Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 13, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1916
Page 8
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GAZETTE AMUSIT.MLNT8. I ?** WEDNESDAY, DEC. 13, 19lJ* 'f, K. ha vitiojrf>r tin/ i>j(Kt (<-;i i .••"•(iiic.-tdj with Th»> ' mmusic IWi& Might Saturday &at Special Guaranteed Attraction "It's Good Just to be Alive" GASKELL § MAC VITTY:$ SPLENDID PRODUCTION . • Bv ApRANCJF^iTENT VVfTtl Kl.AW fy EftLAN*,F» H.- l.'ff .M<ni<!:iv f.>t slnif liuni 1 ,* frU-t;t!-< in Sl'-l'lidic i' II- • r.'»''t «-!«!;<••: 1,1 fiitll hH iif,v ftr M Ji)f tvtitk. EVANGELIST AHRENS HOME. .liil.'ti Alirifi-- i <•! ur !>«•<! h'ffiif yf-^tff- >!;«v nftt-r rr.rnhu-tinK ;\ thrr»> w?-f-ks'' f* " : ( iiir'HU t(i' r.'tmpiURrr si t I'nl'in rh.-qif 1 !, ;i: A«t<:iin. Kulrnn rmmtv. The irviv- ; al w;i«t y>r,v sucr*-!»«fnl and n I'rjjf ; nurnbr-r of f<mvf s rt?> Wf>rt» itiiirtf. A i fttnvi'rrtcnt Is <>n fo-»! to r«H btfn Kick ; to that district «g;iin for fstrth*>r t*V- j JVANYBROOfti FARM BY KATE. DOVGLAS WIG 6 I'M- ChARETTt -WOWPSON With MILDRED JEROME Aglow with the Sunshine and Joy of Life No Play "in thi8 i QM6raUoh'hu~llI^(Bf~a K Miot%'~i)irect Appeal to the Better Side of Human Nature ~~ month* 'irTLotuUtn 1 year in Ntvw York City. 6 _ • J NOT A MOVING PICTURE Seats~bn sale no w"aT tHe~Stef liig^ Pharmacy prices 25o, 50c, 75c, and $1.00— Matinee 25c and 50c Mail Order* _ Accompanied by Money Order* Now Received DEATH OF FRED H1IN. I Mr,«. Andrew Il«ffrnan, of WnHa^r* | has rerH vt'd a (Hcgram from ! Wr-pt Virginia. t-HriK <>t tlu- dfath i>f bc-r brofhw, I'm! Hr-in i.f I thnt frity. The mfHSiw Mated IIP died j Monday but R«vf« nf particular* as* to j Mr. Hf-ln was ;il*o st brother of Mr.* Chnrlen Schroder of tlti« city. # . INSPECTION CALLED OFF. Thf K"Hf>ral ..inspection of ("m H, 1 Krh<'iltili>d to be ht»ld Ibis »•' in the Armmy by Captnln !'«tierwn, of HIP regular army, bos hem c.'ilb'd •'IT by the KeHotis Itlftf'HH of Mrs, I'et- terMon. Notbln.K dpftti)l»> hfis been leu-art! r.-is.-irilitii: when tin- iiiKpectton will now he held. DAILY WEATHERJ^EPORT. for toilny is us follnwH: stnd colder in th«« ftint ami ''north OIIH; Thu'rnday fnir. tiecomlnK WILLIAM S. HART in t4 THE PATRIof" A [itrture every true American should see, COMEDY /-• Slim Summerville in "The .Winning Punch" THURSDAY Edith Storey and Antonio Moreno in "The Shop Girl" THE ASH MAN BUSY. Wllh the cotnltiK of cold woatltrr tho liiti'iiil('nt him k*-|it two twii»M 'IniHy trikltiK fart' of thn aslu-rt. 4 y - M~4Arx^- Hf»t»f tttH*f ~t»f - htrtrf^ tt rt*- f c'lirrti'il to (h«« diirnp «»v«Ty day. TODAY IN ILTlN^IS HISTORY. (»n U«><\ 13. 1737, iilittiH «•*•(•*' ni:idn liy tin- l-'Cf-iirli for lln« ronHtriii Hoii <if a foil in LITTfE LOCALS Wt»odriiff'H PUidiD for Xman ii f* O. WoodB, of .Morrbion, was In Sterling fin hUBlru'im Tu«mtay. Coat sale un at IIwkrnan'H. Uny now and nave from J3 to 17 on each Home of the Pipe Organ |f NEWS IN BRIEF 1 • at • mm*, mr^uwmmmmm** i N ""in , " J The threw CHANGE OF VENUE, Ki»mbler«. Harvo TONIGHT ['Miller, Wilbur Wllhelm and Frank '; Jx»ve, were declared not KUllty after a j thrilling half day legal battle before JuMtlce Ueham yenterday afternoon at VAUDEVILLE Pollard, comedian. musical Attorney* Vah Snnt ftnfl Bwse..wore In DIxoh Tuesday «ui l)ii«ln«>MM, \Vf8tiielfJ fatnoim"'piirp'food exhibit !n Holltchold Hcli'tjci- llcpt. at IllKll Hcltool durliiK fnrnwrf inotitutc, in rharyn *>r Airs. David Hagnn.s.» County Huj«»rint«nd<«nt. of Highways V. K. TagRrttr-of MorrtMin. wni» hprr Tuemlny with tho road t,'oniiniHM|onpr, Jtthlt Land!*, Mra, Glen Hhnw had tho misfortune -tp Jail from a chair and injure h«>wli quite badly. But U I* hoppd no renulli* wilt (Hsimt- from tho fall. tlu- .(left-ndnntM and City At- Mark' Keller the uronecutlun. l.v the cnttn bad been net b«* tun> JiiHtU-t' of th*> .Peace Hill, but a change of vt-nuo wa» Inken, and un- Special Purchase of "Cadillac" Dresses for Growing Girls Dresses Will be Put on Sale for the First Time Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. \ You Will Save Fully 33V 3 % If You Buy Now ) ' - • ' -• So sure of the superior quality and workmanship of the Cadillac Dresses and a desire to have us handle their line exclusively, the representative of this company made us a special offer which we snapped up in a hurry. This offer enabled us to buy at great prtefe.con- cession, and in order to introduce this line we are going to give you the benefit of this special purchase.which means a saving of fully 33 1-3';'to all mothers who have children to clothe. * --'^ T!i«> nninisfnknlilc ori^imilify' (> f ,1,-siir,,. (}.,. snj.orli .'.M «'!l,.i.,.«. ,,f ,.onstru.-li..n, ll.p nin^...tUuia»fy of imml- soino fnhi-i,'. Hie Imvu.'s, of OH- prices-all rottiliinc In .„•(!«• HM-C ilrv^.-s (lie most iilfn.Hm- i.fY.'riiiij in Ilifon- tiro lit'lil <>!' cliil-in-n's wear. - , " .. i If a inofliiT hns om> pel jiml indelible spomlinir liMi.h'ii.-y. it lii-« i,, |,,. r ,|,. V t.tion to IH-I lilflc C'iH's wimjrobo. She willhim* vhluo, liiif slit'will linvi' uunlilv. too. "* 4 . * ' * f , IN THIS GREAT OFFER YOU HAVE BOTH .MsiU'i-iiils arc mianmle...} nil wool Wliilnian wri^: «l-o nm-Hii,-*. All arc f:ist«'fully Irimimul—m carefully Hunk 1 , (tnmpfd inlo spci-ial lots at $.150, $3.95, $4.50 and $4.95 ( Si/.PS rmiHT' from () to 14 years. K'oni.'! Make your selections while assort mcnis HIV complete and price* are lowest, . See Locust Street Window Display. ? TlaiRet and T entertfiiinment, jurtwHctlon of the jUHttce of Clap Grove town hall, Friday nlfsht. .»• ^ Free! Free!! Free!!! To every girl who buys a Cadillac Dress, The Cadillac Garment Co. will give in exchange for the printed label that is to be found in the neckband, a miniature doll dress 12y 2 inches long and made exactly like Cadillac Dresses for girls^ Free. , *.« . - . . '-•.•* . <f of school.* Dr. H. I*, Pettltt. of SforrlHon, paid a proft-tmlanal visit Tuesday Also don't miss "Tho Grip of Evil" and corned v. Two nn<l Usual big prices.. Tomorrow, vaudeville and ipecial feature. Don't fall to hear our now , pip* organ and orchestra. It i» the an to who was the nearent, Juwtlce Gehant had formerly b««n the recipient of Juxtlce Hill's ca«e« In Buch Instances but u rival, developed in the pel-won of \V. O. Kent, iThe distance to the two and Ot'hnnt won by n «ennt foot. -A STRANGE DEATH. Over exertion thai brought on an at- tuok of ht'art failure was dixcoverpd to be the raun«» of the Htrange death of ____ .._ __ ___ ______ ... For wile — Household Kooils. rUg«, , dininy-room furniture, bedroom . „, ,,„. ,„„„,. ,„ llir m.rniiii« ueiiin 01 most wonderfulinttrument ever made; jlrvin Feiflfy. a Pranklln Orovo laborer. furniture, kitchen outfit. Private sale, from I to 6 p. m. until nold. -210 Bant Fourth street* ' / Louta J. Jones, of Chlch^o, npent a, couple of dny« her« on huMlnMM. Xmtts novel!IfB of nil <1«-Horl)>tlons at Hpckman's. Ibices right,* " " W. J, HughKM. of ChlcaBO, who trav- eln for the Share Brou. & Wllmm Co. flour mlllB, H|>*nt Monday and Tuemtny In thiB e-lty wh*re ht« triinHucteii bunl- The Great Christmas Shopping Center of-SterlinV Coupons must be redeemed on or before Dec. 31,1916. , »«»»,w» WWTI »••-•»»»-» .«»w fV *T>i«">* »»». .,,—^.f.f {•« ^ ut » * m* j ( «. I'ltiimttii vimvf* iiiuur PI» * h«» ever 30 different effect*, all played iw a r««»ult of the prob« conducted by by hand. Ha» a ipecial «et of human Coroner Haniu..! J, Whetnton y««sterday voice jpipft. Featuro music every day. j murnhig. Wood cutting i« one of the moHt tfdiouu and imck hrcnkliij; fnrniH B. T. MOEEHOUSE ' Optometrist Over Corner Drug . Store FITTING OF GLASSES j of lubor, and a« th<» ,nmn clo«t» t» fifty %vaa a of UB«», the hnrd I IIIC1I1 < day'M work |>n>v«?d too «overt' a i according to t-xpt«ri te jt«»d tt. tlu« jury ut the THE GENE8EE ROADS, Wllwui .t HOHS, who took tins con- trac-l for ih«- irnprovem«*nt of fourteen mile* of th in (lenesoe township, , huvo been ttnuble to get started ut work owing to the weather. They finished their contract northeast of SMerliifg" late in the fall and were taking, out their machinery 1 und camp outfit 'when the weather turned and they have been unable to gel Kturtfd, It nmy in- they will have to delay commencement of work until m-xt spring. AH of the work I* graveling and innoulumixlng. FUNERAL OF ED. ROSS. The fuuerul of Kd. Moan, living wv- erui milt'a of Itock Fulls wuu held Monday in Walnut. The Inter ment wuw lit the cemetery of that village, The service* were. 'under the ritea of the MjisoiiH from Tumpleo, of which lodge h«- was a member. A- very large number of people; were ut the «ervlce.. .dlfd Huturduy following an Largest and beat aBsortment of ChriRtmuK 8Hpixp>rs ul KllUni * Peters,* Lawrenco l^Fevn- and Leonard |Jeien «p«nt la»t fVfiilm; In Harmon. Por." 1 wila — HoUHt'holil goods, rugs, utovea, dlnlng'room furniture, betlrbom furnlturo, kitchen outfit ' jPrtvoje sale, from I to 6 p, m. until sold." *tlo - Ba»t Fourth Htreet.* • ' n Mrs. n. L. TompHiiiB leftaihUi mom- ins for Princeton, when; «U^wJH upend a couple-of day« vlaltinK frlend«. Woodruflfa Studio for' Xmas phbto«.» Karl Stllxcl, of NolHon,. wa» here Tu«'«d«y on 'hUHincns. I am prepared to nerve lunches at all salfu. Call at Van Do MaVk*» rentauri ant."* . ^ Mr». H. -A.. Stoddard, of LaQrange, IN Ker« visiting with friends and rela- ui the bnnd wagon." Join the «>pcn chaHer for a short ^imi>. i-Ve. Perry Lnnca«t< wa« in (own yei Jack Kt-lKo, of ChlcuKn, N >va» hcVre yewterday on IMIHIIU-HH. ' • of fur« for mother, Klster, , / . * * — •• •• fc T'> » n § *n i. >ri i f (»n m'l t nin (*• i, Mti'r, "of Prophotsiown, ilauKhtor or awwihwirt muKB sniiabh* y-f«nti;rduy DII bu si ness, '\miiH gifiH. It*-you Juiy ihviit'at. |jtt>flt- ' Box luuVtikprchiefs niako very unit-j lllal1 '* voir buy them right." able Xinii.i i>rt>Kent», from 19o to $l,r>fi. ,MI«« Ann Kohl, "who rli-rks nl Mur- ut Jli-ckman's.* Thomas Conboy Tampico on IJUHJIR-HH, phy'H Dry Coods Store IH "uhahh- to b ypKtonlay ln! ul Wo1 "' 4 °n luvotmt of-the Danco ul Tampico. Friday. Doc, loth. MUMio fnrniiihcHl by t'orhrnn.* Huth Marsh. Sylvia DurralU &-- ^ Sf- for men and , boys We have a t'hoiee assortment at ,_ operutioifTor <rppt'iulicitl» in the UU- JACOB FLOCK HOME. ~Fliu<1i "iw'hoiu't! "from b»'«>n tuklntr tho/Vnud wlu«iv he ItaUi.s. Mt> «-(»nit'H home by fur iban when hp h*ft tvvn wet'h» jo. Mr, Pluck luiH much to KJI.V iv- t:ardliiK I'lMifla on acoount »f the wrcai IIUllllUT uf KllOOtirig SITUIU'S Wllivll IH'- r wi'<-kly. s in\<? nioriiJit« lu> ln-nid t-Ufbt Allots llrfd about 3 o'clock. There !«• 6,OiiU coloi-fd people tlu'i'o itiui tbi-y |ii;in'«-l In th|8 city. Toyland at Heckman'u,*'" H. U, Bell, of Topeka. Kannn«. who nan been vlHltinK relatives in HtcrliiiK for the iMist two weekn. left for hl« home TuetHjuy afternoon. All the lato^t utyleit in; women'tt boota at Klllttn & Petira.* ' • -• Atiua JL3att>rline Stroup went io M«HH« laat nlBlit for a, viult for tho rest of the week, Blorm door coverlngti fop with or without window*. Hardware." ...-...- MOHMI-M. Jiuff and Van', nmiiagerH for the Moot.!*, went to Savaiina-^uHt, nlKht where they will stay u,f»>w duy«. Mr. Van will remain Uu*re untlljio n and Mr. Huff will come buck tit IK and continue work hero. Washington ^t-booi at' <'oletu jatr- <*ha*i*d u special designed organ anjnr.tfH jiuiii .VLIITMII, nyivia JAirrulU .-..^. 1 ....... Jack Wllcox and Jack Phlllipn motor- |)hy Dry (5(H) « 1 '* ed to tZrand Detour Monday ev^nln^,! *'''" '!"<>""-• where they had dinner at the Sheffield her -mother.* M^I»H Ktta nittiii'T. who formerly clerked ut Tho Htei ling »«'|»t. .Store l'u» nccepUnl. a 'po«lt|on with The Mur- er of. the village of Snyder, near here, te.lookiitK forward with miifanimlty to May 1, when till hara In the Ktar«; muwt ' oli»si>. i ...Scltwiicck agreVij .....with > J-'riU Kiint- : wnrtli. a fanner, that in tin- event went dry Klin.twortli would . deUver to Hie Hali(on-keept>r fritin M.-iy ' " JOHNA.WASD Attorney it Law - MONEY TO LOAN On Heal I3state Security MORTGAGES FOR SALE 411 Lawrenco Bldo., Sterling, 111, ilnuxe. I'. A. Whitney, of Morrison, Hj)ent Tuesday, here with frlendn, Hugh Paddock, of Prophetntown, was, her* Tuesday on buxineKK. Chicken,. iiiMnlie dinner, Haptist church Thui'hday. J>ec. K, 11 to j. Slipper a to 7. Uuuuar, 4 ^ Mi'H. K, J. Join'», 8Jilnt.',Vi Jonot) and Ma's. R. C*. Martin, w*.-nt to CiilcaKo ycKterday, wheiv they were called by the death of Mrs. Merrill S»e*-d, who w«« formerly M!HM Alberta town, t!eorK«»' -Wurren, of Prophet H Monday here.with her (HIM bund, who 1x m the - t*terlin'K Mr. iHid Mw. J. \v. Jarvl'n .Sunday evening in „( J, 1917, »i» Mli>"t,"iyiS. IHv IHIUIV.IS i»f butter, live dozen OBKH and a liusiu-l ofpotntoeic t-acli week,-and on tlu- llrKt of'eaclr-month a load of cobx. if the nlat*« went w>t Hchoetieck wa* to deliver each week to (lie fanner n cast* of beer, n <iuitrt of whisky ajul a box uf>lj5urH for tiie same ieiiKih '* of time.. .-Si'hoen<.*ck Hays fur-tlut («,tn- inp year, ut It-am; the hijf h < uS.t of living }IUH no terrorn for bin , Chicken, noodlo. dinner, ilnptist church Thur^Jay. Dec-. H, Ji to 1, Supper 5 to 7. Bazaar." ( Mr. and Mrn. Fred Bjevver. of Tam^ ipiiT., were Ki.-rling v^ I torn' Ttifi«day n...l llfll'l IMUMI. . ' . Fivd Adainson returned to IHH In 'iMvenport' nftVr- »pi hen? with' friendw. H.T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONOS Nit 4 to 6 per cent Kxenipf, from Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldg, Sterling, III. daughter of-iMr. and Mr». T. (;. Woolley, formerly of thin city, but now reside in Chicago. Mr. a'nd Mrs. W. 1*, Palmer are eii- I'fttghiinK tlit-ir KiunddtuiKhter. MISH iiulen Crumb and Mr«. Hit-Ker for a few w>verul . Fiizge'ruld. ' of l-'urgo. Kouth .Dakota, orriveii h»n> TiMwluy for a vin- It with friends and relative*). ' e Devennoy und Blmer Mathi«,' of Propbettitowii, Kpent Monday here on their KI hoof from the Cp- { ro-J);»t» Silt- Topeka. Lvo Flock and Frank Hi UK hum madi a iJimint'K.-; trip, to Clinton yesterday, ^IrK. Cbrin XaiiKiT, of KI-IMHI, wan hera today chopping. ltawk"l ball, ill. Morru-i lliKli VH. KtwiiiiK Hijsh' Friday "iBht, at Armor- ,*-,'!ittMi p, ni. ^5r ( * ^ " ~ u " " H. K. B.ell rvturimU to his homo in Tu«*>day afl»*r u two , 50e, 55c •--. A STREET CAR ACCIDENT. While 'one ot* the ear* lu-|oiit;liit» lit liity H ,1). fc U. was passing on the HWiich on We«t Fourth *tre*-t 'l'ut>«Mlay dfU'i-nooii Wn'tit 2 o'clock^ one of Uie uxlctrt'fM binfee, puitiiiK the f«r nut uf coiiuiiiMMioii. Thj; end of the cur was. plai-t'd un a Hinall truck utul th» cyr )V«K taken to ll«i repair nhop tit up. POSTPONES HIS TRIP. r," $ •*. , liai * '.ji'oine up t»f mii-lt a nut.urt> tluu b« will' ., \Mi-i, a» lie liitomU'd, but Will buy* ' |;.«l liM sil|i nil' mull later iu-!4tr>MUiuqlh. Mlie is. MrpcimifttdiiiK the builditi'ii ol""a illiiIKe dotdile bmiM*' fiir hlh M.-itel- umKit ji> uot iju'tlt- i i.mpU'U-d Mr. lieli f J will make (hv trip uloa.-. ? . HIVEO IS FHQJIEN OVER. t, Th. i-.tld VV...UH-I Jf K»,.'.niribt K'«.^ ^:lhv MWl .>VH.U»I tb»- »}^/j..| IHU!- tlttn ! wint'-i Tiii' icc n- ifffiie (hu k .il'uijj- h lite vil^t". ol Hi.*- mvi, uiuj al Uii- »>.tji.u jiVhcle llit|»' 1-^ fjill 1,1 l- .M,|I"| |< H'OIJ'lX In t'i..l u). It.-liI rK.tN^- - MmilG from of Tartar Slmntlmril for Sffxfy ALUM PHOSP Coo JlroH. hiiso jiiHt nnUiaded 14 Mo- liiw U ni vttrttiif tractor fur - ivhich Hiey im» the usenlH.* \\": J, Hughes, of ("blciigu, who haw been spending ili«' lu«t luo day«f here left 'tftiluj* for Cedur itu- Mt-Kim went it> Aslitou today' ' ........... ' --------- ...... •• ........... ^ v ....... '"" WUM a |>u»seitK«'r to miii to- Plds. lu. nn Aim ri.sui \\'. A. Ktoi-cklf tiity on bliMUiVtiH. .Mrs. J. Kane .cinirdiiut'bti-r, Kvelyn. went to Ciiriion toduy lor u visit with SCHOOL GIRL ELOPES Gertrude Frace of Elburn, III., Runs Away to Chicago. Aurora. III.. l>«»c. 13. -Gertrude Fraco, one of ,the pretty 'Kills of tlu< KIIHI High School Hftidir oliiHH, nstunnul |i» her home-In Klburn au a bride. Slu» hud «lopt>d. lo chlraKo' with William .Morrlll of Klliuni aiul married. Mrs, .Morrlll Is thw dtuiKbtur of, Mr. and Mr*, A.'It. Knu-e. well-to-do roKld,ent« of Klburn. H«r liuHli.'uul, who has bwn a cjiaiif- feur, now bin* u Kanim- in the viihige, lit* i0 30, she la 18, ^Her parent*. hav« 'opposed the FARM LOANS AT 6, 7 or 10 years, Mp to |100 per acre if security warrants MORTOAWes FOR SAUE JOHNM. STAaBB s Law office 8tao«r A Siagtr 1',^1'lley, of Clll.Oftgo, bete Monduy on W, H. (Vppold went to ChlcnKo T«e«» day.oiv UuHinen^ ill'. Ifi'JU'd Wi'lll M> inotaii'iK nil htiNinuti.H. \V.. T. (Jull, l;.,y Hiu.'r, <liilt lU'Jil. FiVd KchoriiifHt'iv H. K. 'ili-r, I!/''\\', K-..\iHcirvli and -\V. A Wt'i-kw li-fi for' IU>cljl7iV<Jl tnday wJinv-f ibi-y will attend tli»'.4»»-4-titii,5 oi' .'-'.SluJih'HJ ul' i|'n>• Mymif .Slii'ili"." j Tho'ti. 1 >a(Jy. ul' NiirlolK, NN'br., 'ar-1 ., rived |n»re today WJKTV lit* will' vish'j ! with frUrn.1, . i AIr«. liobt-. {Jyde rViiinml hi.uu> from; the j' wt-i'H- vvUA Jiifiids umi iclr! utivcM. .,:._ l Mi"»*. I*. J, MiixticrSviiji I'jilU'd -lili i'lii»f cy^u (luiay un ai'i'Miiut (,>r Ut»* t.<ri'tiimt' vvvlil In ("ItHMKii iuii,;.\ wlii-i-i' tlyy v. ill.-1 i'tn-llil U U'VV (i;lVH, . - x 1'rU-f tVnlon nluiiH'il liuiiiy Ciiun j» \i-sil .Jii 1 ('hu agu,' ,; • ' ' '. THIS SALOONKEEPER WINS WHEN NEBRASKA GOES DRY A;..litt)9 chill— It makes you ill— A mtJepill— Tiie aoctor's bill. f i ' A Winter's blow— T AJHtle snow-— 8019^.days,of woe And^flf you go f A little dole Of Deader edal— A body .wlioJe-^ A buoyant soul, A JotTsf heat— A home that's neat- Each hour a treats. Your life complete! UNE Neb, JMJ( 13 lu u .- .ilili- li, ti.n ,., i|< ( 1,1111 IIOH'II! n! I):- s (!<».•() HI N*< )>i i~!i •. \\Ki.l. be s (M.M, *> «p|.--i,.i i>< : ,i u ,-, |, |, ,. A-'I \S', A S. Irui Li K ,i .,1 ,.,i, l , , i, People's Ice and Coaf Co. • 211 -Second Avenue 657 . r , Interstate 3

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