Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 20, 1968 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1968
Page 11
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Mmk 20, mi HW (AW STAR, Printed bt Off sit Spring 'Stocking, tiave the Appeal of a Flower Garden LlLtlNC tOUHC HAIR-DO for sprint has been created by the famous "Edward of th« If HH" in New York. He has a great flair with short hair, but if you are a good copycat, I »ou can do it too! Here is the way he says he did it. Entire head has been combed into I large, carefully scalloped curls, all turned toward the face. Soft, separated bangs are •placed across the forehead. Courtesy, Tecnique Shampoo-In. Observe Rites of Spring Jfor Your Complexion, Too Mow do*s your this Sprinf, garden* ar* grow ing; in a new fashion gam-bit as flower pow is planted in new hosiery styles. Hothouse colors and garden* fresh pattern* r*ap a new fashion harvest in hosiery, flower row, & Springtime collection by Hanes hosiery, sows this new crop of tegwear to complete the total look so important for the new season. Just for the fashion fun of it, plant your stems in ft "Craty TJaSsy'* — an opaque tight with a cluster of daisy doodles scattered down the outside of one leg.- You can choose this new look in bouquet brighta or soft corsage Color*. Fashion fun' girls won't wait to wear a cool blue and white striped mini dress with soft greeh daisy tight* and grten patent shoes with yellow and white ornaments, More fashion fun sprouts on "Funny, Lace" legHtes, laced non-stop from toe to waist in a crnty-maie took. Choose from clear Spring flower colors or champagne, while or black. Remember, too, that diamonds are a girl's best friend, Now they cover left* in gfreal Harden colors as "t)«fty Din* mends* — clever opsn-'frork that pays lai-f e fashion karat*, these are particularly pretty with suits, jersey and soft e*s- usl clothes. Fishnet flowers this year Into tiny new shapes, the miniature open pattern called "Acorn" runs the length of your leg, working into * bikini panty top- This new lobk in panly hose is perfect with double and dimensional knits, skirt* and blouses and just about everything you'd wear during daytime hours. Soft pastels nre cultivated In a new liquid look in "Wet Set" stockings, these shimmery, water-bright colors can be worn in ft single shade or as a custom color-mix with two or three pnirs worn at once, try a pair of Wets nlop opaque crepes, or plot your own fashion daring in wnter-spnrkly stems, the new season's look runs from top to toe, with legs that step lively and lovely In the total fashion picture. Cultivate the new fashion look — with legs that spring into fashion with new flower pow. .,,. days of old, the fairest niidens gathered in the woods JOT magic rites of spring to ln*«g them beauty, fertility Ind mates. Today maidens rush 16* beauty counters for magic fco'tions to accomplish basic- lily the same goals. J ;Rites of spring are particularly important for the complexion, subjected as it has been to the fierce winter ele- nents or too much sunning if he owner fled to cheerier |limes. ! CThose who hibernated deprived their skin of needed noisture through drying ef- .ects of indoor heat while sub- kero temperatures coarsened krid chapped delicate facial ^issues of others. J f;A home facial with a beauty Appliance such as the Saunda rill give new freshness to the y, aerie-prone complexion as 11 as the dry, flaky one. .he first step is the warm, tilst treatment, to thoroughly cjeanse the pores and wash kway, through perspiration, Impurities, scaly patches or kicess oil. I fThe beauty appliance is ac- llyated by adding 1V4 oundes" of tap water and plugging into an electrical outlet. In seconds, billows of warm, moist mist encompass the face and the throat. •iThe second step in these Iciimplexion rites varies accord- ling to the type of skin. ^Normal or oily complexions [next will welcome a generous (application of the Saunda [Facial Scrub — a unique prod- luct with a mildly abrasive ac- Itibn produced by beauty grains |\vhich dig down deep to remove | imbedded grime, old make-up and other deep-seated accumulations. The scrub will help take off that tired, overly exposed winter face by removing dead skin cells. Voila — you thus will expose a bright and shining countenance to the world! Sagging, pouch tissues will snap back into position as the mask-like qualities of the scrub tune the skin and the complexion takes on a "polished look", so important to today's total image. Lie scrub is rinsed off with warm water. Afterwards dab on freshener to close the dilated pores. Persons with normal skin should add a few drops of moisturizer to restore the moisture balance to the skin. This step is not necessary for those with oily skin. Dry, moisture-robbed facial tissues need another mist treatment on skin that has been slathered in emollient cream. The mist helps the dry tissues absorb the moisture of the rich cream. Afterward, blot off excess oil and if possible, allow the cream to remain on face jral treatmer cases. Beauty appliances for a complete home facial are available at drug and department stores for as little as ten dollars to about thirty, including an introductory kit of the beauty preparations described above. Saundex, a special unit for the acne-prone accompanied by medicated preparations, is also available. These appliances are UL- listed and carry a one-year warranty. BOYS' STYLES NO LONGER 'STEPCHILDREN' Boys tend to be overlooked in the fashion sweepstakes. Naturally, most boys like it that A Look at Hats and Other Items Sotn« »f the newer hist* hark hack to *tylM from World War I, Not If, mind ym*, tmt T, Th<* hi 1m i* wid*r,' »hf erwwn d*ep- *»r, the brtml wtd* ami affirmative. It is worn with a gallant felt" hwmi*« it <?ot*s Rot rt frmhrtfsi* of fftmftl? n this rw-v (0fi8 vprsiofi <if olri hni", exit is thfl (a turn's fashions, ft'* i»fl in *nll.« that nrf brighter In <-->l<>r, fluff} at the wniat, *mf in crtttnr!* i hat spread and in enttifi* ttimf inf*>tint». Iffnir styles «nd hftailwpnr, shirt.* and shoos have a n«»\v 4'>phifttirftttan that plainly any* today's man rtfwnit fhp way h0 looks, LITTU GIRLS IOVE linen... this drew is so easy to wear... a comfortable style of Irish linen Contrasting linen bands divide this smart fashion down lite front. And mothers will to along with daughter's choice because the quality fabric wears well and launders beautifully. Our smart young miss gets top fashion marks also for her crochet Xnee socKs worn with tailored patent shoes. s,, COLOR HER SPRINGTIME . . . with the colors offspring in coslum,jewelry. The — ding white clusters that hang so demurely from each ear, the shiny golden globe ol a,» ring, the enameled bracelets gracing her arm in gold, black, white and green — all:" carry a springtime-fresh fashion message. Courtesy The Jewelry Industry Council. ; , way ... at least, that's the Impression they like to give. But London boys, the young teens especially, are more forthright about the entire situation. The boys work hard to steal the fashion scene from the girls. These are the Ifi-year-olds, home from public school for the holidays — and just in time for a charity dance in aid of one of the hospitals. Among the boys — n great concentration on shirt ideas. The ruffles, floppy ties and turtleneck satin shirts are seen everywhere, in all the posh places. Among the girls — gone are the days when Mum's dressmaker supplied the wherewithal .. . The girls chose their own black velvet and also tried out plenty of white lace ruffles for the first time since their carriage days. It was a nearly-formal alTair. That means latitude — but even so, only two mini skirts were seen all evening. Among the girls — the Twenties look is reaching down into the teenage strata. And among the boys — haircuts are distinctly shorter. G-lovely New Service Leather glove cleaning can be solved painlessly ... let someone else do it for you! Now there's a new unique service that cleans gloves and returns them to you 24 hours after they've been received and at a nominal price too ... 1.25 for short ones, 1.50 for opera length. The name? Glove 1 Masters. Address? 451 East 167th St., Bronx, New York. Special glove envelopes, sent upon request, facilitates this fast service. Just; send the gloves to Glove Masters at the above address arid enclose dollar amount for gloves to be cleaned; or write for a special glove envelope, already addressed. It's fast . . it's clean . . . it'b efficient. *> * * Sateens of every type as* lighting up the scene — gu-at for tops and coordinates, play- wear and swirnsets, and oth«M shiny fabrics . . , surrahs, sat ins, new bonded jerseys. HIPS, HIPS AWAY! SHED EXTRA POUNDS DELICIOUSLY If your quick self-inventory reveals extra inches at the hips or waistline, you'll probably nnod to odd exorcise to a diet program. For belts are in command again this spring . . . low belts, high belts, wide belts nmt self belts nil call attention to the body - hugging closeness that is now the vogue. Look for khaki to turn up as n strong now color and hardware will be in evidence from belts at the waistline to the full-length zippers in bathing suits. Skirts rin> even shorter. Dirndls will make the scene onco again and that rnenswear look of pin stripes and i<len plaids turns up over and over. It's not just .the stripes and plaids but the $p»t and pants have also been •''tforYowed for women's fashions. In the spring a young woman's fancy . . . well almost everyone's fancy . . . turns to fashion. The thought of getting out of heavier winter clothes and into light, bright spring ones revitalizes the most down- in-tho-dumps spirit. But before sallying forth on a shopping spree, better check your rnir- ror and then your scale. The bulkier wools, suits nnd sweaters tend to hide those extra pounds that may have crept on over tho winter and the spring silhouette is slim, slim, slim. If you're weighed and found wanting, you're not alone, for one in every fwc Americans Is toting more pounds than he should. The solution is simple; oat less and get more exercise. Most important, start NOW! Procrastination adds more of those unwanted pounds and somehow tomorrow or Monday morning only gets put off again nnd again. You'll improve your appearance with the weight loss, look more dashing in your new clothes and you'll be amazed nt what It will do for your self-esteem. The spring fashion picture continues to be mini nnd one solution to a trimmer you is also mini ... a mini-meal, of course. You'll find that a now dkt food from Carnation called Slender makes It easy to melt away those extra pounds. This powdered product is packaged in convenient envelopes that will go everywhere- your busy schedule takes you. whether you're a young tycoon in thn business world or an active homemakcr. Just pour it Into a glass, add 8 ounces of fresh cold milk, stir nnd you're ready to enjoy a completely balanced caloric-controlled diet menl in just minutes. There are only 225 calorics per glassful if you use whole milk and 144 if you prefer skirn milk. Best of all, it is said to have a delicious fresh milk flavor. DOtrBLB TRAVEL STANDRY I Daffodil Garden Club Annual Style Show Thursday March 21 Triple ticket — in a spiffy suit and blouse with no wrinkle worries. Washable, too (its attached label tolls you how!). Tree Bark double knit polyester (or perfect season • hopping. Azalea, Green, Yellow, Navy, Black. 10-20. W f$ Matching Handbag, $10.99 Euerybody's playing The Domino Game! Join in I Jacqueline's version of domino? means fun and fashion wherever you go I Smashing liule patent partners mix and match the greatest colors going, just for the fun of ill Want to try? Take the doll-toed sling in Fire Reel with White Patent, White with Black Patent. Dry Ice Patent. Black with While Patent or a snappy two-toned pump in Red, Oyster, Nivv. or ilack Patent uppers- $1§,QQ Jacqueline 9 'A Family Shoe SHOES Seen in HARPER'S BAZAAR

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