Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 14, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1916
Page 3
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ftt£(teiii&Mi^ old. .11,. 101*. f»46S fHIil. ft* ATI CM PAH KMAT&lf UAPr ! BE CURED! i •: M h..ii!' , i' 1 - ' •< '<•-.-. »••-- . ,.; ;..•;» t » . . •> : hnv fit*. . *^ :*-^ TJ i J /';::,:? '."^'•'^>*l«i!!'!» ; - T1 :;5 .?*B52. 75* f MprHrip-, w*s*r«'* *-rn«-rta!n«Ht ft! th** -M. W Xte'rr h'unf !<> ji'imiPT In*? T«p«?1«y, A!H."Mu»h < iraRilrrs** ^tjr!>T !* «'<-1! . Monjr :»if sltr-sf nwfi wH? attend fi' irt^f.-tiF'tj; of > M!3?s I'*' jth«- t*l*f>hr»n*> company in t%«J»it*rW«t* • !<l<r>H«il ;of the OR!** and !.*•(' fmintj fffffitmrs*' ' Tnvltfi ; T!«!r>n nr«-t Unroot fVfc^fl, t'Wlrt <-hH- ' f "^! ff ' iri - "— — tit ftpttnft th ft ti^n" At* fsif dijrln* fh*> ,;M- »<-i;,v *>• -'-—*• --- - • winter, f<»f thujas ! Ml*? Y|w* ** : cir pr»rf=r?**. Mr. .-kM Mri*. fM. W&k**- } Imlidnyi*, t s f f s** 1 ^ s ifY*"^"^ i f t^txpTf I*A fv<- * *f sM ifs n^'^ &tCv **f ^ ? ^t tj »•" •'£*-<- t 1 f ''^ ^ Vl^ft to /;!*•• TTH'St t*V* v r *1 1 \- nv^r f H& f ] ofr>r rH- Lumbago, Get*!* Sefatfsn UHe Acid Complaints. i frurn ;* vNtt *v!''i v ! J:iv«s what fC,"tmpfmrH»l-i >ir ,, ,.,| >,|' r - ?'im.'.r»' 'i?t«:«- * pnd rlttl' l->i» **!>» '. joints. jr «IHjniifil >.'u sji-ftoif.ry "??'•< jr»«f C!»*f> fin t<«- rp!i*-vr>f? if yoil'tM-* vlrh-.Uy ff>r thf- wlnt' tly »Svf your*flf a chftK^ byt Thr- .Nihn" AVoHif-r'pnbfjf K. R. R. ' l-tt-fk nfd m;vrhh)« i-v h-l«i Mr, tT, A. Wilson, 518|.|n «-'fy*t* .**..^jv^4f.-- Th«', Ky, i:»rt"fjy 3ffi-H(}t-(1 :i!!i1 »'V«-rj i nt H'-- f.irm of oth^rx who *r» [ ft* I ws*. I want to add * word OR behalf of your wondTful I waa suffftnwi.srMJi rhea- wwi In bad wtler and t ir*ry much rim dowft. to try jrotir 1 did, tmrwtth pom* I>otU! nml at «•<»«, Arthur, the hnm*- &f (a* other w*mwnj*ndNl rans* _ failed to twm-ftt ; Jt to b* Jtort «fc*t I tnf) and and , to says-thai K, It. K, cured ma nltments and I feel well and bottle of K. R. R. *HK pfova to .M K. H, R. will <1« for you what fol* Mr. Wil*on. Dort't b<* dfa- , ertpplfd, tortured — Hire yourt^lf K. R It, $1 per bottlft at your I'*. ill* H. !• told and r*e*mm*nrf*d by tndrick't Drug 0** ftorn«r Third *IMi Pir«t Aytnu*. Stirling, III. Mrs. M. A W-^rf .vifttfr* Sirs. Klvlra Sfriwf* in Mc^L-Ao epoch ..haJi.Jtci2ie...ta.. the. hntnc »f h*»r ilattRhfir. Mr. nml Mr*. Anrtrr'W Jn cijTrl^ wltfr* i»h* will hftrn'"- for thft winter. Sh* , , -nt ?» ffw Wf'i'kfs n! th*> homr- of hw arth, Mr; Mr, ftn«l Mrs. Hoc- and Mrn, Rtiymond HurnpHrf-y enter'tntned «t th*tr how* 1 for dinner VJay i-«H. > »«r(?ly. Mr, and Mr». W. B. owl fnim.Hy. of Round *>*-+ A^»>*f l -M*««:*4t,-»r : M«\ (*M4- Mr^-^iiff..^.^...^^-j p. Trr j. t? .... MTrs7 . f j t ^ Tr ^^H.tpe» .!.«fit, iv« II kn.-.w Tf-r.m',^ (*r,-T« arid oih^r- from ,«T?r- [Xittlfr in Sirrllnp f«>f a fo* flays ritUii rrv^- P ^^,.,i_nw : 'iy ^t-ir '• ne - 'thfir parr-nt.t rf'lurn from Chlcasrft. • (;> "' n fn A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE. Mr. n>-,ft Mr 1 '. Kr*>d t*nt«*rruhfT wr-rf , ,'!>.• rnnrfi «i!iprNf>fl whfn n number | -•£ !>!«• frs'-rjrf" (grtthrfr-d. flftfurdtv f<v- i rittfl !vj;w'd him f"«-{f'bt ; r< A noc in I tint* w.i.« * rcfr^ahm^ntw j*frv* % <l. returned to l'?«'! is's v!*)t with Mfy. Hnzpl R \V:s.. aftrt' n ffii'mtis'r •»f*»t<T, ,Mr,«. Wm. Wo<* Mr. and Jfr 1 *, Wm. ... .in Ohfcnfco tr»«sl Wf<!nr-*<l,iy fn . ! for f> ff-w (Jays' visit. '''"• Mr. mill Mri. A«<»x Andf-rwr.r! f«*»v«'f.'»l firtys thf- i>fi*t .wopfc in Uf,,\vn a t.*h)r*trri,'».«>, •!«• Vi' til - itrrtint:. r» n n •• TV Mt Hoy .Tf't*'m«on in Ht :-;\n?^Ia nn« JM.ISSIQNARy SOCIETY MET. j_ F|rnnk !>»nwp!1pr is frtvlns A Th^ K'»«*t Jordan M!.*«!rtTin-fv .WM-V^fy ifn«t*fl«>il fn this rip'w Verne. C Vf-r- -nlu -> ' ?.rr, -;n,J Mr-. I- isj f.-r !'!«• !H . , . .Mr r»d Mrs,! in St*?t1hl|f. HUM! NEWS f t with Mr«. Al^x fnst J. Oofttn" Sunrt.'iy school rlftws h*ul ani TM6 GOOD .DEED CIRCLE, ; U*-«»cI. t'ircJf- rtf Kfn*?* 1 *! YOUR com |: l "^'^r,Vrrn^ : /<,,^T vv,,.^,,^ ! will beeasUyr^iev«dby taking I.wifh n.>v,i l?«»u.irmix . i „ •_- iJ -ijt*l rat u * I ~/i KJfl-*. 'rM'-m^n. ^trrt f.-n'or llatnl i « MIOGwlHl f« '1,• ,. f Srv-.-.t. )ff{ ft!ntl;sv in ?ft'- Siindny for' Mrs. OStSfiyfiSf ." ' .JOrtOAN Annie SmHh tt'm. WwtwnPr with h«»r ho»*n» i.« Bcholl went lo OfPeon on husi- Monday, Mr, snrt Mrs. John 0<*k«»n fttid »!f>n. tf mcriing, and Mr, and Mr«. R. H. HOJ-KINS NEW FASHIONED SINGING BEE. t fifty pp«»r»le, old and ynurtft. tb* old f««h|on«Hl xinglnR bp« MeEtrtuh who*)! ii«ti««> w<Htji*m» s. A fin* i>ro*tmm nf ttld Mr. by all. At «h* name tlnm »»nrt parent- tpffptierr-- TSTOFi fiun rr.ii ed. OeorRn MsitOu-w pw«ld««nt and Mr». J«:. W. They ^IH hold ,,tht iwhoul h«}U!M< onc«« n month ' tn« winter. A -younx and - Mr. and Mrs*. Walter Dalrimple ami twrt rhH«1r*n. '^ <i Mr. nn<1 Mr*. E«1. KnrlKon nnd family Kf>*>nt. TiH-««!:iy nt (hi* horart «f h^r |>arpnt«. Mr/ fttid "Mr*. I>onibr«Wf<kt. df !>yndoh,' w.hfr* 1 -th^y n^ii-t^tl with-the winter iHttchpring. A nfw ndlfittn has rft^ntlj* Ijp^n fin- on th? l«r|itP barw on the Drod- fnrm In Ciy<S«» township. ««rt Mfft. K, W. MHehr.J! »ppm nnd Frtrtny Ih Chlt*ftRO nt- tb«» nutfk »hMW, anrts Mr», Kitfrtvn Taylor spent rffehtly and took dinner nt ti»r pa'r^ntu, Mr. nnd Mm. of lUHind drove. Carl Mi»Jn«*r« *l'i«»ll«»d. tinA clHIvpml hi* corn to mnrkpt Thorndrty, Mr. nnd Mrn'. A*!« 8tiMH arp pnt«-r- inliiij }H.<» trt«Hhp!" frotn Dftkottt for a f«»w- w«f>h^, ' Ml*. nHil Mr*. W. II. Mntthf-w «pp«t th«» pajtt W«<0h nt thi» home of their fta«8iitt>r nh«l hu*)>ftnd. Mr. nn»l Mrs. J-l \v. <5rt>«ii«, of Chlc*»it*». nrnl n!*o took TiHrnan spent Sunday afl<»rm»on'fft the Grandpa Tillrniin hotne. John Shyder. Wm. Knou««> and r*r«>d Eirhhorn nhttft^d hojf* to fhfcHRO on Monday. , . Mr. and Mr*. Wm. M«*WP»l of P*\* myrn. Frr-d Peholl nnrt.Mr. nnd Mr*. L»«H* Beholl «nd daughter, Edith. Ipft |i>v the of thi«!r fnth^r, to Woosiung Monday thwt nroueht; ^ him tBKl.fs;'^ • • j .Mr. and Mrs'/ Ftoyc* 1 Ifmdpr, of Bt<>r-1 llnR. aprnt ftunrtay With W" Mr. and Mr*. 2^t . ... fur fhirncii nil Tupnda V frtortilttfi. Some Mf& NtlSOH John Snyrter *FPnt to Chir«R(« Mon-i,j rtsiy «>v»>nlng. ^ IIP firkin rlnb m*>t with Mrn. An* i _..._ ..^..^^ .«..<%». nnc-A^&if !H!-<>;t. of K with Mrs. Kmms. fixtitrapn Thnrn-j t nf tho f:->rm !th*> .%In!})f>w** •««!** HVtlnwdny Bt I Mr. nn<l Mr*,, >"n.y Ru«««*'H. of Pro- HUME BRIEFS., !phpt.«town, rpr-n* Tlnirmlay in SterHnj? na iwrn. «.. iviuuri. . Mm. Mnnt«itm«T Pollork. who is S2 also r-illp(l -at PVnnk Ku*««pH'!« hom»». . John Richmsrt and chlWren, of y«»ar* o!«l wn* nbtc to rtrlvo hi»r own ; Mr. and Mr?!. J^»hn Kluek and fam» " "' wjfh h*r pnr- ht»n>(> t(» n«***k Kdll* KrUlny nnd sppnt.Sly »tt»>n«!^rt th<* ct'mlme nt Mr», Knnta «»ntR, »fr. "nnd Mrs. Wm. BrorVl. Awljle Maxwtft. «r« 'W* ! " Kfflttd »» night with hpf wm, Rol^rt. * jCfaus ^Vwln^wlaj- nisht ffi ft«»rlinp. Mtv Bntl Mm. Wlllmm Murray, nfl I^nt^r Ekl^ar, of Schylpn, came —*• Faite. nftJ Miss Haipn-WiBlt»niaB'.yhurj>daj- nignt tt? vWt hl« after ea,ch;ineaL It fortifies the throat and chest while ft enriches the blocd to fcelp avoid grippe, bron* chki« and even pneumonia. Scott *« t* well v/ortK in*i«ting upon.* •eott A OowtJ e, Btaanflt id. H. |. te-14 Ob- was ttJiw or»rnnlr.tHl th»> »nnn» «*«• thp benefit i»f th*- youn» of the community, ThHr first - Will bo h«-ld on Thurmlny «*v»«, 4th. Mis* U'hwald, iwhiwl In prumutor of nit th* organlzntlon« of the nchool dtt- LADIES' AID MIT, ' Aid of the Uormnn Luth- Was «nt<*rt«lnpd Thursday at tin* home of ,Hov. and Mr«. A l»nrc number of Ja- »nd the afternoon w«re uppnt In making (juilu. A luneh wiw served Sn the lat* n hour% and n plpnnnnt time Is llev. John K. Jtepd. of Kmerson, spent Saturday nnd Huwlny at th* home of Mr. nnd >Mr.-«. (*. I". Koyer. Mr. nnd Mrs. Onke Kufthmeyer. of \v«-r«» entertained Sunday nt . the home of Mr. and Mrs. $h«rlrs I5al- Mr. nn<\ t .lolitmti'ii. of riwlay nJeht ni th*» ht«n«» of Mr. and . ,Mr», cj«>nr«o M*tilu««rTn thi» vlclntty. John Jl*»r* ha* purchaced a nt-w tour- ins enr, Mr*, hla IllrdMtll. «t on* tlfno n rf»l- ttent of thJa vicinity nnd ateo of St«r- but' who htw for th«> pant few SCHOOL SOCIAL. held at'tnt* Round drove hotis* Friday nl«ht wnii larsoly l*b«r# wer<* two hundred or t — A-Hiie proKram was »n» tbfe pupil* < of tho HChool, «ft- *t large number uf fancy work and homp-madp oiimlli-M WITC d off atitf-tnirproCT»(fdg Hmoont- forty dollar*. . y«»nr!< > li* i 'pn HvinK In Chteago. wan mar- rtwl, Nov. city. 5th, to a gwitteinnn Jn lhat f JORDAN NEWS J ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Mr. and - Mr*., Marcrtttw Kidder. of Jordan, and a number ot old friends, of /INESSENTIAL BIRTH DAY OBSERVED. Mm. Kd. Hinriohi *"nn>nain- ielf horn* Sunday evcninK In tho anntvenmry of hln birth- number of- hi* rt<ltttiv«-«, Th« evening Hpt'iit -ttih! at a lute dttinty lap nupi>or wrm nerved, At home wlshiiiK Mr. Hlnricks nor* returns of tho happy day. MIMBLE CLUB MET. df the ft, O. Thimble club .of thirty met Thursday at the htunci uf Mr«. B«>rt TO "BETTER ... HEALTH Good Digestion —^— TBY i f. .' A., • • «,V'iI J .* ^i_l-^Vi: * '"V . ' RESPONSIBILITIES |< Any one who has responsibilities, must see r^tlle serious side of lifo. ,-JkY)ien.yoa uso | V our Depositoi's Weekly Savings Club, yon are not saving for any whim or folly, but ?/ 4 |pr a noble purpose, Reuieinber it costs nothing. Sterling Burial Vault th»n , Oton* or «« r^infurce<t i-oncrcte, wlih a mineral flttxo that makes U tat to <iiobiuu» ax gloria. The Auiumatic seal cftooot (ail. unter any tfcrfjHIowi. . Tli» ooly v»ttU.tb»t ; TjPN9iri% *8ur«, . } - >. u«« the i*fi l»l*al»!« wooden IKJX w*hifb *ot>n cruwhet' U ur juiui ( «ii vnutt*. wlik'b canuVt lif uuule tight and HOOQ Gli er of Ute t'ttrth. . -\ - VoUFl I'.MIlKJtTAKKU slwut ihf Automatic Sk^Ung tiurtal- ii't him uo!iu>iuiUuU> Uif uutoinatli Jscul wUh'iaodel which Vou'il lie pU'iwt'U wall Hi* iHWfevtiim uf ti. is vault And »ttr-r li>u »nv inst. .^ho'.ikl b<? u«i><i fur vvory burial. ' "FOR 8At»e ev Atu UNDERTAKERS •> Manufactured by ,' " J^ J. W. HODGES, Lyndon, 111. .> AT THE > "— J i^,. i -•, |Iere is the place and now is the time to s^ve money, when the prices on everything we have to buy are soar* ing so high that we are compelled to find some place where prices are reasonable and merchandise dependable. It is at this store where these important features are obtained, ^where we can find "CHRISTMAS PRESENTS" for each one of our friends .that^wilf be^^ both ractical and pleasing; . / Second Floor i / , &,>„•,-. • ... READY-KQ-WEAB ^ ryfJQff nf r?n^fg } $]\ inodols, made of fine^. all wool velour, plush, broadcloth ami-,fancy'mixture, priced at $1Q| $12, $15, $20, $22, and $25. " ' j -_,_ On another rack we^ltnd the junior couts, alL c».\yellent quality and stylos, priced from $5 to $10 CHILDREN'S COATS rt v The next raelc in loaded with pretty little Coats for the small girl or boy froiii 2 to 6 years,.priced from '"•>.' $3.50 to $10 .. # Second Floor LADIES' DRESSES, ? - ' '' *** T • > " f " • f . .' We feel very much pleased over our-La-dies 1 Drosses. We have been very successful with' them; the style is strictly up-to-date, quality very fine all wool serge_jand wool poplin. Prices $10, $11, to $12.50 ChlLDREN'S DRESSES One of these pretty .Dresses would make a nice Christmas present for your llttlo girl, . Silk poplins priced at $5.00; worsted and percale priced from ; ! 59c to $2,50 •£ 0T TOYLANt* IS AJDSO ON THIS FLOOR This ia where Santa Cla-us's wife makes her home until after Christmas. Here is another toe, friends happy on LADIES' WAISTS . A pretty wai«t is always an aeeepta- bio present and anticipating your need, t ' • jyQ\hnvo provided ft good "supply of dainty ert»pe de chine, pri«?t»d at $3,00 tub Other proUy, waists priced at $1.25 TABLE" LINEN : .. ; s. - They urc the kind' almost w^rythinir^op will need lor your own. comfort ojt to pialce holidays, Christmas, Permit us to make a few suggesitons. ' '": - ~ ;) ' I..,,,.,' - H^FURS • ' - SWEATER COATS \ j * ' We have tta ; tKg0ellent line of Furs Thowe nice waiw garments are for huliop, nuss?5~pr children, and almost inctespensible for ladles or our priwef. are v0ry moderate, .^cliildren. Ours are : heavy all wool, _ '-, ''"*•»• » ••! and uric&dt Bed or gray 'ox sets are priced f'i:*; e » ««KA *«, ca .it Hd ifCftttd tilt - Indies*, 53.50 to |e»,. at 91A 1*3^»« «*•• Children's, $1, $1,50, $1,75, |2, Separate IfnJf&.in white Iceland T\ni?aa rtf\i\r\c*" -jpnv nrii'ffl lit §6 and S7 " llii«WS>& iiUUilo tox, pncod at 99 asa.F/, . .A-bwotlftil a8 S ortu»«ut .in nilk Mink, inarmot, fox, I^opar4 ^iiey taffetas, iiriml frowl $1.30 to $T.50. or pkin cone)*, flat or melon shaped, £ - T _ _. «/-V»%T »**« in bed from $3.50^ $10. .SILK-POPLINS 1*4 •*-?> Mfc 4 »*•?*** y*r**ir'** ww ^P* 1 ** «• .» i * * **. j i 1 . : \ ory itn^ quality, protty colors, -A' largo vafiety of Neck Piwes 40 inches wide, priced af $1.25, from the small collar to tholarge French Kergvs, Popular % H} d eollar, priced frum $2 fo $10, 4p inches wjdcv iiru:tui $i,00. . i,u(»k u| utrr-1 '< .the ln?tiM'ikc t t*j'Htr_^rc,ii/ivcs in tho 'possV.ssiou t*l'. You can nut fii'iTlj. prettier patterns, lid lor quality or IUW<T j»ru-i's any -plyre f4.- '" ' vf N a FANCY HANOKE$CHIEPS » ithvuys aceeptafctle holiday gifts, either. singly iuboxc* for Christ inas ••trade, Wt» have s iful lay* priced froin'Oe t§ |0c, 1 J n»tfy' iiah' ihboiijj, Uuud JJ«.#s, Hfraji Purse*-. tH-kwt'ur. finu\v J P-t)wt*}>, 'Knit <'«{»•? «tid ^»t#, ami \viil buftnnhl Sn our BLANKETS \\V have jti»t nn'oiv^d' our third iu'iit t>f theM» nico f \vai'ni Blankets. A j»air of ilu'M- wouhi uiiikt 1 a niro pnst'nt tVr'a 4-uUl ulifht.. Thry juv"1rif^i/..>:iiuf and l-BVii y r$l,$1.25 ( $liO, $2, $2.50 and $4. cr-

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