIR, GOT ; TO PROTECT SAWVfR. NOT THE HERO TYPE. CAN'T STAND MUCH MORE OF THIS TORTURE. HEAT IRON AGAIN. I HEY.' I'M CETTING WORRIED, SMITH'S DUE BACK HERE WITH THAT GASOLINE. SO ENJOYABLE \ HEAR YANKEE SCREAM V FOR MERCY. ARE YOU READY TO TELL WHERE / .15 PLANE, MR. JMITH^y y M SCOUTING POEAMUSBAND BU2KS/HE'S CUTE* IN MY FOSTHVAI? PLANS I CANT FIGURE VJHETHER .TO SURROUND ABCr/TOSEE VA KMOW MOM/-' LOVE AND MAPPlAQc ORE A LOT LIKE WAP MAVBE HS WANTS THEPE'S TH5 OOOP- BtLL NOW SEClt'ET AGENT X9 KOBKKT STOKM JOlMT /N/VWAV.' COLLEGE COPS! GOOGLE ANn S ILL SVMftR ON T\V HOC ON .SHERIFF I! VLL'FESS UP - JUGHWO - IF WE DON'T/ QUIZ flHCUD, TELL (V\E -AWO FORG£0/TiLLVO'R£6LUE TUftR LETTER ,llu\ IN TU£ FRCE QUIZ VORE OUNT LO\N\Z\EV SHERIFF OUtt OC CORD DONE By WILLIAM KITT suut CLAKKNCE GKA« LOOK.S^DY CURTAIN AGAINST 'THE WALL GOSH, BRICK, !T MUST BE A WINDOW - THAT. UGHT- - NO-THAT'S NOT DAYtlGKT- THE GLOW IS BLUE - NOT' WHITE.' 'COME ON, LET'S OUT OF NONSENSE.' I'M GOING TO PULL THIS CURTAIN' WE-CANT GO IOME WITHOUT F\SU, AFTER rrELLIN' SIS WEt) lNS' (-VQME A MESS^Yoo DU.M ALOMG / so YOU BOYS TUESE UP IN TUE POND- DID YOOPE \<JOWDECFOL WATER FLOUNDER CAUfiMr IM A FRESH WATER POND-

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