Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 14, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1916
Page 8
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KltJHf. A.MUSSMENTS. AMUSEM'ENTS. DAILY GAZETTE GRAND-Totlay Edith Storey and Antonio Moreno in "The Shop Girl" Also Travel Picture * FRIDAY v f*aiilme Frederick in "The World's Great Snare*' , >mmmm 1 mC/lOEMY n M m fnSaturday *f« f ifi Special Guaranteed Attraction "It's-flood Just to bo Alive" Vaudeffe TONIGHT-VAUDEVILLE PoJIard, comedian. The Norrises, musical. Prevost & Gouiet, novelty. I>niif >!<i-< i.'ib > auiitn itf"; t!>* i'n t*. \: -. I* ifutr, ' H' r i'ni;i) rhol. c ' ami ."!{«*' I Life I tint Mne,»7ln<" " Two He "howf, T niul •* 1'.*ti:ii pri«-". ; TOMORROW, ww \.-iUflf\tH*. I'tm't fnif I" hrnr Th» C"<«»t»i'»i»"Htfin Trio, li.-t»'tti»>ntti ninff«»r.« Th<\v ttr '.. "Th« Yellow Menace.", , 1916. B A»R WITM'Kl,AW&EHLAN<,»:W I j( NEWS IN BRIEF ] [ MAUDE WEBB WAtKS. ; Ml«w Mntid* Wehh, tlfh yunttK tmly j wlu» ha«l her lejjs IMII off'iu I he Him* of I the- Oiilt nuto neei<l<>nt. Ai«{. 17th. ot- d»»red ftitiflrnl V'KK for hritrlf In <*hi- rn«o n . few tt-wkn SR", awl Tuesday xfif -iriil her f^fhcr went In t« yi-e tlietn In the itiu,:li I"-:,ur U.i'-yl wetfr nitlnh- jpd. After hsivins them/ori/li «*<< Ih'in nn hour thf yminKrlndyWHS ii>wlxK*tJ around sump In wnikiiiK ami th»>ji she utarted off nlwn* and wnlkrd ii|> nnd down Ihe corridor wltlcuit the nhl of a Cane or The Greatest Christmas "Store in Sterling = IS YOURS TO ENJOY We want everybody to feel thai thin is their Christmas, store, that the big place is capable of meeting the demands "of all and g ve the best gift satisfaction to be found. Our i a l?2 fo t €e P m beel * augmented to take care of the heavy holiday buying and facilities have been increased through* out to meet an demands. Everything is conveniently displayed on booths or in brilliantly lighted shcnV case,* Suitable for Christmas gifts. Shop early jn the day and yyu will shop with ease. Christmas Novelties YBROOK FARM BY KATE DOVGIAS WIGGIN^'>eHARL9TTt IMOHPSON / With MILDRED JEROME Aglow with the Sunshine and Joy of Life No Play in this Generation has" Made a More Direct Appeal to the Better Side of Human Nature / • NOT A i. 6 months in London m Seats on sale now afthe SterlinglPBanriacy r Prices »25c, 50c, 75c, and $l,00—Matinee 25c and 50c Mail OitUrt Accompanied by Monoy Orders Now R«coiv«d f*V^r>!^^^^ A zTL MONDAY, DEC. 18th V/ iiHss-This E. P. CHURCHILt (Inc.) 'Submits a New Mu»ical Comedy of Youth A. F. A/ND-A. M. ELECTION. wto Utvf-r LodKt 1 No, <?I2, ,\. F. am! A. M., will hold IN minimi election I'YI- drt'j' rvmitiK. life, Kith. Immediately after t»l"<ii"ti O|H>II InKfitHHilon will !»<• held in which -'til Mason*. Iwtstern Starn and tlielr futnlllei ;ire lnvlt»>d. t>;\nc- '. h«-!ttin LITTLE LOCALS m .-'.••• 1% with OLIVETTI HAYNE3 and 25 KIDS A- i A Fountain of Youth : ; 25 Kids— A Bevy of Pretty Girls —Kids 25 •,= "'''• 8 * Big 8o9ne»-8 —14. Sons Numbem-18 ' A Carload of Seonory and Effects AND BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES l;I;, Com ?' *•«' ^* Carry You Back for a Space to Childhood'* 'Happy If Buy* and th!» Little .Rod School House of Yoro and Thon Via a Dr««ro to th« Y«4> 1W6. - - - Btudio for Xnm« pli-iios, Meyerw went to thli* nitiritlnK for a nhort vlnlt. r'urd A, himlt)) rnttdc n PHHIIICSSI trl| to Chicago Thursduy, I-'. Hefflelmwer wfin n Ohleann Ihlw wornltiR. John (JoHmnri went to tlnehelle Thurwlny morning for n uliort vtelt, A|»r«in* nt the Practlcnt H«l«?.* I^rRt-M nnd hont tiMMortment o <,'hrl«tm«n nllp|>erfi nt Klllen & Trter»,» Sir, and Ml'H. Kliner Mttthlfl. of Vrn- iihclMttiwit, nttendvtl the Klkn' |mrt> . _. Tiivmlny evi*nlnp. Woodrurt'K Studio for Xtnn« phottm.* MrH. O. If. Hlehen. i>f tyo|«helnlown, Kjient Tnendny lu»re on 1 ] nni prepared to m>rv(} lunchen tit all anletf. Tall nt Vnti De Mark'a reslaur nnt.» Mrw, Patrick l<ornnl^ Confined lo her All (ha hue-lit ntj'!<>« In women'a bootM nt Klllen * Peter*,* Mr»». Oeorge ROHH, of Harmon, IN via* IHR hero nt the home of Mr. and Mm, C, 1*. Martin. . Btorm dtMir. eoverlngn for •with or without windows, Sui'liH Hn^s, in nil l!n« prc-Ky ™l«».rs 25c to $1.50 Fniit-y Hn^s, daintily imuic, I'Hml af ;.50cto$2.95. Pin Cuxbions 25c to $1 Svv«n>| (ifass Baskets, prii'od at ,, .$1 to $2 * l-ancy Haf Pin.s, Comb.s, lU'tiuty Pins, (>fc. LaTiu(Try Ba^M, lancy i-rcionno, 'd at ,'.50c to 75c Fancy Powder Pull's . .25c to 50c <V«nh«r Pi«'.-o Hulls _$! All kind- and si/,<>-< Cbrisfnin.s round ;m<| t >vn! Muskets. .Inpniicsy I*,,' ls Palm ;in<| Ini|i ;m H.MS ricnl !'mm..35ctq,$3.50 Plated Novelties s. ill .$1.95 to $4.50 Miislnni Oi|w, tit ..... 25c to 50c Candlesticks. «t ... .50c tOi$l,25 N;tft and Pepper Si-Is, (. pnced at ....... 50cand'^1.26 P»ti«f Vasos. aJ ........ 25ctd50o Tc'-P.all-ef. at .... ....... .'..260 Bun PMUI HnskHs, al . . t \ ____ $1 Snuar Shakers, at ..... I ..... ** Naked Apple Dishes ....... .50c iurar Holder.s, at . . ,50c : to $1,25 priced at ---- . Flash L\K\\(#, nt 25o $1 - : - . L»5e; 50c mid 75e Scats now selling at "the Sterlin g Pharmacy,' Learn to Dance our Kmutl Xnum uwU Ywu-'u tiurty tm Dec. 26th and Monday, Jan. 1st bo hit* of tho Beaton Satiictljiy nm! .MmuUiy to S»;00, Annei> ,from i);ou to is, Woodman Hall 'Pubtlo litvitrd, ' ft, B«l» A Son, i of- Dance Tonight Woodman Hall Prestin's Orchestra Admiition, Couple We Ladies Fr«e. Oivon by The Jollv Trio Academy of Bf usic TEMPLE 9100 't- JW * Married Womon" , Wr 8R00RICK *f*ructi«'» iimiU'tt* to . N08I and THROAT JIRAIN (o i a, «i,j 8 . ^Storting. III. tb Pb0n«n If thu iicrutiii or perwma who umk | tin- lilut- Chinchilla iiyiTCuul A-cnt the M>hfU> Worker's hall,' Woiltu-ixUi) i-y. will n-nun duinc l« GOi Avciiur tlil-y will n»«'««lvt- I5.UU icwurd. uud • int, will h« Mr. afid Mra. J'atil June, of 1'ni- leiBtpwn, Hpent Tuomlny evonlos here iittendlni; tho Klk«' party. "Oct btt'rtio band wagon," Join tho MOOBC, O|»en charter for a short tjintv Fee 15.00.* •'• Mrs, J. 15, AduinH. of KalUpe), Mont., IM here vlnltlnK old friends. "* Little Mltw JcAitette Ford IB very with broneliltia. Dttnco at Tomplco, Friday. l")ee. 15th. Mimic furnished by C'oehnin.* '" Chan, llopktnson n'tuniod home Wedne«dny After u UiiBluens trip through north western Iowa. HuHk"t bull, Alt. MorriH Hij;l> v«T StwIliiK Higlu Friday night, ut Armor- ry. 8;00 p. m. £5e.» •' ' Mr. and Mm. Wrnon CHttHttburn, k nf Tnmplixj, utteiuJ'Hl th0' Iilh«' daiiclDK party here ^u««duy ovenlriK. Sllsn Lenorn Oooch vlMltcd frienda-iit itlciiK" y,e«t«r»1fty, Dr. W.'lf, I'erry w^nt to Morrluon where he attended the an- iK of the Medlettl HOC hit y. Academy tonight, Temple Player* In ".Mantrtr ,!n'His own House," It! and "0 cents,* John (tollman, former resident of f, but for many years Uwveling _n, waw In Ht«rflng today c'all- Injj on 'his many friends, * UunMj.i i«ocleiy—Practleal -ale l-Vlday und Kttiiifday. Kterltntr Hept. Store,*•Mrs, Harold K. Ward, whu hitti boen very ill for the pnst few wot'liH, jy ro- roverjng nleely, • , * • Home IwtkliMT (Saturday at the 1'rue- ,. Bale. Mterllnir t>epL Storcj.* Dance in Woedtnan hall, Friday evo- 10. Uidletf admitted lart|uell« orrfeimtrU of Blxon,* Attorney C, W, Wmwlotirn in In lutrK where he IIUM *a 'CHHH lu try b6- fore tho court of that- oily, Homo vooKlng »»alji% Suturduy, FuRny ISior^.~"|3iiyiir"OT}lnaTy rnuin*" ""'"" Henry Miirtln, who han been vlHltliiK Jn Uio ua*t alnoe eleetlon day, Nov. f, ?hed holne iHht • night and resumed work «t the rivet factory. Ho hu^i i to m» lilM purontM and him three imnlierlowx ehildren. Tho oldest IM nine yearei of agn.-He mild it had been nearly three year» ulnre h« last HUW them ,nid. l.t was hard work, to te«r hltmielf iiwuy from ihem when hu >(urtett to come liaek we«t* Give Handkerchiefs No one over Imx («>o many korcliiflX particularly lh«^ hcanti- fnl kind Hint yoji will (hid in our CliristuuiH flispluy. Mmioria hand embroidered in fuif tjuality handkerchief linen, ideal for gifts, at 5Qc-up to $1.50, Initiid Handkerchiefs at 25c. (tiff hoxen of ,'J JfaiidkeR'hief.s 25c to $1,00. Ciepn (k» chineH at 2&C. 0 For Ulen Plni|t Handkerchiefs at lOc to 25c. - , ndkerchiefH at 25o. For Children. . (lift of -J nnd .'J Handkor- fs at.lOc and 25o. Aprons Dainty gift-AprniiH. many unique, . clever and out of the 'ordinary styles, made from fine India linens, SwiKHCM ntiil cn-pes, f»ean(iful em- hroidery ami lace Irimmiii^R; se^r. iiiK Aprons and Aprons for afternoon wear, wune with dainty bibs, others without. Prices range from 25c,$1.50 The Easiest Gift of AH • A Mtrehandiia or Clove Certificate, made for any amount, and which the re- cipient can redeem at any time, in any department of thii •tore. , v> What to Give Daughter (•ills' Drowses will solve the problem, \\\> have n wonderful (lirinl/ * m.iis di.sphiy and salo of (Jirte* Serge Dresses in plain } t ] lWf m j ? white iind green; trimmed in Hliop- herd Chocks, hmids and buttons; ages (5 lo 14 yours. All arc marked at' .'W l-,'j^ I«,s8 ilia n ii'j^ular prices. $3.50 $3.95 $4.50 $4.95 Your Gift List should always include Silk Hosiery Wo have for your sclt»r(ion a heiiiitiful tit^orlniout of plain and novelty Silk Hosiery—meeting every gift requirement. ^°rT....... ,V50c to $2.00 ^ • Put up in Xmas Imxes if for Sweater Coats Scarf Sets Make Practical Gifts One of (he most useful of all gift*— and never bo- fore Jiave we.displayed a greater range of prottv practical new Coats and Scarf .Sets. Coats priced >o_m ,....,.C. Scarfs and-Oap Sets priced from .......... tp.i t 0 ?! INFANTS' WEAR • Ammuneoujont Cards 1 1 —.each 5c; doxen 50c "> Baby Jioeord Jiooks; f «< 25o up to $1.50 UVlhfloid HnitloK 25c .(Vlluloid Balls ,26o ' at"....,,. .25o up to 50c Dainty Gift Suggestions for the Wee Tots the Biggest Assortment We .Have Ever Shown Ivory Teething King**, at ........ 25cupto50c Oretdiou (Jelluloid I)O||H, »< ....... ,28oupto50c Celluloid Httby Combn,25Q Celluloid Baby BniBbos, at .,.,,..,, ,.,,,,,800 Brush «nd Cowb'HetH, at ---- , t 50c,upto$l,00 'I'liree-pieco Ivory 1 Toilet MK. .'...$1,00 Hand Painted Kihlion iiox^ Celluloid {Soap ])ishyH.25c Hand Painted Satin Hib. bow Carnage, Htrap* .$1 Hand Paink'd Coat Hiiiiff- < k i'« ...... .,.....,.500 Buth Thenuoiueter..% ,50c BIRTHS alter J. Palmer Dentist 1ft Av«, Boll 298- W Hurling, III, 1 Mr. and Howard lUiy. >M| . W(M , H<»* 4'elten. , t Harvey K*>«t«'r, ;i HOI Ktwu , r ,, V(( JM , U| . .y,, AT ' ^r ?jfif 10. y<?ar|, up'to '$100 per '•*" " aerc if security warrants FOR SALE JOJPf W. -fffK^KB, t-stvv ofiite Stayer & Stayer 1865 _> - . • Prepare— SCli ANTON ti AED €OA I^all VUItCAN COKE «the perfect flel" Every thing ^ in SOFT COAL "Put not off until tomorrow" by Moses Dillon Company r, ... «T ,rm«, T .^^ m tra0k ^g^^ Car only titml Hot Wafer at 50ctO$1.00 -Baby Play Heads ,,.,50p Fin1iin«: K r cts.. .25o to 80o Soap Bubble Hetn, at 50oto$tOO •Booties, at ,..25cto$t25 Sweatei-H, at , ,98o to $1,50 •lafkets, at ,,.50ctd$tOO Infants* Whito Ftiw .Why Not a Gift of Neckwear? Our -Neckwear wet ion is m fl« readiness for Xmas de 5. VoirwiH ftnil'u complete assortuu'iit of all the newest effects. Dollars .In broadi'loJh, t*ivpt» do dune, ueor-.t-tfo, ?8e to $2.50. -... - n»iijt»iwl bro»dr"h>th st»|« y nets, uiid t 50o to $1.05. All Women Appreciate Furs ' Tlie M'ifi of a Inrnufiful Nei Mult*or~&et is always sure to IH. eiate<f, . ^ j ^ You will find our''ability to supply your u>anlh*a numt important item i>(( the selectMHI (if such gifts for Furs are *»»ld largely upon conlidenee in the dealer as to style, quality and price rightness. tif iiii i * u * help-in Hie selectiott of Furs here. Fur Seta priced from $1800 to $75.00 Muffs priced from $3.95 to $50.00 Leather -H^nd -Bags for Gifts -Always in deuiaud and you will fmdiliauy extremely smart new st\hss, cacii daiuly bag boiuuf an f uiuiMud value ami olTeriu^ a \ pleasing solution of the gift Prices range from 50c „, $9.00 -Tomorrow is Mrs. Santa Clan*' la.-t day a.t tl»U stuiv. -fte sure to bring thu littJ«' t«ifs down to say l ~ *?J,U'_w"unjd |jki.« io £ a pistilw uf Miv Sa'tiia i 'laits. , The (ircaf (lirintmas Shopping Center of Mterliiiff C,aupon» must be redeemed on or before Pec. 81,19U>; frA 5 -* t,

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