Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 17, 1973 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1973
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 Golgsbufo fteoistef-Mdih GaltibufQ. III. Tutidflv, April 17. 1973 SUMBRVISOiU ANNUAL RBrORT Town of Orofigt ROADFUNM Rceelved and DIstnirMd l«r tke PlMal Y«ar Endiiig Mareh fit IVn , . orrtcfi or IHEASURBH OF THE ROAD DUiTRicr STATE OF nUNOIS, ) Ooimly ol KiMx )98. UBMCC OI OMlg« ) To (he HiohwBy OonvnisBioner, DIftrtct of Ortngt, County KMn,SMe of Illinois: I, D. Reece Jones Treasurer olttie Road XNatrtet of Orange County of Knox, State of Illinois, being duly sworn, depose and say that the foUoiwlng statement by me stiiscribed is a correct sistement of road and bridge funds on band at (he beginning ol (he fiacal year above stated; (he amount of road and bridge funds received; the sources from vfftifih received; (he amount expended, and (he purpose for which expended, as set forth in teld atatement. The attached pages two through is a complete list of emenditures for (he fiaosl year ending March 27, m D. REECB JONES, Treasurer tybscribed and sworn to before me (Ms Ml day of AprU, 1973. (MYRTLE C. LUCAS rSDIRAL RKVBNUi SMARINO ftlND RBCBinS FiMtoRaeM Dtmum 14, WW • a.«M.w January I, 1178 I,S«9.00 Amount RECAPITULATION RECEIPTS foods Received Balance on Hsnd at Beginning of this Fiscal Year «S.72 I 670.66 Taxes, Property 14,954.24 Refund Illinois Income Tax & Interest 6,834.86 Total - I 21,459.75 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Maintenance of Roads 111,188.22 Maintenance of Bridges 611.69 Purchase of Mardiinery 5,779.30 Repairs to Machinery 1,800.12 Atbriinlstration & Insurance & Right of Way 1,076.32 Total - $ 20,435.56 Total Receipts I 21,489.75 Total Ejqwnditures 20,435.65 Balance I 1,024.20 ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Purdwse of Machinery I 5,779.30 Machinery Repairs 1,800.12 Rock & Trucking - 6,830.26 Blades 784.48 Culverts 611.68 Fuel - : 1,288.82 Adminiatr«tive, Insurance and Right of Way 1,078.32 Other Miac. Expenaes 2,298.65 Total - 8 20,435.65 BRIDGE TAX FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Amount Balance on Hand 3^72 —- 8 424.03 From County Trees., Taxes 2,265. From Knox County, Share of Bridge - 986.59 Total Receipts - - $ 3,646.50 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount To County, Bates Bridge, - 8 448.26 Victoria Twp., Culvert — 250.00 Brown Const. Co., Road Work 1,278.00 Fred* BaUey Exac. Co., Road Work 412.80 Total $ Total Receipts $ 3,646.50 Total Expenditures 2,386.76 Balance on Hand $ 1,259.74 2,386.76 TOWN FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Amount Taxes fi»m Levy of this Fiscal Year $ 7,753.49 Balance on hand (at beginning of the fiscal year) 3-28-72 6.628.47 Interest 100.00 Polling Place Rent 48.00 Refund Dlinois Income Tax & Intereat 3,400.09 Total Receipta 1 18,826.06 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Compensation of Town Officers 8 8,139.29 Tofwn Officers' Expenses 50.00 Insurance & Treas. Bond 365.00 •Publishing - - 1W.83 Total Expenditures I 8,664.12 Total Receipts 8 18,828.05 Total Expenditures 8,684.12 Balance I 8,160.93 BUILDING it EQUIPMENT FUND RECEIPTS Funds Recdvad Balance on Hand 3^72 — $ Amoont 44.95 From County Treas., Taxes 1,586.38 Total Receipts $ 1,631.33 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Louis Lakis Inc., On Truck -I 1,600.00 Total $ 1,600.00 Total Receipts -$ 1,631.33 Total Expenditures 1,600.00 Balance on Hand 31.33 CEMETERY FUND RECEIPTS f^nds Received Balance on Hand 3-28-72 $ From Home Savings & Loan, Interest 160.00 From Investors Mutual, Interest - 840.94 From County Treas., Taxes 1,400.00 Amouat 967.10 Total Receipts —.- 8 2,868.04 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Ikdsc. I^abor & Supplies 8 39.86 Insurance & Treas. Bond 65.20 R. H. Nelson, Maintenance 1,200.00 Trustees Salary - 150.00 Total - 8 L-iSS.OO Total Receipts 8 2,888,04 Total E»palditures 1,455.06 Balai.ce on Hand $ 1,412.98 Toiil RaeeMa 'MilR««eipts Total fixp8nditurei .$ l,«M.(n .1 1 ,984.00 Balance on Hand I 8,M4 .0O GENERAL ASBISTANCB FUND RECEIPTS roods Racahrad Balance on Hand (at Beginning of the Fiscal Year) Anaoot 1,374.52 Total I 1,SM.52 For What Bxpaodad Bond ... BXPBNDrrURES Treasurers Total , Total Racelpta 8 1.374.82 Total Expenditures 10.00 Anaoot 10.00 10.00 Balance on Hand 8 1,384.52 Top Students Are Reported At Lombard Honor roll for the third quar« ter has been announced at Lom« bard Junior High School. Stu* dents include: Svvanlh Otads — Betty Agar, Edna Alexander,_JeiTy Annitrong, ~rlgg8,' Stave Brlggs, Mark Brown, Stc^- Sandy Bamei, Beokv BlekerML. Belinda Bourdon, Miul Brlgi Steve Briggs, Mark Brown, Stcpl ante Butkovlch, Julie CaldweU, Michele Claman, Cindy Clark. JUlie CoUier, Stephanie Contro, Traoey Cooper, Lorl Crane, Suaie Cree, Brian Culver, Deborah Cummings, Sue Douglaa, Terea* Kngland, Dawn Clr • . Jin man, Danny Harrii,„Gail Healey. oug: Fiaher, Kriatie Foasler, Cindy. Gunther, Jane Guatafson, " im Harri' Marjorle Hcaton, Jeff Hcrr, Eliza- beUi Hieki, Judy Hiekt. Cindy Hottell, Joyce Irwin, Don Jenningi, Judy Johnaon, Donna Karr. Diane Kennedy, Peggy Kimble, Linda King, Tod Larson, Lorl Lavender, Judy Lawaon, Diana Lenfr. Tad Long, Bruoe Lundean, Kim McCane. Tammy Mclntyre, Steven Maranvllle, Debbie May, Julie Medhurst, John Miller, Sally Milla, TamI Mooney. Jolynn Moran, Debbie Nebe, Greg Parmenter, KaUiy Peterka. LoretU Reagor, Pegatha Rutledge. Diane St. George, Kandy Sayrt, Tammy ScanneTl, Connie Bevey, Hariene Shanka., Tammy Smith. June Steele,^ Katherine Tarieton. Debra Toland,. John Totten, Mike Unger, Chria VanGicson, Gaylon Webb,_ Becky^V ^EI«MiiOiUe-- Julie Aldridge. Carrie Andenqn. ^ Bob^ Aabury, Monte Bainter, Michelle Bets. Ann Ann Burke. Uaa Butkovlch, David Carlson, Luann Cavea, Bernie CccU, David Claman. Julie Coleman, Cindy Conlon, Debbie Corbin, John Ditto, Bvanna Faulkner, Mike French, Margie Greene, Susan Harden, Shirtey Hensley. Jane Johnson, John Jordon. Pete Kehoe, Steven Kennedy, Diana Klapp, Kim Larsen, Kevin I^wis. Kerry Lithander. Patricia Luna, Debbie McCracken, Mickey McDorman, Shirley Mayo, Joni MoeUer, Debra Orr, " nn Palmer, John Patterson, Con- Peterson, Pam Roberte. Rick THE MAILBOX (Continued from Page 4) heart have crumbled. Example: A year ago If one's building principal evaluated one as ex< cellent, it at worse meant you were an adequate teacher and at best on his good side. This year it meant Httle more than political handshake. In the past a coach could count on his athletic director's evaluation as meaning something. Today all one gets is apologies. It only seemed yesterday that a coach who made a mediocre team a winner was praised and not r ished. Today this logic must old-fashioned or at least to some boards it is. The iron rule of educators used to be "One should be able to justify all grades." Now that rule seems to read "We wUl justify only that which we feel Hke jusUfy- ing." The experts say divorce in the third year is due to the fact the Honeymoon is over. My feelings exact^^. — Ex< acher and Football Coach Al- Wood High School Daryl L. Waggoner, Galva. Editors letters Tues. Outmoded Concept Editor, Register-Mall: I am afraid the community is tending to rely too much on outmoded detention concepts for management of dependent, neglected, and "delinquent" children. Large scale prolonged institutional care should be the strategy of last resort, and not the expedient first choice for disposing of problem youngsters. Mere containment of children who are havuig adjustment problems because of broken homes, lost or irresponsible parents, impoverished back* grounds, or poor school experiences is not the real answer to their problems, and only postpones social reckoning which comes later in many cases. Detention homes (no matter how dedicated and resourceful their staff) are limited substitutes for true cophig responses to the basic needs of children. Before we spend large sums of money enlarging present detention facilities, or creating new ones on a bigger regional basis, let us look to the altema- ofitive of adequately supported foster care. These children need more individualized parental attention, not less, as large scale prolonged detention implies. For older children, small group homes are preferable to large scale stlgnutizing institutions. In all cases, the goal should be quick reintegration of the child into normal community life, with full and timely use of all available resources needed to satisfy his developmental requirements. The .traditional bricks and mortar approach is a very poor and costly substitute for brains and heart in providing help for children who are at high risk of becoming social outcasts. In other words, let's not build more detention facilities. Concentrate instead on selected short-term use of the ones we have, and expansion of foster and group care for the longer haul. It is clearly in our long term best interests to think generously and plan well for these children. Compromising along traditional custodial lines will only help compound the problem later. — Thomas T. Tourleates, M. D. Director of Psychiatric Services Roe, Susan Roehlk, Roger Rouland, Jane Ruhl, Stephanie Shepard, Tim Smith, Susan Standley, Pamela Swanson, Patty Swanson, Susan Swanson, Linda Sward. Gerald Tripp, Lori Tucker, Chuck Unger, Jeannette Wedell. Ninth Grade — Barb Aldus. Jane Anderson, Janet Anderson, Kim Asbury, Betty Au. Ruth Aydt, Karen Barton, Donna Bocox, Steve Bogul. ski, Mike Bond, Margie Brant, Chris Burlngton, Tracey Campbell, Barb Carr, Joe Chewnlng, Cassandra Claman, Cathy Colvln, Mark Cree, Bruce Culver, Debbie DeGraff, Eric Dosa, Jeff Frazler. Robert Fritz, Donna Gaddis. Andy Hendricks, Gwen Hester, Julie Hlgareda, Debbie Horn. Chuck Howland, Scott Hrbek. Craig Johnson, Janet Johnson, Ted Johnaon. John Larson, Kristi LlKht, Terry Lundeen, Don McKUlip, Debra Martin, Brad Mink, Jim Montgomery, Betsy Mulhatten, Jim Neal, Becky Purchase. Candy Roberson. Cathy Boot, Laurie Scott, BiU Sharp, Amy Shaw, Larry Siener, Debbie Smith, Jim M. Smith, Roger Tharp, EUtabeth Vamold, Kathy Wenzel, Jim Yoiuig. Valley Board Accepts Bids On Furniture FAIRVIEW - Members Spcon River Valley School District 4 Board of Education, at a meeting April 9, accepted a combined 1570.85 bid for furniture for the learning center in the new elementary school building. The bids were submitted by Paddock School Equipment Co. and Interstate School 8paclal> ties. Bids on furniture for the junior-senior high school build* ing were accepted at an earlier meeting. The board also accepted a $3,186.69 bid from Huffman Chevrolet for a school bus chassis and a $3,300 bid from Truck Equipment Co. for a new body. The vehicle should be delivered next fall. Charles Blye, & representative of Phillips and Swager, Peoria architects, presented a plan to landscape the area around the new school buildings. Representatives of the Spoon River Valley Teacher's Assn. presented recommendatkms to the board on salaries, fringe benefits and curriculum for the 1973-74 school year. Board members approved the annual junior class trip, whichCompreliensive Conuuiuiity Men lUPtRVnmi'i ANNUAL MPOIIT Town of Coploy STATE or ItiilNOIS, ) County of KMX ) itia fMtowing la a statement by Roger C. flaiwldt, Supervl sor of the tta of Coplay in the Oounty mi Slalt liorMild, of ttie amount af public funds neaived and cspeiided by hltii dur* if« iteal year ^ doaad, ending oitManli SI, 1073, show* ln| tlia amount of pubtte funds on hand at tha eommaneament of aald fiaoal yaar, tha Mount' of puMic ftmds reoaivad and from what aouitaa reoaivad, (he amount of ptMic fundi expended and for what purpoees expended, during fiaoal year end* ingaa aloraaald. The said supervisor, being duly sworn, doth depose and say (hat the foUowring statement by him subaeribed is a correct statement of the amount of public funds on hand at (ha com^ mence of the fiaoal year aboiva stated, the amount of public funds received, and (he sources from which received, and the amount expended, and purposes for which expended, aa sat forth in said aMement. The attached pages two thtvugh is a oomplata list of expenditUKs for the fiscal'year ending March 31,1973. ROGER C. SEXBOLDT, Supervisor Signed and mmm (o before me on April 9, 1973. DALE A. CALDWELL RECAPITULATION TOWN FUND RECEIPTS Fands Received Rent on Polling Place — —J Taxes totn Leivy of this Fiscal Year Balance on band (at be0nning of the fiaoal year) .... State Income Tax Interest on C.D.'s Insurance on Town Hall Roof - Town OMicer's share of Group Ins., Refund AmeonC 30.00 6,807.69 4,860.96 1,761.00 112.50 187.06 666.17 Total Receipts 113,814.49 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amouat Compensation of Town Officers I 5,711.00 Town Hall Expense — 448.48 Town Olficera' Expense 225.80 Other Services and Expenses 2,372.80 Total Expenditures I 8,575.78 Total Receipts $13,814.40 Total Expendilures 8,757.78 Balance - I 5,056.71 To Whom Paid For What Porpose Expended Amount Lawrence Binno, Comm. Services $ 4,281.00 Keith King, Assessing - 700.00 Roger Seiboldt, Supervisor - — 300.00 McOrea Doak, dene Service 78.00 Howard Gibbs, Clerk ServJca — 100.00 darence Selbolt, Auditing 82.60 Vernon Swanson, Auditing - 75.06 Gregg Magnuson, Auditinjg 97.80 Postmaster, Stamps - 18.00 RegisterWl, Notices & Twp. Reports 141.50 Illinois Valley Electric, Elec. for Town Hall 26.95 Anderson Ins. Agency, Supervisor Bonds 52.00 Svea Mutual Ins., Ins. wi Town Hall 51.00 Karen Wittaker, Assessor Books - 74.60 Lens Service, Kerosene for Hall stove 2.53 Township Officials, Dues & Books - 50.00 Cont. Casualty Ins., Group Ins 1,138.20 Prairie Printers, dark Stamp 5.50 Don Hamerstrand, Roofing Town Hall - - - 283.88 Don Carter, Rooftag Town Hall - 85.00 III. Employees Retirement Fund, S.S, on employees .. 42.80 Anderson Bank, Blank Checks 2.55 Village of Victoria, Bookmobile - 50.00 Fidler & Chambers, Revenue Sharmg Book 24.27 Anderson Bank, Certificate of Deposit No. 2632 1,000.00 Total - —$ 8,757.78 RECAPlTULA'nON GENERAL ASSISTANCE FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Taxes from Levy of this Fiscal Year I Balance on Hand (at Beginning of the Fiscal Year) Balance Due from Others Received During Fiscal Year Interest on Certificate of Deposit's .— Amooat 949.31 662.90 143.14 105.00 Total • 1,860.38 For What Expended Home Relief 'IV>lai EXPENDITURES Amount 267.55 287.55 will be to Chicago on May 5. Ercil Little, superintendent of schools, reported disbursements for March were 1196,999.99, including $62,322.78 for payroll and $11,533.83 in the construction fund. tal Center, Rock Mercer counties. Island and The first American opera to triumph in the United States site and land other countries was George Gershwin's folk opera, "Porgy . and Bess," which siiows scenes The grizzly bear is the official of Negro life near Charleston, State Animal of California. S. C. Total Receipts $ 1,860.35 Total Ejflpeiiditures 287.55 Balance on Hand 6 1,572.80 To Whom Paid For What Purpose Expended Amount Illinois Power Co., Electric Ught Bills —.$ ' 157.70 Giant Store, Groceries 20.06 Midland Coal Co., Rent 60.00 Floyds Red k White, Groceries — - 27.95 Lovin Phannacy, Medicine — 21.85 TaWlenPaM FarWfciiI»arp«» Expartfed LflBf Reek Co., Road R«* Amaaat .1 6,813.11 RtcAprruunoN FEDERAL REVENUE SHARINO TRUST FUND RBCtmS rndiRacatted .A"*""! Federal Uraaaurer ^— I 4.122 mterait on Cert, of Deposit No. 2643 »M Total Receipts - I 4,261.00 EXnBNDlTURBS Far What Bxpandad Anamt Andenon State Bank, Certs, of Oapoait No. 3843 & 2714 1 4,660.00 Total 4,660.00 Total Receipts $ 4,201.00 Total Expenditures 4,000.00 Balance on Hand - .« 301.00 Ta Whom Paid Far What Pnrpesa Expanded Amount Anderson State Bank, Cert, of Deposit No. 2642 6 2,000.00 Anderson State Bank, Cert, of Depoait No. 3714 ...... 3,000.00 Total I 4,000.00 RECAPITULATION MAOHINBRy A EQUIPMENT FUND RECEIPTS Fonda Raoalvad Amannt Oounty Treasurer .....I 1,446.35 Balance on Hand Manh 31,1972 1,196.15 Total Receipts I 3.341.50 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amenat Equipment tor Township $ 2,445.75 Total 4 2,446.75 Total Receipts I 3,341,80, Total Expenditures 2,446.75 Bidance on Hand I 606.75 To Whom Paid For What Purpose Expended Amount BolhweU Equip. Co., Hi-Pressure Waaher $ 247.95 Hoyle Road Equip. Co., Road Drag 2,075.00 Olson Radiator Service, Used Cham Saw ^ 122.60 Total 6 2,446.75 RECAPITULATION CEMETERY FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Balance on March 31, 1972 Donations —Income Tax Money Sale of Lots Amount 1,205.73 116.00 900.00 20.00 Total Receipts I 2,241.73 For What Expended Mowing Cemetery's Mower Repairs .... New Mower Gas Misc. Material Back-Hoe Wor* EXPENDITURES Amount 645.00 96.51 79.88 11.94 13.79 120.00 Total - - % 967.12 Total Receipts I 2,241.73 Total Expenditures 967.12 Balance on Hand - I 1,274.61 To Whom Paid For What Purpose Expended Amount Hugh White, Mowing I 363.00 Black Bros. Hdwr., Mower - 79.88 Keith Cook, Gas 190 Jefif Stmn, Mowing - ' 82.00 Matt Gibbs, Mowing 92.00 Art Strom, Back-Hoe Work - 120.00 Goodyear Tire, Tire for Mower 3.73 Sherman Hdwr., Supplies 13.79 Bothiwell Equip., Mower Parts 49.53 Dave Valordo, Mowing -.—.. 128.00 Olson's, Parts & Repairs 43.25 L«ns Service, Gas ..^^ 10.04 Total - I 967.12 RECAPirULAnON ROAD * BRIDGE FUND RECEIPTS Balance on Hand March 31, 1972 1 3,559.04 Taxes, Property 7,986.89 Material & Services 46.78 Insurance Refund - 65.86 Total .$ 267.55 RECAPrrUUTION SPECIAL BRIDGE FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Balance on Hand March 31,1972 County Treasurer Amooat 6.229.87 2,079.09 Total Receipts LIABILITIES For What Expended Sweijorg Const Co., Building New Bridge .$ 10,308.66 Amount 6,748.96 Total - $ 6,748.96 Total Receipts $ 10,308.66 Total Expenditures .— 6,748.96 Balance on Hand 6 3,559.70 To Whom Paid For What Purpose Expended Amount Sweborg Const. Co., Building Now Brieve $ 6,748.96 RECAPITULATION SPECIAL ROAD TAX FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Amount Balance on Hand March 31. 1972 $ 814.25 County Treasurer - 7,546.78 Total Receipts - - —8,361.03 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Long Rock Co. $ 6,523.11 Total - - $ 6,523.11 Total Receipts -— I 8,361.08 Total Expenditures — 6,523.14 Balance on Hand —$ 1,837.89 Total Receipts I 11,657.57 EXPENDITURES Construction of Roads 6 789.84 Maintenance of Roads - 3,259.62 Oiling of Roads 2,341.46 Repairs to Machinery 1,759.52 Insurances — 768.00 Aidmhiistration 66.98 Total Total Receipta .... Total Expenditures Balance on Hand To Whom Paid For What Purpose Expended Lowell Rask, Gas, Diesel Fuel & Oil Lawrence Binno, Loader Rental Lytle Kistler, Labor Don Hamerstrand, Insurance, Liability Don Hamerstrand, Insurance, Workmans Comp. Don Hamerstrand, Insurance, Equipment Don Hamerstrand, Insurance, Truck Don Hamerstrand, Truck License ..- Quints Tire Service, Grader Tires Firestone Store, Truck Tires State Employees Retirement System Social Security Weaver-Yenmi, Truck Test Howard Magnuson, Labor Orlo Sloan, Back-Hoe Work BuUders Supply, Road Materials Peoria Tractor and Equip., Parts & Labor Galesburg Auto Supply, Parts Altona Co^. Repairs « Labor Art Strom, Back-Hoe Work Ken Co., Culvert Pipe E. W. Houghton, Fence Materials Lee Imp. Co., Parts Midwest Supply, Tar Remover Gunther Const. Co., Road OiUng Westbay Equip. Co., Parts Sherman Hardware, Supplies Int. Salt Co., Road Salt Don Hamerstrand, Labor 8,985.42 11,657.57 8,945.42 2,672.15 Amount 817.74 316.88 462.13 246.00 268.00 138.00 92.00 5.00 662.68 162.24 66.96 7.50 278.00 364.50 496.80 195.19 34.80 565.70 75.00 90.17 511.83 6.92 129.45 3,341.46 9.22 3.82 596.49 19.91 Total 1 8,96642

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