Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 27, 1964 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
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Friday, March 27, 1964
Page 12
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12 -Fri(lay. Mar. 27, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts DEN — Carpeting in various hues is used on the floor in the Buesl<ing home. Suggestions for house plants Some commonly used indoor plants are philodendron, san- severia, peperomia, coleus, various begonias and geraniums, African violets, cacti and succulents. There are many other kinds of plants which will do well indoors, but they aren't usually tliougbt of for that purpose. Among them arc the Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta), Kentia Palm and various other true palms, numerous herbs, cala lilies, elephant's-ear. Gold Dust Plant (Aucuba japonica) and dozens of kinds of bulbs. Cj-pripedium and cymbidium SMARTER BUYERS Home buyers today are smarter, say national bousing experts who point out that more home I home buyers demand structurally sound homes designed in wood because wood has a reputation for good service land long life. orchids can make your indoor garden most spectacular. Light is the most essential ingredient of the indoor garden. I An eastern exposure is best for most of these plants. It's important to keep humidity at or atxivc normal, about fifty per cent, in rooms where plants are growing. This may be difficult in winter when the fum- lace is on. Humidity can be| raised by placing a pan of water over a low Hame for an extended period. Try roses in containers Certain varieties of flori [bunda roses make excellent plants for growing in contain |ers or planter boxes. Be sure to use a rich soil, and place them in full sun. The orange red 'Sarabande,' the 'White Bouquet,* the miJti. colored 'Circus,' and the coral pink 'Fashion' are all excellent varieties for this purpose. easier when the ground is soft. Use western red cedar posts for long life and either cedar or Douglas fir rails and fenc jng material. SB. PALM TERRACE IN REDLANDS AIR CONDITIONED FAMILY DESIGNED HOHKS' J & 4 bedrooms • 2 baths • the latest •n home features • palm lined parkways • view sites » FHA insured Ioan$ Irom '22,80Q 5 • MODELS OPEN DAILY fROH II A.M. OH ?ALH AVENUE WEST OF SAN MATEO STREET, REDLANDS 792-7664 GOOD APPETITE in th« MOM-imjf that x wall amnowf, attnetive pitto tt faod rMirfta in b«tt «p appatit*^ wo an attractive gardM Mttiafl abrald rteult te mera appnclailva dlmn In aunuMr* Varna aeononMa tJaJm ttat tba a »MntBe« ef toed m % dldaer felata liaa a great deal to do 'wlBt liov. sradi, a penoa cafe ef ft and luiir good Jt taatea. A man attnettre ptata^ wltb TegetaUaa of ee»> •raatlng eolor aeatir wiaaged, rtmdta in a iMtter appetlta aad • more (atbfied diner. The raaa prinelple t&Mld tpi <r to fhe appcanaea ef tlia Imne> jfflata ffummdlnca nbm a atcal U eeiTed oatdoon. In prettier and mere eolorfol nmoandlnse, a better appetite, and more Mtittactlaii X IltUe eexaer &i» nun baeknrd sear tka ciffl and tka pleats teble.via not can ftr a great many iloiran to make it bilgbt aad E Jnst a few packeU «f aecda ordered new and pUmted irliaa Ing tline azxtrea la Toor area, mu reward ToJi irlth the proper ig for aaor a good'jnea^ «Tea ttonxh tiuue's aothlnc fka^ jaboot tba fbodtbatia eerred. Time fo get in your coforfuf Glad Parade FRENCH PROVINCIAL - Styled furniture is used in the girls' bedroom fn the Buesking hom*. , It is sheer poetic justice that gladiolus turned out the way it Idid. Actually the name has nothing to do with the fact tins is one of the most cheerful flowers you can grow. It comes from the word for sword, gladios, which the Roman scholar Gains Plinius Secundus (better known as Pliny) thought best described its leaves. He was right of course, but in present day English it turns out to be a ^ad — and that describes even more accurately what it does to the garden and the house. This really is a happy plant on all counts. It is extremely easy to grow, gives us tremendous color in the garden and is ex cellent as a cut flower for flow er arrangements — or looks handsome just put into a vase by the least ingenious of ar rangers. It is very difficult to keep the gladiolus from growing (and another delightful characteristic is that you can call it gladiolus singular or plural and don't have to worry about those con fusing Latin endings). It takes very little care to make it grow very well indeed. And the same conn can go on producing its YARD PLANNING Good time for yard planning the njflrl: of qualittj CITATION CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION many years with very slight care. Here in California we can start planting out corms as early as January, although I right now is ideal, and we can plant every few weeks through August If you will start planting two or three dozen now and keep doing it every three weeks through August you'll have gladiolus in the garden and in the house from April through November. Depending on the particular variety and your loca- |tion it takes from 90 to 120 days from planting the corm until I you view the bloom. The gladiolus is not too parti cular about soil as long as it is well drained. Perhaps it does best in a fairly sandy loam, but the important thing to remember is that the corm may rot out if water stands around it for any length of time, so simply insure good drainage and don't fret otherwise. Plant your glads in groups. It doesn't make much sense to plant only four or five at a time because sooner or later you're going to want a bouquet. If you pick a proper bouquet, you'll have none left in the garden to brighten that strip , along the fence unless you set [out two dozen or so at a time. .. Never put fresh manure around or near gladiolus — but you can put a dressing of well- aged manure on top of the soil after they're planted. Plant them 4 to 5 inches deep in san |dy soil; 2 to 3 inches deep in heavy soil — with pointed side up. Set them 3 to 5 inches apart depending on size of the corm. You shouldn't have to stake your gladiolus if you plant them jdeep enough. If you're soil is particularly light, however, and you get brisk winds that tend to blow them over, try heaping I the soil up around the base as the glad grows. This should provide enough support The modem hybrids have been bred with stout stalks able to support the enormous spikes and their almost overwhelming florets. When you set out to buy gladiolus you'll find an endless list of names of varieties, one more beautiful than the other. Unfortunately, the growers tend to let the names overlap here and there. So your best move is to visit the nursery of a California nia Association of Nurserymen member where the bins will have pictures of the gladiolus flowers so you know what the corms will produce no matter what the name. It is wise to dust the corm of your gladiolus at the time of planting with a fungicide (ask your C.A.N. nurserymen at the time you get your corms). Just get a paper bag, put some fungicide powder and the corms in it and gently shake the bag. You can give the glads an all- purpose plant food when the shoots are about 5 inches tall. .Just after that give them a shot I of all-purpose spray to control thrips — even if you don't have any thrips to control. It won't do any harm and can do some good. When bloom is over and the foliage begins to look unsigthly, dig them up, wash them off and put them in a box of sawdust or shavings. Don't try to detach the tops until thoroughly dry. Then, when the tops are quite dry, gently pull them off and remove the wizened old corm from the bottom of the husky new corm. Store the corms in a flat tray until ready to plant again. That's all there is to it Everyone is familiar with the large, traditional gladiolus that comes in nearly every color (pastel as well as brilliant) of the rainbow and many com- inations. Not so familiar are I the smaller "baby" or "miniature" glads which get only about 18 inches high and are very useful in flower arrange ments and in the rock garden. The color range is limited " pale pink, various shades rose, red and white, nearly all with diamond markings in the throat They have an additional charm — you don't even have to lift these (and they're usually quite a bit cheaper than their bigger cousins). Too frequently the gladiolus is grown only for a cut flower. It can do some good work as part of a landscape pichure. The un varied green of a privet hedge, for example, is brightened by a splash of color from the gladiolus coming into bloom. Behind a low hedge of Cotton Lavender the contrasting, swordlike-f o 1 iagc and bright color is heightened by the silvery foliage. So use glads in the garden as well as in the bouse. Botanical names: Baby Gladiolus (Gladiolus nanus); Cotton BEDROOM — White walls complement the mohegony furniture. Lavender (Santolina cbamaecy- parissus). FEES OR CHARGES SWARTZEL MORTGAGE CORP. Loon Correspondents for NORTHWESTERN MUTUAl IIFE INS. CO. 6832 MAGNOUA. RIVERSIDE TOLL FREE ZE 9797 (HI Quollly SingU Family Only) Host vegetables very attractive in appearance Actually, most vegetable plants are quite attractive in appearance. You can grow a surprising quantity of food pro- duets in your front and back yards without going to any extra trouble at alL Just fill in any blank spaces with food pro ducing plants. Rhubarb is a beautiful plant and it will thrive almost any where. And the artichoke is among the most ornamental of plants. Half a dozen plants of each of these will adequately {supply the average family. Lettuce, endive and parsley, plants are l>eautiful, and they can be tucked away here and there into almost any garden in sufficient quantity to supply the family needs. Plant hybridizers have de veloped some new strawberries of remarkable quality that are also very attractive. They can be used as ornamental ground,BACK STOP t cover, and incidently, provide fresh strawberries for the family all summer. The most avail- lable one is called Hybrid [strawberry No. 25. Tomato and pepper plants are attractive, but they are apt to get too much water in an ornamental garden. They would do better in an area where you can easily control the amount of water they get Root vegetables such as {beets, carrots and radishes [really should be grown in spec iai beds. VTitii these plants, when they are used, you re- imove the entire plant which wouldn't be too good in an or I na mental setting. Com should also be grown in a special bed. It's surprising how much com you can grow in a small space if you plant it in hills about a foot apart instead of in long rows three feet [apart Vegetable growing in this manner can be a joy, and it needn't add but very little to your garden maintenance time. You will need to be cautious about the sprays you use for pest and disease controL Don't apply any poisonous sprays or [dusts to any vegetables within thirty days of harvesting. The If you want to hide an unattractive back yard from street view, why not install a screen or sectional fence? You can build these sectionals inexpensively out of western red cedar or Douglas fir. safest insecticides to use on vegetables are the nontoxic rotenone and pyrethium kinds. Be modern with NEW SHOWER /^^^ HEAD JUST PUSH BUTTON TO CLEAN Redlands Plumbing Co. 5MTtx»»St. ,^„„ 792-33M CD BALANCED POWER Built in Tappon gas ronge & o»en, built- in dishwosher. — IN REDLANDS OAKRIDGE Completely Air Conditioned Custom Styled 4 & 5 Bedroom Homes Snyder's Termite Control • Treatments and control services for ants, roaches, termites, moths, etc. • New, safe fumigation for drywood termites alid other household pests. HOUSEHOLD AHD GARDEN INSECTICIDES FOR SALE! II EAST VINE STREET PHONE PY 2-3141 FEATURING: WAU TO WAll CAWniNG • LUMINOUS CEIIINGS • lUIlT IN RANOE & OVEN • DISPOSAL • DISHWASHER • 4 & 3 BEDROOMS • SHAKE ROOFS • STONE, BRICK 4 WOOD EXTERIORS. Locafed in presf/ge Counfry C/ub >lreo »26750 WITH LOW DOWN DIRECTIONS: East on Rt. 99 to Ford Street C5ff-Ramp. Tom Right and Up the Hill on Oak St. to Franklin and fhe Model Home at 372 Franklin. 302 E STATE ST. Exclusive Soles Agents: BABCOCK REALTY Office Phone REDLANDS, CALIF. 793-2613

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