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6 FAVORITES HAVE GOOD AFTERNOON THREE SHORT-PRICED BIRDS REWARD TALENT MAGAZINE WINS FROM CRESTON IN FEATURE Colt Allowed to Go to Post at Good Price and Scores. Llvlus Runs Well BY J. G. GRIFFIN TWO real favorites and one that shared the honors of first choice with another horse In the same race came to the front yesterday, and w-hIU the card was not the classiest of the meet by a long ways the sport was all to the good and more than pleased the large midweek crowd In attendance. Th first of the series of .100 purse and handicap events which will be put on each week was slated as the fourth number on the card, and Magazine, at the liberal price of 5 to 2, gathered in the pot for K.

F. Carman. Burns gave the winner one of his good rides, and was half a length In front of Creston at the wire, Rosegal getting a poor pilotage from Martin and finishing third. Because of her victory over Colonel Bob the other day Rosegal was made opening favorite, with 7 to 5 as the good price. A plunge on Creston sent the odds on De Annan's colt from 6s to 4 to 1, and Rosegal slid up to even terms with Magazine, 5 to 2 being the prevailing figures.

Sir Edward met with a play at 6 and 5 to 1, and Pretension stock was quoted at 6s. Rosegal went out of the seven furlcng chute rather far back, but Martin had his luck with him and rushed the Ally through on the rail, being second to Creston at the quarter. Creston was shuffled back and Rosegal and Magazine went out like a team, the former bailing for two furlongs and then allowing the Carman trick to go to the front. Pretension was close up turning for home, with Creston fourth, but the latter stood a drive better and ran Magazine to half a length at the wire, with Rosegal another half length back to be a head in front of Pretension, and ail four driving hard. Livius Finishes Well One of the grandest stretch runs made this year was shown by Llvlus, the 4 to 5 favorite for the fifth race.

out of it at the turn for home Burns brought the Walhauser representative to the front with a rush and got up In time to win by a length from Dazzle, with Badly Used third. Llvlus was going like a cyclone at the end, and the others never had a chance to get mar him when he hit the real going. Burns let Livius take his time, and at the first quarter of the mile and a quarter trip he was absolutely. Little by little he began to pick up the bunch, and at the head of the stretch was in sixth place, with Dazzle and Badly Used, which were out in front all way, still fighting for what looked like the long end of the purse. When set down Livius tore through like a bullet.

Dazzle coming away from Badly Used to get the show change. Duke of Brldgewater upset the calculations of the form players by driving up at the end of the six furlongs to wear down the 1 to 2 favorite, Harcourt, and win by a nose in the first race. Schilling's mount had no excuses, and was simply not up to the job of cashing the tickets. Henry of Shennamere, making his first start here, was short a race and could do no better than third, the others being clear out of it all the way. Harcourt got a nice break and Immediately went out in front, leading Duke of Brldgewater by a length at the turn for home.

The Duke was not to be denied and hooked up with the favorite an eighth out, gradually getting up until his nose was in front the wire. Henry if Shennamere, after being close up, tired in the final furlong and was nearly four lengths behind the place horse. ripohn showed a little early speed, but was not there when the running began. Schilling's habit of winning the baby races was again in evidence when he piloted Hampass, third choice In the betting, home ahead of Madeline Musgrave and Corlel, new one from Hi Long stable. The race'was without Ini lent, the winner breaking in front and leading all the way, being followed by Madeline Musgrave.

Corlel came on from fourth place when High Ormonde stopped and was half a length in front of Ban Rose, which finished with a rush. Taylor George Again Taylor George, after a nice long rest, was made an even money favorite for the seven-furlong event down for discussion as the third number, and In a sharp drive with Gossiper II kept his head in front to win by a narrow margin. Sink Spring was seven lengths away to take the small end of things from Merllngo by a head. Chippewa I and Confederate, both fancied around 4 to 1, were way back, the latter being out of the hunt all the way. Ross lay behind the pace furnished by Gossiper and Chippewa for the first half, but Taylor George was moved up at this point, and at the stretch turn was leading Gossiper by a length, pewa still third.

When It came to the i- run only the front' two figured, and Ross put his mount over to score by a head. Sink Spring came from seventh place and got by Merllngo In the last few jumps. i Slippery, neglected In the betting and allowed to go from 6 to to took the closing i number from Aunt Polly and Teacress in a rousing finish, the first three being noses and heads apart. Marion Rose was first choice for the -y'tveni, but was bumped back early and lever had a look-in. The start favored Slippery and Aunt HERALD'S SANTA ANITA FORM CHART SANTA ANITA, Jan.

DAY, Weather clean track fast. SANTA ANITA, DAY. Weather clears track fast. iV. Ha, presiding judge: Ilwyer, starter.

24ft FIRST furlongs: nurse $400; 3-year-olds. Index Horse and Owner. hi Mr. Fin. Op.l CI.

222 Dk Brldgewater, 100 3 In oh th 1n Musgrave 5-2 8-5 Wl Harcourt. Thomas 112 1 I I 11 11 2 Schilling 1-8 1-3 H. of Shennmere, Carman 109 5 4 In 35 3lt Bonis 12, 30 63 Spohn, Anderson 109 12 3 3 41 4 100 100 Brawl, Uriflln 109 i 4 530 540 630 620 Mclntyre 20 50 Acorn. Oak Farm 109 I 6 6 li 6 6 Finn 60 100 3. 24.

39, 48, 1:01 1-5, 1:13. At post 3 minutes: oft 1:48. Value to winner $325. Winner P. T.

China's b. g. 3, Brldgewater-Crown; trained by owner. Start fair; won driving: second and third easily. Duke and Harcourt out place anil show: Shennamere 1-2 show.

Brldgewater finishing stoutly under whip Wore down Harcourt la closing strides. Latter off flying, showed high turn of speed but weakened suddenly closing strides, shennamere in long stretch drive tired only final 100 yards. OAI SECOND furlongs; purse 1400; 3-year-olds; selling. Horse and Owner. Wt.

Bt. -tr. Fin. Jockey. CI.

1198) Hampass. Thomas I 108 5 1 3 Schilling 2 18-6 (216) Musgrave, Chlnn 104 1 2h -2 1 Musgrave 2,3 If SECOND RACE-3tt furlongs: purse 1400; 2-year-olds; selling, Boland 620 nnd Ov. ner. St. Vi tt Str Kin.

Jockey Op. i) H.ini|«_i«7~Tsoma_ 108 5 T7TT Itt Schilling 2 18-5 I) Murgrave, Chlnn 104 1 Ih 11 Musurave 2 2 Corlel, Long 108 6 4h tt Roland 6 20 223 "Banrose. Pasadena 100 3 7 3 4 2 Martin 10 20 181 High Ormonde, 108 2 3h 5 1 4 5-2 223 Mar. Delorme; Walsh 105 7 6 1 6Hi Harty 6 8 T. Thompson, Tholl Bros.

109tt 4 8h 7h Morlarlty 15 100 198 Orphan liny. Bennet 108 8 6 8 3 Preston 30 li 198 Stroke, llildreth 112 10 9 1 lh Dugan 15 20 Col. Dick. Schrelber 108 It ..103 10 3 Finn 30 40 Pallas. Griffin 105 9 11 11 Mclntyre 30 100 18.

30. 41 3-6. At post 4 minutes; off 2:16. Value to winner $325. Winner R.

L. Thomas' b. a. 2, Hammon-Pass: trained by H. Mel.aniel.

start good; won easily; second same: third driving. Thelma Thompson lbs. Hampass even place. 1-2 show; Mi-grave 7-10 place, 1-3 show; Corlel 4 show. Hampass after early stretch drive drew away from Musgrave final sixteenth.

Musgrave under whip tired final sixteenth. Corlel finished strong under punishment. OA2 THIRD furlongs; purse 1400; 4-year-clds and up; selling. orse and Owner. St.

jjj jj str. Jockey. CI. Ing under punishment. 9 131221311 Ross 1 1 THIRD furlongs; purse 1400: 4-year-dds and up; selling.

Horse and Owner. ISt. tt Str Fin. Jockey. Op.

CI. 2lTaylor Oeorge, 6, Offut 1 3 1 Vi Ross 1 i 214 Oosslper 11, 6. Touhey 97 5 11 lh 32 33 27 Goldstein 10 16 2.12 'Sink Spring. 4, Sears 96871 82 73 73 3h Brooks 30 CO 168 Merllngo, 5, Singleton 102 4h 4h 5 tt 5 4 Preston 10 8 176 'Chippewa, 5. Pasadena St 94 7 2h 4 3 6 24, Martin 3 7-2 227 Confederate, 6, 102 4 81 Oh 61 I li 11 Dugan 4 7-2 (143) Wisteria, a.

Mulkey ill 2 6h 7 tt 3 4 1 74 Finn 10 15 214 Billy Taylor, a. Stock I 104 j99 9 9 81813 O'Connell 300 300 21. Prestige, 6. Fleur de 102 3 6h II 8h 9 9 IBuxton 1001 100 1 1 4-5, 24 1-5. 1-5, 47 4-5.

1:00, 1:13 3-5, 1:25. At post 2 minutes: off 2:42. Vainto winner $325. Winner R. T.

Offut's br. g. 6, Register- George; trained by W. P. Maxwell.

Start good: won driving; second easily; third driving. Shore, Phil Igoe, Alleviator. Overweight-Hilly Taylor 5. Sink Spring 3. Wisteria 3.

George 9-20 place. 1-4 show; Qoestper 5 place, 2 show: Spring 5 show. Taylor had to he driven to limit end to withstand Oosslper's challenge. Latter showed rare gameness under whip, closing stoutly. Spring in sharp last sixteenth drive nipped Merllngo on post.

High Taylor Otorge 13 to 10. 243 FOURTH furlongs; purse $1000; 3-year-olds and up. Index, Horse and Owner. hi V. Str.

Fin 'Jockey. I Op. CI. 231 Magazine, 3, Carman I 107 I 3 3 )1! lh lh IV. Burns 2 5-2 231 Iton, 3, DeArman I 5 lh 4 2 4Vi2 Dugan 6 4 (222) Rosegal.

3, Jennings 9072h In 23 24 In Martin 7-6 5-2 187 Frk. Fllttner. 5, L. A. St 107 2 7ii 8 7 tt 6 tt 41 Preston 20 30 (224) Pretension, Chlnn HO 1 In 4 4 3 31 5h Musgrave 6 7 (ffil) Sir Edward.

5, Walsh I 112 0 65 68 fir, 5462 Schilling 6 6 211 Tim. Wen, 4. Stock 109 4 51 Th 5 1 73 72 Roes SO 60 187 Llsaro, 5, Baldwin 107 8 8 7h 8 8 8 10 15 Tlme-12 2-5. 23. 31.

3-3. 46 3-5, 59 2-5, 1:13. 1:21 3-5. At post 3 minutes; off 3:08. Value to winner $700.

Winner R. F. Carman's b. c. 3, Kazagan-Pink Rose; trained by James Blute.

Start good; won driving; second and third same. Magazine 4-3 place. 7-20 show; Creston even place, 3-5 show; Rosegal 9-20 show. Magazine had to be hustled to limit to withstand Creston's closing challenge. Latter in a sturdy stretch drive made up ground steadily, finishing resolutely.

-gal weakened palpably final sixteenth. High Edward 7, Pietenslon 7. 244 FIFTH miles; purse $400; 4-year-olds and up; selling. Index Horse and Owner. St.

Vj Sir. Fin. Op. CI. Llvlus, 4.

Walhsr. 0.... 109 7 9 10 93 08 11 Burns 7ZZT. 164 Dazzle, a. Webber 11l 633 11 lh 1 tt 23 Dugan 4 7-2 232 Badly Used, H.

1n 25 26 24 31 Knapp 12 13 232 Elle. 111142 41 4h Ih 41 Smith 12 12 195 Invictus, Gabriel 11l 4 81 Sn 8h 7 tt 51 os 6 10 IM. Candlemas, 4, HI 31n2525 24 is jKnapp 11 13 Elle, Davies 11l 1 4 2 4 1 4h 4h 4 1 Smith 12 12 Invlctus, Gabriel 11l 4 81 Sn 8h 7 tt 51 Rod 6 10 M. Oanolemas, 1, 104 2 In 8 tt 5 tt 5 tt 8 8 1" 20 190 Sallna. 5, Wh 6 52 5h 6 1- 81 7h Hobart 20 40 190 Pay Me, a.

Deck 11l I 1 7 7 1 75 91 8h Bolsnd 50 100 225 Ten Row, 4, O. V. 106 I 8(1 63 3 34 9 4 6 9 223 -dolus, a. Mulkey 115 ilO 10 9 1 10 10 10 IDorsey 100 100 3, 24 4-5, 37. 49 2-5.

1:02 1-5, 1:15, 1:28, 1:40 4-5. 1:54, 2:07 1-5. At post 1 minute: off 3:30. Value to winner $325. Winner F.

Walhouser's b. h. 4. B. II; trained by owner.

Start good; won driving; second easily: third handily. Chlswell. Adonis, El Primero. 4. Sallna IVi lbs.

Llvlus 2-5 place, out show: Dazzle even place. 1-3 show; Used 6-2 show. Llvlus finished like a shot, getting up in last few strides. Dazzle finished sturdily under whip. Used tired badly after following pace closely for nine furlongs.

SIXTH furlongs; purse $400; 4-year-olds and up; selling. Index Horse and Owner. Wt. hi Str. Fin.Jockey.

On.l CI. Slippery. 4, Bonsack I 8 2 1 2 2 lh Si hilling 6 9 139 Polly, Denny Bros 107 I 6 12 11 2 3 Ili Dugan 3 9-2 219 Teacress. 6, House 107 10 8 114 '4 7 81 3 9-2 177 I Mar. Rose, 4, Fleur de 113 5 (Ii 5 1 th Buxtlon 8-5 9-5 177 "Annie May, 4, Kelly 98 12 6 5 4 It 68 Medllcott 10 16 219 Lucille, 6.

107 11 4 1 4 154 3 1 6 3 Ross 4 5 174 H. Sherman, a. Thol Bros. 107 4 10 10 8 10 4 7 1 IMllllano 10 10 145 Jillette, 5, 107 7 7 1 3h I 'i Ih 10 10 106 Asora, 5, Wayland 107 8 9 hi 91 8 1 9h 30 60 217 Daisy Frost. 4.

Spear 103 9 5 7 9h 10 5 15 20' 172 Buena, 4, Anderson 103 111 11 11 30 50 18 1-5, 29 4-5, 41 4-5, 54 3-5, 1:07. At post 7 minutes; off 4:02. Value to winner $325. Winner L. A.

Bonsack's br. m. 4. Commando-Skim; trained by owner, Start good' won driving; recond same; third handily. Banlada, Korosllany Revolt, Hlrtle.

Slipper 3 place, 8-5 show; Polly 2 place, 4-5 show; Tcacress 4-5 show slippery In long stretch drive outgamed Polly at end. Polly set fast pace but tired final sixteenth. Teacress in long stretch drive finished gamely. High 5, Teacress 6, Buena 60. "Apprentice allowance.

ERRATUM-In race 211 make Pretension's weight 114. Polly, and they went out to make their own running, Polly leading until the stretch turn. Here Schilling brought Slippery up, and in a hard fight he managed to keep the Bonsack mare in front. Teacress was seventh at the turn, but finished like a wild horse and was closing on the leaders at every jump. REDUCE MONEY IN BIG BABY STAKE By Associated Press.

NEW YORK, Jan. ten days of the Saratoga race meeting the coming summer are overlapped by the dates of the Empire City Racing association's meeting Yonkers track, practically the entire schedule of stakes offered last summer and in the most prosperous days of the Saratoga course will be renewed. Yesterday at the annual meeting of the Saratoga association the schedule for the summertime track meeting was made up and the offering of stakes and purses representing a total, estimated sum of more than $330,000 decided upon. The chief change was made In the Great Republic stakes, which was for two years a $54,000 race. Last season it was reduced to a $20,000 event.

Yesterday a further change was decided upon, and while Its general conditions and distance remain the same, the Great Republic for 1908 will be a sweepstakes, with $10,000 added money, still leaving Jt the chief event of the meeting for matured horses. NEW ORLEANS SUMMARY Associated Pi ess. NEW ORLEANS. Jan. Three won, Nasturtla second, Mrs.

Sewall third; time :38. Seven furlongs Lord Lovat won. No Quarter second, Hal Bard third; time 1:33 3-5. Six T. Shlpp won, Apple Toddy second.

Rustle third; time 1:19 2-5. One mile, the Tulon stakes won, Angelus second. Sally Preston third: time Six won. Al Muller second, Tilelng third; time 1:18 2-5. One mile and an won, Terns Rod second.

Bestcrllng third; time A SAN PEDRO TIDE TABLE HIGH. LOW. 1901 'AM. P. M.

A. M. P. M. January 28 12:14 6:24 6:68 January 33 ...11:30 January 34 12:64 12:12 (1:19 6:37 January 26 1:33 1:23 IM 7:3 January 28 2:26 2:69 9:00 8:18 January 6:11 10:43 9:41 Jai.uary 88 4:38 1:43 UM 11:04 a 8:40 7:43 12:67 January.

1:10 12:12 1:44 January 8. 7:28 :10 1:07 1:31 i a If you want to go east. Hay dock. Agent Illinois Central K. IU W.

Bth LOS ANGELES HERALD: THURSDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23, 1908. DEUTSCHLAND WINS ANOTHER HANDICAP By Associated Press. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. San Pablo handicap, which was the event of the day's racing at Emeryville, was robbed of much interest by the scratching of Edwin Gum. Deutschland won as he pleased by over six lengths.

The second race was cleverly won by False Nun a 30 to 1 chance. The weather was clear, but the track muddy. Results: First race, futurity course, selling May Amelia, 107 (Miller), 6 to 6, won: Belle of Iroquois, 104 (Kelley), 16 to 6, second; Bal Hud, 89 (A. Walsh), 80 to 1, third; time 1:12 4-5. Zellna, Sea Air, Silver Wedding, Meada, To San and Folnseltla finished as named.

Second race, three furlongs, Nun, 104 (Sandy), 80 to 1, won; Apto Oro, 112 (Miller), 8 to 6, second; Yolo, 89 Klrschbaum), 25 to 1, third. Time ill 3-5. On Parole, Alice Collins, ('has. W. Hodges, Prince Ormonde, Schmoozer and Ten Full finished as named.

Third race, six furlongs, 109 (Soovllle), 7 to 10, won; Captain Burnett, 108 (Brady), 25 to 1, second; Import, 62 (Gilbert), 150 to 1, third. Time 1:16 3-5. Burning Bush. Sam Barber, The Englishman, Prince Brutus, Jocund, Rose Cherry anil Ella True finished as named. I Fourth race, one and one-sixteenth miles, San Pable Deutschland, 122 (Keogh), 3 to 2, won; John Lyons, 105 (Hayes), 5 to 2, second; Northwest, 97 (Klrschbaum), 2 to 1, third.

Time Husky and Los Angeleno finished as named. Fifth race, mile and seventy yards, selling 112 (Miller), 4 to 5, won; Mldmont, 105 (McClaln), 40 to 1. second; Warning, 108 (Keogh), 16 to 1, third. Tims Excitement, Rosy Light, Mill Song, Lampadrome, Mina Gibson, Celeres and Blacklock finished as named. Sixth race, seven furlongs, 102 (Rice), 50 to 1, won; Cloyne, 100 (Miller), 9 to 10, second; St.

Avon, 110 (Keogh), 18 to 1, third. Time 1:30. Green Goods, Billy Pullman, Margaret Randolph and Leonardadale finished as named. a MILLIONAIRES MAY RACE YACHTS THIS SUMMER NEW YORK, Jan. race between the fast steam yachts owned Gould and William K.

Vanderbllt is one of the possibilities of the next yachting season. Two years ago Mr. Vanderbllt's Tarantula defeated Mr. Gould's Niagara IV over a fifty-mile course, but it is said the coal on the Gould yacht was not satisfactory and at that time Mr. Vanderbllt offered another race.

The contest was not possible last slimmer, but this summer It is expected it will take place. talk. in yachting circles was aroused by the fact that the Gould yacht Is having new boilers installed and that the Vanderbllt" yacht has been ordered here from Wilmington, N. where it for extensive repairs. PLATERS TO HAVE CHANCE ONLY ONE PURSE RACE CARDED AT SANTA ANITA Close Finishes Should Be Order of Day, as Many Fast Horses Will Sport Silks This Afternoon BY IRVING B.

CLEMENT Selling platers will have an Inning this, afternoon, as five of those events are carded. The other race is for 2year-olds and a fair bunch will sport Colors. fir! Such good sprinters as Oriflamb, Kerry, Turnaway and Hidden Hand face the starter In the first race, a five-furlong sprint, and it should be a hotly contested affair. Crown Princess will again be seen under colors arid Mattle Russell. Chllla, Larry Mulligan and a number of others should furnish good sport In the baby race.

There will be some fast running in the third race, as a nice lot of selling platers will put up a good performance and the finish should be very close, as Klrklleld Belle, Black Mate, Prolific and Adelbert Belle are speedy and game. The fourth race brings forth an ordinary bunch of platers, as the start and finish are In front of the stand the race will be popular and the public will be able to follow their choices all the way around the track. Sainrlda ran a nice race her last out; so did Bellmence, Avontellus and HI Caul Cap. Albion H. Booger Red, Karoda, Margie and Aquiline are a few of the good 3-year-olds that will go a fivefurlong route In the fifth race, and if all get away well from the barrier the race will be one that is worth going many miles to see.

Maidens Will Start Ten maidens are carded to start, and if all report to the starter It will be a "hoss" race from barrier to wire, as Billowy, Connie Balolee, Maxnal and Look are scheduled to go. Dr. Rowell will ship a carload of T. H. Willitftns' horses next Sunday.

Jockey Miller will accompany them and will be seen In the saddle here. Williams will be here on Monday. Confederate was sore going' to the post yesterday. Throw out his race for future calculations. He is ripe for a melon cutting soon, so tab him.

Rifleman, Clamor and Col. Jack left yesterday for Oakland to start In the Burns handicap, the biggest race of the year on the Pacific coast. R. F. Carman was as happy as a schoolboy yesterday after his pet, Magazine, won the first thousand dollar pure from Creston.

Incidentally, Carman won a good bet on his colt. Jockey Shilling was fined $100 by Starter Dwyer in the first race for breaking the barrier. Twenty books cut In yesterday, Including two field and a combination book. Izzy Ham and the H. H.

club were the newcomers, while Abe Enkel, Fred Block and McDonald McConnell dropped off. George Rose left on last night's train In order to cut In at Emeryville when the big play on the Burns handicap begins to trickle In Saturday. Rose carried some nice commissions from Santa Anita plungers, who figure the horses sent up from here as "morals" for the 110,000. L. A.

A. C. WILL HOLD WRESTLING MATCH MAT FESTIVAL ON FEBRUARY 12 TO BE BEST ON RECORD Treloar Is Getting Twenty Entrants Ready for Second Brussels Event of the Season The shapely Al. Treloar is planning another wrestling festival for his mat gladiators at the Los Angeles Athletic club on the 12th of February, which he says will eclipse all former performances In the physical culture line ever held at the home of the Chuckwallas. Nothing but the Brussels part of the program Is arranged yet, but if any of the boxers and sword Jugglers will come into the entertainment the bill will be similar to the one when the club opened house at the beginning of the season.

The light, middle and heavy weight divisions will be well represented and most pf the entries are already registered. In the 135-pound class George Retzer, J. O. Woodruff, H. W.

Hincks, J. W. Ferri, B. G. Gllholm and Roy Vosburg are entered.

H. W. Jilncks is going to go into the middle weight division also along with G. W. Isaacs, A.

Eldsworth and George Retzer. The heavy weights, who will go on at 159 pounds and up, are: A. K. Clymber, F. Sentous, E.

A. Cochran and R. C. Jaystolss. Charlie Eyton will render the decisions.

LOCAL BOXERS ENTER TATE TOURNAMENT RUENAN, KAHN AND COULTER TO REPRESENT L. A. A. C. Pupils of Van Court Will Try to Capture State Championship at Bay City on January 29.30 Cliff Ruenan, Ivan Kahn and Sam Coulter of the Los Angeles Athletic club boxing force have been entered by Instructor Va.

Court to participate In the contests at San Francisco on January 29 and 30. Van Court is confident that his understudies will bring home some of the amateur glove honors. The coast championship is the principal attraction, and the local boxers will try to hang up the trophy whtre It will be handy. I Ruenan, Kahi: and Coulter have all established their claims in amateur rings In this purt of the state, and will leave fully qualified to meet the best there is in ring society. a Shocking! about Richly what now? Run away with the cook.

"Worse than that! He's eloped with tin- nurse of his wife's pet Yonkers TODAY'S RACE ENTRIES SANTA ANITA FIRST RACE--- furlongs; selling. 202 Oriflamb 107 212 Royal Queen ....102 74 Kerry 104 222 Gaga 104 54 Eonlte 104 127 Hidden Hand ..104 47 Snap Dragon ...108 102 Abraham 104 181 Turnaway 108 49 Wuerzberger 101 SECOND furlongs; purse; 2-yearolds. 223 Instant Twin Heart, b. f. 216 Rey el Dinero ..106 Box-Two 173 Buckthorns 106 1 235 Mat.

Russell ...104 186 Copper PrincessllO 235 Chllla IJJ Daisy Thorpe, b.f. 229 Larry Woolsthorpe-Dalsy 223 Harry Stanhope. Rose 107 THIRD RACE-8 furlongs; selling. 2.10 Adelbert Belle. .99 203 Illusion ....99 Proline 96 205 Red Carter 101 Black Mate 101 230 Al I.lndley 226 Klrklleld 99 (147)Bemay 99 245 Marion Rose 99 214 Harrison 11..101 Merrill 101 FOURTH RACE-ltt miles; selling.

195 Josles 99 226 Sainrlda 94 238 'Bellmence 91 201 Perry Wicks ....101 33 Lucky Lad 96 138 HI Caul Cap ...101 tit Fastoso 101 218 Ed Sheridan ....101 238 Avontellus 104 FIFTH furlongs; selling. 116 "Sen 99 169 Lonla 102 174 Albion 102 110 Karado 107 207 Billy 80w1eg5. ..104 106 Booger Red ....107 196 Margie 102 203 Saucy 102 228 97 74 Lady Adelaide ..102 SIXTH furlongs; selling. Joseph 104 220 Maxnal 104 207 Brawney Lad ..104 207 Turban 104 159 Lady Powell 102 159 Look 102 221 Balolee 102 207 Connie 102 221 Billowy 102 1 210 Harry Clark ....104 allowance. OAKLAND FIRST furlongs; horses and geldings; selling; 4-year-olds and up.

KM Shady Lad 105 2037 Big Store 96 1660 Distributor John 104 1972 No rather 90 Paladlnl 102 2036 Siege Gun 98 2004 Gage Taylor 90 1800 Othmar 97 1997 Banlord 92 1395 Lord 104 2014 St George jr 106 SECOND RACE-5 furlongs; horses and gildings; 5-year-olds and up. 2033 D. of 106 2034 Red Hill 191 2007 Boloman 104 1030 Shenandoah 108 2032 L. Flligrane 931986 C. Hedrlck 109 2036 Curriculum 105 W25 Lassen 106 1600 Gov.

Orman .10512036 Triumphant 112 881 Comedian 104 Old Settler 95 THIRD RACE-1 1-16 miles; selling; 3-yearclds and up. 20,18 Dol. Dollars 104 2026 All Ablaze 101 2031 Monaco Maid ..1011976 Oromobol 102 2038 Luclan 104 1960 Treasure 2020 Eduardo 108 FOURTH RACE-7 furlongs; purse; and up, MM Blbarl 104J2038 Judge Ne150n. ...109 2023 Burleigh 10011011 Ruth 102 1031 Plausible 101 1 FIFTH mile 100 yards: selling; 4year-olds and up. 1983 Dave Weber ...10111994 Sahara 109 2019 Ethel Molar 99 2019 Bill Curtis 100 2019 Magrane 106 2027 Mrs.

99 2027 Sliver Sue 104 2007 Maxtress 104 2017 Tetanus 99 1027 Confessor Eckersall 109 HXTH furlongs', purse; maiden 2year-olds. 2028 Toll Box 1041.... Street Singer ...107 1035 Mozart 101.... Tanma 107 1992 M. Bright 101....

Duke of 110 2000 Rollicking 80y. .104 GRAND CANYON NOW NATIONAL MONUMENT PRESIDENT SIGNS TWO IMPORTANT PROCLAMATIONS An Area of 1,288,320 Acres Is Also Added to Tonto National Forest in Must Be Protected WASHINGTON, Jan. Roosevelt has Just signed a proclamation making a national monument of the Grand Canyon of Arizona, and another creating an addition of 1,288,320 acres of land to the Tonto national forest, which is also located In Arizona. The world-famed Grand canyon has been a part of the Grand Canyon national forest and Its establishment as a national monument ls made by virtue of the act of June 8, 1906, which provides that objects of scientific interest may be declared national monuments if such action is deemed necessary for their preservation and protection. The president, speaking of the importance of protecting the Grand canyon as a national monument, says in his proclamation: "It Is an object of unusual scientific Interest, being the greatest eroded canyon in the United States, and it appears that the public interests would be promoted by reserving It as a national monument with such other land as ls necessary for its proper protection." It has long been realized that it was highly desirable to have this wonderful gorge, made by the Colorado river, set apart as a national monument.

This assures the area of exclusion from all kinds of entry, and means that the government will have power to prevent the marring of scenic beauty by unsightly exploitation of any kind. The area put in the national monument constitutes approximately 825,280 acres. In determining the boundary of the national monument an effort was made to draw the line approximately one mile back from the rim of the canyon. Tonto Reserve Increased The addition of 1,288,310 acres to the Tonto national forest In Arizona ls situated in Maricopa, Gila and Pinal counties. That part of the addition which is situated on the west side of the Tonto forest is given national forest protection because it includes the watershed of the Verde river, above the proposed McDowell reservoir site, which is located on the Verde Just above Its junction with Salt river.

It seems probable that this McDowell reservoir will be built by the reclamation service at some future time, ant when this project ls completed something over 100,000 acres of land will be Irrigated in the Salt river valley, in addition to the land that will be assured of a uniform supply of water, by the great Salt river project at Roosevelt. The eastern portion of the addition includes the headwaters of the Pinal and Pinto creeks. Both of these streams empty Into Salt river above the Roosevelt dam. Their watersheds have been damaged by overgrazing, mainly by goats. It is of the utmost importance that the -watersheds of these streams be protected.

They are already carrying large quantities of silt Into Salt river and since they both empty near what will be the upper end of the reservoir they could do enormous damage in filling it with silt. The most southern portion of the addition, lying directly west of the Pinal mountains forest, which has now, by proclamation, been made a part of the Tonto national forest, protects the watershed creek, the waters of which the reclamation service has determined It; will one day be desirable to Impound. The Pinal mountains national forest of 45,780 acres has been thrown into the Tonto forest, giving an area including the new addition of 2,449,280 acres. In, the large addition there Is very little commercial forest, but in most of-the canyons and. draws there of the canyons and draws there are stands of oak and chapparal species, and in limited i areas very dense of Arizona cypress.

NELSON-BOER FIGHT NEXT NO SHOW SCHEDULED AT CABIN BEFORE FEBRUARY Ex.Champ and Unholz Already Train. Ing for Big Event on 4th. Sulllvans Are Going north There will be nothing doing in the fight line at the Cabin next week, as Manager McCarey has not the available material to frame up a good card between now and February 4, when Rucly Unholz and Bat Nelson get together over the ten-round route. Mac was planning to give Billy Woods a shot at big game, but the fact that Woods sustained a few fractired rib- Tuesday night, together with the knowledge that this allowing would not warrant any kind of attendance If stacked up against Sam Langford, lias caused the promoter to switch his dope and hang out the nothing doing sign at Naud Junction. Unholz and Nelson have already gone' to work, the former at the East Side club and Bat at Oakwood inn.

Arcadia. Nelson is used to the roads around Lucky Baldwin's ranch, having been quartered thero when he was training for the fight that never came off with Herrera, and Is already at boms In his surroundings. He is doing plenty of work in the open and every afternoon finds him hard at it boxing and punching the bag on the platform back of the hotel. Unliolz worked with Thomas up to the time Joe went up against Jack Sullivan, and he is already In line condition. The Boer does not dissipate to any'noticeable extent and is seldom out of training.

His natural fighting figure calls for about 132 pounds, i.nd as he and Nelson meet at catchweights It will be no trouble at all for the South African wonder to be at his best so far as poundage Is concerned. When the betting begins Nelson will undoubtedly be a strong favorite, despite Unholz' clever showing against- George Alemslc not long ago. Bat Is supremely confident of the outcome and imparts this spirit to those who talk to him. so there will be plenty of money In sight to back the ex-champ when ho hooks up with the Boer. Unholz 13 not without friends and supporters by a long ways and If the i ids are right he will be one of the best supported shortenders ever seen In this man's town.

The Sullivan company will move its headquarters to San Francisco in the near future, Mike Twin having a little date with Stanley Ketchel which will call for some preliminary fixing. Jack will go with his double and assist In the preparation, and the Dump Cart kiiifs are certain that a few more" figures will be totaled on the Sullivan bank account. Eddie Kelly, a little fighter from Buffalo, Is expected here In a few days and will probably be given a chance to bust in through a fight with Dannie Webster. Dannie is busy right now training for his match with Billy do Coursey in San Diego and will keep In condition after this event In order to give Kelly the best he has In his varied and useful assortment of Queensbury stock. Montana Kid is back in town and as soon as some 'good lightweight looking for a trial comes along Manager Mo- Carey will undoubtedly give tho Kid a chance.

Montana is apparently in better shape than he was when George Memslc pulled the curtain on his stellar career with the mitts, and says he will do the Missouri for those who think he is finished with the ring. Montana is a little heavy now, but Insists that he will get down to the lightweight limit without a bit of trouble when the proper time comes. Steals Pide; Is Killed By Associated Press. TRACY, Jan. Andy Meyers, a well dressed young man, lost both 'egs under the Owl train as It was pulling in here this morning.

He was climbing from the roof of a sleeper. He was taken to the county hospital, where he died. Actress Marries in Hospital By Associates, press. CHICAGO, Jan. Truax, the actress, and Charles.

S. Albert, an attorney of Minneapolis, were married this afternoon at a hospital. The marriage was to have taken place last week, but was postponed'owing to the illness of the bride-to-be. ROLLER CAN BEAT GOTCH MANAGER OF FORMER WORLD CHAMPION SAYS SO Joe Carroll Declares He Will Bet $2500 That Roller Can Worst Gotch on Any Mat The following letter from Joe Carroll, at one tlmj manager for Frank Gotch, champion wrestler, is self-explanatory: "I have never yet asked for space In your paper, but I do ask for space In which to partly answer a statement said to have been made by Frank Gotch. I had made up my mind long ago never to reply to anything said in any paper about myself or the wrestling game, but this statement said to have been made by him is liable to be misconstrued by some of Roller's friends, and therefore I ask space.

Gotch says that when he was a green sucker in the game he used to allow himself to be buncoed Into making handicap matches with local champions and then throw them within one fall of what he agreed to. Well, If Gotch has done any of that work he has certainly done it since ho was a green sucker at the game, for I managed him for the first six years of his career, and In all that time he never lost a handicap match and only two even matches to Jenkins and one to Burns. "I will give Gotch or any other man $1000 who can show me any record of any handicap match Gotch ever lost during tho six years I managed him, and I have matched him to throw men as many as eight falls In an hour, and also to throw as many as ten men In one hour, and he won. "Over a year ago Gotch contracted to throw Roller twice in an hour. Instead of being shy one fall In the match he was shy two.

Gotch is with a show now and I realize it would bo a bigad. for his managers to make the public Imagine he was going to tear men to pieces on the mat, and also that he is going to wrestle Hackenschmidt In May. They have been telling that for nearly a year now; It's a wonder they would not sign articles. But that is their business, not mine. "I am not Interested in any wrestler, except and my interest in him Is only as a friend; and I want to see him pet a square deal.

A great many people In reading the statement made by Gotch will say, 'Well, maybe Gotch let Roller so I will say for their benefit that he did not let Roller stay one minute longer than he had to. Some wise people said Gotch let htm stay expecting to catch Roller for big money on another match. If that-Is the case why doesn't he challenge Roller to another contest? "Now I do not clslm that Roller can defeat Frank Gotch, if Gotch wishes to make a match with Roller, and set the time of the match as far ahead as he has set his one with Hackenschmldt. I will bet him $2500 that Roller can defeat him. Gotch Is the champion of America and in my estimation is is the greatest champion we have ever had.

and Is one of the greatest wrestlers that ever stepped on a mat, but there is one other just as great, and his name is Dr. B. F. Roller. I truly believe that should they ever meet again defeat him.

"Should Gotch wish to accept this offer I 'am willing that the match should take place In any city suitable to Dr. Roller. This challenge; so far as I am concerned, Is open to any man In America at any weight or any man In the world who does not weigh over 210 pounds." MR. PERKINS GIVES HIS PRIZES TO THE WINNERS At a meeting of the wholesalers' league last night the prizes which went to the winners of the series Just finished were handed out. and the Hon.

Red Perkins was relieved of the responsibility of keeping the valuables In his safe. The Western Door and Sash team received the loving cup, valued at $25, which went with the highest percentage, the Racycle bunch grabbed off ten kopecks' worth of balls and bats and that was all. There will be a meeting of the Pasadena Linen Hustlers tonight for the purpose of organizing a laundry drivers' amateur league. As usual, Algernon Perkins will handle the reins, and it's a cinch bet he will get away from the post and also be somewhere there or thereabouts at the wire. The bunch will congregate at 235 South Mentor avenue, Pasadena.

BULLS-EVES AT 50 YARDS With This V-iffladp' PlstoL New model "Off-Hand Target" heavy 6-in. barrel, 22 long rifle, or shorts. Plenty of fun and good practice at small coat. Also In 8 and 10-lnch barrels and 25 cal. COLT'S OFFICER'S MODEL Fine target revolver, perfect balance, adjustable sights, action handflnlshed, smooth pull; 6 38 cal.

SMITH A. WESSON MILITARY MODEL 1905 Ranks with the best as a target revolver. Finely finished. Fitted with target sights and stocks when desired. 38 6 In, STANDARD TARGETS Blount's 200 and 800 German Ring Targets, and IT.

S. Standard centers. Arms Co. 132-134 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal Quicker Time to Goldfield Via the "old reliable way," Salt Lake Route and Las Vegas Tonopah Railroad. Train leaving Los Angeles at 8 p.

m. daily now arrives at Goldfield at 5:30 p. m. next day. Through Buffet Sleeper forthose, who want it and free reclining chair car for others.

Tickets at.601; South Spring Station, i at east end of First street bridge. i.

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