Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 31, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1944
Page 4
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS : MONDAY,. JULY 31, 1944 dCfa Bail? Published Kvery Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK. CONNECTICUT T.-l«Tliom» y?l* mid 222!>—All Dupurtinuntu Entered a* second ClasH miittnr ut the post office i NautfHtuck.' Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable in Advance 1 month $ .75 »> months 3 month* $2.25 1 year * 9 -° The Unltud Press has the exclusive rlKht to -us for ropubllcation In any form, all nowa disputchc credited to this paper. It is also exclusively entitle! to use for rcpubllcatlon all the local and undated new publiahftd herein. K TO TIIK FLAG—"I plMlgo ttlli ICaiicu to Hie J-'laif or thu L'nlU-d Stated o Aniorlvu mid to \\\<- KcpiiMh: for which 1 Htnn<l». On« nation IndlvhlhU*. with l.lbort; mid .liinticv for all." MO.NUAY, JL'I.Y HI, 1!H-» CONTINUE TO SAVE PAPER Altlic;ni;'li the next Im'al drive for scrap pjipci- will not l>u held until tSt'ptomber, it is not too wirly for the puopli; of this to Ix^m saving thuir waste jmpcT immediately. AVastebiisket pieces (.•an jro into burlap hags. Newspa])urs and all Hat, clean paper should he tied in armload packages for tin.- collectors. It does not take long for any family which reads a iifwspaper to accumulate several pounds, and all is needed as the paper situation is critical. The local scrap paper drives are well organized and the collections are made by" men of the borough's street department in a very efficient and systematic manner. So, to you who read The .Daily News, we say, save your copies of the paper, bundle them and have them ready to turn in when this next collection is made. It should also be remembered Chat our governriient is urging householders to salvage their-tin cans, as tin is a commodity .that is greatly needed to insure a continuous supply of numerous articles .used by uiir soldiers on t'he fighting fronts. Those who have neglected to sal- vag'e tin ca-ns in the past should not fail to'perform that patriotic duty from now on.' • GUARD AGAINST INFANTILE PARALYSIS DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News 20 Years Ago Florence Larson, Ruth and Hazel Nelson, Muriel Hnppy, Kenneth Bcntlcy and Herbert Atwood were, among tho«c present at a party for Alice Crosby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Crosby of Walnut street. o—O—o Mrs. Murpnrot McEvoy, and Afjncs and Alice Brcun were at Bay View In Mill'ord, at W, V. Schmit/.' cottage. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Frank Vaughn nnd George McCann took positions with the Connecticut Co. o—O—o Edward O'Brien, local barber, stopped a runaway horse find wag-on on North Main street. Mr. O'Brien brought the horse to a. halt before it could do any damage. Because of the. alannittg spread of infmitm: paralysis, the federal health authorities are asking the cooperation of parents in a program to protect children from that dread disease. 1 "They suggest that from now until the end of the polio season in Into September constant checks lie made for headaches, fever, nausea,, sore throat and stiffness of the neck, arid to call'a physician immediately if any symptoms of paralysis appear. "They advise that children be kept out of crowds and away from swimming pools unless it can be determined Unit contacts fhcrc are no greater than normal contacts at home. The advice of the government authorities is well worth heeding. It may. fi followed, keep many youngsters from be- eomiing paralysis victims. STILL SAFE The nation is still safe. No group has been <jnicker to see violations of popular rights than the American Civil* Liberties Union. This body's annual report,'just published, finds' that after more than two years of war the bill of rights remains unshaken. Only' two college teachers have been dismissed for their opinions, There lias been no important interference-with public meetings. Loyal Americans of Japanese descent 'have been singularly free from insult and violence. Gratifying, too, is the news that 1043 saw but' one .lynching. That is at least jv -partial setoff against: such alarming phenomena as the race riots in .Detroit' and elsewhere. Certainly the Axis countries can tell no such story. MORE GAS~FOR FURLOUGHS • For less than three days, a soldier ' doesn't get extra gas. His folks have to drive him around on what's left of the little old A card. Probably on a three-day visit "Pvt. .Tones. Opt, Krown and Lt. (j. £.) Robinson divide the time between Mom's kitchen and the Best Girl's front porch. Why drive? .Hnt for anything over throe days, be it leave or furlough, the fightin' man ««iftJM«aUoiiwifcda.v-uUp to 30 gallons. And will he enjoy it'/ Why ask? Around the Clock THE^(AXEHS) MASTER Gregory Phalen of North Main street, who, with his wife anil two children i* taking things easy at his cottage on the II o lisa tonic river this week, has invited Howie Meyers), Joe Mult-sky and Billy K'ovaloski. to spend the coming weekend with the family. The boys, however, refused the invitation, because "Grog's" cottage is locatud high up on a windy hill. The path leading up to the cottage is in very poor condition, and added that, it is almost verticle. Mr. Muleslcy claims that if the hoys started up the hill" at C o'clock (in a Saturday night, they would arrivf at the front door of the cottage sometime late Sunday, morning and would have t:o rush down the' 90 degree slope to make the last church services in time. Tlowie says that Greg turns into a cli I'M we I lor when . he, opens his-sum-, mer home each year. ; . '•• Mickey Quinn, U. S. Army, whose home is in Beacon Falls, is reported to be somewhere in Alaska after a long- stay on Attu island in the Aleutians. ..... John Silver had a bit of trouble explaining the scratches on his nose last" week. The Union Cityite said that he got 'them from diving. We always figured water was soft Joe Gesseck, the Boot, Room Flash, was pretty gloomy all of last week until Saturday as he found a. letter from a dear friend upon coming home. The whole aspect after he finished reading the letter assumed .a brighter hue. Carolyn, Highland' Circle, went on. n shopping tour in "vv'alerhury. And so did Alberta Englc and Dot Roberts, Saturday afternoon. . . . "Fred Santa Lucia ol' the Chemical Co, is waiting for the heat of the summer to die so ho'can relax. Every day Freddy gets out of the Chemical .he has "spaghetti stains" on his shirt, if any of it is left. IWAtTERWINCHELL Coast-to-Coast [Trade Mark Registered. Copyright, 19-M. Dally Mirror! NEW YOKK.H'EARTUKAT FACKS ABOUT TOWN: Wendell Wlllkle, who goes to the, Coast very soon to argue a case involving a Federal Reserve Bank. His present plans are to say nothing on the position he will take in the presidential campaign until some time "after mid-Aug Lx>p!o; a widow, who is said to be the secret bride of a lad she mot nine years ago...Lcyl: X George, who clicked as the French doll in "What Price Glory?" ' She has auth'd a novel (due in the Fall) titled: "The Iron Empress". ..-Basil O'Connor, FDP.'s former law partner, whose appointment J1S head of the Red Cross was greeted in thi.s manner by the editorial pages of the N. Y. Herald-Tribune and N .Y. Times. Said the Trib: "—A task for which his previous activities could not have fitted him"...Said the Times: "—By good works in a field which eminently qualifies Mr. O'Connor for his new posilior.." "YOUR MIND AND BODY" Ai^WASHINGTON Demo Convention V. P. Fight Seen As Mistake Sedition Trial Marathon May Last Many Months Patrolman John Mikalchus returns to duty today ..... -. Officer Wilfred 1 Evon had quite a task on his hands the other night when a fellow-bluecoat on vacation wanted several pounds of a certain fish bait, which is a pretty scarce item at the present ...... Dick Murphy sent The Column for an item all the way up to Canada over the weekend. The consensus of opinion shows that that is the best place for us to be. i Tin; latest up at Bchlman'.s corner is the "T" ticket game. Capt- James J. Grant warns us that if anybody offers you some "T" coupons, don't take them, for they may turn out to be a couple of tickets from a tea-bag ...... Rosemary O'Connor has been sporting a beautiful tan all summer. and sunshine "Mooch" loves water Dotti Smith of Cheshire visited in the borough Saturday. • Fred Hall, popular 'U. S. Rubber Co. chemist is passing out the cigars today for on Sunday, Mr. Stork presented the well known Gorman street resident and his Mrs. with a son and heir, Frederick Scott, not quite 7 pounds, but many times that weight in charm and heart appeal, at St. Mary's hospital'in Waterbury. And both mother and son are doing very nicely, thank you! !! At least Henry A. Wallace can console .himself with the thought that he is the first vice-president in many years as to whom, anyone en red whether lie was re. nominated or not. _____ f By 'iOGAN • CLENDEN'IA'G, M- *>• The. Migraine .- •...'... Headache • •; ' • • • • ; • MIGRAINE, .regular" recurrent headache, sick ' headache, plagues. about, one out or' every ''200 people 'all. -their, .lives. It •' differs"- from rill other headaches and can be i-ccofr- by four' signs.' " (l->-Thc victim •begins 'to have "his,"; or "her," •headaches .(they arc "very possess- sive about .their headaches: -.they can tell the mifrrairic. attacks from other' ordinary headaches that may be due to bad. . -ill-,' overwork.' cve.str.iin, el.c.) at about the age of IK : to 20 and "has them at i recurrent periods, " not ' necessarily rcf.-ul.-u- periods for many" . years until chanpe of' life or old afro stops them. (2) Aura, or premonition of the coming headache— li£ht flashes, ringinp'in the cars, etc. (-3) There is- -usually nausea and vomiting, which is why it is called sick headache. M) A family history of migraine or 'allergy. ' •• Innumerable rc.mi'.dios have bec'ii. sujrjrostcd for' -'-relief:- Not ' one. known to me works' in every case. Most of the sufferer's have 'their own personal- way of avoiding 'or mitigating the attack and these run the pamut of' drug's from aspirin and sails on up or down. Then 'there arc water- cures, electric euros, diet cures, and littl.o tricks like takinjr a walk, or a cold shower, or RoinK 16 a movie, all of which work -for "' -some one Individual, Best Remedies j Probably the best ,.o'f ',thc drills ! is orROtamine tartrale. ' • Best be- 1 cause it works on a. larger proper- j tion of .people, than any other I single remedy ever sucpested. It is estimated that it Kivcs relief to 90 per cent of migrsiine headaches. Its specificity is shown in the fact that it often induces a headache in those not subject to migraine. Its action is KCnorally ascribed to its ability to constrict thu blood vessels ir.sido tha' cranium. And theoretically this should work in miwr.-iino. because the ache is pretty well proved to be duo to dilatation of the blood vessels on one side of the head. This is shown by the flushing of one side of the face during an attack. And several. examinations of the hack of the eyes with an ophthalmoscope .have shown the retinal vessels dilated in one eye. . . . Golman reported a unique case in a person whose -headaches were supposed to be due to a brain tu- mour and a surgeon cut a flap out of the skull. No tumour was found and the patient. ..continued to "have her migraine headaches. When-shei had one there'"was ; a marked, bul'g^ ing. of the soft spot in .he'r .skull. : When sho was free of attack- the,' soft spot wua depressed.. •. ';.-;:. Another remedy whiclr-hasibeeiv su£j,' cs t ccl *°'' migraine in; 'the -last. two years is benzedrine sulphate.; It has. the same 'action, as; -ergota- ' mine in" the constriction of blood|. vessels', ;The sufferer from cfir'onic- nose trouble relief -in the inhalation. of benzedrine put - up , in . small metal tubes. so the fumes cnn be sniffed. It shrinks .the vessels and.. mucosa of his nose'-iso that .-ho can. breathe freely. .- .."" - . • .'Benzedrine TiJsen . Orally It is absorbed ,' when "taken by mouth and has a. general constructing effect on blood .vessels purticu-. larly those of the -head. It .has' "a" peculiar action on the brain cells,. accelerating mental' processes so that it is popular, with those in the, know who are' going ; to- take a. final examination in something or other. In a small group. (IS) of. mi-. gralne patients Gottleib, of the • ; - Special to Central Press WASHINGTON'—In the view of political observers,.tin"! deep.schism in the Democratic party caused by the. vice presidential light at the Chicago convention is a mistake in .political strategy- which may cost dearly at the polls in November. It- is the considered opinion of these experts, that. the "president has lost more votes by permitting an "open" race for the vice-presi-. .dentinl- nomination/ than, -would have been the" case had he. dictated his choice to the 'convention as he did in',1340. '., .'. ' ". '. 'Although the 1940 demand., for ."•Wallace by the'president was a bit- .ter.pill for the Democrats convention to swallow,.- It is pointed out ,that. the rcsult : bf his course left no deep' scars, as -the.19-14 procedure •undoubtedly has -done. President- Roosevelt in following the course he did, undoubtedly had in min.d the fact thai hip control .over the Democratic parly is no- whore near ns complete as it was four years ago, and his action was : mbtivatcd by an attempt to assuage the factions which have "fallen away, from him during his third..term in. oflice. .. However, it is- apparent that he has'failed in this objective, and the "open" race.for the'nomination has served to accentuate the many breaches in the party rank rather than to heal them. thesn small, grassy plots as individ ual fortifications to hold up the Al lied -advance. They-mak'e -excellent anti-tank points. '• • Except for the plains southeast of Caen, bocage dot virtually the entire Normandy landscape now occupied by the British-Canadian- Anicrican "forces. • All this lends special importance to the _ breakthrough by "Gen." Sir .Bernard L. Montgomery's- British Sc'con'd-Armj an to-'the flat;plain country, south- 'east' br"Cacn,"where' .tanks and other mobile units'can deploy to "considerable advantage. " - .REPORTS.FROM. THE.DUTCH, underground reaching Washington dicioso an ever-increasing number of professors, arc- refusing to continue teaching in Holland-and are going into hiding. Eleven more professors, according to the reports, recently joined those "who refuse "to work under the Nazi yoke. Three of the 11 professors were from the- University of Utrecht,' five from Amsterdam university and three from Wageningen' Agricultural college.' ' relief in 67 per cold. Thirty-three •IT IS "NOW BELIEVED that it will take four months more to complete the government's case in Washington's mass sedition trial, Prosecutor O. John Koggre con- "'ilded'to reporters as the 13th week closed that, in the basis of the original "timetable," hn had submitted two weeks' evidence. About two'taonth's hud been devoted to it. Wherj thfi trial opened. Roggc had predicted that his evidence would take about six weeks. The trial,. • now in its fourth month, has moved along with virtually no "o vert act" testimony to date. Seven of the government's 200 witnesses have been or. the stand. Only a fraction of the list of some -1,000 documents have been introduced. Three defendants have been severed from the case, and one died. ! SMALL-CLUMPS OF GRASS, Or hedgerows, known as bocage, are giving the Allied high command sleepless nights in France. The reason is that Gen. Erwin Rommel and his Nazis have used per cent of patients'had the attacks .aborted--if they took the benzedrine early .enough before the attack' started. . - . -. A favorite' ..theory about mi- -praine'is. that'it is a manifestation 'bC'allergy. The..hereditary nature •of.;.-bpth complaints, is suggestive. Undoubtedly.'many- : with .a migraine background, have their' attacks' precipitated- by : some food Vp -'which, they arc. allergic. Many of these .patients, can, be. desensitized by the. use of -histaminc, as described' the ;J,une issue of the 'Annals'-'.of Internal Medicine, His- jtaminc desensitizatipn has been -used In other,! allergy. i'iVThe'se "remedies should be given under medical directio nand I have purposely refrained' from giving dosage or methods,of administration,. /..•'. •:• QUESTIONS AJtfb ANSWERS ' .K/B. W.i~What is, meant by a'i : -'"cbmpcnsatory' ; -pause" in the- .heart?.' .-• ••'.'' ' •' . -^Answer:.'. After the contraction ot!-':tho heart'-muscle It has to rest. in,"order : ;t6 obtain oxygen from its blood "vessels and t6' t regain cbn- tra'ctilityy^duringX this compensa-. tory period It does riot beat. It is "BiVnplyrt'tliefrreat'ing-iperiod. between heart b'eats....' 1 ;,'....•- ' , ••'.'. MILITARY. MEN RETURNING from the Central Pacific 'say that the numerous atols spread over the topic sea look like Holland because of the "countless windmills that can be seen on the flat patches of coral sand. • '• Returning Marine olllccrs say the crude windmills have been constructed from spare parts and scrap material and the.power provided, by the. tuning blades is being used by inger.ous Yanks to wash, their clothes. Most of the "washing machines" consist of a steel drum and a plunger with the latter attached by gears to the rod on the windmill. The trade winds twirl the blades to provide power for the crude but useful machines.. ; These ofliccrs say that crews of bombing planes operating in that area dump clothes, soa.p suds and water into the tanks: go " off on bombing missions, and return to lind their clothes clean. You're Telling Me! By WIKX1 AM KITT (Central 1-ress Writer) SALLIES IN OUR ALLEY: Playwright Ferenc Molnar returned to his favorite cafe a.fter witnessing th<: premiere of a rival's new shov ..."How -did you like it?" he w.-u; asked..."It is no play." replied Mulnar, "for an opening night"; .. . .Mrs. Nicholas Longworth is widely credited with: "I'm not voting lor anyone who looks •like the bridegroom on a wcddinjr cake!". ! .Pan; Revere, 2nd, wrote that in 1940." GRANDPAPPY JENKINS says .it looks to him ;vs if Hitler shot t-ho- wrong geivcro-ls. .It is t-hc Allied military chiefs . w.lio. .ore causing Adolf's greatest headaches. A Junker general, it seems, often winds up his .career .with a banjr—in front of a firing squad.' "Gnrniann ISnger for Pinice .With RiiKsia"—headline. And just three years'- aico that wan spr-llod "Piece of Russia"! ' 'This summer the fish' arc "having-a tough '"time ' figuring out whether an angler means business -or is j just a political candidate posing- for the newsrccls. . There needn't always foa fire where there's smoke — it might be just a campaign cigar. Internal disorder In .Germany Indicates the Nu7,ln no longer huve the stomach for war. It is suggested that Germany bo divided into three separate countries. Keeping- an eye on three Germanics scorns like a tougher assignment than policing just one. Waters of .the Great Salt lake in Utah arc said to contain about 23 per cent i-alt. Content of salt in the "Atlantic ocean is.ari average of about 3.0 per cent. • . '• NEW YO^KNOVELETTE: You read about !'. in the papers when it happened ..How his flawless reputation (.-..flcr a long career in a field he helped . pioneer) was blemished when he was sentenced 10 prison. . .Kor allegedly violating the income i;:x laws...The reason his name isn't, used in thi.s story is that he would be just as happy if we didn't use it...We think-it .should be r.;:-tcd to guide future B'way and" H'wood historians.... The "irony of it...He was jailed for "not paying all his 1 tax," and wl.ilc serving his brie term—they. r-ji<!ined S100.000 plu interest....W:.:c.i he had overpaid TIMES.."SQ. TICKER: Oil Premingcr's productoon of Ver; Caspary's hit novel, "Laura," give the villainous rol.- to Clifton Webb his first film. It'.; a racy mystery murder with Gene Tierney in thi role Jennifer Jones was touted off by D. O. Selzi.ick. ..The ways dunicd.t.'iat the crime-writer- columnist-rad. oratory villian wo.-- WpollcoUl' but yophisticaied Ne Yorkers will im-n'ediately think i is...Even- ll'.oi ;h . he is colled W.ildo. . .Qurntin Reynolds, Fulton Ourslcr and Lobelia Parsons sub for this .holiday--:- during August on Sunday .-ves.. .Lt. A. Wright and Rita.' Hunt were divided in Florida scc'ruth ..4-1.000 primary ballots were -sen-, overseas by New- Jersey. Only ••,,;00 came bnck... Chums of Jo- n Davis, the star, say they .witi.-.-sscd her toy wi.h the dice at .-. Las Vegas gaming; spot where sin: dropped $15,000. MIDTOWN \OGNETTE: Radio actor Martin >:;iliel and colleagues Paul" Stewart an-1 Everett Sloane were dining at Lindy's when Ga •cmarked. tha: if he had the rac- ng section nf a newspaper he could dope out the "daily doubl-" .They sent for a paper and G.i- l picked his selections—urging" his friends to put a wager down . ."That's, for suikers," said Paul .."Include mr out," scoffed Sloane . ."Well," .said the wounded Ga-. jcl, "just mak-i r>. memo of these lorses' names- -I tell you they will vin the d:uly double". . .The names vere Houlgate "and Music Hall. .. They romped *; and paid Gabel 1,000 for his wager of "only a few lollars. BROADWAY SMALLTALK: Eselle Taylor, friends insist, is dCJl- itcly readying Paul Small's Re- icbituary, although they dine and dance together.. .Dolores Morgan, he-screen actress, and Humphrey Bogart's cousin, Lt. Bob Rob, are ighiiig together. They mot when ic visited her studio. . .Sgt, Max Baer is mending at DeWitt Genral Hospital, Auburn, Cal ienry Hull has. enough income from his dairy farm and New York apartment building to retire whenever he wishes. . .Miami is already planning its biggest Winter season...The Nazis would come over to our side in droves if they could see the £'''! who is broadcasting nightly to-them from Italy. She is cx-Conovcr model Virginia Robinson. THE ORCHID GARDEN: "Summer Storm," with Linda Darnell. It will probably' elevate her to stardom. ..Diosa Costcllo's zinp at the Latin Quarter. .-Woody Her-, man's version of "Milkman, etc."' ...Johnny Thompson's mc'ingr'iit Leon & Eddie's. .."Frenchman's Creek," via .Paramount. ..."Hail 1 the Conquering Hero," another: Preston Stui-gis click. ..Page 51 of the book: "Black Mail." MtoVIETOWN MELODRAMA: One of the Hollywood .studios had the jitters for several months... Many of its executives nnd Htarn were the victims of poison-pen letters.. .Someone was making well- known women miserable with notes that read: "Your husband is having- fun -with a blond StarJet, you fool!". ..Another read: "Why <Jon't you wake up? Your gentleman friend -cures more about lh«j secretary of n director on the same lot" .And so on... Investigators finally traced the letters to a disgruntled., middle-aged, man, who worked at .the xtudio ..He confessed to the police and said he wonted to get even with people he didn't like—although he never met the men he tried to hurl. He is at large today. ..Because none of his victims wished the publicity— the cowards.. .His initials are M. R; . . -. SOUNDS IN THE '.MIGHT; ' At Versailles: "He's" a'parasite.'Gout through revolving doors on other people's pushes". . .At'Havana Madrid: "Looks like she stepped .out •of a dream and then fell flat on her face"...In the Stork: "People who live in glass houses—must be nuts"....At the Park Central Lounge: "Their separation was caused by illness. She got sick of him." THE LATE WATCH: Th,e Stassen build-up for- 1918 is in motion already, with his backers sounding: out various public relations giants -. ..Ex-INS ace Jimmy Young has a new-, .col'm called "Road to Tokyo"... Gus Gale now heads Modern Screen's Hollywood photo bureau . It has the top circ. among Xan mags.. .Stefan Hcym, author •of. "Hostages," is now with the Army's psychologies.] warfare group in Italy. Heym auth'd the Jeafictfi that brought about mass surrender of Nazis there....The Romanoff Caviar Co. of New York, which Nyas written up so much <a» beinp palsy with pro-Nazis .here), .has Gov't contracts lo-supply food to all troopships- leaving 7our shores;..-Sen, James ^Mcad has .instructed ; U. S. Atl'y 'James B. M.' McNally ', to see -that- all royalties' from Mead's book, "Tell the Folks Back Home," -go to war charities. 'The.-first $1,000. went" to the Red Cross.-..Best coined word .of- ihe war: Newswoek's credit to a Lux- "cmlio.urjjcr. iwho calls .the robot boniobs:, ."The " blasiards". ..Producer • Dudley Murphy's next film will undrape the international .set of wealthy refugees now alcoholi- daying in Mexico. He apUv labels them: "The Kitz-Raff." • SEW nnd SAVC with MURPHY'S fARO GOODS 25c-69cyd Matt* longer - wearing, bettor - Ioofcin9 ctothei from thi* bright atiortmtnf of patt«rni, colors *nd fabric*. G.C. MURPHY Co. CHURCH ST. N.iugaluck, Conn. Peter Paul, Inc. XAUGATUCK, COXV. Manufacturers of . . Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES and CHEWING GUMS CLEARANCE SALE Coats, Suits and ' • Greatly Reduced * BUY WAR BONDS * *

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