Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 9, 1963 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1963
Page 7
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I f 1 Fashion Forecast • • • ft I* ' By HELEN HENNESSY ' NEW Yb&K (NEA) — It Will be a two-shafte; caat season .tHis, fall didn't on dainty be : happiest in the oval shape, which '. combines front shaping with a rounded back. The slimmer chick will show o«in the slim coat It body !stays close. But the big news this season is more the fine details than the silhouettes. This was apparent from the collections shown in New York during the past week. Raglan and kimono sleeves are ; Important in most of the coat collections. Double-breasted - closing*, THE FULL COAT and the slim coat vie for fall fashion honors. Tailored In a new day or night shade of blue frost, the double-breasted coat (left) . of double-faced fleece, features raglan sleeves. r buttons galore and lots of pockets add fashion interest. High, flared collars turn up on several of the "big" coats. Belts are featured in many cases, but seldom at the natural waistline. Some are placed high, but the newest encircle the hips. Fabrics include whipcord, brushed mohair, lovely- wool r-r i[in ii MII ' ir-'-i •» • - - - - Fashiotiettcs Now — an evening* costume called "Trash/* It features a black middy and long slim skirt. A big white fox muff accents the outfit. The new "sportive" look features vests, long sleeved shirts, skirt and jackets, lots of tweeds afid cable-knit stockings which call for low stacked heels, Stepping into the fashion picture today is the wooden stacked heel, about 1 5/8 inches high, often made of plastic and painted to look like wood. 1 T w w tweeds and soft fleece. Many are thick and textured, warm, but light in weight. Purple — from, plum to violet ~ makes color news, especially in handsome wool tweeds. Camel and myriad blues are close con* tenders for top honors, with a sprinkling of scarlet and green to brighten the autumn scene. The elegant black coat is still an integral part of a well-rounded wardrobe but in daytime coats, it seems that black will play a bit the 'V. _p h F . p * 4* FV • aFMmwVWm *J -a m h * 4 mm een Greens and blues are important according to a comprehensive survey of keta hv Home Furnishings Dailv. These . w , ten seen together. Drapery mills have increased their color offerings with as many ness'in both design and Colof K r 4 t .iff-. •hi J H .v. if** * - ^.^ F P > f L • I ^ M u 1 part compared role of color. to starring * 4 5 Polly's'Pointers • . • a 44 S qoosh t-f By POLLY CRAMER Dfi AR POLLY — I am a gal who likds . to refinish furniture/Often, after sanding, I find some dust almost impossible to reach with any type brush. I utilize an EMPTY squeeze bottle which I keep in my cleaning gear. With a few quick squeezes, the dust disappears. There are several places abound the keyboard of my organ which cannot * be reached in any way except with the vacuum, and this was where I first used the empty squeeze bottle. It is also grand to clean dust and lint from the bobbin section on. a sewing: machine when you have no time to take it apart for a thorough cleaning. — D. S. L. •t GIRLS -r I*had to empty a liquid detergent bottle to try this and was amazed that so much detergent clings to the sides r and bottom of a bottle that seems empty. With repeated rinsings enough conies out to do quite a sink full'of & 1^ '•>•' \ 1 ' 7 WEBER'S 4 r Prints Wadding Invitations Nspki and Matches WEBER'S GIFT SHOP t 149 East Main t - dishes. . So don't: be too quick, about throwing away those bottles until you have rinsed out and used those extra suds. POLLY DEAR POLLY — Quite 1 by accident' last summer, I discovered something that may help other girls on vacation. When you are at a motel and discover you have no shower cap, use the piastre rain cap that most of us, always It will work MRS. carry in our purses, well in an emergency. J. O. S. 1 DEAR POLLY — We changed the double beds'in our house fot 1 Kindness (Continued, from Page 6) ters and take, the sting out of someone else's careless remark. The ability to, put yourself in another's place can be a great gift if coupled with kindness. When used to deflate and.punc­ ture the ego of. others, <to probe the 1 most sensitive spots in their •natures, it is a real, curse. That's a lesson mothers can' teach their daughters.—, not by lectures, 'but by example.' single beds, but those 1 double- width blankets really caused trouble. If they were put on the beds one-inch off-center, they were dragging on the floor on one side or the other/ One day I cut a strip off one side and added it to the foot of each blanket, bound the cut edges with blanket binding and, presto, a blanket exactly wide enough, with a wonderful addition to the. tuck-in end. They never come out at the foot any more. — MRS. A. E. H. DEAR POLLY To keep a portable dishwasher water from splashing when it empties into the sink, tie a dish rag over the connection and' let it hang down. The water will flow in the usual manner, but without splashing. Dish rag is easily removed. — MRS. V. E. Ji|fy Lunch Jiffy Jiinch salad is served*on English muffin halves. Cover cut sides with garlic or herb spread. Top each with a slice of tomato, a green onion, halved lengthwise, and a slice of cheddar or swiss. cheese. Broil untrl cheese-is bubbly and lightly browned. DEAR POLLY Clamp two small sponges, lengthwise, into an old mop handle and you haye as good a floor could want. waxer as anyone MRS. A. R. Share- your favorite homemaking ideas ... send them to Polly in care of Galcsburg Register-Mail. You'll receive a bright, new silver 4 dollar if Polly uses your ideas in Polly's Pointers. Is Organist Mrs. Margaret Ostrander was the organist for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John William Grey Jr., when the former Miss Judith Gunther and Mr. Gray pledged vows Saturday at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. + - w. * 4 • 4 4 •SftK wmm 5K* [• jfc,, Driwtr ChM ! 4_t_ X .'MJ-UPt*' 'III • * * *• JU reiser ThrtciDruweri $69.95 40" Fournruv«r $79.95 ill 1 T * + * 4 mm r# IVI 1 si? I Mr* v +1 1 • :1 4*4 * 4 Vi * I 4 :;Xv>: +_1 : 40" Tliree Drawer ShUUef OoorCabiiwI. 999.95 I'JV 01 Study Am $149.90 7X * + * 30" Upper $94.95 $39.95 $54.95 CHIIMI Htm f\m Vaik$ |W« jg«r r««« a buillln look for ]«M Ibni tb* kvikia price, And now, thU vinatjU group U ••!« piicsd, •, to Jolrodu(« yon It EthM Alloa. Htro 704 too juu fivo woyi ihoy lit old* by iido v •II corswro, cltmfc wolU, crcolt viclal t btootiM tforifo tpoco, lis* CHUOM tLoo* flam Vn)li Ja aay lis* or »l»»po room lo *al| yut opocilc docoroling o »3 uorofo ntodf. Atlor «H, ihst'i wfc . |h«y wow doilfnod for* S «o ihoio opcciolly prlcod piecei (tad •U lb« tihor Mniu, loo) lodiy, You'll bo fUd you did. F + K%::W:::::%::: • 'f .•.v.' c t>onr (-sbinel $49.9$ m a 00' 6pc. library Usektm $354 W * * 4>'* • 4 * .... i i ^1 I T * * I '4 %"r 'S -'F' * I- 1 4\ 1 « 0> * B> * • + rt>" ' 4 • v.* Ljnca 90 *1 Cliiooi 5ur #£4 _*_n_dpi»fUy $?19 •:**4 • i * *'«l *"o * * * m $4' Cotftc D«>% $94 95 IP '•V 5-pf. •Jo- Wall 5279.95 VICKROYS 342-2331 of ALLEN Simmont 2 Doors §a$t of'Uraine'* Restaurant G4le$burg SOFTNESS OF TWEED and sharpness of color are featured In the side-beked panel-back coat (right). The thick, but lightweight imported fabric has great supple quality, indicated by the slim Sleeves and petalcd collar. It comes in scarlet, green or egg plant, to complement nature's display of autumn color. t • ^ * * * + A*. ^ * i ^ j • d d . P 1 • ' ft"*;:: it • 1 i nr. 4 P T F H R F F * F _H r f FI - FI 4 ^ * r * 1 + - 1 V F" V-V F H • h _ m -m 4 * w 4 F r 1 J # 1 r m m - + r. n 4 *J • V.' + i ¥ * - as 25 different shades for an individual solid color. There arc plenty of regional looks to the new designs which have been influenced by the Mediterranean. Spain, Italy, England and the perennial favorite, Early American days. The decorator look has moved in strongly in the popular priced field with wovens particularly upgraded. More combinations of fibers give much more textural interest to the new fabrics. While finishes are still important, quality and styling come first this year. Prints are much more modern in feeling due in part to their dark grounds and bright accents. Their scale is larger, too, with leaves and florals taking on enor- which creates ah impression d H 4 higher styte. Many florals Art stylized and simplified* with dfie exception — there are more -"irAi of life patterns. Mote and ffl6ri panels will be found in stores this year in vivid and bdld colorations Bedspreads tend to be dressier with a trend to more intricate quilting and darker colors. Tbttf* is less frilly embroidery.. All in all, throughout drapery departments in stpres, there is i much wider selection than ever especially in colors — and a definite air of sophistication. • ^ t • A* r - - A 3 ^ \ Glassware will really- gleam if it is dried with a "special" tpw- cl. Use another for the dishes and silverware •vipt) mous proportions. There is a bold- the pots and pans. 1 • • • you finance it the safe way at Fidelity Federal Fire, flood and storm are not-the only dangers to' the safety of your house — the wrong home loan is another. Yes, you could lose your home if you have a loan you can't afford to pay off. But you can protect yourself from home repossession, mortgage foreclosure by choosing Fidelity Federal for home financing. emergency, accident or any cata$trophe,.should ever interrupt your loan repayments, you can count on our personal attention to help "see you through." Fidelity Federal is so efficient and experienced in making the right home loans so helpful to- At Fidelity Federal, we can give you a loan that safeguards your happy home ownership. We'll help you find a house suitable to your income and needs, then plan a home loan with terms that fit right in with your budget. And, if a financial people in financial trouble — that in the past 10 years we have had the privilege of making 5885 home loans, but we've only had to make 3 fpre- closures. As a result, there are hundreds of families in the Galesburg area enjoying comfortable home ownership because they financed with us, Join them. See us soon. • MAIN AND CHERRY STREETS savings and loan association of L^I T • x & * • J i " T T. a«-r -•

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