Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 13, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1916
Page 3
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•^ TER11N '^f^''VSS>ma^^rsssi^9is^S}^i l£lffirfiJ.iii.. L EN like gifts from a 'man's stofe^' practical, useful things they can put on and wear and 'get the benefit of. Here are useful gifts that may be had in wide assortments for fj u { g __Tlir'Jn<ost soft models in lln 1 wwost colorings; derbios in the new models. Fur Leather novelties -Col lar bnjfs; jewelry ! automobile gloves. irtK — Tn extra good ii 11 1 i ty; advanced for traveling;; toilet solK for traveliniff; any n u in be r o p- useful things here. Underwear — - r n i o n suits amj^ shirts and Don't worry nhout not, UIP m»Tfhnttill««' rn«k«> «(?.«»«( — sonicl lines we know UIPITI: if rim nlnnvn ln> fltt»«<l iift«>rw(itilM/tf tot £t*-rt J ••.•»!•< 4 !..«! if ***•* 'tf>r ii'd "f thi" 1 rnftrr!ar«» uf and Bf-niirnin f ><*••- (•••fir, 5 s hf- • •'•tiM p-f.t rfni*>rnt" r .-:, thfntr bur tint »-hf- w;i »• in.'if tj<-d St. •>•!!!-,!.- !U -ihi.ll) f"t!V-fU'r > ,- h< r ;»e*>. f t'if mtfltUc t'llT !"• 1'\>i!t1 'f kf pi !•«• i HI i!,-h \!r. \Vinl t<i. n p thf titai t* f A'\<] «>'(M!r<'<! th(> r("in h t. fj^y (lf'\ ruvfti'il Ui.'tt :< liutf t,\»-i'j-mtif vr-ar« jit'n (In- - mijiie \vr-r*' marri«-t! \>\ the iiri«".t of thf Str-rlinir rhiiffh, Th« r"r«irM t,'i\»- ihf wttnp«<ws nnm<-*, h<»r n«t«". imd «'\i-r> thtnss r-n^fstzir v for hfi to protc (HT Mehts for OH- (tn-r*-,T«*'d KnUirr }'.ijrn<i mad*- tnit (!!»• ii Vfstt-rftay onvpiinft thp m.-ittf-r fn <!iapp ihni thpv ffin tir- ust-d for tht (jurptw iiiimfd, .Mr. Wnrcl will ih«'ti. ti-nO th«'rti on tn INI HIM- Hynn ami thfj will ilniihtlf«?t t>r> thp mf-an« «>f »tTur- Ing fur tliN riRt'd nncl pour wutnnn nn of Kntlu-r Huint' \\oik of Mt (he friil thru >.INs Mnlonrv jind l ? rlNbi«' wt H» nirtirii'd In sr. I'ntrli'k'* cbnn h in Sterling: liy KM t her J. Dalel. ib«' rpmriajit' wrorrirg February 24, l"<t>7 Th«' wltwjMi'S wrre J»mr»« t»iil«y and Mrs, Krenon. *v^ JURY WAS EXCUSED 1 Two Cases Were Settled Out Of Court And One Postponed For The Term. Useful Gifts for the Whole Family _. fiisnn»f* Wonderful line of TifiPK ^tT/~; Wonderful line of and Scarfs ior Ln.lH-. Mm HIM! (In! ,-,„. Mr ,,, .„„, j.,,^ •„, . u , ,,„, n ,, u . drou. in !V!t, leather or clntli. Mumm- ami \\ca\c-.' 50c to $3.00 25c, 35c, OOc, 65c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50 Blanket Robes and House Coats *%. » Handsome patterns in Gothic and Oriental Effects $5.00 and $6.00 Bradley-Boynton CJo. Co. STOLE VALUABLE FURS Thieves Make Hauls Worth —Several Hundred Dollars At Dixon And Amboy. Unknown thlaves robbed the eatab- 0nt* of Sam Ilubc»)«t*'ln in ar ntroet, in Dlson, and that of Juke Marblo in Amboy Monday carrying 1 away, wttl; them mori' thnn 1800 worth of valuable furH and' perhaps other property, and encapwl. It t» thought, In an automobile. ; A. partial-Hut of the pelts stolen In Dlxon follow*: 80 Hkunk hid***, 3 coon hides, a mink hlden. a number or po«- and muskrat ThoiiKh Mr. Ilub*»nHt«'ln told tin 1 police that hl» !o«« W«H in th«» hcMJd of "1200. an expert furrier in elty wild that at the prenent price of 3fur« the Ions W»H nearer $500. ncoorit- ^ ejUmate, The utork of f urn at Wftn picked over by the r SOCIAL AFFAIRS _ _ J Y, M, C, A, STAR COURSE Tho Musical Last Evening Given By The Y. M. 0. A. f Was a Success. Tho Infft 'number of tbe Y. M. C. A. 'ntrrKi>"»vas- held ltu»t~ evening-In Tity Court convrned Tuesday tlic> cni«i« of Mnnflflil the (', II, ft Q. rttllrotid wn»> started. A Jury AVaw, neciired and the Hiking uf ti'«tlm(iny romtnencvd. The wult was over u cur Jond of w««>l wblfh David Manfl«>)d luitcU-d iitul the lilll of bidint; WIIH Kiven to n ninn from the enut, win* find .Mr. Mnnlleld buy wool for him* Mr. Mtinilcld hiul, he olnlmcd »ln.ui worth of his own wool in the cnr unit h*> clAlniN the rnllrtxul coinpitny mixed up mutt«'r» for him. Thl« m«»r\- IHK nt nn early hour the attorneytvtfnr the llUttuntn K"i together and the railroad company offered a Hc.ttlemetit which wan nivepted by the romplnin- ant. The Hettlenient wA« entirely nat- i» factory to Mr. Manfleld nK the mm- pnny paid him bin claim, contM and l)i»i attorney fi-ec, HtBRer^ & Htnger rep- reitented Mr. Mnnfteld and A. A. WoU fernperKer and an attorney fnfm CM" S raKo wire roundel for the railroad e<itfi- pnny. The case of Over, administrator of the- Hiirvoy French e«tain awainxi David Mnntleld, which wan to have been tried today haw been continued until the next term of court na Mr, Shirts .tif silk or nuninis, in nuw..ulrilv r in.y pntft'ni* or -ul»<lin'tl »)t> "FT 75c, $1, $1.50 $4, $5 Hosiery in nilk fir )h-le, all tin* popular colors. V _ _ ._ _.„ - - . . 15c, 25c, 35c 50c, $1 c««e wa* iwttled out of court today," It bclnif that of Windom nRainxi IStlnemeyer, -There furthei [work for the jury. It wai* «x<'u«ed for Ithe tt-rm. Pajamas and Night Robes in silk, linen or flannel. $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $3.50 Collar Bags,* -Tie 'Rings, Jewelry Sets, Silk or Linen Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Gloves, Belts, etc. Traveling Bags in real leather or composition, - Combination Sets WiiJiA nice* j*ifls. IMIIP di^ilay. ~ 15c to $1.00 HIP Y. M. r. A. "«ym" und proved to bo one oi tho bent of the serlwi. The program throughout contained the very bc»t of clagidcH and wan rendered Urown, pianist, clmrmfd crookn and only th* .choice pelt* taken. This lead« of the place to believe that tnyfterlouB utrongprM^who called At th* yaVdn some day« ago may be ilia thieve*. sTh« two men represonti'd th«mB«lverf) an fur buyerH and ltx>k«l over the Xtook -on hand,, prlelnnr. th» «mne> Thus they obtatnod an idea of the nlOHt valuable Hkln«. " It may be that some, other goodu w*re tulu'u from' thy place. «uc!t IIH •nuto oanlngH, but wo 'fur no IOHM other <•» -than -th» IwrH ha« been detected. The pobhftry wa» flrai dlwovered whfn Mr, RubenHtelD opened bin place and found ; luu-n enU-red tlui buildliiK had from tti« re«r, Amboy Robb«ry At Amboy tlu» crt>ok» broko into the place, occupltnl by Jake Mnrble, n Junk dealer and fur buyer and made off With about f BOO worth of choice skins. The evidence** nr»> that the name gang »>n«lnei»red both Jobx, pullhitf the one In UlKon early in evenittK and the Amboy trick lat« at night. Officers Brierton and Hollernn of Amboy aro inventl- gtttliiK the, affair and viuited IMxon to «tudy thn lay of th» land. They be- llevi* tn* two crimes are th« work of tt«i mm* partis*. .____ ARTICLES POPULAR CS an mt*w«. «c«f. 3,000.000 a POPULAR .1 - f North Wlc(.l 8 <» ffiuUlCH.sly. .Miss , Ixili the audience with her technique and Mplondld touch. Her last solo number, Paraphrase." by Verdi- wns perhaps her masterpiece. The Hhading, runs and wrist work of thla piece was remarkable, -_>lr. Wilkinson, the young American violinist, x is a wonder78 nd han a fi-ea: future before, him. His numbers last evwithg were, encored time ami again and it wan a great pleasure- to listen to him. Too mvich cannot be wild of Mr. Wheeler, the Pittsburgh baritone. He hiw a rich, clear exprewdv* voice, with irnsolute control and ho BlngH with great dignity and dramatic feeling. HiB last nymlwr. "Sword of Ferrara." by Bollard, was his beat. The wetting to. fucb that it brought out hU betil efforts. The c&ncert a« it'whole was one of the beat that has been given In our Wty f»»r some time and om> long to remembered by. the. rnunlc lovers of Sterling, THE LQYAjTHELPERS Entertained Monday Evening At Home pf Mr», Weriz On Third Avenue. Mm. Loul* Wertat vory delightfully entertained the "Loyal Uelpem" cla»w t»f the. Hr«t. Haptiat clnirc.h at her bom« on Third fivenue Monday, t-ve- nlng. The regular mwtiinB was held and Home very good reportu were read regarding tho work which is arranged for the class and wan also accomplished "by them. After the meeting the boater nerved a delicious lun«h>4tnd tii« remainder of tho evening was Kjw-nt enjoying an Edl»on phonograph con- oert. K, K. Jenklnu gave ueveta^ead- inga which wera enjoyed very much by the lurge attendance present. FARMERS^ANNUAL (Continued Prom Page One) them In. A sirr« hpn« l« colored a handsome bright red from tar dye tak« «n-frora a lot of Halm) This exhibit IM worth Beeing^ by every woman. ' . , ,Farm Exhibit*, Tbe northwest .eland room is utilised for an exhibition room for farm products. J. L. peugJv.and Frank Randall! have charge of tln» exhibits. The dls- [ ulay 1« flm-clawi. The display of corn Is number one and much of it will score High. All Minall The greatestjgift of all—a fineL_SuikjQv ercoat,_Slioeajo£-Eail>cSIippei < B=a--gift any member of the family. A handsome pair of stilts free with all Boys' Suits or Overcoats or with $6.00 worth of rebate checks. 5* REBATE CHECKS WITH ALL CASH PURCHASES t«xceIlent7Th«* potatoeti ure very good, although thin was not a potato year, far beyond the uv«ra«e» Pop corn In This county ha» many corn breeder* and their corn la high In the m-orlng line. J. H.Mur- Un did. not have a nufficlent number of InteroHted boyH thin morning for a elans and thin hun been put off until tomorrow morning, J. L. Peugh, of Coleta. grown many thlnga and he hua brought for prixuH no than tdxty-iivfi different farm products from pumpkinn to n hlgh-grude of. corn. ejthlW- . tlon should U«. viewed by every ftorni- TAMP1CP NEWS WAS BURIEAT WALNUT j et'. / Hitfh Sohool Exhibit. The puptltt of the Township Illfih school have a Hplendld exhibition of their work from the Hewing i'la*»Kt>s. Their teacher may w»ll be proud of th*lr worV. for among the lot are mime waists for liullcH made a» perfect a* though by an experienced BoamntreuH. Krom tho puplU of the li»«t year to thoMD^of the bi*«inni»rs the dlnplay is wonderful, Other work of the puplh* hhuw line training. I'utronH of ' Mliould vitdt this room, Othtr Sohool*. the Church Was Packed By the FHandi of E. B. ROM. The 'funeral nervicuH of the 'hite K, n. KOHH were held Monday afternoon «t two o'ctm>k at the Jtlethodtat church Jn Walnut, Kevm-nd McNnnler officiating, and »ervloeH condticted under the rites of the Maoonic order at the church and jtrnvt', memb«-r« of {Imi order ut- tendtng In a bo^ly und escorting the. to the cemetery. The ptH were AU-MHPH. 11. C. I'itney. **; A, McMillan. J. M. OlH«on. W. R Hur- rl»» A. S,. Horn, and George Isljerwood, nt tin- HuruVn t-'cluxd Notith of town and the attendance wn« Kttod f«'»- tht- mormy evening. , Uefore the salt- of the ljank- »ftn, a K_0d'd pro^rnm Kivi-n by the pupls of the Hchool wan lUtrned to. There *WHH . uliio n candy booth when- homo- mtule-ciind.v mid pop corn waf Hold by ,Mi8* Mnrie XelMon m»il a flHh-pond presided over by 'MbtM Ksthi-r Hobert Helllfr on<> Uernioe entire procet'ibt of the were twenty. ft'Vi'ti itollurx and the teacher, Minn Kllen .Burden. fet-l» veryjj much HatiHfled over the uffairl ' ?l FUNERAL SERVICES HELD. Monday forenoon the funeral mild the huxketK and the J«.fiO. ThiK WUH bntiket, Th* Specials for Thursday & Friday oca of the lute (,'lirlM Hutton were held it St. Mary's chun'h with Hev, father U X. UuKour cc'fll)ratiiiK High MUKH. The Hunch wua. wull tilled with rt?la- APPLES Fancy cookers or eat-., ers, per bushel.$1.50 ' of'Tampicti. Appropriate hymns were liven and frlcndu of the "dfceuml who rendered by th»« Walnut choir und Um ( - came to puy .th'eir 1i»Ht rvxpt'cls to their "friend, The pallbwiroi'M wi-rr relative*!. j| The remalmt wi-if laid by the" Midi* of] hiM wlfo who preceded him m-vt-rul { erend AlcNamer dellvereil ti very abl HOP AGED WOHJN Church Records Will Be The Means Of Widow Getting Increase In Pension. Through tins kindy und grati» ( itoutt t-ffort* of Harold 15. Ward, city clerk, and h'athvr Hurnn. pastor, of the- St. Alary'** Oa.lholic chinch, ,of ^ttrUng, u vury old woman will b« able to get un increatte i,n punision. Shts lives In Ho»ton, Maaa., mid her huiiband w'a» a »ol- <li»-r In tbu civil war. and guv« bl» life for bis country. A "nhoit time ago Mr. Ward received" a U-tter, fuun Father WlllisHw Ityun, i»f St. Margaret'ti Itcctury. District. Bt«*U»n, M«»»., The Thome school, 'of Hock Fulln. work from pupilx in the two grudeH, In pictures and nngt-r work. They attract attention. Om» robrn I* ilwvotMl to l»bor along ,hm»«l training from pupibt of the grades of the Uni<M> Hchool. The Wncoln nnd the Centj-al alutw wpleiulld work. W<»rk from other *choola came In later in tlu> day. . F«ncy Work. One of the large clans roomu b» devoted entirely to fancy work made by the luillt'H. Thin IK an age of tutting, i'i;ocht*tlns, and work onU other kind** of fancy work 'and- vonui work there would this kind to every one who f bund work. tin- MriC are two pteccH dlvpluycd b> I* .r«dJli>, wife of the paatoi . of the l-'ourti Street ^MethodUt church. which abe $nudi> vvhVn living in her- outive country, 1'fland, when *»lwt w«b I'ightiH-n yi»ai> ot u»«e. One is a collar und tliC other l« a «ot of three piece* The iiutteru The church wan packed to capacity by, friends of the deceased and family. a large number of Tamplco friend* and neighbor* being in attendance in addition to the; many from Walnut and Ohio. The floral offering* were exceptionally numerouti and beautiful "bearing mute tcntimoney of th« esteem In which the dectmiictl W«H held among ttioM« who knew hlrn. Ivdd H. KuHit WIIH born on a farm near Limerick. HI.. Aug. \0, 18TI. Hi« boyhood were «pent In Walnut and on a farm near Tampieo, , In 1H83 In- embarked in the mercantile hu*d- nt'na In Ohio, III., and from that place came to Walnut where he successfully conducted a store for twelve years. He was married Drt\ IB, 1903. to Mi»». Agues l«, Wlldoii and after hl« marriage he spent a"yt»ar on a faShm In Wh»eon- uaJ fruiii Uiere movwl iiirlfUJi to tbe furm south of Tampico which JH> purchusfd and luiti Hiiice been u happy home, He is survived by his wife and two ditutihti'rs, .Muvliif, agud Vt> und Louititi •d S. whon» burdi-n of grief and «or« ,• ovcPthe Miiddi'ii taking of hiudiund I papul in almost more ttiuu they c«iuld find out in thp marriuga records LUNGS ITI't IIUUliN tOLUHS offtrt no Jvln tn ' ftvtiltlaf ttfftrt," aitj wB*Ww iB|^ ^^^w*^P" iBp 4ft T^III^HW 'Blf wi'^' Alterative bt'iug- thv real dfpuitnii-nt of years of UK«- i» ex- for the neck und i« -"iriwh Huby lfiH" TUt- Jbum-y girls under niMee cellent, The Cakes and Jelliei. The djupltty «f btead. «'akew. jellies*, IKfftfiyt p. i>:inniiiM uiui the like i,b IUIKC ami tiiV' <t\uility above Ibv uveiUjt«>, titnl it will be u hartl mutter to decide' winch- is* the bi-«t >>y the judK«'»f. . UlrU under yertiti of uge are als tut'ge uiuoiuit of Mpuct' .?<>)' muny hnve entered thl*< <-l;iKii .Mr*. J. L,. I'l-ush unil Mr*. Frank U^mlail with ut>le*nH- KiMtunre fitun otber« httvi« t*hart«' "f (lie hidlex iU-|i.u inu-iit <>t the mxtitutt* l'*..f K. T AuMlo »u<! i'li-f. H.4i i > H wnii numlc fu>m t can hear, and for whom the sympathy of th« entire community in f»-U. Tia' ilfi'ttujU'il watt (mssi'SHwl of u >ijl»l disposition a ad. be readily inadw triends among those iwitir wliffm he camv in contact cltlfcr In a husiuysti or social way. Evidence of the t»s- t«-«*n» in which he wa>i lu-ld in the community was shown in tho very largo attendance ut Hhe funeral both of Titin- pU-o «nd Walnut friends. s Wbil«> in the mt'rc'uiiiiU' busliu'ss ho enjoyed that *ui % ci*>. wbich is the result, of ubiiity and fair dealing und vvhi(l>:tnigugt»tl In farmitiK he used niw ability to muki- httt land pryduci" 'more, build up tbt- futiu atul produce His* 1 stoi-k. 11«' WUH i'fhi«'cti''4 in this cmnununlty und h-im'H bi:lltud -lUliUV fl'If-IHlii wW-Will K'HmlH-i bvr bltu «« u tsotM.t live, envrKCtic man. j it .MU'ciiS.tfut farmer and une who will -' be nitsp.e'd tutrely iti tht> ciniiiuuitii.y ID f which )u* intt<|'* ." place far hitnt-Hf J IbiouKb itifrit sitid iibttity. !!*• is K*HI<" but not fMigoucn. ho will i»r HII-.MII not | (uil> fur «t fv v\ d.ijih but -i* ill*' jt'Jtisi lull Ji>. ;irnl In luh 1.,1-rivncti \Mft- iiinl ' Iii'iu ).»- in;ut\ fri«iut> " i years. J«ibn TAMPICO BRIEFS. H. Ctioley luis the Dunn retttaurnut and wilt make a rioni- tiei* of Impi'ovenifiitH, amofiK^them bi>> ing the iiiMtullution of "city water, " I'umic, of liutlund. iirrivcd!| Potatoes so m. v^ Potatoes here Munduy evening to visa at thei home of bin daughter. Mr*. 1C, W. Meredith. M. J. Mutton, of Frt'opurt, «pent « fi;w dayH viHltlng relativen and irunsucHiui in T/iinpii'" und vicinity thin force' replac- week, The Uurlliigton . • M Just received a f^w hundred bushels of fancy north- era stock. These are fancy cookers. We offer with a $1.00 grocery order, not including flour. ^Jonathan Apples" fanned Fruit JSxtra large and fine eat- , 3 oans t We Feache8 . , 50o ed the worn plunka on the Mnin xtri'«>t! crosink thl« week, u much needed 1m-!I pr«*vement. ' Young people need clear commexion~ Oranges Fancy California-Navels,' large 45c sise, per doz,35c ~" Butter Hanford's fancy cream*" ery, per pound .'...„. .42c Pure Buckwheat From New-York, Seeley's brand, absojutely pure; perlOlb 8A8KET SOCIAL WAS HELD, I , Jf you find wtrfsell^'left out" hefcuust' of a\jVH>r skin, anil want a clear, fresh complexion, use Rg§inol Soap at .least once a day Wash th.»r- i ughryTgirtra-warm, cr^«tt>y l^tSnr- ol U, then rinse the l.»f c with pier,!/ <•! f"kj water - It iW-s not often uke ma:;y U.iyi" i ( suth K-guLir care >ii!i Ucsitu4 S-iufj tus-how an inyjMVctnc'it, fic- < ,ui.-c ihc Ucsii\<. i !meilii atu>» *.v//.<.' • ami fcfrfiiifS t,lic."siiu, \Uii!<- t 1 .:, 1 i.. ifculy !«.« #>up is v/t./wi.'wi; it, H, , n I 5"*IS' JdJi tBMllUtx* !<>"'• '•« "'•'•* >'"! '• - Hominy Fresh and clean cracked Hominy; 6 Ibs. for ., .25c Cooking Figs -Faacy~cleatt blackJfigs, 2 pounds foE- ».25c 3 pans .table Fears . ..50c 3-cianB blackberries . 3 cans Blue Berries , 3 cans. Easpberries ., ,50o 3 cansF'pinrapples.,-... 59o BPnaiiiMa^oiiM».a-iniiWfniui'''N II.IP*II^-^.,.JIJI ii. >i; N fir mm^> Canned Vegetables 2 No, 1 cans Tomatoes. 15a , 2 cans fancy Oorn ,.. ,24c 2 cans sifted Peas .,. ,19o 2 cans Kraut 29c 2 cans Pumpkin 19c 2 cans Sweet Potatoes.24o 2 cans, cut Wax Bean^Do 2 cans Po'rk and JSeans f or .. .T,"r.V. 7..~..".".24o~ Just received a car .of that famou* Orangs Prainc br^nd,, Absolutely gusiran- t6ocl. Special for a few K, per 49 ib. tack

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