Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 21, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1968
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^SOCIETY Wedding Vows Are Repealed r i Phofte 7-3431 Between ;: Calendar of Events £ f HtJRSiSAY, MARCH 21 the Order of the Eastern •Stef will meet thufsday March 21 at 1:3o p,rtu at the Masonic Hall, All members are urged to attend, , MARCH II ,„ fifookwood Pt A is sponsoring "4 Chicken Spaghetti or Hambur* ter Supper at the School Cafe* teflv Anyone desiring tickets eail Mrs, Danny toyce at 1* 5229, the price will be $1.00 .adults and SOc students, the Tdate is March 22nd from 5s30 • jJiOOp.m, •-*• SATURDAY, MARCH 23 ' ',' The Hope Country Club will TJiave an informal spring dance '/for members Saturday, March 23 starting at 8:30 p.m. Hosts cou- >; ples are Mr. and Mrs. Vincent .Foster, Ralph Emerson, and ..'Mitch LaGrone. •*• WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 ;'. The Hope Junior Auxiliary will present the Nlcolo Marionettes In ,'fHansel and Gretel" Wednesday, 'March 27 with performances at Hope High School at 9 a.m. and jlO:30 a.m. and at Hopewell at 2 p.m. Admission Is 25 cents. J, FRIDAY, MARCH 29 ^ The Friday Music Club will meet at 3:45 p.m. Friday, March •*S9 in the home of Mrs. Sam W. Strong, Jr. with Mrs. Charles Reynerson and Mrs. James Me- 'Larty, co-hostesses. Please note 'the change of date tor the meet- Ing. 'BERYL HENRY PTA MEETS " Beryl Henry Elementary School PTA met Tuesday, March ,-}9 at 3:30 p.m. in the school cafe( torium. y President J. W. Rowe presided '"over the business. A report was fteard from the nominating com- jrnittee. Mrs. Mitchell LaGrone jeported these new officers for coming year: President, Mrs, VBennett Wood; Vice President, •Jlrs. Kinard Young; Secretary, {Mrs. Mel Thrash and Treasur- Irr, Mrs. Tim Duckett. Mrs. Bennett Wood reported on the Cookbook. It was decided by the PTA that $2.00 be charg ' 8 o.m. and 4 p.m. and Mrs. Ray in Uieir horn? fol- fowing the Ceremony. OW-oMotft gofcsts were Mr. and Mrs. William Elnos Hensley, Mr, and Mrs. Vernon Frank* iin and David Franklin, Eastland,, ffcxasj Mr, and Mrs. James Herald ItoterfleJd, Mf. and Mrs. Leo Ray, Hope. the recent bride Is a sen* ior at the University of fe*as, Austin, and the groom attended the University of Arkansas, Fayetleville. Coming, Going Mrs. Opal DuPree and Mrs. Jamie Duncan, both of Mt, Plea* sant, Tex.» visited their sister, Mrs. Theo Bonds, last weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Nunn are home from bwdsburg, N* M., and a month's visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Nunn, Jr. Bob Thomas at the Movies By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - "Yes, it's lovely on the desert today," said Bea Benadaret, speaking on the telephone from Palm Springs. "But then, everyday is beautiful to me." Bea on long-running "Petticoat Junction" spoke with understandable feeling. She said doctors have told her that a tumor on her lung has been dissolved by radiation treatment. The actress did not make any predictions for the future. "But I do know that I feel fine, better than I have felt in years," she said. "They tell me the spot on my lung has disappeared, and I believe them." Long one of the busiest performers of radio and television, Miss Benadaret had lived with the threat of cancer for five years. During a routine checkup, a spot was discovered on her lung, then It disappeared. Her doctors remained vigilant, and she was X-rayed at least every three months. Meanwhile she cut down her usual quota of three-to-four packs of cigarettes a day. "Three weeks before last .Thanksgiving,; I had;another X- flffVlf 10 fl fffltf IM/o By Cm HtA tOWKV AS* T*I«v1$toft'feadloWrtt«f NEW YORK (AP) - Any evening of entertainment that has both Bob Hops and Jack Benny in their own ads is a rich entertainment mix, and so it was on NBC Wednesday, By current standards of TV variety shaws, each eom«ilan starred in a program that would have passed muster as one of a weekly series. However, both programs were specials and in jokes, sketches and form, nel(her was outstanding. Hope popped into sight with a predictable volley of one liners directed at every presidential possibility in sight and Now Hampshire received the kind of attention he usually reserves for California. Tft« sketches Iftcludat oft* apoof of "Boaftle ind Ctyfe," No variety shew aflparefctty tfft resist it, fners wits an exchange concerning golf with Arnold Palmer who may b* a wiwrd of th<* links but demonstrated that he Is something of a duffer when it comes to rending cue card*. Benny, In his only special of the season, stuffed his show with celebrities. There were lu« cllle Bnlt and Johnny Carson as guest stars. There was also an assortment of quick sight gags starring an assortment ranging from the Smothers brothers to Dean Martin. Since Jack's show was mi<re or less tied toacarni' val theme, there was Also a chance to Insert a sword swal* lower and a fire eater. Benny, of course, was the familiar character he has playwl for three decades of broadcast- iftf""fttti so WS8 jotMwy CAfsoft in * very fttnny impteiitft of Benfly theft he pftyetf Jack's *oti »im Bftttny in a sletch* t&- etilf 8W! tod n«f comply foments, dressed up in a stlftky harem costumr- and sttglfig ft siren «ong about haviflf « man arowftd the hrws* white SM- rmmded by muscle rotft. Eatltef on "the Av(mgef*"of ABC, ft surprise cam* In tn« very final momettfs of fh« weekly adventure of John Ste«d and Mrs. Emma Pwl. through all these seasons of stimnw replacements, U wts undeffttood thai (he swinging Mrs. ppet was « footloose if not exactly fancy fre« widow, last nlghl, her hus- bam! turned up. Instead of being dead In a piano crash, he was lost all these years In the jun* S o, So Mrs, Feel, a little regrtt* Hy, went obediently off to the toys of housewifery—and Miss Diana ftigg who playwl the pftft, W3# Oft iht stage ftnrf movies, TnS SplSCwff $39 _. maattt tiflk affeetint r , with a rfrti p«lf(*( {Ml jpttjtfaeftf amnesia and with Tots 6f fight*, but U did infrcdnc« the atr gif I In Steed's life, f$& f$.t Vi'tf preUy, wtde-tyed bfunettt named Linda Thotsett flftJ pray* an aftcnt named Tara Ktnf, She demonstrated at th« outset (hilt she I* almost as fotxf at hnna- lo-hantl HghHng as Mrs. Pisel, Fafts of the droll serfs* uf * donbledly will Ufce th« .<w1fef- over in stride. The show 1$ fff* mukahle In the way it makes the most vMloas ctlWolrtg and prolonged slug festa seem pun of a spr ighHy tittle comedy, }, In India, where many vof* ers are Illiterate. Ihe lurnotft was 53 p«r cent (or the n«* llonnl (flct'tlon In 1063, ftceurcfc Ing lo the Kncyclopaedia Brf* fannica, 7 MR. AND MRS. JA MES M, SPECK ^ . d»cld«d*toV postpone ihe luncheon until the fall. HENSLEY- PORTERFIELD VOWS EXCHANGED James Herald Porterfield, Jr. and his bride, the former Miss Frankie Laverne Hensley, are at home in Austin, Texas, following their marriage in Austin on Tuesday, March 12 at 6 o'clock in the evening. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Elnos Hensley of Eastland, Texas, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Herald Porterfield of Hope. The ceremony was performed by Dr. Ralph N. Smith, pastor of the Hyde Park Baptist Church, Austin, In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ray before the immediate families and close friends of the couple. Music was presented by Danny Duke of Austin, pianist. For her wedding the bride wore a white silk suit and carried a bouquet of yellow roses encircling a yellow orchid. Honor attendants were Mrs. Glen Hoover and Gene Cloer, both of Austin. A reception was given by Mr. Saenger told me to come back in two weeks for another look. The spot had grown." Meanwhile she was in the midst of shooting the fifth season of "Petticoat Junction." She told none of the company of her ailment and resisted urgings by her doctor for immediate surgery; she was concerned that her absence would imperil the show. Finally her family prevailed upon her to undergo the operation. It took place Nov. 26. Afterward, she related, the lung surgeon told her, "I found the tumor, but I have to tell you I could do nothing about it." "Why?" she asked. "Because if I did, you would be an Invalid for the rest of your life." Treatment was recommended at Stanford University Hospital, where she was subjected to a linear accelerator, a super-voltage method of radiation. "They warned me that there could be side effects as a result of the treatment," she said, "But that I might avoid them. Somehow I did. Ob, I was debilitated, of course, but I was never prone. I was able to walk during the entire six and a half weeks of treatments, five days a week. "I went up there convinced that the treatments would work, Maybe I was stupid, or maybe I had simply developed a faith In the fantastic outpouring of prayer and expressions of hope that I received from so many people, The mail was stacked so high you wouldn't believe it. I think The First Baptist Church of Osceola was the setting on Saturday afternoon, February 24th, for the wedding of Miss Vlckl Jacqueline Connell to James Melvin Speck, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mel vin Speck of Osceola. She Is the daughter o! Mrs. Wiley Roe Mills of Hope and the late Mr, Woodrow Wilson Connell of Henderson, Kentucky, and the granddaughter of the late Mrs. Vicey Duke McMillan of Texarkana, Arkansas. The bride was graduated from Hope High School and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Henderson State College where she was a member of the Honor Dorm and the Association of Women Students. She attended the University of New Mexico and is now in Graduate School at Memphis State University. Descended from pioneer families of Osceola and South Mississippi County, the groom was graduated from Osceola High School and attended the University of Arkansas where he was pledged to Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and was a member of the Arkansas Booster* Glut,' H« tecefted" his B*ch«for*"6i"ATis degree from Ouachita Baptist University. He is the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Earl Qulnn of Osceola and the late Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Speck of Frenchman Bayou. Vows were pledged before an altar banked with twin candelabra entwined with smllax and floor baskets of white gladiollL Family pews were marked with white satin bows. The double- ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Harry Gates Jacobs. Candlellghters were John Earl Speck, Jr., and Thomas Speck; ringbearer was Qulnn Peeper of Memphis, and flower girl, Lou Ann Speck, all nephews and niece of the groom. A program of nuptial music was rendered by Miss AftonCo*, organist, with John B. Strickling Jr., of Memphis, vocalist, who sang "Whither Thou GoesU" Given in marriage by her stepfather, the bride wore a wedding dress of white satin appli- qued with Alencon lace, with sweetheart neckline and long pointed sleeves. She carried a cascade bouquet of white roses. Mrs. Sam Brown of Little Rock was her sister's matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Mrs. Coy Peeper of Memphis, sist«i\of the groom, and Miss Leigh Wildy of West M«mphis, a cousin. irf-.W-' '*J*i-a— -*';'*fSi*siJt^*-^.(*'-^v> brother as best man. Groomsmen were Lowry Robinson and David WUson. Ushers were 'William Hale, "Billy," Williams and Gene Cox. HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel Plus A KISS-HUNGRY QIRl GHOST LOOKING fQR A UVI LOVER IN A HAUNTED HOUSE!!!! Saenger THEATRE NOW SHOWING Vwonderfu/ptetutiA ItMHttllMllllfltlltl IF IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR PRESIDENTS... Dear Helen: My parents are having a cow because I want to grow a beard. I am in college. I do not wear a black leather jacket or smoke pot. My draft card is not even singed, I prefer sunflower seeds to morning glory seeds. I'm so square I think "meth monster" is a tough trigonometry professor and a "bum trip" is a ride on the subway. I'm an A-B student. Woyld you please say a word in my favor?- • MINOR REBEL Dear M.R.; Several wordsl Almost one-third of our United States Presidents wore either beards, bushy moustaches, or muttonchop sideburns. Another 10 of the 36 grew liair longer than today's fad. Parents should stop assuming hair in itself means trouble. They'd save themselves a lot of screaming and holleringIfthey'd say "I's not how long he makes it, it's WHY he makes it long! •H, Dear Helen: In the past few months, my girl's mother has become very strict wjth us. She has her youngest son watch us like a hawk. He even goes along with us when we're out for a ride, I can only see my girl once a week now, and her mother even listens in to our phone calls on calls on the other line. We are both 18, and hive been dating for about eight months. Do you think this treatment is for fair?--UNHAPPY C. Dear C: This treatment Is from FEAR, I'd need your ?- rrrrsr -or- "*• the outcome msans either that Go4 has chosen me to live or that there is great power in prayer." Doctors reeoramt'Tided a desert recuperation, and shj has been stayin| at Palm Springs with her husband, Eugene Tworoi ley. She has been swimming, sunning, knitting, reading TV. mother's side of the story before I judged it fair or-not,— H. TEEN BOOST OF THE MONTH CLUB Dear Helen: Last Christmas my friends and 1 went caroling and collected almost 25 dollars for Vietnam war orphans. This Is a private project that we've carried on for two years. I'd like to share with you the letter I received thanking us tor our contribution. "Dear Sherry: ... The 54.th Signal Battalion still carries on Us close friendship with the Ave Maria Orphanage of Nha Trang, "This orphanage is operated by sisters of the Roman Catholic Church. It cares tor Infants and school girls; feeding, clothing and educating them in an atmosphere of Christian affect- Ion. Some of the babes have earned their admission by being thrown over the wall, "The care and concern that you and your friends have shown for these unknown children of a land you probably will never visit, is Inspiring and encouraging to us who work here, I cannot thank you enough for the time and ef, fort you have spent, You are demonstrating that our faith in young people is not misplaced. Sincerely yours, Kenneth L, Bi« sek, Major, SJGC, Executive Of, fleer." - SHERRY TERHUNE, Glen Rock, New Jersey, Dear Sherry and friends; Wei* come to Teen Boost of the Month Club, You've earned your admls* sionj- H, NOTE TO READERS: Contributions (o the Nha Trang or. phans may be sent via Chaplain, 54th Signal Battalion, APO San Francisco. 96350, They should be marked, ORPHANAGE FUND,-* H, Want an S.O.S. button: Send a dime and a stamped seU-add» ressed envelope to Helen's S<0, Clu.b s P. 0. Bo* 999TSicramen- to, California, 953?3, When yuu SK IrfrKh-fryms f" j!4 " too. use '» WIK basket and COOK '•!•!>' JAC lavci of potatoes at a lime. We hope we have ordered adequate stocks for this sale. We regret we cannot guarantee availability of all Sale Items due to circumstances beyond our control. Right reserved to limit quantity subject to applicable laws. Walgreen's Big Penny Sale! STARTS MONDAY, MARCH 25th - RUNS 6 BIG DAYS! A Few Of The Hundreds Of Specials 34tf Tide Washing Powder 2 Scot Towels 2 1 33 Briargate Spices Men's Cologne S1.25SIZE One Pound Perfection t Hand Cream "EG, »uo Vitamin C 100 mg. 2 26 100's$1.19 $1.98 Children Chewable 2 rlis Antiseptic Mouth Wash9 0F Qtf HSW tmraren UIW PT. SIZE 89 C ^ R "I/ Vitamins with Iron F 0 0 R 0 R .790 iJ20 $150 Size Lord Briargate LIME SCENTED AFTER SHAVE 4% FL.OZ. Invigorating. Refreshing. 21 51 4% YOUR CHOICE ••••.,•••* 69CSize PO DO GROOMERS Tfe'Shave or After Shave In Menthol or Regular. 270 ••••• 89!! Size ATHLETE FOOT TREATMENT Clenaie Powler, 2'4 oz.net. Ointment, I 1 /? ojs.net. VOUR CHOICE 2:90 |5,49 SUPER ^B Geriatric ^ FOR THE "OVER 40 FOLKS" L 2 «* $5.50j JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. We Give Top Value Stamps PHONI; 7-4616 HOPE, ARK, ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY

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