Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 31, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 31, 1944 Ai V NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS [Women's Activities— Personal & Social r+++++++4 Princess Frock Bebe To Be Organist Of Loco}. Church .\riss Robe 3fS«6ffman r,C York, Choir ^>le"^° f ' h|A WMi '" inlstl?l- Summer Playtogs hi-rn . ot nnd choii 01 tic Congregational "itcccecl Mrs. Clmrlos I'hurch !• .\rcCleary. .Miss McClMry is ..^iring after ihn-c yi-ars ot.iorvicr-. j,rjM S Hoffman will stint- '.he,. ,i,itu:.s in Scp- (rmber. Class Hooks May Be Secured At HighSchoolOffice The .10-M-sonlor Class books may b.- s.'cti.vd »t .tlfcNiiiixatucIc higii boiinniiii,- mmori-ow. nK :;omL , u .| laC D:|ICP .t. ric-rac trimrnod .Princess CM- flii> yonn; s -iT girl.i of tho has pri'My puffed sleeves. ir;tl dou'M-thi?-front closing niaki'K it i-asy to get into, ailraeiivo turned over col- '!•!!,• class !' un(1 b iii.-id.'quiiLC. t ,n ffht frills for each copy is Mr.-Mrs. Limone Will Celebrate 25tli Anniversary Mr .and Mrs. Anthony T.imonu of 11 -I l-fill street will r.'li-briite thL>ir LV.rh w.vldin«r nnnlvcrsa ry. Sunday, AUK-US, (i. T'i C y wi n i", 0 | t | open i.ic from 3 to 9 p. ui, Mr. Limcno is cmploycil .as n u-archman nt ihc foomva'r (>lant of tin- L". S. Rubln-r Company. Mo and his wife h»v ( . resided in Nauyu- :nrk for 33 years. Three Air Veteran Dog: Hbine 'Again FburCasesftre Heard Today In Borough Court Himmler Looks Meir iK i"!» thi: u.viw of his- masterV w.idow, Mrs.'Eileen Boyle Willis, .1'istol lii:acl, a ciicker H|]ii,nii;l, .is-'ishown; just ufti'i- he arrived In JJrooklyn, N. Y,, following. « trip 'from'the Central: Paoiflc. A vchirnn of <I8 niJN.HiunN, the dog win si;nt home uftur r,t. Col, Willis was Itilluil. (International) TATTEKN N'O; R2124 l-iarhara Hi-M 1'atU-rn No. I21J is d''.«ii;nrd for sixes -I, <;. S. 10 nnd !-' yivii .-:. SiKr *i (TCI ui (•<'•••< - 1-2 yard.-t of .'i.'-iwh muti'ruLl; 1--1 yard co: ti-asi fur collar. llf.-iily now --the hrnnd new ABC riilli'rn J'.iink - thi- quickest aid to hnm>> s.-u-i'i's yt-r ilfvisi-d, It's a riiwpli'.v i.'p-to-rho minurr cata- I'll.'iif. I'rhv K> cents per copy. Oi-ill-r n n AI'.C 1'atti'i-n Honk vvirh -i I." ri'iit puTlcrii !'or L'.J c-i-nts, jilu.-i First Birthday Of Frances G-. Barber Is Celebrate , Kany Bai'be:- nf 2KO 1 " Main ."tree 1 in:ertaim-d yesterda> at a party :'oi her duughtev. Fran (•»:•. Cicncvi.svi-,- in honor of hoi first birthday Several pretty gifts wvrt> presrnti-d' to littli; Frances A larger birthday cake tiecoratec rhi- table. 'hi pins I Ollir.. patti'i-n. send I'm fidstaitc 1 , . aililr.>ss pntte ecus, com.-. 1 . nilir.- .-itiifl{ Ii.-iily .Vi.'V.-s. Fust '.i!i. StaUun'o. Ni>\v YorU Kinkeacl Sisters To Reside In Pa. Picnic Supiier For Wesileyan Service Guild YOLII- yonnfi-ster will have wide- open freedom in this.sun-suit, with its tfi\y cross-stitch trimming.' Pattern envelope contains a-h'ot- iron trans fur for thu embroidery do.siKii and complete -instructions for making the sun-suit for ajfcs 1, - and o. Our tiO-pnp;e multicolored book of Needle Arts ootit£unin/r /Ive free patterns, and many other SUKKCS- tions for dressing up your home nnu yourself is now available. Send North j- VOUI ' request for this book to the address listed below, enclosing twenty cents (20c) in coins to cover the cost \nd-mailinpc charges. Send IT cants (coin) Cor Pattern No. KIMIM to Naa/jatuck Daily News. Needle Arts Dep't, P. O. Box J72. Station D. Now York 3, N. Y, Please include your postal zone number, Naugatuck Map Sustained A Fractured Skull Navy Plans To Cut Down Number Of New Submarines Misses Pri-rilla and Nancy K'in- !I":M| of U'nrd strni-, iiav l-'ft f»i I'hilli|«Jbur^'. fa., whei-i- they \vil t;il<M up ['. Thi-y w>'r.i ac- I'liiripanii-il by Mrs. ICtlith U'ithi-i w.-ix i,f I'.carnn K-ills. -and Mi- Mary I'urdy of Naturaturk. iSOTICE! TO Ol'K N.\i:f:..\TL'CK STOIIK CL'STOMKKS! Due (u ivitr flitic condili'iii.s. we an- rmnpplli-d to close our Nau- Caturk stori 1 . c.-w.t. us '•'or tin- day niir Rimtis Man will ii" yiiur stn'i-t. Free Telephone Service I'V'r NauvntiicU Ciistonicrs Call Enterprise 4700 Thr> We.-.'fyaji Service Guild of th- NauKf-"'n:k • Methodist church will moot Pii evcninK at the home • if Mis:,- P.ho.-i Motvhcy. 3-1 P.oc!;well avenue. A picnic supper will talte place ;<t ii:'M p. 1:1. Church Services Suspended Until September 10th Attended Conference At Silver Bay, Lake George The la .t morning worship service until September -10 was held yes- ii'i-i.lay at the Congregational church. The church school will re- o[>.'ii tin: same day. Kev. Kdward P.. Kanci- wllrttart his annual vn- f.-atlui; August 6rsi. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson and daughter, Colette, have returned to their home on Millviile avenue ei' attending the 27th annual session of the Silver Bay Industrial onforonce hold last week at Silver Buy, Lake Georf,-o, N. Y. Ycung People's Society To Meet A meeting of the Yotmfr People's society of the Imnmnuol T.ulhoran church will be held tomorrow ovcninf: at 7:30 o'clock. William C. Ki;l'.y, OS, of 190 Main street, suffered n. fracture of the skull in a fall at liis home O-.T Sunday, according to Dr; Victor A. Casclla, who is in charge of the case. Mr. Kelly was taken to- St. Mary's hospital on Sunday in an unconscious condition, after allegedly falling down a stairway at la is home, and suffering a severe head injury. Dr. Case I la reported today that fchn palie-nt la still unconscious almost 3G hours after the accident, tn.-it his condition is "poor" .-ind that his name is on the danger list. X-ray pictures taken a.t the hos- pita! reveal nn extensive fracture, Dr. Casella. reported. Patrolman James Fenton investigated the accident and revealed- that Mr. Kelly apparently tripped and fell down a stairway, land- viig directly upon the -pavement directly outside the house. Dr. Casclla treated the injured man, who was taken to St.. Afary's hospital in the community'ambu- lance. ... » fn [i-i>!iind. amon,7 thir {(iou«. if i, HAKL'R loaf of brr.vuJ, Wfirl; for ilir> . ri-'.iuliinx "<'vil luck" r o stops v in forir jCITY BAKERY! J 171 Maple Street S } Tia.. ,11,'TS Charles Hughes, M, M. 1-C, Visiting Parents Charlo.' Huprhcs, if. ^r. 1-C, U. S, Navy, who Is bcir,;,' transferred 1'i-nm Norfolk, Va., to Brooklyn, N. Y.. is ."pending- a 30 day leave with parents, Mr. and M:-.s. Ritor ;-iu;:hos of 47-1 North Main street, lii.- wife and thrrfi-nioruh.f-o uphin-. Donna, flew here fro Sun Ki -ncl^co, Cal., to see hin and spi."tl t'ae.. slimmer with h Return From Nantucket Island Local Resident Hospital Patient Mr. and Mrs. Carlton W, Bristol, of Hillside avenue*, with theii daughter, Miss Ann Bristol, ar.c son, Carlton W. Bristol. Jr., Hart ford, havo returned from a stay at Siasconset. Nuntucket Island, Mass, Mr.-Mrs. C. A. Baxter In New York City Sgt, Francis'Smith On lo-.Day furlough S'-,-t. !''rcncl:<-E. Smith, who if stritkirie. tt Siig Springs, Texa.-. is- .^p.'ndin;: :i n3-da/ ftiflouffli with hn riiot icr, ^'IJ' 3 ' Fl ' ;in k Hniitli ot Millviile Visit To N. Y. (Jity Mr t rom won: tfil. nnd- Mis. Raymond Paul and HiM' BCi'b*" 1 ' 'v'tve roturned N.-vv Vork 'City where they rir-isTC^-id ttt ' Llln Hotel Bris' Former Resident Visiting 1 Here Mrs. Jami.'S Eriohson and son. Jarnes. Jr , ct r "' cw Yrj '''« city are viMitin-: Mrs. MarX ?''"'-'Kan of Highland avem.lo. Mrs. Eri':l'.*> n '' s ' llc f° rm0 '' Patricia i Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Baxter of Wobb road, Millviile. are spending a few diiys in New York city. Freedmans Return From Vacation Mr. nnd Mrs. Ckironoe Frccdman and daughter, Gloria, \h a v n returned from a vacation of several weeks at Madison. Spending Vacation In Plymouth, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grant of Mill- ille avnntia are spenUinB a two weeds' vacation in Plymouth, Mass. William Stiprenant of Andrew- avenue, well known local resident is n patient at the Waterbury hospital, it was Ipurned today. No report has been p-jvcn out by hospital authorities as to the condition ot the local man, or whether ho is a stifKiriil or ,Tiediaal patient. (By United Press) The success of the war against Japan is reflected more in the news from Washington today, than from the Tar-flung battlcfronts. The Navy has just announced that it is planning to cut down the number of new submarines to be built. The reason given, is that there's less need for the unrlersoa fighters in the Pacific war. In other words the e n. e m y's fronts havo been pushed so far back, and the hunting- grounds for the enemy's diminishing surface fleet of warship.? and merchant vessels 3ias been shrunken so much' chat fewer submarines arc needed to cover it. Tho reduction will bo accomplished by cancelling the start of construction on a number of sub marines which worn scheduled for complntion toward the end of the building program. The men and.women realosed in the next "few months from the six ubmnrim? building ynrds can be used or. other .parts ot the navy shipbuilding and repair .programs. Tho number of workers which will bo released has not bean specified. American submarines have accounted- for more than two and one-half million tons of, Japanese shipping .sunk since the beginning of lli.< war. Tlis is more than one-| third of Japan's merchant fleet at j the start of World War n. Thomas 'Noary. presided over four cases 'In borough court this morninp and. .one $00.00 bond ivns forfeited. John Wnlsin of Aetna street, who was arrested on July 21, was found not-KUill.y on a charge of obtaining money under false pretences, Thu case of Stanley Slasicnsk of Gorman street, who was charged with non-support, was continued until tomorrow morning James WiusJtJ, RFD No. 3, Mid- dlcbury and Gertrude Ecndlcr of Washington street, Union City, were arrested by Patrolman John Hanloy and charged' with violation of rujos of the road. Both cases were nolled today. John Wuent of Spring street forfeited n. $00 bond this morning after being- arrested by Officers Goorj,'u Smith and Joseph Kenny and charged with intoxication and breach of peace. , Americans Using New Secret Weapon Against The Japs (By United The latest types of American fighting weapons now are being- d against the Japs—not only in the island fronts, but on the Asia mainland. And ilrst reports say they're Droving their worth. On China's human front an American-trained Chinese army group ias used modern flamethrowers to urn down a Japanese attack on a ortiflcd hill. Seventy troops were milled .and 300 others wore kept ottlcd in a trap north of Teng- hung, . Jn the Marianas, American Mar. ies are using- a new secret weapon escribed as truly fearful. The deice helped our forces seixc Tinian town and corral the surviving Japs into a tip on t,hc southern end of the base. There, a b a 111 e of annihilation now in raping. As yet, however, there arc no details as to just what type the new secret weapon is. The Japanese Doomi news agency reports a new attack off the southern coast of China. The enemy broadcast suys 3. r j American bombers and lighters raided Hainan island Saturday. Xaitl Gestapo chief Jlcinricli Ilimmlor is shown in this photo which ha* jiint been received from :i hoard as he inspected an S. S. Infantry division somewhere in Germany. Himmlcr wan appointed commander of nil force* within the Reich a short lime ago. (International) Nazis Western Flank In Normandy (Continued from Page 1) Germans Say Reds Have Taken Kaunas (Continued from Papre 1) in six and one-quarter miles from Warsaw. Nazi reports say the russians are closing: in on Warsaw from the south, cast, and northeast. However, the oliiciol Gorman D-N-B agency claims that the Germans have prevented strong Russian assault forces from breaking through to the Palish capital. ;,,,. „ ,. i But Berlin also has reported that ive-wcek summer recess to s.peed Gormnn troops h;lvo evacuated up work 011 '•' —~«*- »—•-•- - ^ CONGRESS MKETS TUESDAY Washington, July 31—(UP)—Con- j ffi'ess reconvenes tomorrow after a . FATAL AL'TO ACCIDENT Fitchburpr, Mass., July 31—(UP) —A r>2-ycar-'old F.itchbiirp jjarriKO moc.'ianic has been'killed in an automobile accirlcnt. ' Throo other pnr:-on.s were iliospitnlixcd .follow- intr the collision on IhovVshby state road last nifrht. They were: Elo A, Cormie'r of Filohbui'K,. his seven-yen r-olc? son, Norman, and Comier's brother, Arthur. tion. warn irr.ini ea'rly reconversion legisla- House and Senate leaders - that the reconversion . promuv.i: ho., completed at an date in view of uhe expected sv of Germany. IX-STJUED DAUCHTJilt'S NA>IE OFFICERS CHOSEN Woodin Family At Lake Waramaug- Mr. and Mrs. Milton Woodin. and <!on, Ray, : of Hillside avenue, are ioninff at Lake Wfl.ram.aup:, At Fcit Atty. and . M'' s - 'l-c-rraneo Cnr- mr>dy'and family ° r Fnirview r.v- ' tit'*" 01 ' 1 Trumhtill b?ach, OPA Odd Lot Kelease Men's, Women's andBoys' S H O E S No Ration Stamps Requ ired NOR WASH Shoe Store NEAEY BUILDING JfAUGATUCK Softball Games To Be Played At 'ield Here Tonight The postponed Softball games in thu Naugatuck Industrial league, held over from last Thursday night, will be run off tonight at the Recreation Field. As tho league now stands, U. S. Rubber Co., Naugatuck Chemical I and Lewis Engineering' clubs ere I in a three way tie for the No. 1 *pot in the- second round of the league, with three wins and one loss each. Tonight the U. S. Rubber club will face the Eastern Malleable Iron Co.; the Naugatuck Chemical will meet the Risdon Mfg. Co. and the Lewis Engineering unit will face the Bristol Co. club. No upsets are looked for tonight nnd it is expected that the three leaders will still be , in a three- way tie when tonight's contests are over. I-Tnrtford, July 31—(UP)—"The Connecticut Italian -America n iVorld War Veterans convcntinn ins named I^ouis Pal,-id i no of Dcr- >y as state commander. Sirs. Mary Testa of South Norwalk hai been hosrr. pros'idont nf the auxiliary, oscph Palo of Stamford is Uiu new senior vice-commander oC the Veterans, and Palsy Al fan o ofTbr- rington is junior vice commander. Boston (UP)—Her father's ocou- jsation prompted movie .?t,ai-loL Mil- cli-nci r 's .scree:! name. Papa Thomas MciTurrny- is a captain, at the E:LSL Boston police station. . EE.MJY TO FIGHT MAJOK DOWI-ING WEDS Eng-lowood, N. J.. July 31—(UP) —Major Eddie Dowllng-, wiio in civilian life was a New York theatrical producer and actor, was married yesterday .to Irene Vernon, a'Broadway dancer. Among the Ktiests at the wcdciinp were movie actor Lou Costollo and Jimmy Wallter; former mayor' of Nc\v York. Cherbourg, July 31—(UP)—The secretary of the French navy says his revived se.-i. force is ready to fiK'hl in Pacific as \vcll as.. European watc'i-o. The ' official,." Loiu^ Jacquinot, says the French na\\ !ias reached its 1927 'size- of 300,000 tons. Some .UOIOOO French volun- tercs are ready ,.to man tho vessels. : The Red Cross handles 20,000 moss.iR-cs a for services me:i in war zones and for their families, . through world communication facilities. Siodlce, a big rail junction 50 miles oast of Warsaw, This indicates that the. Nazi salient due cast of Warsaw has collapsed. At the same time, far to the northeast, German armies in upper Latvia and Estoniu arc threatened with entrapment by a Soviet drive which has smashed within striking distance of the Baltic sea. However, the trap has already boon sprung for all practical purposes .since the Russians havo already cut the last rail line from the Baltic countries. The Germans report .that a battle is raging inside the Latvian' stronghold of Jelgava, 22 miles below the • Gulf of Riga. And tho Nazis admit that the city has already been bypassed. The Nazi radio also has offered hollow words of encouragement- to tho German home front. A Nazi military commentator declares that the German- strategical retreat is in the last phase of the defensive conduct of the war in the east. Af that the offensive conduct o the war will begin. more than /iOO vehicles as the hounded the fleeing enemy wit: bombs and bullets. And now, as we said, the Amer icans are in Avanche and in po?-i tion for new and bigger drives They ixvc poised- to i?miLsh south o: southwest Brittany to spii thfl German forces in western France in. Jialf. They could strike southeast into tha heart of France. They could drive east toward 1 Paris^ 155 miles away. Or -..hey could -stab northeast to encircle the Germans stubbornly holding- out around CASH. But the Allied bottle of Normandy iu n. double-barreled offensive. Like the Americans, the British (in Uie middle of the Normandy front have gained in the second day of their attack. They have advanced along a. seven' mile front before Caumont. And a front dispatch says British tank forces had reached one point high abovt. five miles from tile starting point of the new drive. All in all. Genera] Eiso'nhower is reported in'a dispatch from an. advanced command post to be ex- themely gratified over the results | of the fighting in Normandy. And ho is said to be highly optimistic over' the immediate future of the campaign. The news from France today also includes an announcement by a spokesman for the French national committee that Cherbourg harbor. is ready for use. The spokesman, in a broadcast over Cherbourg radio, says the harbor installations have been restored. •A-nothor big American bombing })ow hit Germany today. More than 1200 American heavy jombci-s .covered by probably 1^020 Jong range fighters raided the Munich area, targets in central Germany ajid a network of Nazi airfields in Franco. Tho Munich irea bore the brunt, of tile assault. The daylight i-aids followed wirfe- prond blows by rtie R-A-F on' en- my targets on the continent during the .night. j _ Tho Nazis?, for their part, scm flying bombs at southern England off and on lost, night. In Italy, British troops have crushed a series of desperate Nazi counter-attacks and sent the enemy reeling back, from his ln.«;t hill less than five miles southwest of Florence. .The Fifth army front before Ph~a remains deadlocked. 'But a Nazi news agency says American have to shell t!)e historic leaning; tower in Pisa. The new agency denies American field reports that the Germans were usins tho tower as an observation, post. And an American radio network (NBC) quotes Radio Berlin as saying- Allied artillery fire has destroyed the leaning: .lower. There i.> big diplomatic news from uhe Mediterranean theater. Allied sources in Ankara told the United Press today that Turkey is about to break off diplomatic relations wieh Germany — possibly within 24 hours. 86 Names Added To Honor Roll (Continued from Page J) tick T. Middaugh. Peter J. Miele, Frank "P. Minto, Lei-oy C. Noycs, Francis J. Orlawski. Arthur P. O'Donnell, Arhur Pallacovitch, Vincent Pan- olfe, Donald Rs.Qufnn, Harold W *oy. Earl H. Ranslow, Joseph 'vozyanski, Ray Edward Sovia, 'rederick C. Schimachar. Howard r. Schumacher, Robert L. ScaJlv ugcne Strieski, Wjlliam L. Sulvan, Robert E. Stcelc, Franklin Smith, Anthony • S'agnc'lla, \El- ' liot Sargent, Francis J. Schild^eri, Frederick O. Tutlijll. - • Anhony Tangredi, Kenneth R Tuckey, William R.. Wyatt, Joseph W. Wulfeck, Francis S. Wood, Harold J, Woodfield, Joseph P. While" and Chester Zdonick, tr. S. Maritime Service:—Stanley L. Alexinski, William G. Madden Howard H. Swan and Emniett R. Mooncy. Auxiliary Services:—Elizabeth L Hogan, Helen N. Splain. Camilla" J. Bucchieri, Virginia MallGne, Hilma A. Ostrom and Sona Moran. Have Von Bought That BOND? HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEt. 4880 nOCCO R.-VDO, Prop. Too Late To Classify 11 T,ost And Found TWO Beadle Hounds. One brown and -\vhitf!, pnc black .and- white. Lost last week. A. Alvos, 17 Coon street. • .. BUY W/\E BONDS AND STAMPS Largest bhc world, rcfrlg-erating- plant daily capacity 10,000 sheep. at Buenos Aires', of 5,000 beeves -TAP PBEM715R SPEAKS New York,, July 31—(UP)—Japan's new premier has broadcast his latest contribution to tile Nipponese war'effor't. He told his people today ,th,it he (has taken up archery to inspire his fighting ^ipu- it. Premier Koi-so gave Ills radio- speech after returning from a. pil- grinragc to the Isc- shrine at Uji- yama for purifying purposes, ... A new magnetic -brake, is so powerful that it could stop a milc'-a- minute aut.onwbilc in 2.73 feet, if a car were-able to stand that terrific shock. '.'• They keep fighting- Yon keep baying WAR BONDS Yanks On Outskirts Of Pisa Company, Long htandCitu, M K. '. Pranchised Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Bri»toCcpnn A coin>lo of American infantrymen puss a »l(j;n iiiiirkliip the limthi of "PiHtti 'Italy, us V. S: nntl German artillery dueled iicroHH tho Arno river-in- the opening sbixe.s ot .tho battle for tho hintorlo-city. The- Na-/.i» nrn snl«>e. iislut; the. famous li':miiiK tower nn nn observation post. This is an official C. S, Slffnal .Corp* Budlopboto. (Inter' nntfoiml) DID YOU WRITE TODAY? A LETTER MEANS SO MUCH WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE dp DON'T DELAY WRITE: TODAY STATIONERY AIR-MAIL .V : MA1L PLAIN and NOVELTY PATERS FOUNTAIN PENS — INKS , Your Stationery Store •»: STATIONERY THE CARD AND GIFT-SHOP

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