Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 17, 1973 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1973
Page 20
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2Cj' Golesburg Register-Moil, Golesburg. II j; Market Reports Today | |ALfiSBtmO ORDER BUYERS Inrlliigtoii Northeni Stockyards '".Market: ftilly 25c lower. No. 1-2: ,.200-230 $34.75-135.00 •' 4JuOtations: .K No. 1-3: 1 200-230 |34.25-$34.75 "^«No. 1-3: 230-260 $33.50-$34.25 ^0. 2-3: 280-300 |32.00-$33.50 Packing Sows: .$28.25-31.75 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET -HOGSVolume: 2,700. Butcher Trend: 25-50c lower early; closed .50-$l low- 'io MO. 1-2: •3 )0-225 $36.25-$36.95 tJo. 2-4: 190-240 $35.50-$36.25 240-270 -..$34.75-$36.00 280-300 .-$34.00-$34.75 Sow Trend: steady. 300-500 $31.50-$33.50 —CATTLE— Volume: 350. Market Trends: Steers steady. Heifers steady. Slaughter Steers: Choice 950-1150 $44.00-$45.90 1150-1300 $43.50-$45.75 Mixed Good and Choice 950-1300 $41.50-$43.75 Slaughter Heifers: Choice 900-1000 $43.50-$45.45 Mixed Good and Choice 800-1000 $41.00-$43.50 Cows: Utility and Commercial -.$30.00-$33,00 Cutters $27.00-$,30.00 Canners $24.00-$28.00 Bulls: Utility and Commercial . $30.00-$35.00 GALiSBtmO GRAIN MARKET Comnmet Orate A Siqtply Co. Market mtty cither to up or down by 1:30 p.m. «h«n final bid arrives. 11:30 o'clock bid. No. 2 Corn (old) $1.48 New Corn $1.36 No. 1 Beans (old) ....$8.41 New $4.07 Grain FuturM CHICAGO (UPI)-Wheat and soybeans were irregularly lower and com mixed at noon today on the Board of Trade. Prices at Noon Whetft 2.38^ off 2 VA May Jly Sep May Jly Sep Dec May Jly Jly Nov 2.25'/^ off 21/8 2.24% off 11/4 Corn i.soyg off % 1.58V8 off % 1.56Vi unch. 1.54% off J /4 Soybeans 6.39 off 5% 6.12'/2 Of 5% 6.12% off 5% 4.25% off2y8 Int Harv 30V4 Int Nick 31% Int Paper 38 Int T&T 40y4 IowaP&L24V4 Johns-Mn 24% Kennecott 28% Keys Cons 16% Kresge 34% Kroger 17% Uh McN 5% Litton 8% Lockhd 7V4 Mar Oil 36% Maytag 341 /4 McD Dgls 36% Merck 92% Minn Min 83 Mobil Oil 70V4 Monsanto 56% Cap C Bdg 50% Nat Bis 48'/4 Oatplr 64% Olin Corp 15% As Wall Street Priority Tuesdoy, April 17, 1973 jsIzdS-'''^ Retail Stock Sales Seen Admiral 12 IBM 424% AlldChem 35V4 Alld Strs 28 Allis Chal 10V4 Alcoa 55y4 Am Air 20% Am Can 32 Am Cyan 28% AmElPwr 26% Am Mtrs 8% Am T&T 52% Anaconda 21V4 Arlans 2% Ash] Oil 28 Atl Rich 78% Avco 12% Bea Fds 25% Bendix 41% Beth Stl 29% Boeing 19 Borden 23% Celanese 34% Cen II Lt 22 Cen Tel 21% Cessna 24 Chrysler 34% Chieagp Grain Ranga CHICAGO (UPI) -Grain range: High Low Close Prev. Wheat May Jly Sep Dec Mar Com May Jly Sep Dec Mar May-74 Cities Svc 46% Pfizer 41 Coca-Cola 143% Phil Pet 46% Colum Gas 30% Procter G 100% Comm Ed 33% Quak Oat 37 240% 236 238% 240% 229 223% 225% 227% 228 223 224% 226 228 223% 224% 226% 228% 225 225% 226% 160% 159 159% 160 158% 157% 158% 158% 157% 157 157 157% 155% 154% 154% 155% 158% 157% 157% 158 159% 159% 159% 160 Oats (old) Joliat Livastock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 500; steers and heifers steady to 25 higher; choice steers 45.50 - 46.75; good and choice 44.50-45.50; good 43.7544.50; 1 load high choice and prime heifers 46.00; choice 44.75 - 45.85; good and Choice 44.00-44.75; no canner or cutter cows. Hogs 700; fully 25 lower; No 1-2 200-240 lb 36.00-36.50; No 1-3 190-250 lb 35.50-36.00. 89% 88% 89%88% May 90 89% Jly 89% 89 Oats (new) May 90 89% 8% 8% Jly 90 88% 89% 88% Sep 89 88% 88% 87 Soybeans Wednesday estimated receipts: cattle 2,000, hogs 800. Indianapolis Livastock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI). Livestock: Hogs 1,900; very uneven, averaging mostly steady; No 1-2 200-240 lb 36.00-36.50 ; 40 head 36.75; 17 head 36.90; No 1-2 200-240 lb 35.75-36.25; No 2-3 230-270 lb 35.00-35.75; No 3-4 260290 lb 34.00-35.00. Cattle and cows 700; fully steady; choice steers 45.00-46.00, few 46.25; good and choice 44.00 - 45.25; good 41.00 - 44.00; choice heifers 44.00-44.50, 1 load 45.00; good and choice 42.5044.00; good 40.0042.50. Sheep 75; scarce. May Jly Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar May -74 652 637% 639 644% 629 609 621% 618 600 583 584% 589% 499 489 490% 494% 429% 424% 428% 427% 430 424% 428% 427% 431 426% 429% 428% 431% 428% 430 429% By RON SCHERER UPI Business Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - The Securities and Exchange Commission's recent decision to delay action on fixed commission rates may help the financial community this spring, but a UPI survey indicates Wall Street is planning for substantial changes once the rates come down. OutbdM36% Owens-Ill 35% Penn Cen 2% Penney 83% Pepsi Cola 82 Comsat 50% fJons Ed 24% Cont Can 28% Cont Oil 35% CPC Intl 31% Dana 34% Deere 41% Du Pont 173% Eastman 138% Exxon 97 Falstaff 4% Firestone 22% Ford Mtrs 63 Fruehauf 30 Gam Sko 28% Gen Dyna 17 Gen El 63% Gen Fds 26% Gen Mtrs 72% Gen Tel 28 Gen Tire 22% Goodrich 25 Goodyear 26% Greyhnd 16 Gulf Oil 25% 111 Cent 21% 111 Pwr 30 Inland Stl 34% RCA 28% Rep Stl 28% Revlon 60% Safeway 35% St. Regis 41% SanFeInd 27% Sears 100% Shell Oil 48 Simmons 22% So Pac 34% Sperry 40% StdBds50% SO Ind 50% Stvns JP 29 Stude 43% Swift 25% Texaco 39% Tex Inst 157% Un Carb 42% Un EI 17% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 23 US Stl 34 West Un 26% Wstghg El 34% Weyerh 55% Woolwrth 21% Paoria Livastock PEORIA, lU. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 400; steers and heifers steady; chiuce steers 45.0046.50; good and choice 44.0045.25; good 42.00-44.00; choice heifers 43.50-45.00; good and choice 42,25-43.50; good 40.0042.25. Hogs 3,700; 25 to mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-240 lb 36.0036.50, 100 head 36.75; No 1-3 200-250 lb 35.50-36.00; No 2-3 250-270 lb 35.00-35.50, 270-290 lb 34.50-35.00, 290-325 lb 34.00-34.50. Wthdrwls $217,026,337,295.92 In- Intarior Hog Pricas SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - terior hogs 47,000; -fully 25, instances 50, lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 35.2535.50; No 1-3 200-230 lb, few 240 lb 34.75-35.25, mostly 35.00-35.25; No 1-3 230-250 lb 34.25-35.00; No 2-9'250-270 lb 33.75-34.50. St. Lopis Livestock «T. LOUIS (UPI)-Livestock Hogs 6,500; SO lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 36.25-36.50; No 1-3 200240 lb 35.75-36.25. Cattle 1,400; all classes about steady; slaughter steers double load choice and prime 1100 lb 46.25; choice 90O-110O lb 44.5045.50; mixed good and choice 43.50-44.50; choice heifers 8001000 B) 43.0044.00; good 39.0042.00; choice vealers 55.00^0.00. Sheep 75. ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce Eggs consumer Grade A large 44-54, medium 40-50, small 2537; B large 39-50. Hens ice-packed broilers and fryers 44-46.25 for this week's delivery. Mercantile Exchange CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle Apr 45.20 44.87 45.17 45.00 Jun 43.37 42.92 43.32 43.10 Aug 43.40 42.90 43.40 43.00 Oct 42.90 42.45 42.90 42.60 Dec 43.20 42.82 43.15 42.80 Feb 43.35 43.10 43.30 42.95 Apr 43.25 43.00 43.25 43.00 Live Hogs Apr 35.55 35.25 35.50 35.75 Jun 34.92 34.45 34.52 34.90 Jly 35.17 34.77 34.85 35.25 Aug 33.72 33.30 33.30 33.90 Oct 32.30 31.85 32.10 32.40 Dec 32.30 32.00 32.10 32.50 Feb 32.45 32.10 32.40 32.50 Apr 30.80 30.60 30.70 30.85 Frozen Pork Bellies May 52.70 52.15 52.60 52.80 Jly 52.75 52.25 52.67 52.90 Aug 52.15 51.60 51.85 52.00 Feb 48.90 48.50 48.80 48.97 Mar 48.35 48.20 48.35 48.45 May 48.20 47.50 Dow Jones Averaiges 30 Indus 953.04 off 3.69 20 trans 196.03 off 1.74 15 utils 109.25 up 0.29 65 stocks 300.53 off 1.21 Business Today Despite layoffs in some areas, Wall Street is out looking for retail brokers to sell securities to the general public. 'As one broker put it, "With institutional sales going down to a nickel a share, the retail business is where the money is." Analysts also are looking for change in stock market action when the rates come down. "If they can't get the little guy back in the market, liquidity will be a forgotten word," one broker Said. Reducing Rate Level Although the SEC decided against changing the rate structure this spring because of the serious financial situation in the brokerage community at this time," the SEC is committed to reducuig the negotiated rate level to $100,000 by April ol 1974. Among the brokerage houses moving deeper into the retail business are: Andresen, Faulkner, Dawkins & Sullivan, DuPont, Glore Forgan and CBWL- Hayden Stone. Some houses have b(Jen doing both retail and WAITRESS WANTED Apply HARBOR LIGHTS SUPPER CLUB INSIDE SALE WED., APRIL 18 . 9-3 743 E. BROOKS Lots & Lots of Clothing 5c EACH Backyard Sale 865 Monroe St. THURS., Apr. 19—1-6 p.m. FRI., Apr. 20—9-6 p.m. Extra nice women's, men's and boys clotiies. Many misc. items, Income Property FOR SALE Close to Town Call 343-3041 For Details $100 REWARD For MAN'S BILLFOLD LOST in Front of A & P Store, Next to Arlans. 289.4386 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES FOR SALE Born on Si. Patrick'i Day Raady for Easter $25.00 Each Purebred CALL BIGGSVILLE 627-2538 institutional business but how are beefing up their retail ac' count departments. Faulicner, Dawltins & Sullivan has increased its retail staff to 12 salesman in a year and wlU eventually have 18 and Andre, sen has 20, up six from two years ago. While neither firm is looking for the very small investor both compete for the "sophisticated investor" with $50,000 to $100,000. The shift also has meant a policy change in releasing research reports. "Before the big boys would get the reports and run, leaving the little guy to take it on the chin," one broker said. Today, "they both read the report at the same time." Both brokerage houses say the system works satisfactorily. Getting the public back into the market is essential to make the retail business buildup worth it, DuPont Glore Forgan adds. To do it, the brokerage house has put together the Dupoht "asset triangle — a specific plan to help people set goals and employ money in a way they are lookuig for but not a pie in the sky sort of thuig," Walter E. Ranch, executive vice president adds. And, if fixed fees almost dis- Open Every Wednesday NEW SPRING ITEMS Wataga Congregational THRIFT SHOP SSt"]^^' EACH WEEK Old North School BiMnkrat 10 mm. - 4 p.m. NORTH BEAUTIFUL 4 BEDROOM ^ 2 STORY BRICK HOUSE Carpeted, drajedj^ w/fireplace CALL 342-5982 For Appointment Evenings & Weeltends appear and all stock transactions are negotiated, 1. C. Investor's Corp., an advisory service for professional money managers, has forecast substantial changes in the stock market action. IC's forecasts include: —Rates for small investors may go up instead of down thus discouraging the small investors. This in turn will decrease market liquidity. —It is conceivable there will be "possibly less speculation and more investing." —Small investors may go to institutions and have them do their investhig or they may exit from the market, and just put their money into savings accounts. —Certain favorite stocks will have the activity, and those not in favor may show little market volume. For example, a low- priced stock with good eammgs record and little institutional followmg might not have any significant price appreciation. —For the time being, the third market—an extra stock trading arena-^looks like it's here to «tay. Domestic Steel Output Increases WASmNOtON (UPI) - Domestic st«el output rose 1.2 per cent last week from a year ago to 3,002,000 tons, the American Iron & Steel Institute reports. t NEW YORK — Domestic primary aluminum production in March averaged 12,527 tons a day compared with 10,844 tons daily a year earlier and 12,521 tons in Fd^ruary, the Aluminum Association reports. ST. LOUI^-McDonnell Douglas Corp. has obtained a $19.5 million Air Force contract to design and build an electromagnetic pulse simulator at Kirt- WANTED TO BUY Old Lincoln Medals, Books, Pictures, Civil War Era Mementos Ph. 343-6839 After 5:00 P.M. EXCELLENT NORTH LOCATION NEW SANDLER-BUILT BRICK and FRAME 3 bedrooms, fully carpeted, full dry basement, large double attached garage. Large trees and nicely landscaped. $31,500 Ph. 343-4907 or 343-5138 FOR SALE AFRICAN VIOLET PLANTS Double and SlngU, manr colon, 11.00 •ach. Tarrarlumi, Aatortad Plant*. OUY DYE niO, ILL. Phona 172-2823 BASEMENT SALE 790 Ook Street WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 9 A.M. • 3:30 P.M. Mans green Schwlnn bicycle one year old in new condition. 2 baby walkers, auto, musical baby swing, aprons, tablecloths, baby dresses, girls teen-age clothes, lots of boys size 8-16 shirts, pants, swimming suits, sport jackets, boys brown and white 6-D new oxfords, sleeveless uniforms, womens size 14 & 16 clothing, mens Ig. shirts, 4—14" Rally wheels for Plymouth or Dodge, Grossman M-1 B-B gun. COMMUNITY PEST CONTROL Spring Clean-Out SPECIAL Reaches Average Size Water Bugs Home Service Operator CARL A. HANEGITAN Phone 342-1694 About 19 '/2 Acres FOR SALE For 30 Days For A Sub-Division 3V2 MUat NoTih and Watt of Holiday Inn on Blacktop Road. U.S. Mail Route Plione & Electricity This acreage is nice level farm land, no trees, no brush. Must be seen to be appreciated. Will sell in 3 acre plots beginning on the Kast side of the 19'/2 acres. Phone 342*3734 Evanlngt For Mora Information land Air Force Base in New Mexico. The simulator will test the eWect of nuclear blasts on large aircraft in flight. TOLEDO, Ohio - Owens-Illinois, Inc., will raise the ptice of all its glass containefs 6^ per cent June 1. California cows average the liighest milk production in the United States, about 5,000 quarts each in a year. READ THE WANT ADS! Ourtemiile inspection isonthehouse. We've been fighting ter* mites for 40 years. And find-* ingthcm. Unfortunately/ you may Have termites now. We can let you know with an inspection that's thorough/ dependable and free. If we find you do have termites/ we'll get rid of them with our professional and inexpensive process. Just call us: 342-4137. Well malce sure your world doesn't come crashing In on you. SIMPSON-POWELSON LUMBER CO. IS9 S. Ptairia BEAT INFLATION EARN 1 Year Certificate Notes! $500.00 Minimum $25,000.00 Maximum For Information Writel to Post Office Box Z19,\ Galesburg. Treasury Accounts E)eposits 185,839,427,113.48 Cash balance 6,806,565,666.36 Public debt 456,604,855,386.88 Internal revenue collections on April 12, 1973 were Sep 1.56Vi unch. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 70.25-79; single daisies 76.50-80.25; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grde A 89-91, B 87-89. CURIOSITY SHOP 1*52 ROBERTSON AVE. (2 blki. S. of Grand, 2 blki. E. of Farnham) Wed.-Sat. 10 AM . 5 PM Metal sculptures, paintings, macrame, poly-domes candles, lots of gift ideas. Get A Load Of This GILSON READY MIX 876-2291 LARRY JOHNSON Walcoma Back AU Old It Naw Cuftomaia FOR SALE 1972 VEGA COUPE GT Equipment; Air Condi- tioniag; 3 Speed Turboby dramatic; Custom Interior; Radio, other extras; Under 14,000 Miles; Like Brand New! - Priced $150 Under BooI( Value. 1621 N. PrQirie St. 343-5462 Aftvr 4 PM PUBLIC SALE CONSTANCE MAGINEL ESTATE The foUowbig household goods, including MANY ANTIQUES, will be sold at 613 N.W. 1st Avenue, GALVA, on SATURDAY, APRIL 21 at 10:00 O'clock A.M. (Rain data Saturday, May 12.) ANTIQUES Antique butlers chest; antique marble collection — glass, clay, pottery; toaster; collection of sadirons; slioe last and stand; platform scale; copper boilers; parts of rope bed; antique dishes; collection of Indian-relics, spears, axes, belts, etc. and one banded slate hammerstone from Shelby Co., Ind.; box camera and dry plates; Masonic picture; World War I Soldier painting, gas mask, hand grenade (disarmed) and bayonet; World War 2 pilot's helmet, mess kit and mess tray; nutcracker; cherry pitter; miner's picks; mallets; broadaxes; clamp ice skates; parts of skein winder; butter mold (wheat design); railroad hand light (candle power); railroad keys with brass tags; copper teapots and teakettle; hip flask; carding equipment; collection of 38 pair antique spectacles; portrait pins; oval frame with curved glass; 2 pair antique boxing gloves; wooden duck decoy; razor strops; calf yokes; horse harness parts, brushes, shoes; horse collar; horse tether; assorted tin containers; brass hot water bottle; iron toy wheels; inkwells; Jews harp; wood silverware box; vegetable choppers; very old silverware; aluminum salt spoons; apothecary jar and bottles, glass graduates; old soda pop bottles; collection of old Post Cards; old medical books; Ironstone pitcher, bowl, commode and soap dish; Earthenware jugs; walnut dresser with marble insert; ornate walnut l>ed with spring and mattress; washstand; walnut bedside table; Lady desk; chair; footstool; walnut dropleaf table; walnut loveseat; fireplace log basket; collection of lovely antique clocks; portable sewing machine; collection of Iron door stops; Hiawatha bust; Abe Lincoln bust; reclining Indian; collection of kerosene lamps and lanterns; wicker fernery; crosscut 2 man saw; Zither; plate rack; several wood planes handmade in Germany circa. 1820 and other wood tools; large round wooden bowl and paddle: wooden trencher; round oak dining table, 54 inch top, buffet and 6 caneback chairs; 4 dining room chairs; buffet; end tables, small tables, small desks; plant stand; floor and table lamps; small rugs; rocking chairs (1 birds-eye maple); Television set; television table; radio; hi-fi set; coffee table; swivel rocker; office swivel chair; old doll; dresser; assorted pictures, frames and mirrors; 3 large storage boxes; sewing machine; metal kitchen cabinets; gas stove; Coldspot refrigerator; mangle; dishes, pots, pans, bean pots; toasters; set of silverware; set of dishes; cannister set, pottery: crocheted table cloth and cotton table clothes: collection of National Geographic Magazines 1944-1971 (not complete): 78 RPM records; set of 3 French doors 6 ft. 8 in. high; hobnail dishes; ski boots size V'/a; garden hose roller; Inflatable rubber boat; 50 pound bow; step ladders. TERMS — CASH Not Re»pon»ible For Accident* REYNOLDS M. EVERETT, Attorney for Executor CALVIN J. MAGINEL, Executor FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GALVA, Clerk WILLIAMS, TUMBLESON k WESTLIN, Auctioneer! PUBLIC SALE Having rented my farm I will hold a public sale of my personal property at the farm loctaed 2 miles West of Cambridge, III. on Route 81 — then % mile South and % mile West or IVs miles East from East edge of Andover, 111. on SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 1973 AT ONE O'CLOCK MACIflNERY John Deere 3010 gas tractor, radio, heat houser and duals; John Deere 620 gas tractor, new battery; John Deere 4 row cultivator; Row rolUng guard wheels for above cultivator; John Deere 3-14" mounted plow late model. Midwest harrow for above plow; Case 3-14" pull plow; Case 10 ft. wheel disk; John Deere 4 section harrow on Lundell cart; Kewanee 2 section harrow and draw bar; Dapeuser post hole digger for 3 pt. hitch; Subsoller for 3 pt. hitch; John Deere 4 row rotary hoe; Dunham 10 ft. cuttlmulcher (for cylinder); John Deere hay rake on rubber, low down; Knoedler auger wagon; John Deere 10 ton gear, flotation tiles and 225 bu. Flcklln gravity box; John Deere No. ^>3 gear with barge box and jack; John Deere N spreader, 2 wheel; Servus rotary stalk shredder, sharpened and hardened; John Deere 490 planter; Cardinal der, sharpend and hardened; John Deere 490 planter; Cardinal elevator w/'/a H.P. motor; IHC No. 481, 4 row cultivator; Oliver Superior grain drill, 12 ft. on steel; John Deere oats seeder; Western cultlmulcher; 4 Pierson hog farrowing crates; Westinghouse large air compressor and 50 ft. hose; Lincoln welder; welding bench; welding helmets; 300 gal. kerosene barrel; cement mixer; 2 Pierson tanks, 6 and 8 ft.; 20 ft.' 2%" pipe; Knipco heater; log chains; I'/a ton chain hoist; bale fork; 2 John Deere wheels w/tires; 2 John Deere cylinders; used lumber; plastic pipe; Cardinal elevator for repairs; chain saw; electric 7" saw; electric torque wrench; drill press; building 12x22; ?i drive socket set up to 2>i"; metal porch swing; 2 folding cots; 2 old tables; 2 brass beds w/spring; 1—% wood bed. Many shop tools and other items. TERMS: CASH Not Responsible for Accidents Coffee and Brownies served by Troop 101 Boy Scouts HOLLAND LINDSEY, Ganesao 944-4S4I DALE JOHNSON ROBERT LINDSEY, Andovar 476-4101 DALE LODGE ROGER JOHNSON, Cambridge, 111. CUrks LESTER GUSTAFSON, Owner CLOSING OUT SALE Due to the death of my husband, I will sell the following personal property at farm located VA miles East of. Standard Service Station on Route 41 in Avon, 111., then 1% miles North, then Vz mile East and up lane. MONDAY, APRIL 23, 1973 AT 12:30 O'CLOCK MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT 1957 Int. Farmall 450 gas tractor with power steering, torque, hydraulic in good condition; good Int. 4 row front mount cultivator with select lift and rear gang; John Deere 45 combine with cab, 210 corn head, and 10 ft. grain head; Int. 4 bottom plow; Kewanee 11" wheel disc; 8 ft. cultlmulcher; Int. tandem disc; 4 section harrow; J.D. 2 row hoe; J.D. No. 5 mower; 2 New Idea side rakes; Int. quick hitch 4 row planter with fert. attach.; J.D. 490 planter with herb. & insect, attach.; Ezee Flow 10 ft. fert. spreader; tractor mount sprayer with tank and drops; old 4 wheel spreader; A.C. combine with P.T.O. and, scour kleen; good Wards Lo Load wide axel wagon with barge box; wagon'wtih Bushnell gravity flow box; Dearborn wagon gear; old pull road grader; old wood hay loader; cab for Int. tractor; scrap iron and old machinery. MISCELLANEOUS, COLLECTOR and HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Aprox. 40 new peices of 10 ft. galv. roofing; hyd. cylinder; hog feeders and pans; feed bunk: pump jack; calf feeder; cattle jjeck chains; leather cattle show halter; .show stick; bull lead; ear markers; blankets; barn broom; bushel basket; grinder and motor; electric fan; log chains; pipe wrenches and other wrenches; other small hand tools; soldering iron; planter stakes; kerosene lantern; oil burner; wood pulley; horse walking plow; blacksmith anvil; Forbes coffee barrell; maple jars. Old iron bed; ant. dresser; 1 other ant. dresser base; ant, 5 drawer chest with mirror; large ant. framed mirror; Hide-a-bed; 6 oak dining chairs; other kitchen chairs; occasional chair; foot stool; clothing and shoe rack; like new vaporizer; some old bone handled forks. OTHER ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION Tami: Caih. No property to b* ramovad until paid for. Not raiponiibla for accident!. No lunch on grounda MABEL REUTER, Owner CARL STECX, Auctioneer LAWRENCE COOK, Clark Maquon, lU. Ph. I75-357S XEITH BROWN. Caihier WARREN COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALES, INC. LIVESTOCK AUCTION EVERY THURSDAY STARTING PROMPTLY AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON GARALD B. FISHER, MANAGER Phones: The Barn: 734-2916 Garald Fisher 734-6611 Marvin Haase 734-3937 Advance Listings For THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1973 20 Angus cows some with calves at side, 3 to 7 years old. 20 Angus steer and heifer ca'vss, wt. around 400 lbs. 17 Good to choice steers and heifers, wt. from 500 to 600 lbs. 27 Mixed cattle, wt. from 550 to 750 lbs. 150 Red spotted Shoats, wt. around 60 lbs., to sell in one Ic^. 200 Hamp. cross Shoats, wt. from 80 to 110 lbs. Warren County Livestock Auction, Inc. MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS Located 2 milss north of Monmouth on Route U.S. 67 Phones: The Barn, 734-2916 Garald B. Fisher, 734-6611 Marvin Haase, ?34-3937 Area Code 309 PUBLIC AUaiON FURNITURE & MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS As I am moving to a furnished apartment, I will sell the following personal property at residence located 3Va miles West of Yates City, 111. on Route 8 to Douglas Comer, then 4 miles North, or 3Va miles East on Route 8 from Junction 8 & 97 South of Maquon, then 4 miles North. SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 1973 AT 12 O'CLOCK Zenith Spaca Command 600 Combination Color 23" TV, with AM & FM radio and stereo record player, remote control, pecan wood, a late model top quality set like new; Westinghouse portable 21 in. TV; Admiral Dual Temp combination 2 door refrigerator and freezer with automatic ice maimer, 1 year old like new; Kenmore gas range with automatic self cleaning oven, 2 years old, like new; Coldspot 22 ft. chest type freezer; Speed Queen multi cycle automatic washer; Maytag gas clothes dryer; Sears Coldspot air conditioner 11,000 B.T.U.; G.E. air conditioner; Toastmaster humidifier; mahogany dining room set Duncan Phyfe style table with extra leaves and pad, 5 chairs, host chair and buffett; dinette set table with 2 extra leaves and 4 chairs; bedroom suite with bed spring and mattress; dresser and chest of drawers; Hide-a-bed; 2 chest of drawers; living room set, davenport, chair and stool; recliner chair; occasional chair; ant. rocker; folding high chair; motal folding chairs; set of pecan end tables and coffee table; large wall mirror; approx. 12'xl5' rug and pad; approx. 12'xl2" rug and pad; approx. 2—9'xl2' rugs and pads; throw rugs; set of large table lamps; pole lamp; set of dresser lamps; floor lamp; curtains and drapes; drop cords; TV trays; window fan; set of Saladmaster stainles.s steel cutlery knives; Saladmaster ^stainless steel salad maker; silverware; dishes and paxxs; other household items. Shopmate \i in. electric drill; drill bits; 34 ft. extension' ladder; 5 ton hyd. jack; 5 gal. of 30 diesel oil; Hyline electric fencer; post driver; Craftsman socket wrench set; open and box end wrenches; Crescent wrenches; vice grips; other wrenches; coon hunters carbide light set; small hand and garden tools. Tuff Bea Riding Lawn Mower wilh 7 H.P. Motor. Other items too numerous to mention. Auctioneers Note: This is a sale of good top quality furniture and merchandise. Tei'His Cash. No properly to be removed until paid for. Not respojisible for accidents OLEY WEST, Owner CARL STECK. Auclioneex OWEN McKINTY, Clerk Maquon, 111., Ph. 875-3576 DORIS McKINTY, Cashier

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