Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 14, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1916
Page 6
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dtUNOI& THURSDAY. PEG, J4. 1916. _FALLS DAILY^GAZETTE fl&LS, ILLmOIS. 'JHtmSDAY, BBC. TV 1916™ ; LADIES' AID MET Splendid for 0, BAZAAR HELD T&fctMi 1 ' Gtven Tuesday ArH tiv ih<* Tm- <r - 3 Of Tht Chn'dtisn Church Held Pin* Meeting Yesterday. Thf 1.1 ti> «•' \H ..' t'i.- ( hri«f! ir :iiu h !<• M r«i >'! - 1 • s DM (ijur •'••-!••'- If tantntifttt !< ifnx -i» the 10 Str-ilc ., \ i and th< commltt*-*-'* booth h.irt f«>r fancy work, h-mi^ r<».>'t- At nettar. All tnonry t s J ( * i H t ^ J ^ 1 tV f \ 1 rnbf v ' > r f ^ 1 5<" ] *5 I* jtf.M-t in Urn-si ;i v"ry F'n- ,i-s £f-n>-<l. Coughs JBronc , mffs Cold?, *" runi)'n r (if Tt, ttf I ?. »nfm*« T PYRAIMI t» Trial Free Anyone who tries tiii 1 * ing " hftwe-mftd'' eottL'b r a bountiful *»«n>- ftfflP,* ftrp nil *«»their work «ml f«ri. rct-fthl t»y tls<- from their i-l Ov*f To fit* Oirl» Oti« K A Wt»k. hftd full rharge of McNeil'* f»f*yitlR bn*KPt Imll. The Iff* h»ul th« hall from Rlx nn- do as thpy-llked, from nev- it another clftits t»f glrl«» hud ,'mtd from eight until nine had HIP hall. Th«« «»ot! *o n» all we* chance at playing banket ID FELLOWS MET . Htld An lnt*r««tmg Meet ing L»«t Evening, O. O. V, hwluo held an inter- TitnTThT t « n* ft Tho ,of buidno«ii wftH carried on, bii*!nr*» ne»«|on the lsi*l We Tlipre time and a line li/heh IK FALI.S BRIEFS game*. Funri'y* Ftore.* Wednesday, In It. N. A. dnnw Friday, Bro*. orchantm, Rttfl Bwehler, Frli* Jaeobiwn, of Now hero Hpetttlinj? ft f<»w day*. . Ounnon nsturni>d homo Tuesday aft««r a wccKu i tiff «ftl*. Saturday, Funn> Military Club.* Cootey-went t» .Aurora MRS, THEOJFRANK SICK Relative* H*v«- Gont JTa -Btdtide Of Mr«. Frank At Haye«, K»n. Word h.'lt* b( « '! ffCfho'l of 'hi £€•!'- iou* Hints* of Mr;v<iyiff«lori> Prank of •Hart* Kan. Mr. nWjHr*. Then went to Otmllfth. Kan/to S"ftle» lift vsti'if' iif .lake l'"rnnk Vhcn .Mr*. v*.-if« taken vcr;' ill ami rushed to hospital nt Hiiyrs. Mlffw* Lylla am! .Mn.v Frank; Howard church am! F. fllplvy have S<trif to her bfflxiclf. BIRTHS I'At'lXoN- A ilatiRhtrr tw» tmrn to .Mr, rind Mr*. Jtldson Pnubjon ytH'mlny fifrfttumt t««rt* i tnrtip, will' ttndi-r«tftrtd «f>v it i* tutfyl in; om«'^ in the United St«t< «\«nd , t'snadn than nny other ««igh rcwVly.! TJin way it takes hold, of *ft ehstitmW, migli, fjh'tntr irom"f1iat<> relief, will make, rnn regret tlmt yon never tried It be-; fnrc. It i« * tfulv dt'fxtidablR couan I • t!mt should IM' kept hand? in fcotnc, to MS» Hi tfi<« flrrt *ien of * eotjgh dnrlnjr the night or day tt»e. Any draegirt <-an supply von with. 2% mtnrpB of.Pinex (50 c«its worth). i Hr *"" I*mir_thjii Into n pint bottfe ftna fllljjiej 'ii iv< <!' IiottT* wsiJt plain "jStffcnulalfd"" euffar .IcnlT. B. Pr \\ < !(> f' !' in If » ,! '/ 1; -j tvb and tr<--iter . and totRl crwt^ is about 54 crotB 'ott hnvi» R full"plnt of khf n»o»t .VP rr-mwly von ever ««w1. s quick, lft«ing relief you cet frotn •Hrnt foiij^i uyrtip wiH rWtlfy !« lr} " nt yew. It proinptiy hpali thej"<' t n<' nfl«trt<'d mpmbrflm-ii thftfc Jinn the tnro*«* which tid air throat tie! .t I'ri, , .itnl h.. i li h.i\ f in ».|i»rf, ro tn a r,r |r...-s <!<«)*•<• wfjfi ihr I)f>y«. f then* ivn* r» *»rho^>1 ht>ii-*f' In unt.r to i»vrry ftvn s»t-(>()fiR<« «( IjitT^ i*: uno tP.irlHr frnffov^d <•«! fr!< ml ..f Ui.'i »:r< n! mniv !I mi 'iv f'lr th» ni ruiJ i ro 5i r«" lh.- STit!^ fur-c^f-ry t^finty-thiM> tmnJN, <'bf»\< !)mt M i-J-f-nt rtrmy of OTICJI nnd win art'' 'lC'V«HinK !li' j ir tiv«-« fr> Iht' Imvs DISCOVERY • POP • ; ,COUGHS/ SOLD? this I throat tirklf, )•> I soon vour twtRh jdid for bronch I cotittn niid broflc I iflnex is ft hU PARLOR CLUB P03TPON6D. The meeting of the Tnrlor < v hib, whirl! w«* to have been held nt the home of Mrn, K. L* Swuh tomorrow afternoon, hn« been poslpotu-d until the re«»lnr The ChrlMInn clmreh will hold their remdnr t»rnyer nervlw thlM <?v{'nlnB, Mvpryone In iv«ked to intend. After the Hprvk'p the mjnlar btmlnens meet- Mr«. wh«e~?he wfil 'niali® a. Jacobn and Uus Jacobs from Mft»- w^nt to Otitcoffu this 8lU>rt viatt, ' 9 Clinton to*luy returned to Ji*-ro Mr, and MV», daughter. ;went to <'h»ea*o tltUf short vl*lt. g sal*, ttoiurdny, I^uin.v IWIHtary Cluli,* VV1».. ar- Vhw* h» wi» visit r. »na Mm. W. "•Mr*.' ! - . V. lAngnford nnd thta morn' a Jfe* Ansco m i6tfiltt8. FUNERAL^ERVICES Merrill 8n**d P«*W Away At Minrt«i»poh'*, Tin* funpfftl ncrviccH of Air*. Merrill Hnnul. of Miinipapolin, wi-rc h««l«l fur*; Any In fhlrniSfo nt the home of b^r Pin* tor, Mm. FWd Ix-amon. ll»v. Aforrl- m»n of tho C'hrlBtlan church officiated nnd burial wan made At Eljumo. HL Mr». Sncpd wo« born July Si, 1*82 fn thlH city nntt tlird nt her home In Mtnnoa|N>Hit, Minn.. l>ff. II, laid, from dfab*t«t. • She wiuj m«rri(»(l to Morrill Pnccd nnd l«?nve« to motirn her' d«»flth her husband, h««r nnrentt, Mr, and Mr«. Thomiis Woolloy, formerly of this jiity, now reshlfnts of Chicago, and" four ulstcrii and one brother. Mm, Snc-pd 'sppnt the for<» i^nrt of h^r life in thl* city wher*» «ht> tnndo many uln- ci*r«« fripndu who will fktcnd their »ym'« jmtjhy to the bcryavod family in th««ir hour 'of sorrow. TODAY'IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On Dec. H, 1696, St. Conmo'H cxplor- Cape tJt FARMERSMNSTITUTE (Continued frotn rngo One.) __,__ mixture hai-dpr than the atones n It, The iri#mllpnt« mu«t be thoroughly inixfd. Too much water in better than too little. In u«in? re-enforcement*, tin* concrete nhould t«« wetter for it will im ok around thn iron better, Th6n again do not let it dry* too fant or it IN llablo to critck. For post* other «rticlf»i It !» l«?tt^r toflpt tem «lry twenty (Hys, A j«j».t flrylrig t»jn ty-fouf haunt und XIHC<! at'*Vnco/wlH uf! o i»r««*«ur«» of Z5«l uound, t* HoitHoned twenty tluyit will otand R^U'onluiiyli^'' noundn. und then it', will _l5PHtT^binew hat. Th« or •iind four n«rt« gravel atone, Mr, Martin showed by many interofiting mnttorH pcrUilningi to the nwklnK wf concrvt«. Mr, Martin bo >vrwfcH\fm'or of concrcitc roads. He thought they were better than briok or any other hlnrt. If the concrete it ilhl not tftftien |t» value for the ^rarkw could Oe'flllccl ,up,_»nd they ro no'moro than tho ordinary cut« in tin 1 *Jde w«II{« by' bulldera. Qno of thn prini-lpnl f«>atura of making concrete•!« to Icpep it wet for at least tyenty;fuur- hourei «ft«>r making It. nnBWprrd ac%'«r»l <|UP8tion« pro- jrounded .by inierestwl llfftenors. The iif,' then ailjoufiica for the afternoon. "" ' ' Manuel Training. After tita »iiHilln« : Hovnrai of tho ut'inbtira ol tlw in»tM.ut» went down ntn tlip mom below to Ifiok over tho njmuBl truliiinii dt-i>artint'nt of the township High (school.* .I'rof, head at thlw dftpartmt'nt, .wn» ahowod hlB vlMitorH every machine, toJd what the boy» were doing, Jo«t of the vialtorH knew nothing about lie training department, nnd were lain what they «aw. .l^rof, Tim* took th«in Into every room per-, manual training, and th«y had >d a whoio lot by nwi being born later hut they Could tmvo.hud the ad vain- of thla training. ' Th* Bvtning 8»t§ion, The Jar«e auditorium of the «l«rh building wu» rtlicd iaat nl«bt when th« tinw *'»«!« for the opening • Th« flrnt forty minutea were well nut In by <$xerciai»u from tUo inipUs if thu Wniuloc achwt'l. f ho flrwt nurob«y was a, wong and tf unco frtun tho ton-littlo liuyn and girl«i from «r»<W one,' They did their part* Thirteen boys and girls from w ., w two wing, ^Tht' Jumping Jack," F«r their iH-ixmd »oit« they »ang,,"l''iao" folowttd by u dance'showing a pre^y N«»xt was enjoyed, a w>hg, "The Ech«," by V»)xt«x>n boys wjid, glrb* from WHS ent in the Two Cllles ' - L • ~ ifl --.i ]^ew t complete in eve^y detail, the Key at the office. Slop Lumber Co. HO, 88 lm»«'ns sfopn pntlrel.v. nehithi, croup, whooping nirthma, „ conwntrat* 1 *! cow- perind of Norwuj? i»m« cxtrnct, comnlnrd With gualaeol nml is fAmoua thn world over lor its healing effect on the To avoid diMppolnimcnt iwk for " ounwii of Plnfx'' with full dlr md don't a«!fpt RnjrthinR c»lno. A intpe of fttitmlutf! Mtinffti-tlon or nmn«r promptly r^fundw! KOCH with thin prt*p- tration. The 1'lacx Oj.. *t. Wayac, tod. nicely nn<l cnmo back wl!h "Mr, !'>"«,*' wht» wat> one-n 11 I'II)|,VWOK. The "K»»r« tunp T^llfi 1 " w«« than «nnjt 1>y twenty. «lx lm>-H nrtd glrln frmn n«" | Kl f * five. ThlH won n Jfjyfiit wtnc ntirl tlio <•<>«. Jumr* uf th»« ffyjiny rnnld wa» «i>pru- p. A lulUidy w»f» in'.xl miniz. wicd IlllVlllK hc>r hl»fK > >"<t <lr'itHtj- It! hfT _ . the HlKtirnrnUo «um- twmty-four Ill- tip latin nml Inxslps of >•«• olden tlmo who wiiifi "Wjiln flri'tchon. Bitln," Td^n- wan it «plnnloK wheel unit thc» vciuitK liuly ««lriK It wan nicely (Iti-xennl hi coiontntt »tylc«. "Hw«me»» Hlver" \y»i« thc-n Huntr •with" «ix "yifmnl" Uoyn wlih tlriifr muHlcnl imrtrunmttM furnlNhlOff the n'cc*om|mnliti<'iit. "Old Tiliit'k Jo««," wns then rvridered' by twfuty-slx from' «r«de Mcven with "Undo J»o" in the Ktntf paid nli r*f th*» pxp»"n>*<*s ivoitli iiif> nt I'rbana. If l« a wl«r> tliltn; to watch what a boy IIHH n tftii]<«nvy for ftml li<-l|t him thnl lint- ntnl It is almont I" pick «nit, H trmlo fir for n b(*y nnd try to inMh«> hlfn follnw it, ft«r he may not tnkf to It at all, and nionfy paid out far him fnr dolnn Komr- thinK he «1«PM jmt Mkf». will !•*• thrown HWiiy. Iti rtomr rnuntrii'M boj-n'tirtwwii (lip nirr-M of nlnt> and thirtf>»«rf => nin1<p up Ihrlr inltidH v,'iuit tlit'j will lH>c«>mr> nnd they stick fo it, A imin wlmuld bo of valnp to bl« fiunily. thp noclnt c-orn- mtmlty.nnd to the «(,'it«-. ^ imy whon young think* «if thf'si« thinfiK, and all tblf* xhoulil |it* kept on hl« mind by hi« fatltw. Tho piihlit- wJuml not only 1'thn-JtJoH n lw»y but It Klv<»« him n Mart hi hl-4 llft*'H work. H«» Mid It I'M fitollnh (ct try to hold n boy I" M-t riil<'t«. Mow to ImM the l>o.vw In an art nml tli*' riilr-s, iint) hittlitx't should hi* ti.'u-il utdoor exercise is frequently the beginning of a cold, the child be-, comes overheated and snec; ing, tight cheat and tha buffed up feeling is the warn*! way« to *l)t>w li ( »y« th« «ilvn)iUu;<-« of Koln« to tbt» hlith m'hool, * Prof. E. T. Au»tin. I'rof. K. T. Austin. tnipprlnt*<ndrut of the ^tf-rllnH Township JU^tt m-hool, then pave n nplinnJld talk on "Tin- rrobb»m of tho Hoy ami lh«> tllrl." Mr. AiiHtln bi<llcvc« in iH'mllty ottly n« far in "physical traltn wr-*> mncfrnwl, holds that mental and moral trait lu«> to ^nvlronmpnt tntiroly, ar»> ?Ho that fortfproundi Thin wa« loudly rh««rt»d.jlf the Iwty or girl is la«y, dull or bad, Thin wan fotlowpd by "Mu»h-ft-t»y' U. cart not he explained *y hlx Inher- int Tal e no chances. Have Dr. King's New Discovery handy for t»ew colds ] or old cines, the soothing antiseptic balsams give quick I i» f ' relief. For.nearly 50 years it ha* teen the remedy in thousands | of family medicine chests. At all dniggku. , " s •" f' ' \ \v !I r-'tt ,,.> ;M>\ ihi;>" th it , !"l'-if- w.-ik ci 'hfiii/h' !!>«. tilk I.'!-'"-'! up a new fif-Itl of tb<ius!:t f.-rj I.)••• 'lUiljviK'f fti'.d rrifusy C'tmlif ts> jirofl! ( Th»» Morning's Session. ! \?ui,>it«t yi.irtn of Ihf foimtv tvcif- i!>'-»5-j JFiT TJlfs rr.Tr-'lf'dii Tn Tin --('S^Tonp t>F lft- 7 I ''ciinty J'nt m'f •-•' In-««titii»f'. •»iv t 'ii ' r > ' niiK.ving i .tnni*( t ions l'Viii»'\ I ,\t,itin. t1u> j f'nil irifin of the M:it>, wa 4 - ur.'blr- t.- b«> j>r<><.fnt. HiU f!x« l!mi^^';t« suit .intn 1 ?' 1 n)!«?\- !.-iN( It ll{ bv otlu r jafl-itKP! -4. j \Ac P Hint, from thf> st.-tt" isnivir-. «ilv, 4 ea\i- ;tn »-xc«'llct,! iiilk on (!•« in-t jj,.( i <-t!< mif." of ('.! n. TbH t" n i>t-v.- ' S!ibj«-i t to thr* I'-trm*!;*' of lhi.» j>,-ir' <>f, t!n- >tntf ami lit?-' uilk '.van of murh In- ' f<-ii-«t. It !»; a ti*|iiii v\lilr!i wll! !>f> in- ' u-iflent'-d by !!i<« farnifrp In fttis p«-c-' ti'Hi from now »m, Mr. Mint |« n fnntt but hn« bad n f Tfct- QnlHkrr 1 *»n <fr< •» f"rr «f 1'jfnmti* I'llf 'I'rMstmrn* ibr n^t - tf-r. Sit It Vt hp.t 'Ion Are *,«'>itlrv, 1'cr. li^r/f t-.IT: "fi-r^T n. If you cs.n"'. ^ it ^t r - A f e ti-al t" !'-, i ,1-sp J i ! » Tr •;• f ]' 1*1 t :i F-1 ».u\ "at an*. • htnj'Vi <o s. .d fi.l r. H i .jn-.v ! 1 "f t" r ft ;,' f,> ft r ; f-nuj,,.:- f t; ii.o Jrl-S jA'ten •<* In p!Mn v.rnr^s and Rf t Md of |r -Jilt-" t.|. ri'ip<» at,' protr; ~, ir. n!J"!«, I- -'irr 1 ..M* nn-i mrhr i .,.! tro:d '< --, T. n! «»»••>•«>> (r'tr den I of ft- j ac- th«He traits for th^y we'r quired ftom ptirroundinKf and the family i« re«pon«lhlo to a very Kn-at de- «r<-'-. He c!!fd the <-ji<«es of two IHoyn in bin «"'h(iol oi7e li\lntf b>«m than'IVi'o blocks from the school bntldiiiK ami l«» Wax tardy mor.-t nf the time, and nn- other l«iy HviiiJi clsjht mtk'H dl.«<tarit .iC 8AKPI.E GGt'POW M.- l*r "«t i .•am'•! f?ij!!' -•i- H.^Mlch, rn'. A Ifl a 11'iriy (b-layi'd him on tin* road. The |trniile>n of the boy and' llt« r.lrl hit* not changed nny in the past »fiu years, They arc tho name tmln.v :1S they wro thi-n, yet tb«» world Int.* proKre««oij itior' 1 In the pa^l ^0» yearn than H hn« ulnre the world bf'K'aii It .HIM also proKn'Mned more In the past fifty years*'than It did in the two hundred yearn yrevloim to that time. Mo to change tlic boy «nd thu Rlrl to »<utt tljcme chnngo« 1» no «mn!l tnwk. There are many «reat thlnfcn to adjust. Wo 'I h»> talk of tfun. A. X, Abbott nn t Ix»*ifft»P8 wn* to hr)\c bf»c»> nivrti this! ' f '"£. nff'-i'tioon, but hf Riivr If b''forr> tTlnnor j mai»mn»m mi so iis t'l make- more room for Mr, ' Mnnn. .^r. Abbott li oiti« if thf bfj-tj'rMm th'^ author!!IPH ori alfalfa in tho nta!i>, anil'iii.tb tf.f br\ ilrliVfTfii n vr-ry in«trtii-tiv«« talk, .!, ft. TVIrMtirray bfj'ld^d nnnwiring many titipHtlonx put iiirj'sn. fl:<> H u in him. Hr» wvcr tln-j* of trlling llii'-wlll IK- v^-ry Intr in^iiffits flrrhv-i firtm -alf."'.f.> i _, " ~ iiml alfalfa fcttiiing. j .- . . ... of thr» ttcvi work 1H wwiiiif ati l- ! fniii y work in tin' fancy work thvtahxi j of tho wotn.inV ficpartnumi is that o!'| puj'SIs of Ibi' W.illm'o iKchoo!. It i>i nil | 1 f Mil? y r>!l r_ ! *_^*Jtk l'Vw_»in« »iwa_re ofi the I'M'i-lb lit uurk iluno by lh< % puplln ' of UiH m'hool, Tln« firaxvirtKH, pn^nl- IriCN and work ^T tho ivotinirrr pupltf may be HCCM h.-uiKitu' «>ti the frc-nt of the iiHKcmbly room. All of this .work l« far Iwyontl what ono utmtO PXiK'ct of 1'iipiU of (bin age, , Tho Ho|'k Valbt exhibit of work with no KUjii'rx'lwor in |ht» «|IO«H Iliiit murh can.lH* done by pupils with teacher training. <4i is very good, ToniflnH's Program. Krom 7-30 to/8:00' tonluht- pupils llo<-k I*a1li» Hchool Will fur- At S o'cl.if-k ftjin, will itf!iv»-r ;rn n»l- Ht.Htf worker, n'nd It GIRL'S STATEMENT- • HELP STERLING y«»aI'M I had dy»po|mlit. sour stomai'h and t'on«<U|i,'it|on. 1 drank hot water and '<•»!!v«- oil by the palion, NothltiK h«'lpe«l iinii! I tried buckthorn natk f trl>cerlnc, etc., ft« mlxi-d In Adler-i»ki». OXK .MPOONI-'I'I* heiped me IN- HTANTLY." Heeause Adler-l-ka nu«h- the HNTIHH alimentary tract It re- AXY t!AHK ron»tlpatlon, »our Htomnoh or £«*< and prevents append- IcItlH. If bus, giHCKEST action of anything we ever udhn-""Th«? Sterlln« Phntmucy. I STf? •;/1 Tlie cost of Aluminum has dopbled since we ordei^ th^e lifetime pre^nt prices, this offer would be impossible. So, in all , probabibty, after puir supply is exhausted, it cannot be made again* ' • ~ • .,'"'••'' ^'-*- v'^f ' - ' ' Next .week the "grocer? of thi8|C|t^ will once more feature this Quaker Cooker offer. Add for tfai^lp| rime,*we believe. We have supplied Cookers nowio over 1,000,000 Thames. We have supplied these guaranteed Aluminum Cookers for $1 to Quaker-Oats users. But this*offer ends with our present supply, and probably forever, .Uakss^Alumlaum' dmps^50_ per cent»-lw&^anhot 2gairi offer a Cooker like this tot $1. But next weeky we make the offer below. ' You can get this Cooker f or$l , by tuy^ng two of our cereals which should be cooked in it. This offer is madq to^nduce better cooking. r To bring you Quaker Oats and Pettijohn's copked in perfect form, with the flavor kept intact. Our reward will 'cbfae in your doubled delight in these foods. We ask the tradeinarks just to show that you use our cereals. Unless you have the right flikefc right cooking does riot help much. But, if you use Quaker Oats and 'Petti John's, this cooker is.yours for $1, This is for one week only. ; Ge$tfe packages from any grocer named below. Pure Aluminum Extra La^e and Heavy Cereal Capacity 2 XQti. A Life time Utensil f}ktttoM I« Tkw ^ en(J Ul two trademarks cut from packages of Qiiaker Oats and one trfcjcmark cat V| If^r lo -i A liiHt from a package of pctdjohn'sr-thc picture bf f the Quaker on the front of the Quaker Oats package and the picture of the Bear on the front of the Pettijohn'e package—or, if you prefer, you may send us five trademarks from Quaker Oats alone Send us $1 with these trademarks and we will mail the cooker by par eel post. Trademarks must^be mailed next week. This offer appliei in thb Vicinity only, Address ' , The Quaker OaUGompany, 1708 Rail way Exchange, Chicago Flaked from Queen Oats Only the -world -over Quaker O6U hoWi first place atfcoag oat fooda. Oat lovers ofl hundred nations send to us toj get it. A billion dishes are consumed each year- 'Nowhere in the world do connoisseurs find any oat food to compare with u, : " , . "' ' The reason is this: Quaker Oats is made, from queen grains only—just the big, plump, luscious oafs, $o .puny starved" grains are included, A bushel of the choicest ogta -yields only ten pounds of Quaker. The.teault is a flavor which his won the worldr»a flavor which is. match* less, Yet fhese large and luscious flakes cost you no extra price, j_t™ Nature' stores in onts a wealth' o^ vitality which" everybody needs. We want you tfc know this, fascinating vim-fuod, 'made as we make jt and cooked in our Rolled Wheat with 25% Bran Flakes A Modern Bran Dainty «, Every doctor advises bran, as 0 essential to right living, It is Nature's laxative, Everybody every day should eat it, It means better health, better spirits, sunnier days, Without it, our diet of fine food forces folks to drugs. Pettijohn's is made to meet doctors' requirements. The bran is hidden in flavor? flakes of wheat. The food is a morning dainty which everybody likes. Yet it contains 25 per cent tender bran, >. , •• . The bran is in flake form, which makes it doubly efficient, Ground bran will not'do, ' . , Try Pettijohn's one week.. Note its delightful effects; Never again will you go back to a branless diet, . . Then try PetUjohn's Flour, It is 75 per cen| fine patent flmir-.imxed with 25 per cent bran Jakes. Use it like Graham flour in any recipe* ' ^ ' L^^^ , -'. • • _ . • ^__^ ' These Grocers WiU T eature the Cooker Offer Nex^ Week Sterlingr, 111 Standard H. A. Gardner Avvmio G .-138 1st . .604 Av«. I .606 Av»l G' Sterling, Illinoijs, A, S. Ad*mf ,401 LT»cu»t St, E. H, €»hUtman tig E*st 3rtL8t. J. H. Carotus & Son. . , . 60S E. 3d St.' tt Bi-cthwis' Groct-t y', ,f»0? Cth AU>. t. Hvluman , U'0* «j. 4th St. Sterling, Illinois 4 Ooekcn 313 1»t Avo.: B>e*. 1009 2nd Ave. W, H. Haaloek .. D02 E. 3J St, AiW<i> & Cl>mcr ..14-1 E.. Tltini St N. G^ul<.>Mf' f J'- •." •• --W W. 3iJ St. . „ IJock Falls, lU- Van Ort-v^ 4 Co ....... 18#; W.. J. 8owl«» . . ' ...... . .205 -'a 'frh-ii WT 2.n«r 0'j t»t 3 v ia St. S«.

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