The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on June 30, 1982 · Page 44
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 44

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1982
Page 44
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C-4-1 SUN Draft . . . Wd Juna 30, 1952 (Continued from CD Out o( the first nine players selected, seven are college juniors. Only Garnett and Tucker are seniors. Two other juniors Boston College guard John Bagley (to Cleveland) and Houston guard Rob Williams (to Denver) were selected in the first round, adding up to nine juniors selected from the first 23. The only other comparable year was 1975, when five underclassmen went in the first round and five more in the second. Comic relief in the m-hour first round was provided by Cleveland (who else?) when the Cavaliers made Bagley, a 5-11 guard thought to be second-round material, the 12th pick in the draft. "Maybe they thought he was 8-11," someone suggested. "No wonder they trade all their first-round picks," someone else said. "They don't know what to do with 'em when they get 'em." The Year of the Big Guard, which is what this draft was called before the underclassmen made it The Year of the Power Forward, turned up in force with the selections of Tucker, Purdue's Keith Edmonson (No. 10, to Atlanta), Oregon State's Lester "The Molester" Conner (No. 14, to Golden State), Baylor's Terry Teagle (No. 16, to Houston), Georgia Tech's Brook Steppe (No. 17, to Kansas City), Rice's Ricky Pierce (No. 18, to Detroit), Tulsa's Paul Pressey (No. 20, to Milwaukee), and Alabama-Birmingham's Oliver Robinson, who was the first pick in the second i.itHiMi:- jilt, the 1. James Worthy, North Carolina, F. 2. Willie Jones, Vanderbllt, F. 3. Mike Hackett, Jacksonville, F. 4. Craig McCormlck, W. Kentucky, C. 5. Howard McNeil, Seton Hall, F. 6. Lyndon Rose, Houston, G. 7. Maurice Williams, USC, F. 8. Mlcah Blunt, Tulane, F. 9. Tim Byrne, Ruigers, Q. round, going to San Antonio. It wasn't a big day for Southern California college basketball. Dwight Anderson of USC wasn't picked until late in the second round (41st overall), by Washington. Ditto UC Irvine's all-America center Kevin Magee, who was picked 39th by Phoenix. Pepperdine star guard Boot Bond was selected in the third round by Denver. For UCLA, it was even more embarrassing. Forward Mike Sanders, thought to be second- or third-round bait, lasted until the fourth round, when Kansas City made him the 74th pick. Surprisingly, Sanders wasn't even the first Bruin picked. Utah, desperate for a center, made Mark Eaton, a lightly regarded 7-2 backup for the Bruins, the 72nd pick. Tony Anderson, the Bruins' little-used swingman and a former Victor Valley High School star, was selected in the seventh round, going to New Jersey, where he will join his former coach, Larry Brown. But back to the Lakers headquarters: North Carolina coach Dean Smith, before handing his office phone over to Worthy, said he believed his star forward would fit in well with the Lakers' fast-break offense, which ran Philadelphia into the ground in the NBA championship series. 3 y HI H NOW YOU CAN PUT A SET OF 72VS ON FOR UP TO $44 OFF. Some sales are just worth waiting for. This is one of them. Right now, save up to $44 on a set of four gas-saving, long-wearing, sure-traction 721 tires our most popular radials. 721 steel belted radial. 51 JrT,6hjmK Whitehall Plus $1 B9F E T we should sell out of your size, we'll give you a "raincheck" assuring later delivery at the advertised price. SIZE i SALE I F.E.T. 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MAIN AOOSS FtOM TYB MAli DOWNTOWN PARNBXJ JONES RRESTONt 82323 HWY, 1 1 1 735-4101 CCNStOFMACNOUAtHOl 1 2th AND MARKET 10403 MAGNOLIA AVE. 347-0787 North of Freeway 1001 MAGNOUA M7-39J0 60-043 339-4914 '"I think he'll continue to improve and get in the up-and-down game as opposed to playing against a zone like we've done," Smith said, "I think you'll see a very outstanding player. "I think he's a versatile player. He can play power forward, small forward and even big guard; he can handle the ball that well." Although Worthy will be used mostly at power forward, the suggestion that he can play off guard is intriguing, for no other reason than the Lakers could put this rather imposing All-Tall lineup on the floor: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (7-2) at center, Bob McAdoo (6-10) and Kurt Rambis (6-8) at forward, and Magic Johnson (6-9) and Worthy (6-9) at guard. Worthy's versatility would only add more weaponry to what is probably the most versatile team in the league. "One of the great strengths of our team last year," said Riley, "was the fact that we had three or four players who could play two different positions, and we think Worthy can do that, too." Worthy would join other two-position Lakers like Johnson (guard, forward), McAdoo (forward, center) and Michael Cooper (guard, forward'. Worthy, who averaged 15.6 points last season, was named first team all-America by just about everybody in the picking business and was named co-college player of tha year (along with Sampson) by the First Interstate Bank Athletic Foundation (formerly the Helms Foundation). But that's in the past. He's a pro now. "He's got a lot of talent and potential, but he's a rookie," said Riley. "Our starting lineup is pretty intact. He'll have to come in and prove himself and earn the respect of the other players." The Lakers didn't own a second-round choice and took Vanderbilt forward Willie Jones and Jacksonville guard Mike Hackett with their two third-round picks. Later, they took (in order): Western Kentucky' center Craig McCormick, Seton Hall forward Howard McNeil, Houston guard Lyndon Rose, USC forward Mo Williams, Tulane forward Micah Blunt and Rutgers guard Tim Byrne. Don't count on anyone besides Worthy sticking on next year's roster. i v m - 'mT7L IIM1 fob i?fol6640 5r 4 ron J7A6o1or Rib Hi-Miler Light Truck Tire ' Long, low-cost mileage 1 Heavy-duty strength, bruise-resistant carcass 1 Buttressed shoulders for stability and wear JIT-' V'" i 3ft 95 Per Tire lt) ! BldCkwaN htr Type I oafl Hjnge C Plus $SI t-fcT No Iidflf Nenrled fJ95 Per Tire lhBlatidll Tuhe lypp I oad Range 0 Plus J3MFH No Sale Ends Saturday. 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