Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 14, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1916
Page 5
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FIVE, J SOCIAL AFFAIRS j ; V.....-».; u....,..,..,. n.. «.n.... — " »< THE HOUSEHOLD SS'RNCt Of M" !",- ! B,';< t .1; n K' '\fr« .1 t, i l! M, ~- • i ! i * \. t. t.t • i 1 •"; t~ ^ ,-f At- "P-n •jiP- Fir--: f«• fn GOLDEN WEDDING \ t 1^ .->• A> if /" 7> *> i» ^: **- i» 4'* 4* Special of Fttrs Friday und Saturday yne-Deaver Dry Goods Company Yuieticie stiggestions in all sections of the Stone 4* 4* «* i* 4* - 4* 4* 4* 4* Shrewd Bayers Will Find It Advantageous to come Tomorrow _^_ Mr. rind >Trs. George Kerfcr Cripbrntod Their >cr Yesterday, Ml !il M' V,' S Wi« '•"*' ftU'l , < * ' M. n»> »*t ?i* r f!)* t h' l * .'U' ? i r t.<? - .-tli •,•-(.!,:',!; '(i!'-n i t>~ H > PI I ' •• „'" I , '. ; ,M;] i.i,. .tff.ur .?(!'! .t! R - 1 •>'• 1 • .in ' i ilc-nii ('itmiff «n" •if\«'l. ill' ,M( ' |n\ hf»T*"i- «•;»« birtit- I.!'<:!!;, (if-i t.intfi in quit! -it»l v> hitc. j in\ (.f'"t1\ Mrttirr with !li« Ocrtir- <f < (-Mutt » ht v <uit!t'-nrj'ini« "k'i'iiied llu <-i till'" j>i<' t* uf f-rt' h l,'i"}f'. The plaff <:ti IK TACK- wlitl" v/Hti P'-}I] MUTTS, nn<i .11 i-nf »urtir i fh«« <in*c l^nti while «i|>- IH.-I''- if, <Iit .»iH-r f.ifiM r Ml'! nn«l _lt> t U) • iiiii'fl'c iv HH U'r initial "14" in nolil The N-i<t<'V taldf un" -b"autifull.v lif'i-.irttte'l »itli n lmK<' Imuitttel of wind* t'ii*f-i !i<<! wifb n !>is vcllow ri!i- i "M wlilfti w-1^ «) it) ^jo MJ nnd Aft-p. K- i fer ii\ -i fr)!ml In «'li.lion. Tim SW(i Ihil" R»!initil!im'bt«-tR «if Mr. ami Mrs. • t ifir hri-ic'.-* f.-«bl<*.> Thf o^tlpK" sni"!ier '!)(in tifiritf •• !«ir<.;>- |mr(<»r ln»»i|» uttii Ki»l«l -thuilt di'rl a i'ia sthrr ffiif liKli «if!> unit! hnlni? Mfinv {1<iwcr-> v i-iv \iivfcutft\ to ttlt'ltt l>1 hi.«'•!• of tTTf 7 ' lini'pv «-\ i nf. 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* '•& 4H ? t* Bath Towels Kvlra quality Turkish, iroiH'r •i u H In s i z.v , \t r 5 1- «' 4 in tlic Hasoincnl,, 21c - "" BaUh ToWels rait.-y Turk-' i-!i, very appro- pi ialc for w i f t JiL v i 1 1£.___ I n J l?*..\iaj_ 1 ;» r u c display. U <• A u 1 a r •'».*>(• ~ aim's, this sjilc, 26c L J Towels 3c lltTo's aiKitluM* j. 1 : o o <| i t o in \vorlhy of altt-n- J LIL"..'..'—^'.-''..!!. T O \V t 1 1 H, ^IH'St siico. Bawniont >ah» prit'o, 3c k. • s Towels Honoy ai*s(irhont <>ls, extra L.TX' vaSuoH. Itii s ii ion! f«nhf 21c Salt* - 16c of (]M* Loom'; .HJx.i" 4-«x'Wi* inch. "OfiVrimr I h'«« well IciMixvn lion- Pillow Cases Pillow JGases H-i-su'—IiHx '>o'. i'in»hrs: Kohl aljjiiiElLtu!e.aL14n, Our Kf-'oiwHiiy Hascnient prfccn .'I""" lie Pillow Cases int'liCK—~a well, known h r a n d. The Itfc .vahu's in Bane- ^ Santa Claus in Basement Wash . Cloths 4c .V splendid an- s or t in c n t of f a n e y w a s h e I o.t h .s on the bargain lahh\ In l*iiiii in (<fiif«'> *1 »•».>,«_!• K<*<'f<'i" In this IM T!'<-> VM>I«. n|nifi.'<l in lir\t in |!<«- mt». tvlii't'Wlif.v i T«i«_Lhili!t! M \i<<r<\ !*<>tn •«> Mis \S'illittin H. ,\U<"ii>y n{ !ht« i'it) Mr. William H-tvr). <tf Mf^ 7 M» sa 1 e prico. . Sheets 46c , shoots at a small prioo; ni/,0 t' o r o hemming. f,™. K 46c The m:in> frii'iuls nf Mr. •cr v\JH cxtt'ini tl'«»lr 'lii'in !<>r many inmc anitivcri'.iricfl !»»• GENTLEMAN'S NIGHT The Sterling Woman's Club Gave a CFood Progrram Last Evening. 4 .Tin- niiniiai UPlUtonnin'R nlKlit «-n- Irrtnlnmr-nl nf tlu< KterliriR Wymmi's >'liil>, .hpltl in tin 1 ConRrcRntloiinl flunx-h Wodn«»rt»X' fvnnitig. was our '»f iintimiai merit. »n«l wa», greatly en- Joywl l>y tho Juris* 1 rtudlvncp. Mr. 15. llttlpli Howtinl. tutp «>t I'hl- riiK«, ron«lpr« > d / ^«v. onf-half hour i»l|u- G. L. Abbott Co. Announce their opening Saturday* December Sixteenth At Their New Location on Third Street to Harderi's Music Store 1 \itiini _ 11 'urn |ili.fai^gj......_ Tni> MMgrf l, ____ IL Truvaton-, Wm, Toll UM*tt>r<»l«*) «n<l ,T«tmha»iser, ovortur^, with hiH own nrrunftomrnu atxl Ijjiftt Ro»o- o'f ef. Mr. Howord IB a rft'gnt a<l- Flannel 1 IniufrtnlH o f y'a r d H Outing Flannel in most di'srrahlo, p a t terns, The I'J^isc ipialily, vard .. Santa Arives in an Overland -* .. ^ Auto Tomorrow at 4 O'cock P.M. Kantu will Kl*'c «'a«-h youiiKHIor i« t Snniu with it ptu-U o« liiw buck nijtl a 'frw ticket t«> tin? Vail* dfittc Theatrf. Tickets are for Saturday mbrnins's performanot>. !J:3tt to 12 ofloc-k, foniinuoiwly. in wvcnil nf our largo i>ul>* lie entcrtalnmcntti, and he IK always ?rootwl with rtimuly of a|«|j|autiP. We lmjH» bo m«y rtwJdo to locato p'ennn- jiently in BtcrilnK. _____ torwar «T The public is cordially invited to attend our opening- and see our displays of new Coats, Furs, iJfcsp-es and holiday novelties for ladies and children. Our manufacturers will have on display on Saturday only, a very attractive assortment of Coats and Furs and will offer special reductions orTany Coat or Fur purchased that day. This gives you the opportunity of making a selection from a larger stock thanjs usually found so .near the end of the season and at such reasonable prices. We ajfeo desire to thank our customers foi\the support they have given us in the past and for their kindness and loyalty during the inconvenience occasioned by our removal. Carnations will be given Saturday afternoon and evening to the ladies visiting our store 2 to 5 and 1 to 9. 1 West Third Street, —^ Sterling, 111? Across from Woolworth's 5 and lOc store: \\>ft Joninn Hinn-h ' wi«n» tlio The ovrnlnK'ttHN Npcm In mil^U- mid KatnoM, ttfipr whlHi iffrefh- »»<nt-» weir K'lVftl tnd ifll !t.-,>l :», go. d j HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE (Continued From Pugo On«») Tlio <'lut> Tiaj with |)li-!inunt amldiwtinn for tho ap- ppaiaiiK'c of MiM MeU-u Crumli. of Rtickfyrd, who Hud Iw?on iiecunxl to slvo H costume recital at thin lime. Mi.sH (.M'Hinti WIHH born in Sterling, ndid U* Uu> grrnntldcuighter of Mr. nnd Mrs. \V. I 1 , 1'ftltner, 8ho l» n younK latly of winsonii> t'hurm ami UIDMI iiloimlnit porsonnlity, and |K>8»e»i»» > <! t>< » pure vontrnUo" vok-e «>f- unusual Mwectn*H» and |i0wvr. which Una .livMj very fare- fully trained,*'Her vo*iunif»,w*r<s rich, and wpiiHipriiitP. and her »»r- i'i> artitttio nnd cbarmlnR. W*' hupt> who will <*omo. to u# agaiij nrrnne«*d Electric Iron $2.41 "WHy~Tiot pre.sont the •h(niMCwit'o~witi*r ~* " * * !' ' • an Khu-trie Iron,' .'ns( received oho hundred fuH\'"jp*ftarant_o«Hl irons, (i pounds. UoifulnrJf&SO values, Give HereSPypex Ware I is Pyro,x waro. It is a ^lasvswuiv that \viU\wilhstand t»-v hviiie heal or'etild. An oven wart* that is far superior ti> any t»tlu«r ware for """ i '" r; ""•• 13c , 0 1.25 J*riot>s Sale on Tinker Toys 50e sets at Me * 'jBujf the wide awake youn#sU»r at Tink.crToy set rtnd you'vo d<»nt» tho rigltt thing. Hoars-trf-"amu8t»incnt--jirthonsand. diflorc'?it inarveloiiw moving_ll/fnnw.. A ono pound ready to'ihaiL, Uegnlai 1 KoHinjf prii-o rjUi\^j^n\>^eotuuny Basts' yjL/f p ily phu'o. in tin 1 r'ity tliiit inaker* 111 is under, price, set ,.......,, ,^**V _—— ^ H , dk , fe Talcum Powdei 1 ,1 Ib. can, lOe fajcum Powder, (tooth-• ing and delightful arler a- hath or''shave, Keguiar ^5t« can Hpt'eially priwj in 15c Colgate's Ribbon Dental ('mini, comes out likt* u rihhon lick flat ou : thu Imisli. Ni»\vi shipiiiont of iiihcH.' Sale Xmns H a ndkor- I'hieiV, 'harrcd inato- .rial, Economy Haw- 'meat snlf" ' A* pru't? v.,... ,..,•* v Handkerchiefs, col- hor«U*rH. hah* _Into three sroup» and wi>ro "all lf»T- lititniHl Honga. Homo of th(*m mt old 'hat no knowledge of their orlghr i» cstiitit. ' Tin; Irjwli grtnip Tho JA»W Iia<-k<H» C«r. Uttle Red I Know Where I'm GOTff?, Invert*' -. littllynicn ttallud. The Kngliii!i Urcen t?leev«?»; nujjste-Tagglr Drink tu .Mo Only \VithThtne Wyes, untl dh. No ,iohn. Tlie Arner- lean group: <AmerJrun by adoption) ,The Ijtmi Kose of Jiwriimer, Grn)iti: nm's Advice, Swwt Oenev'lcve ^mi Thru th^ Rye, " r . Helllger, of HOckford, who JIB at tho largest pipe or^an In UuekforU. atvompanled KliBH Crumb.- . At the foiu-liiaion of the program an Informal -ret-'optlon was lield in the ;xirliirfi of tho chur. h. and lour enjoyed, , • \ -:.,.-..! r , ji " BIRTHDAY DINNER v~tt~ Is "WtrtlJlieTtT^rfTrint^TBhclTlIrt" ^h?" ti<tiir*i old. Put r«nil,<rd fherrlp* and walnut HH'ata.over 'top. Mrs. John \VnKiior »itx<»tli'tmini*tnit«"! iii_v«sa4- •I ll»». jot veal or bet-f. but vtMl lh j>re- ; 2 Ibs. lean |M»rk. Put In cold i'Ater nnd boll, Ucoi-ini? nil greasy *>it>- (ffanco fn.m the U»t>. Next ]tnt tlivouuh ijpnt grinder, nt*nwm \vlth Halt ."i"<I i «•»!(< d upon to m;ik«« a *li«rt talk on jho Work of houjwhold miem-*'. Ho vuld u ithoidiKlif looked upon as i< 'm Icnct-, and Hint fmiiviutnllty of th*; OI-HOII 'nmk<*M iho honicii. If a pcntcn !.i- df K.MK! indivlfinallty tint home will l>p good, Thus li^ltor htrnu»!«, hi>tt*-r linvn/j , ;uii| ho; tor •j'ltli-s will hp made. l-iiH-oln wimp from « luimhln home but lu , „„„,„ a Krmt nillno f ,, r \vhlch (M ntt o^iimplo to othfr ^ y t , - w)lH nf r-nnirttiniTh r.m do. Mntiy'of our grctit men of tutlny rnme fr»>m hamlik 1 H«< paid t«Mi much pnit«n can- tM llu' rally laid the foundation on which our wonderful 'cities havo been built. In con^ h«> wild we should all have and live up to tlwtn'. Mrs: Hcni then made a few remarks the above. | following which the meeting adjourn- f The l*»;tilon r««a»«t with tomato KIIUIV ; <<s j • I»M» roneluding demonstration: j ' Tomorrow's Program. ' Take 2 cui>H of linked beann or pea« d put them through a or • 1-2 lh. Brau»tl che«-«e. nlmut "J j 1-i nip H(ate bread tTiunbn; f^a- ) tSak«> In a hmiered |«>rctdaln j »r ?" minut«'n'ln a moderate) .iv«u. Hervo with topaiUo aaucp, . Tomato Sauce. f <-snr> cup Hiruinnd 1 u/maiiif's; i Ib. j rtour; I Ib, melt»d butter. Kcason, sloven, luiy leaf.-salt and |»et»l>er. The program for tomorrow is an 'follows: After melt dPinnnatroUon a wimpUO ^^.jMuntiy. |»UHK(Hl lO-WU'h ia-1% 1 . Forenocn, 10:00 O'clock. l'ra>er—Itev. K. «'. llrtTrlh^ Vtn-al w>lfi'~Mr», A. K.. 1'urmenter, | CiniUliiK detnoiiKtratton—Mrs. J. Jl. j McMurray. <• Aftarnqon, 1:30 O'clock. ; V<»enl soli*.—Mrtt, WriiiRA Hrown. \Mu»k—SterllnR High Hehwl. (•<-oVTH(r ilemunvlnitiiiin—Mrs. J. H. of t'hlea)?o from' tlw penli* tlitry will ln> nimli- \in tho Sui <.\mrt Snturtiny. Donnhoe, an /ittorney, wa« convlc of. attempting Ut destroy the reputatlo of naren'eo S, ^in4v' of the Intornatk ' H! llarvcwfer Company,. 4-"Mnk'jL lestimony in the Will lam nWr senntorlul «vnndal. • O'Brien,|jj former < 'hlcaKo policeman, wan vl^tPd of acoejitlng a bribe of $SOO «inn of that city. •- ; William S. Forrest will net aa cotl« for IXmaiuM* and former Amltit -s f) rBrlen. READ THE GAZETTE WAf The dangerous ."cold is the neglected cold. Get a box of— Mit» Anna Rink ,Ent«rtain«d Evenino »\ Her Ham*, . Mi«>i Anna Hlnk pleasantly enter- ;Uhied at her home-l«»R^^v*i»iaf ^at M 'iretty ap|io|nted six o'clock dinner, The 'table wa« prettily decorated for lie <MV«sioi), and plncey~iv«r<» »et foi tis '-gui'fiti*. U wag 'in honor of tlink'8 biithdas'v-^Afp'f the guests attended u theiit*r. T 'owing were" prwyjm: MlHiwa Marie ',luut> Kltday, , and Gertrude Hhaw; ." STANDARD liARERS This Morning'* 3e»!on. ,»The. loreiHJon wv»J*U»n i'f the"! >(u|d Hi'lenei! t'lub was n very :, but o'.vniR io ihe cold weuther viuc^iall. The meet- wjllifrprayw-by Hey, Mrs, ttl'Hn Bt'nt, of Alorr!R>m, of the iiffHtK latii^jc )>r.\i fi>hort talk on the meeting to Met : "! J. " — M n*! rold I'atk Hnmlall ,\j, l!flc .,_ i<>, t !on tjcifncc WILL HSnrtHE APPEALS i KprlngfWd. III., Dt'i'. H,-~Aj>H.>nl8 to 4ll4 ttftWQoort. and Itcv," HarriH «a« save Danifl Donahoe und WtilU-r Save a Dollar Come in and Le Us Slww You How 3c Aprons 49c Bungalow .\pnwK of '<'\tra gootl ni a t t» riaU. ^r h i 1 \n>*i- /i 1 .'.^ .up*uU^ °n, salt*-4^ Houge' <i t- s i r a.hlo htyiij.s ami ruloo. l.U'5 vaiiu^ ., .U Blankets al 59c 1'oUnti ^"ix»y-fHau!(t l ts, fas I in pink or Mite, priee.. 5c Cotton, full • poul> OH .sale «'>: for .. . Tuble. Oil Oloth; the 22c 16c OH -a(!, \ard *.,...• /•** Calico % J'iljuriin Cottoii '('ylU'o'Mi lt|»lil or tiark pa t t <• r n>. (-! i' o it u ta y salt* ,'jn'tfc, \ard .-.. . .00 American Prints, Iiot qtiality. 4.1'i^hl and .dark paitt i rn>. M'lu' \-anl ; 7c Make Plan* to Ruite Money For Mi** •ionm-y of Church. .The Htamltu-d liytuers uf thv l*ourtb Street Melhodi»t_i''huivh met ^\»t Wfl- uiug ut the, home uf XU»<«iH. % ariw | u,HuU. l'iu> lui.iini>«M Uf dm t-v<-ni(iK was muk- •t^ pl.iu>i to I'itUt* niyiivy fui" the mi«-y nf ttwrlmn-h, Jlud a very in- \va* held, -iifiei dainty refrViJ-'innentw were «er\ e«l the hujst »•«;<. .\|t«. Hev. t'olUii 1* of the H'***, und » After <lfr *'f the 'evening w«» spent soi-ially. SURPR?ii~PARTY Q^Tofn Last Evening &> Th* Friendl Of k Fred Unt«r*ul»r. ".V" \» r i y I'deutuurr Miij>ti»e "mu'iy" vvu» vnt'ii i-'n-d rnterxuler «l hi* iii>nu»Ja»t. <-M-*uH(j in JoV»Vun.. Tl!e n»»»mt> <»f 4P* " . •*> <» -** Caroline Hamblock, Chiropodist Shampooing »Qd • • . Scalp Treatment 908 Ftrst A*s, Beit Phon* 37t-3., 'believe we have your size in Borne up-to-the-minute lines that are go- jn^r under price, as an attraction* to new customers, and a money-saver for all " Men's shoes are real bargains at present priced It' you would save •money, look over your footwear for the family and come to The.Bootery. to The old family nsroody-1 form-Hue, cure, any ~ " ppluic«-no unpfoafM Cures eo!d» to 24 hou days. Money tack-IT. the epnulne pox with Mr. HUl'a picture oa - At Anjr Pnic Stw* Xmas " m ' t*r Abovu cut in all the wanted itathorc at $3.50 to $5.50. Complete line of-Xmas-Slippers for^Meh, ' Women and Children \ I HE tJtQQETRY H. G. Bray/ 2i S. Third St E. W, Mason 1' ings We * of our numtrou* Xrnni ofn fering-h knowirtfl thft, b>M aaleotina yp"" 1 fliifti fl«W|i you will -wvf Mth *im» «n*t worry and obtain Mt- ter choic* in whaUy^r yoH « t «r» int«r*tt«d. m. ^0ur linea «f« wuppi J fur »»»-ti-tm-iiitf art f Aroktn ^ our ial«»p t '«r« anxioua to §erv» you, toilet Sets , Shaving Seta Oombi Brushes Mirrow Stationery Fountain Fens Military Sets Travellers' Sets Toilet Waters Perfumes Cigars (fondle* Thernips Ipttles Itory ^ jHendricks Drug Company !"Stort

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