Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 13, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1916
Page 5
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SttRtWG, .ILLiMOIS.. WEON£SDAY.. DEO. 13,1916. 1 SOCIAL. AFFAIRS, REGULAR MEETING ... * # -••••• The n*bolcai-.« H*'d THE GLEANERS' CLASS • THE "CHEER UP CLASS" Of The Fourth St. M. E. Church L.n~t Evontncj With Mrs. McCsshn. Met Monday M.*i At The * H*rr,», Cf •' SOCIAL CWCIE Jo Hrt*S !L U t *"'£ r 31 fl OH u ' Met Ti.- U ».« i ' .!':•>• !• ' ')• '. L ., ! •i':.l ',-, tlfijX i > < I ' %\ i {-,-, .-. t J'ff* M ! ; r•••**<! >!>"*:£ 1 '•>;> t ;•(! !)•;••• '.••• • •v« i >sj::}; ^.v M! tjrtv Xmas Opportunities The Hyde Shop Christmas shoppers are offeretHin unusual opportunity in the purchasing of suitable holiday presents, through the closing out of our Pottery, China* Glassware, Brass goods and Bric-a-Brae departments. You will find in these articles merchandise of first class quality offered at real money saving prices. POTTERY . BRASS WARE We have a ft-\v pit't'cs of ilt'sirnlilf (">( '('lie pricr hns bcrn ,«*l«'inlily iHlvauiMit^ ti'ry liuit w<- arc t)nVrini.\Mt liiu I'cilnc on this popular line of gootls, lint we tions jo Hoso out. arc ol^'rint' >uinc hi^ in(liiccMit>iit,< while uiit stock lasts. Slcins Hiif values from 25c to $5.00' Ash Trays I'in Trays ('aiiollest icks I'a per Knives .lanlinieres Match llohlers \'ases Priced from 25c to $2.50 GLASSWARE (Jil'l M'diojN will'Iiud many, useful present'- in this tlejtadment. Any woman would welcome any one of these pieces. Silver Deposit .Jelly Dishes Cut Ulnss Dishes rctcluul Sherbets I'ltched tumblers Hud \ f as«8 .Priced from. l.Oc. up to sets at $2.50: CHINA \n\\ can always' be wun> of pleasiny; whi'ii you t?5vo ('Uinn, ami your selection will be made easy hero. ( 'hocolajo Sets Snlad Bowls Fancy Plates Sugars and Creamers Cups and Kaueors Priced as low as lOc and up to $3.00 25 F0r Cent Reduction^ on^l^ SAVE MOMFV OK THESE ITEMS GIFT PICTURES, to close out at less than cost. f)()e pictures" priced .. '..... 25c Uaskets nnd Hasket Plates, appropri- ate gifts, at wholesale prices. Christinas Candles, .'J dozen in 'box, 15c •UKU'U! pri<*o 10e per box, to P!OK<? out - boxes for HANDKERCHIEFS Those prices will save you money on your Handkerchief; purchases. ladies' fino -I i non initial Handkerchiefs, iiHiin I -'.Tic' quality, 15c. » l.V Handkerchiefs, 3 for 25c. \(k- Handkerchiefs, each 5c. 5c I land kerchiefs, 2 for.Sc. Men's lar^t 1 IlaiKlkerchiefs, plain ami colored borders, 5c quality, 2 for Waists and Blouses 'Our .stock of Waists and Blouses is one of the best selected! i.uu| largest in the city/whidi gives you the'benefit/of-a'botter'-selection. You will Jiml' (jeorgettes, tV(»|H* do Chine, Silks in thu'kund light'eolors, both dress mid tailored olTeets, AU OFFERED AT A SAVING TO YOU OF 1O Wl* Plan to take advantage of this offer while the assortment is tfood. We have on display an unusually fine selection of Christmas Novelties. ^ ^ T h c HYDE SHOP MJMJ.UJa.Jl Goods ^H|sW^ ^IXB^ ^ft* ' *^fc* MM* ^fc> I^P (W* W I^SV Special Showing of a Manufacturers Line of Mig'h Grade Furs Ltake great pleasure in announcing to the public that on Friday and Saturday we will display a manufacturer's line of pur's/ A""re{>resentative from the Jacob Larktn Webster Co. will display, many new ideas in fuj^oats, sets, muffs and,neck pieces. Estimatesltaken for repairing. ' ^-Second floor-^Take cleva|pr I Glass Base Wood Frame Serving Tray, - $1.19 Pi) :;! Vi, i- ('I'" \tl-V 1-:-! Ml.'AfT Si'i-niiil \'if». I'n » M ''s Jnhti ("n't '!') ( .is Ail s. I.IHM;- l{i ,iv. i. Ai!ii- t?ti- mi'Minii' rmi:t in*'*') «• ;!.'!•! !!>•<•*! »>..?!( Kf fljl «i"r.. jlltiv . WED IN KOMO, INO. ™. 0>. C. Pullman W«dde Ti rTb'Miss Edith Brenbeck. Mi./j4J»*l .Mrs _ f'Ycd Si Imrnai h< r nf i ity ii'i»'i\^-il III'- I'tilliiwintt Hjl- i fnr'ijf VVs >•;; Eiiitli K.oino. Intl.. diiusliicr ai Mi?. H» i ncy rn.m whiHi »i<-tiiriT"l Tiic><«tay. J >r«v !:!. it <h» hiiitt'' nr l!if : lifiitr IJc\-. -4!c<irm v ''. I'nUisuin u;t« fur- in,illy |';ij!ti>r «>f tho liHiil Xlnn ICvim- Ut'lls ill i h'.trrtl U'h«'*r» k lii- ltl:liit> hlafiy fi icinl^ fiv liii i-iuip.t'uiat wi«>M \\\Mt will ,'\l< iul riin!:i!ltuf;itfun.«, A!r. :ni(i MI.M. I'liilinaii will trutk* tlicif tmini' in Hoi !n>pti-r. Inil,. v> here" .\lr 1'iilliiKin l>;i*s n vi-ry iniii •II.-TMC with a l.iritc I'lit'uri'UuHi SURPRISE SHOWER * * * * -f* * * * * * * * * 4? Practical Gifts are Featured Tttfoughoul this Store Gifts of real value and intrinsic worth carefully chosen by us, moderately priced and shown in satisi'actorv assortments. MURPHY Y GOODS STO , Qfcislmas&mi ^"•~ ^^^r-^'T^-t ^ * __£ V*. Latt Evening On Mr. And Mrt. Julius Wink Given By 25 Friend*. Mr nntl Ali.« .Inline Wink w«»r»» i!< a: a;iH,v utirprlKi-il |a«! c\fiiili>: ;il H>i- !i"iiii> of Jithii Ansj-alt h uf ,li>r<l.'tn l»v almiit LTi ftli'iMlH -.vlm i ami* to • lu> hn»M'» to ijhnHvarlf tln> nc-wly- ',vfil«. Afti'r the tiRiial amount i»r nuMi* iho 1',-irtv wan Im'i'.i'.l iliitn ih«- ' .iiul4ji»> Kiiest.* mir|>ri«if>tl Mr. ,i»u Wink liy (iri'ficiitlnK thrin with ;i «*Im\v- :-r of mHr«niiiMi>i>n« «irtr», after which HI oyjitrr ?uii>!>i>r waw scrvod which .»';IN- also hl'cili);ht by flic KtiPMtH. find tH rnjm'isl-.'ih <'\«-!>timi;illy Him llinr. .Mr, unil Mrn \V-lnU him- Uwu th*' !-<vi|,ji'iits of "a numlifr uf »h»w«>i-N i;icvlilctu-p of'Khc I'Mrt-rn nf.tlH'ir many ^••ml* who rxirnd tlirlr >>i««t \vislu'* i'ur .•r~'hnjni,v ntiirrli'd life. Featuring Good Gloves, Kids and £ Fabrics/Plains and Novelties, as Giff Itehis J *$ > ' -,..»' ^ v '-s i ^' xr - v ^?^ ^-n r i ivi? J^N 'i^ff-" : -j .*b v • .'^-.A^Xx,'-y Ulvru THE KENSWGTON KLUB Met Yeilerday Afternoon At The Home Of Mr*. Roy D. Arnold. Mrt. • Uoy 1), Arnold. <*n'.«>i'tiilnod the ;\*i'iinlii«tnn Khil> nt IIIT'' on 4th <tri>«'t ye-sterduy itfii'rnnon and tin « ! X- tiitui wax * * \—/ GIVE -i GLOVES ^1 is '^."' W:^ /"H * '* ' **!* *i '•*' t £ V'^i-*"^ i—J/ :£A\- •< - A«?«"?1( ,. .,, ._/- -^- xj. - GLOVES J vf" •*-««v ^'-^"^ i* . , ,f_ -i^* •'_ ***>' •\. Our Virginia Real Kid Gloves, black, white and tans, white and champaign strap wrist, washable and Kenwood, heavy silk lined. <I*1| pair n) JL. Heavy unlined Leather Cape Gloves, light weight kid, . d»-| black, x white'and tans. Pair ..-. " «P A» Light weight kid, black, white and tans. Heavy single or double Silk Gloves, pair y ' Women's and Children's Wool Mittens, pair ,,, . MinklriK fhrliiiniaft irli'ts. ami mnny tM'W nnd prf-tty tiovchl'^ \vi»ro .njatlo, t^iti'r thr> {umtcHH "w»rvt«il Oi-lk-lnu.i wnf- •TB, Ico er^am inul cuk«s which w*r«> heartily oiduyml • liy'all, Mrn. l'>t»tl ilrebn^r .wiiA ttii} RUCKI of the nftor- •tmmtr———- ' f \ ' '- ' GOLDENJUJLE CLUB Met Laat Evening At The Home Of Mitt Flo'renco'Bowen. IMIww Fit!!•<>()«• Ilowfii very fully I'liti-rtnlnod ,tlie Ooldi>n Hul«> of St. John'x Luthcrun church nt her iuinn» on Fifth nvontu* ni u 1 .six o'vleick Rcnuntdt* supix-r. wich inemlH-r of Uw r\Hi>* brinsliiK «pmc'thinfr which wj-re ic-m-d' liy the )u>nt<>HH And very highly .iijny<>(l by all. AfU'r thn vui>)>er a ^n*rt fjiiHinctMt inwtiUK \VUK Ill-Id JIIH! tl»> r<*innindcr «if tin- ovenlnt,' Hiient h» aiul music. $1.00 ...........25c an d>50c Hosiery as Gills always Acceptable Our 4 ' La Prance'', superior value. (^ -I O CT pair ....... .{ tbl.Zp Black, white and colors, extra length silk boot, lisle top and foot. Single pair Hosiery, boxed, black only, silk boot aMall sil $1.10, $1.25, $1.50 Fibre Silk Boot Hose, black, white*, bronze; boxed if desired. Pair ........ 59c * I «fr j f % $1 D.Y. C. S. E. Uo your ClirlBtmiis-Sluipiilng Karly. poHy folders at no extra charge •I* * * * ^Handkerchiefs in Many Dainty Designs, Boxed or Single, 5c to $i.OO Swiss, Irish and Maderia hand embroidered, linens and lawns in newest effects, some daintily colored crepe du chines and voiles. Men's, women's and children's fine hemstitched and initialed. Offerings We urge early inspection .of our num«rou» Xmm of- -ffringti— knowing ~thtt,~ by— «ol«ctine your gifts now, you will save both time and worry .and obt*in bet'' ,t(»p choice in whatever you are interested, Our lints are complete^* pur assortments are unbroken — our., salespeople are anxious to serve yeu. Toilet Sets Manicure Sets Shaving Sets Oombs Brushes Mirrors Stationery' »• Fountain Pens Military Sets Travelers 1 Sets Toilet Caters , Ferf upies, Oigars Thermos Bottjes ^ Ash Trays Ivory Drug Company Jhe "RtitIP Slort * * * * * * * * * * * ~ purses with strap handles in newest leathers. • • ' . !• .Crochet Ya'rnJSed Room Slippers 69c 100 pairs leather sole crochet yarn slippers, black, white and colors, and all sizes, on sale and until 'all gone, pair 69c. Novelty Leather and Beaded Velvet Bags $1.00 to $6.95 Plain tailored, draped and fancy shaped pin seals, morocco and walrus style leathers, made up in newest stytds, plain and fancy silk lined, mirror auM coin purse fittings. Also hand r- PICNIC. SUPPER- JJLULJ'JJI Qivcn Last Evening At The Elks CM- Proved A Pleasant Affair. Th*. iili'Mic »U|I|'»T sivi'ii laim tnt'iUn-- u ilit- Klk« v !tll) ll > t»«' iiu>mlM>i> un.l 'Ijt'ii 1 lu.'iitlH wii« a very i < njti>ut>lo uf- J ;tir. At «cvi>» uVltu-k u^dvlMuius, rif- juc sujijjur wust^mivt-tj .tui*|-U«v-F4»!iiattt— ler i.l' ijm fVfiiliiK n|>«'in in diiiifin»r. G i FT ENTERTAINED AT DINNER Mrs, E. T. Austin. Pleasantly Entertained Last Evening. • Mis, K, T, .\usitln wu« Ut«- tioHlfh-- U .1 |i|vu> itjUMihittHl siv^ii't'lttfit ilia tier luFt i>\a«jiiM« ».' ht-r lnttru> n» Pif'"-, avfiuu> '1'lni dinner WUH K'^'fii i'n him t»r «-f i4u- Ill^li Ki-hoid faculty umt i.u !!J!.. \.-il *,i vt'I'.v i for Christmas "The Gift Supreme THE N, G^SEWING CIRCLE «f- a Yesterday Afternoon At The Of Mis* Entma Aurtiant. Th<«"'N, «!. Scwltitt »'lii'l« v wat .it tin 1 lioiiu* <>f .Mlrw ICininu ,.»n Spvt-iHli iUrnur. 'I'Jiv .itifriituin u ,^ t»ji<H*i Mi I'l'iichfhng aii.l other him > \u»i i, 'l'iH« hitKU"M,< ficrvml <t.tint.v it- fi«ftuuviun '«tnl 'all jm<*Jt'iit H'l'o)' ,, \Vi > »»nj'Hrtl>U* UI1UV AUEOO' ORaAN!.ZES GUARDS. XUil't. Hj. !>•>'.' i,: "-SKi> -UIMV JH.M> h,m- f{Ui,-icti utiil I'.iNW'il Hu lu'i't' H *'\ uiuti,«!'J"y (n 4»-i ; i<tltf lltriulii'is »! t%'*npuii\ IS. SlMh Ki-KiUH'iU. I N (i Olil ltil/,.H |i>ll l.| Ullli|( u (- M ll U'll 'uli »U«.j vii'«-K> HH" -\Iwtu is <Hif oI^Qllii ' -lUl,AU''."t liiWMJi III llll« Jit.lU' il.lV.wr « It JK tiu> luMt wind It tln>. Klft .most chfi'lMltiul. not ju»t fyr Uut toifvi-r, Jt i* thi' ift i|iU nt al«ay,s. u luiiHtunt > <tiu-ii(<ir. Nt'M t*> hi-r K risflg, it IH tlii- ^t'Hival |)i>M8i-«- f- a wDinnn,, th« tine gift that Khi' liittT'ldiikctl /<>r\v«rtl to nil lu>r IU«. -MwKf IMT a th«-h*ppitlt girl" by «,'lv i"K Her out* Uita t'luiiiliiHts. . Vou ulumitt t'Xt'tvihc tlm usum- euro in tfflt'ctiitu a |ili»i»- !r» buy ^-tflaiaond u» you would in wlfdtiiK un iiistur- aiu-i- conumi^. fium* to .lt-iuting«', Hit- Ktitrp, Uuu ii, r .>«-UIM, IiaKt l>i-«"i» fur lunu-Mty in W. T. Jennings The Hallmadt Store

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