Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 13, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1916
Page 7
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idLJ CLASSIFIED A t Thursday Dec. X 16'il!!!.?!^ 1 Mueller's Sacrifice Sale ONE CENT A WORD < M"»lf»*> 1 .!•(>< ';*-rf,s< i • n I' FOR SAUf—REAL .' i . [)*F..i I in tr 1 . t -, DON'T PROCRASTINATE—BE HERE TOMORROW! EVERYTHING GOES! Its a Shame, But Nece ss ity Knows No Law HERE'S A BIG SNAP FOR ^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^•^BBiBBHHB^^^^B^wiBBBBHBBBBBHBHBHHBIi^B^^ Men, Read This] ain: Here is an extraordin ar Your choice tomorrow of brand new up-to-date ^ $2.50 nnd $3.00 Hat— every_color, every _shaBe^ is here. Sacrifice sale price tomorrow HELP WANTED—MALE \V,V.\"TKft MAN TO f.Vf.l, (>N :.'r',h.--:ri ll:!!-'!-. • •?! Choice of one big lot of Boys' Shoe% made of good strong durable leather; button or lace style* Values up to $3.00. Closing out at , Boys' 50c Underwear, closing out at. .35c Boys' 25c Underwear, closing out at.. 15c This is to be a fast affd furious sale. Men's and Ladies' extra fine $5.00 Dress Shoes now $3.95, $4.00 Dress Shoes now $2.95, and your choice of one big 1 ot worth up to $3.50, at $1.95. $3 % 00 Union Suits $2.24 Ml'll'g C X 1 V Utiion-.Sults, so over at fino th«> Men's Underwear Dark -brown derby ribbed, liinde with a soft fh'j'ped lining. in tor wnlt'nvt»ar ; fill KI7A'S «|» to $2.24 t'obl- days. )> r i c e 75e. out out at* JiTH'O Hegtilar (-losing 39c Beacon Sales Co. now selling for H.J. MUELLER 110 EAST THIRD STREET Men's Winter Caps T li e latest styles nnd wannest makes Men's High Lace Boots .lust Hit 1 tiling for snpwy weatlior. Hennine Hed Wing make, Former pricos up to" fort and wear. $5.00 $2.00. Cloning out at and $(5.00 Boots, elos- i)Se, (){><•, y|Q/« ing oul nt nml "* : ^^*' $.'{.!>"> aiul. ^ .!. A. Sri Stf-rlthif, rn:»n. i'.i!! f-'riilny' r-Kri.----.r-. Hichn-nv 1311-140* i CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHS fr'jfti ti"\v until Wfivi-r Sfi;i!i", jf^EjiBtrr TtK.VT—TvfODER?r *t Fifth S!,. flft.Ofj . in th. .John FOR KENT—MODERN' " room; SOI Third Avo. 187-133* FOR HE NT— fi-KOOM JtnrSK WITH hnth and elwtrir lights, on 13th Av>, and Sth 8t. Inquire at P**rry * Hoover'* Druff 8t*re or 1302 Kam Fifth St. lS2«f f'ANl"KD—MAHKIEH MAN WANTP job on farm. Jay Poulter, Fropb^ts- town. 137-H3* WANTKD HIDHH. 1THS AND AI.I. nt Junk. 1 iilst) b«v»- ii tili-c |ih( LEGAL NOTICES CHANCERY NOTICE, of ft would tirf-« nt you t" inyt-stlRtiU'- h«>- " - f*irf» HP) II rig your Junk or" buying tlrcm. i). MnnflPld. 1 361 f WANTED— LKA UK IIAKHKIt THADK —world's moid Quickly Ifnrned. protltabtp triidf. Writ<« for catalog. igth Htrwt, Mollrie, III.. Trl-Clty linrbnr 133-15S WAXTRD — RKCOXD-HANI) AUTO. tnohi|f>«, will pny the highest s«>|| nil KlndH of r»'jit«!r<». f»t prier-s paid for all kind* of fur and hid™. Mlk«\ the Sir, Tailor. Uoth phom-«. 3fitf In tfif rirfiiit t \.;it i to thr .f'li T'-rm. A. T ', l?17. Ida Uyor.'i \-f>. IKnvi.l I!yf-fs mul Klu-ily, fn C'hanc' i y. , • Inn- affiiiavlt Iwviiitr b<"'n' m-i<1« O'^t tli»- aitovf Hanicil <l«-fi fuliiift, Dnvld By« »>r,* i« •;! non-rcHidi-nt nf \Vhltr-sfdn (Bounty, anil 8(at«> of Illinois, nml hftf* jnir li*»»-n fllf-d In ihf <i(tk*«' of thf CJprk of thf Circuit court In wild County and S(.'it*> nf<»r*-p«ld. riollf' l« hi-reby glr- »>n \<i thf> Kfthl linvid Hv»TK thnt salrt t'omplalnunt h»-rptofc>n' fll^tl hf-r bill "f ooTnplnlni on th*» rhntic^rj- «Ide nf «al<1 court; thnt n smnfnons in n.iid f'rumo JlK-rcilimn Ixsllfi]' (nit t,( H'litl •tnilt ri!,':ilnsj «;jirl d(Tftid:int. rr-turn- ll.lf t" Ilii- ":ild i-n'.IT! '•!! tin- !!r«I dlty »if-.thv n"xt .l,(iitiaiy ii'irn tiifrt-if, fi» IIP fir Id nt t!i(i CniHt Ifi.llS" in tin- I'lty of .MorHfon. WiiH»«<iiif Cunnty. UHntiN. • »ri tin' flrpt Mt>tirl:iy i>f Jrinuary, A. 1). !!<!?, as IN by Isiw rt-ijttlrcd, which c.-iiitn and iiiiili-N'iniini'd In ("hiirlfs W. MrC'oH, Is still wild rtittrf., N*. O. V«n (Vimplnlnnnt's nnd HuluTt W. llclturn. Nov. l'!», P^ 13, 20. nf IHfnoM, Miilo County, f H" s«. WANT TO HITY AU, KINDS <>K junk, «IKII b«'»'r bottle*. Will c.'iil for it. H, IxinKford. Uoth phonoR. llf.-140* T PLAN WINTER SPORTS jf<»r the p««de»trlan—tht»H<> will be built fa»t OH appropriation* for th« work In H<>v(°n -"-•""" ran be Make the Rockiet "The Switzerland ; T | I( . transportation companies of America." " i tin-re will be 300,000 visitors to th.< .,; ,•---"-•(_ f* ' park duritiK-next nummer. (By United Preiw.Tsj j . ^^^^^'\^~'^^^^\ PLANS AN INDOOR MEET i\$ : \ \V*'II i ~ - -- . r -..., I fllinoi* Invitei Athletei From Two Hundred Collenei. ! ^ . • '(By th«* MIT Idea thnt li. C. Way. mtjn-r* f thfc park, i« workinii <>n tojjiuv. *"lt IK a land of marvelous beauty," Jft*. Wny declared. "It KIMW you and you. f-lurri'- hr-Tonm for of United PromO ill., Doc.. 13.—-Two hun- tjr»ul uiilvvrMiilf* and eoHetffB throtif winter *port —HtunvwhoeiriK'. | (it " 'tho country have been invited _ftiul hockey—and the nl.r[*' nt '' r athh'twi In tho flrta annual In- H~lie wF Tt iio~cnjnrWhy wo'lday HO! f riloar"1h vita tloirtfack * meel~fa W held s ^ ,» <illwiti««'r In E«t«"S Park. >V<» art- put- j by*the l"nlv*»ndty of HlinoiR on March E t .,_._ on IW(> ^j (.ontiH.M.jit-'I'Vrn lake, >'• 181". The only entry <]uallllcation starting at tin- very top' of the j tnmle by Athletic Director «. Huff i» I ibat contf»HtantH mum bo of rocognhuMi I K^t, tho pnwtnfft of winter j merit, elimtnaTmg nuiilfocrjp perform- iqXirtH arranged w« expect to mak* ttif j.ers. Tho events will Include the. one, -th<* bent-"kw*w n wtfrter ri'Mort—on 't^'o niui-four tun 1 . will be a fpa-j district will participate in a turn it* to! • be distributed on thi' first pay d£y of- JIIM' MINERS WILL SHARE BONUS. , HouRhton. Mich., Dec, is.—Approsi- j \** _•*!"/ tn mutely 11.MM of tin- 2.VOO .wnrJoye*! 3J of topper inline in the I,!ik«' riuixnior' Thin honun Is nn Increase of S5 over tln» t'estilor wngen for ov* nil cmiiloycM who have toadlly from July 1 to. W !* the e«m{n«>nt. itpaniH and iv mile r«'lay for n»am« rc«-r Wny i« huild'inK for--'th«« jpnwntlrtfc. minor collpgcu. An all too, Mur^- and better romls for larinind Irulividual chaniplptiBhlp went. autoinobillHt, truilw an'tl« foot paths |ln which thP eontJ«>?tunt» mu««t com•>»'* - ' ' • %& n ti M 11 fit & '•». Enchanting Florida Awaits You Hoal luxury in lift 4 inclndcK n winter irip to Florida— tho land of perpetual summer and flower*. Golf rag; bathing—all tfie exercise you ernve—all the rest, you seek. x ^ Next boat to gettin gthere is the pleasure of #oing Iheru, if .you take a Burlington-planned trip—a tfeu- eroitH choice of routes, liberal stop overs and long limits.' • Whether Florida every winter is n yearly euntom or a'now joy •'—Burlington service will add to your pleas- use. . • • ----—-. . ' Let;.wo tell you more almut it. Gea F. DeMurray, Gen'l RESPONSIBILITIES Any oiio'\vlw lias r(u$ponsihilUi<*s f nui«l MH« the st'Vious K*nlt» oj' Mf«». • Wlit'U vnu'iiHe N / ' • * our ItaposiiorH W.eekty Savings Club, you an 1 m»f .siviiiif l\n- aiiy \vlwui or 1'," for a iiohlt* purpust*. 1'eiiiwiiiht'r it <-o.-;tH you iKitiiiiip;. Sterling Illinois STATE WATER SURVEY flKPAUTAlKNT OK fllKMIRTIW, tlNIVEHRITV OP ILLINOIS ,;8, almratory No.^OT J. Kopbrt'of the Sanitary Analysis of \Vator ;-Spnt.hy Dr. W. H. McCandloss. Town,-Sterling. JiiojuWof Wator. deep wolls—1432 ft a 'lOGO ft,"lfl30"ft." f ' 1(130 ft., drilled. Location, piimping station 1 mile away. Amounts'.arc Stated in Parts per Million^ .Turbidity, 0;"Color; 0; Odor, |. Bacteria per en Gelatine . 2 -Agar 18 Gas Formers 10 ecm... 1-11.0 com.. 20.1 com .. 2- Resitluo on^evaponition,.. ,.'H3 Chlorine in cliloriUes .»..... 17 Oxygen consiunod 3.5 Ammonia Nitrogen . f • .040 Albuminoid Nitrogen 048 Nitrite Nitrogen ...:, ,.000 Nitvate Nitrogen / .28 Alkalinrty, Phenolphtlmlein Alkalinity, Methyl Orange*.208. This is a very good water and perfectly safe for use for drinking purposes. See enclosed oinniuir. t lOdward Bartow, Director State Water Survey. F. W. Molilraan, Chemist. Dr. W. If, MeCnudkss,, ireultli AUOTIOIT SALE. T cu>su5Q w Hr?^ATEi Tho und^rniKiifd pxi-cntrlx of the t»«i- tato at Qwen (Iranian, decwiwd, will wll at public «al«» At the farm 3 mlloH Houth and 1 »nll«» <-iiHt of Tamplco. 6 mil*-* of N«'W Bedford and 6 tnlli'M «ouUiw*»i«l of Dw'r Orove. on i Tt'^HDAY. DKCKMBEIt J9. }916, j at 10 o'rlork, the following |>rt>|»*Tty: I fl HKAU OF HOIttt1CM--Match«M.I (tram of blaoh Kp'dliiK«, UK** '8. weight i 3,30(1; black KoldltiK. u«« 6. wl^ht. 1,' j&oo; black K^hling, a»t«* 3. w«»lKht 1,000; j bay Kt'MJjiK. age i), welsht 1,460; Kray 'gefdlnK. a>{«« 6, weltfht U*oO; bay gt'ld- InK,-UKB 3. wt'iuht 1,460; bay mar»», age S. woiKht 1.450^: twrrel mart', a«c _8. JJOIM! Welt WAJITKI) — OLD FAUMK TKKTII. Ijol't nmttpr If brokpn. I tmy $1.00 to $S.oo per .wilt. Mail to M;tK«-r, 200* H. Fifth 8t,, I'hlladrlphla. I'a. Will cash by return mall. 116-14I* HT CAHH I'HICKH I'AII) FOIl und furM. Shop. 312 Firnt Aw. TYPEWRITERS .. v^j*^SjrS.^^^*^-^w^i/%*O%^<^%*»S^si. _ _ , ALL MARKS TYPBW4UTKH8 FOR r«nt or Halo at npecial prlct'n. Term? to Bult. Write, call or phone Qcll 71\V, Ife you have o(Tlc« furhlture or typewriters to sell nee us. Krcider*» Typewriter Exchange, 602 Lawrence Bldff. 121-H6 City in citv Ciiiirt, Novc>rtil«rr TVrm, A. [I. I!M«. I). Hfirfrn.'in. <l. nl. v.«. Hobrrt Tho'tnp(<oii, ft. n!, purnttant tn n dciTf«- t «'ri'<l _ [n __ Maid "MTTSu r-lti-T -lui unit MI-II tu tin- dcr for <-;IN|I- tli« |), .ft -by ' tl;i* . thnt t l*n- fi-ct cfiy will u"<-r fur lil«lic,«t nTi<l b.-ft lild- wcwl Jwi-iity- two niut Tun <10), , Kb-von til) nml Twciv tlL'} in Block Thirty -H (37) Win! of nrmidway In * tin- City «,f StfrllttK. CiHinty i.f \Vh*i((«. Hl(lf> and Htiiti> of IllinoiH. Knid x;il«- will In- hfld at tin* «?a*t dour i>f th«> City Hull In HiUil 1 City of Ktcrlinit <H tin- hour df ten DO) o'clock on Wi'dlifKiltiy, rhn VTth day (if Dorem- LOST !>OST~.8ATUUDAY?™JtKAR~ LIOHT, number and bracki't to automobile. Upturn to Oftisptte. 13!** LOST—MONDAY, BIFOCOH LKNS, nom> ulnnRPH. Finder n-turn to Uuudrapp'M Oroccry. Upward. 139>140 t»d twim niulow. »K*H 3 and 4, weight 2,44»0; it'um bay K«l<Hf'K«. w««lght 2,300;. matched tpam bay» coming 3, matched team of norrolB, a** 1 3; four draft colts, coming 2. • • ' -, 72 HKAD OP CATTLT3— Iff h«*ad of wlflclr af» ~ bcr, W. 'Ma«ti«r*ln-Ch!inci»ry. H. ('. Ward. Attorney. Df<\ G. 13, 20. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ttxiate of lOiimm I). (ialliHath, de- pointed AOmlnlKtft-iitor of-the eHtfitP of Kinma H, (inlllnath. Into of -th»« County of-Whltwdde und Stiilc of Illlnuls, de» i c'enHwl, hfi't-by Kivt'H notlci' thnt h« will appear tx-fore tin- tVninty Court of Whlt«'Hld<- <*ounty. at. the I'nun ii)iui<« In Morrison, nt the l''ebrunry Term, on the flrKtrMonday in l-Vbnuiry nexj, at whirh time all permifiM litis'ltig Halms ; Short Hormc~2 Bhort_ Horn p Bull— Dale' n ~ Count 881880 1iral~i»y I. MrPorBea He Hon, Henry, 111. Other Choice Count 4BSI75 bred by lJale-Bro«. Tamplco, lit., 8 rewfRtfrfd • Short Horn C;OWH, 0 H«-K- ]lHt«r»Hl Hhort Horn calv»»«. wn« of which i bull; 82 (!rtid« cow«t, extra gootl, all lirwd to above built)', 1!4 Oritde,,calv«». 10 of which are pxlr« «ood irrade.bultii lout of a ton bull. 88 HKAP OF HOO8—81 extra Rood Poland China brood «OWH of (lutehell'H hn*edinfF> 1 full .blood Poland China boar. PA KM. MACHINERY—2 dined; rug«, «tov<»«, dininjf room furniture. lx«d room furnitur?. kitchen outfit. Private wile, l p. m. to 6 p. m., until sold, 210 Kaal Kourth St. 139-140' FOU SALE—OTTAWA C HHKI.hKK, . belt, phone 441 Y. 139 POU 8AL05— WALNUT DKBSSKlt, wnn,h Bland, murblf-tnpIMHi table, blrch-maJhoKiiny toble, three wmall Ktiindd, cluvlrn, hatrock, clock, ^ lerc-H. Imminoek, two whiK>l ploww, wheel barrow, two cord* oak wood, tiaw*>d anil split, und lurjto flfty" STATE WATER SURVEY OKPARTMICKT OF CHKM1STRY, .UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Urbaua, Illinois, Dec, 8,1916. * M laboratory No, ,%071. ' - Itoport of the Sanitary Analysis of Water v Sent by Dr. W. H. MeCandiess, Town, kSlcu'liiiK, ' live AT Water, deep wHIs—1432 ft., IGOfi ft.» IfilM) ft., • location, pumping station 2'^. miles away. ' •\mouirt.s an* Stated in Parta per Million. Turl>idity, 0; Color, Oj Odor^O. Residue on evaporation . ;77lfC6",' Chlorine in chlorides 17 Oxygtm .f'onsmned , ._-ll.i> Ammonia Nitrogen ., (K)0 Albuminoid.N-i.trogeu ..... .040 Nitrite Nitrogen .....,..,;,... .000 Nitrate Nitrogen. ' Bacteria per cc Uela.tine^ 4 Agar /...'. U an Fennel's 10 com .. 1-| 1.0 com.. 20,1 com .. 2- • * * * « * Alkalinity, Plienblphthalein Alkalinity, Methyl Omuge,271. . Iridol . This water is perfectly s»fe for use for drinking purposes', Bacterial analysis Fltow&that it ts almost sterile, HIM- (>ucloM>tl circular. : •-" KdwaixllJartow, Director 8t^te Water Survey. F. W. Mdhliifaii, , ' " t'heiuist, Dr. W. If. McCandlesa, Health Officer. . corn planter; 2 gnnu I>IOWH; drill; mow- tu«w: manuro «pri»«der; r» t>iii,'liH'; corn cutter; .fanning corn Hhollor; corn, . miHr fi Tower nlowH and full llnp bar- netm. »tudt-lmk«r Hlx-cylUuler auto run 3,0do miles in Kood Khapc. 2,000 . liuHbt'ls corn, 30 tons Timothy and Clov«r Hay In "barn. Fre« Nhch at 11:00 o'clock. TEflMH— All «ums of $10 and under, cash. OVIT that amount a credit of 12 monthM will bfe given on approved note to 'draw 6 p«r cent from date. If not paid when due to Urnw 7 p«-r cc-nt. from date. No peopvrty to be n-movut!' until »«ttl«l for. • O15HTRUUK QKAHAM. Executrix. C. 0. Plumlpy, It. N, H«'W«r, Fmnk Hewitt, Orville • lOukK Auctionet-rM; Cli-rk. ' 'Dec. 1>. 11, 13. y4.~t5;rl9* copjwr ki»ttli\ luiiiiiro o. 100 II or laoi West 3rd Htrool, «toriinif, 138-141 wild <'iuntt» nn- noilfb»d and t|ue«t<Ml to ritlciid for the .luirpuae- ot_ having tin- n«1ri«« adJvistwl.,.,„..-..'- permmH •lntt't < btr>ci to Bald estate iiuwiTf^n to in;iki' ifmiK.'diato pay- mi nt to tho undr-ml»rni»d. 4th day of December, A. /Phillip (!, Holtman. Administrator. DPC. 6. 13. 20. D. 1916. SUSPlCTEb AlfflESTW PlttMbnrgh. Pa., Pec,. 13.—ArrectM aft«'r u IOUK niitomnblln'«h'ttRo, a man KOH HALK—WICYCUK. • at 908 W»»Mt Hwv»-nth St. INQlMltK 138-HO 1 ' FOR HAL13—GOOD SAKE. C, K. Klielilon. 137tf FOU KAU5— KINK OUADK CHKHTKH while bonr.- John Mennongn, H7, 138-130* CLOSING OUT SALE. JlnvlttK Mold tny farin, i will mOI ut public Kul»% without rent-rve, on my 1 miNi ejuit of HcK-'k l''ali« on the road, . TUKflfAAY, PEC, 19, l'J16, the folio witiK property: 3 HEAD 1IOK8HH— I HiftTP, 8 y«-ar« old, weight l,t6U; J geldltiK 8 year* old. we-iKht 1,100; l \u\\y'» driver, 10 old, S hi-lft»rn. 3 >'f«r» oldt MACUINKKV— I new Coium- FOR SALES— $760 STAKK PLAYKK piano, ii8ixl ono year. In perf««3t condition. Price 1825. Bell phone Wl. • known ntt Jurnon H<>«'(l wim belntr held by-tho fetleral auUiorltlc* h*>rn in con» nctHion with't^ oxplosion at tho F\>rt Pitt plant of the Aotnh Chemical cotn- P«ny which CORI tho Ilyos of throe men. » I<Vt|i>rnl aK« v nts ,w«:-rt> Inintlnu for throo otlwr mi»n who. they say, are ftiiHppt'U'd ^f having bfpn roncornod.ln miinltloiiR oxploBionH in other parts of. tho country u» w«-ll IIH at tho (mkdalo plant on Hnpt. 15, whon Ilvo men wera IcIHcd. UI-».H| worked at tho OaUdalo plant. Thn roronor announced a bomb •i:miwd, tlu* explosion. Tho polico nay tho prisoner talks tjeimitn und launch IbiPntly. They bi»IU»v«» tho itamt' Ht-tnl la an alia*. FOK SALE ~ FEW CHOICB DUUOC Jemey male pigs. Call or phone I?d Mitchell, Morrison. Both photu-H. 122tf POH BALE—ONE B, FLAT I1OLTON cornet, hiifh jind low pitch, flne con« dltlon, 135. J. J. liUMfctfritor. . , • . . ' l.86tt bun wutfon; top butigy; wprlng wugon; Champion Uiiulvr, 6«foot cut, new ttBwt; FulItT & ftohmum l«-Jnch xulky ilow; J' walking plow, H-lncht two- Section 'drtur: Huy**" «*orn ptantor, 8 rt>d« wirt'j tft«»rliijg »w 5 dcr; nt«w walking plow; hay rnkw; WfCorrnick 6-foot ;n»w»jr: Common M«*n«»' potato plow; mod" corn xliflltr; 1 ittxt iloublu work bit- ilrlviiiK Il»riH'«H; 2 «inj;lt» lp fly net; 2 totm huy; lli poti«Vo*'H; 3,000 berry box!«>i«; 160 berry orutw* made up; 60 crater 'in Mat; bwry box muchine; luwn HJWW- ers 2 churmi; forks; how shovel*, etc. «J.tAU- rel of fancy-- York Imp«riui up'plps. nlKo other vurietieH. l^cutcd in bUMi-ment under Ba«it'M Candy Ktore, corner First Ave, and Fourth 8t. Htiore. Bell BSfiltt. i3t».HO PAULKY'S UPHOLSTKHINfl HO8- pita), baacinent- corner Fourth St«. and 130*164 cliult'«: bed; tlirue cornmodwx; i«rock»» and. numt 1 rou« other article*. lOice lunch lit noon; Malt) imnn'diali'ly afti-r, ' , - • , TKHMH OK HAhM—All HUIUS of $10 and undi-r. cufch. Over thin amuimt U* , minium will be Kivt-u un approved n<jt«> j bcurliik ti per oviu int«r«»«t from date I if paid whVn duv. " tMhenviiu''? p*"' jcwu from d,ut»> of ««!*. No iwopei'fy to be rtmovi'd until ui'itlwl for. , ANNIK C. McIJuMtiYI, , F, o. {{iHiilcy, Auctioneer; J, C'lerk. A. Dec. II. 12. 13. 14, 15, lii* DATg FIXIO FO R8TATE FAIR. 111.) lH;i', 13, -finivUiry ' H, id. l.(avitt«<Hi of tho wttiii' lioufd of ttltuiv tuts a'luiuuiicoU UK > i'^uir will bt> iielJ B*y,>t to 15 IWK( year. Tho d»»t«' vva* (ixe<l ut ttu> mwsing of UH* Aint*rii^«ii AHKOC- tulfon' of l''an»» UJH! K.v|'osiUoii», Mr j|VjvTK YUl'H- IH'Tl'lH.'KiN'ci \VITU J);l,Vld)i(.ll «;f:v <>U'ftf«l NCrfHuiy >-f tlirit j__ ai.^ UfleV 1H-O. |«tll. ,ln(>>> CLOSINO OUT SALE—HAVINO DJB- clded, to quit farmiiiK I will nt-ll my farm- and jjertional property, locatt'd .6 miles north of Tampico, 8 miles tuuithwejit of StcrllnK und 8 miles northeast of Prophftatown on Wwl- newlay. D«o. 2U. 1916, at 11 o't-lock n. m. The farm conslstr-of 7U acres, well improved land. ICuwy termH. .3 head 1 of - hor*»«»-—team-bluek K«* IdingH coming- 4, weiKht -l,aoi>;-r- bay mare, n«»> 10. weight 1,^00. lii head of (Hit- tic—11 good cow«; 4 yearling liolftw; 8 yeurlliiK «ste«»ri«; 1 bull, V»nn ma- i-hiin>ry mid SOQ. bu«hels com. Krim lunch «t noon. Terms— h'ee Jaw b>l|«, J.«\ O, Humify. U, K- i»1«l»». Atn-r tioneers; John U. Kudel, Clerk. .Mrs, Frank Petemm, . ' Dye. 13. IS. 14. 15, 1C, 18. NOTIOK--I HKKKBY tSlVB NOTICK that i will not niii'_nny drills tructtnl by my wife. MHy~flr|tpf! er l)w. S, 191 §, (JVOI^K Appel. , 137-13U* W. K.UUNMOJiE Eyo and Health Sp«oialict Hrt. S-12—2-5 Chiropractic and oitteopathU treat- GLA88ES . menta CORRECTLY * STERLING, ILL. FITTED 9 E.' Third St. LOJJAN IlMOn OHi'Ht;sTl{A KUH ii;iu« call U. li. Logiui. Ufll phone i.tU.-J. 135-160 MKNM—UUH ILLU8THAT10D CATA- explttiiiH how w« tt-uch the Iwr bcr tradti ituickly, mulled fm>. Moler IJarbt-r t.'ollexv, Chicago. - nuofil* Al'TO F1UH 'AND TUKt-'T anee. Life membership $<"' Y'-nl.v dut-» ||. . Al*M Auto Lnibllltv. Kin und Accident Insurance, Wit! pny >o-4 to Ke»» nu*. Jonas II liai-r, f«iw;_ 17:M. R H. Tllliiiuu A, D. V. C. S. 'ri,,« %z t :,» -i/,»'U«t by I KKin ( «'• -it <iiltM.I» Strll n, C/ar* The Hotel Success of Chicago t- £ A comfortable, '**• home-like hotel in the business cen* ter of the city ofiier-. ing every convenience eu4 t»very service, . 'fho best food is served in the 'A'«'tw Kaisi'f.haf,. Jtestttitrani at 45O Rooms $),{ Wiift liuth $:J.<

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