Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on September 23, 1965 · 14
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 14

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1965
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PAGE SIX &t'N4111)0(4 THE SANDPIPER'S' SYMBOLIC BUT THE STING'S FOR REAL Screen In Review: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor who have every excuse for coasting on their box office names restore our cinematic faith on these multiple occasions when they are paired ets!of : ' on the screen rp pat They chose not to loaf through "Cleo- ra" In "The VLPs" they came up r--- with a picture that was one of the better i 4— iv A offerings that year And in "The Sand- i "4" piper" the Worth Theater's Wednesday ‘zr—' it''' opener there is a spark that belies the - fact that the honeymoon is long over ":I'' As in "The VITA" there Is a thread ‘ of real-life truth to the plot and dialogue !- of "The Sandpiper" that would prove - embarrassing to actors of thinner skin ''' ri Once again (on screen) Miss Taylor ELSTON is vamping the married Burton away BROOKS from his wife "All my life I've felt men were standing back watching me waiting for me to stumble" says Liz "I've been handed from man to man" THE SANDPIPER ALSO HAS HIS NIGHT Burton who has been appearing in clerical collars more often than Sinatra has been getting in movie military uniforms is an "Iguana"-like minister who shucks collar and the rest of his garb for Miss Taylor's much-handled charms There is no question about Liz's skin being either thick or thin Most of her epidermis is bared at one time or another during "The Sandpiper's" footage Like "Night of the Iguana" there Is a symbolic sandpiper flitting around the Big Sur beach area occupied by Liz It of course is a Dickie Bird Will it fly away from conformity away from its mate of 21 years? It has wings doesn't it? Liz is a beach beatnik an artist who proudly bore her illegitimate son rather than "accept" the father's gracious offer of marriage Burton is the head of a :church school given the wayward boy by a court judge It is only natural for him to call on the boy's mother to give her a progress report That's when he sees her posing in the nude for that statue being carved by a 'fellow beatnik and well the P-TA was never like :this T AW KARL DON'T BE SO SHY Eva Marie Saint is given the thankless role of Burg ton's wife relegated to wearing Dorothy Collins blouses with men's neckties You get the general idea The picture belongs to its two stars the Technicolored rolling surf captured so beautifully by the cam era and to tender direction by Vincente Minnelli One question please: Late in the picture at the :party where Burton's board of directors is discussing church financing did we or did we not see Karl Mal-:den sitting in a chair at the left corner of the screen? LBI Signs 2 Bills Beefing Crime War By WILLIAM R MacKAYE Star-Telegram Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — President Johnson announced Wednesday he has signed two measures Implementing his war against crime declaring that "the policeman is the front-line soldier in our war against crime" and that "rehabilitation is indispensable if we are to break the cycle of crime by convicted offenders" One of the measures creates a three-year program of federal assistance for the training of state and local police forces and authorizes appropriations of PO million in 1966 The other authorizes an Initial appropriation of $15 million for two presidentially created commissions one to study national problems of law enforcement and the administration of justice the other to explore crime and law enforce Defeated Brandt Won't Run in 1969 BONN Germany 01 — Mayor Willy Brandt of West Berlin defeated in his effort to become West German chancellor at Sunday's elections announced Tuesday he will not be a candidate in 1969 lie said he would stay on as mayor of Berlin and not take a seat in the West German Parliament ment patterns in the District of Columbia Report in 18 Months Johnson skipped the customary ceremonial signing of the measures His re mar ks were contained in a written statement issued by the White House press office Johnson noted that the national commission whose final report is due in 18 months plans to make specific proposals as it goes along Atty Gen Nicholas Katzenbach chairman told him the first recommendation may be ready in a few months Johnson said The President emphasized that the federal aid measure is not a subsidy "The basic responsibility for dealing with local crime and criminals is must be and remains local" he said "But the federal government can provide an infusion of ideas and support for research for experiments for new programs Key Objectives Modern training organization 2nd equipment for policemen "swift fair and effective justice" and rehabilitation of convicted offenders are the key objectives of the Law Enforcement Assistance Act Johnson said "1 will not be satisfied" he said "until every woman and child in this nation can walk any street enjoy any park drive on any highway and live I in any community at any time of the day or night without fear of being harmed" - - ( BOWL TONIGHT For $1100 Ahif tiedrn ilg2h:t00 'c ''i(5V-1 kr For $100 Ahiftiodght tnit ZOO e Va For As Long As You Like 1 i tL '-l-N6i 1 mOpr 24 Hours ivory night x Sunday fun Thoodd '( C 11 Ir 1 goaod for on oanopfarrty 01aommo tot 0 ono Bowl' 1 i ang trEL1 athnYotio7oId!so lid F otensot ppionr spoottr son Homo of ors FOREST PARK LANES I I 1505 S University Dr ID 64566 111 1 FOREST PARK LANES 1505 S University Dr ID 64566 - -------- - - - Section Two 11W tiJIP' -er w war w - w ON SCREEN — Elizabeth Taylor is a beach beatnik in "The Sandpiper" which opened at the Worth Theater Wednesday ON STAGE — Erwin Swint is the comedy star of "Never Too Late" which the Community Theater opened Wednesday night School Board Will Study Federal Aid The Board of Education was to begin a study session on federal aid to education in a meeting this afternoon The study session preceded the regular board session scheduled for 7:30 pm The question at hand in the two-hour review he many federal help progi 1 will not necessarily be whether Fort Fort Worth should or should not accept federal aid Fort Worth schools already accept federal aid—last year by about $1 million and this year probably slightly more The question to be resolved will be what programs offered by the federal government should the school district participate in and to what degree Facing the board will be two important considerations: Burgeoning costs and the drain on real estate taxes and maintenance of local control Sky Dart Flies At 3 545 MPH EDWARDS AFB Calif UP) — Lt Col Robert A Rushworth streaked 3545 miles an hour at an altitude of 100000 feet Wednesday in an X15 rocket plane research flight The stubby-winged Sky Dart carried a radiometer to measure solar infraed (heat) radiation reflected from the earth The U S Space Agency said such devices may eventually help returning astronauts pinpoint earth's position in space "PARDNERS" 715 ONLY—COLOR Dean Martin Jerry Lewis "LIVING IT UP" 910—COLOR Dean Martin Jerry Lewis "GI BLUES" MI Presley Juliet Prowse See the show from your car or from our air-conditioned 300 seat auditorium ' CAMP 8 PE 8-7101 60610AW I Unlit MCIU1101 COOP N IN II invM1S g :tr: tr It: a9 7::: c Ill TM ACIDENIAWAM Soli MINI SIMISAY- STAA Int ENTERTAINMENT FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! I 1 d'' v No Child-No Jr L) MDC Tickets Sold Starts TODAY! OPEN "Sunday" 2 30-6:10-9:50 2:15 "Topkapi' 4:10-7:5O 1 FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM Rich Shipowner Grounded on Land ASCOT England UPI — Greek shipowner George Stavros Livanos had his driver's license suspended for three months and was fined 25 pounds ($7O) by a court here Wednesday Livanos 30 whoe shipping Fri 8150 Free Barbecue 2238 Jecksboto Reservations MA 44368 be EMED NOW SHOWING! OPEN 11:00 AM BOY BLUE SIX FLAGS 0 VER TEXAS' Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike and the MOON MEN fortune is estimated at $280 million pleaded guilty to driving his Ferrari sports car without due care and attention June 17 on the way to an Ascot party hills car struck three parked cars “HIDE-AWAY” FREDDIE 221ZJ !CMG Plus the Bed Hearts TEXAS SIZE STUFFEL OUR VERY OWN RECIPE So French Frio and Salad for van E O1'S1 ER Kilt AND SE FORT WORTH AN STUFFED CRA OUR VERY OWN RECIPE Wood with Fnonch Fria and Salad for Only 195 riA ull E z rEA OISTER DAR AND SEAFOOD RESTAURANT FORT WORTH AND ARLINGTON or FLOOR SHOWS BUD and STALI SIZZLER STEAK $118 ELIPME CLUB 503 MAIN AT 4th - NO COVER EVER at SIX FLAGS Saturday Sept 25-7 pm to Midnight Make a date or meet the gang this Saturday night at SIX FLAGS for the big show and dance featuring Boy BLUE and the MOON MEN One night only in the new pavilion Features11:10 12:55 2:45 4:30 6:20 8:10 9:55 burst upon the desert like a bullet screaming from a A51 Nit r 7A3 Starts TODAY! CORRAL ISIS TWIN II DriveIn Th atm Drive-In Starts FRIDAY at GATEWAY and TOWER Theatres See Separate Ada for limes D -Is A El g EIBIDEIV MAR1IN4 LEWIS S P 204cfmrst owns m AARON GENBR6 PCNM C1NEMIANSCOPE irrAmm0 I IA vori MM IIEBINER I LR DLIREIEI RU a iToTLYI7601 I TWO OFITHE WACKIEST FILMS THEY EVER MADE! MEI E 1 GO DANCING 1111: TROPICANA 111SIC BY JOE YOUNG ''7' INTRUDERS FRI 1)IV AND St'ITRI) tY NO COVER CARGE SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY 708 N SYLVANIA - TE 44911 tttlenAlit es ammo ctx TWIN in 0 to liwroot TWIN I 700--"PARDNERS"—COLOR Dean Martin Jerry Lewis 8 80—"LIVING IT UP"—COLOR Dean Martin Jerry Lewis 1020—"01 BLUES"—COLOR Elvis Presley TWIN II lst Suburban Showing 7—"GREAT SPY M1SSION"-11 Color—(Operation Crossbow) Sophia Loren George Peppard 900—"IT HAPPENED AT WORLDS FAIR' Color — Elvis Presley MEADOWBRO 0 wortids bp 3-51 OPEN 645 START 1:15 ALWAYS SI 00 CARLOAD 4 FOR ENTERTAINMENT 4 2 COLOR CARTOONS 1 "THE BOLB" STEVE McOLIEEN 2 "MORO WITCH DOCTOR" JACK MAHONEY 3 "DINOSALIRUS" 4 "BACK DOOR TO HELL" A Gripping War Story With Jimmy Roger V N M °1141 - 1 00A rAtiltAt rf CO 111 Walk! MANSFIE OPEN 645 START 7:10 SOPHIA LOREN — CEO PEPPARD "THE GREAT SPY MISSION" At 7A0 and 11:40 Jack lommon Romy Schneider "GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM" At 930 IRBELKNAP A AII 11 eihhiteeltre -e- 17 OPEN 6 45 MARI 715 "OPERATION CROSSBOW" GEO PEPPARD SOPHIA WREN In Color-715-11 00 "THE ROUNDERS" HENRY FONDA GLENN FORD IN COLOR — 9 30 PARKAIREIII tvNig mem 'MULLAH BANKHEAD JIM BOND Technicolor "DIE DIE MY DARLING" Charlton Heiton Sento Berger Technicolor "MAJOR DUNDEE" LANA TURNER—CLIFF ROBERTSON Technicolor "LOVE HAS MANY FACES" t P''' 411 k 6 ti THEATItts FR N IIPOUTHSIDE 4100 Piri71011vai 7s-moot Open 645 Adults $1 Start 715 Double Excitemer SEAN CONNERY as JAMES BOND "DR NO IN 007 COLOR "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" Have a Treat—Came Out and Eat 11111 VERME Ot IL te-mith stool 1191147-- Open 700 Start 730 Adult Admission 100 HELD OVER! "CAT BALLOU" Li Marvin Jane Fonda "NONE BUT THE BRAVE" Frank Sinatra Clint Walker p00 ESTERNER itithikosititve 11461 sl Open 645 PE 87685 Start 7:15 Good Family Entertainment First Suburban Run SOPHIA LOREN GEO PEPPARD "OPERATION CROSSBOW Goo Hamilton Susan Oliver "YOUR CHEATIN HEART" A VILLAGE ATTACKED Guerrillas attacked the village of Maporal in western Venezuela Wednesday and locked three poliemen in their own jail news dispatches said The guerrillas then fled with food supplies The attackers apparently were members of the Armed Forces for National Liberation (FALN) a pro-Cuban group WESTERN DANCE FRIDAY NIGHT EDDY HARRISON AT THI ORGAN BAR El NIGHTS A WEEK MATADOR CLUB 711A Camp Bovsio Blvd PE 7-0136 TE3H10 CLUB 5401 Camp Bowie PE 7-0486 invites you to hear and see the show Monday thru Saturday Goldfingers of the Organ TIMMY SIMMS Buffet Monday thru Friday 11 AM to 2 PM aring or Meet Your Friends For LUNCH of— THE BARON RESTAURANT Between Texas 711 MAIN a Blackstone Hotel CALL COOPER (Formerly at Tim Key Club) Now At The BARON RESTAURANT tot him make your next party arrangements — ED 2-4056 I Ridglea has B EVERYTHING p OUR I atiartefay JCL 118131 183 I 121 &WOMACK FRU SMOKING fp AR T-lin SWIM- PANNING 106f GARRY r RICHLAND PLAZA -1 ammo AI 14255 nomonme 1 4 '- 11 rOPHIA LOREN - meIMIEVOR 11"9"8110PIARO '144-114 ' o'-' It' JOHN PAU RiCHARRJOH to NSO E GREAI in 1111411 ' " COLOR s11 ' Mr t St iSol nO 14 ock 0: a NOMOI CROSSBOW 100 3115 5115 7:30 945 14 o vv" yinv uligil INMIM MN POMP 915 : WO gg OWNTOmWN'ED6:3062 nor iit h I I kifiliII 1111 SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT 0 "La Dolce Ito" I i °matins only at 900 1 ' Riscommendird only for ' mature adults 0 I Also This 2nd Big Hit I 7:15-12:15 COLOR gi 2 : "Island of I ove" dip v a MID-CITIESIBU3-2112 : H WAt Is: I( ttoill - JAMES STEWART a a i "Shenandoah" i n I In Color at 7:15-10:50 I Plus This 2nd Riotous Show I "Mcliales Navy -I 0 Joins the Air I Force" 9:45 i I : il o — "10 : &THE END' datertaitmelzq ird00111101100000110111110004 tootionoom0000lotool000to Mato Joann up Zigik ot : reljititte hew to 2 ARLINGTON CR 5-21021 : dhr I Jan Fonda Lee Marvin "Cat Ration" 1 7:15-11:00 ale I Plus—Peter Sellers I "Dr Strangelove" 02 i Or how I learned to stop I i 0 ' worrying and love the bomb 6 — : 9:15 Be — WO OWNTOWN'ED6:3062 t I WV- Fi kifiliII 1111 SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT tit - ' F n "La Dolce Ito" o i RocoOne time only at 900 1 ' mmended only for mature adults 0 I Also This 2nd Big Hit I 7:15-12:15 COLOR i : "Island of Love" do MID-CITIESIBLI3-2112 : WAIr IS I I( 1 II- SS 01 JAMES STEWART I "Shenandoah" i I In Color at 7:15-10:50 I Plus This 2nd Riotous Show I "Mcliales Navy -I : n Joins the Air I Force" 9:45 i Ih — : : THE END qautertainmen izatam 2403 N Main Open 12 00 Noon JERRY LEWIS—DEAN MARTIN JANET LEIGH—Technicolor "LIVING IT UP" JERRY LEWIS—DEAN MARTIN AGNES MOOREHEAD — Color "PARDNERS" OtAdftOt0'W‘fto'000St'S TCUWA 7-2109 OPEN 5:15 ESPIONAGE and INTRIGUE! ITN NOP WIWI 1:23 eim 11Haraxemiummorn—om "The Great Spy Mission" "Operation Crossbow" WOVW'wW'060e0WtorWe000 P 0 L Y 3031 Vougil6 Ph JIF 6-7176 BOTH PICTURES IN COLOR! "Operation Crossbow" CEO PEPPARD SOPHIA LOREN "THE ROUNDERS" GLENN FORD HENRY FONDA CARTOON — OPEN 320 EDFIRST RUN 1 i OPEN 135 0 DC a Alli "'CIRCLE' HAS BEDS BATHS BABES AND A VARIETY OF BEAUTIES AS DALLYING LADIES!" COLOR — Doily Nws QDiars r 3AIT0 yktirofeby V6 29 9 48 with JANE FONDA Als Th Story of Sox In filo Movies! 191to1ECODDESSES 1:40 4 50 - 'E I "You have no choice you've got to trust me! I HEIRO-6010MMAYTR PESENTS A CARO on PI CC eonede !SOPHIA ILOREN GEORGE IPEPPARD 1TREvoR F !iii::k:!:0!' :::0: 'HOWARD :"''7::s:? ::'44 j—:'-:''''''''''''''''''' 4 ::: : : 7 JOHN il :5 '' ! :: - :-: 7' ':J:::::: MILLS " ‘ N' :'-:i' :: :::k' RICHARD - Ntiop:'-'iii:-:x1 JOHNSON ''''''''''''' ''' '''''''s - The most secret TO-M end vital espionage COURIENAY adventure War tureoll V II E G MI EAT SPIT EICIOSSOOLl (CODE NAME: "OPERATION CROSSBOW") OL 00 45 JIREFAMMIMIONY QUAIII fill PAIMEIMII HENREID 11EIMU BANTINEBARBARA RUBINO Sciunk MU Will INT OM WIER 011001 y NOM IGEN Pohlad h filM PANAVISION'a METROCOLOR NOW SHOWING at a Theater Near YIJI— ARLINGTON BELKNAP CINEMA THEATRE DOWNTOWN DRIVE IN RICHLAND PLAZA MANSFIELD POLY ICII TWIN I DRIVE IN and WESTERNER DRIVE IN THEATRE THEATRE DRIVE IN SEE SEPARATE ADS FOR TIMES AND SECOND FEATURE I Thursday Morning September 23 1965 BROUGHT BACK EXCLUSIVELY TO 11Viyi I SASS CAMP SOW IE BLVD-GRATIS PARKING DISTURBING SCARY Z17 TE(44CHNIC01011 MEMORABLE! Terence Stamp is splendid!" —tAolts HOME JOURNAL 'A SHOCKER designed to rivet you to your seat!" A''7ftome SEVENTEEN qfe 1 WYLER'Stf the collector TERENCE STAMP SAMANTHA EGGAR ED 2-4188 HOW SHOWIIIG! OPEN 11:15 FEATURES 11:20-1:20-325-530-7:35 & 945 RECOMMENDED MATURE AUDIENCE NO CHILD NO JR MDC TICKETS SOLD FROM THE BEGINNING THEY KNEW IT WAS WRONG BUT NOTHING COULD KEEP THEM APART! NrizimothwymmAyER FIL MAYS MINN? )"VA MARIE SAINT fIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON - - - - MARTIN lilt RANSOHOFFS PRODUCTION 0 110' Irb":oAT an7T3' LAST 21 esritjadri ONE PERFORMANCE tvd T od that WONDERFUL 4- RODGERS-HAMMERMAN BOBERI WISEflosifti 40 UM) AIR ozpa JIM NI -4 (ML41!WOLOirOVAlb iCr1100' gliTit CNV51 SCHEDULE OP PRICES RESERVED SEATS ONLY LOWER FLOOR $250 BALCONY $220 BOX OFFICE OPEN DAILY 1200 - ED 2-1511 II PASAViStee Ale soETROCOAOR a DAYS!! TODAY-8:15 PM JULIE ANDREWS - els 1 0' 0 'N GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PERFORMANCES 2nd "Yoh-Yah" Week! 41-160° Bob Hope Tuesday Weld hankie Avalon ED 2-6070 Recommended "Ill Take Sweden" Mature Audience No Child No Jr MDC OPEN TODAY 5:45—FEATS 600-7:45 end 9:25 Tickets Sold - if It's mommini"" lumanol -4amor You likei Were Are Twol--:--- AOf The Fest ExampleslN s n- Back by Popular Demand! MEll PIERei HERCOIJRI mom sofit6 filEIT AN UT( NWT Immo ow IIRONJA DASISCHEVIENCE sun tool -no KoaT i ERIC AMMAR loom of MAROS SACUIDANIS r"-ILESEI aut iiifflimil BEST SUPPOR1IR6 ACTOR ItOSTAve dir""Fata-è DOORS OPEN 5 00 ADMISSION $125 SHOWS 5:15-715-925 MMIIMMIP MEIMA itirEi MERCOUM DAUM r--- 0 Spl 31' WO1 I RESEI 0 NI Ha Rh' Arl A kae4m&JkAetáma4m‘gA1)Aaws PAGE a THE S BUTT Screen In Taylor who 1 box office nal froAA e" 4 JO W ' 4!$:14' 'ti :17sar 'fk1 : ( ' Y '''' A' '' i'' : ' rii A ELSTON BROOKS standing back says Liz "I'vc THE 54 Burton wh more often th tary uniforms collar and the handled charn There is ni thick or thin time or anothe Like "Nigi sandpiper flitt pied by Liz It away from con It has wings ( Liz is a be her illegitimat gracious offer :church school - It is only m to give her a r posing in the i 'fellow beatnik :this 7: AW — Eva Marie E ton's wife relef with men's necl The picture colored rolling i ' era and to ten One questio :party where Bt -church financin :den sitting in a LB' Sil Beefini By WILLIAM R I Star-Telegram Washinl WASHINGTON - Johnson announced he has signed two rr plementing his w crime declaring th !iceman is the front in our war against ( that "rehabilitation sable if we are to cycle of crime by c fenders" One of the mean a three-year progra al assistance for t of state and local p and authorizes ap of PO million in 1! The other authori tial appropriation ( lion for two presid( ated commissions c national problems 1 forcement and the tion of justice the 1 plore crime and li Defeated Brc Won't Run i: BONN Germany I Willy Brandt of V defeated in his el come West Germar at Sunday's electior ed Tuesday he wil candidate in 1969 He said he would mayor of Berlin al a seat in the W( Parliament --- - - 4 G !'( ! 'I i :' JOE YC IR '' NO CC 708 N SYLVANIA 41811182111IMMESIPIII '' i i::::: :1 Z f ' c -1 ' A -t-L 'eo'-! I— ( CI "V dr!LT ii ' ' er r Ls: ii 1505 ! ' (1: 0 - - — — ! 77' ! t! !!!!! I ! ! 1!!!!!! i!!!!!!! N HETRI Mgt A CAR 8:1 ! LoU GE PE HTR 'HO JO MI RI( Jo TO1 CO ai sc Al THEA MA CI : r : :-:- - :::: :::: y:::::J--1nice s-1 7 ::::4-::-:'e: no -t11---::: ?'1 t:I ‘you'llay : " :- 'mel :t:: : u trust :: - ''' you've got L :: : ::::: ::: - - : !::::-:: r- ::4 010 11mAn :":"::- ' '"'-r OI ti5'À ' 1 t-'' lk i ! HEIR161 - :Air ! 4-4 ' 4 I 1' 41":54: g0:'-'i'N 11 rcuto ?Nil POODUSTICI 1y: ' :' ' ' :4 ti :):'!':'::':i : : 4::':':qk ' ': ' 101':-'a 4A-1411- cf0tk :'1-i4 189-0PO'"IA : ::: -e--L --4::e- t ')' g '':!: :::::: Nit ''::4': ' i?:'::'''" LOREN I:: ::--::-:s : N-&!-! -4--- -!-:J- GEORGE 4--'4'!: - 1PEPPARD 1--'' :'-' : : : ' 54:i:K--4- ' : : :--:::-"- -- t -":::-:):-: ::--41:T-mreg oi-:i-:-:---::4 a:4v: ::' J?::1 TREvoR :i-Ys::4:::-r--:--::::'r:i:y:4::t1 HowAFID 4 1:t'-:'(4::::: - -7-1t-:'x''''::':e:::::-0::l MIStl—OHN '-'!:-: ?:-'''''4'':::--':-:-i --2ItAli 4 114::--1:::-:: !: t‘l''':l-'1 RICHARogi joONS II The 1- I A -4' TOM end vital esPi i &--T't- 10it Wnrift ‘ COLIFiTENAY war ' :'''n11s:::lit:Lor:''enst f av:g' ef 7C: ': '4 adventure oflt 1110'Tdig191) N -: i1: t' -- : s )1 '-?) : :r z 00' : :"d::1:" :'::5:r' s t:i::: : :::4: :::::::t:i:f: ' i:: :4:':'''r::?:: : NI ' '' ' ' : ::$::: : ' 7 q-74f-: ::::: i:: ::::::::::: Fr i ::::::: :12::44?:1- 1111 4 - ! ' 1-0009- :a'::i4-:&::?::w§4- : 14 : 4 '-' ' 204ciesto Fen m AARON ROSENBER6 F1E1110001 ttsi IN -- CINEMASCOPI (:'':7:5'4 ' 1'' ':'-'11AvoriM(11A111E-EW!illER 4: czz'R : $? — :--- '- ' 4- ' BEfIllDLISUR:R3EgROIAID ! 4- : i - sa 11(vslre N: Iv Nit Niir74 ii At i : :7' ' :-444''::: : : : m 13 4 i 1::::::':::::tz::::::i::-::-::::::::l!i::i::L::::::::::i:::::::::i:i::':i:::iii:4:::L'::::iliiiiiii141!:::::'':::I:iiiii:ilitilfEl!J-": :ii::::11:iii iittIcle fAli—r ' ' ' k ':' ' ' 0: '4 - - 4'' itt ':!t '4: :(- ' ' 1(4 'r ‘ l'''' ' C1I4 4' :T:' '4441tril':ei 0 :' : 1?")) : - ' 4ekk r J - 0- 111EA111Y" Plus the kr Iti11) a pro-tuutto group FREDDIE Bed ICILIG Hearts I WESTERN DANCE 1 FRIDAY NIGHT yALINEROC RK : EDDY HARRISON AT THE ORGAN BAR A NIGHTS A WEEK 17 lAnTp itindC10-0136 Eimminiumninl ill t '!'- AD U :''' 44100ir ) i U L di s L T i : 4 1 S : ' ::: i is'1 ItTf 4 i ''' 16'''':i- '447144 '''s : : !' ttli'l!:(- :''''?:: - ' A 'f 4'1i:t ' lqt ''''sriiiiiAe 3A1T 0 Pk eiglaN5:5 629 16116 NETRI: erY E ' I - ': - '''' ' ' "AR147s It : : R ciio 1 - 4 ANs° - pRODU :'- :::'::::::1:::1i :':i::: ':: 44:: ':1:1L po tod I -1 ARDNERt ECHNIC01011 11 4414: 0'11 te ZIMET S elaldp tilVio - WORTH 1

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