Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 14, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1916
Page 7
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.-4 jLUNOIS, THURSDAY, BIG, 14, SITOf. iFLOR(DA !r- iv *'f n via famous all steel DIXIE FLYER «Chattanooga and Atlatita 16:25 p, m Ar. J»ck»on«iH* 7:25 «," m. (2nd Aty) Take A sightseeing trip through .•the sunny south on WRIT way to FbrKfo, Sec the battlefield regbn and rhe Tennessee mountains. The Dixie Koute is shortest and most scenic way — via ^^Ml^H ^H^^Ri VMMBff flHIW t*. A Ha.t«rs Illlnol. To Florida Imprtyvedeqyiprrtent-—Observation cars. Drawing-room ticqpi**. Cmtfutnmeivt can and Dtnert, Dixie Limited wfll be in wrvicc on »nd tfiff January 8cH. lr«v!ot Chicago at 11:30 ft. m. nnd amving Jtciuonvill* *» 7:10 p. m, next day. Lei at Mft you plan your Florida Mt>, s Lew fatti note (n tfftci. F. GO VAN, feaernt A|o»t 108 We.t Adam. St. ,f,» i-t »t-, 1 .. ti •> if- Corn irf» anil »trji|j(" uf tf,f \ 1, T t!tp f • T •• f Xr w? V, t!» fu< M ^ '! > * T - i, , !•<•?> ,i 'i iuri- i ' •<1- 'ti-! <!«{,( m *-•.«•,•• •«-.».. Oaf* Pork M n Lard Rihd 1 M «.-»*., i.1!». 11 r <". CHICAGO STOCK f'!'!t)? f *Tii< ' !»nnf*f"*>! '^ t.(f ( hi|>j.!i r... '•••rnn- TI Tti.l \VH>! . Hid -<n • t'li,.«r U'lf. fit" H -fiji-i !>>'« Ki^ >a K'-- Kt'«," "Yt.'ir'i; Am<-r,i i "\\litn n f. !' -w X...!" i fr.. »i«l ' \ l?'-tfi]!r>r nii^iff •"« M.m ' "' >M Tin Morn." "Thf Mi-vi- Ij.-n?" \w.t^." "•?!»rK'i H-dv," "NVthlrn: To 1>« 'Tit! Tomorrow." ' I'al <>f Hi*- «;r«ml WantF to («o in £r*h<«i!." Wli.t CONTlNl»E~ENGA(SEM£NT. J(, I (I l« :j t; '»', 14 r, 14: PUBLIC SALE thi j>a«if thrr-f ninrhl 1 * will remnln for Thnrfilny and l-'rnlnv nlertii«._ They for th<*«o !wo and fn thoy det Ided to rr-main «t Ihe locrtl plfith'tunr for thew two nicht. TonlKht fltfy «ill prt>wn( "The Muster In Iti}» own House" nnd (omortow Ihe' «"wmerty, "Two Mnrtlei) \Vo- CLOSINQ OUT SALE. Ilnvine «if-f-W*Mj to qut! r»rml»(C t» utult'fKiirnt'd wilt self nt purflic atiction on th*» A!|»ert Johnron f«rr*i. R mile «onth<?a«'f of Kortc Frills, one-half mil south sind 1 mllf west .of Utonc Stn lion on MONOAY. liKCBSfBER IS, thi> foIIowiriK dPscrhfd propprty: II HKAIi OF HoftSKS~t>ni» lirowr pfidlnp. mon." STERLING CITY-4HARKETS -I'mlly.) t'otnpany.) Xo. 3 >ollow coin ........... Sit- X»»w No. •! yolk.* c-orn ............ 7!>c Whllf out/ ...................... *7Uc No. 3 inlM'd i»»t« ............... 45'^t; Wheat ....... .............. . ..... $1.45 ltyi» . . ......... r: .................. !»R LIVE STOCK. (Ptpprrt Hr<m. & i"n.) AMUSEMENTS J A REFRE8HINQ PLAY. ns tho hro<«J6t» tlwit pluyw V tic with nil <if her rharm nnd wb^ftii tendcrwesn, her MtruKKlfM, • h«r Borrow« and her triumph*. A story- that toiu-h- e» ihw Tieart. and charactera that the imagination. It^becca hemelf a» a K<'lden-ln»artpd merry faced girl. trembllriK OH the threnhold of WJ 01 iiTinnhood, HllwJ with th« wondorn llfr, and its po««ibllitipH, overflowing with the joy of mere nxlatence, T* * Ma.lno meadow In Jump nnd, • ths porfumc to thu pa«s<?rhy In Irtory tol4 in Knto Doiwlmi Wl»t-, fom«»dv wh ich l« In four acts "Itelwrwi of. annnylmwSt Kiirm," \ ' n< °' m ' rt - s w " lcu >* '» rour Bel »' wOl bt* RPPH nt HIP AettrtMnj? of j neat , Saturday, nmtlnot- and D«. 'j«. nnd withal thor** IH a r ne«» of purpoHi', nnd an n'ligMi- thoUKhtfolnt»wi about the rom- |p that «trtk«« thflr lesson* deep Into Fat J=tc (*,)WB t "Hives .... ........... Ifi, 0041 7.00 ........... . ... IK now ln.m> LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. Dairy— Retail. IlniiMford rrrHinrry butti-r ........ .4S(' Dairy butti-r ........... . .......... 40c the direction of iH-of'a high Mtandard. MucVitty. "THE MOVIE KIDS." r»r oni> nfctht, Monday, DPC. 18th, of thowi 1 who »«»o the" piny.!the Academy of Mu«ic will offer "The ttto delightful heroine of i Movie Kid*," a musical - comedy of * "* _ f!^!l>'] >r '^ l{ J"' ttnil >'" ls ^'" uth ;hl to |lf*t -and Bet l>fford~llff" pub» Th<* »c*nf*r nrc* laid In the town of STATE WATER SURVEY OEPAttTMKNT OF CHKMISTIW, UNIVKH8ITY OP ILLINOIS Urbnnn^ Illinois, Doc. 8, 1916. of tho~S«nitnrr^Analysts tiFWuter !•_ Sent by 3l)r. W. II. McCandless, ""own; Sterling; "* oureo of Abater, deep wells—1432 ft., 1060 ft., 1830 ft., 1630' ft, drilled. t Location* pujaiping sttttion 1 mile- awly. Amounts aroStated in Parts per Million. .Turbidity, 0; Color, Oj Odor, 0. "fiesithie. on evaporation. ...343 Unctcriaperco Chlorine in chlorides 17 .Gelatine . 2 3.5 Agar 18 AinnWmia Nitrogen ,., ^... .040 Gas Formers s 'Aibwinoiil Nitrogen .048 10 coin..; 1-|- Write. Nitrogen .000 1,0 com.. 2- r Nitrate N|irogen,..., .28 0.1 ecm ,; 2& .268, ludoi ... Tbisnls *'very good water and perfectly :; safe for use for drinking purposes. J, See enclosed circular, Edward Bartow, /^\ Birector Btate Water Survey. R W,, Molilman, ; Cl.iemist. > , Dr. W. II. MoCandless, Dairy—Wholesale, Dairy hutler , .1S<% Fresh cg^s We New Vegetable*. (A. /• Oflrdrs.) Umd lettuce, per hend 10.c Celery, each ................ .Ov- cfucumberB, (each ,.,,..........,... ISc Parnley .......................... • NPW p«itntop», pk '...'..,,..... f>3c Potftto«.», bti. '. .$2.00 Hwwt potatoes, Jprwy, «• Hm ^2f»c tlM(nbnffon. 3 Hw. «... < . 10«r Cranberries, fancy, qt. , , ,I3c Orfpii ')iilf)(i«, hunch ,,,.,..... -o Spinach, Ib , ,.12Hc Celery cnblMiRO ...................IHc •'town innrf, ftKfil four, weight 1,800 lifnrk mnrrs nR»>rt flvf, Weiijnt l.COO l»rown nntrr. «HP«! 4, wHght l.WO ftpwn Muck KHtltnRS, npp two and three weight 2,?iHt; t>r<iwn Kfldinst. nRC two wrteht i.oofi; j'onrllnR hrown mar<» Wflffht I.lfMi; worrpl drlvpr nsr-tl 8, w<-lKht 1,100; bay drlvt-r IJIK, «««• 9, wclghf i»no.- 23 HKAI> t'ATTLK—Ml* milch some 1r? ^i» and msm^ will In d«y of »«h>. Tliffl** are extra 5 ywrlinfc ln-ifprw, some wprlnK'' fipriiiB r«ilv<»«. roan Durham hull. ?0 UKAp IlfJfJS—20 brood BOWH, 10 with plgH'tty their-(tide; 1 .Block hog >Ifio choirp ohlekeiw. KAUM MACHINKUY—LHtle Olnn corn dump, good n» n«>wj AlfCormlrk hinder; n^w hay louder;* <*hnmpiot mow««r; Hi dint; HI foot paralyxi.. Molltin i;an(£ plow; Kirlfty plow; 3-««>o- tion dnitr wltli rtrnt; altarhmrnt; 1m> mnnur*- »prcadfr: «:orn tarhmt>nt: double row Tow«*r plow; : .titiitbt row Towt-r ph»w«; « nhovi* l>aiuly (MililvHtor; »at of cadet rlawnt 3. -lumfTor •wnuoitHj truck waiton am! 1'iHy ruck; top biiKKy: ««*t bob p|f>df»; cutt«»r;, I>I'!JIVP| crt-nm wcparator; t»f dump b»Mtrd«; two scoop Inetilutlor nnd brooder; 6 fhickcn rootm; galvanix^d tank; grim «tonr-; hand •vrn shfller; tank hoator; hay fork and fop<j; 20 rod* chicken wire fence; 2 twin of bfoech*»n har- of llftht harnf<««: double mi 2 win olnRlo driving harm?8«; Huddle; 13 lumtiol KllVpr MitiP Parsley ...... . ...... ....... *.. u .......5c Dry onlorm, Ib. . ..... . ..... . ........ «5c sprout* .................. ,S6c STERLING BADE Maxwell and Qulnlevan Member* Board of Trade Chicago, III.. I „_ .- Open ,Wh««t HtBh Cloift 183V4 May corn; 200 bm«lM'l». Silver Min« oats; 7 tottn Timothy hay In barn, nome «>ar porn In ^rlb. llol'HKllol.D CiOO»a--3 b«I«; 3 <"ommodi««; drmniw; divan; couch; '< rtvom oh»lr«; range cook Bto r runK^; kitchen cabinet; roun'ci oak heating xtovc; oil h«atlnK Htove; ia»Miige KHndor and lard preiui; din[n« nwm table*: cupboard; waahlng ma«hin« and wringer, other article* loo mimcrotiH to mention. Free, lunch at H o'clock; »alo imme- dintfly nftw. -TKKM8-OP 0ALE— AU «nn» ^t *1 alitr under. -eaBhr- ~ Ovwr ttii*,a*noinit 12 m<\nt,h» win bf> given on approved note bc-aTIng 6% intcrcat from dat« if paid- when- du«». OthcrwiBe' 1% from date of «file. .J4o property removed un til «€-ttlc>d. F, O, Rumlcy. A. U^Coe «od Jack Hclller, uuclloncfm; I* T. McMillan, Clerk. I will nlso Bell, flveifibracn and ton two-year-old heifers at the unmc place, same time and; ojin&ift.'jama term*' the ubove sale, Mlk« ureman,* STATE WATER SURVEY OK CiqSMlSTItY, UNIVIQABITY OF Ifrbnna, Illin6i% Dec;. 8,19KJ. No. 3607.1. - - ' . " ' X t of tho~Ha«itaiy .Analysis of Water Town, Hl ' Boiircfrof Wntor, *op wplls— l-J.'W ft,, KHMJ ft., 1630 ft., 38,10 ft., drilled. , Uoeatlun, pumping stution -^ milos away, . \njoiiiita aro Stated iu-I'nrts per Million. Tifrbidity, 0 ; Color, 0; Odor, 0. ftemdue on evaporation . ,-. .366 Hac.teria per cc ' Clilorim* in ohlorides . ..... 37 , , Gelatine . 4 «onsumed ..... : . ° 1.0 A gar .... & .. ia Nitrogen ....... .000 Man Fonners Nitrogen . ---- .040 10 ccm ., 1-|- Kitrite Kitrogo.u , , . , ...... ,000 1 .0 c-cin . . 2- Nitmte Nitrogen . ....... . -> J 0 0.1 ccm . . 2- Alkalinity, .Phonolphtlialein , - . ..... Alkalinity, Mkrfliyl Oniago.271.. *• /Jndol ....... ;.' This walgr tejri&feeDy ^afe for um for drinkintf pppoBesr Bacterial analysis shows tRaaljs almost sterile, Ohvotof. State Wati*r Survt-. Dr. \V. J!, .Nlc-t'a The Farmer's and Workingman's Friend • ' > Store •;...' Another lucky purchase; our cash did the work. 500 pel buckle Mer>'« pair .. Ladiei' pair .. Child'* -Chi|d'« Men'» with bl Men'* •ice* .. r M«n'« «nd Ladlo' on«» ArtiM ......85o Heavy Storm Rubbers, H«*vy Storm Rubber*/ . ....... 80o Storm Rubber* ...... 40c Artlw ............... 60o Blue Overall** nil «ize«, 1 ....... Blue Work Shirt*, nil ......... ..... ...... .29o On* lot of Men'* Ov*rco*t«.fft.OO One lot of Men'* 8uit», .fft^O up Boy*'.Heavy,Overeoate,,|3.QO up Boy** Heavy M«ckin»WB,.,.13.00 Men's Duok Coat* ,..,...91.50 up Mtfn'* Heavy Fleece Lined Un- derw««r, garment 49o Boy** Heavy Fleece Lined Union Switfc all *Ue* ,..,.,.,. Mo Boy*' Heavy Fleace Lined Shirt* •nd Drawer* ,.....,,.26<3 Here is a chance to buy shoes for the whole family at a saving of aSut B05&.' T Child'* Shoe*, 2*/x to S. ..... .?So infant*' *eft *el* Shoe* . ...,10c Boy** Button Shoe*, 9- 13. '.,91.2$, L*dl«*' PnUnt Leather Shoes, oloth. top* .,, < ............ -91.79 200 pair Men'* Button and Laoa Shoe*, pair ..,..;,.........fI4S- Boy** Heavy 8we*t«r>, all aic**, at >.<,.,...... i..... ,.,.,,,,pOc Open Z -^r-'^J^ EADIATOR COVEES STOEAGiHIATTSBIBS SPOT LAM] BUMPERS/ TIRE CHAINS! DENATURED AtCOHOL HIGH TEST GASOMNE HIGH GRADE OIL SPARK PLUGS PTRENE ____ l ^^Ba^ '^PB^ ^B^^' B^B^^Br ^BF '^BjBBE-yflBJp B^^BBJ ^BJB^ BJBT ^jjjjjff STERLING, ILL, i . v. • t !',. .f h < ,tti. •• < K si.. j - i ,i : If.,-. I .»M, CLASSIFIED RATES • OWE CENT A WORD ni*-r n't'! (* -iii-f <i f' r ?• <•• f h in r<"i r« pf |tx<'!i' fr"tn ii'iMfn - h> '[•><". hi*. " i .._. , «U'V fairs' THK I,I*, f.Vf. f,' . ( n '*.»« !-f {•'! It' * < 111 .*:• f' i • w ' -> 1 J.i i U SAf K Mi i!".,!; It. h m • ill ) Is II H ' ->* t - HELP WANTED—MALE \T <>•„•)•}! Mi ,-T '\VA\"'rpT» V | i )-. f " f< r. - j -,i -. nth A\< fi ». m. 13S* i):i v « a 1 , i r.t^f CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET, rbSt.tK". !!! , f»f' . 14. •fn*nf~N*o .1 rt-d. *! 6.'; No. S Imnl n, 2 f,->rr} winHT. ittf- kpv. M *«i; f%pmp)p Kind*. <*»in- N*<i. 2 mix»-d, f»M-:!, ffn- mixed. P"'« fo | -;: Xo. 4 m'lxerf, Ss 1-4 ^(SPl-: 1 ; Xo. 5 .raised, 875' SS; N'n. fi mlxf<l, Sd; No. 2 yellow, ftl«i911-2; No. .1 yellow, *93-46f!U: No. 4 yellow. S7 1-2SI90; No. f» yellow. K7; No. 3 white, S&rrMt 1-4; No. 4 while,, H 3- Kf 90; No. ft white. ST. Oat*—Mi*. .1 wMtf, BI 1-2*1 r,2 1-4;. No. 4 While, f,! 1 -'""52; Htd., 62 W 52 1-3; • 4 fi. ' . »S«/1.23. My«—-No. 2, $1,39; No, 3, $1.3"n No. 4. $1.»2. AUCTION SALE. H.^^^^>s^-'<XV*»irfV*W*«^J - i>^w«w 1 Si*^«*« CLOSING OUT SALE. Th«» utidernlRTiwl ««*ecutHx of tho PS- t«tp tit <>w*»n Clfttlmm, diveanc'd, will «irH at public »al«» nt thf f*rm 8 mile* wiuth and 1 nille e«*t of Tamptao, 6 mile* northwpiit of New Bfrtford «nd 8 llfs umithwpftt of Drer Ornve, on TrttflDAV, WSCBMKBH 19, 1916. n( Hi n'rliK'k, th*» following imip«*rly: 2t HKAl) OK HOHHI-JH -Matched «>f hlark pplrtlMjjs, BK^X ", weight ,1,3(ifl; tiinfk KfUllnjf. HSf-0, wclRht, 1,- '•ftO; blurk u'-Iilliitf, riR«» 3. w«*l«ht 1,600; my 1.4(10; 3, wo|«hl 1,450; bay 8, w>l«Iit 1,460; wirr<»l mure, HKP 8, wi*lKht t,4»0, Kxtiu BIMK! wHI itiBlfh- il ti'nm mulMi, U««'H 3 ami 4, wf'lKht 2.400; tram l)»iy KfldlnK". wr*lKht 2,300; buy* comlnir 8, tnatchwl t»>flfn «»f wrroln, aitf 8; four draft cwHH, imltiK 2. 72 MEAU OF CATTLK-4« li««d of wbioh nr« ItPKlsliriHl Bhnrt Itonw, 2 Short Horn Bult»~Daie'ii Count 811690 br,ed by I. M. Forb<?» & Hpn, Henry, III. Otncr Chole* Count 4 531 76 bred by Dale Bros. Tomplco, III,, 8 r^Rint*red Short Horn cows, 8 Rpg- «t(*«a Short H«rn calved, nn* of which s hull; 33 Orad<« ci>w«, extr« B«od. all trt'd to ab«»vo bull*; 24 CJrade rtilvM. to nf which are nxtra KCHM! ttrmlo Itulf.t nit of, n ton 'bull, 82XHKAD OF 1IOO8— 81 oxtra good olond Chlnn brood wrWn of OutahellV trending ; 1 fiill blood Poland China FARM MACHINERY- 1 * disc*; r; 2 4-Hectlon dras»; t paralyuera; jam planter;'t gang uUrrtui drill; mow- cri hinder, new; manure *pr«ader; 6 JOB; sasallno engine; earn cutter; ctttn -jihtUeri -com «!«yatoF; fanning nlll; 9 Tower plow* and full line. bar- atudebaker ttlx^cylinder .auto run 3.000 miles In good »hape. 2,000 bushels corn. 30 tona Timothy and. Clover Hay In barn. lunch at 11:00 o'clock. WIB—AII flunin of 110 and under, . over tUat amount «. credit of \% months will he given .on approved note o draw 6 per cent, from date. If not paid when duo to draw 7 per cent. xsrrM'OT>ropmy~t»' be removed until settled for." OEfRTRU0I8 GRAHAM,. Executrix. C. (f. Plummy, n. N. H*ftf«r, Frank Iewltt.,,OrylUp Eaklo, Auctioneersj George 'rfchunenmn. Clerk. • Deo, 9. 11, IS, 14, 16. 16* 1VANTI,1> V\N 7< > <"U,I, «»N KAH friT* In nnrttiMti Illir >t«s on hiuh- f'rrf<! lint f»oT n n 'r*"*it\ H» f«-t<'n« >•" mid f'i>n,f icfjuitpd ivnmnn»»tit position thf richt man. Call Frttla? 1*. M J. A." F!;»<}uT«<>n, HlRhwnv W A NT Kl to enr* for two chi1<lron» f>n*» wlm rnn Rr> hom* nights. Hmir« from 3 a. m. to 8 p. rn. No Sunday work. ("»1! hon* 1 431W or f>tTU2. L J.r t I 11 f rri'" ' >.<)•*• r 5j nm*< ; r~ i \ | * , V (. I 1 H".i i • i' o ' -l if • » iiji» t tt,t« • ff»t»j.i(-i fntj... Ill I ! il •."••! •• l .'l.*f < 11 if-, r>. Ji t.KAVK VUfU nutJKU f'»!: A HAH- rei <>f ftinry T»rk ftl.«cj fiiTi'-r I'.tS'rrnftt utnlrr Will f. IMf Pt.«.* fHHL 1VANTKD FOK -fSKNKKAI, htniRfwork. Mtntt b? dblp In <-<«»|t nnd Imkcl Apply nt o»(«rt, Mr«. M. <'. Htlt- rr-l. Nelson. 140- HI ItKNT— IIAVB JtfST rr«Mt»W3T- «-(t two hunKnlowH In Mnftin Aildlifnti. off from Avenue (t. Strictly modern, " T. tS. Rohlnnon. _ 110-1 4g FOR UKNT — TWO FUIIN1SI1K1> room*. 110 West Third 8t. 1 40- 142 FOR RKNT— JklOin-inN Fifth St., 118,00 month. Bell phon*. John RKNT— «-ROOM IimtRK WITH bnth nnd rtwtric IlKhtR. on 13th AVP ami fith 8t. Inquire nt Pnrry & Hftovifr'f Drug Ht'jrr or 1302 l-imt Fifth St.- ^ ' I32if __: WANTJSH WANTlJi') ^MAUt<IBT» MAN WANTH JotLon farm. Jay I'oultor, ProphetH- UTWH. 187-MS*. WANTKr>— HIDKS. FUUH AND ALL kliidf* of junk. I a I HO have n nd'c line of Ford tiros nt rt?a»onahl<» prlr«i«. It would iwy you <o InvfHtlKHlo I.K-- for<> K(<lU|tR your junk or bttying IIr<-n. D. Mannc-Ul. IBCtf in St. HOB- 135-164 Ot'.OHlN'fJ OPT 8AI.K- IfAVlNtl I>K- filled to «i«lt fsirmlnc 1 will m-ll my farm n»i«I personal prup'-rty, iot*n{ett 6 mil* 5 * m»rth of Tnmpl«-«>, 8 mtleA *»iithw«"»t of HtftllnK »ind 8 rnlt ft » | fif i'toplu'titown 'ITI Wr-d- l>i>r. Wf t if»lfi. MI 11 o'rlork n. m. Tlif fnrm coiwiwt* of Tf« neres, itnproiffl land. Kan,v t«'rm«. 8 f*f horp^^^-^t'^tin 1*lfti;k ^ | *)dili^f* comlnfr 4. wrlsht l,2f»«; l>ay murf. rt«f Hi. wight l.too. I!» bwid «>f rnt- tli>— II RfHul row,*; 4 yrrnflng. hPlf»*r«; 3 -ypflrlirin ntr»»r«: 1 hull. Farm mn- fhitif-ry nnd 800 bu^li^l.* corn, Frw lunch nt noon. Term*-— Hi 1 * J«rj?e hilkj. I-'. O, Humley, JI, M "Id*. Atie- lionfi-rs: John CJ. Kad«-l, dork. Mm ^, I>IT. 12, 11 II, Ifi, 1*. 18. UK1AN UllOH. tMUMfKSTMA— VOH dat^N i'fl!l (5. H. Luftfttt, Itfll nhonn 404-1. 13S.-160 MKN! OlfR IfJAtSTIlATKti C'ATA- inuii*' r.t pl.t Inn how WP tfarh Hn* bar* t 'ollcjjc. i'hit-AKo. _._ 1L"J-I6I* WANTBI>—LKARN BAKHEU TRAPB —workVs moflt profltttble tradt*. Quickly. Icnrncd. wrtto for cataloR. 201 16th Htrwt, Mollnc, III., Trl-Clty 183-168 WANTKD—.HKCOND-HANIJ AtTTO- mohitpft, will i»ay thp hl^hoHt pHr«>, Ainu 8011 all kindti of rPimlni. High- emt prices paid -for alt kinds of fur nnd hides. Mike, the $15 Tailor. Both phone*. 36tf WANT TO BUY ALL KINDS OF jtrnk, also bwr bottles. Will call for it. R. Lang'furd. Both phoncM. 116.140* WANTED —OLD FAI^ilS - TEJK-TH- Don't mutter If broken. I-pay J1JM) to $6.00 p*r ««>nt. Mall^ to Master, 2007 8. Fifth St.. Philadelphia, 1'a. W1H «cnd cash by return mall. 116-141* Al?T(> F1UM AND TIIKFT INHITR- nncr. I/ifr n)finl»»ri«hl|i $«. Y«»nrly dur»fi $1. Also Auto Liability. Flro nnd At-cldpnt Inmiranc-f, Win p«f vou to nee tnc<, Jonns II. Ifcicr. t<«w« rcnre -Hhl«, • 127-162 DATIO YOUn IHtTCHKIttNt} WITH «» nft««r l>c«c, 19th. Interstate phono 1721. K. II. Tlllman & Hon. 130-141 on prp*ont«.' Kot>i(>thlnK no K!VP but yourwelf. Hppclnl prices from now until . Olirl«tmn« nt tho Weaver Studio, over ObennllleB^. 128-14? S TYPEWRITERS _ _ ^'\^V'Sy < W^-%^A>X*V^V*WS^*- w »>H*S. ____.._. ALL MAKES TYPKWUITERS FOE rent nr, vale at apodal prlet'B. T«rraB to «ult. Write, call «»r phone Ilell 7l» W. If you hav«* office furniture or typewrttimi to jn>U SCUTIK—Krpidor***— HIOH.EST CASH PRICES PAID FOR hld«« and- fjirs. hfahgan'a Harnnut Shop, S12 Ftriit Av«s - ' " 124tf CLOSING OUT SALE. Having sdld my farm I will ncll at ubllc auction on the premiite*. two milt's en«t of town on the Woodlawn road,'on " • KDNBSDAY, DKCBMBBR 20, be following dCKcrlb«sd property: ns, 16 years, weight about 1,250; 1 aor- ell mar* H yeai'8. about 1,900; J rowh mare, 16 years, about 1,250; l r*y marc, it ye«r». about 1,200; i bay ire. 1« yeara. about 1,100. IS H13AD CATTU&—14' lt*ad Orado lolnteln cows, sumo, frcwh and »omy BprlnKar*,, There arc uoroe extra good own in tnl« lot; 8 heifer* coming thre« W,m old; 1 yearlfngi One regl»t«rod [ol»ti>ln bull, litres yoar» old in July. "'fry stood. I HISAD HOOS—Thrufl Hnmp«hirfi rood now*, fine stock; 11. head Bep- embor pigti. FARM MACHINBUy—UwrlnK W»U.' D^ore com planter, HOW; Dune tnowpr; dine harrow; ttltiKlo row Htalk utter; 8-section drag: £ nurfaco cul- Ivators; 'Boperidr broad cant ^feeder; AnpinwuJI iwtuto plantar; nay rako; loOstdr drill', 13m«r»«}n gangplow, 14- neh; 14-inch walklnif plow; two o»e- orao cuHU-ator»; band corn, nhdllcr; Jandwich hay loader^ Great Western anure *Hpreader> fantilnn mill; bob- led; two farm wii^ons; milk WUKUU; ew triple WUKOII box. IBCKW-ANKOUa — a a I v a n i* ed W»t«T ti^Mk; fwd cooker; <>r«»ilu«o molt; ifrcen tiouo cutlor; oil tajik witcrj iwo not uouulc uM»m uitrnwM; n« ulngle hurn«8«; l«*ft»ot rmcki one wck W«KOD, and .other articles tup umerouH to nicnUon. I'Yoo lunch at noon; «ilo to ^ «um» of* $10 nd under, caah. Ovw ' thin amount | months will be given on approved ot» boaring d,% irttercut from date If aid when due. Qtheroine 1% from dat* of judo. No property removed un- I Kottlwl for. H. F. HUBBAUD. , A. L. roe,~"AlfcUotVeVr; "M; Clerk, Deo.-S, », }<3, 10, 16, . SALE.. d{«ld«d to movo on a" r Arin, (, wlit *t»H at ituhUo auction. » HIP iiav«n*» farm, l« inlh'» mutth- of, Kot'k fF«U«r-*- tHlloM nortlnmst. f i'ropholKUiwn uiid 0 milra north, of ttmpi»4), QH ;iad, on Free lunrb at 11 o'clock;, »»H» Jmme- iatcly after, -'fhe following UfcAI) PF CAT^LK—U COWB,"» svFtt coming $ y«ur«; 8 fat heifer*; liejf«r» with jjttlvta w *Ul* hy^date f^»ul*s;'8 Hpriiig cailvH'K. •16 HEAD OV fiOUBKH—1 tram of yeuiu-ww^ht 2,(500, in foal; 1 Id; J team, 8 suit! 4 ye*r« uid,- w. ,. ,000^ AU of aUo«! well broke, 6 oolm, ycmrw uld; 3 mnrviti 8 gelitlnKs; 3 (jarllii^a; '2 Buckling wit", 8 hwul JTat i»ljw»p; 4U iH'Uil of hogu; 1 Whltw boan-7 , AND UHAIN'-700 hutihflH torn; hi»y. FAHM MAC t l|lNRRY*&l>»trpl0iUt Bep* rutor: i Ka»v»n1zi'd tank; 3 HtH*> dtni- ilhfcr ttrili'lvti tint miniffuuii to HU-U- .011. TKltMB-AU wuuiH of I1*J ttud i»»h, (IVfJ* liil* ftllUHIlit 12 < me will t>« i -uly* 1 *) tin upprowd n<i,t>>{ ! p»-r ft-'nt, liit«'H'«t from «luU>i •(.nit Uittt' (if'wtii'. Ni> jiifipt'i ty ifiuuv-i I until "hi Ul- <i" for. {)K<iU« J K i' KKJI.KH. ,\ ), i',-.-, II 1.. H.ii'iu^i.'ii AiiA' it..M i .1 iM U'lL-.T. i ^ l.. SALE— MAJESTIC rannt«-€»jok,-*tov»-ln good-order, Wfi^ «ell quick. Call up 154R Bell phone. A. Ocrdfea. _ 140-142 FOR & ALB— SOME OF THK B138T Hampshire fall and Npring UOUI-H and , that I t>vt>r raiHiHl. AUo nome Buff Wya.ndoU«» cocker* o«. Farm on* mllo north of came- t*ry. J. A. Zlgler, Sterling:. Ill, Dec. 11. 12. 14711.18. 1»* FOR 8ALK — HOUSEHOLD C1OOD8, ruK«, NtovrM, dining room- furniture, bed. room furniture, kitchen .outfit, Private sale. 1 p. m. to 6 p. m.. until Bold, 210 Kant Fourth St. 139-140* FOR SAUB—WALNUT DRESSER, wa*h Btuiul, marble-topped table, birch-mahogany table, three small Btih*4a^chalr8, ha track, clock, jnrdtn- leres, Rammock, two wheel garden plows, wheolbarrow, two cordi* «ak, wood, eawoil and uplit, anil lur«« Itfty gallon copper kettle, inquire Bell pheme 166II or 1203 Weat 3rd Mlrcot, Sterling. - 138-141 tgl-_14g now gln«H<i», Finder return, to daudrnpp'ti t»r»>pcry. Reward, f .' ^/ 139-140 SrW. f M, D. Special offlc* oontultant, diM*M« of women and children. DIXON, ILL. FOR RALK-rBICyCLE, at 8(58 W<?»t flhytnuh 8t. INftUIRK 138-140* FOR SALK^-1760 STARK. piano, uned one year; in perfect condition. Price 1326. Bell phono 31 Z- Wl. " • 124tf CHOICE DURQC male pigK. Call or phone -Kd Mitchell, Morrison. Doth phoneti.. 122tf FOR KALE—ONI5 B. PLATSHOL.TOM cornet, hiirh and low pitch, flno cub- ditlon, $35. J, J. liitxetberger. tMtf FOR SALE—RHAL ESTATB SMALL MISSOURI FARM, 110 CASH and $5 monthly.; no Interest or tuxca; highly productiv« IftnUL cjo»e to I big market*, write for photographs and full Informatlpn. Mungor A*t72 N, V., Life Bldp., Kftmma City, Mo. 181-16«« AUCTION SALES CU08INQ OUT SALE, Having »old Jny farm, J-wlll *nsll »t puhile ealp, without re«i«rvfl, on my plucft 1 mile t-awt of Hock Fall* on the JJixon ixiad, TUESDAY, BKC. 18, 1316. 6 followiujf nr«i)er(y: 9 HrMD FlOllSISH—1 maro, 8 yearn old, weight 1460; 1 guldjnii 8 y*ar*t old, weight-1,100; l lady's driver, 10 Mr» old. 8 helfors, 8 yt-m-H old. FA KM MACHINKHY—J nuw ('ulum* IHIM wiigou; top buggy; Mprintr wagon; Champion binqw, e-foot i?ut, npw can- vasen; Fuller & Johnson 16-lncli Hiiiky plow; 1 walking pluw, 14»fneh; iw«i- sertioh dr«t^; Hayes corn pluntor. 80 rods) wire; Sterling «eedcr; new \vttlk• ing plow; Imyjrdkff; McrormU-k 5-fo^tt mower;. Ctimmon Sense potato pluw;- lutnd corn' 8h«?lh»r^-i »<?\ dupulv w«rH tTui'tu>iiai_ju;t double My iu-t»; 1 m>t don- hie driving hftrnese; I wtmle driving liunie»»; slnglu tly net: ,Z tout) tiay; 4! bushele laCe potutoeti; 3,000 berry box«" ; V&O berry rrateS maiii* up; 60 eratek in ff«t;. berry lu»x maehinv; Ittwn mower; 2 rhurnx: fork«; haen; Miovelx. *>H'. chnlrts; bed; threo" cotninode«; and numerous *>ther' artlcieM. Free lunch ut noon; t«i|u ItnineUlntfiy ttfU-r. ^ , ' . TKHMS OF «.\I;K* Jm^v.iiii« «,f $10 and under, eanh. Over ilu.ixjvMitit I? Will be tflien »'i(.it|'S>niv»-il nut»' 6 p»'r ("fiU. inu n'-.s! HKHI dat*- if paid wh«-n ilue. UtiHr\vJ«c 7 per com tioiu (dif of * tit- . Nii-UiiujK't ly » - fiui»ve«l unUl -setlit-.i &±} AX NIK t". M> II^U >Y(, [i. l.!umb'>. ,\'!"!:!')IIN i , ,i. .\ r'd-k', • in-.- 11. it 1 t (> M, !.", .!«»• '!•!•.• a > • ii. f *.• £. tii-t' 1 ^ W. K.OUNMORE Ey«. and H*«4lh 8p«oi«llit __ Hi* 9-12-2-B, Chiropractic and oxteopathia treat-' QLA88E8 menu* CORRECTLY STERLING, IUU. ; PJTTED 8 E. Third M. For Best Service and Equipment Call Forster *& Sons Funeral Dirjctoii ' W * <• ' l . _ 0«y B*M No. 9 InUniUtt 9 181 : v*J 4 .4,8 s Hotel Success the business ing every convenience service, 4*0 Itoonx* ,il,SO up With fi»tb $2.0O ujp

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